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Chatham semi-weekly courier. (Chatham, Col[umbia] Co[unty], N.Y.) 1903-1907, October 25, 1905, Image 2

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2&~ *5 mm Be a Panama Canal In Spite y&s of Opposition. if®' BUST HAVE THE BEST KAVY -—'Fbsns* Kewpcrt, K. I, Oct. 24.—Sensational' -raw Cteasaaa Jerry Simpson at MsBSae expected arrest of Henry A. Jacksaa af TacntnTi, i/wcer of the sJoap Dorado, which wnts eatmued in tbe bay and foand tea or loot. She is sav cafied the pirate sloop and Jackson the pirate skipper. * Abbocgh search has been ***** • -—- -— - *—— bensaoon arsi. «teraow5«e- iI((0 ^ feda6i Htaeoaoafca beanse CaUS8 CoimteSS Was Re- ,kop<*£Ss tea days afio, and since tbea | lie pattest TO kept alive pcinc^paQv cewerj by Czarina. „ ] by a»eer (tm of *m. Death w» r ~ ; ; | eatised IrfJKsnraa of ths-aorta. JXr. ' . Kcmsaa bad been la SI health far made in several dries to Xew Fngland RAILROADS AT STANDSTILL. ***** a year. S3* aacoffcs »£D he eoo- TOT ft'TTt. sacjear has beea obtained. ' ' . catted a specialist at CSueago, who Is is believed, that when persons be- •— 'ptonoaaced tus case hopeSess. Banal SSa to cSaisa articles is the Dorado Rtfslilul cities Tliinteiiiil WlOi » **** P5*<* •* Wichita. The Ua - there win eo&e to fight * startling se- r • - H -_ _ sonic order win hare charge of the ries of thefts from booses and yachts' \~ .TV C^Jl'ZT •tang tee coast from Maryland to ««*«*» Th ** *\««• Bhode IsTsnd. There is, too, a suspi­ cion tfcsf something max give a clew to tbe sbootmg at Mrt Warter C ^for=| rill fn Greenwich. Conn. Chloroform, g?7- -Pleased- <s-«ce «h* C*»il«>— aad AaV -• vis ^ Father* and Mothers to r*T9per> i^Xv^a^Thmxa tn Qrimr t» Keep Up gjg 1 * *»» Stamiani of Our Oiartry—Hi»- «T- I r Pinr en View . 0 All, Oct. MobOe lent Itself to flse reeepUoet ot* FxesSOent p^\3S«^aor*\ Kooserelt fiaztnc stay bi |^;-a^eapttaX Tbere was caoexal 4eesra- ^.^Ifl^bii at aB Cie streets aloBxrQie route aoo-freta tbe -Trfi 'ai stafioa Sir &Lfb£ sooxa oa KenriQ* square, where ii^'-y recepticei ceres»nSes took pJaee. '•gbjs- 'TOe square trben the president ar- eired vnts filled wttb 40^000 cittoras, |*|^ ; 1be area was Trrffltant witb electric g|;.;rySg^tSi wbU* fire oxJcs f orated a cauopj- ^fe;-,sf, : Bteea. ^SJie jaesMent*s seat was en as eie- |^2^»afed dias fa a cbatr vakb -was traiti ^0l ^PT tbe stodeats of a tertwririil acbooi in t^lJ-'iapapaa. Bac& of fbe rtwrlr was an enor- ^vfevjmoos stuffed bear pitfit feet tail, bear- ia its moatb a Sara! &-jf ;k 'beQ SIBI aboxe tts bead a wbfte dore ine Dear was soljed in K timriirig -jaeSitfcjn by bis majesty AJexander LL In 1SS7. aoeoeOlac to tbe in ^^^iiaSgUtex aa a bronze plate, on tbe base ^tJ-jivi'aC tbe tatwutius. and was presented by jg-M^ns a streaioer. oa which was tbe \t.... •*m 0 asx>a fstbe soole order «iB bare cbarse of fCBieral. Strikers Tbat He Worisad Stxtaaai xnur^^h net of pabSe Ufe for sense Hours a Day l a the United Sfcatas and years. Jerry Sanjccn was at one time Ocvotvd aa Hear to ReadiaaV a conspieoons ^sore la tbe. po^oeal worid. - He made a reputation asa wit St. Petersburg, Oct. 2t— It is persist- tali ^ txxeaixx wfiUe dynamite and ntaogrycertn *r*«b^d ^ ^P 0 \^ 1 ^ ^ «^t».