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\ - VOL. XLV. CHATHAM, COL. CQ^.lggfyEDNESDAY. JULY 11, iy06 JJncle Jonathan MEAT INSPECTION FROM HOOF TO HASH. Sary Ann Believes in Working Tramps and Keeping the Lawn Mowed.—A Fancy Dress Occasion at Jonesville with Ike as a Fashion Reporter, Dear Mr, Editor—Tbia hez bin a •purty bizzy season between showers so fur an I ain't bed much time tp rite. We've got quite a'-nice corn patch an' I think its due t o keep­ ing Ike and the cultivator goiogj both ways,and bavin'a good skare- krow. Of koura if I couldn't hev but one I'd take the cultivator both ways an' throw out the scarekrow, but I've seeu sum fields of corn -that It looked like It waz viae versy and the ekatekrow had to d o all the work keepin' down the weads and keepin' out the krows to boot. Ike, you know, is artistic. Whv he rigged up a skarekrow so natral like that Sary Ann got dinner reddy one day and she went out in the yard and blue the konk shell till she got black in the-face ana finally walked cieer over to the corn lot where sue. thought she saw me t o see if I ' d lost both my mind and appetite. Maybs she want exaspe­ rated tho, wien she saw 'twas Ike's skarekrow^ dkve got good clotbeB wearc'ejn every day.) ( v /death'^ op». tp water melon seed the' other day and I picked up the wrapper and under the picture wuz this effusion. \It is jp'Ore water, distilled and put up bv nature herself, who needs no government label te jjgilify, to the cleanliness of her methods and the innocence of her sun-kissed chem lstry. It la the tiniest trace of earth salts. It is delicate aroma It is slightly a food, generously a drink, and altogether poetry.\ I've seen the time when it took Sun kolera drops to kaook out that sun kissed chemistry after Ike hed got home from the Sunday school pionic an' hed access to the barrel of water melons.~~T'want no poetry 'bout it nutber, fer a few minutes before midnight A Dreu Occasion. The other nlte there wuz quite a high toned party fer Jonesville up to Bile .Perkins; as their daughter wuz going to make her dabeau, 4th of July eve. Ike wuz invited and I don't know as you would cure to publish any of the partlklers abou. the affair because there ain't much paitiklers, akordin to what Ike sed, but there new dresses and how they wore 'em. Ike hez got quite an eye fer dress and he'd make a good fashion editor fer the 4 Track news. \Bile's girl wuz the star of tho evening of course, because she WBB the dabeautantee,\ sez Ike, \she wore an empire state frock in ban- nana colored crepe de shine, satin faced cloth and lace trimmings. The. skirt bung in graceful folds from a guaged belt and ' had a 14 Inch hem; above this wuz stripes of chiffon cloth cut bias, north east, by south west, scalloped oyster gf ^ect,, the lower edge of the cloth befog flnlshecj with pen knife pleat- i- gC? Qf taff tea the same shade as thVorope. The short waisted bodice HUDSON RACES. Free For All Won by Panorama and 2.35 Trot by Beauty Bird. There was a -good attendance at the Hudson Fair Ground on the Fourth to see the races, and they were well contested. The 2 40 class was declared off. The following is a summary 2:35 Trot or Pace, Half-Mlle Heata. Beauty Bird, Orvllle Drumm, Hudson 1 Nellie Bruce, Dewitt Hover, Qermantowo - - 3 Loos, H I). Miller, Hudson 2 Pepper Box, Timothy Mc- Graw, Hudsco, - 4 Brown Bread P Canavan Phllmont 6 Best time—l 13 1-2 Free-foi-AH Class. The Panorama,Howard Linzy, Oatskill ... i Birthmark. John Van Tassell, Hudson ... 