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Chatham semi-weekly courier. (Chatham, Col[umbia] Co[unty], N.Y.) 1903-1907, July 11, 1906, Image 6

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i ,J :iV-y,i':'JV^'--:>A ; >f^'*;v^ • • - - ••• \fgi%z*H<*'\ ALBANY'S GREATEST CL0TJ1IERS TO MEN, WO MEN-CHILDREN As has been their usual custom each season, begin their Cut||rice Mid Summer Sale^Thursday, July '5th. Our entire lines of Grey Mixtures and Fancy Suits in Worsteds, Cheviots, T-#||eds, Etc., are on sale at 25 per cent Discount=-one quarter off. $32.50 Suits at $24.38 $30.00 Suits at $22.50 $25.00 Suits at $18.75 $22<5p Suits at $16.88 $2Q.OO Suits at $15.00 ' $15.00 Suits at $11.25 $12.50 Suits at $9.38 These suits are the products of such famous makers as Rogers. Peet & Co , HarfcrSchattner & Marks, B. Kuppenheimer and other reliable dependable manufacturers. Our entire lines uf Raincoats, Top Coats. Regular Trousers, Y«)uths'*B(») s'and Children's Fancy Mixed Clothing. Also our handsome lines of Ladies'Silk Shirt Waist Suits, Linen Suits, Rain-CQats Top Coats, Waists, Skirts, Silk Petticcats, Children's Coats, Peter Thompson Suits, Etc/! All it one quarter off regular prices. Excepting the suitings in Silks, Voiles and Panamas that already have been reduced t > $14 85, $22.85, $38.50, and $68.50. These goods will retain these marked prices until com­ pletely sold out. In manv instances these goods are reallv sold at *oc on the dollar and-^re un ]u.ilifiedly the grandest values ever made in Albany. Our ENTIRE LINES OF MEN'S and BOYS' STAPLE BLACK and BLUE CLOTH IN O a^ has been our custom will be reduced 10 per cent, in order to convert all goods possible into cash. This includes all-Trousers, Flannel and Crash, BLUE SERGE SUITS, ALL PRINCE ALBERT SUITS, CUTAWAY FROCKS, FULL DRESS and TUXEDO GOODS, we also offer all our TWO PIECE SUITS at a reduction of 10 per cent, on all SPOT CASH SALES ONLY Our idea in closing out goods at these prices is to make room for the Fall stock now being made up especially for us When these goods are delivered we want the spot ca^'ft'to pav for them, hence this is unqualifiedly a SPOT CASH SALE. \No goods will be sent out on approval except at regular prices. ALL EXTENSIVE repairs will be charged for at the co.st of same. Our lines of HATS, BAGS,\UMBRELLAS ALL FURNISHINGS, including UNDER­ WEAR, HOSIERY, SHIRTS, NECKWE \R, BELTS, ETC., will be cut in price in order to-clean up stock to the lowest possible limit. REMEMBER, that BABBITT & CO. are an absolutely one price house, no discounts are ever made to anyone from the price marked in plainfigures on every article in our store, hence a discount sale here means a n absolute saving of Qne quarter. We say without a question of doubt that when quality is considered the price's; made bv us are far and away under any prices made in Albany. Now with the discount we make with the whole season practically before you offers an extraordinary opportuity for all-tcr^uy, it will nay to bu.y,for the future, it will pay you to come two hundred miles to attend this SALE. To the earl\ buyers the best VALUES will be given. Our advice is to come at trie EARLIEST possible moment. Store Closes stt, 6 p. m. Satutday at 10;30 p. m. BABBITT a|id COMPANY Albany's Greatest Clothiers to Men, Women and Children 451—453. Broadway, ~ 9L ~ ALBANY, mJSEBSSM Wnnwm* itfnrM 1 COQUN ^ REFRESHMENTS. II UlllUllaJ Tf VI III [Remember Your Down-Town Work- • 1 j ers Are Pretty Weary These Warm Days and Need Attention. THE BEDROOM SMELL. — kej.m the art of serving dainty and It Is Superstitious to Dread \Night otxiliu< refreshments In summer, and ~ you will captivate the masculine heart Art it lt>, for where cookery may be aa exact science, governed by certain set rules there Is more or less license permissible In the preparation of des- -sertn .md [leverages which call for the use of rruit aa their Ingredients. The wise little housekeeper who doe* ite right thing at the right time will U\ no opportunity slip to con­ cent