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TH E JOU R N AL HAS FACIUTIES FOR FINE JOB PRINTING Call cr Write for Pricea. _____ T H E JOU R N AL ....IS THE.... FAVORITE PAPER with rtidari and advarttiin. SeijeeaQD.Jourpal POBLISnED EVERY WEDNESDAY THE JOURNtl PUBLISHING CO. (LIMITED) I’.LRTRIDQE BLOCK, SENECA FALLS, N. Y. Cjanty Bubecrlbera, $1.60 when paid In advnnco; SubBcribers outside the county, $2.00 per year, postage prepaid Subscription lor six months, $1.00 In advance. RAT ^ ^ ^ D v ERJJS»>‘-91 Iw . 2ws. 4ws. 2ma.;3ma. 0ms.; ly r 50,$Jo1),$5 0l) $800 $1200 and Ukenotlcea, b u s i i v e s s c a r d s . ERNEST Q, QOULD, L. FOSTER CROWELL, S eneca F alls , N. T . SHELDRAKE HOUSE. eouforts guaranteed.^ ^A^QOODMAN.Prnp. Sheldrake, Seneca Co., i KELLOQQ’S LIVERY. N E W Y O R K ( e n t r a l &, HUDSON RIVER R. R. THE FOUR-TRACK TRUNK LINE da?^TrTv^\a^h»rM '‘'raaair,^^Fa1?:;.Vt?o“i;.:^“‘'’‘ «^’’'^?& a°a;^^V»ewTork. ^^Gem*AgTnt, Buffalo, N. Y. ^Uon^Supt., New York. 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Stock is complete with new goods for Spring and Summer seliing. Tailor Made Suits in the most desirable styles. Separate Skirts in silk, wool and wash materials. White Goods are shown in large variety including Madras, India Linen, French Lawns, Pique, Organdies, etc., etc. This week we open our new stock of SHIRT WAISTS which excels In variety any assortment we have heretofore shown. Priced 50 cents to $3.00 each. Our Carpet Room contains the best things in Carpets, Rugs, Mattings, etc., etc., which we offer at the lowest prices. T = t A T T = ?.~n> 3 c g Dry Goods and Carpet Store, 73 Fall Street. Our entire stock will be sold at some price. Here are a few “close out” prices while they last: Fifteen Bars Good S o a p .. Rio and Java C o ffee. C o c o a n u t ......................... 25c B o x of P a p e r . . . . $2.0 0 Parlor L a m p . . $1.25 W ater S e t s . . . . Garden and F low e r S e e d s . . Nil GooUs Eguallg Ns CReap. STOmL'S Just lilx n T n i u p Y 08 BURGH AND CORY’S Spring Footwear Before buying for Easter. your <Irugjjist t o r Kosmo, lOc. The quicHesi HeziJache « Cur^ on BANNER SA LVE I the most heating salve in the world. Tetter, 5alt-Rheum and Eczema. The intense itching and smarting in- c’dent to these diseases, is instantly allayed by applying Chamberlain’s Eye and Skin Ointment. Many very bad eases have been permanently cured by it. It is equally efficient for itching piles and a favorite remedy for sr-te nipples, chapped hands, c h ilblains,fn'\ and chronic sore eyes. 25cts. j y [or sale by The Gould Drug CoXFreight house at Gles Fred Maier Wholisale and Betail Dealer IN THE BEST CQAL AND WOOD AND ALL KINDS OF BUILDING MATERIALS. Lumber, Shingles, Posts, Turned Work, Ver­ anda Rails, Mouldings, Sash, Doors and Blinds, Patent Wall Plaster, Akroni and Portland Ce­ ment, Brick, Wire fence for Farms and Lawns; we are also laying the finest Flag Stone walks Our Office and Yard is at the OLD ST.VND on WEST FALL STREET, where we have been doing business for over thirty-five years We have also a Branch Office in the P art ­ ridge B lock with the Gas Company, with Telephone connection. All orders will receive prompt attention. Our - r.rigt you buy and get pri and see what w< Fred Maier Foley's Honey and Tar cures colds, prevents pneumonia. Brown’s Transportation Line. Freight Steamer “C. M. Warner” and Geneva. Leave Seneca Falls for Syra­ cuse every Tuesday and Friday a t 2130 P. .M. LOW RATES AND PROMPT flUENTlON. For rates, etc., addrt M. P. BROWN, W. Genesee St., Syracus \ ~ y’s dock. iCorsey’s | “Initiationi \ By HENRY WINTHUOP | copvmiiu 1003 hii m 0 S. S. Mcaure Company » » o « * o « o « o « c « o « o i “Here y’are, gents, only 10 cents piece! The art of tbe ivorld, gentle­ men, for 10 cents iipiece. Coliuine pic­ tures by the ino.st fam o u s French m a s­ ters for the small sum of one dime, 10 mited supply Is e.Yliaustcd.” Step right up now before I’riseilla (Jardiier, driving down Tre- uiont street in her private hansom, poked her um b rella through the trap In the roof. “James,” she called, “drive slowly past that man who is selling photographs. Drive as slowly as you can, anti drive close to the crowd.” In a moment the hansom had wheel­ ed and was retracing its route past the street corner, where a mnseular look­ ing young fellow tvas handing ou^t un­ mounted photographs as rapidly as he could make change. Miss Gardner leau- m of the hansom and xed the f: slowly pa.ssed, but tlu'i-e was no inter­ ruption in the patter that helped dis­ pose of his wares. “Here you