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TTTR SENECA COUNTT JOTIRNAL, WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 11, 1891. 5 (? 9 ^ea < 5 o. J o u r n a l SENECA FALLS, N. Y. Thebest Advertising Medium in the County. «cw York CeiUralJTime Table. On and after Monday, June 8, 1801, trains will pass Seneca Falls as follows: l i y s m m *Mail tram^. ___ _ ______ _ _______ _____ __ Joiirualiiigrs. But the T h anksgiving turkej'S to f a t­ tening. AVe a rc enjoying a full “ Indian sum ­ m e r,” squaw and papoose included. The Coremakers union will hold their first annual ball at Johnson Opera house Thanksgiving evening. The Crescent Social club is to have a select party in Odd Fellows hall on the evening of November 19. Lunch for two and lots of fun at the Box Social at the home of Mrs. Peter Trautman, next Friday night. AV’m. AVilliams w ill very soon build a first class house on the west side of his XJleasant lot, corner of Clinton and Miller streets. The Ovide Musin concert company, w h ich is so highly spoken of, w ill ap­ pear at Johnson Opera liouso next Sat­ urday evening. AVe notice among the j)atents granted last week to inventors in this vicinity, one to S. C. Meddick, Ovid, f o r veter­ inary iustriimeiit. The Board of Town Auditors finished their work on Monday. There was no unusual cutting of bills presented, and the aggregate is about an average. Philip Phillips will give a series of his popular stereopticoii entertainments, entitled “ Around the AA'^orld in a Chariot of Song,” at an early date, at the Con­ gregational church. Alons. Ovide Musin, the star of the grand concert company to appear at Johnson’s Opera house Saturday even­ ing, pex’foims some of the most diilleult music on a violin with but a single Last Friday was one of the most mag­ nificent autumn daj's ever experienced, a premium samxxle of .vhat wo uxed lo call “Republican weather.” It is rarely that flowers bloom at this season, as they do at present. The heavy winds and blinding dust were almost sullbcating on Monday and yesterday, but a good shower last night left everything lovely this morning, and wo have the promise of one of the finest days imaginable, as we go to press. AA'e have, lived a whole week since election, and everybody seems to eon- liiuie “about as usual, thank you.” AVe, of tlic rural districts have the consola­ tion of knowing that we shall be .among the last to be lacerated by llie claws of “ the tiger.” A Lunch Social will be held at the home of Airs. Peter 'rrautman, Clinton street, on Friday evening of this week, under tlic ausj>ices of the Ladies Aid Society of Congregational church. Each lady will bring “ lunch for two.” All are invited. Don’t forget the initiatory receptions at the new and attractive library rooms in the Partridge block to morrow and Friday, from 1 to 10 f . Ji. If you have a good book, which you wish to make specially useful, bring it with you, and see how nicely it will fit tlie library AA'e wish to call special attention to a communication in another column from an officer of the Library Associa­ tion, and also to urge a large attend­ ance at the receptions on Thursday and Friday of this week, from four to ten i>. M., at their rooms in the Partridge The Ovide Alusin Concert company was secured for Seneca Falls only on a positive guarantee of a large .amount to the eomxiany. Our citizens should see that the proprietor of Johnson Opera house should not be a loser in his efforts to give them an entertainuiet of high character. Some miscre.ant, between AA'ednesday and Saturday of last week, broke in one ot the expensive and beautiful stained glass windows, on the southwest side of the Presbyteri.an church. No possible motive can be imagined for such dia­ bolical work, and if the culprit is caught he ought to be treated to a good dose of his own kind of pelting. A glance at the election returns of this county, will satisfy any honest man as to who are bolters and traitors in the Republican party, and traffic in tickets and candidates. The average Demo cratic majority' on .State candidates, w.as not to exceed oOO, while the majority against our Republican county candi- (jates for Sheriff and Alember of Assem­ bly, was 312 and 1006, respectively. Who did i t ) Roselle Russell, at his farm on the Alountain ro.ad, some three miles north of the village, had twenty-three sheep killed or badly injured by dogs, hast Saturday night. Appn-aisers assessed the damages at $ 40 . This is the second loss of the kind he has suffered within the year, the whole damages amounting to .