curaethlng delicious and cool dur­ ing the season when the days are hot- ' She Vines Are Preferable, But Where Lacking, the Flowering Boxes Are Most Attractive. Air\—Sleeping Booms Must Be Thoroughly Ventilated. Beiliooms hat lug no outside ventlla tlon are not fit for human habita­ tions, but in closely pai ked i itlea, Vnvy are often found No one who paso -iii the h<>ur of darkness iu stteh foul, Utewiieixwil boles call hope for heai'h A i.inM .int supply of Iresh, clean air 1* a tin «s .Mt\ for the sleep­ ing room, JU.I a .itationary w<t*hstaud In dan^»\ bei.ii .se wnh I lie best of care sew -r KOS <u times loak.s through tne pipes ^nii loans Hie atmosphere If one s t-ep with open d<xirs and win­ dow* tins en n a measure be eB- cane .j, but W' ti e.ery avenue of ven- ti, :u>n tin- ,i tne nt-uith must suf­ fer sU.'lOUSIJ In < i untry h MIPS not hiving pipes the si.ppiy or tre h air is ji.sl as ne ( . essar> The tnjtht air' so dreai b\ me Is ue .i ,i.s iieavlly ,adei be.l 'rjoin la olten a source, of I test and fruit the most plentiful will have many a surprise In store for the home-coming husbands or eons, fa tlgue-1 from the heat and hunger with out having a genuine appetite. It Is as such times that a man will turn aside from the tenderest roast of moat and let his eye wander in the direction of ;he salad bowl, and If given the opportunity, will pass over, a variety of of steaming vegetables in faVor df a, dish or fruit. —, Peaches, bananas and a pineapple wuh pv>iM ,n ihat \v i.. h is breifther. j make (< splendid combination, omltlng over aua m - „nu u .ir iii close con- j oran;cs. fines Kveu the beil , milling be:ximes To serve peaches With whipped sutiirj:ed „nd taiutej ani carpets, 1 cream you should peel them a few cuxu .njK- anJ. nil Urapuriaa i.jiti.h and) minutes before ••l «npr ar]A aland them hoid the prison JI «t ,us ihe> do the on the Ice, covered, until dessert Have snieiiH from rhe kin hen or from < lj;ar 1 « rm> rich fmtt pirnp ready and al«o smoking, an j need Ireqi.eni M nnlngs and wiihhlngs In order to purify them from the smell ' The li,e.a of hav­ ing exclusively woolen bed-clothing is .that exhalations of the body may es­ cape in the same way that the gas does, and woolen clothing being por­ ous, permits the -escape of these exuda­ tions, while cotton, or linen absorbs, with the result that an unpleasant odor is often very noticeable about the bedroom in the morning. If the room and contents are not ventilated at least during the day, this smell becomes permanent, clinging even to the clothing worn by the person oc­ cupying the room. One who Is ac­ customed to sleeping In a well •*en- tHatei room finds it very difficult to occupy a room that is at all \close.\ —The Commoner. the c-eam. Iced Pour the sirup on first, then the whipped cream and gar nlfh T .Uh raspberries or some extra pices of peach • In lieu of the fnil sirup squeeze several peaches thmu~h a strntner and mix with pulverls-d sugar until the juice becomes thick Banana Fritters Two esgs, half a cupfiil of milk, two cupf-.ili of flour, one and a half tea- sp-x:nruis of sugar, one teaspoonful of baking powder, and three bananas Separate the eggs. Beat the yolks butter and\ sugar together until light. Hour lu the milk. Beat the whites of the eggs atlff; add -them and the flour alternately,!» portion-at a time. When all Is us«d>'stlr In the baking powder, and lastly\ tM^ananas, cut into half- inch 'blocks. 4 Drop\ 1>y\ tablespoonfuls into deep fat hot enough to smoke slightlyi .Codir three or four minutes frame In the usual way. . Then cut \\ pieces of old curtain large enough to cover the fioles in the enr- !S '.'J-'tain you wish to mend, dip the'nr (the • ;?S piece'3) In starch, Jay„oyer Jhe ho'es. rc5 .*'aaa.\irpp \ary 'The pieces, will adhere, ; Ma'd.SiemeiIdJiig -will hardly show. '^•^Kl^enqyf.