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Seneca County courier-journal. (Seneca Falls, N.Y.) 1902-1944, August 04, 1927, Image 4

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■THE SENECA''COiaNTY GOUKlER-dOUR AL “Tune In” '' j;-- . With Success .! 1 *‘BroWcisting'^^j6sp^^ ©tie of olir'pifeasitot'dii'tie's.'** ■ ■ To \'pick' lip” 'btir kessagcs of liefp- fulness, adjust your finahci^ \wav^ lengths” to, ours,by opening an In­ terest Account hete today. This will help ydu to ”tuile in” with success. f S p N E C X ' d d t i N T TRUST COMPANY of Seneca Falls N. Y. Formerly the Exchange National Bank galley Seryice PHILADELPH lA >. '■ i \ /. V , r i p ' H E Lfehigh jValley, o p erates * convenient' day^ X. and nigiit train service to Philadelpliia with, through. Pullm an parlor and sleeping cars. Dally Trains — Standard Time L e a v e G e n e v a 11:41 a. m. 9:36 p. m . 11:21 p. m. 1:17 a. m. 9:24 a. m. Convenient connections for Atlantic City, Baltimore, Washington and the South. F o r inform a tion, etc., apply to Lehigrh Valley office, A. Kittler, Division Passenger Agent, 300 E. state street, I e h i ^ \ h l l e y Railroad Clke Route of The BlackBiamond I|e Bai|[ jif, Senp Fails Fire Proef Burglar Proof Absolute Safety may be obtained for ypur Yaluable Papers, Stocks, Bonds, Deeds, Mortgages, Wills, Insurance Policies, Notes or JeweW. Don’t leave them where they may be destroyed or'Stolen, when for a temall sum you can rent ^ box in, our , . n . i , ,, lljlPREGNABLE ,STEEL VAULTS We also have vaults especially constructed to^receive trunks and large packages ' * ' * ■ You are invited to inspect the facilities of our New Deposit Vaults Job Printing at this OffiC^ COTTAGE - cheese IN MANY DISHES. . Few people realize the diver-i sity of uses possible, with cottage. chee,se. |t is, high in nutritivp* value, containing some of all the' constituents of milk except; the: butterfat, according tp the Uni­ ted States D^j)artnj,ent of Ag;:^- culture.. Like .mii|c, it is p source of protein, which is used' to .repair .and build body tissue.‘ In salads,^ desserts or cooke^' ^iishes,. cottag.e, cheesy imay be psed to advantage’ and also as ,a basis for the main dish of ^ meaF< , Most pepple like plain ppcook- e 4 cottage cheese. .It 13 esppej-' ially pleasing in .summer, and. when blended vyilh rich, cream and a .little salt ^is.,enjoyed by jinany.. It is often eaten with.^u- gar and cream. When cream is lacking, whole milk is used to' moisten the j cheese and -sugarti ..Not only sweet cream, but sour cream or melted,butter added to' cottage cheese imjafoves its vor and increases the food value.' Cottage cheese combines nice­ ly with otherThings that give va­ riety of flavor. Berries, peaches' or other fresh, fruits may be used- in this w a y ; also canned fruits,’ pisins, cut dates or other fruits,- brown.sugar, honey, jam or maij- malade, or chopped nuts. Broken nut meats, chopped pi- mentoes, finely cut green pep­ pers, diced cucumbers, or other crisp vegetables may also be ad­ ded and mixed with the cheese.' Horseradish, onion juice and parsley 'Wake d '^ood’'*combina-' tion. Cottage cheese' may be seas­ oned well, packed into'a buttCr^- ed earthern el* enamel dish',- chill-' 'ed, turned out on a platter, and’ served in slices. Ground sa'ge makes‘a good seasoning.' ‘ 'M ix with the cheese a 'small 'quantity of fineh\ ground lef^ over ham dr corned beef 'and 'seasoh'’the''whdle ’(vith ftnustaVd. Sfervedn' slices or- turn bix- the' molded- c-heiefefe 'on‘' a boVder '-df ‘lettuce leaves.’ ’ . ; * Cottage ■ cheese lends itself es­ pecially'well to salads.' If suf­ ficient is used th’e salad rd'ay serve’-as the rfiain-dish of' the meal. 'French mayonaise,' ‘or ‘bdiled dressings, go ' well with cheese salad. The cheese, may be'formed into balls or slices; it may be molded into tiny'cups or passed through a pastry tube. Foods that combine well with cottage cheese in salads are crisp, fresh vegetables; cooked or canned vegetables; fresh, dried, canned or preserved fruit; nuts, olives, rice, potatoes. With the last two some highly flavored and bright garnish, like beets, pimentos, or green peppers should be used ; and celery, cu­ cumbers, green peppers, lettuce, or cabbage may be added to give succulence. Ground raw carrots and onions combine nicely with cottage cheese. Cottage cheese' may be used as a sandwich filling. All kinds of bread lend themselves well to cottage-cheese sandwiches. ■ The cheese may be combined with nuts, grated hard cheese, pimen­ tos, horseradish, chopped or slic­ ed olives, whole or chopped nuts, .sliced celery, chives, Spanish onionsjt v raisins, . 