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Chatham semi-weekly courier. (Chatham, Col[umbia] Co[unty], N.Y.) 1903-1907, January 24, 1906, Image 5

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&y&Ovrr-^^'ki^^-vS*~~- - .-'-te^ 3. —: , i {• >KIN0£RHOOK f VAXATEC. l^l^^wOttdnj-Ls visiting relatives #§t(Gon£ractorlMiiVe$i8 enlarging fifsJ jg^^MlM;_P.enQiy,er, ot California, la a: Hook, In f|i!rh?towrK ,. :'\•> - B|£|AUejii;t. ^Iniioy^Si'a r^m'lj^i'itye; R,^he'M»~ ttoey^were former residents. ^ W, ^V^$$&$ifa$*!it^og- : \ the '.•6Hool\'itor°'tQe v ba)°aotia' of the term. • ^W- Howard Bestand M, B^Laaber, attended'the automobile exhibit at\ . Madiaon^Square Garden last week. The ladles or the Lutheran church will give a tea at the home ot Wm. sS|SL Denver on Saturday afternunn, J UD. W : \ Sam Proper has sold bis rlsb and oyster business to Bussell Van Buren_ and .will open up this week at the old stand. The young man from Chatham Centre who swindled 8. Leipshntz & Bona out of $27 by a forged check last week has not yet been captured. George Van Buren, who has been af Newtprr Centre for a few months In: the employ of the B.& A- B. B. Co., as operator, Ts how night opera­ tor at'Sriverville.. _A convert's class has been organ Ized under .the leadership of the pastor, which convenes each Mou- 'day'nlgbt— in the church at 7.16 o^ulo'ck. Thomas Hughes, of Marlboro, for­ merly of Vaiatie, was in town last week. Mr. Hughes was called to town by the serious illness of his father-In law, Chas. Gordon, of Klnderhook, who has since died. Twenty converts were received The grip has made its appearance In the. village. Look out for him. i Last .week at the Albany Poultry j%h6w _Afnol^ HSrji\*BcUrlBd six-ifrat; •ItwojaJ land QnCaCa^a7flvi|^«i|l premlurhs^on -iik'i* broh«e;'turkeysj jBP^nnj^yultry .exhlbited>—JChi»j looks as though MrJ Harris had sonie very good poultry and he no doubCleWs quite gratified over bftr winnings as the competition was keen in-neariy till classesT'the show being about three-times as large as w Into the Methodist church on pro­ bation ' vt the-' morning service on Sunday last, the result of the recent revival meetings. Several more will join .later. Prank Fowler, who has been housed for a couple weeks with rheumatism, - is on deck again, attending to business as though nothing bad happened. Marshal! Hulbert, of Troy, spent last Sunday _witb bis parents at. the homestead. He addressed the congregation in, the Methodist church in^the evening, An altar ^r*loe-WM : )»«W. after theTaddrea*.^.! Mr. anc^'MraC J- D. Graves, of -Fort Piain are spending a few daya with H. L. Alter and family. ^Mr\. and Mrs. Graves are the paraxjtt^ol. Bex. U. H. Graves, A<am9ti09^^ of the Lutheran church aml?.al3o' of Mrs. H. L. Alter. Neighbor Prank Peterson is so near well, that no. one would think that so short a time ago he was undergoing so serious an operation that his family and friends had cause for alarm. He is now about his business about as usual. Bev.. M. D. Ezeklel, an Armenian ooouped the pulpit in the Lutheran church Sunday night. ' Mr. Ezekiel is in charge ot— an-orphanage irr Cyprus and is soliciting funds for that institution. Three.membersi , we're received by letter into the Methodist church Sunday morning, j. The fourth quarterly conference -Vwifl^be^field'at the \Meth^iat'p1a5-\ jTsoriage on..PrJday .«,ye^l ( ng. 5 .^ReT. } D;-i5K. .Gistes, .the preslnlng elder l^will be i n attendance. \This being •rtheiiast Conference'for the confer ^'that a fuU\board be' in a^endanoeT The rema ( lV«'^ 4 oI ,;Mra^ .tihydei; bioiiKht • here - from ^Poughkeepsia week for; Interment: Mrs. :8tjyder.'waa ti^^oiihJlHr \tit Fred \ |^|^dy.