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Lestershire-Endicott record. (Lestershire, N.Y.) 19??-1915, February 27, 1915, Image 10

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'. / Trash and. Dirt Removed by Com ·mlsioner. badon's Force-Team aQci,�gc Numbef of Work- \ c : �s\�cpt Busy 'street Commissioner Landon ,tI!�. �Id ()f a large. force of hands and � ,good team ha\ woodertp.lly, lI!1prov­ '�4l the streets ·ot. Lestershlre this week. I I, Much of the t.raah and dirt that hae accumulated with the Ice In the durfn&,· the. \bard\ w.eathar has. removed and a Udy appearance been given the main thorougbfaree. . Lawrence, Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Rice. I 1>{r and Mrs. Oscar Stalker. Mrs. Mc· BY THE LADIES AUXILIARY, Callum. Mrs. Hakes. Mrs. Foster. Mrs. I Tompkins. Mrs. Manney. Mr and Mrs. E. R. Potter and children Charles and A very pleasant s\lJ'Prlse party was music. At ten o'clock a dainty lunCh., Permllile. W G. German and F. Gil. tendered 1\Irs. & K 'Potter at her I eon was served. . bert. home 296 'Orand • aveuue, Tuesday Tbe ladles presented Mrs. Potter I evening\ by �he badles' Auxiliary of with a handsome caaserole set. : DR. 8COON'S REMEDIES If. B b C U S W V I Among those present were Mr Redmond'a :;:c�: :: be��d ��da� \I ��d:'lr�u:el�' :;��:d ��r:n� M�.: 801 Grand Avenue, Leaterahlre, N. V Mrs. Potter Is 8. well known mem·1 Wood. Mr and MrB.. F E. Gee, Mr an!! ber of that organlzaUon. I and Mrs. W A. Smttb. IIlr and M� . I Also at Le�fre and Union Drug The evenlllg waa spent at cards and R. E. Gilbert, Mr and Mrs � I Stores > _, TI!,f!/ Only ./1.11' Purpose Car lias· Arrived-S740 ;:: , l'rI-ra� djUlclng 1esso08, 86 Grand Luncheon Was S<rvCd-=-\ Si� Y�ung Ladies Guests of tbe Bradbury's Saturday Evcning -if it's- ELECTRICAL --it is- An evening of very happy remem­ brances was spent last Saturday with Mr. and Mrs. V W Bradbury In thetr home on Lincoln avenue. Endicott, by the following young ladles Mtsses Ada Parkyn. Anna Parkyn, Hazel Resst· Que. Minerva' Gaylord. Frances Getter. BLANDING and if it is House Wiring, Electric SuppUes or Heparing of any kind, call us A course luncheon was served In the I dining room. I Both Phones 141 State Street RICHARD, ' ,AND ROBERT, AGED 7, CHILDREN OF MR. AND MRS. ROBEnT RI�, 68 HUDSON • FOR 8ALE-Good palr horsee, WOtJ. FOR 8ALE-'U':MdBOme table ma'-, ST\\\ET. -1R.. RleE IS FORlllt D.u.LEY IS MEAT COOK- HANDSOME ONE-YEAR\()LD SON u.... ... IYl' .\ anywhere, weight 2,800, young and Ir. mee QUllts.·,ruga, recover quilts spec> MAN OF THE SORTING ROOM IN: AND A dOOD ONE. TOD-AT THE ��O�F��I\�IR�. �AN�D�il.\�IR�S�.�E�D�;\;V�A�R�D��or�s�t�cIa�s�S�CO�n�d1�tI�o;n.��C:'�M.�C�h�a�ff�e�e����������������������:����� talty. 167 Court street. Binghamton. ONE OF ENDICOTT, JOHNSON cIb DINING HALL OF ENDICOTT, ASH OF NORTH BROAD STREET. 191 St. Charles street. Feb6-t1 invalid. Feb2().3t OOMPANY'S PLANTS. JOHNSON & CO .• CORLISS AVE. ._ _ __ -- . - �, ���==���.�==�========�===��.