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fU lbqh} 30eeKljj $ t t y e K e ^ , P U B L ISH E D E V E R Y W E D N E S D A Y I T ---- W I L L I A M J. M O S E S . Office, Corner of Genesee and State Streets, A UBURN, N. Y. J. STANLEY SMITH, Editor. —:o:-— T E R R I S . —$ 1 * 5 0 p e r annum , in advance, i n all Cases. ~ T h e I> aily A merican , p u b lish e d ot th e sam e office, Will be fu r n ish e d to sub s c rib e rs a t $ 5 * 0 0 p e r a n n u m , payable q u a r te r ly in advance. T h ese papers having a large circulation am o n g m e­ chanics and Business men, are an excellent -m edium for advertising. The Boole a n d General Jot> P r in t in g Office o f the P roprietor of this paper is in the Advocate Building, Clark street, w h ere h e will be pleased to re­ ceive the calls o f his friends and the public. Special Notices. H o w e ’s C o u g l i C a n d y !—W e say try it, if you have cough, cold or sore throat. Millions have done so. and can testify to its good ’qualities. « t has in m a n y places where i t is well known, become a n indispensable article in the fam ily list of m e liciaes. “ Children cry fo r it.\ Sold h y J . K. \WELLS General Agent, a n d hy all the D ruggists in A u b u rn. £23tf A w f u l to K i c k . —A m u le will k ill a lion by h is hoofs. One b o x of Bryan’s Pulm o nic W a fers c u tes a sore throat, boar^feness, cough and cold m o st speedily.— 25 cents a box. Sold by all D ruggists in A u b u rn. T u ttle & Mioses- A u b u rn, General Agents. D y s p e p s i a . —A- B. L. M yers: D e a r Sir—I have suffered for a long tim e from Dyspepsia; and it gives m e g reat p leasure to inform you that, after using one bottle of your Compound E x tract of R o c k Rose, I re­ ceived so m u c h benefit th a t I can cheerfully recommend i t to a n y one thus afflicted, as being a valuable medi­ cine, and th e best I ever used. Y o u rs, truly, E L I A S P IE R P O N T , Corner o f G rand and Olive streets. T U T T L E & MOSES, General Agents, A u b u rn. T o th o s e w h o are A fflicted w ith Dyspepsia W e a k n e ss o f the Stomach, H e reditary or Mercurial tain ts of the Blood, we would say read carefully the ad­ vertisem e n t o f “ Bach’s A m erican Compound” in another column. Its high character a n d recommenda­ tions, m a rk it as the great specific for the diseases for w h ich it was compounded. A formulas is b eing furnish­ ed to Physicians, which takes aw ay the objection to or- iln a r y patent medicines, secresy. A U B U R N C I T Y D I R E C T O R Y . T im e o f C losin g th e M a ils. F m s v E a s t e r s M aii. for Syracuse, Utica, Albany and N ew York, will be closed daily, except Sundays, at S-XS o’clock, A . M . Second E a s tbu x M a il for all Offices E a st, a t 1 . 4 3 o’clock P. 31. „ T hird E asters M aii . T rain for Albany and Eastern Staten, s .O il o'clock F . 31. F i r s t W e s t e r s M ate for Geneva, Canandaigua, Roch­ ester, Buffalo, and W estern States, w ill be closed daily, except Sundays, a t 7 . 0 8 o'clock a . 31 . S e c o n d \V e s tk 2 x M a il for all Offices W e st, a t 5 . 3 5 o'clock p. M. U elloggsville Mail, daily, except Sundays, at 12.30 p. M. Ith a c a Mail, viaFlem ing, daily, except S undays, 7.00 a.m] Ithaca Mail, v ia Cayuga L ake,j “ “ 7.0S a.m- W o leott Mail, daily, “ “ 1-30 p . m . F o r t Byron Mail, daily, “ “ 2.00 p . m . M oravia Mail, daily, “ “ 7.00 a . m . Skanoateles Mail, daily, “ “ 6.00 a . m , C o rtland v ia Moravia, T uesdays, T h u rsdays and Saturdays, a t 7.00 A.M. Oswego Mail, v ia Cato, M ondays, W ednesdays and Fridays, 6.00 a . m . Oswego Mail, via Sterling, Mondays W ednes­ days a n d Fridays, . . . 2.00 p.m. A u relius MAI on Tuesdays, T h u rsdays and Sat­ urdays, 8.00 A.M. South Lansing Mail, on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays, - - - - S.I5 a.m. Office open daily, from 7 o’clock A. it. to 8 o’clock p. M., except on Sundays, when it will be open from 7 o'clock to S o'clock A. m. and from 11.45 o’clock to 12.45 o’clock p. m. ,E . P. ROSS, P o s t M a s ter. A u b u rn, Feb. 1, 1855. T i m e o f C l o s i n g t l i e E x p r e s s . G oing E ast , a t - “ W est , a t 1.00 P.M. 4.00 P.5J. J . L. D O T Y, A gent . Arrival anil Departure o f Cars. GOING EA S T . N o . 1. Express, a t - “ 2, Freight, at - “ 3, Mail, a t - “ 4, Freight, at - 44 5 , _ A .ceo ram o d a tio n , a t 44 ©I S u n d a y * A l a il , - g o i n g w e s t . 2*0. 1, Freight, at 44 2, Accommodation, a t - “ 3, F reight, a t - 44 4, Express, a t u 3, Mail, at B a il Road Tim e is 12 m inutes faster time. 9.30 A. Ms 4.10 P. M. 2.55 P. M 8,2 b P. M- 12.05 A. m . 0.25 P. wj 2.55 s . m. vS.20 A. M. - 11.00 A. M. 2.25 p. m. 6.47 P. m . than A u b u rn A r r iv a l a n d D e p a r tu r e o f S t a g e s . umeateles, leaves daily a t 7.00 A. jr., arrives at I p. M. vaca, “ “ 7.30 “ “ “ 5 P. M oravia, “ “ 7-30 “ “ “ 5 P. M ■rt Byron, arrives 12.00 m. Leaves a t 3 p. m. iringport, “ “ 12-00 A. M. “ “ 3 P. M. jlioggsville, “ “ 11.00 A. m. “ “ 2 p. M. ontezuma, “ “ 11.00 A. M. “ “ 2 M- iwego via W eedsport, leaves Mondays, W ednesdays ind Fridays, a t 7.30 A. M. A rrives th e intermediate days. rwego via P o rt Byron, leaves Tuesdays, T h u rsdays, ind Saturdays, a t 7.30 a. m. A rrives a t 5, the interme- ate days. >en D a i l y , f r o m 1 0 a . m , t o 3 p . m . CAYUGA CO U N T Y BA N K , Genesee-.strf.et. B b a r d s l b t , President, .J. N. S t a r i s , Cashier. [JBURN CITY\ BANK, S t a n f o r d B lock, N o r t i i:st. JGUSTUS IlOW'L.AND, I*re»'t, <jr. \W. Leonakd, Casliier. u v XV OF AUBURN, G esesee - stheet . S S bymocb , I'reGident, O. II. M errimax , Oasiiier .UBUM SAVISU8' INSTITUTION, GENE4EE-8T. C- P. \VV ood , Secretary. C ity Officers* H N L. W A T R O U S , M ayor . . . .. G. Simpson, Jno. Curtis, Aldermen, 1st W ard, rid Madden, Monroe Hamblin, “ 2d “ ic Lewie, S. H. Henry, “ 3d n. Shapcott, Dan’l W . T h o rp, ’ 4th 3 DEEICK P r i n c e , Clerk. S. Y. It- Coopeu, A ttorney B o a r d o f H e a l t h . X> TYATROUr5, 'W A L T E R G. SIM P S O N, iA C E G. V A N A N D E N , . . LES W . W I L K I E , C ity Physician. F ir e D e p a r tm e n t* iivl 1 X.AA, J. n o . .S....... R U r S O N , Second Assistant. C VBAS BA K E R , Forem an No. 1. ID CO N K L IN , j’ “ ~ HOW , 3- 3W IFT, 4. kLD R ON , Forem an n o o k and Ladder. Aldermen a re Fire W ardens in their respective V . R . C O O P E R , Attorney and Counsellor at . Law. Office, opposite the Post Office. ?eb 21 d tf I N S U R A N C E T A K E N B Y T H E N IT E D STA T E S F I R E IN S U R A N C E COM­ P A N Y . Capital S tock $110,000. Insurance taken ie Cash plan. S. V. R . COO P E R , Agent, office op- te t h e Post Office, bl dtf rM. H. HALLADAY, Successor to Halladay and Phillips, Machinist and Iron Founder, llfacturer of Steam Engines and Boilers, Engine ies, Hand Lathes, Iro n Planers, Sherwood's Pris- c Lathes, Hutchinson’s Stave and Barrel Machin- Hogle’s P a tent Universal Chuck, Standing Presses, iron) Ready Proof Presses, all the most approved rns. Jo b work done to order, w ith despatch. W o rks—Barber’s Factory, W ashington S t nbum, J a n . 