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PAGE\ EIGHT asa--^ v-;. ii^ii&i'lfit -^erm^T^ LACK] '^^yaj^;'.;\ » Parents of Son — Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Sehwendy of Belfort are parents of a son born on Tuesday morning, Feb. 16, 1943 at the Lewis County General hospital. Parents of Daughter — Mr. and Mrs. Fred Hoage of (Lyons Falls are parents of a daughter 'born on Friday morning, Feb. 12, 1943, at the 'Lewis County General hospital. VILLAGE OF LOWVILLE TAX SALE Notice is hereby given that pur- suant to Section 126-A of the Vil- lage Law of the State of New . York and of a resolution of the Board of Trustees of the Village of Lowville, New York, duly adop- ted on the 2nd day of February, 1943, the undersigned as Clerk and Treasurer of the Village of Low- ville, New York, will sell at public auction on Tuesday, March 2, 1943, at 10: CM) a. m., E.W.T., and con- tinue thereafter to sell from day to day until said sale be com- pleted, at the office of said Clerk and Treasurer in the Bowen Block, Lowville, New York, the following parcels, lots and tracts of real estate and special franchise hereinafter described situated with- in the corporate limits of the Vil- lage of Lowville, New York, to pay and discharge taxes, interest, pe- nalties and charges which may be due thereon at the time of said sale as listed: ARTHUR, A. KARL, Block and lot bounded N., Guepe; S., 'Masonic Temple; W., State St., % acre; valuation $7100.00 $79.64 BELLINGER, LENA EST., Block and lot bounded N., Finch; E., State St.; S. Atlantic Co., V± acre; valuation $3000.00 56.75 BELLINGER, SAMUEL EST., House and lot bounded E., Nye; S., Stowe St.; vv\, Murphy; % acre; valuation $1500.00 31.03 DBKIN, DEWEY, Block and lot bounded N., Shady Ave.; E., Mill: W., Cannan; % acre; valuation $9400.00 138.55 EDIOK, BURTON, House and lot bounded N., Stewart St.; E., Lewis; W., Loson; % acre; valu- ation $2800.00 38.44 JOHNSON, ROBERRT et ux. House and lot bounded N., Hilts; S., Morse; W.,'Collins St.; % acre; valuation $2400.00 35.16 LOWVILLE GAS CORP., Build- ing and lot bounded N., Lowville Oil Co.; E. & S., NYCRR; W., Fo- rest Ave., 1 acre; valuation $35- 00.00 40.40 LOWVILLE GAS CORP., Special franchisee No. 1593, dated Sept. 10, 1941, valuation $13370.00 .. 147.98 MARSHALL, IRVING E., Block and lot 'bounded N., Jail; S., You- sey; W., State St., % adsa; valua- tion $4800.00 fgA 104.87 OSBORN, CHARLES, Block and lot bounded E., Ostoorn; S., Water St.; W., Yousey; % acre; valua- tion $3200.00 53.48 PHALON, BERNARD, House and lot bounded E., Garrett; S., Jefferson St.; W., Countryman; % acre; valuation $2500.00 ... 40.07 RICHARDSON, FRANK ElST., House and lot boundeu N., Dayan St.; E. & W., Davis; & acre; valu- ator $1600.00 19.69 TOWNSBND, MR. & MRS. EL- ON, House and lot bounded N., •Stowe, St.; E., Wrekowski; W., McGovern; % acre; valuation $3700.00 42.58 TWTFCHELL, H. E., Hotel and lot bounded N., Arthur; S., Elm St.; W., State St., % acre; valua- tion $17000.00 187.55 WARD, BERT, 'House and lot bounded E., Becraft; S., River St.; W., Oook; % acre; valuation $1500.00 26.45 WEST, D. C, EST., 'Lot bounded N., Vise Co.; E. & W. Railroad; S., \Utilities; % acre; valuation $500.00 7.70 WEST, D. C, EST., Lot 'bounded N., Woodlawn Ave.; E., Thisse; W., West; Yi acre; valuation $100.00 3.34 WEST, D. C, EST., Lot bounded N., Woodlawn Ave.; E., West; W., Roth; Y4, acre; valuation $100.00 3.34 WOOtLSCHLAGER, REUBEN, Lot bounded E., Mattis; S., Water ' St.; W., Creek; % acre; valuation $100.00 3.34 T.he purchaser or purchasers at such sale shall pay the amount of their respective .bids to the Village Treasurer within ten days after said sale; and upon such payment the Treasurer shall give to such purchaser or purchasers a certifi- cate in writing describing the real estate and/or franchise and which shall constitute a certificate of sale which shall 'bear interest at the rate of twelve (12) percentum per annum, and after the expiration of two years saidi purchaser 'or pur- chasers are entitled to foreclose the same and receive a conveyance of said property unless redeemed pursuant to law. j •Dated at IjpwrilIfe,.New York this 2nd day Of February. 