^ ^ KOrern- ^ Kansas PopabsU la coaa^s. It tbe Dorado, and it has been ancsested nient crcles Ute at Jutf* thai ibe em- was oarins otte of n& apeeebes {a hi* ttat the sloop may hare Geared in a P 6 ^ appouaed Oonnt Witte pre- early wiapaJgan^d^^^nKcSarK bant robbery in Bridgeport. Conn. j nUer, witt ale portfaBo of tainister of was n»ade tbat be did aot wear «ocks. Sberiaf Anthony hopes t£& owner of finance. All tbe papers this sMcnias Whether this was tree or not finally sirrer marted -Arbacsie\ wffl datm &™ prominence to tbe report. became a national aaesUan. andMttOB ft and that the owner of aoUd silver Cooat Wiue stands bisher la nu that ttme on be was'ksown as -Sock band mirrors marked \E. EL A,\ will csar's favor today than does any otbet less Jerry\ Ktirjptro. caD for ft. Linen maraad -Jnlia M oian in the empire. It is deemed cer-, Mr. Sispsoa was born in the prov- Wood- and \Sirs. H. B. Tool** also has. tsia that ere tang be win be prime mn> lace of Sew BrnnswkS. Martb 31. ISC beenfoaad - ) ister at the head of a responsibte cabi- J when be was a eblM his parents tooted 'to Oneida county. X. and at tbe The sheriff learned that tbe owner of E£l - tbe catboat Jessie. In whleb one of Jackson's supposed associates came to Newport, b C L Barfing* me of tbe Bdsevood Yacht deb of Providence. The czarina's reception of Ooantess > age of fourteen Mr. Simpson went to Witte made a tremendous sensation in sea. During the war he served with a court, where it is regarded as proof ' regiment of Illinois Infantry, bat re- positive that the czar has decided to tired beeaose of nlness and drifted to Anrfwr^ chains and other trapping* confide his fortunes to Wine's hands. Kansas. Here he took np fanning sal were taken from boats of the Edge- wood dab and charts from Henry T. •j? that cinb. p£ •;\. Cxar Alexander to tbe Date of Os* '•..«>*. Oamte rTnfantacda, Date de Bn- 'fuetSo^aaa rAroos Prince dTEbodir\ 'Tbe boose af TSbodie becanza extinct in eisfeties, and tbe eOects In tbe pa>- •* e ti>a P***\* were disposed of by fabric sale. Tbe bear was porchafeJ by HanwH Taylor, tbea Trrtntster of tb^ \\'?5nflea Stares at JIadrid. Oliver J. Semnres. son of Admira' ;tj<_. ^atapbael Srct&es. presented tbe pres hamI-=ome soorenbr badge as th*> of the people of Mobile and pinned \' St.* 1 * bis coat. Vffhf Jodse Alford. chairman af the con> ajittee on arrangements, introdeced the ptesMettt. w6a was briefly and warmer weicomed by Mayor Lyons, who rxxxl Kgb tzibcte to him as a man. state>- Sian and patriot. Greeting ts Coofadaratsa. Pres^ent Kooserelt was cbeered as be arose to speab. He thanked tbe peo­ ple for their magnificent reception an-i spate a special word of giccifng to the OaEifederate veterans, who formed A portkKt of bis escort. He referred to tbe fact 11x3-1 one of his ancles was ia Alabama Oaring the civil war. Tbr last time be came throagh Alabama. aald, be was gains with -his own