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STJBWSHKO WKDOTSDAtTS AND SATURDAYS AT CHATHAM, N. Y. SUBSCRIPTION PRICK, $LB0 A YEAR; 6 MOS., 75 ore; 3.MOS., 40 errs. Entered u 8 ©cond-cl»a6 Mall Matter at the Pcst-offlce, Chatham, N. Y. '•** 1 If* SATURDAY. NOVEMBER 4> *9<>5- All of the western crops have been harvested _and New York is Just gatiertng Its sfif«rvote. CHATHAM LOCALS. AdmiralDewey can tell Admiral evening ..... .... «. 1 I Orange meeting next Monday Togo about BOW long a flrewuiks welcome home will last The world is not growing worse j but the graft investigators are Just JBndlng out how bad it was. \Graft\ is the full-dress name for wbat we call \bribery\ and \theft\ when it Is in shirt sleeves. School- tax\ collector Sackett HOeated held his final sitting, at pntf. ppf\oept*s his collection fee on .W^nesday.q&j^';th%.wee *w - There remUna^q .bJ'. collected about $800. '^tnTfa ^.^f $^^9 |M?iloQi the various corporations. Chatham Local Qarch Hews. tall .CHATHAM. ' Born^NoJiBmber 1, a son to James potterandwife. . ~\ ... 4 -J T _ . Mrs,Ph«ebe Bivenbu^gb. of P/tto- field, spent a few days this week, with old neighbors and friends. _ , . John Vosburg is adding a fresh 9, UH a. 1 coat oI p^jjjj t0 jjjg. re8 jdence, • Next Sunday the services at St 1 Edward Avery, of BensonhursV T.nka's will hn anO.aOa 'rn. [ft. a been a few days guei>t at J. M ;*eek^^^li^janprp^l^g;- MJbB^e£i^e^ee.lB-J7ldU^j^ auntJ ^S./rtiJBaUier, JOI Melrose^ N. Y. i —StJoJui ^B &hBrciiaIrj«lH vpehat the -Valatle.Vopera^ evening, Nov. 8d^,r3Ch» entrain* jaenjLonittiaWyen^ng ^lU^Jbe 'a Win. Thumb\Wed6!ing~\by about th/£ty children of jY^Ue^jind Kinder- hook. \This entertainment will bo well.worth going to, see- Miss, KatherineOook;. or Glovers ylUe, Is, \the guest of her Brandt parents, Mr. «od Jacob Geo*.; MTsT ~at «»wl BlKskinayer enter talbed friends from Oohoes over Sunday. - Mr. and Mrs. Frank Fowler, of Schenectady, were recent guests of Mr. and Mrs. Edw. L. Hover. It now looks as if the school well will soon cease to be the princpial topic of conversation In town as an amicable agreement as to settle­ ment of the controversy relative to payment has oeen reached by the drillers and the Board of Education. The. drillers have offered to accept $500 in payment for work they have done and at the special school meet ing which will be held November 9, it is anticipated that the voters will ratify the conditional argee meot which the Board has made The result of the attempt to drill the well i« a disappointment both to tbe drillers and the Board. After having drilled to a depth ol 470 feet there is practically no- prospect of obtaining water and the word comes from Washington, where samples of the rock through whicn the drills went that it is doubt­ ful if water could be obtained without going down at least 800 feet The drillers will be the losers by accepting $500 but as they bave other wells, to drill where the pros­ pects are better, they desire to abandon this contract Some of the pipe which has been placed in the well can be withdrawn and made ose of elsewhere. family tlon are la H our village. The Nassau Absolute cures for yellow fever will be plentiful, now that tbe frost has left no yellow fever to be cured. The New York clergyman who preached on \the Cash Value of a Conscience\ certainly talked in a language New York understands. Anyway Mr. Randolph Hearst can come ae near being elected mayor of New York as he did to being elected President of the United 8tates According to tbe program. Mr. Bryan will spend two weeks*. In Japan but deliver only one speech. Still, there is no indication \how 1 ong'' chat speech will be. \Milton Laraway has accepted a positloa for the winter, on a farm' near Hillsdale. - Mrs. Abbie Bell is visiting her. daughter in- New York and will be $30 from the moving picture away two weeks. 