aA',” ho said as lie passed over a photograph and pocketed a ten cent piece; \Diana for a dime, and cheap at the price. No extra chai-ge for Venuses or Psyclies; one dime, 10 cents. Step up, gentlemen, and take your ijick.” The cab bad passed out of bearing now, and Miss Gardner sank back on her ctisliions. There ■was a vexed ex- pre.esion on ber p rettj' face as she mur­ mured, “How can grown up men be so That eveniug at 7 Gerald Corsey, iminaculato in evening dress, presented liiuisclf at the (Jardiier residence, where be was received by I’riscilla and ber fatber, tbe Hon. Jobn Aldeu Gardner. Tlio girl's eyes were danc­ ing as slie gave biin ber band, but ber “Gsod evening:” was in tbe demurest of voices, rerbaiis slie was in awe of tbe Honorable .Tobn. (Jerald stood ratlier in awe of the gentleiuan bim- Tbe latter was more polite than cor­ dial. “I am very sorry that an iuipi tant business engagement prevents my making one of tbe opera i>arty tonight, but my sister. Miss (Jardiier, will take good care of I’riseilla, and I will prob­ ably drop in later and see you all safe- protector. Half an hour later the Gardner car­ riage drew up before tlie opera bouse. It bad been a most uncomfortable ride for Corsey. Tlie older Miss Gardner liad a liad cold and was afraid to talk. Priscilla was In a maddening mood— so superior and dignilied, with a new touch of condescension In her voice. Could she have heard anything? A hot llusb rose to the man's forehead. And wliat was she bumming now— “Ob, 'VS'Iiat a Difference In tbe Morn­ ing?” Decidedly she bad beard. He could not SCO bow ber eyes were still dancing, and be leaned back in bis corner savage and miserable. At the opera the ladies, like true Bos- iiple, but his eyes dered back to tbe study of Priscilla’s pure, clear cut profile. She was radi­ antly beautiful toniglit, with yet that now touch of superiority that seemed to place ber far beyond bis reach. \Wliy bad he over dreamed tliat she was dif­ ferent from most girls and cared noth­ ing for mere appearances? Ho had been inistalcen—she, tco, set up money tonians, devoted tliomselves strict low their example, but his for a god. Priseillu’s half laughing, half ironic- jil, sallies died away under tbe influ­ ence of bis moodiness. It was a relief to them both when itr. (Jardiier ap­ peared oil the seene. He insisted on Corsey's going home to supper with At the table tbe two men talked H ar­ vard. Priscilla listened quietly. As she noted liow strange and constrained Cor.sey’s inannor was she came to a sudden determ ination. T h e conversa­ tion had dl'ifted to the subject of club novitiate undergoing bis ordeal th is Trem o n t street in morning. There was a man sellii pUotogi'aphs front of the Coiiimoii, and he didn’t iook a b it like tbe ordinary street ped- Corsey stared at her In amazement. So this was what she bad thought! Bat what would she think when she knew the truth? His voice was very you did not like my seeing you Corsey flushed slightly. The Honor­ able John ■was looking interested. “What society did you join, Mr. Cor- The younger man squared his shoul­ ders. “To be perfectly frank with you. It was not an initiation; i t was just that I needed the money.” Priscilla gave a little exclamation and stared down at the bunch of vio­ lets that he had sent her that after­ noon. They must have cost—oh, so much! And he had needed the money! The look that she turned on Corsey was different from any that she had vouchsafed him that evening. Per­ haps it gave him courage to face the Honorable John. “You did not give me to understand that you were tryJlig to work your way through, college v^en-w h e n x e had our n t t l e ' talk ,” Mr. G a rdner said The flush on Corsey’s cheek deepened. “When I induced dad,” he said, “to let me come to Harvard, where lie had graduated, instead of going to western college, he objected because he years I would neither borrow money nor get anything on credit. You see, keep an eye In the end he withdrew his objection on my promising tUat during the four I would neither ills oollfge chum committed suicide in his senior year beibecause failed in business and bo could bis fatber bad back large sums of money be bad “Having made the promise, I was bound to live up to it. Jly remittance, which was due the day before yester­ day, did not come. When you so kind­ ly invited me to join your party this down in t h a t section of the country. I Bid hav( * 10 is tri to be most in demand in a student's simply had to have the mom graphs of the sort popularly thought ■ushoi) would have seem- 150 photo- ed