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THE SENECA COUNTY JOUENAX, WEDNESDAY, JUNE 10, 1891.- $(jp(^ea ^ o jotirpal SENECA FALLS, N. Y. Thebest Adveriisiiig Medium in the Couniy. Y o r K C;«;i9tial 'a’iiiio T a 1 > le. <»n and aflur Monday, June S 1S91, trains will pass Sfiioca Falls as follows ; _2^nil _ _ _ _ _ O u r N e w O f f ice . Hereafter our new and pleasant busi­ ness ofllee will be in the new Partridge block in the first store west of the main entrance, on the ground lloor. We cor­ dially invite all our friends and sub­ scriber’s and any who may wish to make a friendly or business call, to eome and see us in our new quarters. J o u r » a . l i i i g s . Regents examination at the Academy this week. Now paint has brightened up the exterior of tlie Ihresbyterian church ver^’ noticeably. Surrogate llazelton holds court at the Trustees’ room to-d.ay instead of July 10, as heretofore published. Children's Day service will be held next Sunday evening in the Congrega­ tional church, at 7 :S0 o’clock. It is an exceedingly gratifying faet tliat the prospect for most kinds of fruit is fair, notwithstanding the frosts and drouth. > An election of officers for the Seneca Falls and AV'aterloo Gas Light company will take place at their office in this village on July 8. There was a large attendance at the union Scripture meeting of tlie Cliristian Endeavor societies ffist Sunday evening in tlie liajitist chiircli. Tlie Y. 1’. S. C. E. convention held last Thursday in Farmer Village was largely attended, and all report a very enjoyable and prolitable session. The annual report of tlie cemetery eommissioners showed their disburse­ ments for the year .81,0:5.0.52: receipts, .81,442.41; delieieney, §193.11. Next Habbath evening, June 14, the Baptist society will observe Children’s day. by interesting musical aiul other appropriate exercises at the church. JIrs. II. L. lladlcy has mov'cd into her new store in the Partridge block, and will have a grand millinery opening next Saturday, .lime 13. Head her new The Y. 1’. S. C.loTof the Congrega­ tional church will hold their semi­ annual business meeting for the elec­ tion of officers, next jMonday night, June 15. Col. Baker of the Syracuse Herald is becoming desperate on the matter of roatl improvement, when he advises that “it may be feasible to continue the old system and steal the gravel.” Overseer of Poor Wm. Harpst took Charles \il'. Powell to the Ovid State Hospital, as a lunatic and developing dangerous tendencies, on Friday last. The patient has no family of his own. The Assembly room of Mynderse Ac­ ademy is being handsomely papered anil fitted up for the graduating exercises and prize speaking, which will be held there on the afternoon and evening of June 19. The public schools will close .June 19 for the 'summer vacation. The com­ mencement exercises of Mynderse Acad­ emy will take place in the afternoon, •and the prize speaking in the evening of that day. Mr. Henry 8olleok has presented a bill of §1000 against the village, for damages rc.sulting from injuries re­ ceived in falling upon the broken fiag- stane walk in front of the Johnson prop­ erty, on State street. A great improvement has been made in clearing up the lloag House corner, and the rubbish is fast disappearing, and the streets and walks* are getting into respectable and usable condition again throughout the burnt district. ■We shall be fairly presentable to visit­ ors about July 30. At the head of our local columns to­ day we publish the corrected N. Y. Cen­ tral time table, .vhich went into ell'eet at noon last Sunday, June 7. Several changes have been made, the principal one of which is the late train from the west which is due now at S :25 instead of 10:57 as heretofore. A new time-table took ellect on the Central railroad last Sunday, an addi­ tional train being added each way. The extra train eastward pasres Seneca Falls about 12:l0i*. m ., and the one westward at about 1 ;50 e. m . The 10:57 train from the west reaches here about two hours earlier than usual. The Partridge corner begins to look cheerful and business-like again, nearly half the block being occupied and well lighted at night. Our new .loniNAi. sanctum will be ready for us before the next issue, and friends are invited to etill in and inspect our new quarters, at the end of the center hall, tvest side A very cheerful cackling resounded from the parlors of tlie M. E. church last Friday evening, indicating that the “ilother Goose” entertainment by the little fellows of tlie Sunday school, was proviug a delight to the whole flock. “The goslings” performed their antics with shrewd pleasantry, and tlieir juvenile scheme was a great success. Advancing steps are being taken quietly, but it is thought surely, to se­ cure a grand Firemen’s Parade and general celebration on .July 30 in Seneca Falls. What better date could be fixed tlian the anniversary of the big fire, which will always be a prominent way. mark in the history of our plucky and prosperous town ? Let all do their share in providing for a creditable and enjoyable demonstration on J u ’.y 30. The Hooks conquered the Siksby Ho.se boys in their ball game on Monday afternoon, by a score of 27 to IC. Tlie feature of the g;ame was tlio -In’illiant fielding !ind batting of “ ('apt.