1 Rev. E. A. Ottman and wife, cf Ancram. formerly of Ghent, were in town Thursday. KMfeoftlit Communion service to-morrow morning. ' - Tbe Ep worth Xeague cleared over :he moving picture enter taioment On Friday evening, Nov. 10th ! the Epworth League win give a \pound\ social. Each member of the chapter is expected to bring Miss AHda W. Graves leaves soon [one pound of groceries, apples or for Berkeley, Caifornla will spend some time. Miss Martha Bolce, of Stamford, Uonn.,bas been spending a few days with Mrs. R. H. Finch. where she' potatoes and these will be packed in barrels and sent to the Watts DePeyster Home for Invalid Chil­ dren at Verbank. for a Thanks­ giving girl. An entertaining and ., -,. social program will also be pre- John F. Gorman has purchased sented. Let tbero be a generous > tbe pacing horse formerly owned by response and a large attendance. Mr ... -- _ Knanp of tbe Windsor hotel. World's Typewriting Contest Services in the Lutheran\ church' to-morrow, conducted bv tbe Rev. Mr. Pierce tf Hutwlck Seminary. \What\ asks the Washington Post, \the Is democratic party going to do?\ Bui how on eartn can we answer, with Mr. Bryan in - the middle of the Pacific ocean. New York. Nov. I.— In the blind­ folded typewriter contest at tbe — - —. Business Men's Show in Madisonat Mr. Bidweil, of New York city, Square Garden last uight Miss May was In town again Thursday,taking Cardgan. of Plttsneld, Mass., won a number of photographs for Edwin .the first prize of $50 by tapping off H. Wetberbee. j 3,700 words in an hour. Miss Rose 'Fritzl, of tbis city, was second in Tbe President can talk in four languages and by wireless tele­ graphy from a distance of 1,100 miles and yet the cabinet is not allowed to sav anytniug to tbe reporters. One of the life insurance presi­ dents wno was authorized to fix his own salary, drew the line at $400 a day, 8undav8 included. Tbis moder atlon is tempered with tbe Idea of a frequent raise. Three burglars in New York claim to nave robbed 400 homes. It's *• great record, but it locks dim beside the record of three Insurance companies who have touched about 4.000,000 homes. While this is sometimes termed an \ofi\ year io politics in tbis county, yet it is just as much tbe duty uf every voter to cast bis ballot this yeat as any Let there be a full vote cast | While tbe Tokyo braes band and fire department did not turn out to welcome* him at tbe station, Komura finds be is solid with the Emperor. Ana be is the man who hands out the jobs. New York surgeons have agree 1 , to charge '$5 for tbe amputation of a finger and $150 fur the amputation of a leg with an intermediate scale for other members su tbe victim may select his amputatioo to suit his purse. Secertary £Tnfft has disclaimed that he is a candidate for tbe Presi­ dency but no douot he rememoers what Judcre Tburman said to bis friends before tbe democratic con­ vention of 1884— \Thev know where I live don't tney?\ The campaign in Oblo seeuis to have resolved itself into an old time bout between rum and the home, with tbe curious turnabout that the democrats are appealing to tbe home vote, and the republicans to tbe saloon influence. the novel race. In which forty-two contestants bad entered. There were two or three men among them. The world's cbampioship in the O. society of tbe school typewriting contest at the National the T. A. K. society last night in Unclaimed letters remain in tbe postofflce for Miss Carrie Giay, Mrs.. HoTace Simonson, Silas Dederlck and Edward B. Webster. King 's. Ambrose Decker and wife, .0? Craryville were recent guests at the M. E. parsonage. Mrs. Mortimer Davis is packing her household goods for shipment to Ht Vernon Alec Murlgttrpyd, of Albany, visited his sister, Mrs. Mosher, this week. Mrs. Augusta Parker and Miss Minnie Yates, of Schagbtlcoke, are j visiting their sister, Mrs. Dr.! Dickenson. James Thomas and wife, of New ouu York, are spending a few days at pre- 1 their summer home in the village. The remains of Stewart Farrell, nephew of C. H. Clark, were brought from Long Island Friday and. interred in Nbw Concord cemetery. Many people from this vlcinitv attended tbe Hallowe'en carnival Albany Tuesday and report a disgusting evening. The towu of Canaan is putting in a piece of state road near the resi­ dence' of Micbael Tracy. A Hallowe'en party was held at the home of Ethel Lamoree, Tues­ day evening. Twenty-five were present and a most enjoyable even ing was spent Tbe A. O. United with in a social gathering the society room in the new library Prof, and Mrs. Hlllegas enter­ tained the teachers' Hallowe'en evening. It goes without saying that tbe evening was an enjoyable one. L. tbe G. Fake,formerly proprietor of New York Store here, has Business Show at Madison 8quare Garden was won by Paul Munter, I of New York olty. There were nineteen contestants, ten being men and,, nine women. Miss Rose Fritz, of Manhattan, 16 years old. who won two prelurinary trials and seemed to be sure first prize winner, j was second; Miss May Carrington, the blindfolded expert, of Massa­ chusetts, was third, t Munter.io winning the first prize. ATTSrERLITZ. (accepted a position as traveling WR)te 2>099 ^3 , N HALF AN DOUR; salesman for the Ponghkeepsie MJsa ^ 8 ^• AND M|EA Q^,^. Underwear company. j ton 20O4 The C0Qtegt waa w|t _ John Davis, conductor on the nessed by a great crowd, among Hailem railroad, has moved his tnelD being Lyman E. Gage, former family here from Dover and occupies 'Secretary of tbe Treasury. Munter the rooms in John B. Traver'e received $100 as first prize and Miss,'] bouse on Railroad avenue recently Prltz There was no award for vacated by Misa Batbbone. third piize. The water works company are preparing to lay a line of large pips froth toeir Woodbrldge avenue! pumping station to the mains on that avenue, replacing the small pipe which has done service for several years. Large Seating Capacity. The manner in which the seats in the waiitng room ot the Union sta­ tion at Albany were arranged dur­ ing the Hallowe'en carnival met .with sucb approval that they will _.. ^» I be left that way In tbe rutnre. The Miss Florence Jones has returned seats are arranged on tbe north and from Hudson to resume her organ south sides of tbe room, and position in tbe 01. E church, tbe'large open space is left in tbe centre, regular organist of Christ church, J These seats will seat 568 people, which she supplied.having returned ,Tbis is nearly as large as the seat from Europe. Shu will retain her ing capacity of the Grand Central piano pupils in Hudson, going station and the Boston station com there twice a week. j blned. The New York station will - —•-• 'seat 300 people and the station at The chicken pie supper which was« Bo8 , on ^ Tuesday at tne Dnion served in the basement of the St. | ^ Albany hand , ed 7Q00Q James church Thursday for tbe, te „, tbout a e , n , e biKb Ql benefit of the church was tbe most anc „i en t_ largely attended event of its kind ' ever, neld Jo tbe village. Table after table was quickly filled and the man 11 was all that could be desired The amount of tbe net receipts will probably be determined Willard Grant is attending White man's telegraph school in Chatham Mr. and Mrs. A. L. Peterson, of Flushing, L.I., spent a few days in tbis place last week. Wm. Williams, Jr., Is at bis home in this place. F. D. Kenyon, of West Stephen town spent a couple of days recently with relatives in tbis place. Mrs. Susan Harvey is visiting friends in State Line. Mrs. Jane Harvey is in feeble health. Mrs. Frank Warfield and little daughter have returned to their home in Martlndale.. . MrsrScutt who has been spending some time at S. D. Brown's, has returned to her home in Mellenville. The Ladies' Aid Society ot tbe Presbyterian chuicb will meet with Mrs. Horaoe Bailey, Thursday Nov. 9, at 10.30 o'clock. On Tuesday evening, an extra freight train on tbe Rutland rail­ road, met with a mishap one mile north or Bralnard Station. The loc ••motive »nd seven cars left tbe tr-.d., the car* beiug loaded principally with flour paper and Splitting a Ticket* So many inquiries arise among voters as to bow to vote a split to-morrow, ticket, we give the methods below ' > taken from a New York paper. Judge Flannery. of Independence, Kansas, has postponed tbe sentenc­ ing of twenty-one men conv.cled of. violation of tbe liquor law \because the county jail is already full.