$84. AVe are informed that there is as yet no clue to the destructive dogs, and further losses may be expected in that vicinity, as sheep-killing dogs rarely give up their vicious practice. The Board of Supervisors is a tie in Cayuga county, as between the old i>ar- ties, being 16 Republicans and 10 Dem­ ocrats, with a solitary Prohibitionist, as the lone star in the constellation. He is from Summerhill, and may pre­ serve an equable temperature in the body. There has been some talk of compromise between the Democrats and Republicans by which the offices of chairman and clerk should be divided, • but from present indic.ations it is not I robable that such a result will be the The Democrats are intent upon steal­ ing the Legislature, and many of them make no bones of saying so. Their greed will overreach itself, and in w.ays too numerous to mention they will prove to the people that as a party they share the Tammany Tiger spirit of rapacity, and the result will be a grand Republi­ can victory next year. The AVoolen mills have already about twenty-five hands engaged in prepara­ tory work. The foremen for the vari­ ous departments are all engaged, and riipidly regulating for a thoraugh busi­ ness, which when fully established will require from 100 to 150 hands. Every­ body wishes for Air. Howard and his enterprise the highest measure of prosperity. AVe are assured that too much cannot be said of tlie merits of the Ovide Alusin Concert company which will be at Johnson Opera house next Saturday- night. Every one of the distinguished artists has received very high praise from the best papers and critics in the land. Let our people show that they can appreciate a really good thing when they are favored with such an op^nor- An entertainment of rare excellence AVill be that of the Alusin Concert com­ pany at Johnson O p era house, Saturday evening, Nov. 14. Its star Is Oviile Alusin the peer of any violinist living, and seldom h.as a star such support as is given by the solo artists who comprise Iiis company. AVe do not hesitate to guarantee tlie Alusin Concert company in every- respect. Every one should hear them. Fred Teller proposes another liberal scheme f o r his customers. Commenc- iiig on the 11th inst., to-clay., he will give to each purchaser of a rocking chair, a nicely bound Book. Those souvenir presents will be dtstributod for the following week. The books are carefully selected, and the purchas­ er can choose from a large collection. It is an extra inducement, and a multi­ tude should taae advantage of this lib­ eral oU’er. On Thursday evening of next week, the Crescent Social Club will give one of their pleasant social dancing parties, atO . F.Tlall. The following are the affable and• eilieient managers: Com­ mittee of Arrangements, James G. Riin- kin, Chas. S. AIcBridc, Frank J. Dur- nin, Ed P. Alaekin. Reception Com­ mittee, Thos. J. Clary, James Fay, Patrick ,1. Ryan, John Lyman, AVm. A. Ferguson, Thos. J. Alangan, Jas. P. Jones, Patriek Ferguson, .John AL Smith, Jas. II. Ryan, P. P. Ferguson, Frank P. C:irraher. “ The boss” found it neeessery- to give a little extra nursing to his pet lambs, the members of the county committee, last week. It is no wonder that their stomachs are weakening under such taffy as he has been feeding them on for some time. Perhaps they are really entitled to his last pat on the back, in the comjdiment of having done the best that they- could, “under the eireuiu- stanees,\ for there is no disputing the f:ict, that their cireumstanecs could hardly have been worse. But it really: seems as if they- ought by this time to have a little manly strength and judg­ ment of tlieir own. The Syracuse Ikrald intimates tliat Andrews is trying to imlo:ul the stigma ot all the crooked things criticised by- Judge Adams upon Alongin. This may be true, for boss Andrews is by no means a dullard, and can see how fat.al this record is likely to be to his asi)ir.a- tions for the post olfice. Fortunately the evidence of his full co-operation with Mongin in the schemes so scath- ingly rebuked by the Judge, is so ap­ parent as to require no proof, and it does not seem within the range of the probabilities that such a man could secure a responsible Federal olfice in a virtuous and intelligent community.