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THIi SEMECA c o u n t y COURIERrJOURNAl The Courier - Journal SENECA FALLS, N. Y. 01d«st KepubUcan Paper ki Seneca County. Entered as seoond-olass matter at postofflce, Seneca Falls. N. Y.. under Act of Congress, March 3. 1979. J. D. POLLARD - EDITOR PUBLISHED EVERY THURSDAY BY Tbe Jonrnal PnblisMng Co ( uhitbd ) A mcb B. P ollard , - President. J. D. PotLABD, Sec. and Treas. CLARY BLOCK. SENECA FALLS. N.' Y. T E R M S : County Subscribers, $5.00 when paid in adyance Snbsoiibers outside the county, (1.00 per year postage prepaid; Supsoriptlea far six months, $1.00 in adyanee. RATES FOR ADVERTISING Ifede Known Upon Application CHURCHES FIRST PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH, 1 Rev. Robert D. Merrill. Pastor The Light Bearers Band will meet in the Junior Room on Friday after- Saturday, which is Young Peo­ ple’s Day, will be devoted to plans and practice for the pageant which is planned for the afternoon of Christmas Day. At the morning servi^ of the church at 10:30 on Sunday, Decem­ ber 18th, the subject of the sermon will be “An Expectant Creation.” The Sunday School will meet, includ­ ing the Philathea Class for women and the Tower Class for men, at 11:50. The Christian Endeavor de­ votional meeting will be held at 6:00 It is planned to hold the Christmas exercises of the Sunday School on Thursday evening next week, De­ cember 22nd; they will take the place of the regular mid-week meet- MIETHODiST CPISCOPAI. CHURCH. Rev. H. G. Burley, Pastor Sunday—10:30, Morning worship. The pastor will preach on the theme “The Name Above Every Name.” Special music. 12:00 - Bible School j will convene for ail grades, A grow- i ing attendance reveals the interest in this important department of the church. 6:00—Epworth League de­ votional service. Topic “Can Your Town Be a Bethlehem?” Leader, Mrs. Elliott B. Kibbey. 7:00 - Eve­ ning worship. “Jesus—The Utter­ most Saviour” will be the pastor’s theme. Help to fill the church for your sake as well us Christ’s sake. Thursday night is the regular prayer meeting service. “The Most Beautiful Book Ever Written’’ is being studied. Prayer meeting room nearly full last week. Fill it next week. Friday evening, December 23rd. the Christmas exercises in charge of the Bible Svhool will be held. San­ ta Claus has promised to be present Friday afternoon and Satnrday of this week, December 16th and 17th, the Ladies’ Aid will hold a clearance sale of Christmas gifts in the win­ dow of the Empire Gas & Electric Company. There will be many bar­ gains in beautiful homemade gifts. of the meeting is to elect two trus­ tees to succeed Claude L. Palmer and Warren Leland, whose terms of office expire at that time. A deaaon will also be elected to succeed Fred Penn, deceased; one member of the church committee to succeed Mrs. Ida Harrison; a church clerk to suc­ ceed Mrs. Doroahy Andrews: and a treasurer^ of the Church Benevo­ lence FunS to succeed F. J. Medden, all of whose terms expire December 31st, 1927, and to transact such oth­ er business that may come before the meeting. B A P T I S T CH URCH Rev. Wm. Howes. Pastor Sunday—Morning worship at 10:30 with sermon by the pastor on “ Why God Identified Himself With Man?” Sunday School at 11:45 with classes for all. Young People’s meeting at 6. Subjeet “God’s Kindness and Our Own.” Evening worship at 7 o’clock. Midweek service Thursday even­ ing at 7:80. A welcome is extended to all who do not worship elsewhere. CHRISTIAN SCIENCE. Services Sunday 11a. mi., in No. 3 Fisher Theatre Building. Subject “Is the Universe, Inciuding Man, Evolved by Atomid Force?” Midweek services including testi­ monies of Christian Science healing are held the first Wednesday of each month at 8 P. M. The public is cordially invited to these services. TRINITY EPISCOPAL Rev. W. B. Clarke, D. D„, Rector The Services next