\ Geo. B. Seeley of the Hooks. Young America has become patriotic­ ally aroused hereabouts in good season Last Friday evening a squad of the lioys with an old deinoerat wagon were gatli- eritig in old boxes and b.-irruls for the inevitable Fourth of .July bonfire, some­ where in thi^ northern suburbs. “The two founders of tlio ('ourier,\ were referred to in the last issue of that pirates’ “ only” and dolectalde slieet. It might have added a fact, which every­ body knows, that tlie Courier lias been badly “foundered” fof the tiiird time by tlie present pusilanimous manager, and the old saying i s ; tliree times and “ out.” Our merchants should contribute lib­ erally to the firemans celebration fund for .July 30. They can afford to. TIioiis- ands of people wlio were here last year to witness the great fire and its ruins are sure to come again on its anniversary to see tlio new buildings and learn what Seneca Falls enterprise can do in one Mes.srs. H ew itt and Oray liave ]>ut up a loftj' derrick at tlic rear of tlic .Jolin- son lot in Fall street, for the purpo.-ie of cleaning out tlie raceway by boisting up and carting off the accumulation of rub­ bish at the bottom. 'I’lie joli will go a long way tow.ard e.stahlisliing better sanitary conditions among us, and is public benefaction. Tlie Lyons Press, through some ui explained mathematical process, givt a table showing the chances ditlcreiit classes of men have in catching fish when they go fishing: Doctors, 7 in 50; lawyers, 3 in .50; editors, 10 in 50; artists, 2 in 50; architects, 12 in 50; bookkeepers, .8 in 5 0 ; mcrcliants, 13 in 50 ; firofessors, 1 in 50 ; unknown small boys with bare feet, straw hat and broken sii.spenders, 49 in 50. 'I’I k ? allairs of the National Yeast com­ pany of tills place have p.'us.sed into the hands of a reeeiver, Willis T. Seymour having been designated for tlie receiver­ ship by Justice Adams at ('.anandaig on Saturday. 'I’hcre is no questioi the solvcuiey of the eompany, this aetioii lieeoming necessary beeause Colonel Noyes utterly failed to fullill the antiei- palioii he raised previous to last fall's election.— dor. Pi/rarusc I ft raid Fred J. lUatliews, an cnqiloyc in tlic Syracuse Herald office was tlrowned on Sunday l.ast in the Senee.a river, near Montezuma, wiiere lie liad gone to visit Artliur .Jenkins of tlie Herald eompany, who was stopping at tlic I'lull House. Malliews w.as out alone in a lioat fishing and the first any one know of tlie accident was wlieii ids liat was found lloating on tlie top of tlie water, tlie empty boat being discovi'rcd a few minutes Jater. lie was Iwenly-tliree years old, uiiiiiarricd, and had no jiarciits living. Tlic body w.as not recovered until .■\ronilay. Tlie annual x’euniou of the ( ’overts will be held at l.odi Lauding, N. Y., Tliursday, .June 18. Tlie officers tins ye.ar a r e : Hon. James ('overt, presi­ dent, ■w.ashiiigton, D. C; Uynear Cov­ ert, first vice-president. Farmer Village N. Y .; E. B. Covert, second vice-presi­ dent, Syracuse N. Y .; C. C. Covert, recording secretary and treasurer, Lodi, N. Y .; N. B. Covert, corresponding secretary, Geneva, N. Y. ; S. T. Covert, liistorian, Wasliingtou, 1). C., and tlie committee of an’angenients is composed of S. B. iAIundy, Lodi, N. Y .: Frank AI. Covert, Lodi, N. Y., and James A. Covert, Lodi, N. Y. At the association of the Congrega­ tional churches for this State lield a few days since in Plymouth cliureh, Brook­ lyn, to whicli llev, H. Alargetts and II. W. Knight were delegates, it was shown by tlie statistics that in every department save one, there has been during the year very encouraging prosperity and increase. Tlie following is a brief sum- mai-y. Churches, 281; increase, 43. PiWtors, 271; increase 38. Churcli mem­ bers, 42,255; gain, 3,724. la Sabbath Seliools, 40,183; loss, 2,425. Young People's Society Cliristian Endeavor, 8,692. Bonevoleiit contributions, §210,- 280; increase, .§25,429. Home expen­ ditures, 214 ehurclies reporting, ,§510,- The State Board of Claims li.os just handed down its decision in tlie e.ase of the Silsby IVIanufacturin^ ( ’onipany agaiikst tlie State, .aw.aviling tlie eoin- pany ,§2,000 for wasting water in tlie inauagoiiii'iit of the eaiial. Tins is the second award made in favor of the company. The other .award paid by the Slate being .