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Seneca County courier-journal. (Seneca Falls, N.Y.) 1902-1944, April 26, 1928, Image 3

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JRun SuMdays Harry Jarry, General Passenger Agt. Grand Central Terminal, New York. An apple orchard makes ideal range for growing chickens. Uncle Ab says that the world needs more folks to whom no one is a stranger. W a n t e d — Married man by year on Evans fruit farm in Tyre. Good wages and privileges. Telephone 29-W -31. Good farming, plus the silo, are New York’s main weapons of ‘offense and defense against the European corn borer. THE SENECA COUNTY COUlUffiR-JOURNAL Assistant Grand. Lecturer Frank W. Hyde will make his official visit to Ovid Chapter Roy­ al Arch Masons, on Thursday evening, May 3rd. The officers of Salem Town Chapter, No. 173, will confer the Royal Arch degree. Mrs. Agatha Drum, county tuberculosis and public health nurse, gave an interesting talk on her work in Seneca county.at the weekly meeting of the Seneca Falls Rotar}’- Club Tuesday noon at the Hotel Gould. M. A. Near­ pass was chairman of the meet­ ing- Sa-go-ye-wat-ha Chapter, the Daughters of the American Rev­ olution, will meet at the home of Mrs. E. W. Medden in State street on Monday evening, April 30th, at 7 :30 o’clock. Miss Edith Trautman will be assisting host­ ess and Miss Alice Bocker chair- Have you seen the new leaflet. No. 17, on “ Cooking Beef ac­ cording to the Cut” ? It is issued free by the U. S. Department of Agriculture. One^of the recom­ mendations made in it is that a thermometer should be used in roasting ribs of beef, in order to tell whether they are rare, med­ ium, or well-done. This removes the element of guesswork and gives the same results every time. A hen usually lays eggs like the one she was hatched from. Three-quarters of the horSes in New York state will have to be replaced in the next ten years, predicts the state college of agri­ culture which has just issued a bulletin on breeding horses. The bulletin, itself, does not tell o( the impending shortage but gives suggestions to farmers who may be interested. It may be obtain­ ed from the college of agricul­ ture at Ithaca, N. Y ., by asking for E-165 on a postcard. HOOVER TRUITHS. New shoes which fit correctly are comfortable from the start. They do not need the process known as “ being broken in.” Since 1850 the leading states in the production of maple sugar and sirup have been, in order. New York, Vermont and Ohio. The Ladies’ Auxiliary of Sen­ eca Falls Lodge, No. 992, B. P. O. Elks., will hold a pastry sale at the Electric Shop on Saturday May 5th. Stevenson Brothers have mo­ ved their battery station from East Fall street to the Sullivan block at the corner of Fall and Walnut street. The biggest factor in control­ ling diseases and parasites among young chicks is cleanliness'. Chicks must be free from disease at the start, and the house and grounds must be clean. According to an announcement by County Clei*k George T . P u r ­ cell, ro a d tests fo r autom o b ile driv e r s w ill b e given at W a te r io o e v e r y W e d n e s d a y , w ith th e ex ­ c e p tio n o f May 28th and July 2d, W'hen they will be held on Thurs- L i n o ie u m to g iv e th e good se r v ice, sh o u ld be hiiJ over ^ | ia M rw Y<.rk S t a te . R e c e ip ts Powhatan Lodge, No. 310, I. O. O. F., will serve one of their popular roast beef suppers, with all the trimmings, starting at 5 :- 30 Saturday. In the evening dan­ cing will be enjoyed. The Odd Fellows have an enviable reputa­ tion as good providers, and all should attend. The Mynderse Academy base­ ball nine will open its season on Saturday of this week at Shorts- vtlle. Several new members have made the team this year, and reinforced by the leading players from last year, a strong nine has been developed, and a good game may be expected. Keep your sewing machine oiled, clean, and in good running order. Learn to know its at­ tachments and how to use them. Keep your tensions and stitch ad­ justed to the kind of material you are using. Use good needles of the right size for the thread and matcrwl with which they are to be used.' Some months present so much heavier cash expense than others, it is well to look ahead and get prepared for these periods. If Easter outfits caught you unawres how about graduation ? You have a