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Chatham semi-weekly courier. (Chatham, Col[umbia] Co[unty], N.Y.) 1903-1907, March 10, 1906, Image 7

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^^.^•J ^S^^t-^j -ff. ^ | -,-- r T -- - - - ^NW«id^88[d#^^ierid!»pfe-. ^tie'Cvast-^ ^.pn.te^argea-scale^^ ^^d ^|^^^'fi ^$^^fep§%^^M5^! ttixneS^anftiil^nr^ VIA Ann . w .J.~ JJ.'„—• i .I. in' , l^t.— ' l.™ ontjjiBkiB^t#£^ jfni^liapp^^^ l^tes^^an ^TroS^^ *r^i^ CUR rsOTwss^ y -mBft ^-?3§^^I ^Ww ^a ^wt*«} i|3StJ& ?T ?«^^t-jlv,^i-^a^Sv^as « , 2 -_i-riv«.i-- cantata ahd>il3utch «VTnmltnll*iti ^are ?.ln't »restedV l.^^he^etbp'd^ jdhemisi&^ UheJ'ihte&e^^ -'glyes'^oi^ :id^^^g?b3^^gJbkK>fflttV.tmags;j.an^ »t ^u8an ^8grVa%Bgfd?s'64Auch£ab6ut jBut ^e^iyer^eja^a^ Sam^'£^nes • Is' \upft^vp^jfterifi'\ around Mi'^^^t r ^6^ri£e^/^l'\ day with \Susan^ ... Thp Hurricane .don't\ want lie'?-.bottom; fixed.' 'Y.uu^.hiu ace-.that w|tn ^ne < '\eVe _ ciosed, -an^-her engines .ytjiz j;piit 'to. only -a year ago\ \last ^Christinas.'- -i^ '. , . S?.^fe?fl^r^en r .were. .Hght£, When •the- Hurylckfie resumed _her~T«gular ^ltia^pu^e ^oB ^ng^d^^e^ulow- ,jingj^ines?appeare4 •Jns'jthe da*ijy :.,aa-, ^e ^tjs^fentf('p?f r 'ttcf-* .^amer'*s i; ?,^salt ^nexceHed;j v It 1 -Is 'under;'tUeiSpre maiQ-- -agejp^nt ^or ^rs'. ' Susan Sparks'- '^Barnes.\\ ,''--.,\'\ . • frtc. o rR0N'-VERSUSl3TEEU ; , -i ?«i :i i i . \*¥•';^\\P'qr 'ibi .Il^ty-. and'i'Utjsfqlneis; *< rf ]I?^nsy ^^j ^,;^Wrpa\a/^s ^is^^dis-, feusaid' bpfpfc iit .e 1 .-^^AWerijcaS 'liasiitute';! pPMInln^E'ngfieers- thelrelatlvetine 'r.' ' SMoriSn.'- this * centlemAii v tsiid-efistefl ^Un|&^nuscri\Bts\,/but, not\ the: Coiifasofl l;S,uers,- which-1; was' anxious to\ -see. •JF^'all j,-. !as night was .setting In,, we xd'iscoyered a ;'TV6Hdertul \pHe of manu­ scripts, including Pope's 'Aape of the Jjo6k;!_6.tQ.ri£s b y Poe, novels of Penl- ijnbref Cooper\ arid others, and from the tjbeiifter of it-1 extracted the 'Corre-. spoBdence of FrankliB and Peter Col- •lln ^oB.'\ , - ^rof. Smyth also read the collection V^JPtankila- letters owned by the /afc^hilc country .hprneiV -sald-^E^iitr •Smyths felt.; certain; .that; ^f&eyjM y f 'scr^ptsKfaBd wa ^\cp'nsideraWy , ^^r -a t ^Hsefe ^ge n Mr. AdanMr^id^p^niejo ZQiPcomse'll you'waBt ...W^Beek : th ,eBJ. j Voir -canr-stnce I haverthe 'ltey?- f^o'st? ^B9 time taidng advaatage oniisrotfer.'.'. \Prof; 'Sniyrt 'refefred'WTBTWaBl Jin .•^cdllection owned by .liord Jians- ^TorgaB,'--thft * gentleman a ^suggested 'jeiiaeac&^andlwfedid^soHBpendinKian .dowae, .tp„w,bich he had access. While lafteraooB k the- flnahcier's VlhraVy;- the guejit of. Lord ~FittTilauiice t Ms\ ^b^n ^fifeeVoBiplete sets otlFlankT flordship^oJdjpfTU^c6pies-cnC^e-T;old i. Pit -bf-*Stomacb, 'Acid '••Stomaeh,' JtHa- , tended Abdomen, -Dizzin'eesj.Colicr'. ... . t^^addBi^tb^riA^fc^Hhfer^toa^h^oBLSi^ •• '^I*fc';M'.;«ndvyoa-;a.^ • Bdch.W«fer»Jfr^-to\cbnvirice;y5u;;th«l:.'i >'a J CBN*.-.- \fr'tfh -> •'• f'->?