§1,800. The.se elaini.s were conducted for the Sil.sl>y ( 'oinpany by .lames Harmon, Esq., of tills village, and it is due to Iiis exertions tliat tlie rights of not only the Silsby Company, but iho.se of all the water owners on the outlet w'oi’o established, involving the properly riglits of niillioiis of dollars. The whole management of tlie ease must be considered a great sneeess viewed from any stand point. A N e w I.:i.w r ’li-iii, Combining strong legal aliility, ripe experience and untiring industrj- lias been formed by tlie eopartnersliip en­ tered into between A[e.s.srs. X. P. Xieli- olas of Genova and Clias. A. Hawley and Lansing G. Hoskins of Seneca Falls. Tlie firm iian.e -will bo Hawley, Nicliolas & Hoskins Our townsman is too well known to our readers to need special introduction. Mr. Hawley enjoys a reputation as one of the foremost law. yers of Western New York. -Lust week he was engaged here as counsel for tlie (ieneva & Yan Ettcn Railway (5o,, in the Plummer right-of-way suit. Mr. Hoskins is a graduate of Williams col- lege, studied law with Wm. S. Oliver at Rochester, and is now -with Mr. Hawley at Seneca Falls. The firm have taken the corner offices, second floor in the Tillman block whicli are being suitably fitted up for their occupancy. Air. Hoskins will take up his residence in Geneva and prove a welcome acces­ sion to our population. Air. Hawley will retain his residence at Seneca Falls. — Geneva Gazette. P e r s o n a ls. —Mr. Horace Ilunisey was in town over Sunday. —Air. William B. Harper has been appointed notary iniblic. —Air. Cliarles E. Osborn is on a business trij) to Denver, Col. —Aliss Jiiii’i Fox of ,8\ raer.se i.s visit­ ing Aliss Cora Covert in .stale street. —^Alrs. G. P. Rogers is making a week’s visit wiili relative.-- in Biitfalo. —Miss Nellie Crane of Uoeiiesler i.s visiting lier aunt, Airs. Ellen Ptirtridge. —Mr.s. Wm. AJosIier, who has been sick for sniiie lime, i.s sowewliat better. .—-Miss Loua Goodyear relurnoJ to lier home in Syraeii.se ye.sterday inorn- —Mr.s. Wilhelmu.s Mynderse of Brooklyn is visiting her inotlier, Afrs. II. B. Gould. —Air. and Airs. George Utley of Konie are visiting at 'Mr. W. 1>. IjUth- rop’s for a few days. —Rev. Father Smith of Elmira waS tlie guest of Rev. James Alaiigaii in Seneca Falls on Sunday last. —Airs. Alilo Lewis and cliildren of Fulton* have been recent guests of Mrs. .John Hooknell, Center street. —The Misses A’'an Bustin of Boston and Aliss Flynn are visiting at Airs. T. .T. Yawger’s in Cayuga street. —Air. and Airs. .Joe Foster and child­ ren of Clinton, O., are visiting at Airs. F.’s mother’s. Airs. Laura Hubbell. —Airs. Cliarles 11, King, sister of JIrs. Charles II. Westcott, died at lier home in Rocliester Sunday, Alay 31. —^Mr. and Airs. AValdo G. Alorse of New York, are guests of their niotlicr. Airs. Albert Cook, on Cayuga street. —Air. and Airs. Alozart Cutler of Honeoyc were recent guests at the resi­ dence of Air. II. C. Silsby, on Fall street. —Airs. T. AY. Day of Camillus was last week visiting at the residence of iter .sister, Mrs. IL AI. Riimsey, on South Park street. —Airs. Al. E. .Partridge, Airs. Alorris and Aliss Ada Alorris, expect to sail for Europe some time in July, to lie absent several moiitlis. —Aliss Carrie Feeck, daughter of Air. Peter Feeek of .State street, will gradu­ ate at tlio Hoiigliloii College comiiieiiee- nient this week. —Rev. A T. .Jennings, Adelliert Sliii- inaii .and Alirs. Almira Slausoii, left yes- tiu'day to attend tlie Houghton Colh’gt' eommeneeuient. — Airs. Myron Beach of Chicago, and Airs. Griswold and Aliss (Jriswohl of Alliauy, are guests of Air. C. L. Hos­ kins, Cayuga street. —Air. Cllias. Hail left last week for Havana, to be under tlio care of i)r. Clawson for a tiiiu>. He was aeconi- paiiied liy Afrs. Hall. —Mr.s. II. E. Van T.,aer and cliildren of Tojicka. Ifansas, were guests a jiart of last week at the residence of Air. R. Deniie, on Cayuga street. —Air. Tiioiiias Crelley died suddenly at iiis liome in tliis village yesterday, lie was of iiiiddle age, ami liad been in business liere for several years. —Air. E. F. Iloiiglitoii and family of Rose A’aHey, AVayne county, are guests at tlie residence of Air. AY. Harpst in .lefi'erson street, for a few days. —Last yabliatli at St. Patrick’s cliurcli, announcement was made of tlie apin-oaeli- iiig marriage of Aliss Mary, daiigliter of Air. and Mrs. Allies Fitzsininions,and Alatthew Esmack of tliis place. —Air. Coirt. A*aii Rensselaeris Assistant Superintendent of tlio Seneca Falls and Cayuga i^ake railroad, and will doubt­ less put liisi liest foot forward to jilease tlio patrons, and tints benefit tlie pi’o- prietors. — 'I’lie funeral of Mrs. .Tolm Becker, of Waterloo, Avliose sudden deatli on last week Tuesday afternoon was an­ nounced in the last J oitixal took place from tlie family residence in that village on Tliursday afternoon. Rev. Williain S. Carter oliieiatiiig. —Air. Isaac Fuller of AVashington, 1). C., formerly editor of tlic Seneca County Courier, and recently proof reader in the Governiiioiit printing office, at AVasliingtoii, was last week a guest of Sylvester Pew in Fall street. He ■was warmly greeted by many old friends. —Cards are out, .announcing tlie mar­ riage on Wednesday evening next, .Tune 17, of two of our most wortliy and liiglily esteemed young people. Air. AVilliam Renfrew Littlejohn and Aliss Alarion E. Arcliibald. Tlio prospective gi’ooni is a son of AVni. Littlejohn of the firm of Littlejohn Brothers, for some years in prosperous business here, and AA’m. K. lias for some time liecu