15,1855. d& wtf OEDEB. OF UNITED AMERICANS. M EM B E R S T A K E N O T IC E , Cayuga C h ief Chap­ ter, No. 77, m e e t every T H U R S D A Y E V E N IN G , a t 71-2 o’clock, in Stanford Block, 3d Floor. JA C O B S. G O E W E Y , C. o f C. C b a s. P . B eigham , S. feb7 d3m N E W S ! NEW’S ! ! BASSETT & HOW, VS EM P O R IU M , Genesee st., opposite of the uburrt Bank. T h e undersigned will keep con- ’ on h and an assortment o f S T A T IO N E R Y , and a sortment o f C H E A P P U B L I C A T I O N S . ■ all the Principal N ew Y o rk Daily Papers, and I and N ew Y o rk W eeklies, a u d A u b u rn D a ily and y I aP « » , w PUBLICATIONS ed as soon as out. r Peterson, P u tnam , Graham, Godey, national , [dies’ W reath, F r a n k Leslie's Gazette of Fashion, Illustrated M a g a zine o f Art, Ballou's Dollar Monthly, and New York Journal, , ;hed b v the y e a r o r single N u m b ers a t subscription and delivered i f desired, free of charge, will deliver N ew Y o rk D a ily - P a p e r s to Sub- :a a t 1 S cents a week, payable in advance. smoke’s bail-koad guide r e c e iv e d m o n tiily. IMPSON’S REPORTER received semi-monthly. . yVe have connected w ith the News Room a lop for Binding Magazines, Pam p h lets and Nevvs- j w h ich will be done w ith neatness a n d dispatch ders prom p tly attended to. * se give u s a call. B A S S E T T & H O W . b wtf S H O R T I H O R N S . YVE O N H A N D and for sale T h r e e Y o u n , , o r t H o r n B U L L S , thoroughbred. Prices [ate J. R. PA G E , rch 5 w2m Bennett, Cayuga Co., N. Y. NO CURE, NO P A Y ! S CHILBLAIN OINTMENT iA N T E D to cure Chilblains, Frostbites. md Chapped Hands. Try it, if it does not, ottle a n d th e purchase money w ill be re- JE’S ARABIAN OINTMENT, nation o f th e Eyes, Inflam m ation of the • Vv +V/, Li! J ao ariri fillnaf Dnwvtn li i ivvttA J : w _ L E E ’S F R E N C H SA L V E is o ff corns, h e a ls old sores, c u ts a n d fresh wound a p im p les o n th e face. L E E ’S SA L T R H E U M O IN T M E N T is S altrheum . „ , e ’ s R heumatic L in im e n t Cures R h e u m a n tio and e Backs. . , . . „ . ie above medicines a re w a rranted to givesatisfac on o r no p ay. One w a rrantee is w o rth ten puffs.— sale b y T . F . G R A H A M , 109 Genesee st., a n d b y [gilts generally. £28172111 Y0LUME I. WEEK LY AUBURN, N. Y., WEDNESDAY, APRIL 11, 1855. MERICAN. NUMBER 10. tf WEDNESDAY, APRIL 4, 1855. MORE ABOUT THE SUPPRESSED MESSAGE. The charges made by the Register in ref­ erence to the suppression of the message of the Gov. to the “Senate in Executive Ses­ sion,” withdrawing the nomination of 0 . Thompson, created much excitement in that body yesterday. Mr. B u tts introduced a PASSAGE OF THE TEMPERANCE BILL. After a long debate, the Prohibitory Law passed the Senate, as amended, at eleven o’clock last evening, by the large vote of Twenty-One ayes, and eleven nays ! The action of the Assembly upon the Sen ate’s amendments, two or three of which will materially if not fatally affect the vitality of the measure in its practical operation, re preamble, reciting the gravemen of the mains to be seen, and will be looked for by charges, and followed it with the subjoined resolution : Resolved, That a committee of three be forthwith appointed with full power to send for persons and papers, to investigate the fact, and report therein at the earliest possi­ ble moment to the Senate, and that the At- the public with great anxiety. We received the following dispatch this morning: Albany, April 4. A u b u r n A m e r i c a n : — The Temperance Bill passed the Senate last night a t 11 o’clock, A y es 21, nays 11. H. torney General be requested to attend and aid said committee in conducting such exam­ ination. “ T h e S l a v e o f t i i e LAinr.”;—We are not This was debated, and tabled. Mr. W h i t - a little surprised to find our critical friend of ney then raised the question cf privilege 1 the Troy Times eulogising the posthumous and a sharp and desultory debate ensued.— I novel of Wm. North, entitled the “Store of Mr. D i c k e r s o n said to received the message, ! the Lamp.” We lost two or three hours, and put it in his pocket, and that it tvas a 1 irretrievably, in perusing that book. It is confidential communication ! Mr. W hitney J not a good book. It is not calculated to ef- asiwd Mr. Dickinson if the message tvas not directed to the Senate ? Mr. D ic k i n s o n replied, in bis usual delicate and corteous manner, by requesting Mr. W. to “keep cool”—and then the following debate ensued: Mr. Whitney—I am as cool as an ice­ berg. The Senator is, by his own confes­ sion, guilty of having suppressed an impor­ tant public document. That suppression makes the proceedings upon the nomination of Health Officer void, and Dr. Bartlett may hold his place forever. If the Governor chooses to send me .a withdrawal or any other document, and at the same time sends me a letter authorizing me to use it as I please, it is my business. ' Mr. Lansing—Have you such a letter from the Governor? Mr. Dickinson—I have. Mr Lansing—won’t you read it? Mr. Dickinson. No, not even to accom­ modate my friend from the 21st. Mr. Whitney. That letter will have to be read. Mr. Dickinson. Gov. Clark sent to me a communication from the Senate. What was in it I did not know—and a t the same time I received a letter authorizing me to do with it what I chose. I could guess what the communication was—Dr. Thompson’s name was before the Senate, and I presumed he w’ould he con­ firmed. Mr. Z. Clark, Bid nbt yowr Utter state what was inthe communication ? Mr. Dickinson. Thai’s another matter. Mr. Ilopkins urged that the debate was all out of order, and utterly at variance with the rules. Mr. Danforth. I t seems a question wheth­ er Myron H. Clark or a A. B. Dickinson is Governor. Mr. Z. Clark said the Senate ought to make this inquiry. It affected the Presi­ dent of this body—the Clerk-it affected all- and if any or all of them should be connect­ ed ivith the transaction, he would deal ac­ cordingly. Mr. Butts was the communication which the Senator received addressed to him ? Mr. Whitney. I have asked that question a dozen times. Mr. Bishop thought the Senate had better resume legislative business. The Senate then refused to postpone the special order. Notwithstanding all this talk and bluster on the part of Mr. D ickinson , the Register adheres to its original statement, and re­ marks as follows: There was no “private note” from Gover­ nor Clark, accompanying this message. There could not have been. The message ivas de­ livered to the Secretary, without any note, and Governor Clark was sick a t his house. We repeat, there was no private note accom­ panying the message, and Thurlow Weed knows it, for he was present when the mes­ sage was handed to the private Secretary, and he saw Wm go to deliver it. But will the Journal tell us how this mes­ sage fell into Senator Dickinson’s hands ?— It was,directed to “the Senate in Executive Session.” How came Dickinson by it ? Was it open ivhen he received it ? If it ivas not, there were but three living men that knew its contents. One was the Governor, one w a s t h e g e n t l e m a n w h o d e l i v e r e d i t t o t h e private ^eeretai’y, and the other was TllUl’- low Weed. The Governor wrote it. The gentlemen alluded to read it, and Thurlow Weed ivas told what it was after the Secretary had started out of the Executive Chamber to de­ liver it. Senator Dickinson got no private note from the Governor, accompanying that mes­ sage, for none was delivered to the Secretary, and the Governor was sick a t his house.