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Chatham semi-weekly courier. (Chatham, Col[umbia] Co[unty], N.Y.) 1903-1907, September 02, 1905, Image 1

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• ^THilfc^f:, SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 2,1905. No. 44. BABY „ SHOW JS&wards in Jfearly All De- -pa^tm^nts ^mrAccardattce Given Below With The > •. Cour icr's Well-Known to Giire the News News. was \a dla- - to thousands of fair .jjffi*'^ th(» second day 1 B con one/ of the big days of the |^0fofbam. fair. And aa It did not clear until after early trains had t,'departed for Chatham on Thursday '^..morning, the thousands who usually -Sf^tpll In fay train did not arrlyjt_The T-he-Race Track, Chatham Fair. Doring's Band Leading Floral Parade, Chatham Fair. \Praise In price, also had a tendency to lessen the attendance very materi- t , ally and the usual floral parade day ;: crowds were wanting. iliJgCh* gate and grand stand receipts - fbf tile first four days areas follows: \PJra^jday $148.80. Second day. Third, floral parade day, Fourth day, (yesterday) $258.70. ti/ek&s. --»7B9.i5. The floral Parafc,- ~\f- tain of the early morning Thursday had a dampening effect on starting the parade promptly, -Furthermore as the line wan form* \** ingbn fiushnell a/very unfortunate' ^iaocldent ocourred In ;the burning up of one of the finest floats, \Gates' ' Ajar\ arianged by Mrs.' John McGinnis of Gherit whose skill along ° this line has been BO efficiently - shown. Someone leading a. horse behind this ill fated float was amok . lng a cigarette and in some manner a spark flew and ignited the delicate tinsel and in a moment the work of weeks was a complete ruin. The parade was smaller than In years • gone |;by- yet the quality in nearly all Instances was exceptionally 6ne. . :. Edith Turner, of Ghent, and Ella Howe, of Mellenville, who were dressed in white and tinsel, repre- . sentatives of'little ansels at the • JV'Gatea Ajar\ had a narrow escape >: 6oui the v burning float The for- ^rnerorbad her curls singed and had'j .she been standing up her lnflam- - mable attire would have undoubted­ ly, enveloped\her in flames.\ Before. . ^,jthe teama eoa *M ?»-*^^-1 !i Jgi^^^ tail .\of one of the horses which \ ~\ .'belonged to President McClellan, tlwas^on fire. Mrs- McGinnis had- •><c1 .entered the float at Nassau fair and ^although she and her daughters fluid worked until 8 o'clock-Thursday Jjmorhing on ~fhe paper decorations '^!&e£~;wip at once go ,to workpn; 4#*£4ad 'y \for which showed much painstaking labor and wall represented the re­ spective organizations. The first prize was awarded the Protected Home Circle No. 526 and Modern Woodmen second. FARM FLOATS. The handiwork of E. D. O. Tracy and Reuben Moore may always oe found, in this class. The Tracy float With its bountiful and pleasing array of farm produce was awarded'! first prize while Mr. Moore who always has something BPW and striking, present some \Chatham Products,\ evidently not all farm grown, in a big rigging full of bright and happy youngsters and received tne^eecotuL prize.. - = . BICYCLE RIDERS. The class for bicycle ridel's bad 10 entries as follows: Wallace DaP row, Chatham: Mrs. J* Boyle/ Miss Bosie Nessel. Albany; Miss Mabel Chase, Jack and George McMillan, Spencertowh; Joanna Wood,, Alicia dark; third, Mrs Buckley, fourth, Mrs. Wilder. Single teams with other decora­ tions were offered for Inspection by Mrs. John McGinnis, Ghent; J. W. Palmer, East Chatham ; Mrs. Clap­ per, Spenoertown; Miss Laura McClellan and Mrs. Matthew Coon, Chatham. There was a spirited