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Chatham semi-weekly courier. (Chatham, Col[umbia] Co[unty], N.Y.) 1903-1907, July 11, 1906, Image 4

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L ^WALL&PE DARROW/EDITOR AND PROPRIETOR. J * . . . KJBLISHED WEDNESDAYS AND SATURDAYS AT CHATHAM, N. Y. SoBSteimoN PRICE, *160 A YEAR; '8 MOS.-, 75 era; 8 MOS., 40 CTS. Entered as Second-class Mail Matter at the Post-office, . Chatham, N. Y. ^o»o ¥o5p *o*oao»o»o*lo *»^^6 ^.?^^eJio»iP9io*SWo ^6 *o* it- j^SPSQ-Jal Ina«u^«Qij. vfotv. ttvo .weeks .rrej'^-sv •-.•* MJ~W.«_M,IT 5 OMJ ii« Tnirn ?ntotnr»« nr ?d daughter, 8gqh£ SUDJlay with. ___rgW5is; 0?., WEDNESDAY. JULY n. 1906 Hot Weathr Politics. There seems to be a well defined gubernatorial boom for Charles E. Hughes, \the chief investigator in the Insurance matters not long ago. He sailed for Europe last Saturday for a two months' rest, and if the New York papers are to be believed, h« has left behind, him a well estab­ lished boom for tbe republican nomination for governor. While be bas not stated thnt he would accept tj nomination yet it is be- elved that be would under tbe right circumstances. Tbe New lorb World, which may not be considered very good authority on republican politics, remarks that be will have as leading v urK* rs in bis interest daring bis absence Odell. Piatt, Black ami several other \lesser lights \ It spp ™\2 that tb\ ao whn nre most ,n favor of Mr Hughes' somlnaticn are tbose who are most desirous of defeating Gov. Higglns for renoml- nution; at any rate tbey are using tbe Hughes boom to off ant any­ thing like a boom fur Higgins As above Btated, Mr Hughes has not consented to allow bis name\* to appear as a candidate for this office, and knowing Mr Hughes persoDuily as we do, we undertake to sav that tbe nomination muBt come to him unanimously and without inciting any hostility on the part of any of tbe otber leading politicians <.>f the republican party, or be will refuse' it Taathj knows how to decline such honors is already attested by his nonacceptnnce of tbe mayoralty nomination last ' fal1 ,n New York, and another thing is absolutely certain that be will not accept this one if be becomes in any way bound or hampered by any political faction in thfl party. If be were nominated and elected, be' would, of coarse, be a republican governor through and through, but the make up of his mjad is such that he will not submit to being tbe tool of any faction, as has already been evidenced, and with tbe present prospect we doubt very muob if tbe nomination would be accepted, if proffered Bryan And Hearst. The political world was notified last Saturday that William Jennings Conn Obas. Brainard, of Lynn is in town \ Born to Mr and Mis. John Sharp, July a, a eon Edward McAuliffe is visiting In Bock Island, III Q Judd, of Hartford, Kov Cbas. is in town Bryan would aceept the democratic nomination, for tbe presidency in 1908. It was also informed a day previous by W. R Hearst-that be would not accept tbe nomination tor tbe Presidency These two an­ nouncements coming so closely to- but wo do i Miss Bruia Page, of «ew York, is viBltlng her parents. Miss Alia Borisht, of Auburn, is visiting ber motber 1 „ for Ocean James drove, N oklnkle left J , yesterday is visiting the nomination dency. so that if by any juggling of getber are significant, QUI W» UU 1 . . .. ... ._ . „ Mr? C W Spelman not observe that Mr Hearst declines , . , „ . „„ T . ,„ , * frieuds on Long Ialund for tho vice presi j o Mrs Geo Simmons and daughter principles tbe followers of Mr , a '' t,ut ^undayinPUtsHeld The atar9 will play tne PickiQS of Philmout lice n-xt Suturday Bryan and Mr Heiirsr can In s o far unite as to have them nominated for President an<l \ i' >• piesidnnt thnt may be the 0111 iim We m«y look upon it as a t\ r J • < inclusion that Mr Br van mM accept the nomination fui tin 1 r>'.