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Chatham semi-weekly courier. (Chatham, Col[umbia] Co[unty], N.Y.) 1903-1907, March 14, 1906, Image 2

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,. ,... ^^|^Dij^t«>fJiauUiitf- caaLand.olL JE1£&, JEtace,- g |^|g|ffie.^_essage, which condemned the second; Safeguard on the ground that Its pur- Sixth Race, ~ ^l ^ffij not specific, was Mr. Tillman and 'presMent after signing \^tlqn|usked that additional ^jMJw ^ej^fered Into to make In this request ^eBdatIon that an appropriation be would run poorly .at Oakland, fe &vMSIicle to carry on the Investigation and she did. Opening at 6 to 6, slie closed ^geheclhc authority be given to the com- at 11 to 6. The eventj-tfas captured by ofthe raid in/which Robert BUSprlggs, eise. Aitnougu weu t o ao, tne ratner iand small,,'colored und white,, fancy, jfy. i^ftieslon to administer oaths and com- Peggy O'Neill, at 20 \to X. Elevation/*; negro,'-was arrested on-.charges ^ *t. lito chUdm learn th e value of ^^*«^«^^Sg^?^ the attendance of witnesses. at 20 to 1, gave the bookmakers a auiv.abxlactidh.\ nsdaxilfc.and. keeiuntf&.onW -JJS* st ^ a S*3P taught school^to^.-i^W-, skims, full 4° light; 3% ife? ^Pr^tetheneeessyofcrittcls- prise in the «md ^by^garnely hold- *rtfer|^bo^ - Sprigge-lwa. Ju^b-bjr °& ^Ll' J^S'AI^^m^. >$E§lng this most extraordinary docn- ing the lead until the finish ^'i»|inent,\ said Mr. Tillman. \Fate ha s t||^enllsted me as an ally of the president Gardner Worn at Billiard». WoiS^SlK- court o? gei W •» ^ ™««* -J*. , »iffi rS^W . era! sessions- In $&500 hail on the er enJoyed 016 ex \' -?P T ^ 5 ^- ^5XL?^M5..i eo 2?i three charges for trial. perlonce. getting an adequate railway rate OHIQAGO; March 18.—The sixth an- In line with thls-Javesflgatioh wit- • UH,0U S | » i f h8 tmj 8nt off and on until $™<8*: sweets. Jersey, per barrel,.! ^vblll, and I regret very much to have nual tournament; class A, National As- wft8 thirty, Miss Anthony never, T'AT.T jvnr _ a»An /iir. <.i^ K<. • <\nv i-^ererailedajidtestlfeonygiven eiw 7 ft8 ? ir 5 '^ 1 f Ajktii01i ^ « EROR < \TALLOW -steady; h -^»ti««Wli .«-S? care(1 nw* about being a teacher. , \But there are some things that as a aenator I cannot put up with patient- ly,\ continued Mr. Tillman, who said anything come up which would occa- sociatlon of Amateur Billiard,JBlayers, to substantiate the story of-'murder 5 Tf V„\.Ti~£ ~+w\aXY-flteady; ahippins, 45e50c,-woa to alon any disruption of the amicable re- opened last night In. the gymnasium of- and raptors These -wltnefesesTave fur- , very eariy i n ure tnat ^ss choice, so|$Sc. ~* > —- latlons that now exist or appear to ex- the Chicago Athletic association with a nlabed.derfiTls'Of the crimes.. j«s ~ri8t between us.\ game between Edward W. • Gardner of Amoitfr others \vho were f^-V This statement was greeted with ^^Nriraaa ^Hariy^^ WUU1M , 1BW; oomMUU ue «c«, mp smiles and chuckles from other sena- San Francisco, Gardner won the gami-.Tiieyy wore taktea ^to the \district at- * TZ.J „ m f.I^ utt »e.wrongs ^ Q p^™. s ^tejcp ^on^ohoteo, bv a score of soft to 208 . : S^^^ ™. i^vii.™ ^ MC W Hor temperament was. n@m~: ^.