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... _ v , „„...._ .„ B'&fi-p^ by be regarded as \a .factor la the production of r An i fnd ultimately organic car- ^lgeasg 'was -ithe point- made thje. .l )y - D R ' TOomjts •paadtngwii, ^health-ox New York annual meet- Hhe^Amerlcan Ciimatological as- yijMch. assembled at Boston 6 -PJfsaidency-ot-Dr. Thomas B. ;!S^6pieman fif Augusta, Ga. our na- interesting statement made bj | has-perfected a,nd put into operation' *—*•«.- »•< Bailey 16 Hint elks are treat uac- | an lurentlon that will revolutionize, the transQpitniLQP. etUea .TEPJrpdM 'JWSll.i demonstration which' be has mb.dtf <>t] his new appliance, known as a \rifled pipe line, 1 has convinced &hvardTr.f ow • k lemonade bowled Mi He. .motes, with unqualified 1 Harrlman that It Is one of the most).^ Drako , or ftom the^nnln: these words from George W Rus's of j lievlnjj this, the \Napoleon\ of the4_ t * lrls Eureka Sprlugs, Ark.: [urjli eav 'ttUeS. jtt. vyoLvj^ an_d _ha _d\ye!ls upon thte as- of\ \fifent practical slg- nlficap.ee\ for Its bearing upon th« pro; teetlon of steak from tlie ravenous beasts. hand, wentTue normal and wndiUcha-.of living tm- •An efU is the 'nutnral enemy of 'pays- 1 dogs and wolves. We. suffered .great lasses to our Hock until we learned this fact. Since then we have bad no losses from this cause. A few elks In a thousand ucre pasture will absolute­ ly protect the flocks therein. Our owu dogs are so well aware of the dungrr in our elk park that they cannot be railway world Is spending between $4.- Svi&tb pursued\ her troubled w.ay, 000,000 and $3,000,000 In the construe- with romance pushed far into the back^ Uon of an entirety trow uulhmtyuc .P\ 0l I na - • \ - <-- ~- ~ pipe line from Oil Ci^:'. Cat., to Torta \J guess. It hid better be- from Sirs. Costa, a distance of 2So miles, snys-a- -Drake, Jbecause she's right next door, l>y the .limitations of a young |^|fjS $gultry and, tbe virile qualifications* 5^M^piic^cnr -in the hardy Pettier. P^i ^^Bn, \with the advent of what we! Induced to euter It\ ^i ^^^r^*Lu1eflSed ! ._tO_ caU_-the. concomitant! • So XLr. Bulley suggests \an Important of civilization, came the age I use for this noblo<t of oar game un. and mental unrest, vast com-! ma Is,\ meaning tbe breeding and-do ^ittWClal opportunities and competition, j mestic-atlou of-elks to do police duty ou i pipe llfie successfully will also have u-i [ the poor, you can\'— £Wfi\axe paying: oUr prices for our so- pastures \and ranges. And be says eU< j Important bearing upon t!<e production \And nil 6n yonr money! If you '\\ : '\ v *' ----- ' uml transportation of crude oils aud j really loved me all these years as you upon the products wblch are munufac- j say you did why did you. wait to tell San Francisco special dispatch 16 the Chicago Becord-Herald. When tbe new line Is conipleted Harriman will be able to supply bis locomotives with oil nt a transportation cost which will bo almost Influltesjiual when compared with the old way of carrylug.lt in curs. The proved fact that the heavier though the Benntngton~t(DTvTlsTriuc\r| handsomer.\ *» Dick Sanderson - rose abruptly and towered above the girl of his. heart \I think that it 1s all nonsense, and- I wish that you'd let your career go_to pot. As my wife yon can sing\ for charity, you camjun a church choir. oils can now be transported through a • you can teaeb'the little daughters of from some physical abnor-! also to \show fn 11 handicapped at the very ' est authorities of thijir life struggle-and; rhc coyo •ffi&^',fliese -cnfl4 *»h nearly 3,500 bad heart] remarks , !? , . 1 and material advancement. breeding is .\an assured success and ^Outof 875.000 children examined In j promises profitable returns.