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'ofc'tBeus &bT^;^^ n^e.Wutiful garim%nts::for ^ flwbareralnlbiBb *bb^^tt'(TSlflngMeasureB,' Draft- ^lii |^at ^gP^nini^iiiid^BufttIo#| eve- ljtfing.^Be 'membMf <the .plaoe, X. :*t&S!iC2k2&te!i&3r.-it •••• .11 £ If ypurhoreee - or cattle are,not f Vlf alit'y>. lo'wv^Itv-ls >;evident ; tbat ^the 'm<&ucb ^jg ^a L ^d.«v;n 'iw'iKlltt , .on ^May^nbt'S bejyc.aaaed*'by; 'disease; i'tbeyl^rbbablyneed -souie^gdo'd\ M6nio^Qiye.tb\em\.'ouf fv -j_ --, ^Condition\- Powders. for-: 4J , ^Aii-allibieaicine: ^powder fust •fKrve?*^tek~Md.3 ^lDRTBBa : 1 tsr fAJte 'iSa ^e'wf Qoies vyop 'tr notice' H 'a£marK'eidr'iitt pfovepfteht}in your, • \(stock JfiThey^'^wlll ;»-take v .their ?reed ; bette'rj^wiU?ga'i!i,. Jb>:fle3b •*an~d;willb*ecom^ tirblekaB: Ihoria^lrtSeTr-wor^l ;iug^And^ielliogi'valu.^ and.. 4 the • I eSS iup theiWeak'.PJ|.ces: v increased T ^r.a ^C;-^ \-the next stepi iSim|Sn^! 'The rumor .is current'aldng/thej Chatham _alsiaIon_oL-ioe Bufland' load that ,a New. York-Montreal express i s t o be tun o*erftbiej,il.ne, commeooJlng June I8t Tb'exaiirQad .$Tq§. tq v .tbls,, .effe^'^9^sr;iK ^iti -flil£tpropa~&^^^^ qucbfa train -becomeB a.-reality.'^BaBy much as,the entire summer and (fall will probably be consume^' In pliclDg the ftiVfalpn }n go'od ^rlpal .r. Such a train Is-not an Impossibility by any meana, however.'' for\ fbe reason that fro in-New YoiKto'.'Cnat' ham over, the Harlem 'road^cfjrom Chatham tcT *B^h'qfngtpn over'-tbe \HiBgion\' tp Montreal over tb'e^Rtit- land- and other/fbada' 3a considered ^e.taoBFieaBtoli^e^ottestraudViqost! \9i\i%cT tijgr 1,'f6f~TfcBrU 'iJgh tjalfis between 'New -York- and\ Mqjttseal. Both'tbe'Harlem and tbe Rutland roails are..Jit eujtable cpjjd ^tjjoo M but wftb the connecting Jlrili^-tho. Ghatbtiu?- divlBlon^lonS: rffjlgf';.pet ^Sdi^^ia^^a'uW'EOirTtce'la not to be\;-rconsJdered f oE \it be J m mediute tu&tf\ ~™ - v v -' ' ' fe. • \ \v .3ciie' i ButMnd railroad company. Borne; t \<ne «go^. < a4 ^rtUed;..J ?or.' M iarga^bl »1n6:er pt^llffB aqd\ d^rlpg \PECIAL • <'AC -.-i- v &;ON FLOUR; .^Mia JI»fe>«fliareIi9n:J0 Jbi|.- .h |t8 ^drderM^he: VWy^ beBt'gradtt-'bt chea^nut^iSjPl^ where, (tb 'e ^^ck^ 'MeateBt^tialnj-^a'B ^itfadf^^^^^ train loads otwaateimarble fcom the. OuTa ^erm\optvquar'r'leB';depoeit^;alonK W. Seymour along lalmoet the entire length !bf tbS'-Ohafham division.\ 3?i5e;',very llb|tar; manner InT whlcfi these.-tlea ) i neypXo veap beybbd/J \a T^pubt' that tberef waa^fiubstantlal fpundatfon' jtblthe' report thatttbe present spring wbuld.wltrieisfa thorough over^haul;-| Ipgfa^dJreconstru'ctlpnfbL^^ fnnr Kla* arni 'ri rrumVnrA t .^ir s»£ti-tr^tn^tn J balnglfiiutderlpfl^^^ ^-jBtiral dl8,tr,lct ».j .pf -.tbe^state ate' jBuchMn .MfeBted' iinltbe Barnes bill, jSfblcfijn^creases theL appoi tlo'nent of 8tate^< Bofipol 'tuna's for the weak /chooT'dletrlotB. 