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h^^^^^3^^faxstiaaisia XND BATORD-CYS AT CHATHAM, N. Y. ?.?#-r->..- ••—_ . _•_____ . ... . . _ _____ E^g^j^^^ww^^pitt^ $1.50 A YEAH; 6 ir^76 ore; 3 sros., 40 OTSU „ Y. WBDgESEtAY, JULY 19, roofr^ ~ Rf ^$l »5?ii iBv^s^^iflog_fever r after, till? >1 May the. top :_l^ v /-V^V,_V™ „ii - W.I ~11 i_«.»T_.».' . » . ^;^^a#er^waa::.no. joke, He.may aeo ^^^^etfi^i^nnjpix>at it. however. ^^•^|^#»n«y Jerome speaks S &ii ^^dl'^kha^'&mn'iktlift nnfnnno •*» Will ^^^O ^toe^^prthe octopus.' liltm^^ 01 octopi Will adly ex- s -what biped 01 octopus has w ,,J_^f§li'Amaible'cpmpsny bos been incor- ^_f^'ol»ted;ii__t\diiatham. As there is no S^^fliarB^e^qany there,. perhaps the % : ^^ewcozapany is going to bring out Sl^hew^faliBy\ game. , — The Courier savs if ^fei|S^|wJUiVprint, the weather reports ^l^^?^eifit^era'will appreciate It We fesS^wW do BO* nut we hope' they will not viws^^w- ______ jegponajue tor ^S^ffc' T *0u'ld- be hard to think of a ^^^M^g^kteii \.marine attraction than rallMfe^fe. 0 W^\ 0 ^ 9 flagship in American ^^^^ratet9, c New .York will be lucky If ^^^^slie ;gets this attraction for her 1907 * 5 ^^9^^ t ^tt°*' 8*7* Boston Herald. thousand incandescent j-.^'igfits arete be placed in the dome mas***.^..--- - . WaBh i n gton. It convenient to when \graft\ being Investi­ gated. . • l^ji'How many can name the author Ms^^^w^.the- onoe popular war song ^^^^jaCehtlngon-the Old.OampGro.und ?'' ^^^^ffalter Klttredge was the man -and JSgf$8%1»i8 death was announced last week, Watiteed's Ferry^N. H. £xp>\*_ ' . >_—__«. m^Lt- ih. remarked that the trees ^^^Je^^t^ s on_e_slde of the Grant [^§^tpmb..iii .New York by Li Hung ^|Gban^ have been so injured ^TOiayenlf hunters that tbeir growth ^iS^l^^flsly^etarded. The trees ^^wMch.-^B'elcu-Grant planted when in J^J_jofifo» Japan, were not only at once J|g!pj^tgii>ted J by a railing, but were ^frgffi^^'y.g\\^^ h Y soldiers. BUSINESS _^pjf.e^TION E^entltesalts Sham in tfie New Depirtmcntat (3utham High .._.5chool. < ^p<«ttto Scented for Gradtatestn The comtn the Chatham ized three student of f was organ' While no Bfore been able to OHbfcofco'Soiofcoioyo*^^ 5 IOMOM0X jJbtoy^Jnly ia.~TTirU cation* for Albuiy «nd Tfcinlfr, f*lr,jocL contlnosJ mm tonight. Sot so fill to ifte_m6onor r bjNilglit- Wuhlngtpn f J«ly 18.—.ftorciiteraNcw York, ftjr AVcgiics3«T «nd T&nrwtaj-; -continued high temperatures; il^htWrc^EMrtlrfreat winds. For western TSTow *fuik,' ttl? mi arattaned wJ-xm.WedmwUy MdThnredaji light atratkmst •lowest wind*. Boy Simmons' •- is Alba.n7.pn a vacatlolj. .home from Miss Erma Pa^e/of Schenectady, was home over-Sunday. Fred Neville, of Jersey City, was at his home here oyer 8unday. _ John J. Gallup, of Albany, has beenvlaitlng at Postmatf&rDrumm's Miss Minerva Powers, selaer, is a guest at Power's. of jJena- Matthew J. B. Walton has been spending a few days as the guest of MB sister in Brooklyn. Mr. and Mia 8. H. Matbison are to spend next week with relatives fin Rochester. complete In regular order the four gears' of work required for gradu­ ation yet several have taken all or nearly all of the commercial sub­ jects and prepared themselves for positions. Among these are six students wno graduated from other 1 courses in this and other' high schools and who have taken a year's course in the advanced commercial work. This corresponds very nearly to the complete shorthand and book- keeping courses In thp average business college, and of the six who have taken this work four have good positions and one other was offered .two good positions but refused to take either. I The department attempts to find employment for all worthy graduates and in the three years about thirteen hundred letters have been sent to employers in New York, Massachu­ setts, Connecticut, Vermont and Kew Hampshire. These have re­ sulted in calls for twice the num­ ber of competent students the school has- been able to supply. At the present time there is a call for a. _ . „„ - „ . e , • ... . I Mr. and Mrs. James Cook are r°^ f0 ll^?t!