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THE SENECA COUNTY JOURNAL, WEDNESDAY, MAY 14, 1902. Seneca County Journal SENECA FALLS, N.Y. liugsst CiicnUtion In Toirn or County WILLIAM J. POLLARD. EDITOR. A ttorney G eneral Davies has be­ gun proceedings against the beef trust in behalf of the stale of New York under the provisions of the Donelly anti-trust law. G onernok O d e l l is in San Fran- cisco, Cal., and it is reported is greatly enjoying his western trip. He will visit the Yosemite valley and return by the Canadian Pacific railroad. S enator E C. Stewart of Ithaca has announced that he will not be a didate for renomination this fall in the fortieth Histrict comprising the counties of Tompkins, Schuyler and Steuben. T he meat packers of Chicago are employing the ablest counsel in the country and will put up a hard light against the injunction proceedings brought by the United States govern- A ll a man requires now is to 1 Democrat is a welled stocked vocabu­ lary of choice epithets to apply to the boys wno are upholding the honor of the Ihg. Senator Tillman of South Carolina is a bi-iglit and sliining ample. T he volcano of Mount Souffriere on the island of St. Vincent became active almost coincidently with eruption of Mount Pelee at St. Pierre and it is estimated that the number of victims in the country about will num­ ber upward of 1,600. T h e national biennial convention of the Knights of Pythias will be held in San Francisco, Cal , August 10th to 20th, and greatly reduced rates will be offered to the Pacific coast. It is ex pected that this will be the largest gathering in the history of the order. T uesday ' oi' next week. May 20th, the independence of Cuba will be con- sumated and the experiment of self government inaugurated. On that date American authority will cease and the recently elected Cuban officials will take up the reins of government. The American troops have been coming home in detatchments for the past year and the evacuation will be practically complete by the appointed day. T h e proposition of the Democrats to wipe out the meat trust by taking the tarifl off from beef is welcomed by the trust magnates who realize how greatly they would profit thereby while the price to the consumer would not be affected, Tliey would simply extend their monopoly so as to control the meat supply from Canada, which could be easily done, and pocket their increas­ ed profits while laughing at the gulli bility of those proposing or accepting so simple a remedy. T h e new l y elected officers of the Masonic Grand Lodge of Now York State a r e : grand master, Elbert Oran dell. New York; deputy grand mas. ter, Frank H. llobinson, Iloruollsville; seniorgrand warden, S. Nelson Sawyer, Falmyra; junior grand Warden, d iaries Smith, Oueoiita; grand treasurer, Theo­ dore A. Taylor, Brooklyn; grand sec. retary, Edward M. L. Eiders, New York; trustees Masonic hail and asylum fund, FYank E. Huff, Long Island City, Edwin II. Hammer, New York. T he coal miners of tlie anthracite regions entered upon zi conditional strike Monday and dropped work pend- ing the decision of a convention which will be held at Hazleton. The opera­ tors have given no indication of any disposition to give in to the demands of the miners and a disastrous strike i.s looked for with Us accompanying scenes of riot and bloodshed. A largo per­ centage of the miners are foreigners and under strike conditions it will be a cliflrcult matter to restrain thorn from violence. Now tha t the Attorney General of the United States has begun proceed­ ings against the meat trust, lie shoulil also look into the doings of the anthra­ cite coal trust which arbitrarily fixes prices for months in advance and also prescribes the rates charged by local dealers in a manner from wliioh there is no appeal. The coal cjmbine is robbing tiie people in a way which should not be permitted and by means which are unlawful and in restraint of trade. The time is ripe for an investi- g a ^ n of the business methods of great c o r^i^o n ^ e iU m g .’^ the neces­ saries of life and rational laws .should be adopted for their restraint and eon P resident S ciicrsian of Cornpll has declined to become a member of a committee, to investigate the alleged cruelties of our army in the Philippines, made up of Carl Scliurz aud a number of men of that character. He .says that he feels that the conduct of the investigation .md tlio vindication of the e-.uy may safely be left in the hands of President Roosevelt, who in his order on the subject, has nobly voiced the sentiments and determination of the American people. All fair minded people will agree with him in the senti­ ment that no second investigation is needed unless it is demonstrated that the one instituted by the President is not an earnest and searching attempt to bring to light all the facts. T he net results of last year’s opera­ tions of the insurance companies make interesting figures. Of the 157 com­ panies who have thus far reported to the insurance department, 28 show an aggregate underwriting profit of $1,- 075,627 while 129 companies show a loss of $11,-471,330. That is to say that a net loss for the pleasure of writ ing fire insurance was sustained to the extent of $10,300,703. This evidence should be sufficient to convince insurers that fire companies are not charging extOTlionate rales or paying great divi­ dends and inasmuch as insurance is a general tax upon the community, it behooves property .owners to pay a just and adequate rate in order that their protection may be secure.