'In\\<\mebded\ form tola: .jneasute— baa r be'en-. faybrably |e'pdrted by the Senate conimnilttee bn;educa£lop. It. will mean a- larger generarfappropriation for schools, •|3U$ It' is believed by those who ;are.'advocating the bill that the state's funds can be put to DO better 1186. 1 One of the strongest supporters oi Seuatdr Barnes's bill Is tbe State Qrgnge, and nearly every county of tfibTstate has school districts that •w^l«.directly, benefited by the .ln» 5fe§8©?5~Io *ltB rpresebt form • the I|i,ii\|jro *JdeS:' Jbat each' district paying ;an assessed valuation of f,2o ;op0 or less ..shall have $200 a year- dPhisJs an inorease -of $h i -8 pe^rf.cent. .Each district having an assessed .valuation between $10,000 and,. .$20,000-^111 receive $175, an in­ crease . .of 25 per cent. .Districts kteX ^iJval 'uafclon -ls -between $60,tiuo anQ^SlOiOO^ ate to be given S160, 3vb.iie~ to each Indian'\reservation for each teacher employed $150 will V'iPhe rreinainlng district of the Mate, Including the citieB. will re- Beiy .e- the' same quota as heretofore $1^5, - Another new provision of the law --^ontaiPed\~iij~\tag BaTneaTgiT] gives <tbe state commissioner of education authority to de turu iiDa the valuation of fh 'e districts affected from the abstracts of tbe reports of the trustoes aa filed Hi.hl's offlce by the school cqm'miaSioneVs of the sea to. Several Important Mat- trial. - f«qi, Began Honday After­ noon Before Judge Bootz. The^March seBslon of the OountyftCrS Before Legislature. Court,-with Mark Dnntz presiding The Gobd Roads Bill -aad Lt)ca^ -Option Measures Have the Floor — The Odell Fight and the Hearst Propaganda. X^Hft^^icer^I^e^- ? BtfiUbi; in \' ---- ^~rr 'Ali&tffc .H,\ nihe ArguVsays; Go .April 1, the bulldinka. former!,- occupied by the have ^beeD ^jsthDuted^a^^th^ Br iIiyp'fTI'rlntln^ company, linn-. j .n 'rnvps- fri>wihil>\ri'\?iniiliV\fh »t;rn , <iiHfif^. c*»nGt . sisu u~ Hamlltoo street. • will be ^partly pecupled by t be Harder Manufactur- Ing cdmpapv, knit' goods manufac­ turers of Valatle^ The company ;wlll v ; U8e .,the_,ffam'i.ftqn streetjgrtnf as fa* '*flni8birig^ mill \for tne'gdOdB woven-in the Yalittip mills and-iwlJl at Hraftr ^',enlpioy about f00 bands, expecting^' however, to increase the ^omt^^ToOen^IoyeeB\ ^before next taU tb;^0Q br-over. - J -•• - • ^Th ^ermWil ^c ^rTes 'erthe Harrier. coimpanyfar^~situated i |n ; Tala'tle ]^'^l^t&fpf]feyiiti3L, hu'ndlwd men •l ^a ^tfnwnf^nV ^ep>jqfowi%?iii gb ^B ?--^hire'tlf;Itj$b^lntentjon^of te«ncbf>«;/a UnlBblng \mill »t\ flrtit.' the^ncerj»»l«LfdrTb^^ oity?i : Bna^jeiS)Dd ,*it»t worKtb'otb*t therpol'nfc^ii«e^ BhS^din<^'^.*ny.tJblng'Jm''^ >v ...~ tp;;.fareUbyth'^^g^iUJg^ ~* »*''' K '>* \•»-\» 'vb f fcobnK);%ju Ula'ptf be 'at uee .f of; t be \i ( prowect^otijbaTl^^^ . f»c to^ilnig «*» i St i p ^5 ;tli I if r ,^('lo0tp TOmMi »tTdn ;iof;?B twr.c«ib t of;tbaM: have progre—dy .^iBtiB^fsbji^n ^gtMWiii t urther opened, at the Court House. Hud son, ^Mjjnday afternoon. The calendar i s sboit and a s there is no (zrand jury with this term, it's not llkelv the si-salon will last over a few days. Tbe calendar tollowe: Crlmlnal- 1.