-; leiicy if it is teuiiered bin) In Ins letter he sa\a \I shall t!••» nothing to secure anotber nomiDatinn ami do not want orht unless ihei n>iitl \ns seem to demand it I may add that I enjoy the private llf'' and feel that I can do some good without holding anv oftlee. \There are, however, certain reforms which I wniild hu e very much to see accomplished and to assist in the accomplishment of these reforms, I am willincr to become the party candidate aguin if, when the time tor nomination arrives, tbe advocates of reform are in control of the party and tbink that my candidacy will give the best assurance of victory If some one else ueecua more available I shall be even better pleased ,iv, nf 1 'tttMtuirg, i Minnie Mickle Mis.\ Mult guest of Mi; o Chter I- ngineer Moore.of the Rut lauil roail. wa.- m t'^n \e-iterdnv. '•^MrB ^BXia Vah f Alstyne, of Chat- wK&'has been In fall- lh«t ;|^|fliiit |^ W a8 aucessf ully operated u P9J*p °Jj ^day last week by Drs. Ya®Ni^Bbd Washburn. - Wisfpnll Klssellburgh, a gradu at ^»^^ic J Cbathaai Hi«h Shool thI ^?-?jl5j| < won the Cornell scholar- ati!p?s\f^i^jijj a county at tbe recant examinVtiob hela in Hudson. w®m%—•— 0.i ^g .^<3 0 fl] n oas purchased tbe 8 N^S^ronder \Ham Kind\ of Jwty^WJIife 'dr and drove from Chat- habi-;t^ip\bappo a distance of 99 mllea ^iffiVs hours, leaving here Tbcpbathaniiies who are to take a European\ trie, aail tr3m PbUadel- phia y^jbfra'd'ay They are Mrs. J. T - Wneeier, Mrs< Ada Haram and MiesJB'iBSsie Bum They will return in September. - >t i*!». o Tbe : rernalns < r Miss Hussdl willi be *Mugl$t 0 (ibent tois afternoon from NewljYirk 1 ,,V ANI ' D 111 '' 811 from the Lutii.ni\ 1 tuin 11 Miss Russell was ;i u-'.-'st at Irving Arnald'jfJast^su : teaching readlbft. 'I'he resylts of his summer sobool cannot-fail to be' highly beneficial as the teachers Itntroditee thia wonderfulj^aditig method In their work during the next sohool year. A lawn social .will oe held i'n tbe QEHe'eQby ofiurch'j. prounda Friday tevenipgi-; Juiy. the l3lh. for the 'bepeflt'of the Qaeecliy church. The r '.'P. S.C.' E. has elected the following ofiQcer8 for tbe ensuing The ball game lasl Saturaay after­ noon between the Indiana'of Albany and .a team made up of Ohatbams and atar8,.wap-a-good one alter they got under way. The Albany^t^a'm got left on the Hrst train and the next one was an hour late, ao that the game did not begin until toward four o'clock and it was nut finished until after , seven p. m. Eleven' innings were required. The final score favored the local team, H to la. By innings it was as follows: Onatbam— J32u3 00000 4—18 Albany — 0202023000 3—12 Wilcox Property Sold. . The Wilcox propetty was sold under foreclosure sale after several adjournments last Monday. Tbe property was divided ,in Ave par­ cels and sold as follows : Lot No. 1, adjoining the Mealey vacant lot on Wasblugton avenue, sdld to .rii.'v'. J i , ;i''i ^ and Hits. Andrew ;Shhfe>t^ Mra.Weden Drurnm and children,: of Lenox, MaBB., spent a few days ' last week with her slsw't, M^r%;<£ JDavld Qrantr - \\ v 4 •Mias Alice Bailey, df Plt .tsfleJdV '' Mass., was home tbe Fourth. .-. six months: President, Miss Hattie' W»'«am O. Palmer recently pur- 3£ruseck; vice president; Mies . CB .^ L !! 