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Chatham semi-weekly courier. (Chatham, Col[umbia] Co[unty], N.Y.) 1903-1907, January 24, 1906, Image 8

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LEBANON SPRINGS. „ — &\'Tti.e ^umtjat-VineetiDEt of the New £|S$?.'Ui8banou Book Olub was held oa |||.tli9 ,Mtn and all old officers re- with one esoeption, »?3H3acltett will take toe place i^^^t J;Q. Field la the executive com- i^^-mltfee, tu^ latter having resigned. '^A?-'Soefttlnlk! waa appointed .on the th - insje|<p& consider the matter o£ ff^ffiute hagTjjyv new; „ nnnitf, with th» ^pnasut;. It was voted hours for opening the which were from 2 to 4 p.m. fQfy ,ta 2.3Q toJi-.SjOLrv nx. on Tuesday and Saturda?\of each week A. Huntington attended the funeral'oTfcWTiircle Will Upham at Saudlatce oa Wednesday the 17th inst, at which place Mr. Upham has long followed the vocation of undertaker-.. _ . Samuel Thompson, tax collector wQl be at the hotel in this place on the 15th. a, happy throng of young and old have ftatnered to enjoy the sport of skating during tbe past two weeks on what is known as \Baggs\ mill,pond. . - Woadchueks will nt t lie in demand for prospecting along the New York 'Central route tbtough this valley as it-iff-.reported negotiations of that company with' the Shakers are com­ pleted and tbe purchase made of tbe ja,rpogravel bank near this village. 1 'be town of Lebanon is again plunger] into mourning over tbe losK'uf one of its most esteemed residents in I he death of Mr. Isaac T. Salgh.t, whuh occurred on Huo- day evening the 21st inst. *In the long years of his life here he has endeared himself-to many by bis honorable, true, consistent life, nod -noopportuolty'Was lost by blui for a kind word, or deed. His home life was an Ideal one and bis coiner hence tj the higher life leaves not only the members-of bis immediate household but miny abother tfaorugbout the town to mourn bis W3ST LEBANON. The congregation of tbe M. E. church TTsTeBen to an excellent-ser- axon on Sunday by the Rev. Mr. of Braiharri. ^^;f= Mrs Silas T. Oummings is iu flQpr health Those who passed the sixth srada ^sf^ examinations last\ week in the dis- Ml ^tirict school were': Eva Backett, $:V J £dwina Fowler,Hazel Fellows, Elina and Edwlna Bull. James Strait Is gaini.nar slowly No Ice harvesting in this vlclulty yet. Ladies' Aid Hooletv at Mrs. Geo. Hallotvay Tbuisdav afternoon Frank Fellows left Monday morn­ ing for a business trip to New York alay FowlBr spent a few days of lust weplf in Albany Miss Idk Curpenter who has been spending several \weeks In Albany has returned home A F B TOWU and son went to JHew York last weeK -for_a lew days. On Wednesday evening, Jan. 31 a NEW LEBANON. Howard Reynolds and wife* of PittsBeld, were in town last week. Rev. J. A. Busaneli Is spending bis vacation at his home in Canada. Tbe Farmers' Institute, closing last week, was emphatically a sue cess,surpassing all previous records both in point of attendance and of. valuable information. Discussions iy the Question Box awoke a lively Interest and were full of instruction. Mr. Fuller who represented the dairy interests, a man of wide and varied experience, was found to be an able and fluent speaker, as was also Mr. Sirrlne, both of whose addresses were illus­ trated by the stereoptlcon. Special mention might be made of the' lecture on birds, tbe canvas making plain points of distinction' between varieties that are harmful and those that are not. To the people of New Lebanon Mr. Van Alstyne is always a welcome adjunct to any conven tion, whose talks aside from their inherent helpfulness are of special practical value to the farmers of this section being baspd on personal espeiience In their o*n locality A unique feature of Friday evening was a chorus of Shaker voices blended together in one harmonious dosite for \peace.