—Tht - People vs. Raymond E. Kline; rape, 2 <i degree. 2 —The People vs. William Hill, violation , d t Sec. 322 of tbe Penal Code of the Scate of New York. 3.—The Peoplo vs. Joseph B . Haynes; grana latce'ny, 2d desree. • 4.— The- People vg. Joseph H. Rogers': violation of Sees. 31 and 34t of the Liquor TaxJLaw. 5.—The People vs\. Henry Emll Peterson: violation ot the Liquor Tax Law. G.—The Peopleys. Jacob O. Bush; violation of the Liquor Tax Law. Civil. - . 7.—Harry D. Barrlnger vs. Grace B. Jtaninger; action on contract. 8.— Harry JD. Baninger vs. Grace B. Barrlnger; action on contract. &~^Harrv D.Barrlnger vs. Grace B, Batringer action\bVcontract. 10.— -Charles H. Van de Carr re­ spondent, vs. George O. Pulver, appellant..; > n —\WOllani H. Tanner, respon­ dent. VS. George O. Pnlvnr, fipppl- lant. , - 12 —Henry E. Steurewald, respon­ dentia. Andrew J . Buck, appel- lariu 31.—John Fenoer vs. Oliver P Pulver In tbe criminal calendar Nos. 1 and -2^-Wjatfi dJsmissed A fios. 3 and \s 'Went ovor.the latter upon requost \Sf\i^^pWplal%ant. No. 6 alstTwenf .oyer: --Thia^Efla - the case^-agatnsfr Jac b O. Bush for ^violation of the liauor tax law. -Judge Duntz was disqualified from presiding owing ,to-his having acted as counsel for Lthe defendant and h e announoed that at the Juue term another judge would be present to preside over the trial of this case. -No. 4, the People against Joseph E. JKogers charged with violation of—tbe liquor tax law, went over until Tuesday, when it will be disposed of. - Tbe civil calendar call resulted aa folio *s. Bettfed—Nps. 7, 8, 3- and' 13. Over—-Nos. 11 and 12. . Reserved—No. 10. \<-.* . When\ No. i ttie people against Raymond Kline, waa called, Judste Oady counsel for the defendant; in a y^ty? earnest Bpeeob, urged .that aVdrrni^^ tbe.in.aict^ beat -eitrk -l^feTl endtajjf Jurticb a'Sd be; bettei jorall of. the;PBrjie* conVj coined. -He/depri ^'ted tbe piibilct^/ that ^ouldffoil c|9^te that' in'Jbisf'opJn^ would foliowr »^B^l^*^^liiii||i ul-' <0UDlti>%a^<wn^al^aiBVf4ird Vbe ^lBWcllKJitto^ bplnibn and Judge Dutfoffdlsmissed ,th4'jffd!ptnient.__',... f^^,:'^5,'. -, v n fe^l»Kihaictrnent. aj ^iartf Wllllat^ Hlri^Xlbirtbam^waa^ .be candidate for renomination. 80 camtm . m TDTnTTm . WB in*-« JheJacL)Jiat.thBBxaflkettboom has ^ 0UI ^^A^X ^nflE _EAKllIER. .m Special Combination -Rate will' fii-^ areas after March 31. IFrom Capital City News Barcaa.J Albany March 12. —Three subjects of vital importance to the rural dis­ tricts ar e Before the legislature now. First Is the West highway bill. Second is the Tully-Waln- wright local option bill. The third is the Cassidy-Lansing \anti-gam­ bling bill to prohibit pool selling on race tracts and to increase the penalties imposed upon conviction for gambling. The West bill, which has passed the assembly, seeks to make i t possible that tbe rural counties which do -not need and cannot afford tbe expensive roads which have been constructed up to date by the urban and wealthier counties which have availed themselves of