/^U^ing a week in New York city Miss Marlon Souler-of Ptttsfleld, Mass., la a guest of Miss Edith M. D arrow. a?h**ew\weeksroldchUd otMr. and Mrs. Glover, who reside on the Spring 'street outskirts of the vill­ age, died, yesterday. - - '- ^ TBx$, Smith, of Bidgewav, Mich., is visiting her daughter, Mrs, Charles E. StaatS. She expects to remain about two months. J. H. Page and family are occupy ing their Queechy Lake cottage this week. William Peake, of Montclalr, N |J., is a guest of Mr. and Mrs Homer OrandeU. Walter Ten-' Broeck has gone to Great Barrington, Mass., where he has a position. Miss Ella Briggs, of Merrick, Mass., is visiting her grandmother, Mrs. Eate Ford. land Connecticut. tion, which cannot be filled, and also a call for a young lady steno­ grapher from one of the largest cor- Miss PaulinffDaley is the guest of porations in the country. As the her' sister, Mrs. F. E. Moore, at commercial course requires more Williamstown, Mass. fema.*ar*'ii«-.> t • __._._ !the Vassar faculty pjtfs^^tbe cynic's view of the col ^^^^rl^with his picture of her, Ip^CT^t^ai the convention of the .Jl_£mf^'cafniinstltute of Institution. 'Ore. He showed her to HA^-A---if \fr*** 0 kut generally a very i^^^lthy aigtf. very lovable girl, v ^haviiSk;a\iilvely interest in schools, ^ortsTrsocial affairs, domestic mat I^Jsgl^utl marriages; and with p^i^^sc^ normal interest in the i^dfaeiy-iex. This is nice. ^p^&> —<—~ J^l^eV^celved a letter last Monday j^mp^rnlngwhich said: \Some pub- ?05|^etS'of ; newspapers accept Patent J^Mi^i^Kes in payment for advertise- |fB»«t^*If such is the case with you r|Md^if:tyou have any on hand ai Swpresent,'. kindly send me list and -rfrtO-c__.'.**_:i;'VT. .. gSfppLce!^|you would expect for the Jg^^.?Thara the Umit! Payment ^^pip ^alvertrsemente in Pat<>tft Jledl ^^pines*l^?Perhaps this will explain .jwh^apjne papers carry so much •mm m Cash '^fat^Mraioine advertising ^^|^c^*>ienougb for us, and if we iWn^S^tent Medicines we'U buy made ^J^.tfoff?h^.Jbje&l given to certain New fe^oM?lo'ifon!:Brokera by someone in i^ftfer^roatt^fstatiatics. An invest! pgfjtj.ou^^v-immediately begun by 'g^0i£^^jkgfmte,xtltii the reeult ^mt^dTpnJ^iHplmea, associate ^^ttsffel^h^bwndiachaigedrrom t^^^n^^u^lftha'tnot^onlv was this ^^SrMc^f_Sd_nnntion jfujrplshed in JEee, but, i in some of. reports have 'Bee.- Wilson rwithi./ »A*r.ViW«^wlU?ifa«ii»r*^4_tJa Tmn-6t .friiit Ml II .hi gbMlS complete and thorough work on the part of the student than does the average business college course, the graduates are able to secure, as a rale, better positions. In spite of the-almost universal use cf the typewriter, there has never before been such a demand on the part of employers for good Wyman Clark, who was taken pepmen. This [has led the lead- suddenly and seriously ill last w< iDg penmanship journal in the i 8 ablejto be about again Dnlted States to offer a nandsome certificate for proficiency in rapid business writing: has already been won by four students and others are now work- Humphrey i Merritt and daughter, I of New York, are guests for a few days at John Doles'^ Mles.0. M. Holliday, of Fulton I vllle, N.Y., is a guest of the Misses Mary and Jessie Smith. Degrees will be conferred at the m . . . Ireguwr meeting, of the American This certificate Meobanics ^ia evening. ing for it. Those who have secured it are, Ertna Page.Izetta Reynolds, Ethel Downing and Boy Strever. Nine graduates of the Coinmerciai department are now holding post'\ tlons as stenographers