0 .. N R? Nellle/Batea; secretary, Miss Ada BUher; corresponding seretary Mre.-0. E. Walkex, • treasureri' Mrs. W. J. Lord. Ohalrmen of com­ mittees: Prayer meeting, Mrs. Ho'dges; lookout, Lizzie Moshj- men social, Ella Abel<t music, Hattie Kruaeck; flower, Edftb Fowler Junior O. TE, Mrs. p. P. Babcook. Prayer meeting Thursday even­ ing at Andrew Behm's. ^ Miss Florenco-Stiobloob bas been spending a week In Albany. Miss Hattie Kruseek la homo Ul&B Katherlne Hanpr, who has\ \l been visiting her ejlster, Mrs. ujloyd - Warfleld-, of New Yora oiRy, has ve -'.-XZ tuned, home. ' • 1 -, William Yarney Is til. Leo Varney has secured a posi­ tion In Pratts's hardware store In. Ubatbam. Mrs. Frank Broker and children of Housatonio, Mass. are visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Sauer. Miss Sarepta Varney of State Line,f„ Mass., is caring for her brother. William. Allen J Becker\ will do Robert Wilson Terry tor $300. Lot No. 2, j House of Mercy, at PlttafJeld, Mr. Fox is now located in hia newly puruhaueil residence onWaab- logton avenue. Miss Lynd, of Nassau, was an over Sunday guest of Mr and Mrs J iellows. Mrs Cbas. Cornelius and daugh­ ter, of New York, are spending a few days in town Mr and Mrs W V Woodward, of New York, were giie-.it! in town over Sundav Miss Sarah Hayes has been spend­ ing a few days with friends in Cox- sack le and Albany. Miss Zada Harmon, of Syracuse, is spendlnc a week with her father, Dr. C. M Harmon. A Great Ship. The Farmer's Department. Secretary Wilson bas been making'] some more figures on the coat of tbe Agricultural department and be is an anept on figures. .He says that the income of the department is littleimoxe thatJlU,g(K);600^ai-5;oa£l which would be tbe interest on $550,000,000 at ttvo per fpnr When tbe new meat inspection law Is in operation, tbe department will have more than 600 persons at work, about ball of whom are trained sicenti8ts, the average salary of these workers being less than $900 a year More 'nan 1,200 Oou pieces or literature are circulated each year. AH this crues to show what tbe department is doing fur tbe iarmera. Arthur Jones and wife, of Phila­ delphia, are guests of hla mother, Mrs. J. Wesley Jones. William Adam very serioUBly . Ghent, was- <r adjoining, to PheUe Koffelt, S3U0 ,' Tuesday Lot No 3, to W. V. Reynolds. $270 The two lota fronting on Hudson 7 wii o ij is been 'avenue were purchased by Wintbrop , .,: LI - i.ome in! Ball, adjoining his father's prein- t . rMl ,,( „p,,n last.'ses and taking In the burned resi from NorthSeld Seminary. ' Miss Olara Palmer Is at W. B'l \ ,? ?y 1? J 68 . 1 ' „ ' Palmer's ' ! Ml8S ary Tlllln 8 ba8l; ' 01 Housa- M»B Grace Wilson returned from tonic haa been visiting friends In Boston, Monday. i th ^ pla ~ e- „ T * , Wm. Henderson Jr. spent a couple of days last week with his parents*'-\ Richmond Moore is visiting bis grandparents in New Lebanon. The Auaterlltz baseball team played at East Cnatham last Satur­ day. Tbe score stood 2i to 2 in favor of Austeili'z. Mrs. Jacob Schwab, who has been ill several months was taken tu the GREEN RIVER. W.i. j hiiiirn and A notlcce of the annual school meeting appears In another column. The dute is August 7.** He ISjrperry has totratt Thursday by, l>r v«o Kess Bn'o in? is now expected if .'Otrcomi licafloin Het in-. > , i v o V Hoobitlp, irtM started in bus­ iness Slx^years a;;\ in a very small way now celebrates the erent with a special sal^.at tbe Huston Store which baa .'iibw gTown to ue one or Chatham's'. iMocret <Ht vo ile|iurtment stores. ' - 'g| The order;\ 1 ferred degru. last night. ^ present abt| served. 