Sunday, the Fourth Sunday in Advent, will be: Holy Communion at 8:00; Church School at 9:45; and Morning Prayer wish sermon at 11:00. AMENDMENT RESULTS. CONGREGATIONAL CHURCH. Rev. H. R. Coleman, Pastor Thursday at 7:30 o’clock, the mid­ week prayer meeting. Topic “The Parable e f the Good Samaritan.” Sunday, December 18th—Morning worship at 10:30. Sermon topic: ^‘Getting Ready for Christmas.” Sunday School at 12 noon. Christian Endeavor meeting at 6 o’clock. To­ pic “ Kindliness.” The Sunday School department will have special exercises on Friday evening, December 23rd. The annual meeting of the Church Society will be held in the lecture room on Friday evening, December 30th, ot 7:30 o’clock. The purpose Counties outside of New York City did not have much to say, so it seems, when the final count was made of the vote on the pro­ posed amendments to the State Constitution. In other words, the tremendous vote cast by New York City simply swung the tide. This fact became decidedly plain when the State Board of Canvas­ sers met here this week in the office of Secretary of State Moses, and proceeded to affix their sign­ atures, one and all, to the tabula­ ted statements. Here’s a fair sample of what happened. Twen­ ty-five counties voted against the Executive budget, and yet the amendment was carried by i,- 291,990 to 446,107 with New York City voting 788,834 favor­ able and 101,945 against the amendment. The same story might be told of all the other amendments. The one relating to the cit}*- debt limit was carried in but eight counties, but New York City was for it, and it went across by 961,- 632, to 799,867, with New York City contributiing 653,199 in its favor and 244,830 against. The grade crossing amendment was carried four to one, while the amendment increasing the salar ies of the Governor, Lieutenant Gov u'lior and legislators, though d_it:ated in no less than 49 coun­ ties, won out with about 400,000 votes to spare. There were 23 counties against the amendment making the Gov­ ernor the head of the Executive Department, which was carried by a vote of nearly three to one. Every county downed the pro­ posed amendment on the four year term. There were 42 conn- ties against allowing the construc­ tion of a road up Whiteface Mountain, but New York city stepped in and the amendment won out by more than 400,000. The amendments relative to the condemnation by counties of land and the annexation of territory by cities went over by a vote of two to one. PERSONALS —Mrs. L. H. Hood will entertain the Auction Bridge Club next Mon­ day afternoon. —Mrs. Alice L. Cutter of Roches­ ter is visiting Miss Mary A. Flana­ gan for a few days. —Miss Anne Bartlett of Provi­ dence, R. L., is visiting Mrs. John Nealy at the Hotel Gould. —Mrs. John S. Gay entertains the Five Hundred Club this afternoon at her home in Prospect street. —J. T. Fredenburgh of Hartford, Conn., is the guest of his sen, Paul Fredenburgh in West Fall street. —Miss Anne B. Swaby and Fred­ erick Swaby have gone to the Hotel Gould for the remainder of the winter. -Mrs. Adelaide P. Guion and Mrs. Hamilton Garnsey left Wednesday for a visit with Leroy P. Guion in Boston. —Clarence A. Watling of Wash­ ington, D. C., is visiting his sister Mrs. Edward L. Guion in South Park street. -Mr. and Mrs. Fred Krebs of Skaneateles were guests the past week of Dr. and Mrs. Harry L. Belcher. —Mrs. W. A. Howes returned home Monday evening after spend­ ing a few days with relatives in Os­ wego county. -Miss Stella E. Sharpe has been a recent guest of her brother. Prof. Clayton H. Sharpe and family at White Plains. Mrs. William Vreeiand entertain­ ed the Zealous Circle of the Kings Daughters of the First Presbyterian church, Monday evening at her home in West Fall street, -Neil Eddison Smith and Miss Doris Ellen Coe, both of Tioga, Pen- sylvania, were married at 8 o’clock Wednesday evening, December 