and book' keepers. Eight seemed their posi Roy Covey, of Albany, is taking his annual vacation which he is spending St his home here. Bobert Laraway, of White Plains, I was the guest of , MB father [Anthony Laraway., Monday The premium lists of the forth tion through the efforts of the school Icoming Chatham fair will be°put and one obtained emDlovmentJm circulation in a few days, through her own efforts. Below is given a list of these students to- William Walt, of Dalton, Mass. gether with the names of their former Chatham business man was employers and the date when they a caller on vatious Iriends In town Monday. N. Christensen and family, of I Albany, were over Sunday guests I of nis brothers, U. T. and Peter i nsm ? nce |Chri8tensen. left SCDJOI. Cairie Dole, 1903, Iwith Eaton- Hurlburt Paper Co., Pittsfield. Mass.; Mabel Mailory,. 1903, with Scht rmerborn & Co., agents, Schenectady, N r Y.; Enna Page, 1904, with General Electric Mrs. Jeremiah ShTifelt has been Co., Schenectady, N. Y.; Zada spending a number of days with Harmon, 1904. with Hartford Fire her Bister In West Stockbridge Ius„ Co.. Syracuse, N. Y.; DeWltt Centre, Mass. Stickles, 1904, with Vermont Farm , t ^, „ „ Machine Co.. Bellows Falls, Vt; John Moore and FE Page have William a White, 1905, with a A. P Jt f« d thelrten? in the forest near Van Deusen Co.. Hudson, N. Y.; Red Book and are enjoying a week Florence Kittle, 1905. with Brandon 01 €amp llJe ; Italian Marble Co., Mlddlebury, xhe village authorities are getting VL ; Ize«a Beynolds. 1905. with ^fter side wain bicycle riders. One party was ai rested last week Y-; George P. Tetherly, 190S, J^ fined *5.00. with Gifford-Wood Co. .iron founders and machinists, Hudson. Grange Day. Grange t)ay at Thousand Islands, Engineer W. F. Burroughs has resumed his position on the Har­ lem railroad after several weeks absence from the cab. N. Y. , will be held August 15th. , clal8Dce Moshlmer has retprned The principal speaker will be the tiom bi * vacation and gaumed his Hon. W. F.> Hill, Master of the «* utle8 as ;driv»r-of the American Pennsylvania. State Grange, who delivery wagon..^ has just returned from the Inter- Kev . j^. Anderson; ofNeW^Toxkc. »9H JrffltTB Mrs. Montague, of Philadelphia, is in town/ having been called here by the serious illness 0' her father, J. Wesley Jones. Clarence Grant, a graduate of the Whitem.an telegraph school, who now has a position as towerman at Fort Plain, has been spending a few days with friends here. Pr. O. L. Mosher has gone to Minneapolis, Minn., where he is to spend a two weeks' vacation. Mrs. \Mosher has been visiting there during- the past three weeks. Mrs. O.W. Daggett and dauahter, Boeemary, are to leave for White house, N. J., where they will spend a vacation. They will also spend some time at ABbuiy Park. Mrs. W. C. Daley and daughter, Blanche, have gone\to Peconic Bay, L. I., where Dr. B. M. Daley has leased a summer cottage and will spend a.vacation with him. Harry Paul, of Pawling, formerly of Chatham, was In town yesterday. He Is still running an engine on the Harlem road with a run from Pawling to New York city. located on the eastern suburbs'of taa vlllane. Dr. Harmon will not remove there, however, at present Supreme Representative Aaron fBr-Gardenier at^fhis village will leave next week to attend'the meet­ ing of the Grand Lodge of the Order pf Knights of JPythias which fi-toT'bft held at Ogdensburg on; Tuesday. A special - train, carrying 100 members of' the Pittsfield Order of Eagles to Hudson, reached this place last pining and wept to the county seat via the branch. They returned to PittsflelcTat an early hour this morning., Engineer Edward Hulbert of the Harlem railroad is taking an enforced vacation. While boarding his engine a Jew