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Seneca County courier-journal. (Seneca Falls, N.Y.) 1902-1944, September 29, 1927, Image 3

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r> ■ I THE SENECA COUNTY COUEIER-JOURNAL The Courier- Journal SEN E C A FAi.} .i dvfrAJQg Mcdfw the County tra.' Raiirc80 .me Table. liter SunOfty. Ja.. 3rd, 1936, trains will pass Seneca Fa b as follows : W estward ♦Express ......... 6:25 a j » - IH i ij 1 Express*” ***. 8:31 AM 3.23 pm Acoom ......... 'Express •• -1 K fsi I Express**•***• t.'OiBrir Express -• 9.33 PM 1 *Express ......... 3:8B pm •Trains run daily. Other tn d n i dally except Sunday \rr^ Qea Pass Agent New York At the meeting of Pocahontas Lodge, No. 211, F. & A. M., held Tuesday evening in M a s o n ­ ic Temple, the Master Mason de- j gree was confered on a class of i candidates. [‘.AST W A R D Acccni ___ 6 25 •■-.press.- 9 13 Express •• The United Circle of King’s Daughters of the First Presbyter­ ian church will hold a rumnoage sale the second week in October. Mrs. H. D. Knight is general chairman of the committees. ms.of the Town = l:* S i» S » 4 :-S S * t» » iS i« I S * » 3 e e e E i6 e Pay as you go and save high •credit charges. It wastes labor to leave go :>d machinery scattered around the farm. Mrs. Margaret Scollins has opened the Seneca Beauty Shop at 8 State street. Four billion pounds more milk was produced in the United States during 1926 than in 1925. Water buckets in the dairy barn pay for themselves quickly, for the cows will produce more milk Uncle Ab says it certainly is heartening to travel with a man who manages to speak well of his neighbors. Carload shipments of fresh fruit and vegetables practically doubled in number during the last eight years. The October meeting of the village board of trustees will be held next Monday evening in the municipal building. The Trinity Church Social Club will hold a pastry sale Sat­ urday afternoon at the Burritt market in Fall street. Veal will stand a little more seasoning than other meats. Be­ fore cooking season with a few drops of lem o n ju ice, as w e ll as salt and pepper. The Democratic electors will hold their town caucus at the rooms of the Business Men's As­ sociation on Monday evening, October 3rd, at 7 [45. The Seneca Falls ball nine won their first home game of the season at recreation park Sunday afternoon, defeating Lyons by a score of 12 to 5. A return game will be played at Lyons Sunday. Town Clerk Frank H. Smith has secured a supply of hunting licenses necessary for those who wish to hunt deer. These spec­ ial licenses are $1.25 each, and are necessary for big game hun • Fire Chief M. E. Hanlin, Cap­ tains John Sullivan and Joseph McKeon and twelve members of the Seneca Falls fire department were in Auburn Sunday to attend the funeral of Fire Chief Frank Hughson. Seneca Falls Lodge, No. 992, B. P. O. Elks, will meet Tues­ day evening, when the mysteries of the antlered tribe will be con­ ferred on a large class of candi­ dates. A social time and buffet luncheon will follow. Apple sauce, as well as stewed prunes, apricots and other fruits which have a pronounced flavor when cooked, makes a good des­ sert called “ sno” or “ float” com­ bined with stiffly beaten egg whites—half a cup of sauce per egg- ^ The first fall meeting of Sen­ eca Lodge, No. 104, K. of P., was held Monday evening, when plans lor the fall and winter months were outlined. Follow­ ing the meeting, a social time was enjoyed and refreshments served. T h e P a r e n t T e a c h e r s ' A s s o c ia­ tion held a m e e tin g T u e s d a y af­ ternoon in the M3mderse A c a d e ­ m y auditorium , when plans were outlined for work for the coming' year. Mrs. Howard D. Hadley, president, announced the new committees at this meeting. County Clerk George T. Pur­ cell has received the new 1928 automobile license plates. They will be ready for distribution the middle of'November. Oranges at a breakfast table, a salad at dinner, things former­ ly regarded as luxuries by famil­ ies of average means, are fast coming to be necessities. The annual clambake of Sen­ eca Falls Lodge, No. 992, B. P. O. Elks, will be held Sunday, October 2nd, at Raihsrntre on Cayuga Lake. A fine dinner will be served and a program of sports enjoyed- John Sullivan, Jr., is chairman of the committee. Many troubles that poultrymen sometimes