\ ^«^ihefjjpablic schools of New York city Apparently uuxlous to save himself i tured therefruui Ip to the time that me until—until—all our money was * '\\^jfitoije than 70 per-cent were found to 'from the charge of nature faking au.l I Mr. Isaacs made Ids new discovery tbe. gone and I was poor as a church ui&>-::a>~-* — M . i . . . familiarity with the hl«li i railroads west of the Itocky mountains ' mouse 7\ demanded Judith, forgetting ou the life history of j were facing a tbrouteued oil famine, i her more present vexations in the old In fact, many of the engines which; grievance. —- had boon converted Into olT burners Dick turned suddenly grave, had been reconverted, owing to the cost \ I wanted you to have your fling. I of transporting the oil to the points think every girl shguld.- If s wrong to where it would beNtvailnble. ' marry tbe first man who keeps you The- oil which is beiug transported. supplied in violets and things. Yon by means of the new device comes! may find__DJiLthat .American Beauties from tbe Kern oil fields, jiear Bakers-i-and another man a\re preferable after field. Oil., aud has a density of 14 de- you've been out a year oc two. And I gtees Baume. Owing to the cost- of' wanted my wife tar keeps, not -for a freightage; various attempts were, brief honeymoon. I wanted\— made to- send It through pipe Hues.] Judith rose abruptly It was fouud that the pumping pres-i \I know It all by Eeartr-aaijso^I'm sure demanded was too great j going over to see Mrs. Drake about Then the company tried various ei-! k bowl and glasses.\ ote and elk, the same official ~s - - • - - ' s .that It seems doubtful if the «J^as'' In some form. There Is a wide , enmity of the elk for coyotes extends ^v^ between the three 'It's* which were j outside qf pastures, us he had found In the country school fifty years | coyote tracks common among elk herds -iiS^\gineQLand_^ha. > extensive and overbur- ,lu the \iVind River mountains. AmLhe resident -Uuosc credited to ^^.ghlng.System of education now placed , 'inotes from yie of I'res &^fffi'tm cnlldrem JSeonomlc condl4veifs books a statement are nla0 bearin S har 3 u Pon I \an American hunter.\ who said I'..- ^^^^H^jBfes'cal jveli being. | had seen a coyote walking unnoticed '^hlldi-en acquire by suotie inference p among a band of elks In the Yellow- on Sht that the ultimate measure , stone park .'.galn is, the acquisition of the 'al •'*lieiaudacif> c :to^^ objections asidei ^.^omliMeff ^S ^a^ei^! son rahg^e|b\eli ^d ^tf^pie^p^^-.l ,jSb~ fiSll^iiind ^^e/gf«|iin ^^i ^^^S'| Sllss'Mb'fton played,'ahtt^a'rnfdinlsang^l. none -bad bv.er' dreaniea'\*il7;k^e;w;\ah\d ™ Mrs. Brainard laughed .nptii'\thetears' € 1 threatened to- fay on. her fine bld^laces. • And when It- w^nWH-^vcrr^md^tyui-. other soul had jput In appearance Darn-. tou carried MIss\*Mortpu off' in a coW and-Mrs. Brainard retired fo'lay ajvay^ the dear old pearl silk gown. The, lit­ tle maid went downstairs to where her youne man tvas -waiting to take her home, and Judith and Dick stood'alone In the flower banked room.*) Then'up.on the sudden quiet fellTr sound of iffuf- fled tapping. Judith ran to the door. Thtfre was a -whispered conversation, and very soon Dick saw her hand out, something on a tray. She came back with eyes .Bblrrtng. •\It was Mrs. Drake, She said she heard us having such a good time, and though she and Mr. Drake did not dare leave their guestsnow .that every one —---- : r, « '<, '•'•rlPv ^'i8^^i**ir f l i ;;v*.^. , |,,,, *y\ Whatever the truth of the matter ^gg ^Jghb{. .doUar^,' - With such a goal the i may be regarding the enmity of elln ^fe\^ 0 ^ 8 ^ 1 ^ 8 earl y 'n life and coinpeti- j for wolves and coyotes, the suggestiou |l|fe^n;la-;th.e relentless pacemaker. ©&%Si??Inthis connection we mnsttaki .