days ago, he hit his knee against the step injuring it so severely that It AB almost impossible fot him to get about The St Clair sisters of Edward Waters College, Jacksonville, Fla., a brilliant nergo trio, accompanied by Prof. Edward O. Deas, win sing under the auspiceslof the A. M. E. church. Chatham, at Arcanum hall, Thursday evening. July 20th. Admission 25 and 85 cents. There seems to be house palntine epidemic on Woodbridge avenue. Nearly all the residences there have recently been in contact with the brush or are now undergoing the process. Tbe local council of American Mechanics are having tbeir lodge rooms wired for electric lighting and are contemplating the Installa­ tion of other modern conveniences. The adjourned quarterly meeting; of the Ladles' Aid Society of the Reformed church will be held TEursday, July 20, at 3 o'clock; Bev. Mr. Beattie, a.missionary stationed at the Arcot mission. India, is home for a vacation and gave two interesting sermons in the Reformed church last Sunday. The American Mechanics bold their lawn party, Saturday evening, on the vacant lot between the Lutheran church and Pratt's monu mental works. The Ghent band will be in attendance. A_~i—£ Many friends will regret to learn of the death, July 15. of Fannie McCartney, wife of A. W. Hyatt, of PeekskiU and daughter of Bev. David McCartney formerly pastor of the Methodist church here. The. band at Pine Plains, Dutch ess county, has engaged Frank D. Waltermire of this 'village as instructor. Mr. Waltermire visits that village on Friday evening of each week. Mrs. Annie Peake.of River street, who recently underwent an operation at an Albany hospital, is again con fined to ber bed and Is quite llL Her son Jjyron, formerly porter at the Chatham House, is also ilL O. V. -Williams, who moved here recently from Net* York and leased portion of Lewis Coon's new apartment bouse on Hoffman Btreet, moved Monday to Millerton where ha has purchased a residence. E. H. Wether bee and Bon, Hicks, of New York, Mr. Burkley of Albany, J. W. Heusted, of Nassau, J. B Powell and daughter, -of Old Chat­ ham and Dr. Powell and family, of Boston. Mas3., were guests at Wallace Ashley's on Sunday. Saturday and Sunday were a pair Pf very comfortable summer-days so far aa concerns temperature but Monday took bold--where Friday left off and once ;mora Humanity suffered and slizled and fumed. - , ' * ''' v^Lmons the lneci^ratipns .^daj daxTwaa the. Bemi^^^n^MKbJe 'OovSmoy who^e ^^I ^^i ^S^fl •iW^pdOfTTfae cum 'i ^yi%Bi^harify' Mdaell inarble. iThe-dlrertors .-'ire Swnford W. BaMM$&u&»ffi$. -r ' ' ' EdmUnd .;tDem;t; ioca^ultln; i^Plpnion^^ The Misses Dorqthy and Ada Mickle, of Troy, have been spend­ ing two weeks at John O. Moul's and with relatives on the Arnold farm. Miss Ada- was so severely poisoned while roaming through the fields that she was^under the care of a physician for several days. On the evening of Wednesday, July 26th a lawn party for,*the bene­ fit ot St Luke's church will be held on the grounds adjoining the church. Should the weather prove stormy, the refreshments will be served in the fguild room of the church. During Saturday night unknown parties broke open a freight car in the Harlem railroad yard, ransacked among the contents and were evi­ dently frightened away before ob­ taining as much plunder as they expected to get. Some shoes are all that are thus far known to be mis sing. The Injuries which engineer Peter O'Donnel! of the Harlem railroad sustained in the collision near New York City a number of weeks ago when a Harlem train crashed Into a New York, New Haven and Hart' ford train, seem to be of a more serious nature than was at first sup­ posed as he is not yet able to resume his position. Workmen are now employed In constructing a large foundation for a smoke stack at the Payn bux board mills. Many bundled bags of cement are being used. The stack which fell while being moved a short time since will be raised on the new foundation. In order obtain more power, the installation of ope, and possibly two, additional steam boilers is contemplated. 