-^' really' ;jn love he, -will To Mend Curtains, ~*— — Wash, starch end iron, or dry on a-K^or' a delicate brown, turning once. Drain on paper and serve hot. ' < Bice -with Dates. !n , *T< T, • — _ r / . _ •• (Cook a cup of rice'to a-double'boiler \vith a pint of milk and -a pint Sf^r^ter uniU. Boft _SweeteA to taste ktiigkblSg. with— vanilla,.. Use enough-dates to ,tnake a cupful.,and .stew untlT{tehcte'r with a.quarter cup of sugar,aucL.o'riff: cup of K&tSn 'jSe'lf. 'aside utitlf^cprd^ then .turn the rice tKe feaCefgfefa dish and pour the dste3 -arpund'it,tThls , , jnakea a'pleasihg. dessert 86 *764^171111 'crggm, or-milk.'or' sugar. Are\.. Pick Up for ~* Did, and One May (ty Candlesticks 11 Price. The use of Window boxes is not to be recommended extensively except In crowded down-town districts, - apart­ ment houses and hotels, where they are ettectlve In relieving the monotony of otherwise hare windows and ver­ andas. W here It Is possible, however, to grow the hardy types\ of climbers In the ground, they will be found far supenoi to boxes planted In the win­ dow or on the veranda. A window box 's usually eight Inches to a foot In depth, and the same In width, the length varying. It should never be less than six Inches deep It should be made of seven-eighths-inch lumber, and should conform in shape to the window or veranda to which It is at­ tache.!. It should be either hung to the veranda railing or rest on brack­ ets. It is often placed on the window sill If the latter 1 B wide enough It is Important to see that the box has good drainage Holes of good size should be drilled In the bottom, about 18 Inches apart, and these cov­ ered with some loose material before putting In the soli 1'se rather light soil, pnd preferably that which has been made open with plenty of cow manure plants if allowed to become at all dry \ 25-o»ni cand ^mtet icould Jiot ha much Two excellent fertilizers 'or window i ( ,f an aflalr ^TtJSli'jufflcious shopper .k..'*k?SSfc'^S*Vk''nio«t. artistic IT IS NATURE'S JMRNIM6 TO WflMEM ^ And yet that oc- \ mgh within the past f it Beem8 aa though my bade would [sale of candles goes , break \ Wom«n ntUr these word* In this age of f gas, think of 6',< candles being shop in this cltSj curred in tlii- fortnight <to' i vM.jotviv, 0 «— , UICIID . on dali^ ThaiWcla^polnt with re- oyer ahd over again, but continue to the ciuU|es 60 much In de- ' drag along anA suffer with aches in tb.« gard to mand Is that SSw 1 .are not the deco­ rative kind. t >4t|Se ordinary fat vari­ ety, atbigned for ^p.eirvice in the kitch­ en or cellar, ahtf.'tf jieed be, for general use in the couhfirr house. It N safe to 1 .'scr that.' since candles ceased u> be thejilar medium for artifi­ cial lllumlnatiokj^Qey ^ave never been used DO much ^-i&lat th '<9 present time. For the niuatrplipuee^they are con- sidere ] indispensable, and even in t^e city ho'.se man ^'chatelai ^e uses can­ dles nightly In ^oonjuhctlon with more mode'n fcrmsjof.Illumination. Th • i hMiu ^ofJfSl?! .spft_ glow of can­ dlelit b i on t £i ^;lSlnin 'j^1^b1e is admit­ ted mn by^'^^9iit *p \ersl8tent ««d- mirer or ouier^me 'thridst.ot ^iighting for | other . p<^cms.^i ^~'diitier table dec- ' oratiiitis candles|..'have '.flourished for i some decadesj'b'^ut .,U \jiS.-'tiot 6>r deco- I rative purposes^that -the majority of Heavy clay soil has a tend-j candles ire .p^ircnase'd/to-day. become hard an* unfit for; It would eejatas if,*' 10, 16 or \even small of the back, pain low ddwn in the side, \ bearing-down\ pains, ner­ vousness and no ambition for any task. soil. It will Bt the plants, later In the season, when they most need It — Brooklyn Eagle. . Celery Sandwiches. Make a dressing as follows Two boxes are bone meal and bone slw , „ „ Ings. especially the latter, which | boiuVm^^^^S ^aS ^aBs price, should be placed in the bottom of the | Then- are gip©l!^argaiife<to be had box and thoroughly mixed with the 1 at in and ^^^-SeTMt&copies of | ^ ^d^Jor^rdJSa^'jisb per­ forming thfc ^dS £lcaI i KmiS3on' as the <*tiok that co%m^yB ^^>8b1jtte same -imoun:. TTie^ v ^.eait hold ers are very preu v. «ndS1 »ii^^e**UX'* i 'kept-jclean, ^\\beaten\separately one-half tea- j * We «Ml^l >fe' spoonful of salt, one-half teaspoonful ^ an a ^^f,^^^ of mustard,-one heaping tabiespoonful J 0U ^Me ^^gC6 «te^«e may of butter, one tabiespoonful of sugar. ** ha,) * ^1®?!