^rrf connectiog we must take ac- the modem tendency to over- in.athleUc sports. It is well that overactivity In this direc- .wlthihe ohyslcai strain, resulting keenly contested games, leaves on the physical 'status of ^pjuindeJideSelopedyouth. regarding the breeding of elks may be j perlmeuts to pet the oil to the points | \Really from what I 've heard\ of worth heeding by Culirornln stoi kmeu if it be indeed an \assured success.\ bohe- MODERN YANKEE DOODLE i of consumption. Tbe first expedient critics and writers and other 1 was beating the oils, which facilitated I mlans, I should certainly advise. ; Its conveyance for short distances. It strong dash of rum in the bowl.\ was found, however, that the degree, His tone was light, but behind of heat ueiessary for the transports tion of the oil for a long distance was : so great as to cause disintegration of I the oil, which resulted in a deposit lay thelricrease In the prevalence ^v !l8|l*' $* a t? heart disease. tnU master-mind In medicine. .tftleaSt partially, the solution of our Revolt of Woman's Trades Union Mem­ bers Against Man's Tyranny. A feminine Yankee Doodle is in thfl saddle, liuvtug revolted from tbe tyr- 'h '-^oia^'itet'ilie m'ed-, nun . y of \tbe Yank.* dude.\ she gives ^ „ mulKl lm „ pm . „^ „ IU „ migKt^veUlakTcoinl- -noHre-ttat from nw tni she means to llneS] but u wus fotmd that tne quan . neatlon was not all veneer-that It Is 1 *^^66 of l th'feinafter to.ascertain what \ 4rWe u ' K '\- v \\*** \ teather la Uer I Uty of water necessary was so great ! Practical.\ it'has. If any, upon this ques- '\j*/\' 1 °\ uu-.c.iroiU. that tuo expense of ultimately sepa-{- »lck> eyes softened as they always *to*4ri«t±«™ «» «.« »«.— This is the ultimatum of twenty-five I fair members of the Chicago Woman s 1 Trades Union league chorus In their j new song, eutitled \The Modern Ynn- ! kee Doodle \ At the request Of Miss -Mary Mc­ Dowell, who launched tbe chorus a ••Equanimity Is the need of the \ few <vpc ' ks u- ' 0 - tW uew sougs fauve Ipjpmesand the need of the people. Let i beeu wrJtten for t!ie lpi, \ ue b * MI * 'WMr 2 *^-'* — ••— •' Tra'^jent IWfes, \$2.50 Restaurant; Unexcelled Prices Reasonable. Euroj) anPla.', SEND \FOE BOOKLET. HARRY P. 8TIM80N Formerly Formerly wUhBTotel Imperial with-Hot'elWood' had gone she just Simply had to beg some of the lemonade. She had heard •those, glasses clicking\ and the innsic thi-ough-the wall.*' Dick's eyes were dancingr but Ju­ dith's were dewy with a new and ten- j der light 1 lck, you are simply wonder- thinks it was a huge success well, you know what 1 r omtsed this afternoon. You via\— \ her hands. dlth—will you, dear?\ d we'll announce it at my next evening 'at home.'\ if. J. BINGHAMJ nerly odw^xrl L6ok •Plated.Tin Spoon*. pere is' one way of making spoons, the process described being used In the manufacture of ope variety of tin -we may find the panacea prld is seeking to combat, the Ills fcesfc\ written for Gertrude Barnuin of Chicago. These are no w lo rehearsal and will be sung at the nuutral convention of tbe Wo­ man's Trader futon leapne In r ^cw from mental and physical un- '• York r,tv 1,1 September says the Chi | cngo Tribune Here is the tirst, which should saMsfy even the suffragette A-MODERN YANKEE DOODLE. Yankee men they hml their way And thought It fine and dandy, Locked the women In alt day And stopped their erica with candy Yankee D.iodle. Doodle Doo. Yankee -Doodle Dandy 8aJd,to women \Who ore youT Be glad to get the candy! ' OF MUSSELS. ^^Ml to M«k* Into Fancy Buttons. conviction, and Judith flushed vividly. \I might have expected you '6 \say something nasty Of course all the people in music and art are not bra: of asphaltlne, clogging the pipe line. I ed 'drawing room.' but they do things. The Harrimau engineers then tried | And, oh, Dick, I want to do something. the Injoctiou of water into the pipe 1 'want to show too w <ir4d -that^y-«d-v^ij t ^\^p 0O ^ a '!' \ '* *'\ \ \\\\ \ In its original form the material from which these spoons are .made . . , . — , comes in long thin strips of steel rolled rating the oil aud tbe water was pro-ja'd at an appeal from.Judith. 