\ Recitations both humorous and otherwise were well rendered and Unusually fine selections of songs and instrumental musifi contributed to everyDorly 's enjoyment. RAYVILT/R. Beatrice, tbe young dauguter and oniy child of Mr. and Mrs. Jouo H Dorlund' is very ill She was taken violently sick last Saturday night and so far there seems to be little improvement at this writing Mon­ day afternoon. Dr. Southworth visited ber three times Monday ottsly Assaulted. CatekUl-.--Jan.- % 8J-.\— ftev. H t I. Hoag,. ba8tof ..;lotjihe, Jttetiiodiat church at' Leeds, Nv 1f.T was'\as­ saulted and forced 'to seek safety in flight Saturday;:by Ph'iifip. RobinB, of South Cairo, who is said to-b» suffering from .religious mania. tBobins dally bad attended the re- vival meetings recently conducted by 'Rev. J Mr* H_oag. Saturday on opening the -door \bf- hjaboutfe in \TeTJpOHS6 JJ to u loud 1rnTOkit>g=^tbe clergyman was set upon by Robiqs, who shouted, \God has commapded me to kill you.\ Striking Mr. Hoag, heavily with his clenched fist Robins was preparing to follow up the attack \wbeu tbe minister managed to push him aside and 4-raake bis eat ape from the par­ sonage Robins who is proprietor of a small boardIne house at South Cairo, known as the Mai ion House, was lodged in jail here later by Under Sheriff Post, and on examintion by physicians was declared inBane. He was committed to the State asylum at Poughkeepsie. RIDER'S MILLS. sr. ^ m- 1 , dnni.tiou will behold at the residence of Oeorge Halloway. Proceeds Tor pastor's salary A ptogtamtae of and recitations is being pre- nr ed nnd all may be sure of a good ^Bptertalnment and Rtort supper. Spy The following programme will be Tendered Whistling Solo, Norman Address, Frank Fellows: Fr*d Baldwin, Reading, Lewis |p|j^|Pee, Wyomanock, Duett, Rev. and ^Mts. U B Wilson, Musrc, Violin Recitation, Eawina Song, bv the school chil- e0 • Elocutionist and Whistier, ^Mrs. Q. E. Jones. Solo, Miss Ethel New Lebanon; Reading. aSSa^fra, D B. Wilson, Duett, Mr. Mrs. H Wtigbt, New Lebanon ; Miss Olive Carpenter, Solo, Miss Hattle Fel- Reading, Milton Wyolnanock. Mrs. Wolbman recpntly visited ber daughter Martha, in Stockport Hartwell Reynolds has gone to New YorkJIutendinK to spend several weeks with bin niece. Airs. Her mans. Mr. Leute, of Ft Edward, who has been h6re caring for ber mother is now with friends In Millertoo. Mrs. Sloe u J) and ber daughter Maude, fioin Boston, Mass., are occupying a part of Mrs. Maud Williams' bouse. Un account of the duugbter's health tbey will remain several months. Tbe W. C. T. U. will meet at Mrs. Wflsey's Thursday afternoon. Mrs. reasdale has gone to Albany to attend an Institute held by the W. 0. T. TJ. Mrs. John Und spent [Sunday here with ber busband's parents. Agnes Friman returned from White Plains Tuesday. ATJSTT3BUTZ. daughter was borri to Mr. and lli ^MreWi 'H. Vatney last Friday, Jan. \ -\-j^Gborge H. Bennett and sister. ££&Mls? M. Charlotte Bennett have d'cQlciffd to sell, their farm and. return ^/,v.tq Brooklyn. Tbe box social at the home of Mr. Sirs. A. Lake last Friday night attentfefc* The proceeds B8fa ; 'tsmperanee lecture (;V «Pl »rojriBrbB ;'JEeoltaMon8 at the WsT-OlprtBUa^eul^tiTtiext SunQay even- ^l ^lKr^attltifd^datStdckbrrdge, %0 *ik*i %i< JBv..&4Biti -ag;, 51'rs. Alfred\ ?(J years kortiaol Mrs. W. H. Johnson, of Albany, is a guest of the Misses Rider. Mrs. D. Harris and daughter Reba, of Hoosick Falls, called on friends 'in this locality, Sunday. It only lacked tbe singing of birds to have made Sunday an ideal spring day. The A. club will meet this week Saturday at tbe home or Mrs Geo, Ferguson at the usual bour. COPAKE. NEW CONCORD. Miss Oussie Earl has returned to ber borne in Brooklyn taking MisajJfl^Sj Lillian King with ber. Fred and Tom Tompkins are also in Brooklyn for a few days. Sunday and Monday were very warm days for tbe time of year. tSwsday the mercury stood 60 d: in the sun. Will Wbite was home from Hud­ son over Sunday. BED SOCK. D. J. Holdrldge suffered a shock of paralysis about a week ago while working at West StockbrJdge. He was broMgbtJbome and is still con­ fined to hfs-bed although gaining. Mrs. Wesley Part! bas been .enter- tainlng ber cousin from Hudson. Mr. and 'MrlrJ ^W^Wtc^er and eon, Hubbard,.drove to/Bhlnebebk recently *tSd spent .a.?,'week, wltjb friends. Their <Mualni;.jWB«—Jtnna v Pitcher.returned-witn^tbeiin.'