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Chatham semi-weekly courier. (Chatham, Col[umbia] Co[unty], N.Y.) 1903-1907, October 06, 1906, Image 8

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President Declares Bis Policy In Barrisburg Speech. EXPOUNDS THE CONSTITUTION Broad Intorp .ttotion of It Necessary, Ho Sa^s—Advocates Extension of Federal Power In Address at Dedica tion of Pennsylvania s Ne w Capitol. HiirrislidrK 1 ' 1 In pi'<\- em* of the l!ir>.>-'i • i mil I lin t lui- cicr dithered in 1 r ii'i-f•-1 •• t i il n in:i>.'iiiliri 'n f IH -1 V CUpltlll of\ l't hi ~1 1* ill I 11 I s il«'»l rated with linel' . luc^ in w M • h President Kims! i i IT t » >U nn imrt 'I linii-.iiiiN -t i i .l in i\ ill-, rain ti) hi' ti 'he p • 'I. lit Ks I Jin ein.ir Will m, \ <l .1 e in-ti i e \ HIU |in - ilenl of tie • i xiun. In ;i I n II ImililiiiK m i r I same rime h n (Jul ernur I '< . liuiliimjr on I . I lirn f -| i Ii i ^•i\» t n..r ni l >. pi t Mni. I 11 . .ullllV-- tl. l II ' til l u t\ . I I .. ' i. I . 1 1 I . I I. 1 . ll .1 . - u h j i ..f I*. Umlta of possible state Jurisdiction ana the limits of actual national Jurisdiction over the control of the great business cor­ porations. It la the narrow construction of the powers of the national govormncht which la qlir domoornry has proved the chief racans of limiting the national' Pow­ er to cut out abuses and which R » noraf Tttio chlpf bulwark o f th.ise gre .it moneyed, ini tnrrsts whl. h ..pp.iMt- nnil dread any ulltmpl li |i' i n :n v ii.l. T efficien t gov- eriini . in 11 . i i .l If »• inliaprit i> i-t'tiitlo n In nur- row Inutfm l o f UH»M«I f i«m . n I f wr for- piiki' th*» principle M \V.i*iiinHlnit , Mar- shiil l \\ lltio n mi l 1' ' llix n «. us ii pi'ii pi e wUl render nur-'MwH »mp\ti n t t o dea l wah HIIUM s <-..rniiutle d In Lie men who haw mi in n i. .1 il , . i n n o fortune o f li-U.i v an. ) u li.i w-t - lh.* f f-.rtim . s In sull n-,tr r i . rpi. i it* fm ni I n bufllne i All ht i • - 1 ii :. mint ilih.i i .nift l (no bu. mi .0 i . . x i. Ii- M llt i t o men o f We.lll' i I r.. n ti> »•! • I i|- l U . p I o f me m..i . h.-Hl MM.I 1 n.i ivl .. h. 1. ll •< .1 1. e , ; ll , ll I . I- I llM ll III.. I i \ -I i .. I il.. ill ive li ft in. l Ini-tiies s >-n- ii , ii u | , I In c.irvhj.- t II < n » JI-MI N hl a Hvel l l nan hi s livelihoo d i »-» s lh > mone> lli it i l i* '<tif i le.i r doty , ,. f III . p . | le lli.l t 11 tl.fl eo n I\ .1 - .r iP -n • i N - ' ioni 'a*ion o f Ti usts. 'BniiH Up, Don 't Tear] Urges Richest Ainer|o. OPPOSES WAR ON fuSTS Government Cont'ol, He Decils'£VVilt Put-the-Brakes on Our NaHl .kt In­ dustrial 'Development — \Hd Japan After Our Export Trag (.. Cleyelatid, o <><t 4.--TJ: Denier prinja mi interview wg^ToJjD, U Rockefeller in « In. Ii the lafl' com­ ments ou the il. in.iin i for goviiment regulation of se iMili 'tl prlvatlndus- trle.s mid mtike.- 1 a -non^ pWaiir nn tloiuil development Mr lloH«e|ler Is qniiled, in. part, u« I..I'K>«M 'If we limU M pui i unity ,v? will tpwe put the on 1 '- mi our llifcnul ile i Hupment. Wi\ the in(\j.