£ffl%67T^ias^®7e,; Pa^ ( ..tor£, by a score or aqo to 206, „ .. . -;^raey'a «ffltofc and-it: w mid natorally seriona, for &--<amiS ^fV ^ c ^^''^^^'*f^ oM ^ Anthony paused In her staid home do- ijjgs to ask. herself these questl.onsi STRAi\?^-3Xoady L long rye, 55®C5c. BEANS — Steady; marrow, ^,10: me­ dium, &05$2.10; pea, «.(»31.C2H; red kld^ render_hnmantry? ney, .. a-„^- ~ w uui>—steady; aoniwuu fleece, 3»S3Su. far to. strengtben-the c««raga!iis t Wn , n ^^ f ffifSL LIVE POTO/ERT—XInehanged; fowls, 14 . ©14Wc; old roosters, 10c.;. chickens, 15® iB%c; duoka, 160160.; steeso, 14@15c.; tur-' 1 keys, IBffilGc;' » L \_ - . ' . DRESSED .FOtFI^RY—Steady; fowls., - Tfcree Wtaniaa- Jr ^roritea, , , far to strengtben-th e case against cer- distinction was at a 1 .OCEANS, Marcn aa^jSaa *u peraons wl»6 havehid dealings ieS^cou^tK that the mesldenf s contempt and rldl- Bradley, Monet and Trenola were th,e ^ifi-Sprlggs, ' ' ' - \^Tm e mSta .a sneecn No ..-cute of the regqlutlon seemed to charge winning favorite, at City park. An K transpires that Sprlgg *pent three ™* ^hzl J?£LLh^'^t™ that he liad been ignorant of what he awEyrard landlng.at 'the^njh^jump^, e . ra j n -, a b l tea^^ nrlaon ior-havinsssralK . ^ \ , h „ .„ „ ^TT „n„„ ^ «,„+' cn (C Ken3, cnoice. |fwa S doing in offering it «^ ^ ^WS^fiTiSB^^ rufe^otce i^? \Now. that la- going a great way in a Colonel White met with considerable trainer and go t Into an altercation ^j£5^&^^?a?^£' vWte- W a pretty big interference In the.sixth race. • ~~ ^ sp ^gg. S p ri ggtf Stabbed him to ^Sif\^ B ffl: m\fta lorn art- the president has taken on, . the chest and head. 2* toi^ZaSrit ^to which thTnr^- hlmseli; to justify such a sweeping ^ ^« .t tne P*rt. it Um t_twelve policemen^ ^^tSe^ttSM X . charge,\ he said. MirthleM Left at tlie Po«t. . « xr n,,„ , HO J ^S^GS,Ark..Ma^ Taking up the resolution, Mr. Till- favorites were defeated at Oakkwri. w j^tj, eo fu, man said that It was a joint measure The greatest disappointment of\the „,„_. Till- favorite s were defeated at OakW otteWl^'ro^on 'bfflin^ Mtt ^ M j^jOanea. mtofc; ™ ta * protection or wwnite atQSe {md ^ ^ 0 you ^ not Bee ttB j. a8 He called atten- day was the race of Mirthless. She \^e^IL of «.« district attorheVa ,ong as 80C ! ety Bays womea taye not to the fact that both houses of was left at the post and finished foufth. .Jz,. t^^t h ^l^^L\^^Z brains enough to be doctors, lawyers had given the subject consid- ^^^uJ^^^JS^ °* mInlstere . bnt ^ - to be cholce.^lSHSiMc.; do.', fal?r 1SC;..OML j roosters; '•10o.i..n , ch|ckens; _cholce, l£@16c.; good, 17©18c.; .'d'lj fai to BOOd. 12V4L nearby roasting /western do. ipoari2®l8o. ', ls@20c.: do., ucka, ll@16c was now a law. aratlon. Then he added: the Oln che, the little ^rem-hglrAwho ^ every ( man-of yon who con- - 1B awaiting sonteiiQe fd-r the killing of u /_ . i—*— 1 «- „^^i*» T>og Guarded Dead Mlatreu. \There be no good reason for the PHILADELPHIA, March 13.-Im - e vpresldent to scold usy In a manner that consequence of a search for a missing r: _r • , 7T i,, . T_ fc. -r .._ _ ^_ . ™ ... _ hom tbey subaeqaently and .^^_ • *^ has. no more brains than a woman?' he.