.. A aurpldi ^^r ^e ^l ^^^and' Mrs. Jacob'.Geai^al^^rljirdaj^eTenr Ing. ' -• A-Shadow- soolal^iilibejbeldjit' thejbtte ot :Cna8 .y?3nS5rr^^e6''Y3'd idt. f.he benefit pi -the'Mt& i?&tizs&. wiriSb'e|St;tfne By a ftifliac IteAs own, An Merchant Retires. Edward I nomas, merchant and butcher f twenty-one years at Stuyve8at .t Falls, has retited from active I'Usiness.t Mr. Thomas's nnine bus been prominently con­ nected with every movement for tbe betterment of tbe village for tbe past twenty-five yenrs. He was postmaster there Tor sis yeats and iu 1903 was elected highway com­ missioner At tbe expltation of bis term as commissioner he refused a unanimous te-nomination. Before entering business at Stuyvesant falls Mr. Thomas was connected with tbe freight departmnet of tbe N. y. C. & H. R. R. and while in this pospron be met with an accident that necessitated tbe amputation of bis foot. After recovering be pur­ chased tbe estate of his father, Henry D. Thomas. Contractor Blakeslee Killed. Uwight W. Blakeslee, of the con tractlng firm of C. W. Blakeslee & Co , was kdled at New Haven, Conn., last week by being struck by a fast train on tbe New York & New Haven railroad His Urin was engaged in a large oontract with the above railroad and It was while be was Inspecting tbe work that he stepped aside to avoid a moving rreight train only to step directly in front of a fast exptess. Mr. Blakeslee was well known In this section because of having built tbe Albany & Hudson raiiroud. A few days since, a man giving tbe name of George Davis, of Chat­ ham Centre, called at' Leipsbutz & Suns' store in Valatieand purchased goods to tbe amount of $21. He gave in payment a check for $27 on Geo. 1 J. Duhoise, receiving six dollars in change. The check was sent to Chatham for payment, where It was dishonored and returned as no such person had an account there. A warrant was sworn out for Davis' arrest and officer Mc- Connell wont to Chatham Centre but could not And his man. Tbe second annual district con­ ference of the Woman's Christian Tdmperance Union of Albany, Col­ umbia, Fulton, Hamilton, Greene, [Montgomery, Rensselaer, Schenec­ tady and Schoharie counties will be held on Thursday, January 2Gtb, Luke's M. £ church, corner of Clinton and Lexington Avenues, Albany. Tbe base ball enthusiasts of Hud­ son have decided to bold a fair Feb. 21, 22, and 23,tbe proceeds of wbieh are to be applied toward the support of a base bail team to represent Hudson next season in tbe Hudson River Leaeue Columbia county, according te'tbe report of tbe recent state census submitted by Secretaiy of State O'Brien, has a population of 41,286, and 1,600 aliens- . - H0KTH CHATHAM. The Misses Ell&and Edo^|Taj| son, of Alhany^and Mitajj ^Jrii Barreti of White Plains, were-Heeot' guestaof!tne MIeeeaTatof .;^^E ?'S? Mlsa Liilian Tator, ofBrool^ IsvialUngit.the home' of .A. Micxle.' I Charles/ .Turner,:', ot-.OPittafleUK'; ^MaM /.;f -l^.and Mi&Albert': Mark^ i*r/' 'iM^yMs /J ^mok 'iparejoy and son'and'fMis«^Hann«h-Turner were Sunday Ku p sti'-at tliirbpme pJjVs^JD. |_V_an HnesentSS- v ' -' -\ * '. r -- ^ Mrs? and, Miss Ohfyeiler,, \;l £tti; StolIker, r Mra.^ -Bistim^aad 'wife Siac'fe^^re ^irecjBnti /Kueits\or. Mrs. 7 Witberiki '. . •' ' ..y, ^The^coflector wRT Bej»^the Klngy Im'an r House' 'Friday;: JanVSff^b' xevf 'celvetaxes. •••.•A.