vacation fund, doubtless, but the new school term, with books to buy, and often fall cloth­ ing, follows hard on the heels of the holidays. There is one motor vehicle for every 5.13 persons in the United Slates, according to information compiled by the Bureau of Pub­ lic R o a d s , U . S . D e p a r tm e n t of A g r i c u i m r e . R e g i s tr a ti o n of m o ­ to r vcliicles h a s in c r e a s e d en o r- rn .us]\ in th e p a s t th r e e y e a r s , an d last }^ear more th a n 23,000,- 000 inuhT vehicles were regis­ tered, th e n u m b e r s in th e ditl'er- en t S t a te s ra n g i n g all th e w a y from -25,776 in N e v a d a to 1 ,9 3 1 ,- The vast majority of America is progressive. National character is the sum of the moral fibre of its individu- On this continent we are en­ deavoring to build up a civiliza­ tion of our own. Constructive government is not conducted on slogans; it is built on sound statesmanship. The danger of America aie not economic or from foreign foes; they are moral and spiritual. Only in peace of mind can man’s spirit flower and his hum­ anity expand toward his neigh- No ambitious youth of our country today need be without the highest training the land can give. The way to build a great in­ dustry and a great nation is to improve it, not to destroy i t ; this is progress. One of the first considerations o£ a young man about to engage in- his liife work should be a thought of providing for old age. The American wotaan in the kitchen does not want gifts; the most precious thing in her life is an honest-to-God job for her man. The object of our whole social and economic system is the fam­ ily and the home with its inde­ pendence, its freedom and its comfort. smooth floor in such a way that | it does not buckle, and it should be cleaned with a damp cloth wrung out of suds made with mild soap. Alkali washing powders, strong soap, or too much water, w ill ruin t.ven th e best lin o leu m . Matthew Gargan, aged thirty- five years, died Monday at the Auburn City Hospital, following a long illness. He was born here, and after tlie death of his mother, resided with his aunts, Miss Mary Gargan and Mrs. Thomas Carroll, later going to Auburn to make his home with his father, John P. Gargan, who survives him. The funeral was held this morning from St. Mary’s church, Auburn, Rev. Samuel Houghton officiating, and the re­ mains were brought here for bur­ ial in St. Cnlumbkill cemetery. from motor vehicle registrations u. .an substantial sums for road building and consequently better James H. Gagnier of Ithaca, a member of the speakers’ bureau of the New York State Parent- Teachers’ Association, gave an interesting address on '“The So­ cial Value of Play,” on Tuesday evening at the April meeting of the Parent-Teachers’ Association in the Mynderse Academy audi­ torium. Plans are being formu­ lated for the spring conference of the Finger Lakes District of the Parent-Teachers’ Association to be held in Seneca Falls on Saturday, May the 19th. Mare than two hundred delegates are expected from Cayuga, Ontario, Seneca, Yates, Tompkins and Schuyler counties. MRS. ROSE M c I n t y r e . Five hours after her husband, Charles M cIntyre, had been bur­ ied, Mrs. Rose M cIntyre, sixty- four, native of Fayette died at the family hoftie on the Slosson road, south of Geneva, Tuesday even­ ing. Death was clue to fatigue and shock at her husband’s death. Mr. McIntyre died Saturday and was buried Tuesday afternoon. Mrs., IMcIntyre is survived by one sister, Mrs. Clara Schott of Waterloo and four brothers, Wil­ liam and Peter Shuster of Sen­ eca Falls, Edvv^ard Shuster oi Rochester and John Shuster of Nebraska. The funeral will be held Irorn her late home Friday afternoon with burial in Maple Grove cemetery at Waterioo. debtoi HOMESPUN YARNS. Never use a hat iron or hot water on silk stockings. To remove egg stains Jfrom sil- v«r, rub the stain with moistened salt. Make it a rule to serve the family green vegetables at least four times a week. Adding two tablespoonfuls of orange marmalade makes lemon sauce for cottage pudding extra good. Two essentials in preparing tough meat are plenty of mois­ ture and prolonged cooking at a gentle heat. Wanted—Housework day week, enquire of Mrs. Wm. Barrup, Garden st. Lace Curtains laundried in fine shape. Phone 135-W. Mrs. C. E. Tallman, 28 Chapel street. H ouse to R ent at State street, inquire on premises. H ouse t o R e n t — Maple Street. All improvements. Will build garage for steady tenant. Enquire McKeon’s Hardware. TH^ pbofe : e of t h e sta t e of NEW YOK, B y T he G race of G od F ree and I ndependent , To Rose Fearon McGuire, hatrobe, Pa.; Joseph Fearon, 4610 C lifton Ave., Chicago, 111 .; Patrick Fearon. 