reg: X to tbe Spanish war. and in th*. Jj^Smect. aexe mare men whose :^ Jtt>e%» ware tbe gray than those nL- the bias. They disp Lived bat t^e tbe Epirtt of seeing who coaul for oar flag. BeffTring to, the 'Panama caniL |^|^'ijresKent saM be did his r«n t • ... its coaopletion for the t*o--. • SYRIANS IN A FIGHT, whole peopCa. bat pardcalanr bEfcefit at fbe gab* states. Onci- -MdtF ^ the Nicaragoa route. • was dcrnocstratBd that tt c. Panacsa canal or nothing be fi tbe Panatsa route, as he wan a c=»ial bailt. Xotwithstan-' 1 of certain people who 1.^- or ccher methods to delav fee construction of the cecal tfce saia they woold be dissp- for there gaing to be a ca ^^^gjJBil Healtb osaditions on the istfcea*. are belter now than ever. saidl W$§&.,\ix we boi!-: she eanaL\ be said, -we Host Rely on Volunteers. pta ert it and poSce tt oacserrea '\ \i^We?. nirast t&ecefore bring op and keec- BW^«^ 1 oornary to tbe highest point of effi la tbe event of war tbe Amen east rely mainTs' npoa ;ts ^^•^pM&fflser salfiaatSi WhCe it is camper ; ia^|ively a simple act to tarn a man m* &in!&&&x^2Sffj se a batitesbip or the crew of z 'MSattlesblp. It is not necessary aat w |i^BSel*-)E*s* a partJealarty large navy Sjpg&iiSt Iti* oeeewary that ship for eh.? it S§iPI*&il»DalS ibe A OtaSe fbe best in tbe work! \ dosed his speech bi ' ^0S^Sefe*fiBg;tabEs pleasare at aeeteg *b« j^^aaSHten, tbe furore citizens of tb! \I&e fathers and mother to It that the child tea ST» trained in arfer to keep »a ofoar cogatey secrefary of the Ato- of KeaKb, boarded tbe spe- ERpsMeot Roosevelt at agsd upon affidavits of Eat? issued a cieaa fee presidential party New York Polic* Appeared mud Rioten Vanished. New York. l)ct- at—WiM eyed Syri­ ans OiCiMi oerceir for a qoarter of an boar is the -o*er west side last tugJt. FrtsiZieU lod rent the air. Ibe ajn light fro>n ULTTUJCU and cafe windows >trjwf.: tfee g}-Ut of steel in 2CO swar- •by hands. 1 .-»er-res from three p precincts wrv- rosbed to lb« bart5e- groscd. bra u=ere was plentj of ' •• •> lor a fi^ht tx-f jre th«j got there. Manv S>r^kiL> «. —• ssah w-Kinds romed op at tiae '.ti^ru street police nation. iiAitj more are Bant ng their woanas in private and awsiring the chance for a rerom rkresi When tbe po'.L-c appeared the fighters m^bed away aa If into tbe air. A mo­ ment before fell of men brandishing daggers ±atl revoiT^rs. the streets san.-ed the qmet serenity of a Philadel­ phia alley For boors tbe blnecoats Rro^ed cp and down Washington street, and the Song n:?ht siicka rwlri«d men aei£giT, but the trouble was not re nes-ed. Onjr hre men e .• iv >t«i np for stabbing Tbe oi_«. > <uj >nigh; bsre bees arrested disappeared The dispc-es end quarrels which 1&1 <t{ to the i-'imaz cjig+it make a lone story A difference Ui religious view* =* at the beg-EDins of It. The thre- -vrsH-'pal figures in the story axe Syrian B-si.-i H»wesrr«ny Editor Najeet. I'.i: 4 the ll.rror of the West and N i w 1 ) ila.'oi- J mfr-.iDi i* 17 Broad *i» The t-abap ±-1 'be \•*.:^r.a.-e •> the as? iL»:»f !