— Ex. A City Blotted Out. Thursday last at St. Pierre, island of Martinique, occurred the most terrible calamities in the history of the world, involving the almost in­ stantaneous destructiou of a city and the death of upward of 30,000 persons. St. Pierre, situated on the sea coast at the base of Mount Pelee was the princi­ pal city of Martinique: Its population consisted mainly of colored natives with a small percentage of whites, mostly French or of French descent, the island being a colony of France. The surrounding country was of vol­ canic origin and Mount Pelee was re­ garded as an almost extinct volcano, the principal crater forming a lake which was frequently visited pleasure resort. Recently ominous rumblings had been heard from the mountain and a cloud of smoke hung over its summit, terrifying the inhabit­ ants of the doomed city, whose fears were in a measure allayed bj' the im munity they had heretofore enjoyed. Thursday morning the mountain seemed to burst assunder and a whirling cyclone of fire, mud, steam and poisonous gases swept over the city leaving death, deso­ lation and rum in its track. There chance for the inhabitants to flee and no avenue of escape. Back of them the burning mountain formed impassible barrier, before them was the sea, and all about the lire, falling rocks, cinders aud an enveloping cloud of steam, smoke and gas whose breath death. The vessels in the harbor met the same terrible fate with one ex­ ception, the Steamer Roraiina, which managed to get away with a small pro­ portion of those on board all horribly burned. The calamity is appalling in suddenness and the destruction wrought and we can neither realize nor appreciate its horrors. The thriv­ ing city of a few days ago has become one vast charnel house and its inhabit­ ants are completely wiped out including the American consul and his family, with those of other nations. The con­ dition in the island is indeed sad, nearly every household mourning some dear one lost. The danger of famine is also imminent as St Pierre was the port of entry through whicli supplies were received. Prompt mea­ sures of relief,however,are being taken and everything possible will be done relieve the widespread distress. Upon the recommendation of President Roosevelt Congress has appropriated $200,000 as a relief fund and other nat­ ions are following this generous ex­ ample. The Meat Trust. Suit has been brouglit against tlie meat trust in Chicago by United S'ates District Attorney Bethea acting in conjunction with Attorney General Knox. The case will conie up for a hearing May 20th. The complaint drawn is against Swift & Co., The Cudahy Packing Co., The Hammond Packing Co., The Armour Packing Co , The G. II. Hammond Co ,Schwarzchild & Salsbergcr, Nelson, Morris & Co., and the individuals comprising these corporations and firms. It recites that they are engaged in buying live stock and selling fresh meats etc , to dealers and consumers, shipping the same on various railroad lines. It alleges that the defendants control about 60 per cent of the total volume of the trade and ill violation of the provisions of “ an act to protect trade and commerce against unlawful restraints and monopo­ lies,” and in order to restrain compe- tition among- themselves, they have directed and required tlieir agents in various stock yards to refraiu from bidding .against each other, except perfunctorily and without good faitii when making purchases of live stock, and by this means compelling the owners to part with it at less prices than they would receive if the bidding really competitive. In further violation of this act, they have engaged ” ’ ill, and intend to coiilinue, an unlawful combination and conspiracy among themselves for bidding up, through tlielr agents, the prices of live stock for a few days at a time so that the market reports will show prices much higher than the state of trade will warrant, thereby inducing owners to simultan­ eously make large shipments, and by reason of the resulting large oireriug.s, defendants obtain live slock at prices much less than it would bring in the regul.ar way of trade. It is also alleged they have engaged in and in­ tend to continue an unlajvfm'^njbina- tion jR d PQllijpif^cy T o^bitrarily, from time to time, raise, lower and fix prices aud so maintain uniform prices at whicli they will sell