1943. JOS. W. SJiNlG.BR Clerk and Treasurer of the Village of ILowviHe, N. Y. 2-M3 atr -M 1>' : ' Passed by the Board of Supervisors of Lewis County During the Year 1942—Published Pursuant to the Provisions ,of Section 18 of the County Law. RESOLVED, that the Prison Committee of the Board of Super- visors be and it hereby is authorized and directed to examine and en- dorse its approval, wholly or in part, on any and all duly itemized and verified bills against the County of Lewis, which may toe pre- sented to it, for supplies, tools, equipment, groceries and for the pay- ment of the salary of one Deputy iSheriff who shall be in charge of the said prison camp, used in and in connection with said prison camp; further, be it RESOLVED, that the- Treasurer of Lewis County be and he here- by is authorized and directed to apply said fund hereby created to the payment in advance of audit of any and all bills which may be presented to him for payment, when bearing endorsed thereon the approval of said Prison Gamp Committee; further, .be it RESOILVEfD, that such bills paid in advance of audit shall be transmitted to the Clerk of the Board of Supervisors, 'by the County Treasurer, for audit by the Board of Supervisors at its next regular session, held subsequent to the payment of any such bills, as aforesaid, and any claimant or claimants receiving payment shall be jointly and severally liable for the amount of any bill or bills or item or items contained in a hill or bills so paid in advance of audit shall be rejected and\ disallowed by the Board of Supervisors on final audit, to 'be recovered by voluntary restitution or by an action brought by the Board of Supervisors on final audit, to be recovered No. 81 AN ACT creating a fund to be used by the Treasurer of the County ot Lewis tor the purpose of completing title on tax sale pro- perty held by the County of Lewis. WiiERl-AS, at a meeting of this Board held on December 11th, 1942, by moiio.n made and unanimously carried, the sum of FIVE HUNDRED DOLLARS ($5-00.00), was deducted from Current Appro- ' priation-3 Account No. 396 (Reforestation lund), whidh sum is to be used for the purpose of perfecting title to property held by the County oi Lewia acquired on tax sales; therefore, be it REiSOLVE'L 1 , that the Lewis County Treasurer be and. he hereby is authorized and directed to transfer from Current' Appropriations Account No. 336 the said sum of FIVE HUNDRED DOLLARS ($500.tW), to an account to be known as \County Tax Lands Account,\ for the above mentioned purpose; be it further RESOLVED, that said funds be disbursed by the treasurer of tho county of Lewis to any person or persons employed by said trea- surer for the performance of any duties relative to the completion of said titles, upon presentation of duly verified vouchers for such services. No. 82 RKiSOLVED, that the accounts set forth in the foregoing sche- dule be and each hereby is audited and allowed at the sum indicated in the column headed \Allowed\; that there be and hereby is as- sessed and levied • upon and against the taxable property of the County of Lewis, liable therefor, the sum of $1,063.23, and that the Clerk of this Board of Supervisors be and he hereby is authorized and directed to draw orders payable February 1st, 1943, upon the Lewis County Treasurer for the amounts audited in favor of each of the above-named claimants or their assigns, and, further be it RESOLVED, that the Clerk be and he hereby is authorized and directed to add the above listed accounts to the County Abstract. MILLARD S. PLATO, Chairman, GLENN J. WEEKS, J. ARTHUR LEE, Committee. No. 83 AN ACT, designating depositories for county moneys. WHEREAS, Section 144, Chapter 16 of the Laws of 1909 as last amended by Chapter 711, Laws of 1934, provides that the Board of Supervisors shall designate by written resolution, duly 'adopted by a majority vote of such Board, which shall be