-' I . , Haw one can.tuger wjtb.. ^^mc^'not ^i ^f£i ^i .the hurf^. , —That's where corns count < - IfoW-'tte long Sufrerlng— ,~ihoBe^Trlio--haye-^*Hhfoliy—• tried lota of corn cures' with­ out effect, may qutstlon our Btat ~emen£,^nfc,neverttiele6B~ we make it. and it 's true. We have a corn cure that will I—' take out jyour corns, roots and all. ff_ usgd according JIo/dlreoHons'it will, leave no soreness We warrant it-^- yourmoBeyrbaekifyou are not satisfied. Uail tot C0RN0UT 25c SOLD ONLY AT Branion's Drug Store M AIN S T. C HATHAM. Co-OperaUvo 'Phono. T^hcnrancl WALKER MILLS, Canaan 4 Corners, N. Y. Custom grinding- promptly, done We bave for sale Sea and Oyster Shells, Pratt's Poultry and Cat­ tle Food, Bran, A Mid­ dlings, Red Dog and Flour Middlings. FLOUR. Atlas, Crocker's Best, Gold Medal, Pillsbury's •Best, Superlative and St. Louis. i Gasoline by tbe gallon or barrel. Will buy state corn oats and\ buckwneat. or ex­ change for goods. Give us a call. O. F.WALKER & SON. A. N. Van Deusen has resumed UNDERTAKING and has opened parlors at his residence, known as the Weatherbee place^ Lower Main St., Chatham. All calls, night or day, will re­ ceive prompt attention. Co-operative Telephone. A. N. Van Deusen, Chatham, N. Y. Established 21 years Smoked Boneless Herring, lb .20 Halibut Chunks, in pkgs. .1° Washed Figs, in glass jars, .15 _Sjbuffed_ Dates', \in glass jars, :/2S Evaporated T3ioa~Beaiis.. Trowbridge's Chocolate \Jim Crows.\. They are Good. ,7 :y *7^jt\ ^$^-p $?rt '^tbire Closed Wednesday and '. ri&y-Eyeriihgs>t.-6.^«M?,^ month of mg^^ in every department^ -pai^tipm^X^ LMILLINERY, COATS,'BlOTdgi^ nRTTRK --^MMm J. H. Page Main Street, - Chatham Closes Wed. and Fri. at 6 p. m. Reduced Prices. on all our Ready Made Clothing Suits Overcoats Ulsters Reefers Pants Hats and Caps Remember we are sel­ lingFine Clothing at Low Prices. Christensen Bros. TAILORS AND CLOTHIERS MmiaStf ChAthum, N. 7. See last week's ad. andMLIs. : IS Reynolds & DeLong Co.; LADIES' BAZAAE Chatham, N. Y: SPECIAL Blanket and Robi SALE A glance in my Blanket Department will convince, any person that I have as fine a display as ever has been seen in Chatham. I propose to start a Special Cash Sale. If you need or ever expect to need, a Hotse Blanket or Robe, a better opportunity never will present itself. Prices are made very low for cash It will pay you to call. Ask to see the Genuine Wallace Montana Robe. Whips at your own price. R. H. DELAVAN Chatham, N. Y. Just a few Bargains Quoted for close Cash Buyers. New YotlrJJtatejpack extra quality Canned Corn at only 6 eta can. Quart bottle Maple Syrup only 20 eta bottle. ^^nart can White Globe Syrnp only 10eta can. / -'-J' SCib^lce Pea^Beans 8 ets-qt ^M ^ko^ttM-JT 'tXiot 38 eta lb. pa^Rood Java.CoflMi6t20 eta lb. ft YaxL iDeusen's Sausage, Hams, -Headcheese,. Bacon, indlshouiaer^\ ' ;iv ^CrockeriaBeatiiiGokl Medal, > Pllla- bBJfy ^a'-and^SiM ^beSt iiHHSesota • baH\f£?tip \by ^phonel -^^igooii'J promptly and satisfactorily delivered :er BUker'sCpcoa 20 eta i lb box irmWSTREETi ?rt CHATHAM ,%.^y. PREMIUM OFFER! A Splendid Twice-a-Month Agricultural Paper, To any person who sends us $1.65 we will send THE COURIER one year and also a year's subscription to that splen­ did farm paper, the FARM AND FIRESIDE It is the only Farm Journal in the world to keep abreast of the times in modern editing, illustrating and printing. Com­ pare it with others. v The Farmer's Correspondence Club is~a new feature. Every .progressive farmer. is 'invited to take part. Besides learning ^rhat the other farmers^toWrhe-^L be paid cash for anyc -isf Jhis-wMiings that are pTincearj^^^ modern co-operative idea? significant of the up-to-date mefJnoijS of Farm and Firesiile^ 3SFot a former can afford to be without Farm and Fireside .fo£-|E& home. Farm and Fireside is ^f|il| - largest and4?est : a^|^||!.rfil journal in the Uuited StJates'lc^S day. It comesiti^i^^oj^h, which is twice as often as^any^ monthly JQurnal, cjp^p^^^has 24 to 38 large, pages each^ is9np. t+. Vina 3i^^^^i^ao-m^hat^i fK«n a^-rr other similar jipurS^

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