<luiil Htlive fur SUCC'eSs f In kiimvs thihiml Him prize is to lie «n id lied frQi his iini » is n i the last ' n \>:* «.ivefn.ent? We in still too yc -' a nut ..!ij> be ..i n !' • rl 'lllf f iloirn. » mill lniHiiu[> (.i * nil of his I i in . Mr Roikp l n h. I. p. had« i 1 1 ~ 1 1 i.- if they r :i i \i ii;'iii>riuii|t j ni' our misl i In v w.ll ni n • r. ' im if th...\| I - .1 I 'll e|<. i* « i e'ninio t ,-stu l \t lips erllle il sta enemr .-imn.'Pii lu>i Ch d L i i ' . . IT ii nn ! i I i ii -' i •_ l l . i n lor. In- - It \ n • i . i n .|ii • i II I • „ • U^rlioU -i f Tie i • \ t '\in il\. 111 i, M I i s i lo i I f i en I <;i i S . • f I I VI ' • ! . ' . ( - I. . , v .. „! .. ii ii'. I I I.I .i i.> tin i' evi]- pr ..In . i 1 Ii •i.l, i I ,l ' Hi - 'I 1 il i .mil r ' lli. ! i I I I i I-lo 'We S l ia!l No t H^it.\ , i i . r n ', sh . ' nnn'ti • i i u i ; 'l.-le'J .11 ll.ir . ...1 : l..'l we I.-o' i.n.st be I,, d i I \\. ^i il ) . ii,. i ' 111 if i i n • l a 1 we PALMA LEAVES HAVANA. Ek -Proaidont of Cuba Bids Farewell to All His Greatness. Havana, Oct. 2.-Ex-PreslUent Pal- ma's departure from the palace and' .from the capital of Cuba was so quiet and unostentatious that it was scarcely eallzed that ITe hud gnuo until his spe­ cial tralu wns traveling eastward. Those present at the pulace to* see the Palma family off were Secretary of State and Justice OTarrlll, Secretary of Finance Fonts y Sterling, Secretary of Public Works Montalvo, Senator Dolz, president of the Cuban senate; ex-Serretnij uf Slulo 2ttia6, rort Oap- taln Yero, Pn vate Secretary Belt, Senor Jerez, chief of the government secret police. Editor Coronado of the DIscufilou, Captains Poey and Cflrde- nas, the exiprnsideutfs military aids, and two go\ (M-iinir *nt detectives, who accompaultMl the fiunlly to Mautanas. Besides the ^e no ^m>vv than half a dozen of Sir Pnluia s most Intimate friends bade hint a h .istji farewell In Ids private uptti'tiueuts at the palace. All the fainilx wen» visibly uffeeted over the strnn^e < m m i ^tauces sur­ rounding their MiiliN'ii dt ii.irture In n little niorr t-i.ni f »ur ^ ifter Pal ma had bet 11 in ni ^ f u. i miller *ueh apparently h \\ ,>\ n i i >M in> It wa s evident :ljt tm* > \ il l *»1 •«! that tlie ihwiiijj •»(•! in ^ wiir aLoi .t over TIio f.iii.l ! M : h t' - v\ 'i I- fnl low 111^' ip \ r \ <|« i t ^ il I <> t.I »i|Ur njnrlile thf ) is i tiiDr * M nIk*•«i .(in K\\ !•> tin carroi L»'» J ^ in WaitiiiL' :it tin' iMitr'Tne t<» ?lu> palnce nnd we n IIM I I] t>' !!• fftiv n t Hi^ria when* Hi ' \ t i -U i 11 pn Tur MiMtuzas The de, '\i i i i w ir» wii • >Neil by a pniall irnthiT 'i - • »r l.nniL'er ^ in front of the pibue tun il t-r* w IN no iletuon- stralioti <\f ;.M\ sni' t yl 11 ufi' - 1 Dcno 'ices Corpo--ition Lav*.ve s •ii' r \ ..r th. r i nr k a I* V. h ' Mi | u |- r t >i i n .i n t i if Unit I 1 r- K »Hi 'i n 1 ir .Jilt V 1 Jill )»> -*fr\ , \ • r \ I ill «r , 1 . ril - in t i I vv i tun. fir M« .n*\.\M.nain T .TT Itirl r r*K. riii<l U i u:n» ,t| n. t..f in> tn > >n <•) t h 1 > u in < i tha t I * t nf*ni*«» 1 \ I-** m.i > lit- 1-ft fr»*'* t\ th'ir i 'itirldlc l w(M o n t* ••**(» s.trti*\ o r oi l I 1 »»•*•- w ,ii> l.ilto i f.» r th*- m < r u n thr en : ti p'thli i I n th e i-x.