entered in its minutes, one or more good and solvent banks', bankers or banking associations in the county for the deposit of all moneys- received toy the county treasurer, which resolution shall specify the 'name of each of such banks, toankers or banking associations so designated and the maxi- mum amount which -may be kept on deposit therein at any one time in the name of the county treasurer; therefore, be it RESOLVED, that the following named banks, hankers or bank- ing associations within the County of Lewis toe designated as de- positories for county moneys and for the (maximum amount set op- posite the names of the. Banks: Lewis County Trust Company, Lowviille, N. Y. $300,000.00 Black River National Bank, Lowville, N. Y. 1.25,000.00 Croghan National .Bank, Croghan, N. Y. 25,000.00 Copenhagen National Bank, Copenhagen, N. Y. 25,000.00 Harrisville National Bank, Harrisville, N. Y. 2-5,-0'0'0,00 Lyons Falls National Bank, Lyons Falls, N. Y. 25,000.00 Port Leyden National Bank, Port Leyden, N. Y. 25,000.00 further RESOLVED, that the clerk of this Board be and he hereby is authorized and directed to file a certified copy of this resolution in the office of the Lewis County Clerk and the Office, of the State Comptroller. No. 84 ' Whereas, in the opinion of your Committee the nature of the foregoing listed and audited claims against the County of Lewis is such that they should be paid by a demand order, now, therefore, be it RESOLVED, that the accounts set forth in the foregoing sche- dule be and each hereJby is audited and allowed at and for the sum indicated in the column headed Allowed; that there be and hereby is assessed and levied upon and against the taxable property of the County of (Lewis the sum of $4,789.89; and that the Clerk of this Board of Supervisors be and he hereby is authorized and directed to draw orders pavable on demand upon the County Treasurer for the amounts audited in favor of each of the above named claimants, or their assigns. EDWARD AMMANN, Chairman, RALPH E. FRUIN, FRANCIS KELLY, Committee No. 85 AN ACT, appropriating money for the Lewis County Health Associ- ation, under the provisions of Subdivision 44 of Section 12 of the County -Law. Whereas, the (Lewis County Health Association is duly incorpor- ated under the laws of the State of New York and is recognized by the State Board of Charities as a proper agency to carry on the things for which it was incorporated, and _^- Whereas, the said Lewis County Health Association did appear before the Board of Supervisors and did request that an appropria- tion in the amount of Five hundred Dollars, ($500.00) be made to said Association to help defray the cost and expense of the Health Damp activities, and did file a proper certificate issued by the State Board of Charities, therefore, be it RESOLVED, that the sum of Five hundred Dollars ($500.00) be and the sarnie hereby is appropriated toward the maintenance of said Lewis County Health Association, to toe used for the aid and relief of poor persons, permanently or temporarily within the County of Lewis, in a health camp of said association, and that said sum of Five hundred Dollars ($500.00) 'be and hereby is assessed, levied and t o be collected upon and from the taxable property of the County of Lewis -liable to .be taxed therefor, in the same manner as other county taxes are levied, assessed and to be collected, and, further be it RESOLVED, that the Lewis County Treasurer be and he hereby is authorized and directed to pay said sum of Five hundred Dollars ($500.00) so appropriated, to the Treasurer of said Lewis County Clerk an undertaking for the proper performance of his or her duties as provided under subdivision 44 of Section 12 of the County Law' which undertaking must have endorsed upon it the approval of the' Lewis County Judge, as to form and sufficiency of sureties. ' No.' 86 AN ACT, appropriating money for the Lewis County Farm and Home Bureau and 4-^H Club Association, as provided by Subdivision 28A of Section 12 of the County Law: Resolved, that the sum of