- home Mrs Mary f hile «* rra \rf cQ P? ™ Kdb ^ fl S^ But Miss Anthony loved work and den on Cornelia street. descends to be a teacher tacitly admits before all Israel and the sun that he <(s almost Insulting b charging najclth . neighbor insincerity, pretense an d ignorance, found deai The only reason I can see Is that be Fisher and Mrs.'Mary Salmo n are ly- whon d in often said that she bad found happl- Vmust hava-been miserably advised. I tag In a dangerous condition at their twelve pouceme n unaer surveu- nesa ^ labor> ln a ^ Mple way o£ j£ e ,?«m not a lawyer, only a farmer, but I homes, suffering' from fright and at ^nrc baveior years, it is sai^ievieo. fl , earnest and 8 i nC ere devotion to - - - - ... tribute on Sprlggs with the full knowl- •• - - -- •— unre ueiujr c-oiiiiuou uuube innn max.\ leaBt-a dozen Ugly dog bites as the re- 1 i )ii h h a greatt cause,. wocja ueaiui aua uiauyn ' He closed with, n-protest against the suit of being attacked by a vicious edge or the tratnc in wnicn ne was en- Joyal frIends werd nortlons allowed | president, lillghtly and flippantly\ in- bulldog which was guarding the dead p;OKC<1- - her and which she. wks successful In BnlUng -the senate. Be^sald he could wanjan/s body. In their battle with partner neapit© For Patrick. keeping to. the end nf her_busy\ life, a grea cause Good health and many r jrildu many thlHg^ 2 Kf 3 a^icnuht 8 6Y Sm -tiSe~aBg~an pf their clothes were tern ALBANY, Match 13.^-Govern- * In 1852 Miss Anthony^feiedia-organ- -greiit burdens'bn the president and be- from then- bodies. ot . Hjggm S has granted Albert T. Efat-. the first statejvomen's temperr\ of his Impetuosity^ r- . Tlci ^ lUle condemned murderer' of- wil-'*^ society jindlaiejO^ea^-^ictlje. Mr. Lodge defended the \president Democrat. Capture AoKiuta. itam M-Uice, a farther respite until la\ antlslavery' and woman's rlghte. and said, he did not see how hp could AUGUSTA, Me.. March 13.—For the M ^ jg a -postponement of the work. She was secretary of \the Wo- trgnt jhe resolution other-than he did. first time In thirteen years the Demo- dil ^ of execution froflTMarch 19, or a nian'8 National league tlurlnjrlhe \war Tho statehood bill as amended by the- orats captured the Augusta city gor- delay of 8lx ^ daysf The gostjipne- aud ^Ince then she devoted herself en-. •fair- Jto Live Stock Markets. CATTt'E—Supply fair; market steady: choice, $S.50<gs»7o; prune, $S.25®6.B0; veal calves, J8®8.60./ <, HOGS—Kecelpts.- light;, market, jwtlve; prime heavies,\ mediums and heavy Tork- ers, $6.70; lfKh't'-yorkera-K.60@6.00;- f pljrs, W.^@p5; rouehsf ces-re., \ - ., t SHEEP ANb\ LAMBS — Supply light: market, steady: prime wethers, |5.to®G\ common, $2.E0®3.50; Iambi, ^©7.25. Lawyer Held For Jury Brlblaar. NEW TORK, March' 13^-Ambrose P. McCabe, one of, the prlnclpabtrlai lawyers of th e Metropolitan-Street Railway company, has been arrested Jiere on, an order .of City Judge^Se* \bury who for two weeks past has been Investigating, charges .of jury bribing agalnst-McCabar JVEW YORK, March lS .