— Waterloo Observer. Everybody has to indulge in a broad grin when they- road the Courier's e.x- plan:ition of the heavy- majorities in this county against Pollard and Cassidy, the Republican nominees for Assembly and Sheriff, whose names that piratical or­ gan was compelled by the dooi.sion of the Supreme Court to put up as the reg­ ular Repubiic.an c.andid.ates in place of bogus ones before hoisted at the head of its columns, 'i’he Courier picture is really transixorting. Imagine the avid­ ity with which its editor and his satel­ lites rushed to the support of Pollard, while Patterson, after his desperate effort to secure Pollard’s nomination and endorsement by the Supreme Court, was spending his money lavishly in buying Democratic votes to defeat the very man whom the Courier in another par.agrapli calls “ Afs (Patterson’s) can­ didate for Alember of Assembly.” Isn’t it funny-, though ? It was a bitter pill for the boss to give clear away on his Opera House ticket, and put up the nominations made by the Pattersonites. According to the boss’s axiom, however, it was good pol­ itics. The election figures will proba­ bly show that it was a dead give away. — AA'atorloo Observer. And here are “ the election figures” that show the correctness of the Observ­ er's prediction: Flower’s majority over. Fassett in this county was 180; Shee­ han's over A^rooman 471. Those may­ be fairly- taken as fixing the legitimate Democratic majority. Now look at the county ticket: Kinue (Dom.) over Pol­ lard (Rep.) for Assembly, 1006; A*an Cleef, (Dem.) over Cassidy, (Rep.) for Sheriff’, 942. Pollard and Cassidy were what the Observer styles “ nominations made by the Pattersonites,” and “p«< wp” by-“ the boss” under piratical pro­ test. Now, candid reader, where did the 520 excess over Flower’s Demo­ cratic majority, come from in case of Pollard? “The boss” better indite another homily on “bolters.” AA”e have never made cheapness an inducement to customers, believing that the best class of trade prefer artis­ tic excejienco at reasonable prices, though m tb^ end, the best is cheapest. J. E. H ale . At tlie Argyle Pharmacy is the only place in town you can get a glass of Whipped Cream Soda. Personals. —Mr. AAT. L. Penoyar has typhoid —^Alr. John A. Curtis is on a business trip to Detroit, AIM. —Aliss Allie Rogan visited friends in Albany and Troy last week. —Air. Thomas AI. Sherman is one of the victims of sciatic rheumatism. —^Alr. Thomas Usher who has been ill with sciatic rheumatism is reported improving. —Airs. Crittenden of Rochester is visiting AJrs. Fannie Dickinson on Bridge street. —^It is announced that the marriage of Thomas Alagill and Aliss Lizzie Carroll will take place soon. —Aliss Lottie Stuckey of Alareellus spent Sunday with the family of her uncle. Air. John A. Curtis in AVest Fall street. —Air. N. H. Becker of the Exclmnge National bank left for New Orleans last •AA'ednesday, to attend a bankers’ con­ vention. —Air. Arthur Alargetts is expected home to-day to spend a short time, and will sail on the 28th for England, on an extended visit. —Rev. E. C. Long, of Alanchester, N. Y., will! supply the pulpit at the Baptist church next Sunday, morning and evening. —Airs. James Emery and Airs. AVal- tcr Lewis and children, of State street, left last night f o r a visit of some length in N cav York City. —Aliss Grace AV'illiams of Scranton, Pa., a class mate of Aliss Alildred Wes- sell at Keble school, Syracuse, spent Sunday' with her in Seneca Falls. —Alaster Burgess Dickinson, aged about six years, sou of Rev. E. II. Dickinson, is ill of scarlet fever, but of a mild type, and the patient is doing __ Airs. George Utley and infant son of Rome, Oneida county, arrived yester­ day for a visit with lier parents, Air. and Airs. AV. B. Latlirop in Cayuga —^Alr. and Airs. .John Sweet of Alieli- igan, who have been visiting their daughter, Airs. John Odell in Ovid Street, liave returned to their home after a four weeks visit. —Air. AV. L. Bellows attended the funeral of his aunt, Airs. Enioline Schick, in Rochester, Alonday. De­ ceased was sister of Garrett Bellows, a former resident of Seneca Falls. —Rev. Air. Herrick, a student in Auburn seminary, and grandson of Air. Charles Mynderse, formerly of Seneca Falls, prcaelied very acceptably- at the Presbyterian cliurch last Simdiiy. _ Aliss Elizabeth Alargetts left Alon­ day for Boston, having been appointed one of three delegates from New York state by- tlie Y’s, to attend the National convention of the AY. C. T. 1^. in tliat —Alaster Richard Peck,son of William .1. Peek, found a certilicate of deposit for $L,0U0 in Uie street, and had the pleasure of aeturning it to tlie owner, J. T. Alillcr; a day or two ago.