^in*rty^wialdSid| here. «!• died[^^\^lh>nW^l!;5ier son Flies; 'mosqiUfpes, ' 'caterpillars, ian^' wkapB and other animals-were \ Svidenoe on HundayJast wlthiijbe meranry- at 75'in\tbe. •bad*- (liome My.^);;^Beguiar •Florida weather ,^^ftf^sih^op*pr)ii^: 'pa%tor^^|tn]iiPm B^^^r^^ck^^c^ryi ^generlllyJ:Mr^yokoff baa accepted SsocletyiftlitbePresbyterian rcfeurchii some time InTPIttsfleld; » 1 Miss Anna Van Alen Is attending the Albany BuMness-Ctollegji. V„ ^Pr6r!,;|Jji|fee '^^^iQfl^d^to <dqse i^^^^M^Jai^'^Wa^a^«^^K%ll' , '' Ipwlng ^tosIckneM--T^- ^arringtorr^8r«raWirn?fTtiui)te] $9 fpr rye.stxaw. Not much^Lke'the l&O or $26 last year. Mrs. Mvra Turner, who has been confined to the house for some time, is improving slowly. D_._B. Downing has returned from that of last year, Harold New; son of Cornelius New, who met]with such a serious accident a few days ago, Is doing as .well as could be expected. Uni­ versal regret and sympathy is mani­ fested for the boy and for the family who have been so sorely afflicted: The loss of a right band is an Irreparable I OBS, the right band more especially. The little fellow (he is only 10 years old) showed great nerve during the trying ordeal and during the amputation at tbe hospital be' bore himself with the greatest of courage. KDTDEBHpOK. Miss Katherine Cotter, of Pitts- held, is the guest of bei sister, Miss Elizabeth Cotter. • - -Mr.-and Mrs. -George Wilbor and daughter, of Oneonta, are guests of Mrs. Peter Fowler. Miss Margaret Bain, who has been under tbe doator's care the past week, is Improving. Henry B. Van Hoesen of tbe town has purchased a bottling works at Delhi |Delawaie county, this state, and will move there from Nivervile. There has been but little use for the snow shovel this winter except to remove mud fioui the sidewalks ami croBswalksr - — - Mrs. George RadcllS and children of Oastleton, who have been visit­ ing at Chas. Badcllft's home, re­ turned to their home on Saturday. The hen is a foxy old bird but this weather Is \foolingher some.\ She has made up her mind that it isn't winter after all and baa re­ sumed business therefore eggs have taken a drop to. 21 cents. Tbia has been a remarkably favor­ able winter for the Albany & Hud­ son railroad. Practically no trouble la tbe operation of the cars has Jbfien experienced as a, result of snow blows, sleet, etc. But It may come before spring. W. a. Kline has completed hie advertising booklet of Burjington, iXt.. and la. now In. Pougbkeepsie, vh.ere he is compiling a booklet of j a similar nature. He expects later to take up tbe work in Kingston and Newburg and tben'contemplates continuing it In Canadian cities. Tbe regular annual hunt, for houses has already been begun by those' who contemplate making a change of residence this spring. And It will not be long before the city people will tie looking for suit­ able quarter^ in Klnderhook which can be rented- duriog tbe summer months. - At tbe last town- election Jacob Cook, of this village was elected a justice of the peace for a'four year term. Tbe law requires that accept­ ance of office must be filed with tbe county clerk on tor before tbe first day of January following the election and tbia \Uncle Jake\ forgot to do and town cleric Hickey was notified ^i^H° t ^-?i i ES tc ^i t - ,n .^* t ^ vacancy \fn^^er office exfetarU Accordingly at^a ^eating ot the Klnderhook town board, held Wednesday, even ing Mr. Cook was appointed a justice to serve until; the. election Which takes place in.Matchim. tyJEidlerhas been quite m^M^vergi daya. \Born' at Plttafleld, Jan.