^^&yV£'£xctt£;^^, J r-v. -»<StWBg>*W#94U^lirVlB»i«^l^ ~3cience~Drngji'won 't ^do^they .reiitru 'p Lfitomacb-arid^mafcfeypui^nf^v-* • Tectlori iokde by Henry^Steveps 'an d ieTitr'W Wasfim ^toBWith the urii8er- etanding that the United-States gov­ ernment Was- t o purchase them. The copies, were aot purchased, and re- mniB locked up I n one of the federal buildings to this date, -where no OB» is allowed to consult them. Lord Fitz-Maurice declared that Slovens' death .was hastened by hla treatment b y the American goverB- meat. MSMAIICK AS A T-KijwiD '^l^'Univ ^t^k'itha ^^bere -jte ^ib ^i .^or^'ppmVra SSIOB -'is involved \sfeet\!^ 'J^^S ^^^yl '^^^P 'aUliS < '%tralns '.r| ^OW&ri -pPaa VonSidered 4ron'is\;pre^ ferabje;;;^ '^ictigniheltoenabn^ ^cumstayp^^VWcl^^ '^.anyJ.witK^hich'-^ ,v p\ar.iixie^cpm'ppIed\o.f^ t ^tpeL-'of which' #^*teB ! aie >8lf |lBgffiWir&^'6^di^ in -strength ^otj'.pnlyl iS^OO^pr' -'82,b00 ^^^f^S^^acTg^-^p^ma^^rpnt .^i^^^ia^^Ve^^ec^S ^^^Bayvl ^whoXepenV^klfityeBgthittwVsA'etfe i ?-^!9A° 'a ^8 >^03pnldsiLto ? a &-inch' r i\ i3f;»ttot ^in^1S^^onait9a *bys-I)ri • ©jjdley^ijre-cp^ ^w|li ^(5 ^MfenT &1iisurpri^^^ Major-General von Kloeden, who was frequently Bismarck 's guest, has recently giveu some ndw and iaterest- lag reminiscences of the great states­ man to_ r the Frankfurter. Zeitungr\ \Shortly .after. BlsmarcEBad been made '\a prlhce.^ (he. conversation ,one .ewnlBg at- dinner, turned' to\the 'S.ubr ..jectfof; hte''ho 'rse8;'aBd carriage'^, which .'sere. ; B0t considered fine enough' for one of his rank. The Iron Chancellor was disinclined to pprsue this topic. t'Butj^sald his hrpther-In-law, Count J. JAJBIIB; *Npw ^,t |i ^t ; you Br e a prince you inust.pay iobre'regari 'to yourself.' ,|I did .Bp £ ( make myselfja priBce;^.|re- -torftd Bi \smarck must ecpho- mlze EOthatithere' may be something leffe'fo^wy jchildrea^ .My/ incdliei Id\ Bot-bjr ,anyf ineahs princely. Balis !l and Wlcli like iaonse.hse I- aever- give. How- rtfeiyrE'havP gu 'e^te*' at my table ey|ry ivflfarnbecaBseitbat ^lsIp; deHghit and fan hoBPr\fbf \me.' \I' dbiat see wh 1 ^ I attouid -no -ir be superior in aay waJ5 to what I- was before. By the- way, that reminds me of an incident that oc­ curred on—the- da y when I became prince. 1^ had a long time beforo ac­ cepted an invitation to dine with Prince Karl. When possible, I avoided royal banquets, bu t I thought I would \make an exception 1 in this case, and particularly as I wished to offer my congratulations t o the princess on her birthday. As I mounted the staircase Prince Karl met me with open arms, and said, *What do you feel like now that you are a prince?' I replied, 'J«st as respectable as before, .your Royal -Highness; I was always respectable as Hexr von Bismarck, and I hope I shall, remain so. ' The prince was evidently anBOyed. He turned sharply joundi -whereupon the princess came forward to speak to me. After a quar­ ter-of an hour I left the palace. When my old niasTer the \Kaiser' heard of my so-called rndeness he laughed ore It heartily/ \ We Jcnow-MuUVABti-Bel.ch ,i Wafers\chr». . and _WB -jwant^o'u^4o'ikno^it^efaeer^hi»^i^ -offcrr-Thia-pnw-'inayy^'ot-appw^ 33T -Send this' counph ;..with-f-yourAname\ and' address and yciw ; druggjst^s^ame. and 10c in^famp (S4orZSilver,iand -C;we will *ttpply^youl;'ai 'Bamble^free :vif,«jroS I, have aever 1 #us'ett-i'r .Ma] AHH-'Kelcbi 'l Wafew, aoidj.wjll;aiso\i ,«ehd ,i'ypn.,a: cer-. tiflcate gobd-'forr25c:-' : towawj 'tbe pniv chase of more'3elch>WiUet8;\'Xou-;wiU find them invaluable for, stomach trou­ ble; ctfrea by^absbrptiPnl-jv'-TAddregi 4 -' MDH'B GBAPE.'