asso- eialed with the firm, and lias a wide business aequaiiitance throughout the State. The bride is a niece of Airs. Wm. AA'.alker of Fall street, witli whom slie has made her home for some time, and is held in universal e.stpeni. AVe can hardly refrain from olVering onr lie.artiest congratulations in advance, knowing them .as we do, and that their fiituve, given good liealth, cannot fail to be prosperous and happy. TI k * T ick lin g Process. Our Board of Education is a cozy field for some of the “ bosses,” and its peculiar management naturally excites attention and comment. At tlie last meeting, rresidont AVilliam AValker announced six standing committees, as follows: On School Organization and Discipline; Rumsey, Andrews and Stowoll. On ( 'ourse of Study; Androivs, Stowell. and Ilunisey. On Teachers; Stowell, Flanagan and Andrews. On Houses ami Sights; Flaii.agan, Geer and A^'an Rensselaer. On Finance; Geer, Van Rensselaer and Flaii.agan. On Text Books and Library; Van Rens­ selaer, Rmnisoy and Coer. H. Stowell was paid for printing ,§37.25, and the Courier Co., (Andrews) §10.25. \You tickle me and Pil tickle F i r e m a n ’s Day a t W a tk in s . Tlio Clias, J. Folger Hook & Ladder Co. of Geneva, accompanied by the ;44tli Separate Co Band, w ill give an excur­ sion over Seneca lake, Thursday, June 18. Round trip tickets from Geneva 50 cts; Willard, Lodi and Hector, 25 cts. Tickets on sale at the Argyle Pharmacy, 107 Fall street. Take a Kodak with you. Fred L. Stoiy sells it. A B r i l l i a n t W cildiiigr. Tile niaiTiage of Aliss Adelaide Alur- ray Guion. daughter of Gen. and Airs. Geo. AI. Guion of C.ayuga street, and Air. .James Platt Hubbell of Chicago, which took place at Trinity eliureh last evening, was tlie most hrilliaiit event of tl.e .«eason. Tlie bride is one of our mo.st esteemed society young ladies, .and leave.s only warm friends to congratu- laie lier aiisjei-ious i i.try u]ini lualri- immiai life. At seven o’cloelt tlio liridal party cii- t(‘reil Mini slowly walkoil up the aisle to Loliengriu’s AVedding Alarcli, played liy Aleyeriiig’s orelic.-^lra of Roelie.ster, in tlie following o rder: Fii’St tlie usliens, Messrs. L. Guion Hoskins, Charles L. Hoskins, l.eroy 1’. (iuion, Hamilton Garnsey and L. II. Adams of Seneca Falls and E. P. fo ltlc of Butt'alo. N ext the bridesmaids, Aliss Reed of Little Falls, Mi.vs Sewell of AN'atertowii, Aliss Cottle, of Bullalo, Aliss Sinitli of New York and Aliss Alary C'liamberlain of this place. Aliss Elizabeth (Juioii. sis­ ter of tlie bride, was maid of honor. The bride walked witli her father, wlio gave lier awaj^ Tlie groom met them at the altar with Air. Daniel Hub- boll, ids brotlier, as best man. Tiie cliuroli Avas beautilully trimmed with ciloice ilowers and potted plants. AVliile the guests tvere arriving Aliss Belle Palmer rendered some fine selections on the cliureh organ. Tlie bride Avas dressed in Avlilte satin, en train, -with a v e il, a nd carried a large bouquet of roses, Tlie bridesmaids w ere dressed in Avliite mousscline d e sole and carried large bouquets of pink roses. ..After tile impressive Epiiscopal ser-. vice, performed by Rev. Air. Denslow, assisted by Rev. Air. Hubbard of Roch­ ester, Uiey Avalkcd out to Alendelssolm Wedding Alarcli. A reception was held at tlie liome of tiic bride's iiareiits, 32 Cayuga street. The house AVas trimmed jirofiisely witli choice roses and smilax. 'I’lie liride and groom roei'ived under a canopy of .smilax and rose.s. Clioiee refresliiiients Avere served liy Teall of liocliester. Aleyeriiigs orcliestra tur- nished niiisie during tlie evening and (laiieiiig Avas enjoyed liy many. K niim- lier of friends from out of town were in iitlendanee and tlie presents Avere many and valu.able. Tlie liajqiy ooiqilo left on the 9:35, foliowed liy slinwers of riee, and tlie earnest good Avislies of all .Seneca Falls lieojili' for tlieir future pro.sperity and liappine.ss. W c C c I o I m - s U c ? Not a wliisper lias reaelied our e:irs ill disaiiproval of tlie propo.sitioii to liold our annual Fireiiiaii’s p.arade and a gen­ eral piiiilU* demonstralioii on .July ;!1), the anniversary of tlie “ Big Fire’’ wliieh laid tile lu’art of our A’illage in aslie.s, and Avitli many of our eitizeiis well iiigli liiirued up all liopes of re.storatioii Tliousaiids, drawn liy .syinpatliy and euriosity, from our iieiglilioriiig towns and cities, lloeked liero to witness tlie ten’ilile destriietimi wroiiglit liy tlie re­ lentless fire iieiid, .and to condole in our sudden .and seemingly irreii.arable loss. Tliey will lie eciually eager to see wliat wonderful changes and improveiiii'iits tlie liopeful vim and .skill of oureitizens liave lirouglit about in a single tAVelve- montli, and to mingle in our rejoicings as they did in our sorrowings. Ia>t us invite tliem to come and swell tiie re­ union at our first joyful anniversary. .Steps liave been taken to .speedily test ilu! temper of our citizeii-s upon tlie question of tlie proposed denioifstration on tlie ‘jotli prox. A geueral eommiltee consisting of tlie Board