~9,' a daughter to.Maurice Weaver and •wife;' * t - * Mrs. L.. Leavenworth, of Scho- dack, has-been, a ^guest of Miss ^mm»TP^m'e£v'!!X''^''' : \ 1 20&^u^&m.^t^i}M returned from v^two~^r.eek8;.JvlBit with her ;aijr^fcte^ittafWd|£^:- Miss Margaret Youpg ,1s m the sick list. _L*- 'if-. T the r- --JSPEKOliBTOWN. The report is quite current that \Ben. Bitter, who has had men chop­ ping vast quantities ot rails on the DugwayTnouDtaio, 'built a raft ot several thousand rails, Intending when ready \toioutlt loose_aud let' ft slide down tbe mountain side Into the valley. But unfortunately Ben had built tbe raft on level groumI\'-_an.d when all ready the mighty pile of rails would not Springfield, Mass., where he bad been visiting his cousin,- J. B. Beldmg. Mrs. Alice Bruce, who has been with her daughter, Mrs. G.. V. Mooie, in New lork city, has re­ turned home. Tbe annual donation for tbe pastor will be held on Wednesday evening, Feb. 7. It is hoped there will be a good attendance. Mrs. J. D, Beynolds bas been confined to tbe bouse with a heavy cold. Colds seem to be numerous, especially among tbe children. W. W. Sawyer and son returned to Cambridge, Mass., last Saturday and Mrs. Sawyer expects to follow them tftis weak .Friday to remain about two months. We understand tbat Miss Catherine Mead has so far regained her health as to be a regular attendant at church and also to teach a Sunday school class. Her many fiiends-are-| greatly pleased. Tbe committee of five appointed to make out a list of khchen utensils needed at tbe church met last. Fri­ day afternoon. Mrs. R. Boyd, chairman of tbe committee, was ap­ pointed, to purchase the articles. Special services will be continued in tbe M. E. church, 'Tuesday. Wednesday, Thursday and Friday evenings of this week. Thore seems to be great Interest manifested \and surely no one can afford to miss any of tbe meetings. W. G. Bonford bas resigned his position as night operator at the station here to accept a position as day operator at a station near Boston, Mass. Mr. Van Beuren of Vaiatie has accepted the position to fill vacancy. Kev. Dr. Gates, presiding elder of tbe Troy District, will make Lis last pfficial visit to tbis place next Sun­ day and will preach afternoon and evening. Dhe fourth quarterly con­ ference'will be held ro tbe M.^E. church Saturday evening at 7.30. ' Mr. and Mrs. Anson Simpson, who spent some time with his sister, Mrs. J. Williams, returned to their home in Watervllet last Saturday Mr. Simpson has been in poor health for a long time but seemed to be improving when he left for borne: CHATHAM CEHTEK. A beautiful butterfly was captured, flitting among the house plants, Saturday. Mr.. and Mrs. Geo. Come have moved into their new home and are busy settling. With tbe mercury 04 in the shade Sunday and fires at low ebb, It seemed more like June than Janu ary. Dr. Van Ness bas been called to Hudson several days past by the illness of his mother. 8be is very feeble at this writing, Monday. Very slight hopes are entertained for her recovery. Although our pastor, Bev. Mr. Bickard, announced bis topic Sun day as a sermon for the children, next Sabbath, yet tbe mothers come first on tbe list and tfe wishes it underafbod that a heart to heart talk^wlth ..moihere will be his theme. The Ladles' Aid organized Thurs TO RENT—Booms on Hudson avenue. Chat­ ham. Jerry Browning, Cbatfl»m. —DUELLING <o let o n P»rkiow^ A V»om»rf0*-J nace, electric light. Lock Box 4, Chatham. TO LET—Rooms o n Locnet Street lire . Wm. PnlTor, Chatham, N. Y. SASM TO LET—I will let ray farm I n Kllro Kill on Kharee. For particulars ibdulro ot ' tt.X. Haner, HID, Vaiatie, N. T. mote.'