think are due to lack of minerals are usually' caused by lack of sunlight or the vitamine furnished in cod liver oil. Mrs. Catherine Abar of Ovid street, was fined $20 Monday by ] Police Justice Thomas J. Ken­ nedy when she plead guilty to | calling a neighbor vile names. Some oi the oil used for lubri­ cating watches, clocks and other delicure in.struments is obtained from the head of the porpoise. The better grades ol neat’s-foot oil are also u-^ed similarly. Archie R. Churchill and Miss Mabel Irene Decker of Tyre were united in marriage Saturday evening, September 24th, at the Baptist parsonage by Rev. W. A. Howes. They were attended by Mr. and Mrs. Nelson Scott of Tyre, Fred Pawlik, who was appoint­ ed a member of the Seneca Falls police force a few weeks ago by the village trustees, has presented his resignation as an officer to Village Clerk John C, Humph­ rey. The vacancy will be filled by the village trustees at their October meeting. Town Superintendent of High­ ways C. W. King has placed the country roads in fine shape, us­ ing the new York maintainer to good advantage. This machine was recently purchased by' the town and is of great benefit in keeping the roads ini a smooth and passable condition. Miss Faith Moran was elected president of the Mynderse Acad­ emy Dramatic Society at a meet­ ing held yesterday. Homer Ku- ney was chosen vice president, with Miss Irene Burrill as secre­ tary and Miss Cathen'ne Gannon as treasurer. Miss Teresa Com- pitello and Mary Butcher were elected faculty advisors. Mr.s* Virginia Page of Green street, widow of Frederick M. Page, is confined to her home with bruises about the left shoul­ der which she sustained Satur­ day when she fell down stairs at her home. She is being attend­ ed by Dr. John F. Crosby. As veal chops have much less fat in proportion to lean meat than other chops, they are likely to dry out considerably in cook­ ing unless protected by a coating of bread and egg crumbs. This is the reason for serving veal chops and cutlet “ breaded.” The Republican women of Serieca Falls and vicinity will hold a luncheon at the Hotel Gould Saturday of this week at I o’clock. Mrs. E. H. Hosley, of State street is chairman of the committee. Addresses will be given by Miss Sarah Schuyler Butler, vice-chairman of the Rep­ ublican State Committee, and by Mrs, IVes, executive secretary. Less than a pound of tea a year per person is consumed in the United States. For years the tea drinkers of the nation seem to have been turning grad­ ually from green tea to black tea, but in the last year green tea im­ portations increased slightly and black tea declined. Farmers who are thinking of, buying mineral mixtures for their stock should consult a Cornell bulletin on the mineral need of farm animals before they invest much. Ask for E-130 on a post­ card addressed to the office of publication at the state college of agriculture at Ithaca, N. Y. There is no charge. The New York State Highway Department report for the week ending September 24th, shows that 35.02 miles of new roads were completed last week as com­ pared with 25.22 miles for the same perion last y'ear. This sea­ son 513.12 miles have been im­ proved t© date, compared with 404.26 miles in 1926. Trees slightly damaged by field mice will usually recover soon if the injured parts are completely covered by mounding up soil around the bases, or if paint or other material is used to prevent the wounds from drying out. When the injury is severe or the trees are entirely girdled, bridge- gi'afting should be resorted to. The total enrollment this year in the public schools of Seneca Falls is 1015 pupils, divided as follow s : M y'nderse A c a d e m y , 261 ; grades in A c a d e m y , 181 ; first ward school, 363 ; third ward school, 8 0 ; fourth ward school, 130. According to Superinten­ dent A. C. Hamilton, this is an increase of 25 over the regis­ tration last year. Columbus Day, October 12th, will be fittingly observed by the three local Italian societies, the Sons of Italy', the Mutual Benefit Society and tlie Italian-Americr.n Citizen’s Club. Frank Zona is general chairman. Band con­ certs will be enjoyed in the after­ noon, and the program will close with a grand display of fireworks in the evening at recreation park. Miss Lillian Taft, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Taft of 753 East