\ The sentences will be imposed as soon as tbe jail 'sobers up.\ The law provides that to vote a split ticket ar cross may be put in the circle under tbe party emblem and a cross before the name of individual candidate in any other column for whom the elector wishes J to vote in preference to the corre- potatoes A wrecking crew was j 8p0D( i] 0 g candidate in the party column. Thua, a cross in tbe circle under tbe star and one in the space doctor, after a UUVWI, \ '— I —— . discovered, tar from {and passengers transferied. 8prea<J- A wealthy diooer, was . hjtue, nude, on the topjpta New York Central car. Probably had a Welt'b rarebit'dream and started to dodge the Pullman porter; who insisted on brushing him.\ f • If tbe President ot Georgetown University knows of conspiracies among football players, to commit felonous assaults on thelr-iirals/ and' decline ta .exoose the gullti men, it is up to bjrc to Bhow W 'hy lie'la not guilty S3 an accomplice:^ summoned from Rutland and 'arrived on tbe scene about seven o'clock next morning. It required all of that day and until nine o'clock In the evening to get the'cars on • the track again and ta set things jto rights. In the meantime tralas -club j werw run to.eithpi 3lde of the wreck -tb*4 «w -xorl ^iasg ^iMoe^ a^^lonal^hc^ieiip^ ^^r!da?SprInga.- vA\ 160acre;site.^»cft- s #M *in ? {bi |4he - ? tjaicm Printar ^roaft iog of the jails li said to havejbeen tbe cause ofithe accident Tbe CqblesKlii Albany Journal TOrrOTpoudeBt. .save: , **.A _receptlbn was tendered,\ to -the Rev.:. Harry D. Have *3 ^3~Mnc. ;Hayea;at \t.lbw Lutherar ^^'ritb .oage- o'rl^E'rltWy^ evenin^'it^ao^essed oi^w ^ooni*' were givea ^to; the^ ae .Wrvpaitor on; llfrederfck-Lo^Brie^ liehaJf .o^,the\^bn^ine*vmj»p-.of,the before Jerome's name (not In the circle above Jerome's name) will cause the ballot to beicoanted for McCIeilan and 'alt. • the\ regular democratic candidates; except Osborne for w^bbra-Jeromo' has been substituted; by-the^indlyfdual crow in front of his nime^^But it is not necessary to put a-crbwln tbe'clrcle 'under the party em|Jem:yWh>h'ihat Is omitted a. croM^ii^neeeasaty •before- the oat^e^^ie^^iidlyiSliit candidate for wbomth^ec«6r,wl»hes to. yjote. A x^Wiil^Ms^tJa 8CH0DACK LANDING. ~ir^<tr»|«}ianu< J vuriW^jlha^ Lwould'irivaUd^teVti^il^to^ The address of C L.'Boothby, speaker for the anti-saloon league, pleased everybody who heard it About $70 were subscribed for thej work by the people in tbe Reformed church. N. G. Spaulding has disposed of his property at Rensselaer and will reside in Albany. Farmers here have- had another prosperous year. They have made large shipments of apples, bay and straw ithis fall. B. F.- Knickerbocker and wife spent a few days in New Baltimore visiting friends. A mass meeting of tbe citizens of Castleton waa held one night last week to agitate the local option question in this town. The speaker was Rev. Homer W. Tope.D. D: - A eanvass of the town will be made. a L. BaQthbyhas been - engaged to speak on local option in the Reformed church, ftov. S, as many want to hear him again. The eblcken pie supper for the benefit of the church at MuitzeskiU, Wednesday evening of last week was largely attended and a big success financially. Hunting squirrels is a snort in dalged In by sportsmen of thtt place. • k ' . ' Rev. John Alex Brown, of Jersey City, has declined the call tendered him by the Reformed church at Gastleton. - . - f The harvest hcmje.swr^ice'^bi ^Gbe! Reformed church was'^gely at­ tended. The decorations of flowers and fniits were very: j >eBur^rdi «jid;| the offering wa* far<in-eiceaaof that of tot-rear.:-.^%fr • . /ftfft Cbas. R. Reynola^)ud>^|ft^ absent on accouDtntitlwIa ^SMich detained them In Ajba ^aalftrels kept J. L. Bame'.it :':>5 ^ii ^li ^9;'- delightful evening '^ras;^ijjw|i^b^ those presont with sucb^e^lai hos ^t and hostess. A fine col|a.tion].was served and at the midn^iiti ibur. the guests departed carryl^^|pleas- ant remembranoes of the .evening spent \ '3^\'' Quite a number of ourivjilagere attended tbe Hallowe'en '^CMnlval in Albany both Monday ana^TuJss- O. F Burroughs enjoyeq^ithe meeting of the Mystic Sbrlne;](6ii-- day evening in Albany. '\^fsK Cards aie out announcing;?