-Some propose putting rollers nhder^It-f others suggest getting a tub of lard and greasing the runners while'some think Dennis and hie dynamite will have to help him out. Geo. Chase Is P having swivel StHchlpns built for his large herd of choice,cow8. •Martin\ Hfirrey irlrarving carpen­ ter Becker repair the barn at tbe Akin mill, to be ready for use April 1st Eugene Baitlett and Frank Bun- dell who are working for the Western Union, were making their parents: a visit on Sunday. Allen Oies sprained an ankle last week, quite severely and is laid up nursing the painful member. Mrs. Hettie Wbiteman is on the sick list Some children got throwing stones atone anotner. One was bit on tbe head and one in the eye. Fears at first were entertained that the sight was destroyed but tbe last report is tbat tbe eye will be all rignt in a few days. Moral: Stop children throning stones If you can. STATE LOTS, MASS. Mr. Bobinson, of New York, and Mies Keefe, of Albany, have been guests at tbe State Line bouse for a few days. tThe Misses White, Allen and Free- han, of East Chatham wie guests at W. is. Preston's last week Monday. Mrs. J. L. Hover returned Satur­ day from a weeK's visit with rela­ tives in Worcester, Mass. -The Bev. Mr. Palm or, of Lanes- boro, gave a very interesting talk at tbe Christian [Endeavor meeting last week, and has conesented to gtve a lecture at tbe first meeting in Febuary. E. C. Carpenter spent Sunday with relatives In Troy. Herbert Perry, of Boston Corners, N. T., was a Sunday guest at J . B. Losty's. A. H. Blake still continues to improve slowly. Mr. McFall, who was foreman of the Western Union Telegraph con­ duction gang, who bas been stop­ ping here for some time,bas resigned bis position b«re to accept a better position in \New York; Mr. .Newton of Streator, 111., succeeds him as foreman. Mrs. Joy, of ftortb Adams, has been visiting her sister, Mrs. Geo. Blood, tbe past week. Mrs. J. P. Smith spent Monday and Tuesday of this week in Pitt- field. ™«4??.PP-;? 0 !*t~J*? farm o n aharca lo TnttTelth etock, team and lmplementa, 150 acres. I 1X7 11 ntBfnbul ^ h ft If # _ _ j.\ . _ _ MKT.T.T.N V11.T.F.. Frank Juckel, of Mittineague, spent Sunday with friends. Chester Pulver visited nis sister, Mrs. Martin Miller recently. Miss Marion Miller entertained two of her little friends on Satur­ day. Cottage praver meeting at Elmer Decker's on Friday evening at 7.30 o'clock. The Men'8 League will meet qn Thursday evening at 8 o'clock at which time a debate will be held between two Philmontera and two Mellenvilllans. day f ,w}fh Mrs.' Bickard, president; Mrs. E. Vedder, 1st vice; Mrs. F. P.-^Van AlstynB, advice; Mrs. A. F. VwMa'mlilaecretary; Mrs. F. B. Gifford, treasurer'; Mrs. A. Van Alstyne manager of the sewing '4S$S^£i^^')au^gT^ocxua with ker. homeln/Hudson Tuesdaylnornr ing 1^rttf$r|e^ Neaa for 'Jn 'My .|yea 'rs^%eIdent;oi this townoniUie^rookj.farmnB .tbe load from.'ia'alcleii to'Dlck Obatn 'amv Mi:. Va£•M&%v%kmlirt>)ffiTia, , Tffihe tiSik Ml^byiDpwltTbWla home -th 'er^fuB^h ^Mtti^iSe y«1ig ! omp^ W^iaw^-^^--\^ 1 Miss Read what Bailer & Tracy My about a fence aronnd the earth o n pa fro\ three of this inane. Dr. W. B. Park Will be at hie Chatham office Saturdays and Mondays, Feb. 3d and 5th, also 17th and 19th. Th» Ohatham Water Works Co. The annual meeting of the Stockholders ef th e Chatham Water Works-Co. win be keld-.at their office In the Village of Chatham , Cosnty of Co­ lombia and State .of Ne w York, on Tuesday. Feb­ ruary eth, IJ08 St two S^clockjp^ai. . TV. A. D±>u>*s«, Bee, Born, KHAFFT—InVelleBTille, Jan. 18, to Vr. an d Xr». Joh n Krafft, twin txrya, ^ • 8HAVXR—lnPhllmont , Jan. 18, to \Mr. ud Marred Sharer, a son. Died; K>. 