1 - - \ - \' • hibiti»e. Loath to abandon the use ol I \May I come? I've never seen the the Babersfleld'product, the company' llon s °f tne musical menagerie,-and I then tried tbe mixing of lighter oils i promise solemnly that I will not pro-\ with the heavier oil. This was found P 08 * to ^ou until *iJs,-a\l over.\' to make Its, aatusjpaaatlon through • \That sounds like my old Dick. \You may come and see 'the menagerie and— well, 1 won't scold if you propose aft­ er it Is all over.\ • • Judith's world had gasped when she -J had fled \the prosperous New England city dffer her father's death and < tablisbed herself In New York as 'a plpa lines feasible, but the expense of transporting tbe lighter ods to the Bnkersfield district and the expense of mixing it again Drought the cost up to a prohibitive point Mr Harrlman was about to order the abandonment of the project when En­ gineer Isaacs asked him to wait for a Put Ih Your Coal Now— Price's areithe Lowsst,-. FOR'APItlL-lNo. V Chestnut Chestnut Stovu and K RH tS.26, with discount of23 F per cent, for ca h 30 o»> 8. Syracuse Plowt «tfd nxtarw; Hafrows, Wlte, bunks Penltry Nettinc. Lntaber, Lime, CVmenU. Ad *maDt, Tile, \\lour and Feed and all hlppcreof all fa-men nipplles at bottom prices farm pr«dnce Clover and Timothy Seed, Fortllliori ISSGttAKCB THOMAS BROS. tuyvesant, N.\ Y. aowoaiTiecl-oto-fls easily- *ad ux-persoii^ WE ESPE- OIALLT .SOLICIT r3^-. posits froni those liavin^ roads aNv-aitirjg\ ihyest- meijt. lotv jnteresV, from'- date of \ '^Jb'rfg >tte ?^^3B^iiej--j' | pending'.p\n' the teng^-j-flt\^ -tirxie money is -witb.\lis. - x 'INTERE39 x is also- alloVed. on,;rDEP0SrrS subject to'cKfe'ckii. WE'iVELCOHE SMALL ACCOUNTS. BERKSHIRE LOAN & TRUST GOV . PITTSFIEtD, i-- MASS, 24 ISbrtii* Street' to. Food Supply, but For IU to M«k» Into F«ncy Buttons. States government Is go- lli to toft business*of propagating ^J ^hithertir nseless member of the time and give him an opportunity to teacher of mnslc. it was all entirely study the mutter carefully witb a view' un -ssary There were relatives— to seeing If be could not find some way ' and Hick Sanderson, ^^^jjmily. of bivalves,, the mussel The , «-l8 not to,be jnhltipned to pro-1 |g|(icici» an addition to the food supply of 1 .tlifecpnntry, but It Is to be cultivated I »V shell. Daring the last year ! of ^lsberlea Bowers, ^m^0^t ?3,000,000 worth of fancy i»%\K a tt'ons\;have -been made from mussel r ^and . t!ia_ggBBlx„Qn account of .onyacconnt of pearl hunters .geraai scarce and. propagation work the- fish commissipp ,' the- mussels can be< ^p^ga^d[ rapidly, and the necessary ' ^erjr 'and ponds can be constructed 1 expense, Congress ap- ^JVrppriated $25 ,O0pfor the pnrposg of a \jina its erection will be be- 'g^g^lsooa after July 1, when the money ?!5 ^ff-H :Commfafiloner Borers* Intention '§^&\$»$t- 'tf. main hatchery and two ^che9,. land the net requires them - ;^^:,^ja^fe^.spmewhere,-In the MlssTs- I't-to the.p'resent ln- erect, the main hatchery and DavetTport; nt Lacrosse,'Wis, ^at WlnonarMlrm.- >'rom : the Mississippi and. .-ffifl be supplied with! Tankee women caught- right on And thought it quite unhandy To havejio say and Bet no pay. They threw a hate on candy. Tankee Doodle. DosdlefDoo'. Yankee Doodle Daniy. Tou*d bo sorry If yoK knew How sick they grew of candy. \Yankee man.