— ('or. Herald. —Airs. AVm. Laiigwyrthy d'.eil tliis morning at about half past one o'clock, at her liome in Bridge street, of paral­ ysis. She was 72 years of ago, aid an esteemed resident of Suneea Falls for many- yearS’. -Arrangements for the funeral have not yet been made. —Alany friends will be ydeased to read the following very complimentary- personal which we t:ike from tlie Alont- gomery, Ala., Journal; “ Ali.ss Blanch Estcrly, of New York State, has ac­ cepted a position m the office of C. G. Aliercrombie, 101 1-2 Commerce street, and all who call will be delighted with her prompt and courteous attention to business.” —Air. IL Carmor, of AA'ashingtoii, D. C., Attorney and councellor at Law, h.as chosen Seneca Falls as a place of business and homo for his family. He has located,, and is now placing his household effects, in t'le Lathrop house. No. 99 Cayuga street. AA'e hope his experience here may prove his flattering estimate of the social and business ad­ vantages of our place to be well founded. —The Rev. C. AV. Hiatt of Cleveland, Ohio, Secretary of tlie American Alis- sionary Association, will speak in the Congregational cliurch on Sunday next, on missionary Avork among the “ Colored population of the South and the foreign population on our frontiers.” Air. Hiatt is an icngaging speaker and his subject interesting. A cordial invita­ tion is extended to all. Service at seven v. si. X’lic Oflicial ’Vote in Sciicca. For Governor—Roswell P. Flower, 3,176; Jacob Sloat Fassett, 2,684; plurality for Floivcr 492. For Lieutenant Governor—^AA’illiam F. Sheehan, 3,167 ; John AAL A'rooman, 2,691; plurality for Sheehan 476. For Secretary- of State—Frank Rice, 3,164; Eugene F. O’Connor, 2,702; plurality for Rice 462. For Comptroller—Frank Campbell, 3,179; Arthur C. AWado#2,690; plural­ ity for Campbell 489. • For State Treasurer—^Elliot Danforth, 3,180; Ira AI. Hedges, 2,692; plur.ality for Danforth 488. For Attorney General—Simon AAL Rosendale, 8,184; AVilllam A. Suther­ land, 2,686; plurality for Ro.sendaU* For Slate Engineer and Surveyor— M.artin Sehcnck, 8.182; A'erplanck Col­ vin, 2,689; plurality- for Schenck 493. For Justice of the Supreme Court— Charles C. Dwight. 5,899. For Senator Twenty-sixtli District— AVilliam II. Sliaw. 3,185; Tliomas Hunter, 2,689; plurality for Shaw 496. For Alember of -Assembly—AA'illiam II. Kinne, 3,405; AVilliam J. Pollard, 2,394; plurality-for Kinne 1,011. For Sheriff—-Charles AV, A'an Cleef, 3,357 ; Edgar Cassidy, 2,424; plurality for A'an Cleef, 933. For Justice of Sessions—John R. Wheeler, 3,179; Henry- L. Hosier, 2,592; plurality for AA’heeler, 487. The Prohibitionists cast‘184 votes, and the Soci.al Labor ticket 46 votes. Last year the Prohibitionists cast 230 The Supervisors. The Board of Supervisors met in annual session at Waterloo on Alonday last, and consisted of five Republican and five Democratic members. Some mutual agreement was evidently neces­ sary in the selection of chairman and clerk, to effect an organization. The chairmanship seems to have been conceded to the Republicans, and of course the Democrats were entitled to the clerk, and they Avere united from the s tart upon Benjam in Franklin, E sq., of Ovid, the last and efficient incumbent. But the Republicans divided for a time upon P. Y. N. Bodine of Lodi, and Cliester J . Hampton of Junius. Both are veteran supervisors and admirably- equipped by good qualities and e.x- perience to discliarge the duties of the After a few preliminary- ballois, the clioice finally- fell upon Air. Hampton, who, it is safe to say, will diseliarge the Unties of the position to the perfect s:it- isfaction of everybody. Yesterday the board acted as a can­ vassing board at the office of tlic county clerk, Edward Nugent, Esq. Every thing is working smootlily with the County Legislature, tvhich, as a whole, is composed of thorouglily competent men of business methods and sound records, who w ill unitedly look after the best interests of their constituency. The following compose the Board:. Republicans, P. A'. N. Bodine of Lodi, Charles AV. Rising of Romulus, Henry Sweet of Fayette, Marvin Burroughs of Seneca Falls, and Chester J. Hampton of Junius. The Democrats a re: Eldred Frost of Covert, Hugh AIcGhan of Ovid, Arthur II. Brooks of A^arick, Charles K. Hellion of AVaterloo, and AA’illiam A. Stevenson of Tyre. F u l l A lica d . The Courier editor is “ inflamed, exas­ perated, outraged, irritated” and almost “ absolutely overwhelmed” by the jmb- lication and circulation of what he calls that “ inflamatory document,” Judge Adams’ Decision, a squelching mandate of comlemnation of his piratical and di­ abolical methods in political (mis) raan- agoinent. AA'itli eliaracteristlo modesty, said editor claims credit for groat for­ bearance tliat lie (lid not “ discuss that remarkable decision last week,” and thereby “ irritate Republicans and thus injure the vote of the whole Republican