strife for the premiums here and the judges were in a quandry when, Oueonta, pony four-in-hand. It came to making their decisions. The trimming indicated most ecxei- lent taste and much time and care in preparation en the part of those who arranged the conceits. The ribbons were placed as follows: First, Miss McClellan; second, Mrs-McGinnls .third, Mrs. M.Coon; fourth, J. W. Palmer. HORBEBAOK RIDERS. Chatham Centre; Myron l 7\ \I!! * B «° Bnm » w , Chatham; E. H. Bink, gentlemen horseback riders, Sher-' man Haigbt of New Lebanon Centre; J. Clapper, B.pencertown; Dwlgnt dark, Chatham. All were, tastily Frank Harder of Ghent had a pre­ sentation of a yacht which he- christened the \Columbia.\ Mrs. Robert Nichols of Chatham, also had a decorated cart, Charles Tracy, of Chatham, a decorated potato sprayer and Mis. Clinton Miller of Ghent a decorated bay tedder Wal­ ter Miller of Cuatham, a decorated wheelbarrow, M. J. Keenan, IC The Baby Show. Mrs. Henry C Lay of Newark, N. J. was judge at the baby show. The eutries for handsomest baby uuder two years of aj?e were Winl fred Sageudorph, Ghent; Harriet How «Td, Chatham Ceutre; ClematisJ M Edwards, Chatham; Eleanor B. 1 Owen, Hillsdale; Clifford LaGrange, ~ • • ' H Clark, Chatham; Franola M. Angell, Ghent; W O. Bllven, North Chatham; Ruth W Nesblt, Pontoosuc, Mass; Harvey * • ' . »i — '-\T7 .I ^\uittj wanLuout . nolo, UWLll, n , a _ . FiedFJnk.Chathhm. The*, tibns .Were simitar to those in for; met .years,, some, of. tnem being remarkably pretty and .showing much ' tlme-and labor spent in.-their (^preparation. Lady rider, Mrs. Bo vie 1st; girl .RosieNessel.Albanyj 1st; Alida Kerner 2d; Mabel-Chase 3d; Joanna Wood 4tK Boys, \Wal­ lace Darrow 1st; Fred Fink 2d; McMillan 3d; Geo. McMillan Gentlemen, H. Behringer 1st. DOtTBLE TEAMS. \ the division for double teams natural flowers decorations! J. J. l>unn of Green feiver, Frank J, Allen, of Chatham. Mrs. Ada Schrader of Spenderto.wn, Mrs. N. L. Haner, Chatham, and Paul Oumrainga of East Chatham, participated. All these—conceits were very attractive and were favor­ ably commented upon. The usual mode of deteoratlng JaOK 4th. In with Mrs. Mrs. 'ground work, to which the decora' tions were attached in different ways, harness wound and in some Instances decorated. - The occupants of the wagon were appropriately attired for the occasion and the general effect was a most pleasing one The ribbons placed as follows First, Mrs/ -J Mrs.. Haner; third, Mrs, M ^K° I f^» P -* * . . .. T. i , i In twine. James and Helen WU- • The lady horsebeaok rider division t u ama 0 ^ alsd. had' but one, entry Bosa.N Pef^i ofiOffatham Centre. She was awarded first prize. In the pony or donkey division, J. M. Van Al8tyne. of Stuyvesant Falls, .entered a donkey which drew a decorated dog cart in which some children were seated. Miss Marion McFarlacd of Now Concord drove a cute pony which drew a small prettily decorated basket cart. The pony got the! blue first prize ribbon and the donkey the red Mrs. Clark, of Albany won first prize for decorated baby carriage and Ellsworh Bink, Chatham, 2d. Chariots were entered by Mts, Robert Nichols, who had two, and by Mrs. Clark Nichols, both of bad been fol-{cb*tham. r AU were handsomely i «d ==a «d=^welt^!COiieeivedr \Tu the.smaller.of Mrs. Robert Nichols' chariots rode her little daughter. < • TanderrVxiga prepared by Arthur W. 'SIbore of Mellenville and Mrs. Wjiliamr Bain, of Nurth Chatham, were -.in» competition. They were attractively gotten' up and/formed a-pleasing feature of the'parade. J- • Dunn; secondd The\ first ;;ipttee was given to Mrs. third, Mrs. Allen7'TSiIlnartheBeoond to Mr. Moore. v>^abbther' -and have- floi.1 p^e^-W^ ^ Mw.Scbn«l«. • . • I \Tb$wrw *B ^l80 i - road' otTschool %\o¥hom ; the dlfllA ^- °- Becker, of Austerlllzi' ^T^ffi-S &Mjfa* yeht<&, A, .