3 E. J. O. Patsey Morey.Tivoli, 2 Beat time -2 23 1 1 2 2 3 3 i 4 5 6 1 1 ERAttSi^TlPHlL YET- COUNTY CORRESPONDENCE CHATHAJt CEMTES '^&an' otheKi;o^?Ai;ScK8tie hez aum &or -^uirtfKh er-aaWing- 6r-j»pljt- tin' wood ormow/ugTjthe lawnp \Coir Bee Sary Ann . and I beleve in farmers havln' just as nice a lawn as you village folk4 do. There wuz a time before we \Ined the orange that ^we used to let tho grass grow knee high and then mow it in Job lota and wheel it In the barnTer the horse feed every no6n7 ~b ~ut we've come to the conklusion that there. ii aum things that it don't pay to \do ez we used to. A farmer hez got jest «z much rlsrht to hev a ' nice lawn in front of his bouse with geraniums in red batter tubs, an' iti Salvation Army kaep tlie«poM^ ^MQin* kittles ag; any boddy/else- and I beleeve they would seU/ootter if the lawn run the bole length of the farm between the road and the fence. See the pint? *?ell, ezlwuz a sayln', Sary Ann keeps the lawn handy, fjr*-tramps The ^^^e^Pp ^l ^ream puffs of ttieelb'ow'sleeves;-?8he was charm­ ing, her brick hair being oaugbt |iip by a suspender buckle of dia­ monds ; ahe carried a bouay of nastuishutBB. ' Mrs. Perkins wore a .dainty gown In sheer summer effei of white and green pin-striped^' 6 with trlm'mlgs of rich green/\° Don velvot. The Mock bed oV^lt'es of ice- creamy white tsjr™* bands about,, .he neck jjm loops of the green' ilbbony^ e,V6t dangling down the p& ot tD0 \* e8t - Tbe effect of >3e frock was priqceBBe, the skjnPA\ being made withjat tudj/stltc'ied about the hips. In tion to the tucka . tuere were rlmmiogs of Irish,. Dutch and, French iaee run through a equar< REVOLVER USED. Shooting Atfray at Riverville Frank Cheesbroagh Shot, Sunday morning about two o'clock Frank Gbeesbrough of Nlverville, with several others were on the B and A station platform. One of the party sat o n a truck and some one threw water on him when be became angry and started to pun­ ish the offender when Obeesebrougb Interfered and drawing a revolver was about to about when tbe man struck his aim bieaking his fore­ finger and causing the bullet to enter Uheesebrough's leg above the knee,' passing nearly through. -Dr« D, L-. Spauldlng advised\ him,' |o«go^tp. tbe ,i hospital or,cal . Chestnut trees are beautiful with They Deci'de^td^<|• in Hudson on 'beir burden of oloascuis prophetic T i iii .•W«t : V *irL-.IJ n, rwii i uf prlikly plunder for tbe small boy 'CHSffi 1 ' Airs Nellie Hueated. uf Stbenec- tady, is visiting Mr. and Mrs. J Urban. Altboush bay gets on its uppers, ltd no sign o* being poor Ernest Van xvesa was taken «itb some:bing like a shock last Frnlay The Veterans' • f tbe - -•- •ARS'^vsr \ Coluinljla LCounty-at: ph;'J.^ontion the F ( ,urtb, 'was one ot ru6:b'e«fc|ffie aesoriuUon ever held aua^$|b!eipiuinesii uleot ing it Wrts ducfd6j|i't,d hold tie next, annual reui^orf-fn^Biudson on July 4th. \\The - f ^libwrri^ mum weie elected; ' ..Sgfj?' President—*3lliaB3 J Philips of Hudson- '^3|£y First Viett'fer ^ant -Blcbard (J Payne, »l ^^sonip Second\ ; ?,ioB;^Erteideflt-j l ibn jj- Spoor, ofThilniont^« TbUd-*Vi^r|^g ^teit -Jobn 0 Dardess, otJBbSjfl^itt. Fourth '\Vice^rwetidtat- John H. Miller, of yiLjatf^oet Sepretary.-rJUichael i Ouinan, Hudson. Trea8urerf-jroh 'n% W Holaapple, Hudffdn. V;.!^P In the aftarnpoi^.' abaoquet was given in' BIcha|.^p^'fl hall There were abpuj^iWiJt^raa wltn their guests p'rese'n t|@|^ me welcoaed by village.