\ said Yankee mate: \With.you .no words we'll bapdy. Hana to the front door key. And we'll send back your candy. \Yankee dude, what can you do? Tankee Doodle Dandy, We like freedom, same as-you. And won't bo bushed with candy \We mean to ruam the -great wida world. We mean to ride a pony, Stiok a feather In our caps And dine on macaroni. \Tankee dude, what can you dot Yankee Doodle Dandy, We mean to live on solid food. And you can keep your candy \ Tankee dude now helps the maid To mount upon his pony. Utes the feather Jn her cap And Shares the macaroni. Yankee Candle, Doodle Doo, Yankee Doodle Dandy Is glad to have M B sirl along. Thay both enjoy the candy. i out of the difficulty. Mr. Isaacs Is | something of a hunter, and while en- Joying this sport he chanced to look | through the barrel of his gun. Qe | noted the rltied bore, and the reason J for Its being ruled flashed through bis j mind. Why not make the rifle bore I do for the pipe line what it does for {the gun? The relatives on the whole were re­ lieved. Dick Sanderson spent most. Of his time in New York for the purpose, as he expressed It to himself, of coun­ teracting the Influences*'of stndlo life, Judith and her mother had' a cunning little apartment in an eminently re­ spectable neighborhood, and Jndlfh had a few very prompt pupils; And now Tbe next step was easy. He knew I Bh e was giving the first- of a series of evenings at home. She had met many clever men and women, at other \at homes\ the season beforjS' and bad scattered her Invitations broadcast \You!cL better _nnt come • tf*>. early.-j Dick,\ she called after the- persistent one as he went down the narrow hall. \I do love some liomey^people\ ip talk j It over with on the flnWbV* '.'All right I'll hold back asTlong as I can.\ ?'-^r \ A SAFETY' ENVELOPE aSTx* ^wVfo^hiannfactnr- other -fancy .but- Double JIMELY JEST. General Made Happy by 'rprtU Return of Lott Watch. ;W. gplfig r pr. -not,, bnri 'question thaiMt 'B-. *6fife ,i- Inseiwtj'uS French; Device Foi Locking a Letter. , A new 1 -envelope made In Paris Is proof against the thief or the<meddler who opens n letter to extract or to redd, its contents and then rpseals It §o clev erly as\ to hide any sign of Its having .beeu tar/ipered with./ ^- The .jjfeV envelope is really two 'en­ velopes. \Each 'Is of thin paper, one a pronprnjctKr \bluiStne'other lighter in Sptor\ an8 dlfferep^ In textdre. Each *'-.s-.a gomme^ flap-. - - lit .Thp letier 'is first placed. In the bine h enyel6peVwhlcIi Is slightly smailer than the^itheV;. Itn^ead'Ot'Sealtag.thisiif^s L placed in';>the qriter, envelope.,and Jthe 1 lnnerflaj)» brought outside and'gnmmed itaim&Kfat thp,laTgW^yelpp&^jy?\- ... TheTbnfer flap la Btflf -uniNsaie«Ki |t te mt^-iari^^tbitn' i^^h^tkp?McSIL intuitively that when the water was pumped Into such a bore It would pro; dnce a whirling motion which wonld cause the water to be thrown against tbe outside of the pipe lino and would' keep it there. This accomplished, the effect wonld be constantly to maintain a thin film of water between the pipe and the oIL enveloping the latter. This i use of water as a lubricant wbuld make it impossible for the crude oil to stick to the pipe and Impede its. prog-, ress. When the plant was\shown to Mr. Harriman its simplicity appealed to him, ii ud he ordered an appropriation sufficient to carry on a series of ex-, perlments. A lead pipe was used to determine the amount of friction caused by th<_- passage of tbe oil. Then the same pipe was twisted by hand, and It was found that the water had a •whirling motion when forced Into it This proved the soundness of the prin­ ciple and led to inrg ^'experimeBtg. A standard pipe line one and one-hnlfi miles long was then brillt lot QaklftiHl: and the bore was rifled by tb> Inser­ tion ;of helical wires. Tbe-,firsf\6xpbri- 'merits through this pipe showed that It wasC possible to transport many times the amount tbat could be sent through the plain tube. Other experi­ ments showed that the best- -results were obtained when 10 per ceut-of Jjva ter was'injected. j < (• Finally n rifled. i»fp«» Jine'- wa »-.c6n struct ed- between DplartoSrid'Solgano, a distance ofTblrty -d 'iie1fitlles7\>Tbeplp*- : 1 ., i~ ^TB, Js eight htches loi^Alfeter. wclg^l^^^^^^JM^^l^ 22.S ;Jiottn 's , tn -t^p fijiij. Slid is jt(^| \ But when Mrs. Drako^fcanie'ltt with the bowl and glasses the rooms were a mass of^ferxiS and'.vflowerB^Ctom Dick. -- -' * • \How lovelyr she excialmedi \Flbw- ers do give a room such' an- air. It makes me feel wgrse tflan'ever.that we cannot come tonight ^KnV ^ysry.otij- er Tnesdfcfty. have yon not?