of Fii’e Engineers and tlircc memliersof eaeli lire eompany lias been apiiointed to solicit subscrip­ tions to a general fund for tliat purpose, said eommittee. to hold a general session next Friday evening to report lists and determine the question, “ Shall Ave cele- lirate H” Wc are aAvare of the drawbacks; close times,unpromising crop prospects, a § 1001) town clock called for, and uii- usiial outlays in various iniprovonients, many of tlieiii necessitated by tlie lire, and lieavily taxing our monied and bus­ iness men; lint it Avill be Avortli some- Ihing, (liow much ?) to sliow our tlious- .ands of visiting friends wluit lias lieeii aeconiidislied in one siiort year, since liiey looked upon tlie “ aAvful ruins,” ami lieard tlie dispairing cry, all too often, “ poor Seneca Falls Avill never re­ cover from this destruetive blow.” Higlitly vii'wed, avo lielieve everybody can atl’ord to contribute liberally to tlio projioscd centennial demonstration. A'i.s- itor.s will not be niggardly, and a boom will come to Imsiness, taking in every cream p.arlor, peanut and confeetiouer’s Stand, Imicli room, and .soda fountain, as well as grocers and mercliants. It also allbi’ds a proper occasion to sliow our ajipreeiation of tlie noble ser­ vices rendered in our desperate straits a ye.ar .ago, liy tlie assisting iire companies from our neigliboriiig towits, and wliom we sliall delight to lioiior. i’lease be.ar in mind tliat prrmjdm'^s and lilierality are recpiisite, as oiilj- two days are allowed for tlie canvas and re- jiort. AA'e ought to Ii.a\-e .SlOim, but •§51)0 Avill insure a celebration. Give liVier;illy. as you Avill regret it, if tlie (jiiestioii is negatived—“ Sliall Ave eele- lir.ate ?” O r a iul C « iiiti-a i^ la t io ii I l l u s ­ tra ted . Frank Le.tlii's 1 Hast rated Newspaper of June 2d contains .several illustrations of Grand C'entr.al Station, New York, among them being an interior view of tlie office of Air. ( ’oriiolius A'anderliilt, Chairman of tlic Bo.ard of Directors of the N cav York Central, an interior view of the office of President Depow, a vicAV of tlio Availiiig-room and ticket oflice of the New York Central, and .a portrait of Air. J. AI. Toueey, one of the oldest employees of tlie New York Centl’al and now its General Alaua-jer, with au article descriptive of Grand Central Mta- tion, w ritten by H . C DuYal, Private Secretary to President Depew. The first page of the paper gives tlie finest portrait o f President Depew ever published, and styles him “ Our orator.” The number Aviil be unusually inter­ esting, and especially so to all av I io take an interest in tlie growth of Americ.an institutions, among the very prominent of which is “America’s Greatest Rail­ road.” r greaie.st AiFairs at llic Comity House. The modified tone of tlie Reveille in its la.st reference to tliis matter, indi­ cates clearly tliat its editor is convinced of our entire, correetiie.ss in all we liave s.aid as to tlie manageiiient at tliat insti­ tution. Evidence lias been tendered ti.s oil all hands as to the facts, and the representations are nnieli worse tliaii Avo liave made tliem. \A’o liave no per­ sonal .s'/wVi to vent, and no fear of the bluir game of our neiglibor, wliose eoiiivse in sueli ease.s, i.s often most un- reasoiiable and njirehcnsiblc. Any- thing tliat lie wants is riglil, j>er se. in ids own e.stimate and treatment of tlie e.ase, and Avliile lie Avill e.xciise any ex­ cess on tlie p.art of iiis allies, politie.al or otlierwise, he is just as re.ady to eoii- deiim anybody outside of tlie particular cliipie, wiliiout regard to riglit or rea- In tills case lie is ready to liy in tlie face of facts, jxateiit to everybody, and justify the utmost laxity of tliose for Avliom iie is jiolitical sponsor, and .at the same time hurl eliarges of m.alfeas.anee larges ( against Others, for Avhich he lias not tlie slightest reason or foundation, in trutli and honesty, and in fact lias no means of knowing Avluit lie assumes and asserts. 'Tlie 7iVrct//c must needs ti-yto distract tlie issue, and divert .■ittention by counter eliarges against some Republican offi­ cials, tliougli it makes itself ridiculous in tlie :ittempt- In its last issue, under the lieading “ Care of the Poor,” Ave road: “ Here, our overseer of tiie poor supiiorts able-liodied men at tlie expense of tlie town, wlio deserve neitlier aid nor sympathy. Here, if one applies for help it i.s jiromptly bestowed, witliout investigation.” And here, we continue, is a base fabrication, for political and partisan purposes. H oav does the llev- eillc editor know, or how, from tlie na­ ture of tlie case can lie know, Avhat ‘ ‘investigations” are made by tlie Over­ seer of the Poor ? AVe venture tlio as­ sertion tliat lie lias never iieen inside tile place of imsiness of tliat officer dur­ ing iiis term, and knows iiotliiiig of wliat lie eliar-ges, and lie is eii.allenged to name a single in.staneo wliere an alile- liodied mail has applied for lielp, Avliieh “ lias lieeii promptly lie.stowed Avilliout investigation.” Now, neiglibor, please “sliow up or .sliut up” on tliis string. A'our hold assertions “ imsiqiported” are not :ieeepted as gospel trutli, :iiid we pro­ pose tliat facts .sliall tell tlieir OAvn story, let who Avill suffer tin* eoiiseqmmees. Noiv, make a draft upon your superior endownieiits, :iiid tell us .sometiiiiig of Avliat you know. Aiii<‘ri4-aii T in Plato. Tliere is sueii a tiling, iiotwitlistanding tlie persistent deiii:ils and aspersions of tiie free trade Journals of tlie country. .And tlie tin plate industries liave lieeii started in numerous places as a result of tiie .additiomil duty fixed by the Ale- Kiiiiey hill on imported roofing tin. 