^riyuderit /ohn Hayes. Remarksiwer ^lmSalii. bjJ. I. Spoor, presid entl'ojtjMe|dMsolatIon, who Introdu'ceaf/^c ^f ^iT.OraDdall as toMtmB ^ter.yiT|M^i|after dinner apeaker.:w .M ''B*i;^|Pr»i Beale, of Hudsofi ^ffdflSfl^iaim came 8ehato^?|\^S|j^ith>hojgave an elpquenr'a'dd^jlppiprlate to the \ihftfiuliet ^<1 At. while working on the track. He was unconscious so long death was feared He WHS carried to his home and is somen bat recovered fr<,m its effects, but unable to get about Several teachers iu tbis vicinity LnDluding Miss Latimer and tbe Misses Bullivan are attending Howe's summer school at Chatham Fred Sutherland is atlll in poor bealtn ana unable to resume road duties. Mr and Mrs Oeo Van Allen have gone to housekeeping in Amster­ dam, N V Mr H P Froud spent last week In town Ensign Roger Williams came home Friday evening. He returned to bis ship the Maine, Monda y Hev and Mrs. Richard spent tbe 4t-i> with Kev and Mrs Wilson I D West Lebanon. Little Tommy O'Oonnell who has been an invalid f>r a long time, was able to^flre off a few Are oraokers on tbe fourth iroin bis window, and gets out some. There lf> still solid com Tort in that oed blanket that is all wool a,nd a yard wide. Andrew- Van Alstyne has removed bis dooryard fence. - The Center did her share in cele- ^faTSrjg.tlTB Atlantic Cty.. was made by J,6h'h\ \ |loliapp,^fof Hudson. Dqritig the banqu patri )tic songs were'Bung.by a chr^tmale voices numberinc aboutifj| The bene- dlctlce was pronirwed by Rev Mr. Bianohet tbeB ^fr>body went to tbe ball game REAL ESTJ Property in the Changed Hand mower , other davTrtWmp came along with r , r - JLSfopaup^legLqne arm oft above the the knees were released' to yotd «lbo and the other hand'all done up x Xva regular flare; over t'lie tMf^ Hiss Doosenbury was cbarrnica in her usual beauty and wore a 'if lightful confection in motizzeltte de soie ot neutral tint tuckv/p girdle effect about the wnisto ife, but -below this point ir br6ad>f v e<J in plaits \wnTeb. When they y r Jt - A in a sling, thinks I to mygelf, ^Sary | 0 f the koraage were DaTnds, l Ann he'B r got you nowj All bo ca» tfijsh crochet embraidered do -iz to eat an it looks as i f you'd of mauve, D.ev^ to leed hlin to boot^ and so Ij white silk threads greeny. down the-'front the skirt ancLgjiv/J '^atehed 'Sary Ann forum\ the barxf' door tosee^uat how BU& VJ -manage. 1 Jest'started-to plant korn n : ear''t(ie .— ^— '-'-aSacTTp of a»l tbe hatfd$oy$f costumes . j6Di»tt -•pi»nMi*;-Ato.^tii^'bu wajk'only that theyatirpli?'* blouse or Talon'g. ^ivtt^t'ezjif^ou'.wuz.pn ^bodiceseemed s SbtMbtlte, with played with of gulmpe mode. Space loFbids a-gen Young's Pier ^heatxa^Sat- night caused A panic irr which ore than on« hundred persons were cut and bruised- The theatre stands ovW tbe ooean.and a moving picture entertainment was in pro­ gress when an explosion occurred In the/ gallery inside of the booth where/ the man operating the' The following an machine was looked in. Flames transfers for the wefc ins»ntly shot up to the celling. Sanford C. Haw Oiiea at &ia threw into a panlo.Hover, Chatham. & ijfteen. hundred people, who made Cornell us Sbufet wild rush for the doors Windows, Frederick W Oardie ere emashed and children were!bam, $200 andud-through them to persona on J Cornelius Sbufei the. outsldeC^The damage, except [Frederiok W.Gardnoltano.Gbent, for smashed windows and the des- $4,000 troyed machine, will, not exceed' 91 ,000. Trinkets of all kinds were gathered up from the floor. NEWS. That Has ccntly. ( e'^eal estate udingyruly 7 to Lillie S. 