directly or through their agents fresh meats to dealers and consumers, bolding secret, periodical meetings, and agi-eeing upon the prices to be adopted and enforced until a subsequent meeting the same may be changed, restricting and curtailing the quantities of goods shipped whenever necessary to the maintaining of the prices fixed by imposing against each other penalties, establishing a rule for the giving of credits to dealers, and the conduct of their business with penalties for violations; keeping a “ black-list” of delinquents and refusing to sell to them. The bill charges further, that, in violation of the act of Congress, llie defendants have made and imposed arbitrarily uniform charges for cartage for delivery; that no such charges have been customary in the trade, or would be made but for the combination and conspiracy, thereby increasing the charges for meats to dealers and customers; that they have made arrangements and agreements with officers and agents of common carriers to receive by means of rebates and other devices unlawful rates for transportation, and have thus monopo­ lized, and unless restrained, will con­ tinue to monopolize, the commerce in live stock and fresh meats. An injunc­ tion is therefore prayed, enjoining-the defendants and their agents and attor­ neys from continuing any of these unlawful proceedings,^and-'1 cm at­ tempting to monopolize the comme,;^. A discovery of the books, papers, etc., is asked, as well as a subpoena for the defendants to appear and answer under oath. The Water Cure. The impression grows that the water cure process of getting information has not been so rare as conld be wished Something like this seems to be the course of events that leads to a water cure: You are out say, after a lot of rifles that you have heard of. You come to a Philipino ploughing, who, you have reason to think, knows where the rifles are. Being questioned, he recommends searching a place fifteen miles off. He gets a quart of water, and takes off five miles. Another quart, and he cuts off anothcf^five miles. Heaven knows how much water it takes to make him admit that be is ploughing over the spot where the rifles are buried, but he does admit it presently, and the rifles are seized. It has been cruel to fill the Philipino with water, but finding the rifles means to save life, to stop fight­ ing, to give the civil arm a chance. A choice of cruelties is the best that has' been offered in the Philippines. It is not so certain that we at home can affird to shudder at the water cure un­ less we disown the whole job, and if we do disown the whole job we cannot Sent to the Philippines to subdue the Philipinos, and it seems to have made remarkable progress. Having the devil to fight, it has sometimes used fire; having liars to fight, it has sometimes used lies; having semi-civilized men to fight, it has in some instances used semi-civilized methods. That evitable, and it will be inevitable as long as soldiers water cure cases are brought to trial they should be tried in the Philippines before men who are familiar with the circumstances of their occurence and the general coudlitions and standards of conduct that obtained where they hap­ pened. None of us believe that cruelty runs in the American blood, or that wanton cruelty has been done in the Philippines except in isolated cases, but the American soldier is an earnest man, and wants results. Major Gardener says, “Use native troops.” By all means use native troops as soon as they be trusted. By all means, mean­ while, curb the zeal of our troops, when it verges toward ferocity. But don’t condemn them unheard; and don’t blame them for faults that are part of the job. It is our job, not theirs.— Harpers Weekly. •The village of Lodi can boast of a family with but few if any equals in the state. That is one where four generations are residing under one roof, G W. Skinner, the great-grand father, being the first; Mrs. G. II. Wilson, his daughter, the second; Howard J. Wilson, her son, the third and his infant daughter, the fourth. A meeting of the Tyre and Junius Sunday School Association will be held at the Junius Presbyterian church Sun­ day afternoon. May 25th. The Kings Daughters of Tyre will meet at W. E Wilson’s Friday after­ noon at which time the annual election of officers will take place. A full attendance is desired. Sunday next Rev. S. F. Frazier of the Seneca Falls Wesleyan Methodist church will preach in this place in ex- chauge. He is an able and interesting preacher and should be greeted by a large congregation. Saturday evening of this week Dr. S. Armstrong-Hopkins will lecture on the subject “ Marriage and a Twelve Thousand Mile Wedding Tour.” The lecture will be given under the auspices' Pacific Coast and other Western Low Pare Excursions via the Lehigh Valley Railroad. San Francisco, tickets sold May 26th to June 6th good to return within thirty days, $65.25. August 1st to 7th good to return to