'I’lie X. A G. T:iylor Coiiqiaiiy of Fliiladel- jiliia liegmi to mamit:ieture tin jilate in :i mill at Front and !.,aiirel streets .some Aveeks ago Avliieli i.s tlio liiie.sl quality ami lieaviest eoated pl:ite tli:d ean lie We liave reeeived direct eoiiimmiiea- limi from tliem witliiii tlie last week, so tlmt we know wliorimf avo iiffirm. 'I'iiey ht:ite tliat: “ AA'e liave lieen liandliiig tliis grade of tin for many yetirs, hav­ ing it made in AA’ales according to our foriiiuhqaiid on account of tlie advance in duty, Ave. felt liiat we could m.ake it in Pliiladelpliia, wliicli we .started to do some wei'ks ago and propo.se to continue. “ You can readily appreeiate our eon- fidem-e in tlie :irtiele we are tiiriiiiig out wlieii we advise you tliat we are offer­ ing it uiuier exaelly tlie same guarantee that Ave gave for tlio imported article, namely, to give two perfect slicets or tlie value of same in cash for every .■-iieet tliat can bo found sliOAving tlie si iglitest imperfection. “ Every slieet is stamped Avith tlie liraiid, tliiekiiess, registered tT.ade-iiiark and onr name. We lliink to tlioiiroiihly guarantee a pl:ite it should liear tlie full name and address of tlie guarantor.” W a n ted —A New W ork on B o tany. Tt is very difficult for persons Avlio liave liad no special training to le.arn tlie iianies of tlie flowers from tlic bota­ ny. Tiie liotany is a sealed book to tliem. Tlio deseriplions of the flowers :ire in a l.anguage Avliicli tliey do not un­ derstand at all. And tlie key is no lielp to tliem. It i.s as miicii a puzzle as tlio liouiny itself. Tliey need a key to nii- loek the key. One of tlicse days some one Avill git'e us a liand-book of our wild Jlower.s, by the aid of Avhieh avo siiall all be abie to name tlioso we gatlier in our Avalks Avitliout the Iroiilile of analyzing them. In lliis book wc siiall have a list of all our flowers arr.anged according to color, as AvIiite llowei’s, blue flowers, yellow llowers, pink llower.s, etc., witli place of groAvtIi jiml time of blooming. Also li.sLs or sub-lists of fr.agr.anl flowers, climbing flowers, marsli fioAvers, mead­ ow lloAvers, Avood flowers, etc., so tliat witli flower in liand, by running over tliese lists, we sliall be. pretty sure to liiul its name. Having got its name Ave can now turn to (Jr.ay or Wood and find •a more technical description of it if we elioo.se. Indeed, J liave lieard th.at a work witli some sucli features li.as aetii- aliy lieen undertaken Viy a lover of birds and flower.s, in tlie western part of tliis .Stjite. — J ohn Ihirroughs, in June Si. Nieltola.i. B I c g a iit P r iz e s for th e L a d ies. Tlie publisliers of T/ic Canadian Queen, Toronto, Canada', are oft’ering tAvo ncAV prize competitions, Avitli lead­ ing x>rizes consisting of a pau’ of Shet­ land Ponies, carriage and harness, a Fx-eo Trip to Europe, iirst-elass ujxright piano, Uvo Aveelcs vacation to any sum­ mer resort in Canada or the United States, all expenses paid ; safety bicycle or tricycle, one liundred dollars in cash, suite of parlor furniture, ladies’ gold •Avatclies, etc., etc. This magazine has become famous on account of its prize competitions. Hundreds of Americans have won valuable prizes in jirevious contests. Sample number of The Queen Avith full particulars, will he sent by the publishers upon receipt of the address of any lady and six U. S. 2 cent stamps. Address, The Queen, Toronto, Canada. W a lerloo. Mrs. Ixambert Goodman called on her fi'iends in town XIonday. Regents’ examinations are in progress at tlie Union seliool tliis week. Gharles llliek has sold Iiis Schuyler iii:ire to .parties from Massacliusetts. Consideration. ,§7U0. Cliarles Day lias received a pension of six dollars per montli, dating from tlio time of ids apiilication. Tiie Baptist society iield :t pleasant ice cream :ind strawberry festival at tlieir cliureli Tuesday evening. . -41plionso Chrisley was .arrested hast Saturday at Geneva, on tlio cliarge of Stealing a horse from (hirrett Yan Sickle of Ahiriek. AA'Iieii arrested, lie admitted that lie took tliehor.se. He was plncerl in jail liere to aAvait the action of the grand jury. Tliomas C. AVilber has been engaged as principal of tlie Union seliool at a s:ilary of §1,300. lie is a graduate of tiie I'niversity of Rochester and tlie Cortland Normal school. Miss IT’anees Towsley, teaclier of nintli grade, lias resigned and those of tlie lOAver grades will be promoted. Misses Xlary Clark and Lizzie Brehm have been engaged to teacli in tlie primary department. Jh’otcction Hose company’s fair closed Saturday niglit. Jt Avas a brilliant suc­ cess, and netted the company about §1,500. 