<Batrx-..yu.^-:.» .Ti.... -. .*» foi* H nn MB tnAmn with other decora—jprlzei : was \awarded. pMri ?dBdward.White and Miss LIziie-f r «? ouW f te*ms witt othe^^™ „ »y.1- ., •: jWrf<it 'rca«M ^-\dlviaidns^somerexoellent <fei otner teami 9j^E/»iRBpiAL LIST, c^orative^. ^T^^^,y B . ^ a - j,,^ JEhe m*n^^. ^^ a ^Bli^S^as one of the Chatham Center, were pwarded a first prize without compe tition.' The Owen ohild was also entered as the smallest baby, but it had no competitor Fruit Awards. Irvjng Pulver, Hudson, first on collection of apples; Cranberry Pip­ pin, English Russett, Lady, Collec­ tion of Pears; Lawrence also two seconds. Mrs. Geo. Smith, Rossmans, first on Baldwin, Duchess of Oldenburg, Spitzeoburg, Gloria Mundi, Hol­ land rippln, Hubbardson, Jonathan, Newtown Pippin, Northern 8py, Pound Sweet, Bed Astraohan, K. I. Greening, fiichard'a Graft. Seek' No-Further, 20 Oz^. _ Vandeveer Wealthy, Bosc Pear, Clapp 'B Favor­ ite, DuohPss Louise Bonne, fall varieties pear, Abundance Plum, Reas's Monmoutn Quince also nine seconds. Mrs. Clinton G. Miller. Ghent, first onJ3ellefiower, also one second. Ft H. Snyder. Ghent, first on Fallawater Gilliflower, Alexander, Coe's Golden Plum, Green Gage, Crawford'* tarly Peach, Crosb/, also four seconds. ^ Mra P. fiougbtaling, Hudson, first _on__Fall Plpnin,_Tpj»pkins,] Countv King. Diel Pear, Howell, Sheldon, also two seconds. Alex Sitser, Valatie, first -6U Fameuse' apple, r Wagoner;%Kleffer^ Bear.:. JMeech's Prbllflo, .jQul'ncej 1 Moyer Grape, also two si^ffdfc^ *' • La'ffrenc'eBoland, Ohath ^BihtiS first xmj Golden Rasjwtt^appttjl Orange Quince, also/ifm^e^n ^iKl^ 1 ^.IOM.^L , Don, mmtWi% geau pear, Flemish Beauty, Sickel, Crawford's late peach, Salway 8tecens, Rareripe; arso seven seconds. H. ssteuerwald, Chatham, first on Tall man Sweet, also three seconds. Robert Niobols, Spencertown, first on Yellow Transparent apple. Mrs. G. W. Loomis, Ghent, first on anjou pear, also one second. Beuben Moore, Chatham, first on BarUett pear, Virgalleu also one second.. Mrs. E. 8. Skinkle, Chatham, first on Buffln pear, Reine Claude plum. Mrs. W. B. Howe, Valatie, first on Blue Gage plum. W. P. Pratt, Chatham, first on Bradshaw plum, Quackenboss, col­ lection peaches, Elberta, Mountain Rose, also three seconds. Mrs. .T. T. Waltermire, Chatham, first on Burbank plum. J. EL Sbult, Ghent, first on Dam­ son plum, German Prune. Mrs. Eugene Martin, Ghent, first oo I/jmbjM^ Pluns»-ais* one. second. Franji Floyd, Old Chatham, first on Moore'sEarlygrape.Pocklington, Worden also one second. Farm Produce. T. G. Haviland, Tiasboke, firsts on jar and prints dairy Mrs. N. r.. butter. Mrs. J. H. Ostrander, Chatham, first on 3 cheeses. Alex Sitcer, Valatie, firsts on,red winter wheat, corn, corn ears, corn yellow dent, early sweet cprn, collection vegetables, Ohtti,Turban, Boston Marrow, Fordhook, Essex, Hybrid, Hubbard, Marolebead, Orookneck, also on any other variety squash, collection melons, water melons, citrons, cheese pumpkins, cuoumbers, collection beets, table beets, parsnips, radishes, salsify, red onions and white onions. Also 8 seconds. F. H. Anderson, HoIlowvHle, firsts on white winter wheat, pop corn, largest squash, also 11 seconds. F. N. Terpening, West Oneonta, firsts on spring wheat, oats, buck­ wheat, barley, millet seed, field peas, beans, snowflake potatoes, collection squashes also 8.seconds. W. B» Shufelt, Niverville, first