*n >>f thiol r | nifi'n«Km ami In t'i«- Mr\M it t n« i r i 11» nt s til*\**' »ut» ' UMI ii •>!; \» i n |>r» »*>*nt Ihi ' panKu K \f • ni« • nt - n » « t ri v c tt> Hf*rur c uilt- W I <i- rm mi' o f thosp thai pim p w Ii i« ) • n i - lat<» thotn They <lo rwt u-vok * tt.. .M ytltntlon I n order t o r.)ri]p . ] tli* .lui» >-h Borviiru- p o f law allk** l» \ rn h unci pi-o r by RTr-H f and smnll <tn th» » <«>nlrar\ ' n \ dm CrMlS «*l *-*!Nlt.f l till- W,i( r fi t o r i,ut tha t th* r'in«tlliit1i» n Is v |>lntMd l ,\h r ' m I in) »'\iir t i-« in uli iv» in \ »k I ' I Of Ulc iuilon.il (,'iv«Tfifn<'n ! w h« (' ' i th o cfl1< it-nt r»*cnlulio n o f rjillr« > < ' ' r lh#* *»ffl<'l **nt supervision nt Rr «»»it - (p ' t to n ft or for »»nirl<MitJ \ **** irrint r ot> si.'' > t o PUfh a !«w th e oitioii.i l rl^hl ^r> ; law and slrnllnr H O rallfd ) tbur stu t Th\ 'inrtrln«» th*»v praa/*h wotiM mitX p Ih n t^orwtltutMm m* r.-l \ II m nhiclf l > f i n corrri f trrt* o in d th** i-xi us e for (smi-rn- mentu! p »r «I>si-s Th^i Irp -n^, It an n JIIF - Uflcntlon fn r r-f IRITI; t«» -itt» mpt th e r m- edy of cvl t Intend n f as thf <»oiirr» o f vital |inw»Ti n « es«nr> for th** *»x:s en-'* of a mtRlitj .in« l evpr «friwtn« nutto n I cannot do better thnn base my ta-nr^ of governmental aetTu n upon th** * A < N and deeds of one of Pertnnvlvanla'n gr^'it - ent nons. Justine. James WHaon In a reronrkable tetter In which he nd vocated setting forth In early and r'etr fashion the pojvera of the national gov­ ernment. Jnstlre V\ llson Intd down the proposition Uint U should be made clear ? xU< n :i »riln -t \ff « M-I»T« o f ii!| Ki n Is m. i \ at ih t i i I\ «t tin* mi »«»t fo i nu'*( t »l»* nnd \\ '-.i : 'i \ i omhtnutlnnt * In O n lan d In *+oni« t ( • - >tnbi n:i 11> >m* h ^iv** In n di *>^i >l \i*d in **< in< li fries h .i\ < ln*.-i imj.isi .1 , *- *. • r ii . i.s^s th e i h . f oT.-ni l rrs h .i**' I \ • ti impn-i'Ti*M l \It Behooves Us to Look Ahead \ It b 'houvi 'H wi An.' rK'.ni s t o look nlir.u l nnd pljr i ou t th>* tight kind o f a rUti -t^ tt'>n ny th-t t »h)rh we Intend to d' nlop from thtM* wonderful new ronrtl l m %a*<t Irntii^irL i I Ki.mth I t must not b« It -hnl' o t ht th Mvlllzatton rf a m« t pi n I-r \ u I'.i ' rm iii.iiR f Wall •jt;'-t s\ m 11 ' n 1 nvf's.iiK n n«i r >*»t <.i n thrr* ti*- siiljmls\'i(' n to • I .is * hatred t o rnnror bruliillU and n *ob violence for th.i l would mi'ii n thr »*nd o f till cWlllzntlt m In< reaped pow* r» ar<» stiareptlble o f abu*«e ns W**U a** N«v»r before tjarv the npportunUIr- for s^|t «hn«<w het-n an gre.i t no r t h r»'Si .lts o f wMflshness so ap­ palling for ire Ainmunltl ^S where ovei > thing ts orgnnlzcd on a merH\ WIHKII comm* r i la l basin snrh a^lflshnets if M O check* HI max triinsforr n the grp^i t forms of th»- n<-w **p*»' *i Into powers of deatrur tion hithrrto un «*(,nul «*d We p »***d to ( h- I- the forces of greed to Insure J ist h • ment allfte of capital and of hibce- and of the general public, to prevent nn> man rich or poor, from doing