« therr oppo- aeut. Ths biihop* .owers d<- « • VrsFwf *J ^ ^e-T^ f r Is a Tr­ ans - »- prospered. JAPS REVIEW NAVY. Tbe coonless is a Jewess of ordinary birth and had never before beea re­ ceived or in any way recognised at e °£L s w ne «« appointed a mini*- *P~*~«» °* «\»—~« ^» W \ C *'~ ter sor>^ teen years ago tbe czar said 1 °* MiK *_\ S3r ' Tokyo. Ocfi 2i.—The naval review Pittsfield Mass. The Art of is one thing. The art of dressing well, yet -^ngmpily; i aiiotherfiipdiffereiii. It is an art that is toigl?|^^MfeaS| made Department and these are cfipHMig^ arc 48 inches long and arc the popular t^t- ; ft&i^S^fe4!3p^«^^Ti arc pleated from the knee down. The price is - \' ; t:^f^f#nf|?^ vi Cheviot Suits ,n bIack 311(1 mv y tight-fitting zf^inch^isSp^^tniT^ - over shoulder and down both back and froht^wth *| stitched strapping. The price is - - - - vlj All Elegant Cheviot Suit J^* * hght-fitting Coat^50 iwSSrm len, 0 lined throughout with pear] gniySatinand J Anathtr Crash After Suictd& a;-t-r IT •^.^ >_-*-^ii i s. rh- ~ -\a-i. -»;\-^ F.n«^p-tw -JL w»* r*>«. '^T_ J ' rf'Zj'e- a 1, -v- *C 1 'j' -sin ts » v>rv-ferret: sso»-s. N'SQ * the Oi-o »' . i \^i±.- has beea so.*} rrri From a Sad an! G>jui Sswbsn-s. Itili.Je ptia. <Vrj 2-t * - t > resi^-artAa from ?>r Mirr.n. '1V«^-v«- of pct»K«- beahh. was aE~n»L and Mayor Weaver toW the direi—that was at first iachc«»d to thrr» t a >>t The letter w»> as follows -jvioe . in October, beytinmsr of the XX r i rnry. I»ear Chief—This Is my nesJgM rion. Times are too etrenoocs for r T simple peasant so at ThijJ from th? szJ and sawtvjnes.\ to hira .gnlficantiy. \Remember that yon are net married.** Tbe fixing of bis wife'- status as a member of coort ful­ fills one of the greatest ambitions of Wine's life and is counted a signal per­ sonal triaci ph for htm. Y/rtte Is a Liberal. Since his return from tbe United States W .tte has boldly ranged himself on the *Mie of the Liberals and has not only advocated full freedom of speech of the press and of assembly, bat has urged that the powers of the dooms (national assemblyi be enlarged and la­ bor and etluraQoa be mare largely rep­ resented in it- was a most impressive sight, as an im •sense aggregation af fighting craft fresh from the war and crowned Vith victories of unprecedented magnitude assembled. Three hundred and eight warships, mdoding ihe former Btzssian battle­ ships Peresviet (renamed by the Japa­ nese the Sagtrili. Poltava (Tango) and Xlcola I rlkti. the ironclads General Admiral Apraxine (Okinoshima> and Admiral Seniarin (Mlnoshima), tweive auxiliary cruisers. Including three cap rored resaets. nrenty-eight torpedo i , . r C, „ J boat destroyers, including the captnrfiaj }OX(X) S1Z6 tOr $3 0 0. „ „ , , _ ^ I Bedovl and Byeshiteini; seventy-seven Si. Petersburg is cat off from com- ( toipedoboats ^ flve st^binarine boats. mnnicatioD trith Moscow, and railroad- I were drawn op In six lines. tog in Kussta is today practically at a ^ eameror. oa board tbe armored standsdlL Only one international road ciulsei Asama. led by jthe protected is In operation, the line between Berlin _ , , and this iity. via