like evading my promise. “A cousin of mine who is travelin in Europe had just room. I kept twenty-five or thirty of the best and sold out tbe rest at 10 cents apieee. I made $12.00, and that is Avhy Jliss Priscilla bad her violets an initiation, but I don’t want to sail under false colors.” He ended almost defiantly and was surprised when tlie Honorable John reached across the table and shook him liojtc'tily by the hand. “■Well, done, my boy!” he cried. “I wish I had a son like you.” And Priscilla—why, Priscilla’s eyes were shining with what looked suspi­ ciously like tears. When she had said “good night” and had held her hand for one long, Corsey ht delicious moment, the two 1 “Some time ago, Mr. Corsey,” he daughter’s hand said I must have time to think it over. I must confess that I did not see the matter In first, but tor have clianged my mind. You can ha Priscilla—that is, if she will have you.” And Corsey knew that he had passed his initiation. said, “.vou aMced luy favorable light at f Giant Uawntlan Eels. There are three well known varieties of cel found in Hawaiian w’aters. The largest is the big gray fellow, which so elo.soly resembles bis ger. lie is voracious the natives tackle bim with caution, for when cornerod he fights viciously and can inflict a nasty wound with bis liowerful jaws, which bristle with nee- dloliko tooth. The other species are fat, flabby look­ ing customeivs, with fantastic markings of black and brown and many shades of gray. On an eel of this sort the skin appears to hang loose from tbe body, and wlreu disturbed tbe bead sweels like a puff adder’s. These eels seldom attain a greater length than three feet and love to locate in the crevices of a stone breakwater, from which they dart out inee.ssantly and make havoc among !iny scliool of small fry which may be innocently disporUng them­ selves within striking distance. These hooded cels have iieon known to haunt a particular spot for over a year. They are good eating, despite their unpre- posses.sing appearance. Fighters, of the sixtet century in London tbe solo method of extinguisliing fires was by means of contrivances known as “hand squirts.” Tlicse were usually made of brass, with a carrying capacity ranging from two to four (luarts of water. The two quart “squirts’’ were two and a hall feet in length, one and a half Inches in diameter at their largest part and but half an Inch at the nozzle. On each One man on each side grasped the while tbe nozzle was Immersed in a handle in one hand and the nozzle in the other, while tbe third man worked iston or plunger, drawing it out nozzle when the other pushed in the plunger, the skill of the former being employed In directing tbe stream of water upon the fire. Such primitive contrivances are said to have been used during the great lire of 1G6C. Gloucester fl.sherman. “We have learn­ ed that it isn’t much use to cast the nets, no matter how mild the weathei ■ork. Lots of farmers down Jersey would never think to start planting 1 til the fishhawks come. I don’t belit they have ever been later than April 12, though. They work their way up the coast from Florida and the other southern waters eai'iy in March, when the lish begin to come north. They fol­ low the big schools of herring, as a rule, because tlie herring swim close to­ gether, and the hawk has easy picking. Tbe sbad follotv tbe herring, and when th e fishhaw k comes w e know th e shad not far bebiud.”—Pbiladelpbia Eec- How BxLlzao Wrote. Of all literary toilers Balzac ivas cer­ tainly the most eccentric in his meth­ ods. At first be would ■write his novel in a few pages, hardly more than the plot. These would be sent to the print­ er, who would return the few printed columns of matter pasted into the cen­ ter of several large sheets. On this mar­ gin Balzac tvould work, sketching his characters, composing the dialogue and perhaps altering entirely the original plot of the book. For four or live times this process was repeated until at last the few columns had assumed the pro­ portions of a volume. This extraordi­ nary way of building .a book naturally ran away with a considerable share of the profits on the work.