'Tlie grand piano Avas draAvii by Xlrs. lietbi Kinsella, tlio lucky num­ ber being 397, and tlie Avagoii Avas drawn by Geox’ge XIartin. .lolin AA’. SoutliAviek Avtis A’oted the most popular fireman and won tlie gold badge. He received 907 votes. 'The vote for tlie most popular lire comp:uiy resulted in favor of the Hydrant Hose, who won tlie silver trumpet Avitli 539 votes. 'Tlie next highest Avas tlie I’atrols, 439. H s i y t s C o r n e r s . A. B. Munson spent Saturday in AA'aterloo. XIrs. Dr. Smitli is visiting lier parents ill I'iysses. Ira Munson spent S:iturd:iy in 'I'm- niansbiii’g and I’ariiier. Xii.ss Sarah Ilieks spent Siinihiy at home witli her parents. AndrcAV XlcXlaim siient Sunday in AA'aterloo Avitii his lirotlier .Joliii. Rev. O. .1. Rose is expected to fill Ids tippointnient liere Juno 14, at 3 :30 i’. m . XIahlon A. Xlarkell of Itliac.a has beiai spending a foAV days Avitli friends in Miss Bertha Brown killed a black .snake hist Sunday, measuring nearly six feet. AVm. Seeioy of Ovid has lioon a guest of XIrs. T. X'. Seeley a few days the past Aveek. Xliss Sar:di Bumjnis lias boon .siieml- iiig a fcAV days Avith Xirs Fannie Brad­ ley near Ovid Centre. XIr. and Xirs. .larvis JJoAvard are en­ tertaining XIr. ami Xirs. Areliie Bradley of XIaiiie, Broome county. 'I'ho Y. F. S. C. E. of Romulus Avill giA’c a literary entertainment in Harris hall on Saturday CA'ening, .Tune 13. 'I’lie entertainment luis been Avell spoken of ami they deserve a full house. Xirs. Lucinda (ioodyear died at the home of her daugliter, Xirs. Cliauucey I’ratt, 'I’hursday morning, agml seventy- one years. Xirs. (4. has been a par.a- lytic sufferer for tiie past live years, but li.’us liorne it all AVith CIiristi:in p:itieuce. liileriiumt at 'rriimansburg on Monday. C s iiio ^ n . C. II. Ramhill A-isited friends in Gene­ va on Satiirihiy and .Sund.-iy last. Rev. A L. Greene is .aAV.ay from home on a sliort Auin.-ition, and tiiere Avas no preadiing in tlie Presliyterian ciuireli last Sabbatii. Xirs. Fannie Burt and son Cluitliam, of Rochester, are visiting friends in tliis vicinity. Next Sabliatli iieing eliildreii’s . day, services appropriate Avill be observed by the M. JL Sabbath seliool, in place, of tiie usual morning service at 10:30. ]j. D. C:irr li.as removed from north XIaiii street to the Itsther Brown house, on P.ark street. 'The recent rains liave started vegeta­ tion in this A'ioinity. AVlieat is looking fairly Avell; li.aj’ Avill ho a short crop; oats and barley seem to bo past help, and it is too early in tlie season to say Avliat tlie outlook for corn is to be. 'J'lie Christian Endeavor Society of Caiioga Avill liold an fee Cream and j:'ruit social, (if pleas.ant on tlie eliureli laAvn, if not, at tlie Hall,) on I'riday evening, .Tune 19, to AvliicIi a eordi.al invitation is extended to all. For two Sabbatlis p:ist tliere have been di.sgraeeful scenes enacted on our streets by prom inent young business men of Seneca Falls. Should this oeeuv again tlieir names may a)>])ear in public. “ A word to tlie wise is suffieient.” 'riiere will be. a service .-ippropriate to ehildren's day in the Prc-sliy teriivn eluirch iie.Kt .Sunday, Avitli a coneert liy the cliil- dren in the evening. (ieorge Cliatliam exiiccts to make a trip to PennsylA-aiiia in tlie iiitere.st o f a hay dealer. ___________ U s ii’d o f 'i'iia n k s . Xlemori.al Day for 1891 is past, and wliile its memories are still ITesh in our hearts. Cross Post desire to publicly express their gratitude to their felloAV- citizens for the substantial aid tliat made it possible to render the day a great suc­ cess. Wo e.speeially wish to tliank Rev. Fatlier O’Connor for his he:irty welcome and able address, and the Catbolic so­ ciety for opening tlieir eliureli to us on tlic .Sunday evening preceding Xlemo- I’ial day. 'I’o Rev. I<L H. Dickinson avc are grateful beyond expression for his magnificent memorial .address on the evening of that day. Tlio gentlemen of the quartette club h.ave placed us un­ der rciicAved olfiigations for tiie delight­ ful music furni-shed us on tluit occasion, and the. presence and assistance of the clergymen during the exercises Avas highly appreciated. Tlie school eliil- dren are entitled to gre.at praise for hav­ ing relieved us of all anxiety about flow­ ers, and Prof. XIacJvachlan and iiis corps of teachers Avill a ccept our aeknOAvledg- ment for their assistance in the matter. 'riie kindly notices of the village Ik-ess Avere of great value to us, and will al- Avays be remembered. The work of the AA'Oman’s Relief Corps in arranging the flowers for decoration is fully appreci­ ated and they liave our Avarinesttlianks. AA'. .7. DiLbON, Chairman Com. of Arrangements. ,ASH POKING OAL HEAPER The reason vie can sell Coal Cheaper, is because j we buy and sell strictly for Cash, and GET and GIVE I all th e discou n ts. I Our small Coal at $3.00 is best for Cooking, and I our $3.50 Coal Is the best and cheapest in the state. S. HOOD. GRAND OPENING OF SUMMER MILLINERY ill tlie iiio«t exquisite luul beautiful styles, iind see tlio Ideal .'