ticket.” AVell, we arc not at all sure but the iioint is well taken, for it is pretty evident, from the late trend of political m.atters in this locality, that Ills Aluiichausen style of discussion drives away ten times as many- votes as it attracts to the Republican party-. On tlic whole it is probably a good thing that he postponed knocking the Judge into .Smithereens until after election. Certainly, nobody wants any worse showing than he has helped us to now, with all his magnanimous forbearance. But somebody ought to notify the Judge SO tliat he eaii got out of the country, or into /.suitable fortiliealions, somewliere, wliere his speedy and to­ tal annihilation by Sir Bombastes Fu- rioso will not make disconsolate mourn­ ers of a groat many who seem to regard the Judge as a man of .«ome ability- as well as inlegrity. Everybody now will wait with bated breatli, for this piratical raid ujion the judiciary, in whieli their vaunting champion the I'ourier boss, propo.ses to “ exliibit the fallaeie.s\ of the eourt-.’ deci.sion. Whatever the result, there is no doubt Ui.at the “ e x h ibit\ w ill be a great entertainment lo the spectators, and we .are anxious to have tlic performance Editor Journal; AA’ill you tell the people through the JouKN-AL that receptions will be given on Thursday and Friday of this week, from four until ten p. Ji., by- the Libra­ ry Association, in tlieir rooms in the I’artridgo Block. All members of t4i^ Association are urged to be present, thus show their interest. Tlie ladies in eliarge will serve light refreshments, and a committee will bo present to receive yearly subscriptions and books. AVe certainly ought to have tw-o hundred more yearly subscriptions. AA'e have on hand about 200 books given US, and Ave want this number raised to 500. Any- readable book, in good condition, ivill be received with pleasure, even if it is not new. AA'e are very anxious that it shall be a suc­ cess, and I hope you will urge it strongly through tlie p.aper. AA'ie ought to have a crowd of people both days, and if they will only come, some enthusiasm will be the result. AA'e hope to h.ave 600 books given be­ fore we buy any. There are so many people whb have not been asked to subscribe, and we give the invitation to one .and all. A'ery truly yours, A T kustee . Foolliai'dy Desperation. The Courier editor is absolutely crazy, or at the least, is very foolishly- pre­ sumptions. Tile idea of his setting up Ids Ebonezer against Judge Adams, and shooting his puny- pop guns at tlie Su­ preme Court. He may be brought to realize that although his outrageous libelling of prominent persons in Seneca county- lias been thus far tolerated, it w-ill not do to assume that outsiders will humot his lunacy, from feelings of scorn He is trenching on dangerous gi-ound, to himself, when he underhikes to play- the bully, or c.ast dishonorable slurs at those in authority, and who hold their positions and functions too sacred to submit to the slanderous aspersions of blackguards and blatlierskites, even though the oll’ender may be of unbal­ anced mind. -V man of any- sense will ro.alize that when lie has reached about tlie end of his rope, he had better go slow. AVhat is better for a Christmas g ift to a friend or relative than some of Hale's fine photos. Both air and water .abound in mi­ crobes, or germs of dise'asc, ready to infect the debilitated system. To impart that strength and vigor necessary to resist the effect of these pernicious atoms, no tonic blood-purifier equals Ayer’s Sarsaparilla. W aterloo. AVe learn upon good authority that Abram Lefler raised eight splendid pumpkins from a single seed in his garden, this season, AVlio can beat it? The gy-mnasium and reading rooms of the Y. M. C. A. are now open to the members. Prof. Boughton will give instructiun in voice culture at the Union school. Principal AA’llber offers a prize to the best scholar in Sallust’s Cataline; Miss Spencer to the best one in English read­ ing, and Prof. Boughton to the best pupil in solid geometry. B. F. Selmser ivas in New- York last 'I'he ladies’ reading circle met Friday- evening with Jlrs. J . M. Garrison on Seneca street. Fred Marshall, wlio w-as burned out by tlie recent fire, has opened a meat market in tlie former Geiumg under­ taking rooms. fire did sliglit damage in the dry- house at the AVoolen mills last Thursday- night. Tlie fire department did excel­ lent w-ork, and the proprietor of the mills, lion. A. Jil. Patterson, made each of the companies a handsome present, AV. R. Pickens has been granted a pension of $12 per month and arrear- ag<'S; qf $114. K e n d a i a . Fred Smith visited his brother Frank of Penn Yan last Saturday. Bert Hindle is visiting relatives in Auburn and Oswego. The young people gave Miss Libbie Parker a surprise party last Thursday evening before her deyiarturefor Auburn. It w-as a very pleasant occasion. Our candidate for member was de­ feated through the aid of Andrew's, Mongin & Co., w-ho did everything in their power to accomplish the defeat of so worthy- a candidate. They received a bad record through the courts. Can Andrews, Mongin & Co. exydain why- Kimie received so large a majority in Lodi? The people demand a good, valid reason why this is so. J. II. Reigle is building a barn. J. II. Coryell of Romulus, builder. jMiss Libbie Parker is visiting her brotlier. D. S. Parker of Auburn. Kendaia Cornet band held one of the largest social hops ever held in that hall. Nearly fifty tickets were sold. Deimis- ton's orchestra furnished tlie music. O v ia C e n tre. Mrs. O. II. Bennett and Mrs. B C. AATight attended the funeral of Mrs. AValter Sehrier at Covert Tuesday. R. C. Akins and family have been visiting friends in Ithaca and New-lield tlie past w-eek. The roads are, and have been excel­ lent tliis fall, and it is well it is so, for I never saw so many lieavy loads drawn over them in the fall. Apple buyers are piling iR} the ayiple barrels at tlie depot here by the thous­ and, and still they come, and are bought Leonard and wife of New Milford, Pa., vLitccl friends here re­ cently, Charles R. Smith of Skaiieaieles has heeii visiting at B. C. AVriglil’s. Terry O'llanlon had the misfortune liist Saturday- to have a horse fall down in the road and break a leg, by- stepping oil a round stone. The Ladh's Aid .aoeiety will meet (‘.very two weeks on Wednesday r. :u., in the pvuy-er room in tlie church. .As then' is imporUint work on liaiul, it is hoped all of tlio meiiiliers will lie AA'liiskiy played a very- important part iu our election district this fall. People speak of it witli disgust. How can w-e expect anything better of parties that legalize the sale of it, or of candidates who furnish the meims and stuff to de­ bauch voters. AVho is to blame ? Every one w-ho votes for a party that w-ill legalize it. It grows worse every year. Is it not time to “about face?” at from 75 cents to $1.10 per barrel. Dr. H. K. Leonard and w ife of N faiuily a few days last week. Bion E. Hicks, who is teaching at AVellsburgh, si>ent a few days with his family the fore part of last week. John B. Coryell of Clyde, spent Sun­ day with Ills parents, Mr. and Mrs. Joel Coryell. Jliss Josephine Doughty recently vis­ ited friends in Rochester. Communion services occurred at the Presbyterian church last Sunday. One person united with the church on con­ fession. An Oyster supper will be served in the chapel on Thursday evening of tliis week, under the auspices of the Ladies Missionary Society. Mrs. Abram Messier, Mrs. Aaron Matthews and AA'm. Messier of East Romulus, spent Sunday- at Isaac Spauld- Mrs. J . M. Mooney, Mrs. Seba De­ pew, Mrs. Morris R. Brown and Wil- ferd Brown, who have been on the sick list for some time, are all considered slightly improved. The weather report of last week, end­ ing Nov. 7: Highest temperature, 56 degrees; lowest, 26; mean tempera­ ture, 331-2; mean humidity, 75 per cent trace of rain. llayts Cornel's. Rev. AA'isner Kinnie is expected to fill Ms ayipointment liere Nov. lotii, at 3 ;30 Jerry Messier with his men, are building a dwelling H qusc on the farm west of Ms place, for James Allen, where one was burned a few years ago. Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Harris recently- spent a day at Lodi with Mr. and Mrs. Martin Beyear ilisses Bertha and Carrie Seeley vis­ ited Jlr. and Jlrs. Charles Lisk in Ge­ neva over Sunday-. Mr. and Mrs. John Markell visited friends in AVaterloo one day last week. Benj. Pratt and AVm. .Spader spent ■Sunday at North Hector. F. S. Ritter and Hermon Leonard attended the meeting of tne Presbytery at Geneva last Monday. Mr. and Mrs. Albert Lane will enter­ tain the Union Endeavor Social at their residence on Friday evening, Nov. 13. A cordial invitation is extended to all. Sandwiches and coffee will be served. fflile-a-Mlnute Service. F astest T kain in the AA'^ ould on the N ew Y oek C entral . The recent announcement by the New York Central management of the inaug­ uration of a regular mile-a-minute ser­ vice between New York and Buffalo was received at first with incredulity. AVhile the public has become accus­ tomed to widely heralded accounts of occasional bursts of speed of one or perhaps ten or twenty miles duration, that such an