— This pretence of a private note is a sham, a subterfuge, and an investigation before a committee will prove it to be so. We re­ peat, we can prove that no note from the Governor accompanied this message. Tf one was delivered it was a forgery, unless the Secretary lied when he said at the door of the Senate that he had deliverd the message as directed. In another article the Register says: “Senator D ic k i n s o n received no private letter from Governor C l a r k with that mes­ sage. He can produce none that was, or could have been, delivered with it. Mark, we say delivered with that communication. W hat may have been concocted since, we cannot say. Having stated these affirmative facts— which we can prove, if the Senator dares af­ ford us an opportunity,—we say that the communication was n o t directed to Senator D i c k i n s o n . It ivas N o t intended for him.— It was n o t “a confidential communication” to him in any sense of the word, except as an integral portion of Jhe Senate. It ivas n o t accompained hy any communication to him from G tremor Clark by letter or in any other manner. These facts can be clearly proven; and we ask the Lieutenat Governor,—we ask honor­ able Senators,—if they are willing to submit to an indignity so flagrant? Are they so craven in spirit as to submit thus to a course of action which ignores alike the Executive of the State, and the body of ivhich they are members ? feet any good whatever. It is a work of the “Hot Corn,” “Lamplighter” and “New York in Slices” character. On every page it pan­ ders to a morbid, sickly, sentimental, im­ aginative and unprofitable taste. Its pic­ tures of life are all distorted, all fictitious.— It elevates the lowest and debases the high­ est. Virtue is found in under ground cel­ lars, and vice in sumptuous halls and mag nifieent drawing rooms. It is said that the hero, Mondel, is a portraiture of the author. If so he was a voluptuary,a libertine,and was out of place out of the “Tombs.” The gift of Genius is claimed for the au­ thor. Not a spark of the true fire of Genius sparkles in the pages of the “Slave of the Lamp.” There is now and then a glow, but it is the false glow of paste—hut a sorry im­ itation, at the best. The scope and tendency of the whole work is sickly, gangrenous, immoral, impractica­ ble m its theories, and in deadly hostility to the most sacred and most highly cherished of our social compacts and safeguards. We should be exceedingly sorry to> find such a work winning popularity, and do not be lieve it will. It is ephemeral. In a year it will be utterly forgotten. N iagara C ounty . —The American Party is thoroughly aroused in old Niagara, and so is all manner of opposition. On Friday eve­ ning the American citizens of Lockport as­ sembled to the number of 1500 a t Arcade Hall, to hear the principles of the American Party discussed. The meeting was organ­ ized by calling to the Chair S chuyler R ey ­ nolds , Esq., the appointment of Messrs N a ­ t h a n B. R o g e r s , S t e p h e n W a k e m a n , J. G. F r e e m a n , Dr. MaxwcLL, as Vice Presi­ dents, and 0 . S torrs, Esq., as Secretary __ The President then read the call, under which the meeting assembled,and introduced to tlie audience H o ratio Seymour, Jr., of Buffalo, Mr, S eymour came forward and made a masterly speech of over two hours duration. The Courier speaks of it as a masterly and eloquent address, exhib'Ung “the causes which had brought into exist­ ence the American Party, and a convincing argument in favor of the principles which have been hoisted for their guiding star.” The Courier says the speech “was a mas­ terly vindication of the American Party, and we believe it carried conviction to the mind of every American citizen present. It ivas the first public exposition of the new party in our'midst, and it will bring to its stan­ dard hundreds of honest men, who have not before understood the matter in its true light.” The local elections areheld to-day in Niagara County. We shall expect to hear a good re- p o r t f ro m , t l i e old. ‘‘•C a t a r a c t . 55 H o r r i b l e D e a t h . — On Saturday night a man named Jno. Jones, was run over Dy tlie night Express train of the Central Road, near the Railroad buildings at Utica. Re­ mains of the hapless man were found about the running gear o f one of the cars as it run into the station. Search being made, the rest of his body was discovered horribly mangled. It is supposed he was intoxicated and had unconsciously laid down upon the track and fellen asleep. D eath of a V eteran . —Wm. Holiday, a revolutionary soldier, and one of the guards when Major Andre was executed, died m Delaware county, New York, on tbe 23d ul­ timo, aged 104 years. Mr. H. had been thrice married ; had 13 children, 80 grand­ children, 150 great-grandchildren, and 17 great-great-grandchildren—making the sum. total of his progeny 261. A l l R i g h t !—This “ ge-reat and ge-lori- ous lcedentry” is once more safe ! The “old city Bell Ringer,” who was so wickedly “proscribed” hy the atrocious “Hindoos,” once more attends the town clock.once more rings tho b e ll! He is re-instated in his im­ portant position by the contributions of “some of our citizens,” who will hereafter no doubt sleep soundly. Now, “let justice be done, though the heavens fall.” Let Messrs M organ , H ew - son , and the score or two of others V ho peti­ tioned the Common Council to displace the “old city Bell Ringer” and appoint the color­ ed Sexton of the Baptist church—doubtless quite as worthy a man—in his place—let them contribute enough to set him ringing the hell of his church, and then everything will be “on the square all round,” and none will be able to find room for complaint. C a t h o l i c C h u r c h P r o p e r t y . —The more respectable Roman Catholics are resolutely seeking to thw art tlie design of the papal pontiff respecting the tenure of church prop­ erty in this country. In the Pennsylvania Legislature, on Wednesday, a remonstrance was presented from over seven thousand Catholic citizens of Philadelphia, against the bill relative to church property; and in the Massachusetts Legislature, on the same day, a petition was presented irom the Catholics of Lowell, praying for the passage of a law giving control of church property to pew owners, or those who contribute to the erec­ tion of the churches Register. And y et a determined effort is being made in the Assembly to defeat the bill of Mr. Putnam, which passed the Senate so tri­ umphantly. The influence of Bishop H ughes and his Catholic suppor ters aud po­ litical sympathisers is felt inthe lower house. Still, we do n o t believe their utmost efforts, though backed up vigorously by Messrs S e w a r d W eed & Co., will be potent enough to kill the bill. The sentiment of the people is against them, and so are the wishes and hopes of the intelligent, re­ spectable and property-bolding Catholics.— If by any possibility the measure should be defeated a t this session, it will be revived at the next, and then become a Law. A FALSE CHARGE VIGOROUSLY PUT DOWN. Some wiseacre in the South, who fancies himself to be raised up for the special de fence of the liberties of his white fellow- countrj-men, recently published an annoy- mous pamphlet, in which he pretends to dis­ cover certain analogies between Methodist Episcopacy and Romanism. The Southern Christian Advocate anoints the eyes of this purblind scribbler with eye salve after tho following fashion :— Truly, the charge that analogy subsists be­ tween our Episcopacy and the lioman Hier­ archy is beneath contempt. The man who pretends to know anything and can gravely assert it as a truth, deserves to he rammed into a Lancaster gun and shot hack into the middle of the dark ages—his was an untime­ ly b irth—very. Where is the analogy ?