8e^ initiated- ni July 17 Tbe ' htJ8j$ who oomhii Line last 3$ the county-; having be brother In,|< would not''^ there. the Maouhees con- onsevt'ral candidates large nuintier were joved a supper well members will be Tuesday evening, Abraham Wernly. auiclde near State fill be interred in tnds at Ghent, word reoeived from bis . that circumstances it shipping the body Ten years.;i 5Cerry began^t dence price S465. chased tbe lot premises for S400 perty brought Si 736 Col. Co. Mutual. At tbe regular quarterly meeting of tbe Directors of the Columbia Co. Mutual Flr«j Ins. Co. yesterday afternoon, tbe following standing committees were appointed. Committee on Rieks—E. M. W» cox, Jas Welch, Homer Orandell, V. H. Allen. Finance Committee—H A. Blunt, .T'.W Darrow, J W Boilgbt W. ti Housmac. Committee on Adjustment— W. H. Housmao, Jas. Welch E. M. Wil­ cox, O. H. Allen Rate and Premium Committee— Dr. I. O. Washburn, J W. Darrow, Homer Crandell, Geo. McUlellan. Total amount of Insurance in force is $160,031.17. Anthony J Dunn, Jos Dunn, amd Mrs. Chap Bull are confined ti S P Allen pur-1 tbeir homes with sickness attjolulng tils f 1 Rev Allen McNeill, of New The iotal pro , Jersey Is trying to arrange for n two weeks' outing for his Sunday school oiass of 15 boyB in this place He wishes to take them to Shady Brook farm on the Hillsdale road. Miss Julia punn has secured a position In Great Barrington James ICarriean, of New York city, is spending,the summer with James J Dunn. There is a good deal of dissatlf faction over tbe present arrange ment of the Green River Telephone Co. We trust the officials will find some way to give us connection with tbe village of Chatham and the outside world. is visiting home friends, employed In a cooperage. Miss Alma Swab Is one or a party of young ladies who are spending two weeks at Asnory Park It would seem as if tbe size limit in ship building must be well nigh reached. Tbe British government's new warship, the \Dresdnaught\ is tbe largest fighting vessel that has ever been constructed, but tbe new Cunarder soon to be built for trans-Atlantic traffic, will be three hundred feet longer tbau the \Dreadcaugbt\ and have a dis­ placement of 10,000 tons as against 23,000 for tbe \Dreadnought.\ Some Items of its construction are of interest; the main frames and beams placed end to end would reaab 300 miles, tbe ship will be driven by four screws run bv four turbine engines, it will have 26,000 steel plates, some of tbem being 40 feetjin Ienstb, weighing 5 tons each the three anchors weigh ten tons each. This boat if stood on end would overtop every other structure in the world except tbe Eiffel tower. Tbe \Lusltanla which is the name of tbe new Ounarder, will cost SG,050,000 and each trip across tbe Atlantic will cost $250,000. Her crew will number 800 persons and she win have a capacity to carry 2,550 passengers and will make the trip in four nnd a; half daysr^lTp? ping a day and a half from the fastest German express steamer. MASONIC BANQUET. Unity Lodge No. 9 of New Lebanon has an Enjoyable Occasion. On tne evenlns of July 5 the officers of Gratitude Lodge of Nassau were the guests of Unity Lodge No 9 of New Lebanon, tbe occasion being tbe working of tbe third decree. After tbe closing tbe brethren of the \mystic tie\ sat down to a banquet at tbe Valley House, Lebanon tiprlngs, where andlorl Nolan bad prepared a spread in toe style for wblcb he is famous As tbe glorious fourth bad already begun, tbe menu cards were in tbe spirit of the day, being beautifully decorated with tbe