the Armstrong-Hlgbie 'law,, may share equitably in the $50v000 ,000 good road bond Issue authorized by the constitutional amendment of 1905. The Tully^Waluwrisht bill seetts to extend to residence districts In cities tbe sutno privilege to vote on whether liquors shall be sold' or prohibited a s is now accorded in j.tne towns of the state. It is opposed bitterly by brewers, growers of bops and by many farmers who raise batley on the plea that it will tend to restrict the number of licensed places and-'^Uense decrease the demand ipr their products. '^Uuder the terms of the Cassidy bill, it $3 claimed tiiat race track receipts would fall off and that this would decrease the share ot receipts of_gounty fair associations from the racing fund. Tbe bill Is opposed by officers of these associations, but is favored by the churches dnd tbe reform element generally. I t is still in codes committee. Th« Odill X ttUr. -Intorest In the political situation has been revived by the renewal of efforts to displace former Governor OdeJL a s state chairman, by tb e declaration of tbe Washineton county -republicans in favor of Senator Edgar T. Brackett, of Saratoga, for governor and by the recent visit to Albany of William R. Hearst. There i s no doubt that President Rooseve't • and' Governor Higgins. are agreed on the^ proposition, that Mr. Odell-should retire aa state chairman. The president however; thinks that tbe change Bhotild be made right away w&ile Governor Higgles PU of the opinion that iV ^bqld betwitbtP delay, tibtll atttt tb^i|Bjsi.8latur^' baa) adjourned ;at |§§ft'M~&p^!fetp.2falt untilVthei irate .^nTent^B:I«:jbeid.in Septem'- ber when a;new itate obmmitt«e ifclil lie ilactMi and «- tiew. obairmsn launched is taken by \politi­ cians to mean that Hlgglne is outol It Whether Brackett will be tbe man Is too early to predict. Politic-, _ . , ^ „ _ ians have not taken bis gubernator- 1 For 80me titne P ast tne New ^f* ial boom seriously up to date, but Tribune Farmer bas been supplied even they are beginning to asnjin combination wttb the Courier at whether if Hearst Is to be tne demo- $1.75 per y»ar for the two papers, cratlc nominee if the Saratoga sena- . J . htB umuporaeDt j.,,, continue tor would not be a floe candidate to' , ,, „ , , — . put against tbe jornalist politician. . UDt ' 1 Muruh 31 after wblch date it Brackett's ropublicanism cannot be' wm b e necessary for us to charge questioned while bis independent $2 for the two papers ns the Tri- cour80—a la L a Folette—has won bune bim friends among tbe radical element who might drift to Hearst were a more conservative candidate , nad in pu8t ' ot 25 cent8 ' named by the republicans. NEW GRANGE AT LIN- LITHGO. Names of Officers and Charter Mem­ bers. The officers and members of Livingston grunge.organized March 8th, 1906 bv County Deptuy H . W. Niles, at Llolithgo. are as follows - Master—H. D. Kline. Overseer—John H. Fellers. Lecturer—M H. Hover. Steward—Lewis W Raymond. Asst. Steward—D. J. Hntntu. Chaplain—T. R Plainer Treasurer—F. H Perlee. aecretary—Lloyd~M Hallenbeck Gatekeeper—Lavero Hullanbeek. Ceres—Mrs. Stephen Abriel Pomona—Mrs. William COOPS. Flota—Mrs J . H. Fellers L. A. S.