or rece.lv .n, wrong, whetner th .s WTO>IK be one of iu onlng or of vlolen -f* MM '> can be done bv wise legislation nnd Ir­ resolute ruforcement of the law. hn< stl 'I ntore mn<»t bu _d<Jn*» by steady train that the -e were neither vaeinclea nor ' of tb» individual clt zen In conac 1 *n « Interference* between the Umlta of state ' and <*h.irotter ' nlJI he t-rows to nbhur and national Jurisdiction nnd that both corruption and greed and tvranny and Jurisdictions together composed only one brutality and to prize Justice and fa«r uniform* and comprehensive system of dealing ^ government nnd laws—that Is, whenever' *\° New Capitol. the states <Annot-act because the need The now building Is nenerolly con to bemetl<. not one of merely a single d ^ tQ *, oue of the m , t bcatltt/UI locality then the nationnj government. \ , • i *» * ' ' u ropresepsirs; all the people, should have an(1 imprwnsMi i t\c ennnrrjr. not only complete p<\-»er to act. ^Tt was in the In Its ftreMtoctrrrc. but '-ln its* interior spfrll of wii^on that Washington and- decorfltfou iiml fr .ntlshinps. \ Th«3 fir Washington s 'leutenant* Hamilton, acter3, ii .A ^tni fl r «Ani?iti .A Vm« x ?w5A-« <*u~. * and it wa« th*- same spirit that Mar- S^^*^ ® xp ^ Irt, V ^' i \^$ n sh,ali constn-^. the r «w. !- - $13,d00.000. *llie liempcnrt e -nre ^nij *le- It is only !» acting th this spirit that \tllTg n State Isstne'ot \'the nll^^rVn^j the naUonat jitdpcs. lesrialfltortf-'and ex- Vesslve cost of the -furil siting * T-Sc! ihe quesUon of providing on oehair pf the general deslfm.ls fnued^ithBnrre jrrnu;. sovetetgn people the pieans which will enr.jlto-and covers a llt^'-'more fliAn'nvo ADlo tlie people In effect! ve .forhi to UsseSt ip^- oferoand. jlti'co'ntnlna uAoreiloar Kioit sovereignty over,,the Immense cor- IL„\• KWIMI',^ ~t- poratlons of the iberUlh iudlclaT flc- BPOCf tton Hie «tpJ.tOl JtXiim^.M cJrtoriB hava.^ono just whiit. Wilson .teat- Washington Olid -w^llgheltge all^ljo^ex. cS;'tBey- : hAvo—left 'blBnts —tiefweeii ihe pnrtmanta fif.ili* atntft 'gri-pflrtini^nty- • •- • * \... ^.-\-?^< r ' 'I I • I. ll.-S 'I l< 1 1 ,1. |. ,, lli. 11 . .i 1 ;i n I.In. ^4) iLru^l 01 Int . r In iti IITi.^t I h-.i.. IA In l.mr l rmirW S . • . r'niliu* ! h n \. ti.-o . th . uutk .1.. ' In J'i*T|.-» iti i-t. . >l llll IJ, . In^ l . > rj>. <r 1 1 > .»> Ii.iv t l> . >. n il,. .... < < .mm : <•. I i \\ ' i \ it t>- n .M I ,.icrr t • - n f \iiilts il\ II i in I «iic.'»'F«full\ nnil . i V\ loo yon'ii: H untidy ll i VII ( ' ii- p wltinn| i.- MI o i \• •( ^o'l m^i'n '^M U v'.ii It ^ > lin'tliii .invitm Ii^ i. .s nil-:nr.- f !iin| I~I It l«' vlit'i Ul 'li; I..,1 .1 nf riirll<>>riuj II < lll^'ll up iiiir I'XII n( i l i.l • it li.»lile. III. 1 n>«\ ti inn uf .> IV l>ll «\llPS -4? ticnrnt .if HIT Tim-liM rivnls? iiion KCIISI ' tn toll uiir youn g whom the future must *V £y pan_lip ]2£.£!ir _nu _oiliiii'-2J»« iwrryliiu our I 'oiiitimrcla/ tlun f >r\4 tliau fronziotl ill' i - UH at h«n. nuif thp h.• iit 11 • n |is (I \ r u« n L' M ( llll |>lli' llpull In.' I l.lW-ili' I III!' \ i II\ 'M l pi I | ' I 'IT .'