Seven thousand five hundred Dollars ($7,500.00) be and it hereby is appropriated toward the maintenance of the 'Farm Department, the Home Department and the Junior Ex- tension Department of the Lewis County Farm and Home Bureau and 4-<H Cluto Association, for the fiscal year beginning January 1, 1943, to be expended an accordance with the toudget duly submitted to tfee Board of Supervisors at the present annual session thereof and, be it further Resolved, that the County Treasurer, of Lewis 'County J>e and he hereby is authorized -and directed to pay the said sum of Seven Thousand five hundred Dollars, ($7,500,100) to the said Association m four equal installments of Sis hundred twenty five Dollars ($625.0*) to advance, for each department, on. the first day of each quarter, beginning January 1st, 1»43, to the duly elected and pro- perly bonded Treasurer of said Association, and, be it further. Resolved, that the Coafcrman of tie Board, of; Sa^^ioMt if• liewfe/ffiieTOftiiC^nmty toeJpwThe iher^by is* authorized and.directed to sign and execute^^eh :: ^eraioraaduni of agreement as may he duly approved toy Cornell University, as agent for'the State,, outlining the above conditions and ^method® of payment and directing the above \\Association to expend the funds only for the purposes iset forth in_ the said budget of s,aid Association, referred to herein, and requiring anMual report at the end of the year, containing therein a true and accurate account of all receipts and expenditures of said Lewis County Farm and Home Bureau and 4-H 'Association for the -gscal year. No. 87 RESOLVED, that the accounts set forth in the foregoing sche- dule be and each hereby is audited and allowed at and for the amount indicated in the column headed Allowed; that there be and hereby is assessed and levied upon and against the taxable property of the County or Lewi® the sum of $9,066.89; and that the Clerk of this Board of Supervisors be and he heretoy is authorized and directed to draw orders, payable February] 1, 1943, upon the County Teasurer for the amounts so audited and allowed!, in favor of each of the atoove named claimants, or their assigns. J. ARTHUR LEE, Chairman BYRON W. TRAINOR, MILLARD 'S. PLATO, Committee No. 88 RESOLVED, that the several members of the -Board of 'Super- visors 'be and they hereby are authorized, if they so uesire, to reduce the Warrants to the Collectors of their respective towns in an amount equal to the sums received from the iCo^-ii-,.., i reasurer trom the .Mortgage Tax Account, or any part thereof. Your Committee has also prepared the following form of WAR- RANT to the County Treasurer of ILewis County directing him to pay to the proper officers the sums appropriated to the several towns and villages of the County, pursuant to the provisions of Section 261 of the Tax Law, and recommend that the Chairman and. .Clerk of the Board of Supervisors be authorized and directed to execute such warrant for and an behalf of the Board of 'Supervisors. No. 89 AN ACT, appropriating money for aid in the propagation of fish, 'under the provisions of the County Law. Wheireas, there is in -existance in the County of Lewis an associ- ation known as the Lewis County Association of Sportsmen's Clubs, being composed of incorporated Fish and Game Clubs located in various places throughout the 'County of Lewis,- among the functions of said clutos toeing that of planting fish in the streams and lakes within the -boundary of said County; and, 'Whereas, the State of New York, through the Conservation Com- mission, does- furnish fish for planting, without cost for said fish, but with the obligation on the part of said Eish and Game Clubs to take said fish and distribute them in predetermined waters; and., Whereas, some of the -most desirable waters for planting 'fish are located ini places remote and hard to reach and the planting of fish therein does involve much labor and conisideratole expense; and, Whereas, said fish and game clubs are in no way reimbursed for moneys expended in so planting fish and. all