Eydtkohnen. j ^T^J^^f \^^^JZ Moscow. St. Petersburg and tbe oth- I ****** Tatrora, Odaaya od Jto er large cities in Bnssla are threatened f? 0 - pas *^ Admbal with a famine in food products- MUk. j T °F « tte J B,pe ^ S ^ . barter, eggs and ail sorts of produce ^ ^>^^ ^ are higher in these dries than for | J^ese. who recalled that only forty many years. Since yesterday the prices ' \^P 5 ** sinf « at **** v \? of pro.ioce bare nearly donbied in Mos- 1 SJWt 00 wajrsti I >s ex ^ 1 ,boie <* for ' cow and St fetersborg. I ei » Q Powers had erer floated. A new feature in the scarcity of the i t ' neeestortes of life showed itself when Cuba * **'S>*» to Make Treaty, tbe railway emplovees at Kharkov, tbe I Wah:c; ? >a - °^ 24 -~ u 13 reiterated on the highest authority that, although the Skirt pleated from the knee down. The price of this Sditis: ; - - Skirts of Ladies' Qoth, Cheviot; bra tine and black, made with clusters pleats - - - J( Flannelette W.\appe?s in ail colors, sizes - - ^- JI Suits in Cheviots, black and navy, also grev mixtures; hip length coats, lined throughout, skirt full pleated - $15.00 Tan Covert Coat: loose ,-4 length, pleated back and double-breasted front, $7.59 Skirts of Light Gray and Dark Mixture Cloth, overlap seams and kilted, $2,f8. Values in Washable Bath R These, wirji' a place in every hoi Special, Sarabend Rugs in rich two tone effects of blue, red and green; some with narrow oriental borders 'are remarkable at the prices they are mar; in almost perfect imitation of the Oriental now . Especially Bath Room Rugs Hand Woven article. 4 entireJ su ^ e ^ ^ Tow ^ We have sold these m 56x72 size for $5.00. now They equally becomingly fill a place We mark them ^ chainber or nursery- $3.75 We mark them - $2.50 most un(>ortant railroad center in the south, attndoned their work. As this road Is depended on to bring in coal supplies, a fuel famine will be felt in St. Peier*borz and Moscow Demands of t*M Strikers. Tbe sinket-. <i«--l»re that their move men: ha* for its ,ob>ect tbe compelling convinced that the proposed Anglo- Cuban treaty is distinctly Injurious to Cuba's interests, the Washington gov­ ernment ha= never, indirectly or d ! rectly. qne«tioned Cnha's full right t> nejr^fiate sc-h a treaty with Great Britain'or w th any other foreign na­ tion. When asked by «*uba for an expression of opinion res-trding the now Oil Cloths and Linoleums New pattern^ of the opening season of Wild's, Potter's and Nairn's products. Every piece of these goods advertised here is strictly first grade, and when special prices are quoted they result from Special Purchases Made Under Specially Favorable Conditions. OIL CLOTHS, 19c and 25c Square Yard. LINOLEUMS, 35c and 48c Square Yard. These are the Best Quality of Potter's and Wild's Cork Linoleum^- - f Oil Cloth Stone Mats; in a good vari­ ety of artistically practical patterns. 1 1 -4 yard Square of the »n]{<eror to grant universal suf­ frage and ...mplete pofttfcal freedom propo^~n^V oi\wa^g7oo\ gov\ for all his subverts. Mechanics of ail pm^, pointed oat that it would pre kinds are p-vparing to go oa strike in ^ade tbs country from giving Cobs support -I <h.