\. . Ii '.l llllM M ' WOWEN ROUT NO JUN '^fTS Attack •ScJ'is With C'^os Tb. m Oif Z> >cl . \\ i< hit i I. i n i 1 I'll \ \ i l t'* \! -'I Clu' .M s*<\ ' i' I K i i CMinp in) i ' i I..'. ] I..I with . lul - i,l-'. - i nml Iln ii ' i- •'• 'Ii . I. !•' 1 H I j i ! -'i . r , SINCLAIR EUYS JERSEY PARK Purchases Helicon Hall, on Palisades, Foi H & Co ony \c\\ *. ,i-U I ii i I 11, I i mi Hull Mn Klow iiml S .1 III- lii'i ll I'llli li:i.-i'il I'l I pknii ur .in.l b<> u.lli In- i .il M||\ \ \ I i lUl' p I^-I'-N|<I |1 HI I f|'\\ liny- lli» i 111 v n 11.. - lin t IIITII i ir lll'il nil 11 l hi ll. lll'll >-i - .1 SMUM (, I II . , \. h n u 'II In.' Hi tin- ii IHN . .in I pi u SUM . HI ni l faiuili l'l\ i - H I Jiihii PevM* ni ( n llll il t >ui ru|i|',i' inn! IIK faiuili I'rnfi\<.s or nii'l Mrs \\ <lli.nn Nu.ves. l'riilessor nntl Mrs Miiiitiiuiii' ills.) of I 'cihunliln KIIis ll ,1 ini-s itii< 1 fiiHiily I»r I liarles Ii I iistli* Kj II Kmiiu U .1 I.ninptnn, Dr ami M s < I ,\ <itli>iii>y ami tainlly unil .Mr ami Mrs lvl«ni I'IIIHT As In us |.. . i' nt- ilit- i i nppmtlve senunlles s pi in «U| In- aillirit-il to IIi'l i-.iu II. ill is lo. nil'. I III Hie I'lill- Kadcs. -NN) feel itli<r. c f.ic lliuNon river nnd Is It-.If ii'i IKIII \ from \i»w York city It Is in the iiinliili\ of a beautiful park of ulnt- aeres, mi IIK > liorder of a forest extoudliiK fifteen inllea along tile top of the Palisades. The exterior of I the ..buJldj|ng . 1 Js v of j.unlque design and Witfriwki«Afi.rtftiV-'na J 'lipln > 'Irt^.TiilrfiiisfAllftTs' 8TEPHENT0WN. G. E. Jones and \wife^-spent last ijseek in Att>any,.attending the 5Jm- b aimers' convention which*\ 1 mot there. An entertainment, entitled \Je- ruaha Dow's Famil y Album\ will be given bj the Mt. Whitney Grange at Orange Hall on the evening of Tuesday, Oct 9, This, promises to .be a very pleasing entertainment Come and see the \Witoh Baby\ | which'-aJoae^i) worilrUw TJffiftssRnST fee of ten cents. A son was born to Geo. Hunt and wife, Sept. 29. \ \Hamilton 'Knapp had four fingers cut off his left hand while unloading bis hay press. The Haptist social brought in .about $37 Mrs. J I Rose is impro\ing N. Greenholt is erecting a new two. story bouse. Last Sunday Rev Mr Walker preached his last sermon here This week he leaves with his family for his new field of labor He has labored faithfully h 're for two years. He has baptised 27 all of whom have united with the church. The best wishes follow him to his new home Business Cards. Advertisements tinder til* title -fUWtp llneferye»r.btuae. to-count..** * line., Jo i esrd^»ken-<orieBstli»B»yeiti -. A O K DALKY, ' Attorsey *nt) ronu«eLiQr tt Ltv. OhMniffii = J. P. WBLCH, i| Deslerto Tin,Sheet Iron »nd OopperWti* Hover ind Hftrdware of all klrds. Store T ' poaltt- B. A A B. K. oroBsin^. DK. W. B. PAWK, New York Dentist. S»tard*ye. and by SP oolntment. Kxamlnatlop and estimate! free. Office with -j ^.T. AH-.N.PABX, general Inatm&ae ARenta .Masonle Bnlldlng, batbam. 5 PE. W. B. BROWN, . 