6- Columbia Hall, Lebaaori springs, N. Y.—TJjermom^erlal^atgr^ .» Look on This Pictt__ie»l(«idan ^C<wi<r - r^-- On Monday Conductor Gr»y'a.train-from Alb^ny^ue^at/ia^.p. m^car- rled 23 passengers. WheD in the \rock cut\ x ^^S3 ^xg ^^y%__|ie « stalled in a snow bank and lay t£er«> all night Passto^ei^xwer ^r ^jn'th^ morning by the kindness of E. G. P.-» I mer. The ttiaq : ^^^Ji ^|^)imi.' ham station 24 boars Jate. Suow d; ifts from three-tO;^e^fMt;^!^ilitWeire in front pf the Rogoweki block on Main street. Monday; afte^n^nrfteight olerk F. E. Lovejoy was op to his neclrtn ^ Main^tr^t^dW^ban^hd-— George E. Drumm stepped off a bridge in front of his gatofand^^ burled in eeueral feet of snow By grabbing an overhanging branclbiflie^^trlca- • ted himself with much difficulty. _Many_ citizen^ had theh'^Says frozen Monday.—[From The Courier of March 14, 1888. ~ —f-*r——. . Charles D. Traver has sold bis promising two-year-old filly, by Wilkes Spirit, \jr.. to George Mc- Clellan. Tbe youngster already shows considerable speed, having circled the track at a three 1 minute dip. On Friday evening of last week Dr. McDonald of Albany and Dr. I. 0. Washburn of this village, per­ formed an operation on J. Wesley Jones to afford relief from, an obstruction of tbe intestines. The operation was a successful one but Mr. Jones is still very wean and bis condition is critical. For eevoral weeks Oi-W. Daggett, manager of the local' office of the Postal Telegraph-Cable company^ The city of Hudson certainly exhibits most excellent judgment in coming to Chatham for men to fill important public positions. Principal Williams was chosen as Hudson Superintendent of* Schools; Mr. Harding as Superintendent of Pub lie Works and now follows Bev. Father Walsh as pastor of S t Mary *s. Who will be the next? The, conelstpry ot the Reformed church desire attention to be again called to the business meeting to be. held. In the chapel at 8.15 (Tburs flay evening of this week, at which tiroV action is to be taken relative .to'ilMiriMn-unsettled claims forlahpT. ^jpcil\; material ag&flst the..cqhtrMton w/BiCass.. - ?• 1 if?-?' pa; Friday - ,o£ ; l*at: -week'?Mt«:| George Westingtidiine, of .Newstorkf «toe.,,>ver ; irom^npx,^liU«.t mm -.as. as bookkeeper for the Gifford-Wood Co.. of Hudson and Miss Izetta Reynolds, also a graduate of this department/ has'obtained employ­ ment as a' stenographer' for the General Electric Co. ,of Schenectady. Pension agent E. M. Wilcox baa secured original pensions for Mrs. Katharine Ames of East Chatham, widow of Cyrus W. Ames at $8 per) month from October 1904. Also Tor Luther Stickles, Co.' A. 1st Regt N. Y. Cavalery, of Philmont at 56 per month from November 1900 to May |1905 and from that date a regular pension of S8 per month and the line* between_.'Cha £ha? Hudson.dbatham and .Pittsfield and- Ohatham and Nassau have been, put in first class condition, ~- - ~4r». Of fleets Appointed. -_ At a meeting' of\ Directors of the held Satuhiay, George Tetherley, son of Isaac Tetherley, and n graduate of tbe commercial department of the Chat­ ham school, has obtained a posltlpn-ftettderad jiia resignation aa treasurer the Board ot Chatham fair, John O, Bttnn waif chosen vice president of the society to succeed the late Abram Vosburg and H. W, Nilas of Spenoertow'p was chosen a director to succeed Mr. Blipn. Because of a pressure of other business. Dr. W. R. Stjftks - of the society and Dr. F. (X~JKxp5 Jr., was appointed <va his^u«!