Second street, Elmira and James Scott son of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Scott of Tyre aven­ ue, were married in German Lu­ theran church in Elmira Satur­ day, September 17th. They were attended by William Taft, broth­ er of the bride and Miss Mar­ garet McCann, both of Elmira. Following a wedding trip Mr. and Mr.s. Scott will make their home in this village. Mrs. William Yolland of 55 West Bayard street, is confined to her home with injuries about her body suffered Monday even­ ing when the car in which she was riding with her husband col- ded with one driven by Herman Stein of Waterloo, at Hosier's Corners on the Ovid road. Mr. Yolland was driving south on the Ovid road, and Stein was driving west from a side road when the accident occured. Mrs. Yolland was attended by Dr, John F. Crosby. Importaixt bu^ness in Akron Omference in Dental appointment Social a££ur Meetings, etc. These days, business and social interests are varied and ■wide-spread. It is the rush necessary to cover the territory and keep up with them that brings gray hair and nervous breakdown, . . . ®.Try this antidote. Look at your calendar pad and see how many of the things on it can be settled by telephone; remembering that a telephone call brings an immediate answer and allows the same full discussion that a personal visit does. . . . C. An hour on the telephone will settle matters that -would require days of travel. Long Dis­ tance is tlie shortest distance bet^veen two points. Seneca Grange, No. 44, will | meet Saturday evening, October j 1st, in Odd Fellows’ Temple for Iheir annual harvest supper which j will be served at 6 :3o. The reg­ ular meeting will follow, and a class of candidates will receive the third and fourth degrees. Mrs. Jessie Cory, chairman of the refreshment committee, re­ quests that each family bring sandwiches and at least one cov­ ered dish. Seneca Juvenile Grange will also meet Saturday evening. The Republican town caucus ' will be held next Monday even­ ing at 7 :30 o’clock at the rooms of the Business Men’s Association in Fall street. Candidates will be placed in nomination for the | following town officers : Supervi -1 sor, town clerk, overseer of the poor, two justices of the peace, two assessors, superintendent of j highways, collector and five con- stablv-.^, Th''* call fr>r the caucus, which is open 10 all Republican ] voters, was issued by Harry S. Fredenburgh, county chairman. A milk truck owned by G. W. Pettinghill, of Waterloo and driv­ en by his son Flarry Pettinghill, and a touring car owned by Frank Petrella ot Haigh street, collided Monday at the intersec­ tion of Bridge and Bayard streets. The impact threw several cans of milk into the road, and the pavement was covered with this fluid. Both cars were damaged. The weekly meeting of the Seneca Falls Rotary Club was held Tuesday noon at the Hotel Gould with R. A. Canfield as chairman. Walter S. Marx of Auburn, provided plenty ot en tertainment with his humorous stories. Next Tuesday evening, the meetingyvill be held at 6 130 o’clock, when the faculty of the local schools will be guests of the club. Whitman Yeaple of Roch­ ester will be the speaker. There is no foundation for the wide.‘'pread notion that fish is par­ ticularly valuable as a brain food. The idea seems to have originally gained headway because fish was supposed to contain relatively large proportions of phosphorus. There is, however, no experimen­ tal evidence to wan-ant the as­ sumption that phosphorus is any more essential to the brain than nitrogen, potassium or any other element that occurs in its tissues. Various other foods • furnish a higher proportion of phosphorus than fish'. The annual meeting of the Seneca County Branch of the New York State Charities Aid Association will be held at the county home on Thursday, Octo­ ber 6th, at 2:30 o’clock. A fine program has been arranged, the speaker being Dr. Charles H. Johnson, director of the State Board of Charities, who has just returned from Europe. His ad­ dress will be “ State Progress and Public Responsibility Toward Social Work.” The members and their friends are urged to be present, as this promises to be the finest meeting of the year. Read the Courier-Journal for local news FRIENDS Every day there is a steady in­ crease of new customers for—

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