1111114 TO LET TO LE T — Five rooms, storeroom, improve­ ments, ad floor, $7.60 per montu. Enquir e of Mrs. F . Akin, Central Square, Chatham.\ \ FARM TO RENT—Town of Schodack. Kens. Co. For particulars enquire of Martha Brown. East Chatham. N. Y • PRATT'S MONDMENTAX WORKS em­ ploys no agents. B.ttvTnK purQmaers the eommlsRlou. WrlteTor prienj. Clmtbam. CALVES, «HKKf and LAMB!i-c)ell direct to the slaughterer and save middle­ man's commission. We pay more than •Uppers. Stock received every Tuesday Telephone or write for prices . E P. Klrby -as -sSlTi. Kan t Chatham. | THE CHATHAM HbtJSB, Chatham—A model hostelery and every modern improve­ ment for the convenience o t guests. Cuisine unexcelled. Dinne r at 11 80prompt. Livery in connection with hoteL Good coach ana driver furnished In village lo r parties, fu­ nerals, weddings, «tc., S8.00. Long dis­ tance telephone . .T. B. ftlnclalr. TERMS OF COURT. TO LET—Two rooms, with closets and stor e room, city water. Suitable for light housekeep­ ing, $8 per month. Enquire of Mrs. F, Akin, Central 8quare, Chatham. woll-watered, station. E. 1 ;ood buildings: ].g mife iouth of, Morey, Old Chatham, N. Y . TO RENT—Pleasant rooms In Dwight Clark ! house on 8pring street also six room flat adjoin­ ing residence occupied by C R Covey Both tenements newly painted and papered and in first class condition Inquire ef Dr F C. Maaon, Chatham. I FARM TO RENT—A farm of about 250 acres, located within a few miln, of a milk recoivlni; Btatlon, in Columbia County, will be leased on e venr from April 1 to u KOO<1 man with small family He must be sober and IndUKtrlous. This fatm usually keeps 20 cowp, which with team an d tools are on the farm. A good opportunity for thcrlght man. Addrew \G. L.- Oourler office STORE AN1) DWKLI.IN.J no w occupie d by Shaler & Mellous lu Obent tillage In ­ quire o n premises o r Jacob Mexlok Hudson WANTED, WANTED—Good feeding hay L. Ebene, Highland Farm, Chatham N Y GIRL WANTE D to do gt'Durnl hnm^-work Aildrees ''A. B \ Courti r Office. WORK HORSES t o exchange for horww BUU able for livery use. C. J. Wood, Chatham, N Y WANTED—A competent woman us house­ keeper Mrs. W. B. Daley, Chatham WANTED—On bond and mortgage curity, $500 fdr the term of two^ei semi-annual Interest. Address ' ood HC- ears. Will pay care Courir A MIDDLE AQBD married man would like to get a place a s gardner o r a place 6D a farm by tin- nth. Address Box 60, Nassau, N Y , E.FD 1 WANTED—A good reliable man to work farm of 800 acres o n 18 shares. T W Wilbor, Old Chatham, N. Y . WANTED—At once, married man to take cure of stock and work farm, good wages and honcc Address \Bctloo Farm\ , Klnderhook, N Y WANTED—A farm hand, married or single Good wages t o right man. Nono but good men need apply. Box 83, Chatham, N Y. Designation of Times and Places for Holding: Terms of the County Court. Pursuant to the provisions of the Code of Civil Procedure, the undersigned, County Judge of the County of Columbia , hereby appoints the times And places for holdin g the terras of the County Oonrt of said coun­ ty In aud fo r the year 1UO0, an d until otherwise appointed, namely Second Mondojr o f Januury, 1 0 n m , at Court Houso. Second Monday o f February, 10 u in at Court House. .Second Monday of March, 2 p m , at Court House. Second Monday of April. H i n. m, at Court Hous e Second Monday of May. 1 0 n m at Court House. Keeoud Monduy of June. l 2 p ni ,ftt < ourt House. Second Monday of September, lo «. ni , at ('ourt House. Firs t Monday of October. Ida in , at Court Hous e 1 -ecniMl Monilny of Nj \ ember, 10 u in , at Court HotiHc Secotnl Monday of Ilwember, 2 p. in at Cour t llmiNe A Trt il Inn- will l»e drawn nml suni- m\tit--l lontt <n,l llie terms api»\l\ted to b e liehl oti tli.