—Golden Penny. Balked by \When William B. retary of the Chandler v be issued a tachei Tbe order was promptly rescinded •upon, the receipt by the secretary of the following from Commodore Pyffe, In command of the Asiatic squa^on; ‘Tt becomes my painful duty to report that my lidfe, Eliza Fyffe, has in dis­ obedience to my orders and in tbe face of regulations of up her residence < sistently r efuses to Ieq.v«.” Brave Manxi One afternoon in October, 1SS9, a Norwegian ship in a fearful tempest was drifting upon Contrary bead, on the west co.ist of the Isle of Man, a perilous place for ships. All Peel was down a t the beach watching her. The Norwegian had lost her masts, and th e spars w e re fioating around so that she was dangerous to approach, b u t tbe lifeboat r e a d ied ber. “How many of you?” cried tbe cocks- swain to the Norwegian captain. “Twenty-two.” The cockswain counted them as they Tbe odd one, a disabled man, bad been left below to his fate. He was brought up, and all ■were taken aboard tbe lifeboat and safely landed on the beach. The Norwegian government Struck medals for the lifeboat men and sent them to the governor of the is­ land for distribution. The Eng;lish and French Oration. With us hearing orations is a serious, dreary liusiness; to the Frenchman it is an artistic pleasure and a holiday func­ tion, even though it be a t the gravestde or in the throes of a revolution. Fine language, whether in a speech or book, he welcomes as an msthetic luxury and emotional stimulant, tlie fineness being of course proportioned to his degree of cultivation, for academicians have been found to own that some phrases, highly effective in their day, are only vulgar fustian. He views the eloquence of the rostrum much as we do that of the cold veracity, naked fact, prosaic rea­ son, are not what he seeks, hut Inspir­ ing themes clothed in grand words.— London Academy. AccaHtoiiied to Being Waylaid. There was a Bavarian prince who was so entirely accustomed to being continually waylaid and followed about by bis admirers that once, on coming out of the Fraueiikirclie (Church of and angrily exclaimed, “This is really not the place!” before he saw, to his re­ lief, that it was only his cloak which bad bitched in passing on a nail. Fleas as Draft Horses. ged a silver camion of tweuty-1 : a n d show ed no I was charged ged a silver camion o times its own weight ai fear when the tiny piece with gunpowder and fired off. Rene also says that once he saw three fleas drag an omnibus and a pair dragging a chariot and a single one pulling a brass cannon mounted on wheels. Applanse. Applause is the tonic of success. When a fellow makes a hit, let liim know it in a good, round, royal way. If he has sense, it won’t turn his head, and if he does get dizzy for a minute what matters it? Let him enjoy the Intoxication while it lasts, for the seri- ill soon drive him To Make an Impression. Jlr. Fargone—My dear friend, I am in de.spair. That girl’s heart is as hard ii.'! -tccl. I can make no impression on Friend—Yoii don’t go at it in the riglit waj’. Try diamonds. They are harder than stceb _______ Test Unnceessai The beggar doesn’t have to be weigh­ ed in the balance to be found wanting. —Philadelphia Record. Among the few great Joys of life is staying In bed fifteen minutes after we know we ought to get up. ___________ O N E O F N A T U R E ’S LAWS. state. If a man has overworked or has been under anj^ unusual strain or excitement or has worried a great deal .or has been for a while in a state of joy and elation—all of which require an expenditure of energy—he is very likely to have tbe blues and to be in low p ir its by way of reaction. The body is a machine -which can do a certain amount of work and no more. If it does a g r e a t deal today, it m u st do loss tomorrow and thereby make up for today’s extravagance. If a man takes one glass of whisky, tbe slight stimulus that he feels will be followed, as night follows day, by an exactly equivalent sinking of the spirits. If he has been tborouglily and gayly drunk, his recovery will be attended by cor­ responding melancholia and misery. When a man has the blues, be ought to consider that he is merely an ex­ ponent of one of nature’s laws and that he has no right to harass others wilii ant moods to all about them. They be- and children. come sulky and cross with their v over their household. Such conduct is very selfish. A man in the blues ought to take some pills and a good long walk all alone or with some companion of stead­ fast ebeorfuluess. Lucky it is for bim if he has a wife who will not be down­ cast and who can restore bim to cheer­ fulness without spoiling him.