■ Do we bind men’s consciences, withhold the Bible, deny the right of interpretation claim to be the church infallible, Christ’s on­ ly authorized representatives, holding the keys of heaven and hell, and for our own convenience, establishing a half-way house— purgatory ? Do we hold men in subjection by claiming authority to self indulgencies, to prescribe penances, to arrest an appeal to heaven by prayer, to neutralize the virtue of the sacraments, to scourge, imprison, torture burn at the stake, anathematize in time and consign to damnation in eternity ? We make no such claims, and the writer knew it, when he penned his pamphlet, if he knew anything. If our bishops or preachers have influence, it is only that of good and wise men over-* their enlightened fellow citizens, to whose affection and esteem they are recommended by their virtue and wisdom, by their zealous and self-sacrificing toil in subserving the best interests of humanity, and by their casting as large a measure of purifying meal into that seething cauldron of political profli­ gacy, called “party,” as any other body of men in our land. When it becomes a crime for such men to possess such influence and to exercise it openly, w isely and virtuously for the public weal—just as other men may do, whether political or religious partizans— Know Notliings or Radicals-then i t will be time for the final conflagration to come; another deluge would not wash out our pollution, and the world would n o t be worth raining on. Heaven may as well let it burn. Dr. THOMPSON. The Troy Whig, in view of Dr. T h o m p s o n ’ s nomination as Health officer, says: Dr. Thompson, who has been given this lucrative appointment, was one of the early Know Nothings. Himself a leader in the Order, he paved the way for tlie initiation of Senator, now Gov. Clark, Mr. Littlejohn, the man Chambers, and we know not how many others like them. All through the canvass, the Dr. was intensly “Hindoo” in sentiment, but for Clark for Governor. His position in the order gave him power, espe­ cially as it was coupled with professions of stronger opposition to Mr. Seward and the Albany office brokers. As late as November last, he wrote to Mr. Hammond of the Reg­ ister, (the letter has Leon published) assur­ ing him that Mr. Clark would be the last man to throw himself into the hands of Weed and Seward, and referred to the fact that Clark during his Senatorial career had been most shabbily treated by the Weed regenc3T. Well, the Doctor in due time became converted from his “Ilindooism,” and dur­ ing the Senator controversv, ivas ready to de­ nounce every man who was nut in favor of the election of William H. Seward, as a Traitor. “Secret Societies” became his especial horror! Know Nothings he dis­ covered were but a brotherhood of “mid­ night conspirators,” “bankrupt demagogues.” and “seedy political hacks,” &c. This “was Dr. Thompson” m the fall, and “Dr. Thomp­ son” in the winter ! W hat a colapse of sad­ dle-bags ! and liow were they to be re-in- flated but by a lucrative office ? The Doctor’s nomination and final confir­ mation has been secured by main strength. Promises” in “black and white,” have been leld’over the heads of his Regency, and brandished in mid air. “Refuse me a t your peril!” has been the Doctor’s motto. That the nomination should be carried by the casting vote of the Lieutenant Governor, would, under ordinary circumstances, he a m a t t e r o f s u r p r i s e - B u t th o s e w h o a r e familiar with the great versitility of Ray­ m o n d , — h i s p o w e r o f s u i t i n g h i m s e l f t o c i r ­ cumstances— of being all things to all men, “everything by turns and nothing long,”— those who know him, w ill not be surprised at anything he does. Didn’t lie endorse Gov. Seymour’s veto of the liquor bill ?— Didn’t he pledge himself six months after, the Auburn Convention, in favor of a bill similar in principle to the one the Gov­ ernor vetoed ? And this winter has not the Lieutenant Governor opposed just such a bill? W hy of course he has. Perhaps Greeley don’t know the “little —” saint. T h e G a l e . —The wind that roared over our city and through our streets on Sunday and yesterday, was severely felt in other places. In Albany roofs were blown off, barns overthrown, chimnies toppled over, and much damage done. The Catholic Or­ phan Asylum was unroofed, and injured to the amount of $ 2,000. j25sT’Thirty-one additional converts were baptised a t the Third street Baptist Church, Troy, (Rev. Dr. Baldwin’s) on Sunday morning. Over 100 new members have been added to his church within a few weeks. The editor of the Advertiser, know­ ing that he can disarm us by the free use of his favorite weapons of attack and defence, viz: personalities of the grossest character, slang, street comer gossip and untruthful as­ sertions, never fails to employ them when driven to the necessity of saying something. It is a waste of time to spend a moment up­ on such an antagonist. In our editorial in­ tercourse with him, we have never descend­ ed to his level,or made the most distant per­ sonal allusion to him. We despise such meaness and tbe use of such arguments , and can never he tempted, either hy the provo­ cations or the opportunities that are con stantly offering, to recriminate in that way. He is welcome to the glory and worthy of the shame of such a species of guerilla war­ fare. We have no taste for it,and if we had, observation has taught us that its legitimate fruit is simply the contempt of those whose good opinion is alone worth winning or pre­ serving. ISsT.Several counties hold their town meetings to-day. “Sam” in V irginia. —Tho Hon. Thos. S. F lournoy , American candidate for Gov. of Virginia, on receiving official notification of his nomination, wrote a letter of acceptance of the right stamp, in which he plants him­ self upon the following broad and patriotic platform of American principles. After ac­ knowledging tho reception of the letter, and expressing his entire confidence in the high character of the American party and its ul­ timate triumph, he says : I am in favor of a general system of pop­ ular education. I am in favor of completing the leading lines of internal improvement, now under prosecution, with as much despatch as the linancial condition of the State will justify, keeping always in view the preservation of her faith and credit. I endorse fully the basis of the principles of the American party, believing them to be the most conservative presented to the con­ sideration of the country since the establish­ ment of our independence. The rapid increase of foreign immigration is well calculated to excite alarm, and the power of the government, both btate and Federal, should be exerted to check it. It seems almost impossible to doubt that the in­ flux of between four and five hundred thous­ and foreigners into our country annually, will ultimately he subversive of our republican