~- already out. It is be | turti^r commercial concessions. lieved thai a gwaeral strike of all work- I me= in KO-<L: wOl take place just be 1 f<*->> t^e »;a>^. T^g of tbe national assem- I biy i Tbe •i.-u.i^is of the strikers include tbe era-j-'-z »f universal suffrage, po- '• btJral lre~*i*za. iiicssty. tbe right to ' ocaan.r.- - r a working day of , etgbl b->ar* fr»-^ ««-bools for the chil­ dren of ti*- eQ|>K>yees. tbe aboBtioa of isartiai UT the iboJisbment of gend- j Green Most Stand TnaL WasnUigt JU. < ct - «jeorge B. Green of Bmghamton. N. Y_, a former state senator, will hare to come to Washington to stand trial for alleged conspiracy w:t& George Beavers to d e fraod the gore,-nment on contracts for time recoruers in tbe postoffice depart meat. His appeal to tbe supreme court of tbe CniteJ States was unsuccessful artnes on tbe railroad and tbe doing j At ^ ume of the alleged conspiracy away w,fb capital panebment. I ^ superaiendent of the dl PrmreHilk^ mnuster of \tbaads Tfeira g^;^ acd allowances in the ss EftEr *9 hjs p>=rs»jaal mmseoee with postolSce deparOnen. George Meredith Injured. London. Oct. 24.—Geos»r Meredith, the nnvel'st. wiSle leaving his ressdsice at Boxhiit, Sarrej. for a walk slipped and feB and broke one of tbe banes^ of his left leg. The accident is causing concern to his friends owing to bis ad­ vanced age Re is seTeaty-*even years beipfol and tzrtfnl American woesan oJd Tbe Co«-T«r= say Mr Meredith ts who wa* bora May Besle of Wasbmg- ^ne-ssln: saurf-»«-to—.rj-. bat that a ton. has been .tiT->'^r^! Beta's Crs» s rise tBB'ft elapse before he ts abte minister to Japan after tfie tbe ZEAXL. bet w th>xr; any result. Yes- terdaf be f^wai two boors radeavorimj to pr-is*.'- the engmeers to take out tbec USE*, but be only succeeded in ser^iTsa ooc man. with whose assist- »&<» mlofc^er drove tbe engfrte of, a m_i '-.KT, to Ttmn. j Is r»wrti t r a deputarioa of SIIJLBS ^ ^ . . . . rbe pr*~ «>i that whae in tbeTuited \ i!. 3 ^\ Szates be worked »rteen boors a day j to inreaiae h» wages, and it was pas- j .. - . ^ - , KbSe to c>r^ at text one boar to! ?f. akin « 01 °* Kacs \ M 5 Bal reading and to other means of iicprore- meat. George Bskhmeaeff. basband of the . cleared np tomorrow. ! Insurance Men Will Explain. ' Chicago. Oct. 24.—G<£csxv> u. iue lib oots Life Insora^ce company who bare been calaed ujxm by the state Insurance • depaitracat to explain a transaction n> ! vorring the alleged payment of some a time I when a aseasore was pending before I tbe Kansas legbttamre proxidiBg for t Life insurance company by the ITTbtain coneesn say tbe entire affair will be Ion: to leave bis bjese. Philadelphia's Basrhan Ccsebratioa. Ta Ornde iKe Lakes. Ottawa. Oct. 24.—Tbe intemarioaal • aa'tei »JJS commissioa wQl interest j itself in tbe late fisbesjea. A proposl- I Hon bas fatste taa tbe American ssde-] San Spots of Great Sb*. J pniladeiiAjt. Oct. Tbe PbQade»- aBt ^ commisssotr see if, tbe tatersa- Saa Jose. CaL. Oct. 24.