'f referee, to iet\8no. referee, to to to Dick Meybobm, $11. Charles W Duns lintl^wlte, to John Peper, BtuvvesarjtJ|$I,925. Robert w. Ooon &ci;.wlfe Sarah S. Fox. Cbattwm;:|B,660. :~J6Bn W. 8.1ciles iB^wlta 10 Alexander Near, Auateaibt.AltCOO. t reminded of § story. \ ; i^OBatBam Elentrtc agft ^uTd'Hewf tandj \Xbere^ wa8 a friend: b'f miWin' ^ toparence Van AJMy'nt,. Chat- banas Ohio,\ Baid-her^wbc^nceioyfully-r 6 * 50 -^ -* - joined eoughtran oil export, declaring'that' v Pete ' 8harp ' et ano *'^ ; Daniel e effect I h^bad atruck-tliis-fluid on blalind.-fHavlland. Hudson. tMffi * - ' \ '\Frederick M. HavilandnlBcflrife to StoackPattgoffcKotQii; iine_ dsil JoJ^ingjana^nily a! group of-politioians-were talking, #tien: T'TJnele. W' 'Otfnn'oa-JtM- Mary Vao Ness ai executor, etc, QermaDtown, He brougbt a. sample^ Jih a_ ^bottler Ifow evid ^ttf ^li £si |in f d haa-iSwrr in a great hurry, hastily grabbing tbet \r8t i bojy9:iit.ii«Ddjiot : ;wb^tl» ohemlat, bad.', duly :analyge^i;tne, sampte-^!Uiumntea-neeent^ttieioiiow< rHerbertD. Miller, HudaoB &w .-ioo. , 'Stephen Lapenus to.sWJ^Frank HoMpple, Hudson, $400 ;p|S George B. Harvey fojlBargaiet SMsMsmSr GermaotqafillBiL ing telegraphic report:- '^^indjnb;: trace or oil. ' You y baTft^atruo t paregoric. ; New Tork^Btat«^^J ^|^^;j iegi^ered. .and U^d'^^f^^iji^t inobiieev «^l^0^^3fx0!^Sa[iS^ licensed dt^dg:7uj^^'^«|^^ij^' slid during' ! the;- 8lXi ^5ri't\ba^4oV5 |ljK:ls;. sotedr^that;J.obn;^acSB|Krtor Irfi^lcSesfgn^lP^on^ rJoWiB^BuMing, of N^fiCork, bMfpreventedv to the TKQ)%1 O 41 8«mli«uy^ot7|tbe Dutchjl^M m <>d ;eh v uwh ^?blAN>w Bwinswlgjbjitjrf tfir ^ImoViels^of the *&MiJ& $yepa#$fttie> Taberna ^p &fd aerod ^Temple. The 'Oofei ^4l»^tnetCwork- of»W .ajdllr^llftilifr'donei, Tfi«g5 ,o^h£:ia^'ue1«hd ^utpleM^ SPENOKRTOWK Mr an.) Mrs »m Carrnl ol Biooklyn, have arrive) to M , I-IK I the summer at thei r uareDte ' Mr aDd Mrs B Hitler 's On Juno dub Mia\ Minnie L aawyer, of tills plac^ was a member of a party who sallei! fioui ll.'Hiwti 00 the H H Oanopic fur « tou r . f Italy Switzerland (iermany Franc*- Knuland Tbt> trip will take over two months A number of Mowe r iic.ls Imve' teen laid out In \ Wudswurtli i>ark \ and tbeir foliage 1 lant iijil l.n^hi colore! tijwers am a n ornament t o | tbe place I \Lett\ Mnydei had the misfortune to terribly lacerate bis hand on the book of a log Cham It t .iok several stitches to close tbe wound O Mesick, of New Jersey ts visit- ing'.hia aunt. Mrs. Catherine Gaul E D. Sawyer has returned from a pleasure tri p .t o Wincbemiun Masa , Binge, N II anil other places of interest in the New Eng land states. . Lorenzo Dein und wife, of West Stockbridge, Mass., were at his father's home July 4tb Fred Eubn, of Schenectady, apect a few days at his home In tbis vill age anil takes his brother William back with him to that city John D NilaB and wife, of Derbv Coon , spent a ft w days at his pur- eats ' home near tbla villagr, ludt week Fred Stickles, who has been at work qnitea long tlmbatOhappaqua, was borne for a few days. On July 4th, our young atbietea met the Hillsdale baseball team at tbe close tbe score being 2 to 5 in favor of Spencertown. • The so <5te~ty 'Wish it announced In GHENT Dr Eugene Pnru -r, Krate Health Conjtniialonei waa in a bud railroad wre i l> liftween New Y irk and 11 tr iii-t.iiri; ri-i 1 nl l \, out foi ttiniitt Iy 1 »ca »• I injur s Her liuiuit e sevt-r i I «' 1 l>i- ViJ , H'I >u .Si .11, Hi will be ahapot for ujio n in, annual will I., niveo in National day with hi? all thlD ^^tba^urSde -'^a-^olaoy' UTr^^W^fmrjt>MRw>^^ I. bo ^au» there were no a'coidebi<>. Many eujoyed the orthodox dinner of lamb and new potatoes and green peas from their garden There was an excellent Rams of ball In the efteinooo between a nine from North Chatham aud resulted in a vict )ry for our boys, the score be­ ing 6 to ii Our bjys bad three players fror»Cbatbam, tbe battery, Wiloer and Peake and H Hoff­ man and they were well sustained in tbe field North Chatham ban ery was Redmond and Lara way. Obas. Come, of New York, plied ' j Tbe North Cbatoarna bad played a ' close game In Vaiatl« in the fore noon and struck a nard proposi­ tion to rest out on down here. There was a fair turnout to see tbe giuie and tbe village was guy in bunting jaod flags, a beautiful specimen of Old Olory was flung to tbe breeze for tbe first time In tbe Froud grounds Tbe evening brought out many collections of firewjiks and wnlzzing rackets, candles, pi• wheels, and balloons filled the eky with brightness as tbe crowd watched the old fourth out. Mrs J. A Van Alstyne visited bar j daughter in Schenectady last week Mrs Htepben Come Is making B two weeks visit in New York and _{*>coan Qtovo. Mr. Brooki, of New York spent tbe Sabbath with Clarence Van AlBtyne. F. Weozel and J Mc Laffdrtv, of Brooklyn, wire at tbe Frouds' Sun­ day. Mr. Millet, of Hudson, took the I MI sees Shay automobiling Sunday afternoon.* While several of our farmers have some rye on shock, many machines will take up tbe refrain \Oomin' through the Rye\ tbis Week. ,Neighbors Come and John H. Miller attended the reunion of veter­ ans at Pirilmont on the fourth and report having' tbe finest kind of a $rae. • Miller was \Steered \a vice president of the association. morning, July 15 in tbe .Presbyter­ ian church We learn that Martin Harvey had bis legs seriously injured last week by a falling tree, while he was cut ing timber to repair bis mill dam Tbe Fourth waa celebrated here D tbe evening with n patriotic address bv Rev. A. C. McMillan, of Yonkers and a fine display of fireworks Credit is due Prof N A Sbaw Jr. of New Yoik, who contrit uted a collection of Hreworks and to C. L. Rundell wbo gathered made him 1 -*•[•, t wrinn I I M - n'Xt service :ll In ii. i<l u, Uir- Lutheran Church On Thur.-'la> i .f last week a most successful opi-rat urn was |n-rf roied u|iiiii Willi.irii -iilHina iv Dr Wash liotn tt— 1 -ifi I iiv l>r \ au Nese. and Williiti' Rlvenliiirrr 1 f the Albany Meil'iiil c ill-u'e Mr \ilums etood the Mperutinii well and each day lincls him gilnins strength Cha'les Kii'.lland family from l'roy, are viauiug at S B Macy's. Mr aud Mrw Ji rry Fradenhurg and son, Harrv, are Ruesta at Mrs. Catherine Htupplehci o Mrs Hai-aii Murry from White Plains Is visiting with her nephews the Gaidni-o Bros. Miss Lulu Hell is spending some time with hr<r slater at Little Falls, Conn Miss Lizzie Berllng. of Hudson. WillS Anpell and Mr Jovo, Mr. and Mrs G<-orge Anuell, Nfw York city are <ru «at8 of Mr and Mrs. Will H ADgell Mr and Mra J W Stickels have been speeding a week with friends in Pittstleld Elbert Miller and Tamllv, from New York city, huve arrived at the farm for the summer Toe yuunp; people of tbe Lutheran cbureb will nold a lawn festival at John Weetover's Saturdav evening Tbe band will furnish music. Dogs have again maoe their ap- BoIIowa uw ~ j in tho main supply and self genereally useful