7th, in the Baptist church by the Rev. W. A. Howes, pastor of the church. The happy couple were accompanied by B. W. Bettis and Miss Mildred Smith of the same place. —The estate of William Waldo, who was killed in an automobile Oc­ cident on the Ovid road several weeks ago, has received a check for $1,000 in settlement of a policy is­ sued by the Rochester Times-Union. This policy was written by a repre­ sentative of the Times-Union in March, 1927. Conquering Death and Change. To take into the inmost shrine of the soul the Irresistible force whoso puppets wo seem to be—^Death, and Change, the Irrevocability of a van­ ished past, the powerlessness of man before the blind hurry of the universe from vanity to vanity—to feel these things and know them is to conquer them.—Bertrand Russell. Neat Way to Put !t. Alice was calling on grandmother, and announced her intention of going home to make ready for Bessie’s party, “May I go to the party with you?” asked grandmother. Alice shook her head sadly. “Why not? Am I too old?” “Not too old,” said Alice, “huf your face will not match the chil­ dren’s-” That Fixed Gaze. When a woman gazes fixedly at her husband it doesn’t necessarily mean that she' is admiring either bis manly form or his noble features. Th* -GRANGE OFEICERS. The newly elected officers of Seneca Grange, No. 44, and of Seneca Juvenile Grange, No. 29, were installed Saturday evening, by O. J. Anderson, Master of Seneca County Pomona Grange, assisted by Mrs. L. B. Hedden and Mr. and Mrs. Augustus Bentley. L. R. Shuster was in­ stalled as master, starting on his third year of service. The other officers include U. L. Seekell, overseer; Marjory Cory, lectur­ er ; Heber J. Hyde, steward; Charles S. Fegley, assistant steward ; George Reamer, gate­ keeper; Mrs. Remington Hill, chaplain; A. P. Haney, treas- ujer; Fay Bentley, recording secretary ; Ada Wilson, Ceres; Edna Shuster, Pomona; Dorothy Robenolt, Flora ; Mrs. Webster Kuney, lady assistant steward ; Mrs. L. R. Shuster, pianist, and Fred J. Johnson, member of the executive committee. Officers of the Juvenile Grange installed were : Ross Irland, master; Harold Sanderson, over­ seer ; Catherine Bentley, lecturer; Aileen Deming, chaplain ; Frank Wilkes, treasurer ; Elizabeth Freeland, secretary ; Louise Bentley, steward ; Claire Hoster, assistant steward ; Viola Shuster, lady assistant steward; Arlene Bentley, Ceres; Thelma Beat- ley, Pomona ; Irma Johnson, Flora; Richard Markell, gate­ keeper; Mrs. Herbert Freeland, matron, and Mrs. Augustus Bent­ ley, assis’;ant matron. House for Rent in Elm street. City water, gas and electricity. Apply at 48 East Bayard street F o r R e n t . — House centrally located. Improvements. Apply 41 State Street. Field for Ambition. \Tea father,” he said to old Mr. Hayseed. “I've graduated, and my edu- eation is complete. I s’pose I know about everything. Now I must choose a field where my abilities can be used V) the best advantage. I want a large field where I will have plenty of room.” \Son replied the old man, “there la the ten-acre cornfield, and you kjn have It all to yourself.” Rally Pollah. At least one little girl la New ToriH la la line for a dlplomatlo position when the government decides to ad« mlt feminine aspirants to the corps. Bhe was sitting on a park bench the other afternoon. In company with ,an* other child about her own age. There was evidently some disagreement be­ tween them, and suddenly the dis­ creet maiden turned to her obnoxious companion, smiled sweetly, anid said: “Well, if one of us should get ofi this seat. I’d have more room.” chances are that she is looking him over in an effort to discover grease spots on nls clothing.—Topeka Cai»i« tal Look for the Best. If your eyes look for nothing but svil. you wUl always see evil tri­ umphant; but il you have learned to let your glance rest on sincerity, sim­ pleness, truth, you will ever discover, deep down in all ihings, the silent overpowering victory of that which you love.