astounding rate of speed could be sustained for a distance of over four hundred miles has hitherto been regarded as impossible. That the goal of its accomifiishment has been finally attained does not, however, signify- that mile-a-miiiute trains will straightway become fashionable on all railroads. It simply- demonstrates the superior excel­ lence of tlie New York Central system, which enjoys unrivalled physical features and probably yiossesses the finest e(iuip- ment of rolling stoek and engines of any- railroad in the United States. The new train is called the “ Empire State Express,” and consists of one oom- bination butt’et smoking and library car, one AA'agner Palace drawing-room car and two New York Central coaches, all vestibuled. It leaves Grand Central Station, New York, every day except Sundays, at 9 a . m ., and arrives at IBuflalo at 5:40 r . ar., making the run in eight hours and forty minutes, or 52 1 3 miles per hour actual running In addition to its other great features, “ A merica’s G reatest Railroad” w ill hereafter have the prestige of running the fastest train in the w o rld. $G.OO, K e w Y o r l c , $e.O O . T h a n k s g iv i n g ^ H o l i d a y E x c n i '- The Now York Central will run an excursion to New York at the very low rate of $6.00, round trip, Tuesday-.Nov. 24th, tickets good to return on regular trains leaving New York at 10.80 a . m . d-aily except Sunday,or 8 r . m . and 9.15 p. M. daily, until December 3d, inclu­ sive. Special train of elegant day coachos and AA'agner drawing room cars will leave Seneca Falls at 10:30 a . ji ., arriving in New York at 8:50 i‘. jr., giving passengers a day-light ride through the Alohawk A'alley and along the Hudson River with its grand au- tunm:il scenery. A tourist agent will accompany the party and look after the comfort of all. For further informa­ tion and seats in drawing room oar, which will be $2.00 extra, apply to New York Central ticket agent, or ad­ dress Edson J . A\’'eeks, General Agent, Buffalo, N. AT. The Coiiqiici'iiig Uciifral Road. The New Y\ork Central is the greatest railroad in the world. It is the arterial center of the most magnilicent Com­ monwealth that enriches and embel­ lishes the geography of the globe. It weds Lake Erie to the Atlantic, and is the crowning glory of the vast A'ander- bilt system, whose growth and grandeur are among the miracles of modernism. It is the mightiest of the multitude of connecting links between the metropolis of tlie AA'estorn Ileniisphere and all America. It fnrni.slies the most extra­ ordinary e-xoiuplilication of the iirodue- tive power and industrial magnitude of the coullncnt. It typifies the triumph of commerce and civilization. Its weallh is fabulous, its business .stupendous and its beiielieeiice incaleiikibe __ 7Vfi// /’n Bv a vole of 94 to 39 tlie New York Presbytery :uloptcd a resolution dis­ missing tile ease brought by tlie eom- mitteo of prosecution against Prof. Chas. A. Briggs of tlie Union Theologi­ cal Seminary. For this resolution •one ministers and twelve elders while twenty-seven ministers and twelve elders voted against it. The following is the resoluti' llesolved. That the Presbytery of New York having listened to the paper of tlie Rev. Chas. A. Briggs, D. D., in the case of the Presbyterian Church in the United States of America against him, to the suffleioney of the charges ami ications-in form and ’egal • — • AA”ell, wliat about Cliristuias presents ? You say too early. No, we have been making w-ork for some time, intended to be used as Christm as gifts. J. E. H ale . Board. Any one wanting a good boarding place, by day or week, with home com­ forts, can find it at residence next east of AA’’. ]\I. church. Fall street. onty-on icioney i i-in form and l effect, and witliout apiiroving of the positions taken in his inaugural address, at the same time desiring earnestly the peace and quiet of the church, and in view of tlie declarations made by Dr. Briggs touching his loyalty to the Holy Script­ ures and the AA'^estminster standard, and of his disclaimers of interpretations put on some of his words, deems it best to dismiss the ( dismiss it. Ga.tari'li, n o t F o c a l , b u t C o n ­ s t i t u t i o n a l . Dr. Dio Lewis, the eminentinent Boston( I, and hereby does f B article s ____ error underlies nearly all medical treatment of catarrh It is not a disease of the man’s nose; it is a dis­ ease of the man, showing itself in nose—a Local exhibition of a ConslUu- tional trouble.” Tl give temporary relief, 'tliey really do more harm than good. Other leading authorities agree with Dr. Lewis. Hence, the only