- H<I oti 'l MotulaVH of Mnn li .June nml !>•< i»' , T \\ ntt-l: t »-nnM are jipi\ dated forth, trnii ol U.Mie* i >f law nn.l U^ui-s of fa' i A 'irHidJ'irv T\ i 1 lu* drawn and sum - ni 'i i 1 , l i d tt .• Term nppolnle d fo r Mind M I >.t l a June No (irnn d • r 1 --I I.I i\*«l'l In- drawn n r slim- llinltei I ' no <il the lilliir (rrutri bert -li-. apiui]nl «-tl in ,| «li '»-ti _-ii U4 -d Ilalri' I UI I KII L , N \ , J UUUA rv (11 h, 1 HOtf MM!K DI \\TZ Cuui.l> J uu >;e J ! t o'uuib'u < ounty STAT Kill .NI W YOlt K i tlllllLll.llU u„iilj Llerk •> Mlln M , . I ll» IIIK UT SI ol.M. < lerk . I II,e ( ..imt v of ( nluii.ljlii JUJ- I II I MI ( lei k nltlie Su(,reiii 'e and t niint \-t uurt«, l »ein« < ouriH of He, ..rtl held therein, do hereby eertllv that I lnue compareil the forv)->.iu>- iopy ol appoint­ ment fur liiildlnjr t«*rin of t he County Court , with tbe original thervof tiled and 'entered In this office, and that the sam e ts a true anil correct transcript!'m of HII'- I I original appolutuient and of the whole thereof lu Testimony W hereof, 1 have hereunto set my hand an d affixed the the seal of tne said ( mirts an d L. S County, this Ht h dav of Janu­ ary, A D 1 '.am KU11KKT STOKSI Clerk the , J n rv Notlcti. / ~*'*--*rt-'- t * ' All. accounts remaining nnpald npbn n^Donfcs at Chatham, Fob. 1, 1S0B wlll\'ob\'.placea\ tirtlfe - hands of an attorney for collection. Payments can be mado an d receipted for at fhe olfcb of Bailey & Tracy, Chatham, orT^mt tjriiTOO- a » 5» Lincoln Sq„ Worcester, Mass,,' Wm?tt. Smjfh. A Childless couple who may desire t o adop t a right, attractive little boy, ran do so b y writing oflrs. Henry 8m!th, Chatham. N Y None need apply whose character is not above Teproach TELEGRAPHY—Young men and ladles wanted to learn telegraphy. Situations when qualified. Wbltemuu'e Telegraph School. .Ghatahm FOB 8AJLE W & 8. COUGH SYRDP will cure that cough and do It quickly, a t Seymour's. ORANGE PIN—Elegant*hleld design, in gol d plate. Price 25 cents. Address Courier, Chat­ ham. N Y. W. & S. COUGH SYRU P costs only 20c and t s for sale only by R. W Seymour, Chatham FOR SALE\ CHEAP—one large and one -small lathe, also soveral steam radiators, D r Storks, Chatham. N. Y. ~ \ W. & 8 . COUGH biRUP contains n o opiate of any kind. Get It a t Beymour'a. FOR SALE-Chicag o Flexible Sheep 8hears , new, $fi.0u. Address Ernest Pick, ML Lebanon, N. Y. FOR SALE — First-class painting an d paper i banging lraeincse, well established. Call on o r ' address Mrs. J Ritz Klnderhook. N. Y. FORSALB—An Estey Cottage Organ, nearlv as good as now; original cost $3)0. Will be sold cheap for cash. Inquire of 8. C. Hulbert, t . Vaiatie, N. Y. , COWS FOB SALE—Fresh cows and sprln for sale, on the Te n Brocck farm near Mi ville. Arthur-Ward. Lngcrs ellen- SAU8AOB—Winters Bros., think il near pan­ cake time, leave sausage and loin cvory Tuesday and Friday for sale at A Travcr's store. Nort h Chatham, N. Y. FOR SALE—A second hand Florida heater will be sold cheap Call at J . W. Darrow's resi­ dence, Hudson sve^ Chatham. $60 will boy Mahler-Square Piano In good con­ dition. See th e instrument at R W. Morey's Old Chatham, N. Y. FARM FOR SAL E OR TO LET - One mile from Phllmont; town of Gbont known a s th e Ten Brocck farm. Enquire or Mrs. Lewis Coons, Chatham, N. Y . Terms Of Court ror Naturalization. At n term of the Columbln County Court held a t the Cbnnilier s of the ( ounty Judge Inthecltvof H IK I HOI I New \ ork,\ on th e 6th day January !