>tore. mis. H-L-HafllBU SENECA FALLS, N. Y. F i n e 11oincstc:u1 a t a B a r g a i n . One of the most beautiful and A’alua- ble rosidciieos in Seneca Frills, eostliig nearly §30,000, and eonibiiiing all tlie lioiiefits of modern eonveiiienee, is now offered at only §18,000, and on very ea.sy terras of p.ayincnt. Tlie reason of this liberal offer, is tluit the present OAViK’r and family are preiiariiig to make tlieir re.sideuce in a we.sterii city. Tlie liou.se is of brick Avitli .stone triiiiniing.s, :uid slated I'rencli roof, three stories in lieiglit and lower, has- fifteen rooms of Iiard-Avood linisli, .steam heat, hot and cold wat(‘r, li.atii-rooin, g:us fixtures, electric bells, and the lie.st of sewi'rage. It is altogetlier a palati.al residimee, in Caj’uga street, tallied tiie finest in town. 'J’he grounds are 01x238 feet. Good b.arii :uid stable and excellent well of water. It is a rare eliaiice to secure a very dcsiraiilc propiTty at raucb less than actual value. For specifications and eleg.ant e.luirt of premises, call :it office of N. 15. Stevens, lAartridge block. A full line of of patent medieines and Druggists Sundries at Lyon’s Argyle I’liarmacy. A lai’ge assortment of Hemoopathie remedies at the Argyle Pliarrarcy. At tlio Argyle Pharmacy is tlie only jilaee in town you ean get ,-i ^Ijiss of Wliipped Cream Soda. F a i ’n u ‘i'.s 'I’a k e N o t i c e ! .1. II. Crowell & Sou have put in stoek a large quantity of Binding 'Twine AvIiicIi tliey Avill offer .at a very sni.all profit Wo are liead quarters for smoked meats, fresli goods every Aveok ; also fresli meats, groceries, Hour, giaiii and feed. Come and see ,J. H. Crowell Attention, F a r i n e i 's ! You e.aii buy “ Binder 'I'wine” at AV:iller’s-Hardware for less money than ever liefore. “ Sisal” at 9 ceiils per pound; “ Standard” at 10 cenls per pound; “ Pure Xtaiiilla” at 13 cents per pound. Also Hor.se. Hay Rakes, “ The NtHv StcaiH Y a e li l . riic new steam yacht, “ .f. AV. Hend­ ricks,” is ill splendid sliape and all riaidy for parti(*s avio I want to hire a fine, entirely neAV and safe boat, under tiie management of a competent eiigi- J . AA'^AKUKN IlKNUltKJKS, Fayette, X’. Y. Any one in Avant of Screen Doors and AV'iiidow Screens Avill find a large variety of the best made at AA'aller’s IlardAvare. Xlonitor Oil Stoves .and Ranges noiv on exhibition .and sale at AA'aile.r’s Hard- Avare Store. Also tlie Aliuska Refrige- Remember tliat Van Kleeek’.s Burdock Liver lilixir is tlio A’ery best Wood, kid­ ney and J.,iA‘er medieino for tlie spring and .summer. Every tissue of tlie body, every lione, muscle and organ, is made stronger and more iiealtliful liy ilie.ii.se of Hood's Sar­ saparilla. A delightful summer home on tlie sliore of charming Cayuga Lake, about 1 1-2 miles south of C. L. Park, ean be piii'cliasGil just now at low figures, as tlie proprietor contemplates removing’ from tlic State. It is a rare chance to purcb.Tse such desirable jiroperty on'so favorable terras. The cottage is beau­ tiful and cozy, Avith partial furnishings Avhich Avill go Avith the jilace, and about two acres of surrounding plot. It is a selected site, prepared for comfort and convenience, and is offered for a siiort time at §1800, about lialf its value. For plot and particulars enquire at office of N. B. Stevens, Seneca Falls. Ladies’ Cycles in stock.—F. L. S tory . BLACK DRESS GOODS! Black all Wool Serges at 50 cenls. Black Cashmeres at 50 cts, Black Mohairs, Black Armures, Black Camels’ Hair, Black Sebastopol Cloth. Black Snrali Twills! A ney IleaAy Wool Goods for Ladies’ Jackets. Priestly’s Silk Warp Henriettas in all Grades and Prices. You Avill find all the ncAv things in Black Goods in our Stock. We have just received too more of our 26 inch Fast Black Sun Umbrellas at $1.50, a Great Bargain at this Price. SuiiAmer C o rsets a t 50 cents and $1.00, the mo.st com fortable C o rset for Avarm Aveather. 50 pieces Dark Challies at 6 cents a yard. 25 pieces D a r k and L ight Challies, yard Avide 10 26 pairs Nottinghamjg|Lace C u rtains at $1.00 per yard. 25 pairs Nottingham Lace Curtains at $1.50. 25 pflirs of Nottingham Lace Curtaiihs at $2.00. We offer G reat V a lue in Curtains. L. S. HOSKINS. Poultry men, Attention. All kinds of Poultrymen’s supplies, crii.slied oyster .sliells, ground bone, condition powders, cracked com, com meal, etc. Also incubator.s and brood- ers, i)oultrj netting, sheeting paper, felt roofing, etc. Eggs for liatebing. M ac I) ouga . i , s P. B. A ssociation , MacDougals, N. Y. “ E c o n o m y I s W e a l t l i . ” AVIiy pay full price for poor coal when you can buy Lehigh Valley coal at same price from us. We make a specialty of Threshing Coal; also Kin­ dling Wood. Call and see stock before going elsewhere. G leason ’ s C oal Y ard .

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