labor is voluntary, in so far as the fish and game club members- is concerned; now, there- fore, be it RESOLVED, that the Board of -Supervisors of Lewis County hereby appropriate the sum. of One hundred and fifty Dollars ($150.00) to be paid over to the said Lewis County Association of Sportsmen's Clubs of Lewis County for the purpose of hiring the necessary labor, teams, trucks, etc., to properly plant the fish so received from- the State Conservation Commission in the said waters of Lewis County that are so inaccessible as to preclude such planting by voluntary labor; and, further, toe it RESOLVED, that the Treasurer of ILewis 'County be and he hereby is authorized • and directed to pay over to the Treasurer of said Lewis County Association of Sportsmen's Clubs the said sum of One hundred fifty Dollars ($150.00) out of any moneys in the Lewis County Treasury available therefor; further, toe it RBSiOILVEJD, that the said Lewis' County Association of Sports- men's Clutos shall report to the 'Board of Supervisors, at the annua! session held in the month of November, the disposition of the moneys herein appropriated. No. 90 'RBSOiLVED, that the action of the District Attorney of Lewis County in approving the claims against the County set forth in the foregoing -schedule, and also the action of the County Treasurer in paying each of said claims-, upon the approval of said (District Attor- ney be and hereby are ratified and confirmed; and be it further RjESOLVED, that the bills and claims of each of the persons set forth- in the foregoing schedule toe and the .same hereby are audited and allowed at the'-s-uaa set opposite the name of each, pursuant to the provisions of Chapter 235 of the Laws of the State of New York for the year 191-2. J. ARTHUR LEE, Chairman BYRON A. TRAINOR MILLARD PLATO v Committee No. 91 AN ACT, appropriating money 'for iCounty Officers Association, under Chapter 665 of the Laws of 1937. . •Whereas, there I s in the State of New York an association known as the County Officers Association, whose object is better service to the 'pu'blie and closer cooperation for greater economy in adimini- stration of, as well- ad protection of the interests of, the smaller municipalities, as regards proposed legislative enactments, in* par- ticular County and Town government, to which Association it is permissive to make appropriations for maintaining same, and which association, this Board of Supervisors believes, is doing a good and valuable work and service, with substantial savings to the counties and towns of the State, and is worthy of support; now, therefore, be it (RESOLVED, that there be and hereby is appropriated the sum of Seventy-ffive Dollars ($75.00) from the County of Lewis to said County Officers Association, said amount to be included in the County .Budget andi raised by taxation in the levy of the present year; further, be it RESOLVED, that the Lewis County Treasurer toe and he hereby is authorized and directed to forward to John L. Tiester, Secretary of said County Officers Association, at Elmira, IN. Y., the said sum of Seventy-five Dollars as soon as funds aire available, after February 1, 1943. No. 92 RESOLUTION OF BOARD OF SUPERVISORS LEVYING TAXES AND ASSESSMENTS REQUIRED FOR PURPOSES OF ANNUAL BUDGETS OF THE TOWNS OF LEWIS COUNTY WHEREAS, there has been presented to this Board of Super- visors a duly certified copy of the annual budget of each of the sev- eral towns in the county. of Lewis for the fiscal year beginning January 1st, 1943; now, therefore, be it RESOLVED, that there shall be and hereby is assessed and levied upon and collected frcum the taxable real property situate in the following named Towns outside of any incorporated village w r holly or partially located therein, the amounts indicated -below for the 'Highway Fund (Item 1) and for health purposes, as specified in the budgets of the respective towns as follows: «ftS« Cash in Advance, 5c Per Line, Minimum Charge 25c. Three Weeks, 50c. Seven Weeks, $1.00. If Charged, 7c Per Line, Minimum Charge 