-Tbe Rev. Fa-'pjiia Ameriran leagne baseball dab. aabaaal boendary could be defined by-H; ther Joseph RJciard. S. J_ a Sanca which this year for tbe secosd tnae m baoys ta the ceabar of the bites, and Clara college sstronoroer. has annoaa?- ' fast years woo tbe champkE»hip. m tbe Cartaflaa vmrffit^saohrTS bare ed tbe result of bis observations of a ixst mght hoaored by a pabSc eelehra- sgxeed. •• If ioie' fl&e can be bmoyed it grocp of son spots. Professor Bickmd rjoo. A street parade, estraosdmary sate picas of bjanraqee bapossi- catentates the Iens£b af fie entire tn cbaracter and elaborate ta dfeplay.' \ ^ ! groop a t 1-W.145 miles, with a width of formed a deojoasxratiaa aadqae in the I U5£32 mile=L He armotmces increased city's baseball history. • - - I ta tbe twa new spab, wul exceed in — .ay. JCHW ' hie for poadera. ^^^^^^pany^ be^ ( obserred. Stevens WEI Siidk twCsnaL 5 ash> to Hear. , .pBj-reaoesl of Ecn- tejored eat iTsIliseaW peror WilQai^^fiiMtectnre to be de jrasbingtoa, Oct. 3L—Durmg tbe Bvered .by^ProTessor Francis Green* fwefnmocitbs ended 3aaeS0.33Oai.9SS ^ooi X*Mi^#{Ba&*xa at tbe roi- • kJDed-aad a3^e3/ialarea v>rrfrr rf' Ber^obder tfee espgror> paaamaV -Ocs. S^Ui'S^mt patSst- .si tJ^yfeaialCK^aTiAliti mit^a^O^td ta ^^m^f ^j^^se* if. •rii^taaaS. and' it -is- ectty nuaare3 in a ^recnsaVaoce that Itrab^'acoirCaig |»J&jn^Rw^yfi|fir^. }W[k L%.i!iC.t?tJ.l T i^SSii*** __ - - --^-w^-^-^r.i. ( ^^ftiaeBgr - -cipw.^d^aaa-yie^epa^^ ' ' ^'\•\ fences to two a=d a baUyeara IniaHJ- jtedsred m a slbtte sl^e. 1 1-2 yard-Square 3 yards Square 50c 75c They wash perfectly, as perfectly \i a Turkish Towel, in fact, and in their c! M colorings, red and white, blue and wh|| pink and white, and green; and wK^ you'll find some suitable to any en\ ment They axe guaranteed to yon to be from 1-4 to 1-3 less than usual price. WASHABLE BATJiJ^GS=s£lud white, green and white, red] and] wl| i8x26^inch, 4tc 24X4&-inch, 24X72 -inch, . $1.25 3ox6o-inch, Jj $1.25: 5 6x36-inch, gg ^f 8c 36^72-inch, J| Four Special Mentions from the Drapery Departmedt TAPESTRY PORTIERES; in two-tone and t\vo$ effects, with heavy fringe on throwover 50 inches w| this width is by actual measurement, 3 yards wide, unusual value for - - . PAIR,! BAGDAD COUCH COVERS-Heavy fringe all n 50 inches wide, 3 yards long. These are as adap for portiere useas for couch coveisr Specel, Each,}| RUFFLED BOBBINET CURTAINS-Retiaissaii Lace Insertloh and Edge. Full length, full m Special, PAIR - - . 1 NOTTINGHAM CURTAINS—Irish Point, Ri sance and Cluny reproductions. - Special PAlRf THE KEHHEDY-rnaclHNES 60. STI If your Clothes come from us they'll be right Do JOB wear dotbes that look as if they belonged to yoo? It iak«« skillfal cnttiog and tailorixig to malra tb^rAlook that way. . . - Our gujeuaifim made bj Buiriett-Carhart are taOored .with,! so mticlt -^atiftd aldll that they adapt thenselTes to the ^ figrtre Wwti'ffDMe^'aad ease that at ouee ittdieates ~lsufc?-ifla»<&'t&£ A TlsB.jBss».6ir-ybaBg man. who comes to tn ki/M^^i^ikOWi U« th.» WwO doMb't. . ' ^^T &J ^a ^WAlerls^nwstr^^

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