.XOOTO . .'Jo.;; 328 '3 d S Ave^ ficjck?lj!land,;ilt M <\ SS CVARAMXEKD TO CV11S ^WMAD COLD, HEADACHE AND NEURALWA. T^won'tstll AmU -ClrlplK« to » deajtr who -won't iB<uuraatee It. CtU foil your MONET BACK U> IX BOKBK>T CUBt ^J\. IT. JMemer. M..K>., Manufacturer, SjrrtnUleM, Mm t)r. !E.. Reicfi,\ of^oridon \University eays 5- hates tKfe^A'new»wOTnnriJ ? ' t ?, h'e- hates tKe^'newwonian, rFlTSpormanentlyoared. Kofltsornervous- Kniei alter flrsrday's jiae) of Dr.' Kline's Great\ Nerve Itesto'j'er.t 2trial bottle andtreatisetree ^Dr. H.HiKiJWE, Ltd;-931 Aroh 8t.,yhlla.<, Fai v:.XEhiS&e ate ;a Veryj6nd \of 'the -American phonograph. STi To Cure ».Cold In One Puy Take. Laiatlvo Bromo Quinine Tablets. ^:Drajrgistsrefund money -it.lt lalls t o oftre. E. M JJVV .Gro ^BBlgnatnrebpeachboi. 25c.i - - *«j i AyphnadcIphia>wo\miri 1 ha's ,v jnst died at - the-age .ToE '137.\ '.'..*\' It Is said that one of the Duke of Teck's ancestors, was a charcoal burner. TJp9 The manager of a largo furniture factory says that If women understood the value of soap and water there would not b e so many calls for furniture polish. Bu t It must bo used with Judgment, as strong (Soap „ -would be injurious. Hake a tepid suds Of Ivory Soap.:, dip a cloth In, It, squeeze and go over th e furniture several times. Polish with chamois.—EIXANOH It. PixjucB. *' 'Of., 50,000 in Jerusalem two-thirds are Jews': many have blond hair. Ail ('ruggiste, 60c. peri-box^'r by- mail upon receipt of price. Stamps-, accepted^ — v , f ' Fifty Years .a Dfpionriat^'' An interesting diplomatifc ^^pbllee^ with which almost every -court- In Europe will have some association' of memories, has Just take 'n/ ^^placev \* • in Paris. Although, however,\ ,'tao, French capital was <2 »e sceBe ^'^ejr^;. Interest was chiefly \vBussian4% ^Che^y^, jubilee was tlaf of =lMC- \d ^etedpflf.,!.'--\^ the Russian Ambassadorp^hp'^celfe-\ . ••' brated the fiftieth anniversary .Vpf>tftB ; T 'i day when, on December 2S/XSS5 'l t ^t\; made his first youthful' dehuWa^diplorn macy. Since then the 'Embassador-', ..}' (has lived almost > -without >3g\ brealc.'';Fs l >§; the life or a bird of passage^ihWliifj country 's service^ anfl .fi ^VT^^wiyi ^i^ country In Borope has been*A)|^efl»^' M- porary resting place. -T3ie''Czar, )l Mni K it^ to th e ol d diplomat tbe Orderip 'f St ^^jj Andrew, and M.. Loubet -add'ed'CtB '^a '&Sy'! Grand Cross of the l^oa^^t^^aa^^^ School children in Sit^firt^^p ^S^^ stadt and other cities ^of^^'^aBj^s^Jq have their teeth tr ^t ^^rtee/'^t?^^ ch * T &- - ! i -Si -M^M^' : ^P^^l A Guaranteed Cute Vor^ttmt <f^%£:^W^- Itohlng, BUnd, Bleeding, Swbttdfil^plftaSjJftl^ Druggists ore authorized to refund inoneyl PazoOintment f al is to cure in.'* td Wa»ys.SOaiftCq^ A children's branch \ Bible Society ha s been That Bal^ ; ^Mi^||ii or Pneumonia. It pr«TMitK ittatnatraM DipUtheri*. tuceatB,.atJDi ' A. V. HOX REBOBY'SiSEE \ K 12 . ur Jl« n b «<l»i_« • worth otftiOtftmuSS ^M'^'. jnlmn Coupons Jr«e wltk <'^vtnr 'ortari\-.* wAvV-'v^ .'• i >).<.-^->.4:?K'j;n«( ? .v^-.i^-o&->;Sf; ,ltlip,»3»nd+;pe'rTOhs2wl]i:d^^

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