«*g6r. The Board also adopted a \testi­ monial of their regard and respect for Mr. Vosburg, ordered-the same printed In the Chatham Courier and Republican, a c^pf\ nrailed~to4iIs family and also spread upon the' minutes It appears, in another column of to-day's paper. Rev. Charles S. Deming, who has acceptably filled the .pulpit of the M. E. church during the illness of his brother, Rev. F. H. Deming. leaves to-morrow and will soon go to Seattle from which port he will sail on the \Minnesota\ for Japan and will be stationed as a missionary in Korea. Many Chatham friends wish blm abundant success in his new field of labor. The following Cbathamites have been spending a few days at the Sans Soucl\ cottage at Copake Lake: F. & and A. B. Ford, H. B. Akin, C. J Seymour. A. J. Fellows, E L. Mather and O. W. Phelps. They spent -the greater portion of their time fishing- and brought home some fine specimens. There Is now and then a fish remaining in the take, however. Tbe angling Is said to be unusually good down there this year. The lawn party held last evening on tbe grounds of L. Mailory on Railroad avenue under tba auspices of the St James church was well attended. With the mercury stand­ ing at 90 degrees in tbe moonlight it was ideal weather for ice cream and it haturally follows that large auantities-of it was put undercover. Since the beginning of tbe present hot spell, the price of lemons has advanced from 20 to 35 cents per dozen. The reason given for-the ump is a scarcity of the truit and the fact that at present so many more than usual are being used frrjclosed to teams for twenty minutes the preparation of summer drinks. The man who desires to drive out of town in a hurry Is advised to avoid the Woodbridge avenue route. That portion.of the railroad yard Is an exceedingly busy one and with main line trains stopping there to wait for others to be switched onto side tracks andthe yard engine with. string of cars passing over it now and anon, tbe crossing is often or more at a time. It is a condition, however, that cannot well be avoided by the railroad folks, .that It ^^^»PP»olatedftby;, the. r *gulde:boaid 7 lork. where:--imiWii from heats resulted^ WMp ^pely - tba same. _T )ie. »&¥ffiiSm1$t^ \ mometer Jfa,^]&iM&^^^1^ Jltempeltture- :»^^g^^^ik.M ?^#M^.S#t^Pl«^o;are P^55Mst^^tpjJE3_SirSi' ^ Father Walsh Goes to Htidson; - Bev. Father Jame«__.L_ v Walsh r pastor of St James church, at Chat- ham,;for the past 12 years, .has been promoted to pastor ot St. Haty's church in Hudson. His successor bere will be Bev--Gornellas _E.,Llne. nan ot Coblesklll. .gatber.'-Wfi-Ish has- declined someJ.pt^the. most important charges in the-Dlocese In years past, Bimpiyatatingrtbat\ he aesired to remain in ChatDsm until his church buUding'wes com­ pleted and- dedicated^ Father Walsh not only leaves behind Mmainonu- ment in this beautiful church edifice bht the heartiest 1 fellowship., not only among his church rand people but among-the citizens :a»a public in general, all of whom! sincerely regret his departure.' Father Walsh will preach his farewell'»e)rmon fnext Sunday and will occupy his new charge oa Sunday^July 30. The Troy Press says hhi appoint­ ment to the pastorate at Hudson is a reocgnitiorrof his hard wprk and efficiency and the appointment U the most important 61 those made by the! bishop. \ z. - Some Hdt Weather. : \ ; The city people come-Ouithis'tray.. _\ : to avoid what they cpnaide^ia the almost onbeaxable he^¥|j_£avwhen tney get here, imagin^Ti^uch_ . cooler and begin.t^^ljrlSww who - J remain ID the tdty.h^meic^gWDCd ^; at the tbembtaeteVi.-o£i|oiaaT-Ot :$ this week tor exampte;^$iw£ttat & the record here wd .intt&^O 1 * ! can. xatS^i^ii^ia^^pimi

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