national colors. A CODV of the menu follows , MKNTJE Chtrkeo Consomme, G.oorge Washington Olives RndlBhta 8woet Pickles Cold Lamb, Jefferson Cold Qam, Lincoln . r-old Beef, Lafnyetto CWckon Salad, Banter Hill Stylo. Potato Salad Combination Salad rndopendenoa lee Cream Flag Cake ^lartba Washington Cake ' ~ • Assorted Frolt ' Edam Cheese 8w!a* Cbcose . Bent's Toasted Crackers . Coffee Miss Ethel Bilnn will leave for Platrsbumh this week, to visit Miss La8alle, a former teacher here Mr and Mre Henrv E Lowell returned to Syracuse with their daughter, Mrs Evans, yesterday Mhs Young bas been on quite an extended tour through New Eng­ land , visiting New Haven and Boston Mr Lasher, of Vnlatie will neve another sale of borees at* the Chat bam House stables next Saturday, July 14 Supervisor J. P LaDue, of the C batham-Benninffton division is ill and in tbe Burlington hospital at present- excellent buslnes lng a prosperous Erw-In Drum now employed as assistant eng! yesterday niinui thumb which cut off in so: machinery la&tfj! this month Wilapn shoe business here atlngj-vltu Bl — latham to oe an )Wn nnd is do- > trade. fjjudaon, who 1B ie Cement works Eft, was in town > end of bis right (nfortunately had potjiion' of the jiday^night E. Spioiller fi| the late V B..;i eDJoyins tba' acquaintances;! has returned erly plumber tor nn Jr., 'has been enewlng of old past week and New Yoik. His motber and hJi}t\Q daughters will remain for tiftf aornmor and are boarding at tbejlocum farm Rocen-Griliey Concert. This Is a blgh class en iertalnment aB everyone knows who bas listened tor an evening to these artists. There is no sweeter-mQBtffit&ftthirl . . .§tbe art of eute'pfi._ lng.,. For«:.g6<5d;;^earty laugb/.-we recommend Mr -vuVijiey -s hiinWous imper^ations.\ Th^getnB of liter­ ature, too, \be interpret while*Mr. Rogers accemnanies on >L harp. Mr. and Mrs. Qrilley will pr*^p t a laughable farce/Nja one part o programme. Hear lv. The ente\ tainent Is given under the auspices of tbe Reformed church. ^Reserved seatd may be seoured at Wallows' drug store now, but in Such an entertainment unreserved ee\g are preferred by many, being from tbe platform and these but !s5 oentB. In no way oan y ±u more satisfactorily invest a quarl for an evening's pleasure. NORTH HILLSDALE, OKL The net proceeds nf the Fourth of July social wees $32.10 Maud Leggott. oCNaw Havep t Is the guest'at C. E. Legcett's Clarence Leggett epenb.aunday.at home \ A new road froni Ghent to Andrew ssibnary 'm'eetfbtrwlll' •Fowler's Bkp'^Bi Qeb.. Tnuisdayj'afternodnV ' Mrs. W. Tipple, of Brooldyn, is lilting her pareata. Mr. and Mrs. Geo H Kittle entertained all tbeir children and grandchildren on tbe fourth. at 1TATE LUTE, MASS M of Mrs? denly ill and in the m3 fever, and was still ID a vqry critic!? cause of this sudden i Blxby, 13 year old son Bixbv, was taken sud- d last Friday nlgbt g had a very high ^nsclous and is ndition;the bas not BB, of Leroy HaW Springtield, a' d and wife, of isitlng Xork state relatives MrMfilstead dtd not live on the banks 'ft 'Lake Chatham for nothing durllSc- hls.,eafly boyhood days as be f«f¥ow B ~ member of tbe Spring Held Si fair sized yn £hu xaorft Club and owns a A food sale will b e neld by tbe Ladies' Aid Society of tbe Lutberan cbnrcb next Saturday afternoon at the church. Lefferts Lant has as his guests a'tpbe Luthei^ii^churj^^ the DeLong residence on Hudson <n *' avaaue.JOrville and Alice Bouderau, Another rnide 1 evening for the Union oiitddorServIces was that of last Simday!»vt;\tne*M. : B. church and there met.d larger attendance than the we^k'h'efote: Next S.unday -ervening tbSyS^atjDn^tbe lawn of of Brooklyn. We ask our ]eclent|flb readers ^^''.parilcultiriy\ to\ ppfusb s*otn»«what ^V'.cateftilly the aiticld oh. another page theory tbat tho earth. Is '^ interesting ^it ^not ngt ff&xoSM like tp ; hear ! o 'us -g-Qlcatiqo ..feadera Ueaffi ofJJf. talmxi Cole. Dr.' Palmer: H. dole, a prominent pbysiplan of Jfjlew Xork city, and- a native pf Cloyeraok, died In ^ BW Yorkof heart-disease recently.. Dr.