'aierlnary Surgeon. Office and resldenoe Hudson Avenue, Chatham, N. Y. , \ i- MpposlteE JI A. a. Jt. orqsslng, Lower Mala St. Shaving, Hair Cutting, Shampooing. Orst-olaaa work. Kadtes and chldren • spemalty BOR1GHT LUMBER CO., i hitham N V (near BAA. depot) fe»l«t & ail klndsof lumber and timber, lime, e em nt,aash.bllad3 iitri and ererythl njg ill ltr found in this Kne of business. Befort reoilngy oar building oi.ll tor estlsaaies. QKOBQB LEIGH, ^asonioBuilding.Park Row.Chathiun.Shaf ing, Hair Cutting 8hampoolng Plrst-olasi work Rooms kept neat and -derlj * itj Latin Proprietor j5 sca3o»xo3omi»ajora«m0%co»%x>\o Canaan Mill and Coal Yards I 'rtinp m \ . tin- \i il 1 1 ed il MI n Tin- ini., pursuit nr chase mill lii'lniiil . I i- roiiipaii} - I n l .i-,| tOCkll'le i s •I i cirnrtip the | • .< ifiif weri- nil II \leJtelepiione To Operate Old New York Iron M'nea. SulTi'iii N ^ ii. i i — The Irou mines li.i ^ ji )• ,MI Montgoiner}' whii Ii Inn. ' S-.-II idle fur a'number of yearn, irre IH» «iw «ief \ngahi by u NPW YiM*k s»n .iieit p 11$ mines are thp oliiesi a i tii « i-muitiy and are. In the Uumnpo 'uliejr Pie -mines are I0~ i-.iied I»IBin in .»—« fr>iin Sterling Junc­ tion mi t'i. si j; Mountain roll- way Tii.'i M .' i- iirai •.vork.ed by l«oitl sti >rhiiK ni n .i iln. urirfor the Krent chain ii li i >i i-i- kdi 'iched across tit? Hwlsi m ii \\ -.1 i nii ^h the.-Revolu­ tion eanii- Ten j...e stetltn^.ni.tnes. Arrested For Hav .^f/lv ^jVr 'iveaV\ Rait i.ake i ,i } . u, t j^ill^reslileM t of the M.inn.i I 'h ^rcfij^'JoAeph ( F Smith VIIH .irr .'Kteil at (S .lJOUild over~to the disirnt .-..urt mi tue'^charge of lin­ ing uiilaufiiiij >rMI|^y ^'^irtves. , The couipi.iitit wis sivorfl %o/by : '*';Stonn5lr deputy \Ueriff - .'.•.-A-=T.'.^E.-«. F lii t by onlei nf i coniiiiiltlnir n iiii-ti -fltSSffljOlSO^ . mon l 'rx-si.| -m Silftffi^ttB^Anwaue t Immediately iftrr ffi&Vt4f^W&8fc. SJpl- fiiBf;ar,f«st:rijnq 7 special from rrt*$ti^&%$@^$lffil O 9 o •* 1^ lo • o «• o «• o / o o • o • o ! 'ierl'or^ls, \-hitfisua'llS'.\'f«ttractlve.' - 'Thej propertj' Is apprnlfied'at $2,000 an ncfe. with bulMinprs worth W0.000. Howllnrj alleys, a tlie.iler and n In ire dining hnll make up sump of tin fe.ituies of (hp place While Mr I'l-'l.' Hie fortner .i vtn-r refuses to incut.ni th. KI:ISI. A .HKIII It Is believed tn lie -.unen liearound I sell the best Coals-that are mined. Every pound is screened and full weight guaranteed. Place your orders now before cold weather. Grain, Flour Feeds, Hardware, Paints, Oils Etc. Custom grinding promptly done. Full line of Poultry Supplies, Shells, Beef Scraps; also International Stock Food. Write or 'phone your orders. W. J. LORD, Prop., Canaan 4 Cors. Long Distance and Co operative Telephones Low Rates to Via Chicago, Milwaukee and St. Paul Railway Colonist Tickets will- be sold from Chicago to Seattle GAVE EACH CHILD $1 ,000,000. Portland, Tacoma, SanFranciseo, Los Angeles and many Brewer P a bst ^aTtod \ to See what other Pacific Coast Points for August~27 to October* They woul d Do with it. 1 3 1 s t ( Inclusive. Reduced rates to hundreds of other W lliv.inke.