—San Francisco Bulletin. Fann>* Signs ot tlie Times. Some persons find as much fun in reading signboards as others do in by observing reading the comic papers. Here are a few oddities reported by observing travelers, the first of which evidently IS displayed in front of a butcher's “I kill myself every Tuesday and Friday.” “Take notis when this board is out of site the river is dangerous.” “Widow with large family wants washing by the week.” “Ladies and gents soli “This is the old shop just come from above.” “A large stock of ladies’ hose, pure cashmere, to be cleared 25 cents the pair. They won’t last long at this “Abominable belts made to order.” “Closed for the day owing to funeral of proprietor’s wife and who will carry isual tomorrow morning.”—New and gents sold and healed.” on as usual York Press Saved In Installments. A couple of Scottish ferrymen rowing a somewhat dandified Englisliman out to a Steamer at one of the Clyde water­ ing places saii’ to their consternation the man tumble over tbe gunwale of the boat into the water. The foremost ferryman dropped his ', catching him by 3t ferrym oar and made a grab at the man as he the wig, which came away ring this into the boat impa­ tiently, be made a second grab, catch­ ing the collar of his shirt, when the collar and front came away in his Casting these away from him in great disgust, he cried, “Man, Donald, come liere quick and help’s to save as muckle o’ this man as ye can, for he’s cornin’ awa’ in bits!” Poor Choice. Tenderfoot (nervously)—I don’t like the looks of the hotel. Is that the only place I can put up? hill.—Indianapolis News. r Didn’t Interfere. They DIdi Governor Bob Taylor of Tennessee had a heart a s tender as a woman, and ardon- ing must stop.” “Gov’ner Bob” looked a t the commit­ tee, tapped a bell, asked for his pardon clerk and when he came said: “Make out pardons for every man in the penitentiary.” Q?lae clerk bowed, and withdrew. Then. the governor looked at the committee, who were staring as if they thought he was going mad. “Gentlemen,” he said finally, “I am governor of Tennessee, and if this com­ mittee or any other ever interfere with my constitutional r to pardon I’ll sign every o pardons which the clerk is making out. Good morning.”—Denver Times. answer. “John Quincy A Is well, sir; quite well, I thank you. But the house in which he lives a t pres­ ent is becoming dilapidated. It is tot­ tering upon its foundation. Time and the seasons have nearly destroyed it. Its roof is pretty well worn out. Its walls are much shattered, and it trem­ bles with every wind. The old tene­ ment is hoeoming almost uuinhablta- he himself is quite well, sir; quite TN’ith that the venerable sixth presi­ dent of the United States moved on with the aid of his staff. The late Lord Queensberry’s famous protest at the performance of Tenny­ son’s “Promise of May” had a quaint sequel. A society journal, now deceased, made some scathing comments on the Incident. Lord Queensberry armed himself With a heavy ivliip and called at the otliee, asking to see the editor. He w; conducted to the preseiic woman, who regarded through her spectacles. llemombering the “Queensberry rules,” he hid the horsewhip and mere­ ly remarked that he had called to talk the matter over. who had some petition or memoi Ilitf Obligation. The Due de Roquelaure was far, very far, from being handsome. One day he met in the street an ugly Auvorguat who had some petition or memorial to present at Vei'sailles. He immediately ing that he was under a special obliga­ tion to tbe gentleman. The king grant­ ed the favor asked and then inquired of the duke what was this pressing ob­ ligation. “But for him, your majesty, I should be the ugliest man In your do­ minions.” It Wasn’t Lighted. A mother was calling the attention of her little boy to the moon, which was to be seen clearly but pallidly In the early afternoon. “tVliy, you can’t see tbe moon in the daytime,” reiilied tbe youngster. “Oh, yes, you can. There it is over the trees.” The little fellow looked hard and had to admit the fact that he saw it, but he added, “ ’Tain’t lighted, anyhow.” According to a somewhat cynical old proverb, the meed of nightly sleep Just­ ly due to average human beings should thus be distributed: “Six hours to a man, seven to a woman and eight to a D isp o s a l S a l e ^OF GOODS AT THE^ riodel Variety Store 1 2 6 F s l l S t r e e t , tf next door to Clary Bros. Clothing Hous^. The entire stock of the Model Variety Store consisting of a full line of HOUSEHOLD GOODS, Ladies’, Men’s and Children’s Un­ derwear, Hosiery, Etc., has been bought at 6oc on the dollar. As we bought this stock at our own price, we will give the public of this vicinity the greatest bargains in their history. We kindly invite the public for inspection, D. GROSS, , 126 Fall Street, S E N E O A R A I - L _ S , N _ Y _

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