35c. HELP WANTED MALE WANTED—3 men over factory age for nearby Rawleigh Routes. Large organization. Good profits to willing workers. Steady work. . Write Rawleigh's Dept. NYB-369- 113, Albany, N. Y. 2-18-43 JHELP WANTED FEMALJS TELEPHONE Operator, married or single. Experience desired but not necessary. Upstate Tele- phone Corp. 2-11-43 3ti p GIRL FOR HOUSEWORK; nice home, good wages; no Sundays, Telephone 531W. 2-18-43 3ti p GIRL OR WOMAN for housework; good wages. Call at Coahn's Store. Phone 309.W. 2-11-43 3tic HOUSE FOR RENT Charming Colonial Home, Ine sec- tion of Lowville, six rooms and bath, furnished or unfurnished, low rent, may be seen at any- time. Box 212. The Black River Democrat 2-4-43 3ti p FOR SALE USED ELECTRIC MOTOR ^ H.P. motors are difficult to obtain now — this one needs some re- pair — first person to answer this ad with $25 gets the motor. Call at The Black River Demo- crat. FOR SALE Car heaters, 1 medium size hot water heater. Will heat truck cab or small coupe. Also New South Wind heaters in stock for all cars or trucks. Lloyd Loucks, jShell Gas Station on S. State St. 2-11-43 3ti c FOR SALE Cutter and single har- ness in good condition. Lawson Ramage, 364 N. State St., Phone 298. 2-11-43 3ti c WEST SIDE of twi n house on Bostwick. C. F. Sunderhaft, 11 James .St., Phone 351W 2-1S-43 Oti p USED AUTOMOBILES FORD TUDOR SEDAN 1940; just repaired, excellent condition; repaired, excellent condition; radio, slip covers, hot water heater, fine tires, a bargain. Phone 530R. . 2-1S-4S INCOME TAX RETURNS Expert assistance on any and all returns; rates reasonable, Gerald Donnelly, Telephone 472. 1-2S-43 7ti c WANTED TO BUY $2 Paid for Dead Horses and Cows. ?3 to $6 for old, disabled horses and cows in good condi- tion. Parish Rendering Works. Parish, N. Y. Phone station nearest to you, Parish 84. or Philadelphia 9y, reverse the charges. Prompt service, day or night. FOR SALE Just received a new shipment of war tires. Also grade 2 tires in stock. Ration certificates required. Pre-war grade tires in stock. Lloyd A. Loucks, Shell Service Station, S. State St. 2-11-43 3ti c SERVICES Agricultural Implements—Call and look over our Allis Chalmers, New Idea, Case, Massy Harris Oliver lines of farm machinery The Haverly milk cooler, sev- eral kerosene Electro]ux Re- frigerators, Copeland electric refrigerators, electric and pow- er water pumps, DeLaval, Uni- versal and Hinman milking machines. We specialize in water pumps, milking ma- chines and refrigeration. Sales and service. J. H. Ross, phone 274-J. PERSONAL FREE! If Excess acid causes you pains of Stomach Ulcers, Indi- gestion, Heartburn, Belching, Bloating, Nausea, Gas Pains, get free sample, Udga, at the Fay Snyder Drug. I|i4|43 12ti WANTED' WANTED—To buy or trade men's .used clothes, shoes and rubbers. Inquire of Max Foote at Coahn's Store, Phone 309W. 2-4-43 7t c GASTORLAND Mrs. Cora L. Raymond passed away Saturday morning at 10 at the home if her daughter, Mrs. W. J. Snyder, from a complication of diseases. She had been in ill health the past six months. She was- born Feb. S, IS 3, at Old Glendale, the daughter of Frederick and Caroline Riffenbark Crandall.. On June 3, 18S4, she was mar- ried to Fred. Raymond of Naum- burg at Carthage toy Rev. D. B. White, pastor of the M. E. church. Mr. Raymond -died April .19, 1913. They operated a farm on the Second road until her death. Except for a short time in Wa- tertown (Mrs. 'Raymond lived in this vicinity all her life. Shie was a kind and loving mother and neighbor, always ready to aid wherever she was needed. She is survived by three daugh- ters, Mrs. W. J. Snyder, Mrs. C. MoGuire of this place, Mrs. L. A. Johnson of Bedford Hills; one granddaughter, 'Miss Theodora Snyder of Rome; two grandsons, Foster McGuire of Ogdenstourg and Mrs. Grace Butts of Port Leyden was a guest of her mother, Mrs. Anna Rinkenburg, on Tuesday Mrs. Rinkentourg was 84 years old. Miss Doris Sturtze and girl friend of Marcellus spent the week end with Miss Sturtze's parents, iM-r. and Mrs. Louis Sturtze. Miss Virginia