^The grand jury has found an indictment against •AVlUlanjMLVAlton Mann,' .eaitoiC of Towp Topics, for perjury. The charges mwoat -of jiis testimony-concerning; I his signatnre\t? the^Tf ooster letter pro­ duced at the trial ..of Norman ,Hap- good, edttpr of -Collier's yVeekly. senate wns received in the house and eminent Colonel Frederick W. Plals- ^JJJ ^ ^ a5orT *s \ufflc7enf lun^'for tlre, y T0 tte WUBO of woman suffrage, laid on the speaker's table without ted was elected mayor by 440 majorK counsel t o present the motion t o the 111 1808 809 founded Q, e Bevolutlon, comment \. t y over Charle3 B. Purlnton, RepubUc- tfrt {Qr ^ w trtoJ • the -first exclusively woman's rights- • — - -*- an . Seven of the eight wards elected •—'- - pdpef. V *ZV*», vTLnrtv b « Sa , Pr n o me M C °, ar t Democratic aldermen and coundlmen. Kuied PataeV piayia* Hoida.. Miss Anthony never douyted that WASHINGTON. March 13.-Nc ,l«ag- I n Bangor Mayor William 'B. Petrce, T lSlPA. Fin.. March B.-Pla^Ing women,would soon get. their rights, er may any corporation^or trust hide Democrat was re-elefted: The city ao Jaup. Ohartea Ryala, ten yelr^old! which In her mind meant the right to; itewn^doing behind toe fear itBoffl- counci, is Democratic by a narrow J ^ted arehotgnn^ hU 7tm^ J O. ^ote. hum ^ i^t A 0 tStTifrJLLT^r^^ margln Rya.s.aweilkno^n farmer at Branch^ pected to see the,enfranchisement of- -2%JS. ^ Z V Z maTu cTaiS t „ wed En5 , Jone 2 . & and, crying. \Hands up!\ puUed women « J -rjjj^ Jdal ,mm«,, ity . ns'th^beef trusAns been ^ADRIO. March 13 K.ng Alfonso-, ^ ^^\^^SfgS^ believe etain.i.. K it, because of evidence given betrotlmr to Princess Eua of Batten- ^ u * ff eu C °™ f ew S by any one or derived from any source. \b has been officially communicated £n ^Xfte!g£ri\^ oSded. praldoat of tbe United States.\ - Such in effect is the Important and •far t o the cabinet and the two houses of ^ J ufil ' c ' PaS - J^-HSt-'paqeo.—». M[ ^ Antliouy's ldattB- On marrlngej reaohliic decision given by the United congress by Premier Moret The fn States supreme court in two cases, the tare queen will, henceforth be officially BO called \tobacco trust\ trust\ cases. 'ttoot to ttead Caaal niKfflaa-. - \ltscd toJie^fvgreato^MTtJO^OmJn, AVASHINGTON. March 13^-If Sec- People were fond\o£ lasting-her.^hy. ! and \paper known as Victoria En genie. The mh> te of Wat'TSft retires from-his-sho had never . married;—Mrs.\ Ida' fater of ftaancc has-ntroduced a bill i n ut offlee to i>ecome.a member of Husted Harper,, .who ,wrote,Mls ?i M : . . - , the chamber of dephties to appropriate me -g^reme-contt the,affairs of the thony's. btegfaplij,, paid- once that'iihe II hab ^t^|^StcefIgthens ^SOetheSy $50,000 a year f<*Jier when she be- Pjmama be;tr^ferred from, CTeat fwoman ,suu^g1st.%onld : proba -;ll. w-»tV.' ._ \.A I'_ ; t 1 .' \ i i _V J L 'T ~1.. *' Wlw 1 ),awn maM^ail hail \eti A ntfA. .viiAf. f « tne. ment fanama canai wui oe -,iraMierreaiTOm ,«> c » v v\ \ ^r-.^? 6 ?. , .f ^ r < lie war department to the,state departl jfeaye married had \she ever -metja ment attd the'canal Mrjli'ifii huilt'iih r man that BheloVed: \ ,. j Would Doable Aasemblymcn's Pay. A.LBANY. N. Y., March 13.—A con- comes queen on June 2. current resolution was Introduced b y ;r» Assemblyman Eagleton for an amend- Snnotuma; official Committed Salclde. v.- J ~i a t tk ~ z ** n r <&>^rot«W - n i' ment to the constitution which would SHANGHAI, March 13.—Private ad- \t!L ™^r • : • '\? ^^~f- \-^Wt^ CoalSTiaer. Will' Not! Atrl'keVSi ... ., <• . . vprjpr,SBORGi;'March 13 .--Thefe_wi|l Kelt iKor '^o'rty klles. be no' strike In the bituminous'Coal ff;j a year and would make the salary of vioiis reports that the majgistrate who DULUTBC Mlnn^^March S 13.