September 30th. Fare from Seneca Falls, $65 25. Portland, Ore., tickets sold May 26th to June 7lh final retnrn, limit to sixty days, fare from Seneca Falls $64 65 Tacoma, Wash., tickets sold July 15th to 20th, final return limit Sept. 15th, fare from Seneca Falls 64 25. Denver, Colo,, tickets sold June 21st, 22nd and 23th good to return not later than July 20th, with extension privil­ ege to August 31st^ fare from Seneca Falls, $46.25 Salt Lake City, Utah., tickets sold August 6lh, 7th, and 8th, good for re­ turn to September 30th, fare from Seneca Falls $51.15. St. Paul, Minn., tickets sold May 17th 18th and 19th good for return to May 29th privilege, to extend to June 30lh, fare from Seneca Falls $28.10. No L o ss of Tim e. I have sold Chamberlain’s Colic,Chol- •a and Diarrhoea Remedy for years, and would rather be out of coffee and put the respodsibility tor it on the leciuie win uo given uuuer me auspices . auu wouiu raiiier ue out oi couee ano army that has obeyed orders. It was f of the Tyre Epworth League for the ] sugar than it. I sold five bottles of it purpose of raising funds to secure a ] yesterday to threshers that could go no i iuTioi? farther, and they are at work again loping cough is prevalent among lool children at Lodi. County. Ovid Grange will meet Friday, hlay Jeremiah Messier is building a new residence in Fayette. the school John D. Thomas of Ovid is suffering from an attack of pneunmnia. Mrs C, F. Porter of Lodi, is suffer­ ing from an attack of nervous prostra- Ilorace Seeley of Ilayts Corners lias gone to the Illiiiica hospital for treat- George MoLanghlin has purchased a house and lot on Factory avenue, KomuIu.s. I. N. Seeley o£ Hayts Corners, who has been seriously ill, is slowly con­ valescing. John Alohan of Ovid was called to Geneva Friday by the death of hts brother, Lawrence Mohan. The C. E. society of the Baptist church at Ovid will give a social on Wednesday evening May 21.st. Rev. Air. Mason of Ovid will lecture 1 “ Needles” at the Sheldrake school- houso, Friday afternoon, May 28th. The Lodi Memorial Association has secured George B. Davis of Ithaca, to deliver the ad dress on Memorial day. It is feared that the recent cold snap has destroyed at least one half the fruit and berry crop throughout the county. The Covert school closed Friday with appropriate exercises. Miss Dora Cre- Iho teacher, will leave this week the Ithaca high school to complete her studies. R. C. Traphagen represented Lodi Masons at the session of the grand lodge in New York city last week. He was accompanied to the accompanied to th city by Mrs. Traphagen. The grape crop in Lake View vine­ yard at East Varick was seriously in­ jured by the recent cold weather. It is feared tliat more than one-half the crop has been destroyed. The entertainment given at Lodi by A. Lincoln Kirk Wednesday evening, for-the benefit of the Whittier Library Association wHS of\ili03t inXerestii^ character and attracted a large audience. The base ball season at Farmer will i inaugurated Saturday afternoon, May 17th, by a game between the teams of the Y. ftl. C. A. of that vil­ lage aud the Trumaitsburg Athletic Club. • % The new officers of the Ovid Center Baptist Sunday school are: superin­ tendent, Mrs, Joseph Dunlap; assistant, superintendeiit, O H. Bennett;,secre­ tary and treasurer, John Allen; organ­ ist. Miss Irene Wilson. The Ideal enitertainmont company gave a delightful entertainment Satur­ day evening, in the Sheldrake Meth­ odist church, under the auspices of the Ladies’ Aid Society'. It was largely attended and netted the society about twenty dollars. Farmer villagei Grange will hold its next meeting on Saturday May 17th. The question as to whether a director shall represent the Grange in the Pat­ rons Fire Relief Association will be de­ cided by vote at this meeting. All policy holders are requested to be present. The C. E. society will give a musi­ cal and literary program in Memorial hall, Kidders, Friday evening. May 18Ih. Refreshments will be served after the program. The proceeds are to be used in defraying the expenses of the Seneca Unioiii C. E. convention to be held at Kidders in June. County Treasurer A. S. Parish has issued licenses to the following resi­ dents of the town of Ovid; J. H. Steele, Thomas J . Keady, Donald G. Covert, Myron Coleman, Maria Finley, R. F. Hoagland, Adolphus Goodman, William S. Bonner, John L. Post, Seymour Horton, Horace T. Jones and Patrick Lyons. band will be present and play at 7 :30 Admission ten cents. The Reformed congregation ofBeary- towu will hold a flower social at the residence of M r. and Airs. De G arm o Robbins next Friday evening. May 16th. Refreshments will be served and a pleasant lime is anticipated. Every­ body is cordially invited to attend. Resolutions. At the regular meeting of Winona Rebecka lodge No. 32 the following resolutions were adopted W hereas , the grim messenger of death has entered our midst and taken our brother to the other shore it is Resolved, that in view of the loss we have sustained by the decease of our brother and friend, George W. Cudde- back and the still greater loss to those nearest and dearest to him we bow in submission to the will of the lieavenly Father, and extend our sympathy and condolence to the wife and children in their sorrow, it is furtlier Resolved that these resolutions be placed upon the minutes of this lodge and printed in the local papers and a copy sent to the sorrowing family. Rosa Lotlieriiigton, Alary II. Rnyston, Lizzie Young, • Committee. 