—Maeterlinck, Mauser Rifle^ The Mauser rifle was invented by the Mauser brothers, who were born In Wurttemberg, Germany. In 1SG7 the brothers left Germany and set­ tled in Liege. The Spani h troops in the Spanish-American war were armed with It, and derived great ad­ vantage in effective rifle fire over the American volunteer regiments armed with the Springfield .45. Professional Jealousy. “Guess I’ll have to get rid of soma of my household treasures.^’ “How so?” “The parrot is JtNslous of th« phonograph.”—^Puck. Proof. The lecturer raised his voice. “1» Is my belief, and I venture to a&Sert It,” he declared, “that there isn’t a man in this audience who has ever done anything to prevent the destruo* Hon of our vast forests.” A rather timid, henpecked looking man quietly arose in the rear of the hall and said: ‘T—er— shot woodpeckers.”—Bl» Remember Only Today. Finish every day and be done with tt. You have done what you could. Some blunders and' absurdities n» doubt crept in; forget them as soon aa you can. Tomorrow Is a new day; gin. It well and serenely and with toa high a spirit to he cumbered with your old nonsense. This day is all that if good and fair- It is too d ^ with Its hopes and aspirations to > a s te a mo­ ment upon the yesterdai7|—Bmereon. J Knew What VYculd Happen. Monsieur wanted the piotJre r.unS do the right; raadame v-anted it on the loft B u t rnc.nsi«=ur in s isted th s t the servant slhould hang the picture ao cording to his orders, Con.?eaueutly Joseph stuck a nail in the wjill Oil the riglu. but this done, he also went and stuci; t'nothcr on the left. “Whnt is that second nail for?” his raastc.'' In- ■^uired in astonishment, \It's t.> sav« me the trouble of fetching the ladder tomorrow when monsieur will have some round to the views of madamo.* Elbert Hubbard's Creed. ' \I believe t h a t no one can hai*m us but ourselves, that sin Is misdirected •aergy, that there is no devil but fear, and that the universe is planned for food. I believe that work is a blepih lag, that winter is as necessary aa summer, that night is as useful as day, that death is a manifestation of life, and just as good. I beHeve in yen and I believe in a Power that la taa ourselves that makes for our rlghb sousnasB.’' Farmhouse Conveniences. A sink with hot and cold water over tt ie a great convenience, but If this Is not to be had in a country home, pumps leading from both cistern and well may be had, so that steps may be saved by not having to carry wa­ ter from the outside. There ought to be a drain to carvy away all surplus water and slops from the sink. this Christmas last for tkausan^s of miles Buick for 1928 combines exquisite beauty with unmatched get-away, power and handling ease. Step into our showroom today and select the model which is best suited to your family’s needs. Pay on the liberal G. M. A. C. time payment plan. We’ll make delivery on Christmas day—or whenever you prefer. -a'Puickfor ( j ^ h r i s t m a s M. A. NEARPASS Seneca Falls, N. Y. fT- mnes$ fo r 3^' a a2;er-l ihree or four cents a j : L-;/ou caa aiake y our ’iviioie .^ay ^'i«Ierry C k risliiias.” Liglit uip yoxix’'wiiidows w itli tw inkH sig Clii-lstm as w r e a th s . Strlna: elaecrfix’i electric yOiir sixrabbery. Floocl-ilglit the out­ side c f yom’ Iio?r>,e in glov.’ii3g,eolofS, Electricity i.s so cheap, yon can afford to nse it freely, in t e r c o n ­ nected power plants of the Buffalo, Niagara'and Eastern System bring Niagara Po^ver Service t o yon at the lowest possible cost. Compared with other necessities, Niagara Power Service is the big­ gest bargain you buy. Make it serve yon in every possible way. N iagara , L ockport and O ntario P ower C ompany NIAGARA SERVICE 208 B I T F A L Q , 'I , y: ■

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