—Mrs. Effie L. FeUors Among other families represented 00 tbe cnarter membership roll.are Mrsi D. J . Hamm, Mts. Lloyd M. Unlienbeck, J Foster Fellers, Percy H Kline. Gej. Smith, Mrs. Geo Stnitb, Stephen Abriel, Mrs. H. -L. Perlse, W. H. Coons, Mrs W. BT. CdSds^K\Simmons. C. M Harvey. Farmer has notified us of an increase in tbe special price we have Any sub­ scriber to Tbe Courier who wants tbe Tribune Farmer for the coming year for the samll sum of 25 cents can have it bv remitting tnis amount witb a sulliclent sum to extend his or her subscription to The Courier one year in advance from tnis time. FOUND DEAD IN' BED. Sadden Death of Charles W. Putnam • of New Lebanon. Charles W. Putnam of New Leb-^ anon, was found dead in bed Hon'- ^if day morning a t tbe N bpme otsut Charles Bigelow, at East Nassau^; - ;• Toe cause of death is supposed to ^ have been bentt failure, altbough^lyi during tbe past\few years bo had.^tSi apparently enjoyed the best ©5§3p§ lieultn nnd ror tnis reason the news 'ifjf^ of tbe Biidiien terminutton ofjiiia^^ lite caused tbe greatest s\ r Prfsef^^|i He was born 47 years ago in Orea'ttS-TS'g tinrriogtau, Mass. H e beoamej^^jS drug cle-Jk and held p(&iUonajii^% Ohinaan nnd othor lurcp < HIPB. •STifc'SSK* Obitoary Notes., Mrs. John Roraback, {a femer resident ot Ancram, died in Con nectlcut Sunday, Marcb 4th of con sumption. Albert A Brush, for twelve years a resident of Copake Irou Works died in PoMghpkeepsie on Marcb 1st, and was buried at Oupake. H e was born in Tagbka'nic July 27tu. 1832, and was a veteran ot tbe Civil war. ^ Frederick M. Treat died in Gt. Barrington, lCoently, aged 62 years. Mr. Treat in 1882 married Mies Eliza Hoilenbeck ofHlllsdale. He was a veteran of tbe Civil war find served o n Gerr. V. 8. Grant's staff for one year. Ruth Glynn, aged ten weeks, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Martin fc Glynn, of Albany, died Friday. fNine'ty per'centvbr tboMfregliiterad bfll6w;.;tb6*^ ^a ?«^^b\&^ffi^i^ r il»a^Bl^oi^» l .b^jptf ^^^B ^^\lMS ^^grfjfoa3 ^ftebpugjtiWf^^ [ 1nl «ii|genw^ •im^leBtjpjrottemB^ fnqtf^fe^tbain^pn*^ ;» ffdjUbe^lfniS^V^f^ ;ofaftbpBqjy;piy ,the|;regl*t^ w^b«i .;ihe hi g Kest/gramnVar jj? ra^ Ji 'kvia'loVbeiMfeeyiiPgo^.yc 'I )^p^p<tea ^p^M.oc«q <i full v,'o- JghV tto «f7»«fCbii*»: JO«jMBj »trt appeared^ .and- ; upon;;.loTeBtlg«tlon «ad-tbit If' be laTtoibe retired will ^9tij ^^^Si^:t6i^%:iuM tnit^&t % o / ^^nKQlt^>.^o bJi '^^lal^B^i^^guili^^rt bf»^^anafto;be^iihpri jall^Jtf^plumb^^^^ flne?i8,paId;fthVlm^i^ thejanpItp^^;';Tbe v coUrt,^Ir^ 'pfji |75^ana |vthat^p^ tb ^:5 ^aig^.>Dd^ BaM '^d^iia ^wtKtroiUBll^Dnlto all antl- will-walk v*p«f iwitb' tb«regular danociiatio'aomiaatibn'it bard work ^^'foow^Bttt*«oVlll-^4l)l» i >0HDO «d c before b©., want tonhis #^hirttfttip1fr^f-h*'!