4ate$,/ 'prunes softenedv soaking,^-keshly crushed mint l.eqyes, honey, jelly qr^m^^mJllade. These additions may be blended with the cheeSe or may,be spi-ead in a layer ov^r V IL L A G E O F SEN E C A F A L L S , N . Y. NOTICE o F b OND s a l e ., Sealed proposals will be received by John C. Humphrey, Clerk'of the' Village dfSfeneca Falls,'N. Y., at his bfiSce in said' village, until th* n th day of July, 1927, at 7:30 p. m., for the purchase of twenty bonds of said Village, aggregating $ 40 , 000 , issued, fpr the,purchase and improvement of' a municipal building and village' hkll. Said'bonds will be of the dd-. 'ridmination of $2,000\ each' dated July list, 1927, one thereof maturing and bepopxing payable on July ist ef each and every year after such date of issue until all are paid, -^ith interest 'thereon payable semi-annually on- July fat arid January ist of each, arid every year at 31-4 per cent per, ^nqum. ^aid'bpnds will be,awarded to »the bidder who will take the sam,e^ at not less-than ^ a r and at the inter-' $st rate alibve,” and at the highest; premium, if'ahy,' and whose bid shall 'be deemed'-ibr-the best inte're^t of the Village. Proposals niust be enclosed lin ay' plain sealedv envelope marked ; ‘‘Proposals for ■;Rfunicipal B.uilding Bonds” and,mpst-be accompanied\by a certified check for •'^1,000 pa3'able to the Village of Seneca Falls, N.'^Y,,: to ensiire compliance' by the bidder' with his bid; if the bonds shall be awarded to him:, and to be returned to him if his bid is not successful. The Board of Trustees reserves the right to accept any bid or to reject any ^ or atl’bids in its discretion. Dated, June 28th, 1927. BY ORDER OP THE BOARD OF . ■ TRUSTEES, . , ■ ^ ^ J ohn , C.^ H umphrey , Village Clerk. . ^ > p-xT- 5 . I ^ Chlneae Embroidery Threads. ' *^omen should not be given booke Sn which to hide their embroidery threads,\ said Chang' Ghlh-Tung'. the old -viceroy of China, some years ago. Todlfori—or, — asked to open a school f worn* his province. ’No'w there are to in 4,000 woman .^ttnjentfj; Ik elementary, high, and npi?md schools in this ffovlnce aloria'. * ’ * ' Notice of Completion of Assess­ ment Roll. The undersigned, Ass'essors o'f the Town off Sebe'ea F a lls, Co'un-- ty o f Seneca, N. Y ., have com­ pleted their\ ‘Assessment Roll 'for th^ present year,' IhAt a 'Cnpy {hereof has be^n left at the 6ftice‘ 'df the' Town Clefk; 130 Fall; ^street, Fisher Theatre'BuildiHg,- ' Wherefit may fee exam'iri^d bj' ahy persbn from the 23rd daV of July uniil the i6th 'day of August/ 1627, from 10 a. m., uutil 4 p. m. eadi'efay. On the last tifehiioned da|y said 'Assessors will meet to hear and determinb all complaints in relation'to shcK assessmeritsj, ah'd review th-e same 'upon'the application'of any person con­ ceiving himself aggrieved'there- by. ■■ ■ ■■ ‘ Dated this 23rd day of July, TI927. ‘ ■* ■ W m . I-I. H ar T st , G eorge H. L e e t , F. W . F lem ing . Leliigh Valley’s J i Cape May, Ocean C Si^^d wadwoodi FRIDAY, AUGUST 5th and FRIDAY, AUGUST 19th Round Trip $15.84 from Aubm:n $16.02 from Geneva / ‘ 16-Daj Reium Linut. Ticketa good going gnd retumlag on «11 . The Acme of Summer Comfort is realized in a GRAVES Goncli Hammock $ 10.95 to $ 54.00 You w ill make your ' aclection here from a great variety of plain gray or khaki duck, striped or figured canvaseii o r gay cretonnes, Loyal to their calling Loyalty o f ^‘m'en of the sea” to tlieir calling ‘ is a noble tradition. So is the loyalty o f ^‘m en . of the rails” to theirs. [ Transportation, yyhether by caravan, by sea, ^ by the “pony • express” or by rail/ has ever attracted men of character and depend­ ability. Thus tp<^ay the ternt “railroad naan” means ;the same thing thp -world over-^one who faithfully discharges;his duties, and who, iii so doing, considers his responsibilities oppor- » tunities.i . i .. . ' . ‘ -Tiie fact that Kfew York Central is knowQ- . as a “railroad rnan’s railroad” is a tribute to - r the character , o f all -those who operate it, r, and to the standards of service that they have established. , New Yrik Central ^6 1 % S' /v’ t^ j j — ^ That’s' what they’re saying about the high speed, seiwice .on out-of-town calls. When you have business\'or social affairs out- of-town, try the telephone.' \ It’s quick, easy stnd mtopensi-ve— ^ n d ii gets tkii^s settled. • > ;; ; NEW yORK TELEPHONE COMPANY

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