* the marriage of .Timothy BrjokSand Miss Caroline M. Grubb at A^erill Park Tuesday, Oct 31st We^extehd congratulations to our frlenas'Whb ' have blended their lives, may their oup of happiness be filled to over­ flowing. ~^ijt> Ernest Bweet bad the mlsortfuhe CAVAAH 10m COSJTXBI. Mrs. Hine after spending a few days at her home jeturned to^PUta field, where she will remain the greater part of tbe winter. Mr. and' Mrs', W. J. Lord are visitlng'Ft Edward friends. Luther Coons oas opened the store recently vacated by Cbas. Hubbard. Miss Etbel Hopkins is on the sick list Henry Whiting has arrived' from Corry, Pa., with his horse and household effector- Mrr and Mrs. Whiting expect to remain in this locality for tbe present. Ben Cross, son of Harry Cross, of Springfield, has been visiting friends here The Ladles' Aid society are plan- nlng fur n ten cent aupper at the church parlor next Wednesday evening, Hov. 8. The'' entertainment to be given at tbe Congregational church Mon­ day evening, Nov. 6. for the library fund will doubtless draw a crowded house. Edward H. Frye, mono-, logist will give readings and imper­ sonations from \David Harum\ hand Rip Van Winkle. G&EEH BITOR. Miss Eliaxbeth Dunn, of Great Barrington. Mass., spent last week at the home of her parents. Joseph Chalto has moved his household effects from Amos Bills' tenement to Mrs. Peter Donn's cot­ tage. Henry Clow, of Hudson, spent- Sunday with Eber Wilcox. Charles Nelson has completed the wore on the old school house. The blinding is hired for election pur- Commissioner YanDeusen finished tbe last Iron bridge in |this town last' week noar^the residence of Frank Shaw. JElla Bushnel], who has been on th¥.-aldk list is -slowly recovering. to lacerate one of this fingers while at work In the'piano action; factory Tuesday. Orlando Alendorpn Is gaining slowly. .His daughter,Mrs. Edward Menslcg is also very ill with typhoid fever. - •» - Work is progressing on Elrner Shaver's honse now undergoing repairs. - • Mrs. Frank Harrington;- of -Eatt- - Greenbush, was at Chules H. Oal- - kins' Saturday. ' Mrs. Mary J. Rockefeller spent several days with friends, in Albany .this week, taking i n the carnival.- 1 • Edwin Angell. of Cnatbam. spent Tuesday night at hiS-aunt'»,,iMM. Anna L. Build; .. , . Mr Ten BroeckpreacHed his last - sermon on Sunday at Chatham Centre, as a minister from Maine is desirous uf belngtrahsferred to Troy Conference is. to move his family to tbe parsonage and occupy the vacant pulpit the remainder of con­ ference year. Being so rus.ned with orders the piano action operators are kept very iy j busy.-* • Cousins from Cohoes were enter­ tained unday at Lorenzo Flnkle/e. Mrs. Joanna Lape Is enjoying a much needed rest in Brooklyn with Mrs. Grave Lape. John Payne Is unable to work on account of a painful and peculiar sore on his hand. Teachers' meeting with MroMary Boyce on Monday evening. Saturday evening- new-reached this Tillage of the deathipf Hasel, daughter of F. A-*and^L6tta Hueated Danker. She ha* been lU[buVtwo days, an Attack of mernbranous, <a^upptovlngfatal to tbe promising - bud and left the parents and fiieods to mourn for -the sweet young life of a year's existence. -JR.JL_EolIock, wife and maid, are spending much of this weak -in Albany. ~ ^, r . Geo. A. 8eeley an* wife went t » Pittsfield Saturday remuinIng oyer the Sabbath with their -couains. thtf Misses Bllnn. ;, „ir^ Misses Nina Smith and Frances - Van Valkenburgh spent several days at Austin Ackroyd'a'in Albany S drlng carnival season. 1 5F 5 Isaac H. Boyce C0P1XE. indJn«s,gpneito'Sear8dale Is1aaaplbyii ^'.^^B8istan^ datbr^^iio^ltVDd tiiefrJBCaiiowe'eh Oxa nights; tost ^fcl^i/Ate^-^ [•p^rotected. J ^ ! ' .'.The Troy Tlrriea. W;tiUbeck of Nassau/ol iTni ' .The\ Troy Time*,Jaay^S».«!tl»^ Wjilt,beck.pf Sm^W&B&ffi&M cided that John GoldstelniofX)Mtr«f 2

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