- Wis Oi l ,! . That Tap- , , , f 1 j _ j _ • i- t J. tam in,i..,.k 1 'ii.st 11he., he««i P the points west and northwest. Folder descriptive of train lurce Bin, t.. h N family iief..re his 1 service and complete information about rates and routes death wa s not in expectation of death, I , from your city will be sent on request. but, on the contrary, looked forward to several years more of life. ivn< the trend of the e i idence offered hy Uic attorney*; for hit* oaUit£ al the hen ring j of the Inheritance tax case before! Judge Carpenter The most Important 1 testimony mis given hy Collector ofl Internal Revpiitie Henry Flnk, who told of a visit he paid to Captain Pnhst only n short time before tile brewer died. \On that occasion.' testified Mr. Flnk, \Captain Pnh«t mild to me: 'What do yon think? I have given each of my children $1,000,0110. I wanted to (jet rid of some business cares, and then I was anxious to eeo how they wonld act under such re­ sponsibilities ' \ W. S. HOWELL, General Eastern Agent 3 81 Broadway, New York Cit y Cook 8calea Mount McKinley. New Tork. Oct. 3.—Satisfying a long cherished ambition, Dr Fred A. Cook of Brooklyn hns \reached the summit'of Mount McKinley, which, towering 20, 401 feet above the Pacific ocean, is be­ lieved to be the culminating point of the North American continent Mr. Cook's feat Is particularly notable as his Is the first ascent of the mountain on record and followed repeated fail­ ures. News of his success was brought to frlendB here In n telegram to H. ti, Brldgman of the Brooklyn Standard- T. \Roosevalt Jr., Before Grand Jury, , Boston, \Oct % — FoFhbput twjaty T'Jnlnutes Theodore Roosevelt Jr., and 'Meredith Blagden, both Harvard' stu- '\tjehts; who are charged with knowing \something ahout the alleged, assaultre^ ^r^^^^^^^fc^to^ Oct- Cameron Patrtlh; electlouH \vinsTtediiRc»utonwni^omlr,»iL/2-_^^-.u»_--.-.,.i d|ed jj.tho (jerj. ,. , _ ffi^.3i3^\&v *'S?'-v ^\av T '-''^^rai'Hwu«wr received on He defeated Tr«ff^nmiaeher.-5-{he»one.%-u- ''-\i \jj e .rxoronto n'nlvcrsit^-teiini; 1 misjorlty ^.v.ff.?..-.ii-ei':.^..'.';^^ 1 -Ji^V acific Goast xcursions T O the man who seeks a climate thai; is mild and a region of widely varied resources, the Pacific Coast offers great opportunities. California, Oregon and Washington,splendiOiitheu* climatic and health-building conations portunity of JL life-time for buil One-way, Colonist ticketsjcm. J to April 7th, at the rate 'correspondingly low rates | Personalty Condw on which a double berth itr* |;car from Qhicago^osts via the Chicagol Unio, The train servl \good in. tourisi TtfeeiVi^ys t^ouPe|ffX^lifbrnia without, ksi *fevja |The5 ^v£ake-Route, andj \fit-pan Fast MaiU 15th with and ^ _3UflIon« 1 Pulipmn tourist sleep'ing r Ml agents selrHckefe.\ North-Western lihc£ f best,— these tickets are an the &mous. Electric- less-than - .^lrpiagte 1 to; Sji^^rancisco, l^oS 4 Ahgele;s^ : i f* : J i ilfjrott'wsntto'knor hov to tew1\>As|an4^6erc3llisclImiila' : g~H t5:W.a3«»n»ih«elaborJsncWropprcssedhyslWssof«eath.er; .v\L I Oiowxanchlteosts togoT»ndi»hat yOtftnudowhen fo? (rctth'ere,~,'l J r-s'end scents fpr bdoka, m'ips.'ttrae tables add full 'ln{arraatl6o.'''C','A r'. '. * —' ' *• ' »l*il\ —*:--'.hW^-^vs—

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