\ •'.' . * t Judith nodded her head absently. She. was trying to decide between _avj>laln or lace centerpiece under^the bovfl:; And not for worlds would, \sbe admit that, she was disappointed^ ^K,.lj'r«ke. was 4he -criae--onvaH )romiB «n^ '~\\\ ' * andishe wanted to cnlUyatej^crlrijcs, *'SO 80rry t \ mnrmnnaA ':^Ti !a ^tT torily.- 71 hope Mr. Drake^lKn^piE!?;,. \No bat \some onthf^wj3^r3i%ye» are coming, and they ar& not^egsprt 1 to understand our ^iipping^li^^^Brit we'll surely come next Umei^j'nnderi stand, that Miss Morton,^th^n^w.^Eng-' Ilsh violinist, ia'fpTi^tyerwItli ^rpnK -j to a uniform thickness. The su^lpSTTre] 7 [ twelve or fifteen feet In length and of a width sufficient foeJhe length of the spoon to be' made. These strips arft fed into a cutting machine, which cats off pieces, each of sufilcleut size for making a spoon, these being sim­ ply so many small, flat'pieces of sheet eteeh ^ -. - Then these blanks are put through a grader, a machine with powerful rolls, Whlch_Bb works the metal as to make It thinner .In those parts of the blank that are to form the 'bowl and the handle of the spoon and thicker In the middle; of the length of tbe blank from which tlie shank of the spoon wUi be'tqade, B 6 thafejt will be \the bet­ ter able to bear the bending strain that will be pat upon the spoon In use. Prom the grader the blank goes Into a drop press,-which cuts tt Into the outline form of a-spoon, though from this, press it comes out still flat -Then In another, press the bowl of the\ spoon is formed, and .then In stilt another the handle, and so at last you have the 'spoon. In its complete spoon shape In steel, ready now to be plated by dipping it in molten tin.— New York Sun. GBEAI PHOSPHATE BEDS. U.S. MAIL FOIM» An absolutely 'safe ... ao3 -convenient metnod ot.layjng'aside.a portion stiyour earnings regularly and*maEi'ng!t. : earn for you.* Put your money' in our strong Savings Banji. -We pay- ., i 4 PER CENT* INTEREST will be paid on July i-st on any amount from one dollar to $3 ,000.00. Better than stocks -or—Bonds. ^— Albany. City Sayings Institution AVriteforoar.^ffiet''U.&fiai&b^ ; It h A Factn-.i^?>>^ Bad Lattit Find «n • Pacific tiland. kur- pau«i Any 4 Y«t DTicov«r«d.^. J ^pthing. In recent years has contribr, ntcd so much to. increase, the economic;.' importance to the ocean world as^th* discovery -here^and 'there of Krea^b«dBj{ of -.phosphates. These serle*, of^ne^' finds'among the islands began about twelve yeirs ago, when a Bi#lah/inu> ^ey. vessel, dredging In the^ Indian', ocean, brought from the depthfr^pl^eT .of phosphate that was traced 'tof-tM 'i' neighboring Christmas Island, Vn;nn£n-. habited rock, whe?e some hnndfedstof- men. now find employment In the pbbii- phate'wortak-_ . • ^;'^-| -Then came-even more > nptewo: people^are begifming^,riMUweiit tli : at.we sell 1 in 1111 1 1 Hi \^MJ^^BliU 1 I\ 11 ahtprises. Large beds of^phospb'ate; she murmlee^i^esttni'c- °ft O^eag-. ^ndl'^ov.efi [w^mw 'rMxrntry 'had taken thearoufj Qble^'td raise Its flag;\ on tfie^-Oermln' lslapd'of Nauru, west otthe ,Gilbeit8>;, t-Ji I .and pn, Maldeaj island, a Brltjbshrroc'fc' d-K. X\.' far\.south .of the^^lsiand-M^HawaiC: All. thesa little .IslanrW• .'ha?? tHjett^«. eohsidered ^iai^J^jH^pc^]^(6^1^ nj^ii.campon.^he^sn^ ^thA^ewi'^irofk'^ *»«Ai«v «VS '?i »a«»': v ... .-J ^f ana^ilnalrWV^.L

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