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The Four Track News will be mailed free to any address in the United States on receipt of five cents in stamps or it will be mailed for a year for fifty cents by George II. Daniels, General Passenger Agent, Grand Central Station, New York. Takes the burn out; heals the wound; cures the pain. Dr. Thomas’ Eclectrio Oil, the household remedy. r a y Y o u r D ebts. “No, sir,” declarocl Gazzen as be warmed up to his subject, “you'll never be happy so long as you are in debt. Pay your debts, Swayback, pay your debts.” “But I have no money,” said Sway- “Then borrow it.”—Detroit Free T m t b ’s C h a n ces. William—The idea of his calling his book a historical novel! It doesn’t Igree with history even in the slight- list particular. Frederick—And so may be quite true. —Boston Transcript. A Fnzzlc. Mother (reprovingly to little girl just ready to go for a walk)—Dolly, that hole was not in your glove this morn- mamma' Of 100,000,000 passen'gers by sea all the world over fifty lose their lives. 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A competitive examination of candidates for the state scholarships in Cornell univer­ sity, falling to the county of Seneca will be held at the High school in the village of Waterloo, Saturday, June 7, 1902, commenc­ ing at 9 A. M, Candidates year immediately preceding th and actual residents of this stat No person should enter an examination unless prepared to accept a scholarship, should The examination will be upon the following subjects, viz, English, history (Grecian, Roman, English, American), plane geometry, algebra through quadratic equations, and either Latin, French or German at the option of the candidate. There will be as many candidates appoint­ ed from this county as there are assembly districts in this county. Candidates tvill become entitled to the scholarships in the order of their merit. 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It is sure to pay you. A new and full line of Furniture, R o o m M ouldings, P icture Frames, Pictures, Mattings, Lace and Shade Curtains, Pole Trimmings, Draperies, and in fact everything that is need­ ed to furnish a home. ®:|=We have just put in a com­ plete line of Bagdad Throw-overs, which is ready for your inspect- TELLER'S. Poley^s Honey sad Tar for children,sate, sure. No opiates. THIS MEANS YOU We want everybody in Seneca County TO HAVE A LOOK at'our immense stock this^week THURSDAY, FRIDAY and SATURDAY. we are going to have'a Suit Sale. Watch our east show window. ALL CUTS, ALL STYLES. ALL COLORS For $10.00 This is the greatest inducement we have ever offered and if you don’t take advantage of it there is no one to blame but yourself. This sale will positive!}’ last only three days. Myer Todtman THE ONE PRICE CLOTHIER. ANDERSON’S opening of a New Department. In the rear of our store you will find a large assortment of China, Glass and Tinware. No piece less than 5 c. No piece more than loc. Our sales in this department last week more than doubled our expectations. Drop in and see the line. J. fl. SNDEaSOH MILES PITZSIMONS The Reliable Boot and Shoe Dealer has a fine line oi Boots, Shoes and .Rubbers for summer wear which he is selling at prices th a t defy com p e tition. All the latest styles and shades in Tans. Agent for the Douglas celebrated shoes. Fall St., Seneca Falls, N. Y. Of Alllthe Suits You: Own $ 1 2 . ^ you will never know w h at splendid values you are missing, but it this price does n ot suit you, -we have them all the way from $10.00 TO $20.00. You will find many Special \Values at each price. THE LITTLE CHAPS ing needs much [attention ;’'’get them stylish, s.ihut^at the same^ time^ g et the kind that is Don’t Their Clothing w e ll-fitting,;suits,ihut^at th e same^ time^ g et t dependable; it_will pay you. Let us show you a special this week for boys 8 to i6 years, doubled and single .................. ;.....................$3.00 And little boys Fancy Suits, a t . . There are many things in our Furnlslilng Goods Department that you need r ight now and we shall be glad to show them to you at any tim e and tell you how much money you will save We have a great variety of Summer Hats and Caps and at prices that are worthy of more than a passing thought. C L . A . R Y B R O S . , 2 l Waterloo, N. Y. Seneca Falls, N. Y.

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