institutions. Washington, Jefferson, Madi­ son, and Jackson, gave early warnii g to the country of the danger to be apprehended from foreign influence. The naturalization laws should either he repealed, or so modified, and such restrictions imposed, as to avert the evil. Intimately connected with this question of foreign immigration is the growth of the Ro­ man Catholic Church in our country. Des­ potic, proscriptive, and intolerant, its ascend­ ancy, as all history teaches, has ever been de­ structive of freedom of opinion ; and while I would unconpromisingly oppose an inter­ ference with the rights of its members as citizens, by any legislative enactment, yet by a full and independent exercise of the right of suffrage, and the appointing power, they should be excluded from the offices of the government in all its departments. I t may be said that there are comparative­ ly few foreigners and Roman Catholics in Virginia. She is not acting for herself alone. She is a leading member of this great sister­ hood of States, and her action will be felt, for weal or woe, by them all Her destiny is identified with theirs, and she cannot look with indifference to the fact that the great valley of the Mississippi, watered by tw e n ty thousand miles of navigable rivers, and the immense and fertile territories, stretching beyond to the Pacific , capable of sustaining a population of one hundred mil­ lions, are rapidly filling up with this class of people. The mansion house of £eunis Van Vechten on the New Scotland road, a short distance beyond the Albany Poor House,was destroyed by fire about two o’clock on Sunday afternoon. Loss $5,006 to $ 6,000 __ nsured for $1,500. BISHOP HUGHES, THE IMMACULATE CONCEP­ TION AND THE CATHOLIC CHURCH. Archbishop H ughes appears to be quite as full of the “Immaculate Conception” as he is of the church Property Question. On Sun­ day last he made his first appearance in his pulpit in St. Patrick’s Cathedral. New York, since his return from Rome. Having been a distinguished party to the irrevocable and indisputable establishment, at this late day, of the ■ Roman Catholic dogma of the sinless Conception of the Virgin Mary,of course all the faithful who could gain access were crowded within the Cathedral’s walls. It was Palm Sunday, and High Mass was celebrated. The day was commemora­ tive of a wonderful triumph in the life of our Savior on this earth—the day when, as he was riding into Jerusalem,\ “a very great multitude spread their garments in the way, and others cut down branches from the trees and strewed them on the way,” and these thonging multitudes cried out spontaneously —“ Hosanna to the son of David! Blessed is He that cometh in the name of the L o rd!” But the burden of the Archbishop’s dis­ course ivas of the Virgin, and not of the Savior. The Pope, and all his Hierarchal dignitaries, and the whole Roman Catholic Church throughout Christendom, have just played off the most pompous and stupid farce the world ever saw, and a t every step of it elevated the Virgin above the Christ.— Bishop H ughes assisted,and he has come home full of the tlieme.and full of splended projects to commemorate it. The discourse on Sun­ day at St. Patrick’s Cathedral, overflowed with glorifications over the final establish­ ment of this great dogma of the Roman Catholic Church. In view of what be deems the “wondrous spectacle” presented a t Rome on the 8th of Dec., 1854, when the “Immac­ ulate Conception” was formally announced by the Pope, he says all who are skeptical with regard to the infallibility of the church “Will begin to understand that the Church is not dead, tliat the church is not unhealthy, that she still lives and reigns ;— and that as she has seen tlie rise and ruin of empires aud dynasties during eighteen hun­ dred years, herself unmoved, so she shall live to witness all the changes and vicissi­ tudes of the silly speculations of human phi­ losophy and human humanity,by which they would attempt to come to her relief in ele­ vating this fallen and otherwise unhappy race.” Blinder than a bat, blinder than a mole, blinder than a stupid owl at noonday, is “ f John, Archbishop of New York,” if he re­ ally believes what he says. The history of the Romisli Church for many years past, is the history of a vast system of deception, corruption,intolerance and fanaticism crumb­ ling in hopeless decay,rotten to the core, and “dying among its worshippers.” In all its old strongholds in Europe, it is rapidly fal­ ling into “the sere and tlie yellow leaf.” Only in Spain does it maintain anything like its ancient sway and unquestioned supremacy. The hope of the Romish Hierarchy has for years past centered in North America, and especially in the United States. Our free institutions, our vast Republic, our civil lib­ erties and our untrammelled religious tolera­ tion, opened a field that Catholic Jesuitism was by no means slow to take every advant­ age of. It crept in stealthily, with the soft step of a cat, and having gained, unsuspected and unopposed, a strong and a deep foothold in our country, tlie “horns of the beast” be­ gan to protrude, Priests and people became arrogant, and, in all our civil, religious and educational affairs the insidious and baleful influence of Catholicism began to be appar­ ent. This increased apace, and only when it became so oppressive as to be no longer tolerable did the American people rouse themselves as one man to curb its pride, cripple its already dangerous power, foil it in its ambitious and anti-republican designs, and keep it within its prescribed bounds.— This great work has been vigorously com­ menced, and it w ill not cease until it has been thoroughly accomplished. The dreams of the Pope,and the Cardinals, and the Prelates, and the Jesuits, and of all others who constitute the Romish Church, are at an end so far as regards their coveted supremacy aud power in the United States; and its defeat on our Republican soil will be its death knell throughout Christendom. Here it made its last great stand, and here , under the leadership of such able and wiley priests as J o h n H u h g e s ; assisted by political dema­ gogues, it expected to take deep root, and flourish, and finally overshadow the whole land, root out our free institutions, throttle Republicanism and civil and religious liberty, which it is antagonistic to, and finally and thoroughly establish itself. B u t the Amer ican people have seen the danger in time, and arc taking the proper measures to avert the theatened peril to all they hold dear. Where can Catholicism go now ? In what portion of all the earth it has so long,so cru­ elly and so wickedly cursed will it seek a field which to win new conquests, and spread its baleful influences ? Will Bishop H ugh ­ e s inform us ? The Archbishop gave his thousands of hearers a graphic narrative of the spectacle “within the vast walls of the matchless Bas- illica of St. Peter’s, a t Rome, on the occa­ sion of the proclamation by the Pope of the Immaculate Conception as an article of faith: and then expounded the doctrine, pointed out its nature and character, and warned them all that it was now rank heresy to dare to disbelieve i t ! And this done, he conclud­ ed as follows: Let the day on which this doctrine was declared be sacred. Let each anniversary, in the returning years, of the 8 th December, the