\ Cole w is the son of a physician, who: praotRed Ih\ 'Ctaveracjt fqr^mttny years, ''\* New TTork- city was deluge 'di -late. Tuesday,afternoon by a cloudburst,\ which..\ accompanied-by, .cyclonlti .winds ^nd vi?ItniBiitnIng,udroof,eb: buildings .^battered windows\' upi Hattie Coffin, a little colored giri was bitten by a dog Saturday after­ noon. Dr. Starka was called to dress the Injury. are so wettfcicq^aTJSBSCL .wun_ * popular InWftu 'tt^lDSttuetor, Miss Collier. wiMoff'er ^ephgratulations upon learatnlB^ttiiiiJKiaB'-CoUler was married JuneJ*tjfe]& *eV. Charles G Burd. finl ^iSaljucfor in the Auburn l'b^iok^Beminary Artist DBLong of the Ladies' Baazar has some attractive mid­ summer windows for their annual July clearance sale. Work.is progressing rapidly on tbe-foundatlflfl Tealls of the-new box board'railia at PaynvJB-. rbirty men are employed. V —r*\ Mrs. Vincent and two daughters. Misses Gbarlptte and%a Vincent, of New-^ork,-are guests of Mr. and Mrs\.:.Harry'A. Braniori. U-Tha^. Heforthed -'.church Sunday sebool* had a very enjoyable plcnia Utt ^KInddfhpok Laik'e yesterday 'despite -lipjht s ahower«. About 135 ^ul'jfc^ i^L'^t^i %~ [sobttitii trees nndHooded Bfreeta. ^ere =1 )rosbnt.-- -. ! OolumU /I 'Countyv-'teachers wbu The liw?5ti^^-f *>d*7 ev ^ D lng uDde ^tS^Su«6lpes of the society ^S ^mmm ? tt « nded and a mSSfiS^&JP^^nt band added rn1^W^ISe ^<?. to r tel ° ment with r 3ffagaa ^iit S music. The lawn wa ^HiS«t%«tectr.ic llabts. Tbe net ^W ^«p'»Sbut $10. . as Resolutions by Consistory. At the meeting of the consistory of the Reformed church last Thurs­ day evening tbe following resolu­ tions tvere unanimously adopted: In view - of the faot that f he pres­ entation of bis report, as treasurer of the building fund of tbe dew church, concludes tbe valuable ser­ vice rendered in that capacity by Mr J. W. Borigbt, the consistory desires to enter tbe following mlnutn upon its permanent records. Resolved Tbat we, tbe consistory of the Beformed church, do most fully appreciate tbe valuable and self sacrificing service rendered by Mr. Botigbt. not only-4ri^ receiving- and disbursing tbe funds for^the edifice, but aho in respect to the personal attention given thewo'ikof construction and the financial sacrifice which h&ba^made for\ the good of the church. \ ; Resolved, That we alve expree slon, in this formal manner,- to our reelings of gratitude and apprecia­ tion fox bis services by Incorporat­ ing in the minutes of consistory these resolutions and., further, tbat we seDd a copy of the same to Mr. Borisht that be may^thbs-be per sonslly BMured of the hlgtnegard in which bis ser^ioeHijirro-been held by us, individually and'oelleutlvely, been determined. Dr. Canaan, Is in attendance, Recent arrivals In town are ese, of New York at T. Stiokle 'sV s Obas. Smith, .Miss Helen ' and Mrs. Simmons, of Fall r, Mass., and Miss Tucker and Whltlocb, of Brooklyn, at Mrs. E. A Smith's. Mrs. A. A. Shaw and orence Shaw, of Jersey City, atir* Sbaw's; C. W. SDrague and fa~mv\of Springfield, Mass., at M. E. 8rfcue'a. PatA Daley has been confined to tbjtfcuse for over a week