(«>»> Preseut Mark Hunts, County Judge. C OCNT V Col UT , C OL I MIIU Cm VTV I D the mutter of fixin g suite d dnyB for Final Actio n In the County Conn of Columbi a < ounty upon Final Aji- C flentloh of Aliens to be adinttti -d t o ecome Cltln-os of the I'nlted State s In pursuance of the provlnloo s of Section S of Chapter H'JT of the Laws of lH!ifi en­ titled \An act concerning iiaruralltation and regulating tl»> priK-eOure In cases of naturalisation In court* ol this Stat e ' ORDERED, that the following rule b e and the same Is hereby adopte O The following stated days ar e hereby fixed for taking final action In th e ( olum- lila County Court upon hua l application s of aliens to be admitted to t)«*couie citizens of the Unite d States, untU otherwis e or­ dered, namely. Tho Second Monday of each month ex cept the monthe of J uly Aimust and Octo­ ber, the last Saturday of July an d tbe first Monday of October All sessions of the court for bearing such applications will lie held at tho Court Houwe and will begin at ten o'clock In the ftirenoon except that o n the second Mondays of Man -h June and December, t he Mimsfons will ln-glu at two o'clock in the afternoon M A ItK 111 NTZ County Judge of < oturutila < mnty STATK OK N'KW InliK | Columbia County t lerk 's utile- | K * I. ROBF.VtT STURM, Clerk ot the County of Columbia and also Clerk of the Suprenn ond County Courts, being Courts of l£ecord bold therein, do hereby certify that J have compared the forvir .dng copy order wit h the original thereo f nh-.l andentcred 1 th!n office, and that the same 1e a tru e and i,.r . rift transcript of such origina l order nml of th p who 'e. t Sen-, if In Testimony \\ hereof I 1IA\e li .-rt -uiito set luy band and n't \ M' the Heal of tbe said 1 \i n * nn<] L. S i 1'iintv, this stb ,1.11 ••( laiiu - ary, A 1> . 1 '.an, ROBERT si HUM \ i.-rk FOR SALE—Grocery etock of store tha t ha s been doing good business for ltj years, t o close Instate of Oliver Graves, deceased. George Graves, execalor, Brainard N. Y. FORSALB O R T O RENT—Dairy farm of MO acres, situated e miles north of 8tephentown Depot. Good buildings and wcll-watcrod. Term s easy. Apply t o J. D. Kittc.ll, Troy, N Y o r W. H. Atwater, Garfield, N. Y. FARM FOR SALE—M0 acre., buildings in Hrrt-class condlOcm, story house, running water in house, SOD apple trees, sugar orchard 800 trees, within S-4 mile of station, school an d post office. Write for terms. B. D. HatrJeon, South Berlin, rT.T. FAR M FOR SALE— Knows as the Arnold White farm, located about 2 miles north of Chat­ ham village o n the road to East Chatham: con­ tain* arjoat Jl acres; i n desirable location. I n quire of .wT & JJaJey, *ttorney. Chatham, N. Y . LODGE FURNITURE—The Cahtham Grange, having leased rooms where there furniture Is no t requipdv.wiU sell the following named articles of furniture: Stelnway piano, *W; stent 100 yardB grass matting a t 23 cents per yard, wood stove and pipe, $S; 4 arm chairs, cane scat, $2 each, 8 high-back cane scat chairs, 7le each: 42 commo n wood chaira, SIOc each. Possession or furniture will be riven April 1. For further particulars on qaire of Wilson Terry, Chatham, N. Y. CHAS. D. WADSWORTH, Klcmber of New York Stock Exchange., 44 New Street, New York. Xraasacts fl GeneraP'Banking and Brokerage Business. and Accounts Solicited Correspondence Hay be seen personally Saturdays Summer Residence nea r Chatham. at my COAL ALL SIZES f(\ A | IN STOCK V /U/\L» MISOEI<IiAS£OD8. LOST-Thnrsday . Jan. 18, o n Central Square, Chatham, large, wide band or girt for truck hatr- I MB. .Finder please rstara to John Dennls,- Tr^ckBna, Chatham.