^o iJ ^Dga ^'i^oi^fj ^tjcB^, ^•a^^^^^^g*^^^^: lian^^t -m '^pp^bn^arta^ McCkMan Murphy> brwk'UkM Mc-\ Cleilaii^^ Chicago and other large (.ltles. Dually took adrantage nf -^ opportunity to'.*ngage in busiaje^aj^i^j in ISnst Nassau and cond,Ucfte¥/iTS^ > PittsfleI (T5Ncw DaUy. William J . Oatman, who IB to atairt a new evening daily paper, the Times, soon'after April 1 In PittsQetd, Installed a Hoe double- cylinder press Friday in his new building -on North street, also two MergenthBler typesetting machines. He baa already engaged a-pKasman, operat6t8,cpcpo8ltor8 and reporters able^th^, paper will b*aoid tor onej bent and be Independent Ju politic*, although \IbtSw-rmattera -have pot fully bean decided a* yet. Tj^yB^rapwlaar,Opupty,^ j&lpa\|^'p^ drug store- there for B&sj&afyjMt^Hl^ Abjut ten years ago he l*entjto^|=J New Lebanon and opened the'icjrTigSS store of wnicli he was the proprletoTcS^i at the time of his death The.busi^^|j ness waa carried on In-u-buUdibg'?!®? formerly known as the MpSWlTild&nl-'^^ offlce and~Mr Putnam waSaecordieESfei; a liberal patronage, ffe contem plated removiug from Newljebanqn.'v^i\^ and during last week ln8pe <'.te^@''»t. i several prospective locations^Gn\.<^jj Saturday he returned from 8ctien.ee>^^ ; tady and on -Sunday went .td~tb*e?i§? borne of Mr. Bigelow as badibrtn§~^ his custom for «\ number of .>yfeara>ti$L'$ ; About ten years ago, his wife^w$^s£| was a sister of Mrs. Bigelow, •idlfwrl';!^ and since that time bis da'ugbterV|^)'|: Edith, aged about 16 years, , 'h^tj0§.\ made her home -there. 6pxbnefc$;^ Buchanan wau summoned aqa ^tturi^^ viewing the remains anaiapjiiVu >||pl izing hlmtelf with tbe ciraumltauflMi?^^ attending Mr. Potimm^-vd<Sitt^|^ deemed an inquest unnecai^ry^^'' The funeral will be -held \af:J||et||f Naaaau to.-monow af ternbbnCjKjS^i \ o'clock, burial in tbe East Naaaai cemetery. The deceased waa a-aaiiui?,€ - who poaaeased % decided taculty^-ib^Sj - forming, an^ retaining frieajalilpv^ and waa one of tbo most reape«tod citliena loathe fownahlpJ : ^K^ir Lebanop. 'Jto win begrati^njaaed. there as- wall a§ in tbe aurrouiidlaeTv terrHory where.be waa .«iqwns ;i:?^; ^McCby ,._,„. ,. .... . »'taie^wftlmlUVe '^ii€-it prqtMlon£o<r|^^iq^ tUfwn^theltyH^fytt^ \-Hj^^eaa tip^Bheri.&^pf^CPI^u m bl« oS^fi ^iWi ^^n^X ^^^j ^iti}. cpyipty ^.wbq^is^hert '^pollticlaaa. 1 en pbaed^tbe:proba tl ontbairceaae.^Si * l*B^^Be^w«i!8jy.3taetaft»t SjWj£»t~-realaen t %i bfJ;Pbl I itaoo tj«ae«l : n «dinerer4t ^blconTl<u^:\of^a-f«r-' m'er?7bn'«Dae;^tHe^r<SrtB«riyrlre^p tiotet'^CfaTyflUe?: :t&o^^predlet\ h\erwl|lj!^~the^&m(k.| .eratleja ^idai ^li^MV.^^^^^^' y&lt hlw ^Pe ^c1SeWr »<ibbd <»aa^^ tor *Btack«t« -would s ^biSjKipgBVpaughfteb'iiMt^ ]^B'^pll«tiI^(j|iM$A^«t«ty :tt^^wjt.^M^l£«^^J>^r:| asJtr^aaaSMw.^a^orgw^Alleo bare Msq^t-^BBbrir to ^Miiry^MIs-^ j Obatles, It' VSB lie Bpe; -,%t.\ai.-'i'tdv'/ , v Heary D.. 'rPpttertfeicr;-^HiUitfakf.f ^he^eathfjofiM^ ,fewff <»nr&t 'urdaVf *v^ Ouurier;gwtliea^ •P^lngTtb^loter Ia^lta4 «ia .^lr t Ig«a:^ - ^

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