on spring rye, large peas and kid­ ney beans, Be&uty.bf Hebron, Early Sunrise, alao 7 seconds. . W. W. ttoWes, Chatham, firsts on winter rye,, barley, timothy seed. O. P. Puiver, Ghent, first on (Japanese buckwheat Reuben Moore, Chatham, first on 8 row yellow.com. • • Geo. T. P.ul.ver. Hudson, R. F. first on ia row yellow «orn. Lawrence fibland,Chatham Centre, first on collection torn, late sweet corn, aalo special, also five seconds, fjfrs. Wm. *£aln, No; OtathaiiiVj firsto&;exKibiJiph garden seed's^ A .lr: if-Jfjl. 'Fettrsoia, 'Spencertow'nfirlriit' Clark ^s N6Wl i\\ Jeatly Ohlo,^B«rly Fe^bl^^iyt^^Fr^mmv won 15 firsts and 16 seconds. Mrs. J. H. Ostrander v Cnatbam, first on largest and most tastefully arranged mosses, Mrs. A. Sitcer, Valatie, C firsts and 6 seconds. Mrs. N. L. Haner, Chatham, 7 firsts and i seconds. Mrs. J Wesley Jones 3 firsts and 2 seconds. Mrs. E. Sklnkle, Chatham, one 1st and one 2d. Mrs. P Hotallng, Hudson, in firsts and 12 seconds. Mrs. Clark Nichols, Chatham, 3 firsts and one second William Howard, Cfcatbatn, first on pot caoti. Mrs. fl. B. Akin, Chatham, first on oleander. Mrs. Isaac E. Bain, Chatham, 1st and 2d on Exotic Fern. H. I. Skinkle, Chatham, 1st on coleus, 2d on native ferns. F. M. Niver, Ghent, 3 firsts. Mrs. Helen McGinnis, Ghent, 1st cn Asparagus. Annie Sagendorph, Ghent, 16 firsts and 5 seconds. Mrs. J. W. Darrow, Chatham, 1st on rustic banging basket and plants; two seconds on other exhibits. Mrs. T. G. Havlland, Tiashoke, N T., 9 firsts and 3 seconds. Mrs. ,T. F. Van Alstyne, Niver­ ville, first on exhibit sweet peas also two seconds. Mrs. 0. M. Kane, Chatham, first on marlgoldB. Mrs. 8. W. Tyler, Chatham, two firsts and one second. F. H. Anderson, Hollowville, one first, one second. W. P. Maaten, Pleasant Valley, first on exhibit lilies,also on second. Mrs. Eugene Martin, Ghent, 1st on center piece also 2 seconds. Edna Ten Broeck, Chatham, 1st on coileclon leaves. Mrs. Matthew Goon, Chatham, first on miniature landscape. Mrs. 0. E. Staats. Chatham, 1st on aquarium. Cattle Awards, Oottrell Bros., Hooslck Falls, won six lets on registered Short Home and 3 seconds^ N. B Turner, , Housatonlc, Mass, 3 firsts and 5 seconds. Wallace Ashley, Chatham, first on 3 -year-old registered Jersey heifer. N. B. Turner won all firsts on registered Devons and registered Holsteins. Senator Henry S. Ambler, Cnat- nam, all firsts and seconds on regis­ tered Kerry s. J. A. Jackson and Son, Mineral Springs, N.Y., all firsts andseoonds on registered Galloways. M. 8. Myers, Barnersville, N. 1., 8 firsts and 3 seconds on registered Red Polled. A. D. Arnold, Paw­ ling, N.Y., 6 firsts and one second. J. A. Jackson and Son, all firsts and seconds on registered Aberdeen Angus, B. H. Sheldon, West Oneonta, N. T., specials on Polled Jerseys. Wallace Ashley specials an High­ land cattle. F. N. Terpening, West Oneonta, all firsts and seconds on Dexter Kerry special. GRADES. Isaac Clark, Chatham, first on 6 grade milch cows; David Vosburgh Ghent, second. J. J. Van Deusen. Chatham, first on 3 year milch cow; N. B. Turner second; Isaac Clark third; Cottrell Bros, fourth. N. B. Turner, lBt-Dn2 ^earherrerr D. O. Van Slyke, 1st on l -year heifer; Cottrell Bros. 2d. Van--Slyke .1st on heifer calf; Turner 3d* E, B.- Peterson, Spencertown, 1st on five Grade Jersey cows; 1st on - Spyear heifer. .' il. B. Turner.lst on S-yearJerfleyj milc^ coWjJ. J. Van. Deusen 3d; * Reuben Moore, Chatham Sdj H.' : Ii' Skinkle, Chatham 4th. Turh«^>d: .pi* year heifer. \ - — k^a ^^shi^las^b^iifc;^^

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