Tbe Village Improvement society will meet with Mra. T F Nilea on Thursday of this week at 3 p. m I Hoffman and Norman Dorchester, of Providence, R. I , are at Dr Mnsick'a. The partnership heretofore exist­ ing between tbe Spencettown apd tbe Austerlltz telephone lines, baa been dissolved partly by mutual consent. In the fnture all talk not accepted by wire can be sent through the air , Mrs Wilter Uarriqua and two children, of Mc Vemon, N. Y., Polbemus Oobb ahd lamily, and Miss Bacon, of Tarrytown, are at tbe Clark homestead. ' Miss Jennie Farrell of Brooklyn, I B at F.*« Barden's. - Rev. Mr. Bennett exchanged pul­ pits with Rev Harry Murkland of Millerton last bunday Henry T. Snyder.' . ..- DeWItt Stickels, from Falls, is spending his vacation with friends here. Mrs. J Kieth, from Chicago, and Mr and Mrs R. W -Bell were re­ cent guests at DeWlrt B Wl's. Miss Tillle .^obnsnrrd Mrs James Wbited and daughter.from Barring- ton, bave been visiting at Lyman Tracy's. Miss Marguerite New is spending ber vacation with hoi friend, Char­ lotte Tracy 1 Mrs Clarence Van^Dyke, from Schenectady, has been visiting her parents, Mr and Mrs. Perry O. Miller. Union C E servioes were held in the Lutheran church Sunday even- In^ Tbe sound of tbe reaper, is again heard . farmers bave begun outting tbeir rye, corn and potatoes are looking fine, grass Is much better than expected. SEW COJTCOED, li ^teaiHenry Bauman and children,, ptv^^'enhctedyv '-are vi8iting\at A.- ^rnpman'ai-. U&i&oy-knXt andiwlfe, of Lanes- rJbro,yl8ited Mrs. Vlner tbe'Foufcrh.- •aLlttlo [-Hobble McFarJatfd, who Iray ^jS'thand TSrTalJ;\injured ^cairt 'hi^.imiurirvinK.ftnely. 'aQre ..<wTH. b«va\lawn.Jestivni on ''r5aay;;eviHiing arid J,'D. Camp- SHli/eniertoln tbo.ie-. present : ^froni = 'n ? -hew^ JJdiaon COPAKE. ton, spent last week here with friends. Mrs. Hermans is visiting in Pine Plains. Mrs. Alma, Burch, from Hartf u rd is visiting relatives here in town. Geo Llnd, agent at Xukaboe, visited hla parents. Shnday. The W. a T. TJ. will meet Thura day at Mrs. Teasdale'a. The WilUng: Workera>IU meet at Mrs Ostrom'aWednesday afternoon. Tbe Borden Milk Co. contemplate building' a new • mllkvfcouae to re­ place the old one which was burned last .week.. ; . The Miaserj OHhe are entertaining fHend ,a:ti.oin ui Llridams.^ ... ,'-fr \Mrs.* Eagar.5 Smith\ .w^burfed ^jt'-Sbureday nt58L^t : -'^ncer leavliig^'h'usbffDi'd OLD CHATHAM. Tbe las t regular meeting of tbe grange wa s wel l attended notwith­ standing a downpour of rain. First and Beoon d degrees were conferred. Tbe next regular meeting will be held Saturday evening July 14 third and fourth dearees will be confer­ red and refreshments will be served. Mrs. Walter Wands sustained a sbock'of paraly8is oh Tuesday, one side being seriously affeoted. Miss Sarah Walker is occupying Mrs M. B. Vosburgh, of Miller- 1 her recently purchased - properly on Main street. Mrs. Edgar Van Valkenburgb vis­ ited ber sister, Mrs. Hannah Van Ness, in Troy, -iaat week. Mra O. H. White and daughter, of Oranford, N. J., -are spending some time at Mount View farm, gueatBof Mrs. B. W. Morey, \ ; Mr. Bussing and Mlea Morris. ofcBrooklyn, are gnosis at Calvin Oarpentwr's. Mr. ;and Mrs. Uharlea Jamc3 an'tl - Ohaflea' •8mithi...of Brooklyn, .woro recent ^guestaatE»B- James*,?alao :Bbger^uttpi^ t-home ,ofeh'l '8 'Ta\'oii.fii*SfocJcp'orb;v3'u^ r.?#f% ; -•'A^-'--vt'^--r 7-1 -•V'-- : v-\--^-': •'H-<>-<: ^5*b^oIBriHiES

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