7710 Home St., Cleveland, Ohio; Ed­ ward Fearon, 7710 Home St., Cleve­ land, Ohio; Elizabeth McKinne, 7710 Home St., Cleveland, Ohio; Mary A, Fearon, Holy Family Convent, Lat- robe, Pa,, the heirs and next of kin, of M ary Fearon, deceased, Send G reeting ; W hereas , Bartholomew L. Quirk who resides at the town of Seneca Falls, in the County of Seneca, has lately applied to our Surrogate’s Court of our County of Seneca to have a certain instrument in writing, bearing date Sept, 8th, 1924, relating to both real and personal estate, duly proved as the last will and testament cf Mary Fearon, who was at the time of her death a resident of Seneca Falls, in said Count3\ of Seneca. T herefore , you and each of you are cited to shov/ cause before the Surrogate’s Court of our County ot Seneca, at the Surrogate’s Office In the Village of Waterloo, in said County, on the 22nd day of May, 1928, at ten o’clock in the forenoon of that day, why the said will and testament should not be admitted to probate as a will of real and personal property. I n T estimony W hereof , we have caused the seal of our said Surrogate’s Court to be hereunto affixed. W itness , H on . L eon S. C hurch , Surrogate of said County of Seneca, at the Vil- [L. S.] l«ge of Waterloo, this 23rd day o f April, in the year of our Lord ane thousand nine hundred and twenty-eight, M abee a . F ox , . Clerk Surrogate's Court. Loek for the Beet. It your eyes look tar nothing bnt •Til, you will always evil trl- unphant; but it you have learned to let your glance rest on sincerity, siia* pleness, truth, you will ever discover, deep down in all things, the silent overpowering victory of that which you love.—Maeterlinck. -Save Money -Have Comfort BURN EMPIRE COKE Cheapest and Best Fuel Special Summer Prices New In Effect Fill Up Your Bins Now Manufactured by EMPIRE GAS & ELEC. CO. Distrbuted by Headley Coal Company Be Sure its “EMPIRE COKE” ^ * |1.69;per windOw ip i e F a s c in a t in g D iv e r s it y o f C r e t o n n e s ' Tn’'Our drapery dephrttnent gives you as wide a range of choice hs you could Wish in dainty effects for hangings, slip covers*'' bedspreads, pillows or lamp shades. OuMljJies are as fine as'the patterns arc desirable, and all are pleasingly p r ic^ **Eo«rything for th e Home*’ , To* Little Kindness >n World. X wonder why It is w e are not aS kinder than we are? How nrach the woi’Id needs It! How easily it ia done! How infallibly it is remem­ bered! How superabundantly it j itself back! Por there is no del in the v/orld so honorable, so superb iy honorable, as love. “Tjove never talleth,”—Professor Dnimmond. ■; ©I' Pswgress I' i' !l W L@t Us Supply Your ©rug iasd s Be'khie ©rugs at K^glit Prices :: R : 7 c /u.'. ’v L-:iri:U‘OTy ■ L .I T 1 k T Home Made Candy 60 Cents a pound Norris’ fChocolate $1.00 and up -r ’7 experimenting, — proving > mci?. e x p e r i - -- j,-' telo p lio n e appara^ ..-JJ uaJ.'.T actual service cciiditions VISIT OUR Soda Fountain For Cooling Drinjes, Ice Cream and Dainty Dessorta Ice Cream by the qttart CRAYTON’S DRUG STORE “In Business For Your Health*’ Hotel Gould Building xin , x'lchquv looking 6cvi:.x — aacl there the tele-- phone was horn. .Today, instead of a small attic -witli two scientists at work, there are the greatBcliTelephone Laboratories7'Ne’w York, occupying an. entire ' city Block, the centralized ex­ perim ental and proving grounds for all of the Bell System companies, of which the New York Telephone Company is one. Here, over a ,000 scientists are ever at work—ceaseless- Electronic Physics for the benefit of ail Bell telephone In these labora.' tories have been horn someci thescientific marvels of the day. As a result it is as easy to telephone across tiiecmintryor theAtlanticastocall a friend around the • corner. And here too one may confidently look for the far- reaching discoveries of the future that will make the tele­ phone an even inore valuable part of modem existence. iVEW YORK TELKPtlOIVE COAIPAIWY

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