®' two-thirds of a teacupful of vinegar ]f0 \** .«??; cook in a dpub:e boiler When cold H\ 4 M W ^®^$$?&%&T sUr in a cupful of nne.y-chopped eel- ^ ery and one-half cupful of whipped i \ ne \ M cream. Cut .bread which is 24 hours I' s UnllM old into thin slices* butter, and spread ! ri& ' rer . «n with the dressing. A Tough Chicken. Toiarboil a.chicken that is no long­ er young and tender, put on in cold •water: to more -than cover, having ^cleaned flBd;wasbed_ th& fowl; if very tough >put a,- tabiespoonful of baking ,6oda »'in_ thJ^VSter. and_sjmmer slowly \an; hour; lt.s\hquld be tender enough by that time' to lift from the- kettle, cpol^|n.d ; finish* by, .roasting in the 'Oyerf 'OS. usua£ Boil- the giblets in a .separate • saucepaii,, baste the fowl Srae^Taa^lntrwitii the; ilquor in the #dt and make afgrayy 6f,the rest Add Ba3t -and;sliced .Onion to the water aaa season.. <.' «\ '\orioi-carjea to Snajfaiia^split Business at Brown Brothers 1 Probably never in the history of this c * I established stand has there been a larger dis­ play of Wagons, carriages, etc., than at the pres­ ent time. The latest accession to the stock is a carload of Grocers' Delivery and 'Milk Wagons with panel top, curtain and open, in all widths and lengths. One and two-horse Mil burn and Lansing Lumber Wagons, Two=Seated Buckboards, < painted or finished in the natural wood.) Carriages, Surreys, Runabouts, Etc., with large or small wheels, steel or rubber tires . Harness! Harness!! Harness!!! They do not realize that the back U the mainspring of woman's organism, and quickly indicates by aching a dis­ eased condition of the female orgaai or kidneys, and that the aches amd pains will continue until the cause is removed _ ' Lydia E. PinUham'« Vej«tabie Con*- ponnd ha* bean for 'many years aha one and only egectiva ramidy in such -coses. It speedily cnr«« -f«raalc aad kidney disorders and r«itor»s th* fe­ male organs to a healthy condition. \ I have suffered with female -trouble* for over two yean, toffecing iaUnee pais each' month, my back ached until it eeenied at though it would break, and J felt ee tnoak all over that I did not find strengtK~f6 attend to my work but had to «t*y, In.bed * largo part Of the first two or three day«! •Very month. 1 would have Kloepltss uijrhta, bad dreams aiad severe headache*. AU.-thl* undermined my health. • * *' Vi'n ocmsmlted an oltn»mfly phTEddaB, who adWRof thafl -tty-liyaia S. PinkhaWB Vege­ table Compound. 'I beraiitKkmirilregulariy and soon found that I could ueep and cat bettor, than I tad done forimowhs, . 'Within two mondia I became regular aod'I no longer, suff&f frpmibaclmchecr;pahi;?r-Ml8s ifaud^ Morris. Sec Ladles' Aid ari'dllissibn'Socioty, SO JE.-.HuhJqr St-,\Atlanta. Ggi /' We-purchased-i^^ets-^ef<3re-tlie^dyafieeHn- • t « -4 eft* . _ i . * « r*. * leather v and will give customers the benefit of • the old prices while the stock lasts, and which consists of hand or factory made farm, team and light double harness, surrey, buggy and light driving u single-har-ness.- ^ - of a farm double harness at Light double baruess HTT5Q $2330 $25.00 , Extra saadle^yidJesOa-nd-parts, whips, bits,- SurcingleiT colfarf», : brushes, sweat rpadst A large line of stabje>r&pkeis.at.a variety of prices. We are now : refdy f6r business in our, UAR^ - .. NESS •MAKING.-' £iri'3, RE^AIKII^G\ '0EPART- MENT/ • Also- CARRIAGE'TRIMMING and' .' .-. PAiNTrnG^f^;.!-;'.^ .• . '''[•• . if in ne#d.:of;%wagoh; rioW is the\time\ to pur- / '.. * 5 cHase, as-'ajiv^t^^cis^jltwagon eopstfacn' 2 \ \\$h ^r^fl%r|B^^prf4§ January i. There \ e.n^^h|^vrii?'jQlir\.' prices-, however,, .as\ - r 'V Ipng as^thetDreseWstQclriasts.- : x .\ ' .' '' A' \ •x '. • v , t •.._ , r —•— > • -v ./.jr.-. ••>:•• ISfSi^^MKiaK^Si^J.SS^^ : \\&W§^K y&' Don i 9 s^^ms^&^i^>iih£i^- •V^v^W ***** y-tfuu,o. f.«»tesr- — «..-\• - . K infiPrlfnA K -N Y -

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