jiroper method of cure for catarrh is by taking a constitutional remedy like Hood's Sarsajiarilla, which, reaching every part of the body through tiie blood, does eliminate all impurities and makes the whole man healthier. It removes the cause of tlie trouble and restores the diseased membrane to proper condition. That this is the practical result is proven by tliousands of people wlio have been cured of catarrh by taking Hood’s Sarsaiiarilla. A new dining hall. Mrs. F. T. Com ber wishes to respectfully inform the public that she has opened a first class dining hall, iu the new Norcott block on State street. Meals at all hours. Oysters, clams and limch of all kinds kept constantly on hand. For artistic and first-class painting and wall papering, call on or address John AV. Van Dyne, Seneca Falls, or leave orders at Sharjis’ Drug store. Fall street. So many saj-, “AA’'ell, Mr. Hale, be­ fore Cliristmas I am going to liave some photos taken.” AA'ell, all right, don’t j put it off, but come now. J. E. H ale ow’sYiMCoal? onseitNowand ave tlie Coal Question settled. AYE IT AT SUMMER PRICES! You can Save by buying it at' a.xa OOD’S. Don’t think you must wait for cle.ar dai's to have pictures made. AA'e can m:ike tliem any day, clear or cloudy. J . E . H a l e . Neither c:ilomel nor any other dele­ terious drug enters into the composition of Ayer’s Fills. A safe family medicine. “ L isted,” as the brokers say, at “ 100 Doses One Dollar,” Hood’s S:irsaparilla is always a fair equivalent for the price. A full line of of patent medicines and D ruggists Sundries at I.,yon’s Argyle Pharmacy. AVaiited, to purenase, a larm of 75 to 150 acres in southern xiui't of town of Seneca Falls, or adjoining on the south. Apply and leave terms at office of N. B. Stevens, Partridge block, very soon, lee Cream Soda is delicious at Tsen- A C'ciitury oT Im p r o v e m e n t . One hundred years ago the Governor of New York advised its peojile not to invest in railroads, predicting that tlioy could never be successfully oxicrated. To-day the New York Central sends a train across the Empire State, 436 1-2 miles, iu 426 3-4 minutes, and is worth- ly called ‘ ‘America’s Greatest Railroad.” Common Soap Rots Clothes and Chaps Hands. IVORY ^ SOAP DOES NOT. Jeller! commences a Series Special Faraltara Sales! ■ Beginning To-Day! All Mannei^of Kockirig Chairs at Greatly Reduced Prices for this week. L.S.HOSKIflS. SATURDAY, OCT. 17 An immense bargain in FINE . DRESS GOODS, 550 YARDS COLORED FRENCH SERGES All wool—43 inches wide worth $i.oo per yard, OUR BARGAIN PRICES COLORS Medium Brown, Dark Navy Blue, i iVIcdium Navy Blue, Dark Brown, Dark Gray, Medium Gray, Light Tan, Medium Tan, Dark Tan, Cardinal and Wine. Will be held at this price lo days only. LS. HOSKINS. Each purchaser will receive a Handsome Bound Book of their own selection, from the best auth- JOHNSONS OPERA HOUSE, Saturday, Nov. 14,* ENGAGEMENT EXTRAORDINARY THE OYIDE MUSIN Concert Company, Composed of the f ollowing A r tists: A N N 1 £ F O V ISi: XANBOBB, 'file .\merlciiutmericiiu Niglitingalu, pouucssing tlie most iiomenni Range of any Soprano now before the .American public. Fourth season th tide Comiiany. AVe are better prepared than ever be­ fore with new and elegant accessories to make novel and pleasing pictures of all classes. Come in and see them. J. E. H ale JQffllF SENaiilB, Bas.so. Istee-iKOn withthisCo. Two seasons with i:crm.ni Opera Co., at the Jlctropolilan Opera House, Hew Vork City. U O O E U D U P U Y , The Great French 'Tenor. From the Grand Opera of Paris. 1st season iu America. E D V A B D S C l l A B F , A Superior Solo Pianist. Recelyer of tho Great Moscheles Prize at the Liepzig Chnservatory of Music. 3d season with thU Co. PRICES 25, 50 and 75 C ts. Reserved Seats on Bale at W u - iiams & S ons . /^JLSHE.DO Some nuisances are tolerable and some are intolerable. A per­ fect shoe never makes its pressure felt. The more it asserts itself, the more it is worth taking off, and taking off permanently. Our ED- MUNS & MAYS’ $2.50 HAND TURNED LADY’S SHOE fits the .foot, but doesn’t trouble pro­ tects but doesn’t bother it. The highest exercise o f human ingenuity has made it all that a shoe can be. It is wonderfully cheap, wonderfully durable and as comfortable as a glove that doesn’t crowd the fingers. It permits the foot to retain Its shape and doesn’t lose its own. Just as serviceabla and just as pre* sentableis our $1.50 MEN’S SHOES. It will more than pay all persons who want to buy Shoes or Boots to see our line. MODEL SHOE STORE, Opposite Post Office. €

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