by. Illness A is able to be about again George Gilbert, who has beeD out of health for some time, died July 6 Mr. and Mrs. Leslie Hunt have been visiting in Mecbantcaville, for tbe past tyro weeks Miss*Emma Glatzner and Sterling B. Bo we, of New .York city, are guests at J G. Rowe'fl. Mrs. Willis, ^rbo has spent tbe past year with ber granddaughter Mts. Leslie Hunt has returned to ber heme in Mecbanioville. DeWitt N Rowe. son of J. G. Bowe of this place was married 'June 28th to Miss Henrietta Ahrena, of New York cltv. Miss Marion Damerel, of Brook­ lyn,has been spending- several weeks at Chns. Sbutta'. Her friends will join ber In a few days after which f'Bonnie Brae\ will be opened for tbe season. lee cream will be served at the M. E. church Saturday evening. Mrs. R. A. Gilbert 1 B spending^ few daya with her daughter. In Massachusetts. Sunday.'. - - from .h'is^grounds\ this season. ' Georgft.-H .offitnan~ and family are ' ' spending the summer months with Mrs. P. O. Morehouse. On July. 6th after 'an illness of three ' weeks. George M. Gjlbert died, aged 72 years. The funeral took place Sunday at tbe borne, Rev. m O P Hoyt officiating. JLUUERH003L now. ICANAAM. Dead ott^i ; JWlV,', A young* Italian about; 20'years of age,who-hadIheep':4ivtnfe.'In Hud- i son for a shortV.tirne metiwith an awful d0tsb'4i^^^e^atr|0toaDds Tuesday a/ternopn^*wheE|r:he was- found dea^ott^b'^itjrd^iiK^t the Albany' and Hlitdsqn.^pa'd % wl£h'' his 1 flesh burhlD^-^.tier^^^^ eo.iij. tact;wiili''th'e .elebtrlUVuttGnt; j F. S. la ,8t week team. Louis Jtlji Albany, Lappeua. 'i Grace Bnyc guest of Eiflel bell, of Albany A.. B. - Howes' i A vary int^ been prepared t< of the Cansa: speeohea and the chief-features Will the ladles pl< mdnts.. 3o8t one of his horses bas-purchased a new s and wife, , of visiting. Roswell Altamontj is the wes. I. A.^fltre also a guest at e Fourth/ program has next meeting Music, a fere to be evening;.!.- reiresh. along .^ffi;fRh.'w»r.«Vandt _!-.»!.xZ&Arvt'Ra \Ie3g mission?** 'comply| --Mr. and Mrs. Ja Miss Ludihgton a jaorrow, of Albany, a •Miss'Morrow's. ,'j'jSPiincej tba pat horse (\rnal'n,.Vdlcri.'Saturciay.'motnli •has..bpQn;-.di;ivon.around Ife- .6^1)l0r.. and ! Mlw^Toriow 'l ' uiatnors - • arid will '• '.ha\\ y K.' Charles R. Wiibeck and wife, of Indlanfleld, Albany Co., and^Frank M. Witbeck and wife, or Lansing- burgh, were Sunday guests of A. J. Gage nnd family on Breeze Hill- Mrs. Agnes Vanderpool of Easti .Oraflge. N. J., is visiting ber aunt, *rs.- A. O E timer, at Maple Farriers in this vicinity have oommenrwi baying and some have begun cuthrifz rye. Henry N, Hamilton and two sonsj- of Yonkers,\ axa^spendinK tbe sum­ mer vacation-as usual et Mrs. Wm. 8. Witbeck's Jamaica Lodged' The fair and featlvaJ'neld at the town hall July «h, v by the Ladlss* of the M. En c'Uurch was not as largely attended as usual owing to the many, attractions elsewhera. having a.tendency to call many people out of town. Charles Phelps and wife, of Hud­ son, called-on Wm. J. Klllmer and' wife on Sunday. »\ -* - — Frank P. Kline, proprtetfjr-ofthei miner House, Stuyvesant Fallst died Saturday morning. Funeral Tuesday, afternoon at 2 p. m. at the house. , Obas. W. Kilmer, of Hudson,, called on his father A. O. -Kilmer,. . 'aatarday. \ \— '—^T irdKTH CHATHAIC, A few. - : yb'ung ladles .frbm?Albany r ., %l re -oocupylng W,QJjaKMiiiyne'&^i% A are • cottifgeT Waterbuj^fO'on^- we^rieshi'kt.thd>.^^ Kingrhan;.Epds'Si..;/'/5^ f A'en^Trayers^ sc^aS.; tho.in.Ijg tttia&pio p i ffi^ bbfrif aSsS^

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