day on which the Immaculate Concep­ tion was promulgated, be fixed in your memories in grateful token of the happiness which God has imparted to you. And so it would meet my purpose to commemorate it, both in testimony of the joy, and consolation, and honor I bad in being present on that oc­ casion, and in gratitude for many favors and the extraordinary protection which I have received — I have no doubt through the all- powerful intercession o f the blessed Virgin Mary — let me have the happiness to erect a church as a monument to be dedicated to God in thankful commemoration of the great event which lias so recently transpired, and an imperfect idea of which I have endeavored this day to cammunicate to you- • It will be seen that J ohn H ughes attrib­ utes favors received, protection vouchsafed, and all he saw and enjoyed, not to tho A l ­ mighty , but to the “all-powerful” — mark the words—the “ all-powerful ” influence of the Virgin M ary! W hat blasphemy is this ! There can be nothing more powerful than what is tla ll-p o w e ifu l and what is “all- powerful” must transcend the power of even God himself! Thus does the principal Ro­ mish Prelate in the United States, fresh from the pompous and scenic mummeries a t Rome, deliberately recognize the Virgin Mary as a power superior to Godhead! S enator Wm. C lark appeared in his seat yesterday afternoon, having recovered from his injury, so as to walk w ith the aid of crutches. F o r the A u b u rn Daily Am erican. M r . E d i t o r : I have been a resident of this city hut a few weeks, and like most of the universal Yankee Nation, have had quite an anxiety to become acquainted with its cit­ izens, their business, places of nativity, &c. &c., especially those whose names appear so frequently in public print. Among the lat­ ter is that of Mr. S h a p c o t t . My enquiries respecting this gentleman have been some­ what diverse aud uncertain. Some said he was a Turk, others, that he was a French­ man, some said he was “St. Patrick,” others that he was a Dutchman fromjthe “Fader land,” some said he was “too much” ‘for*the K n ow Nothings, others that he was “some; but since reading his communication pub­ lished in the Advertiser of March 27th, I am convinced that he is a regular built “ Jobn Bull,” to tbe manor born, and of the most self-eonceited, bragadocio stamp; a great man in liis own conceit, and of such power and magnitude, that if he should come in collis­ ion with a train of cars, they would be thrown “down the hanks” and broken into fragments, while “-----Ho, h iqli above the rest, In shape aud g e s ture proudly eminent, Stood iiko a tow e r ’’ No one need but read Mr. S ha ^ c o t t ’ s ar­ ticle, alluded to above, to-be convinced of his most marvellous perceptive powers, Sagacious penetration, and consummate abilities. List­ en, reader, for a moment, to this wonderful genius. He says : On wliat hypothesis of logic, or reasoning can the proscriptive action of the Know Nothing organization claim a position so dig­ nified, while its business is to array in actu­ al combat, members of the same family, and confirm hy oath bound expressions, such fam­ ilies in feelings of deadly political hostility to each other ; forbidding under pain gf ex- communication, or the censure of fraternity, the parent from using the right of suffrage in the election of a son to office, or the son from exercising the same blood bought right, for the political elevation of a parent. Now I think it would puzzle this five hun­ dred horse power reasoner himself, to inform the public by what means the Know Noth­ ing organization “arrays in actual combat members of the same family,” or “such fam­ ilies in feelings of deadly political hostility to each other,” any more than the organization of the Democratic and Whig parties. Can Mr. S h a p c o t t electioneer and vote for his brother or son in the Democratic par­ ty, and still be in good standing in the Whig party ? No, if he should do this he could not even be elected dog whipper by the whig party, he could not even vote in their cau­ cuses, his brother whigs would look upon him with disdain and contempt; they would “array themselves in deadly hostility to him for his treachery to their principles, and in­ consistency as a politician ; he would be branded as a traitor and a liar, and excom­ municated from his party. This has ever been the “dignified position ” of the Democratic and Whig parties. Can the K. IX. party do more than this ? Can they occupy a more “degraded position” than this most wonder­ ful, ‘immaculate’ Mr. S h a p c o t t now occupies for he is a Whig ? There lie sits, calling for the evidence to dislodge him from his pres­ ent degraded position, and unless he is dis­ lodged he will entertain the most “grave and merciless opinion” of the Know Nothings. Oh ! Mr. S h a p c o t t ! what a cruel and un­ feeling man you are ! and how bad the Know Nothings will feel when they reflect that a conceited man like you has a very bad opinion of them. As Mr, S h a p c o t t seems anxious to have his name appear in public print, perhaps he will favor the readers of the Daily Ad­ vertiser with an essay, of course, over his own signature, upon the undignided position occupied by that good, upright, sagacious W a s h i n g t o n , and -that plain Thomas -TefYer- gon, and the moral wickednesg of that much bellied) eloquent and immortal Declaration of Independence, for so long “arraying in ac­ tual combat,” and w ith “feelings of deadly political hostility to each other,” that calm, serious, unpresun ling, good old brother Jona than, with that haughty, sell-conceited, bad­ ly whipped “John Bull.” Mr. S h a p c o t t ’ s views and sentiments may be most offensive, they may wound the feel­ ings of Americans, and his offence may sink him into utter insignificance, and his return to private life may be a return to obscurity, from which be may never emerge ; but to the darkest notoriety of an imputed offence, yet these are nothing compared with the im­ portance of appearing often in public print, and showing a morose and unmeaning oppo­ sition to the Know Nothings. Auburn, April 3d, 1855. SH A RP EYE. CINCINNATI ELECTION. The result of the election held in Cincin­ nati on Monday is given below. By acci­ dent, we did not receive a paper yesterday containing any intelligence from Cincinnati. It is deplorable that riots, bloodshed and loss of life resulted from the excitement .attending the contest. The N. Y. Times says; The loss of life was not kuown at our la­ test despatch. It seems that a Dr. Brown was assaulted at the Eleventh Ward poll by the foreigners, and severely beaten. Nor was this the worst of the popular outbreak. The Germans and Irish, who muster strong in Cincinnati, turned out with a loaded can­ non, which was immediately seized upon by the Know Nothings, and the gun turned and directed upon their opponents. The Know Nothings took the streets in procession, and ordered a general rendezvous in the Eleventh Ward during the night. The aggressive movements which result­ ed in the riots and their consequences began, in every instance, with the foreign bom pop­ ulation, and the responsibility rests upon them. It presents only another proof of the necessity that now exists for Americans to keep this dangerous element in check. A despatch, dated Cincinnati, April 3d, is as follows: Cincinnati Charter Election—Frauds- Cincinnati, April 3. Our muncipal election is still undecided,— frauds have been discovered in the 12th ward, where it is proposed to throw out the entire vote, which will give Taylor, American can­ didate. about 100 majority. Had the entire vote of the city been counted, the whole Democratic ticket would have been elected by 500 to 1000 majority. There was no more rioting after the close of our despatch last night. It is supposed that 10 or 12 persons were either killed or mortally wounded, and the only wonder is that the loss of life was not greater, pistols being discharged indiscriminately. I t was altogether tlie most disgraceful election day ever experienced in this city. LATER. The following is the sequel to the election disturbances j’esterday: It- was found tliat the ballot-box in the 12th ward contained 55 more tickets than there were names on the poll fists. One of the judges insisted on throwing out the vote of the ward, but the others would not agree. While the judges were counting the votes a body of men entered the room, and taking the box forcibly from them, burned the tal­ ly list in the open street. Thus the votes of the l l t l i and 12th wards were disposed of, and the remaining wards give Taylor 477 majority. The American party contend that a large ammount of illegal voting was done. It is reported that Mr. Taylor will not accept the office under the circumstances. SECOND DESPATCH ANOTHER RIOT APPRE­ HENDED. Cincinnati, April 3—9 p. m . Our community continues intensely excited. The cannon taken from the Germans yester­ day by the Americans was quietly convey­ ed from the public landing this afternoon by the former. An immense number o f people have assem­ bled in Fifth Street Market Place. They have sent a committee for the cannon, which had been taken to Freeman’s Hall, and pass­ ed resolutions that if it tvas not delivered forthwith, they would go and take it. This they appeared determined to do, and a seri- ous riot seems unavoidable. “iSAM” ON HIS TRAVELS. T h e R o c h e s t e r U n i o n a n d S e n a t o r G oodwin . —Not long ago, the Rochester Union professed to be put in possession of reliable authority for charging upon the Rev. Mr. G oodwin , Senator from the 29th Dist., the vile practice of wholesale plagiarism of Sermons delivered b y him, a t various times and in different places. As we doubt the re­ liability of the authority referred to, we will thank the Union to give the name of the au­ thor of these grave charges against Mr. G oodwin . We think it should do so, as a matter of simple justice. I mmigration . —During the past month 15,677 alien emigrants arrived at New York. This was a decreese on the March imigration in 1854. The Commissioners of Emigration estimate that the German emigration for 1855 will be about 175,000 and the Irish do., about 60,000. The whole number of alien passengers who arrived there during the year, was 319,223— being 34,278 more than tbe year preceeding. D e a t h o f M r s.D u n igan.— ISI ts . Dunigan, of whose brutal heating by her husband in Albany, we have published an account, died yesterday morning of her wounds. A prelimi­ nary examination of Dunigan has been had, without eliciting any important particulars, other than what we have already published. “ S a m ” i n W e s t c h e s t e r C o u n t y . —Old Weschester came out of the town contests last week gloriously triumphant over all opposition—Fusion, illegal voting, &c.— The Americans carried 13, and their pressed opponents 10, of the towns. Election in Rhode Island. An election for State Officers, General Assembly and two members of Congress, takes place in Rhode Island to-day. “Sam” has been through the State, and we may look for “good news.” “S am .” —In the recent New-Orleans char­ ter election, the Know Nothings were victo-: rious. In Calais, Me,, on Monday, the Know Nothings elected their entire ticket. F i r e i n M id d l e b u r g h , S c h o h a r i e C o u n ­ t y — On Sunday morning last,five dwellings, three stores, and the Lutheran Church, in the village of Middleburgh,Schoharie county, were destroyedby fire. IN CONNECTICUT. New Haven, Aprii 3. The result of the election in this State is the choice of four Know Nothing and Whig Congressmen, 18 of the 21 State Senators, and about two-thirds of the Representatives —all of the same party. No choice for Governor has been made by the people, the vote for the Democratic and Know Nothing candidates being about even. Bridgeport, April 3. Thirteen towns in Litchfield countySsends 22 Know Nothings and 2 Whig Representa­ tives, the m a j o r i t y Tor \Welch in the above towns is 1000, I n t h e 1 7 t h D i s t r i c elected State Senator. Hartford, April 3—10 f . m , Sufficient returns have been received to make certain the election of all the Know Nothing and W h ig Congressmen. Minor lias the highest vote for Governor, election by the Legislature is certain. Ilis IN MARYLAND. Baltimore, April 3. A t the municipal election at Annapolis yesterday, the Know Nothing ticket was elected hy an average majority of 9. IN OLD DURIP. Schenectady, April 3, Abel Smith is elected Mayor by over 200 majority. IN SOUTH CAROLINA.. Columbia, S. 0. April 3. The election for Mayor in this city result­ ed in the choice of Arthur who is claimed as a Know Nothing by 130 maj. S o l d A g a i n . —The editor of the Auburn American, rejoicing at the exit of “the stor­ my month of March,” in his Saturday’s is­ sue says: “His death will be peaceful, and to-mor­ row morning we shall greet bright, genial, fickle, showery April.” That “to-morrow morning” was Fool’s day, and if our cotemporary wasn’t fooled in his anticipation of a “bright, genial, fickle, showery April,” then was no man ever fool­ ed. It was one of the most blustering, snowy, gloomy, cold and terrible days we’ve had for three months. Cold enough to freeze a pump handle—windy enough to blow one’s nose—off;—and snowy enough to make one think of Iceland, Greenland, and the North Pole. “Bright, genial, showery ?” Ugh! Hindoo, your no prophet. But we know that this isn’t the first time that Smith has been “ taken i n !” — Syracuse Journal. That’s so ! and it “all comes oF’ associat­ ing, for an hour or two, with such a confirm­ ed “woolly” as neighbor S human , of the Journal. He “took us in” on Saturday evening, beyond a peradventure—but he fool­ ed himself in fooling us, and a in ad­ vance of April, at that. Providing himself and us with tickets for Prof somebody’s “Automical Exhibition,” he undertook to make them “pass muster” at Corinthian Hall as “open sesumes” to the Kunkell Con­ cert, and thus gain a little credit for editori­ al courtesy 1 He got in, because he was “at home,” and could “run his face” with impu­ nity ; but we were overhauled for imposing on good nature ! We offered the ticket in perfect confidence, having never looked at it, and had to face the charge of a deliberate attempt to play off a rather too practical joke. The upshot of the whole matter was, that neighbor S human was obliged to pay for us both ! As he probably never did such a thing before, we were most happy in hav­ ing it in our power to console and sooth him. But he has scarcely got over it yet. K illed .