— Eight fl&ds. It Is stated positively ttat,the\ ! o.* time both receive per annum, the term of senator being fllcted o r received a t the hands, bf. a company <o^Iode& l^^^ii^^'^^tilv'1er%$B^tfi ; t^um^^j>^xt r< vp^' Ivmen Catholic misaionarv. comml'tted —BUl- io»iirin -'ia -»iirrr» - iini^/fe *W '+hiMirX *.b-'« : nn'd -Th i i n-TnInprB ^II«*v»nflTiTiP'iit.-- ! wnrt- T .provide for the election of assembly^ - Vices received here from.--Kluklang, !statc KQ0 *i men for two years at a salary of $3,000 province of Kuangsl, confirm^ the pre- Bxploalai a year. At the present died -at Naacbang.aaLtae result of a tons of dynamite at the, compressor differences between the onerafora, arid jive a salary o.f $1,500 stab wound, said\ l o have beeni'elf In- pjagj 0 f the Great Northern' r P6wex the'miaers'wlll be settled, atthe'tcon-; two years and that of the assemblymen one year Catholle missionary, coumit^S^^- istt!iig%\larger poiiifonBl^riBie^^rKs 4p3d'Hlie''-alner8 f ^ s oon^ne'^#otkr clde. -' -f ~f$>. now under conBtrnctlon .'attd h^urtng^a The';mlr^rs,-'wlll^be-'glven 1 ari advahSt-e, number of men. >TJCte force otthe ex- but. whether It wljl be:the.full 12tp'er o it The old cold goes; anew one quickly cqme§. { It's the story uola-Wfijak thtojt,jyj.akJuogs > a\tfe^a«Tncjf;'to coifstli^ption.. • Ayer V'^Gli.eriy ^e.d'to^af bVeaik«^p^the,takiag-cold Keals'.A'skybuydbctorabout it; i '•I'fiiiiatettni1ocolil , ,.auiV noihlneroUoreA i m«, V .I tried.-, Ayort Cherr .T I'eetonil and \It •.promptly, broke up /.tny colit. mopped \my\ , congh, and.eisoa avory part of myiwdy,' It aid.-wonderranrorit'toriuc,\— M «.J.JS \.xtm Tolodo,-,OWo:-. 1t»d »lixJ.O.AyerOo..I<oTrWU31iis .S '- Alto nuulkotnrcra of SAnSAPABIOA. PILLS, - Wiring '^^w^^^WP^^ * oif \cod-liver o3, actuaOLiy ^Icen^oo^l^w iS$4a^||f ^M? By bur-process the oil, having no value cither as a &?d|cm«\'c* food, is separated irom tiie medidnal< elements aaia^^P?^ away. Unlike old-&shioned cod liver oil and ir^^Won^ 1 Vinoi is delidouslv palatable, .agreeable to the wpsi^^^^ ach, and therefore unequaled as a body builder and^^ai^' creator. Jor. cM.-pe'opie7..pimy.xiiili3ren-wealf^^^ r and women, after sickness, and for all pulmonaxy.ldU ^Mieit Everything- Vinol containa is named on'tfi&laDeil OUR GUARANTEE—We have such faith in VINOI. thatjtf ytmiirjlt fake It we promiso if it does not benefit or cttre you we will Mtunl yoi your money without question. We take all the risk. ^.;^5}K»^-JS A. J. Fellows, Druggist, (^atlw|g| For Sale also u \ A r»« Tr ^ria ^AAvl 'lo^j^i by Kittell & Co., Kinderhook^pti? r J$8$$@$$$ u. s. Incorporated 18G0\~^^i^ FOR - —^ Mafl-your SAVINGS to thfe' -vv^ Albany Gty- Sa^ogs'Jns^j^^ 100 State Street, Albany, Y, UUU 11, I And get the benefits that are gained by THOUSANDS offfiEffil PQ^JQES, who do their Banking entirely byJa^lfet^^i ASSETS OVER $4,800.000:cSi - Deposits-in any amount, from $1.00 up .to^f^OO] are accepted and interest paid at the.rate,,.)o|ff3$jf Per Cent., Compounded Semi-Annually.- -Oufeb^kJ ••U. S, MaiHor Banking,\ which gives coniile|ef|a detailed information, sent on request. - • i||||||f can get the JIM Journal m1^:t|iiEi1| one jem- foim^

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