Virkler and girl friend of El bridge spent the week end with Miss Virkler's parents Mr. and Mrs. Nelson Virkler. Mr. and Mrs: Chester Beyer spent the weekend in Utica with .Mr. and Mrs. Jack Hy.nes. Mrs. C. Johnson who was called here by the death of her mother, has returned to her home at Bed- ford Hills. TALK OF THE TOWN (Continued from Page One) every other such organization ir> this State will have its part this year in harvesting a crop. Back in the days of our grand- fathers when a barn was to be- built the neighbors had a barn- raising. I am convinced that spirit still survives in ths country. All it needs is a clear call to action. This war is making us all realize our interdependence. It is some- Highway Fund Town Item 1 Croghan $ 6,061.20 Health Purposes Denmark Diana Greig Harrisburg Highmarket Lewis Leyden Lowville Lyonsdale \Mjartinstourg Montague New Bremen Osceola Pinekney Turin Watson West Turin . 3,672.39 2,-677.40 2,107.74 1,306.02 887.29 1,216.62 2,487.75 2,430.9(8 2,310.18 3,52:2.82 1,187.58 3,936.28 1,701.46 1,303.88 1,783.80 3,111.74 1,907.71 350.00 1148.05 152.00 93.-50 272.00 168.90 471.20 217.30 234.45 111.82 93.90 166J00 141.00 116.20 Total $ 6.061.2C 3,672.39 3,027.40 2,255.79 1,458.02 9*0.79 1,487.62 2,65-6.65 2,902.18 2,527.48 3,757.27 1,299.40 3,936.28 1,795.36 1,469.88 1,924.80 3,227.94 1,907.71 Herman Starkweather; of Bedford' t thing that goes far beyond the simple relationship of rural neigh- bors.\ ' One of those foxes that got away from the Mclntyre Fox Farm ran ahead of Daniel Allen's car for about 20 rods in the town of Mai tinsburg this afternoon about 3:30. $2,736.32 $46,348.16 Totals ; and be it J/JURTHEK RlESOXiVED, that there shall be and hereby is assessed and levied upon and collected from the'real property liable therefor within 'the respective fire, • fire protection, fire alarm, and improvement districts in. the following towns as indicated toelow, the following amounts for the purposes of such districts, as specified in the respective annual budgets: Name of.. _, > Town . District Amount Total Ctroghah — iFire >. $ 297.95 $ 297.95 Oght f 938.22 • 938.22 Diana — Fire , .' 260.00 260.00 * Oght , . 100.00 lOfciOO . Martinstourg — Sewer 585.4)0 585.p: v Idgnt '700,00 700.00 : New Bremen — Fire 112.05 112.05 Ti 5Wght. ., 352,78 352.3$ Totals Qilit ,-SgJ^g«S5t?*C ; *W«= e ! $2,780.00 Hills; two half-brothers, Roy Cran- dall of Syracuse and Ray Crandall of Utica. 'Mrs. Raymond was at one time a member of the Evangelical church at Naumtourg, president of the Ladis Aid society, superintend- ent of the Sunday school and also a Sunday school teacher. The past year she attended the M. E. church here When her health [Tuesday permitted. The funeral was held Tuesday morning with a prayer at the home of Mr. and 'Mrs. W. J. iSnyder at 10 o'clock and 10:30 in the M. E. church at this place. Rev. Wen- dell Carter, pastor, officiating. The toody was placed in the Low- ville vault. The 4-H. club held their Febru- ary meeting at the school house Tuesday evening^ The March meeting will toe held with Miss Marjbrie Buxton. Mr. and Mrs. S. !L. Herzig and family spent-the weekend in Wa- tertown. Mrs, N. J . .Nuspliger was in Car- thage Saturday. iWill tHirsdhey was in Carthage •B^day.. , » '•Pfe. Harold Yoderof-the-arany^ air corps, of -tite quaxtermasteaMUr vision is home on a furlough and wltfiLr>Ms.; wi|k were dJiiaeE;^p.^, iSttnday ^^^;.iaa§t : ^t^^0^^^ Egg Prices Wednesday v Tuesday Monday Friday Thursday Large Whites 40c 40c 40c 40c 40.C WOMEN'S BOWLING LEAGUE Team W Jeeps 45 Scouts 43 Subs Waacs Waves Peeps Privates Majors 43 39 34 31 27 26 L 27 29 29 33 38 41 45 46 Pet. .625 .597 .597 .541 .472 .430 .375 .361 J wi r ; High Individual Averages B. Graves, 154; V. Crouse/152; I. Campbell, 151; E. gordom, 1*6:;; T. Dekin, 14fe; D. GreeiC 148;' !ML~ Ulrich, 142; M. Mantle, 141; Gordon,. 140; T. afetcle, 140. \ ,High J Marks \ - -High Individual Single—iGxace Twiner, 212. . ,- High Individual ' Triple—Grace I *«iJP

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