—Mrs. M a r g a r e t Fox was killed on Saturday afternoon last, at Elmira, by being caught between two trains running in opposite directions—one a frieght train, and the other the express. She was shockingly mangled, and did not long survive. I t is rumored that Miss Anne C. Lynch, the authoress, of New York, is about to be united in tlie bonds of matrimony with Prof Betta.— Exchange. We will Betl-a bright dollar tha it is mere- H« ivy Robbery in a House of HI-fame—A Rick Hew York Merchant Involved. On the night of the 23d inst., a rich mer­ chant o f Wifiiam-jstreet, was prevailed upon by a Cyprian, residing at No. 160 Duane- street, to visit her in a confidential manner. While enjoying her society, he was robbed of no less a sum than $2,500 in bills o n the Mercantile Bank. The person whom h e thus confidentially visited is named C atharine S m i t h , but a confederate of her’s, named M ary H odges , who, under pretext,remained in the room during the confidential inter­ course, is suspected of being the actual thief. Both the Cyprians were brought before Judge O s b o r n e and held to answer.— N . Y. Paper. The name of the c rich merchant” is care­ fully suppresed in all the N . Y. papers.— And it was suppressed becausehe, was “rich.” Had he been an obscure merchant, a me chanic, or a man in any o f the humbler walks of life, his name, regardless of the feelings of h is family or friends, would have been bruited abroad, and published far and near. Such is the defference the world pays to full purses ! E x e c u t i v e S e s s i o n .— The Senate h o l d s a n Executive Session to-day—the last but one prior to the close o f the Session of the Leg­ islature. The Register of this a. m. s a y s : Few nominations of importance have as yet been confirmed, and there e x ists con­ cerning the most o f those that have been sent to the Senate a remarkable degree of uncertainty, growing out of the astounding disclosures that have been made touching the conduct of the Executive and his advis­ ers. Never before have public affairs been plunged into a condition so totally unre­ lieved by a single feature of sound judgment, settled purpose or enlightened regaid for the general welfare, as at the present time. Of tlie nominations now before the Senate, it may be said w ith truth, that as a general thing they are either unfit or were made un­ der circumstances that should discredit them with the Senate. The Senate therefore meets to-day under peculiar circumstances. The eyes of the whole state are turned upon it, to discover wheter its action shall vindicate its reputa­ tion or confirm the suspicions so freely cast upon that body, and in which every member necessarily* more or less shares. S a c r e l i g i o u s R o b b e r y . The Albany Express says, “ St. Joseph’s (R. C.) Church, on the corner of Lumber and Pearl streets, was entered on Sunday morning, between 3 and 5 o’clock, and robbed of tbe sacred ves­ sels. Tlie thieves entered through the base­ ment and got into the Church from the school room. A ll the silver ware and other valuables, the ornaments from the vest­ ments, &c., were taken ’away, amounting in value to upwards of $300. N o traces of the impious villians has been had.” One of the stolen vessels—the censer— was found in a pond and restored. Five young men have been arrested on suspicion of perpetrating this vile deed of sacrilege. J52£*“I n f e r n a l S c a m p s .” —Senator D ick­ inson, one of the\fcoarsest m ost abusive and ill-mannered political hacks that ever dis­ graced our State Legislature, indulged in the remark, in the Senate yesterday, that the “Know Nothings” were “Infernal Scam ps !” In view of thefact that Gov. C lark , whose in­ timate friend Senator D i c k i n s o n professes to be, is him self a “Hindoo,” we are a little curious to see how he, with others, will rel­ ish the blackguard, loaferish and disgraceful epithet of “Infernal Scamps.” If this abusive and passionate old man retains any true friends, they should restrain him in his unseemly and debasing ravings in tbe Senate Chamber. .. N eal D ow E lected . —Neal Dow was elected Mayor of Portland, Me., yesterday. The votestood,Dow 1904,McCobb 1830. The Know Nothing vote was thrown for Dow.— Four Dow and three opposition Aldermen are elected. The Councils stands, 10 Dow, 9 opposition, two vacancies. T he T emperance B ill . — Yesterday af­ ternoon, the Temperance bill was taken up the Senate on its third reading. An amend­ ment was adopted allowing the State agents to sell in original packages o f fifteen gallons. A proposition to extend the quantity to thirty gallons was rejected. T he J ewish P assoyer ,—This week is the Jewish. Passover^ I t w ill \be ohsex-ved among the Israelites, in commemoration of the de- parture of the children of Israel from Egyp­ tian bondage and slavery. T h e T e m p e r a n c e B i l l . —Four o’clock P . M., to-day, is the hour fixed for taking the question on the Temperance BiU. O c c u p a t i o n s . —Of the 461,000 emigrants who reached our shores in 1854, 134,396 had no occupation whatever. There were cnly 31,470 mechanics in the whole number.— About 83,000 were laborers, and about the same number were farmers. + J ust S entence . —A’ monster in human form, at Ann Arbor, Mich., named Doty, who was arrested last week, was tried and convicted of incest, and on Saturday last re­ ceived his just sentence of 15 years in tho State Prison. The people of Iowa, a t their recent election, seem to have declared in favor of the Maine Law. The damage done to the Albany Catholic Orphan Assylum by the late gale will be full $5,000. T he O ld S oldiers — -The Washington Star states that on one day, recently, about 3,000 applications for bounty land warrant* were received a t the Pension Office. £ 2£*Tlie storm of Friday and Saturday last-, produced a freshet in the Hudson a t Al­ bany. A heavy rain would inundate all “Sturgeondom.” \We are indebted to Senator B r o o k s for very valuable public documents. T he G ale on Sunday night was severe on Lake Ontario, and quite destructive to a number of vessels; some were wrecked, and others driven into tbe ice or ashore. N o lives were lost. j£337The “Hutchinson Family” are sing­ ing in New York, with their usual success. y j y The hundred days of the present session of the Legislature will be completed on Wednesday next. We are glad of it.— The Buffalo Commercial Advertiser says:— We hear that some of the members pro­ pose to prolong the Session a few days be- 3’ond the period contemplated by the con­ stitution, under pretence of making up the week’s time spent in tbe excursion t<v New York. We trust .this idea is not seriously entertained; or if it is, that it wiH give way to the sober second thought on the subject. The sooner they adjourn the better, after passing the supply bill. We are always in danger of to'o much litigation. L o c k p o r t . — After a week’s canvassing,the Fusionistsahave been able t o obtain the sig­ natures of 157 of the near 2000 voters in this town, to a call for a Fusion Caucus. This, with tbe 400 hundred Irish CathoHc votes here, will n o t vary much from their strength in the town. We assure our friends in the country that they will hear a gOcd report from us a t the town meeting.— Courier. ffgc\~We find the following in the Albany Transcript. W e know what it means, b u t we won’t t e l l :— “N I X CUM YYEEZEN CULLY. Frida-O- Nnrtefi 435.”

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