- ' i '-vfiBTX tola I n TOW hat and don't forget that Hm^MoTjnr licmreawUl b« atCadfa Hall , ~ - day erealag, Feb. S. Ererythlng mm ud latereating than ever. r,W^*r3.tCOtfGH SYRUP qui be'taJten Into W'mkmt a*aa»ach. It oV^y^sicken bat r»»k«rae»»a«at«mlc geyipaoM>Or«»»otc; ColamiWi. County, iiptke .iajkerrty.ttrea,. •ecordtar^o ^I*WjM»;-4*^r»«*.liavtiiar ctaliBB a«*l»st AJexonder; Wa*T«r, .late -of tkeTow» of Chatta«.-.hr:t*« Con»ty of G«14»b*»^d*tM^.tkJAthey.a«ireq^^ to::pr»Mt\t^i«u>w^H^^rf therol to the aubecriber, Kx»6»tor. of the hut wm Mad t««rtM>ejit ot aaid AM IM, ;mX his reiaee^«-X««tC»i»thaaavN.'Y..on or Malt Sprouts in Stock. —FLOUR— The good kind—making good bread, -winter or sumrnar. Thomas Bros, STUYTJB3AJTT, If. The Park Row Jeweler We have proven to yon Suit; work done here is done weil'in all pai^ctrlkrs. ° t ; .' for this reason we can guar­ antee, entire satisfaction in lrprkr manship and^rioe. - - ~. v\^«fe(^^^^1^^W<% ent^j .lxejflKOodrK.:'^^!: ' \ H. G. Spangler Mrs. J. Wesley lonl^l 80CCESSOBS T O >$^;- J. Wesley Jones Fire and Life Insurance Si Best Representing the Companies. Office at residence on Austerlitz St. Ghathara. Announcement! Haviug purcbased tlie photo-, graph business forniprlj con­ ducted by A G LucierJ am pre­ pared to produce first-class work and to fully guarantee the 'same. Prices right Developing and printing for amateurs, is one of _ our specialties We have also placed on sale a quantity of sup­ plies of all kinds for amateur photographers. E. 0. Powers, Central Square, Chatham. S. A. SGAFFNEY Undertaker and Embalmer now has his parlors in the Kelsey building, LOWER MAIN STREET, CHAT­ HAM, and is prepared to promptly attend to all calls, either day or night. Complete line of caskets and furnishings always on hand. John G. Myers Gf ALBANY, /' • i Charges prepaid on porchises unoofitisg-' to §5, or ov«r. Bargains in Women! s and Misses' Garments. : Prices astouodingly low—Mijl t »c-', curate in every instance. ^^f \''3\ Tbe coming of a new managei'ibr'; the Cloak Department, r«ri|t»^'tt\.> i price slashing never before wltnejfet&l in Albany. -^Mb- Kverything MUST GO. md^&f--* - thing will go for the new ^epattmeri't .'. head haB placed a price ou everj^fc&r^ i merit to eeud it out at once.. frj^f^ OTat>p tbe chance for-the time'-oi^-i tbe sale ia limited. _ . . Women's and Misses' Jacketg, values up to $10, for this sWe At. .-A ..i.^»8c ekebw-' Coats, vaV - .$ 198 each ^ Drees BVltis,:.yaiueia TiTr^sj Women's and Misses' aes a p to $15, for Women's to $7, for .$2.49 eaoh-^ Women's and MiBSes' Raincoats; val­ ues np to $115. tor ..-.. . ^gB'aai^i-^ Children's Russian Blouse Suits and dresses, value* up to $18, for $3.98 each Children's G re tehees, sizes : 4 t o 14 years, values ap to $10, for $2.98 each Women's and Muses' Three-quar­ ter Coats, values up to $25, for,, ^fa^eacrt ..; Women's. Tailor MadeiBuitai'jral- .\' nes ttpio$25, for fft.Srjr^.'fiSattj^ - .Women's Black Three^^'a^SsK \Coate values tip to.$18,fo~rfiP~' 'yriM^i Black gpaS^f

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