�=-�- MRS. POTTER IS HONORED / , Splendld1y Individual In style-authenlc tn IDter· pretaUon ot mode-match· less In value-giving-the consumDlatlon of carefully lald plans and ellpert buy· Ing. The new clrcnlar IIklrt III prominent among tbese flew anlvalJl anll Ulere I. an unm.Istakable \e.trect au mllltalre\ which Imparts • tasc:lnatlng smal'tDGSI altorether pleasing and , new, Other Spring Suits in Correct Colors up to $35.00 \\ e mean EAGLE SHIRTS, of course! That brand MEANS some­ thing to well-dressed men who bave come to know Ita snperlor Qualtty and exclusive featureB.. And you men wbo know EAGLE SmRTS ooly In name-tor you we have something In Sprinlr ShIrtS that will make JOU won.der w� you dldn't tumble before I NEW NEGLIGEES OF FINE PERCALE-as good as maIlJi a.. Ih.Irt yon've paid ,1.5!) for. Eagle price. \.00. WOVErtt �'ADRA8 OR PERCALES In negligee .tylo with sUit ed. \Grouped stripes.\ cross stripes. etc. Where Is auotber shirt as wnrtbT at ,'.601 There Are Good Ties at SOc 80me,mm:1I.a1Wi olaiJJJ. � good 60c Ties are bl\eomlnllcsrc8 � wutt butra.loea-tbat tod4r U.OO I.s tho cuatomart neoktle prlee, tlum ap� We wonder what you'll think about It when you llee D1U' new BprlDlP 1IhVtr. Ing of Silk Scotch' Pllllds, Roman StrlpOl, P.ralan., a,lket. WH>I,... lin\ . Black .. nd-Whlte effecta at !SOc. They'll be out for review tomorrow. .��w.�_.;-\ New Spring Suits $15=$18=$20 Men! Your Spring Shirts and Ties Are Ready New Suiting Serge 87c Regularly '1.00. We bel1eve tbls fabric to be the best $1.00 Suttlng Serge made. Ob­ tainable 10 52>-Incb Jrldth. flJ)onged and shrunk. Newest Spring colors. , Tomol'l'ow, 8Tc yard. . NEW 5()'IN.CH GABARDINES. navy. battleship gray. Belgian blue, eand. putty. etc. VerY good at '1.50. N!W 68'1\: SUIT-ING SERGES: a bandy medium weight. battleship gray, eand, greens and otber new sbades. Yard. '1.60. SILK·AND.WOOL POPLINS, worth $1.26. obtainable In 14 981' new and fashionable abadea. Special lit . .•.•. III Main FlOor. Winter Coats at $6.00' $8.00, $10.00 Ruch low prices would not cover cost of mater1llls and' maktngo-for these COIlU are $10.00 to U5.00 values. EverY model new this season­ followtng correct style lines and developed In fabrics and colors favored for present wear. Only our dellire to make room for IncoDling merllban· dlse ltrompu eueh drastic uDderprlclngs. Splendid chOOSing tomorrow. Second Floor • Safurday· •• Lasf Day Of The • KNIT February Sale of' NotIons UNDERWEAR SALE And Dressmakers' Supplies Our ('lIUI'1! stook I1t lowest price levels. Several additional purchases provide further SU\' IJlI{ oppurt unrnes In choice Notions and sewmg supphes needed now For Women Th(> wisdom of hU�'lDg In quantities becomes at oncl' apparent in the followlD� WhiCh, of course, are very small part of those on sale Careful shoppers should, read item printed her&--they are bigger savings on Notions of the better kind. Items __.\. WOMEN'S UNION SUITS. heaVT _.- • ., ribbed. tleece Ilne41 The 69 $1 kind. special at. . . C WOMEN'S SHIRTS and PAN'l:B', Deece lined quality. regu· 39c IlIrly 50c. Spectal at U N S H R INK A B L IiJ WOOl.. VESTS AND PANTS. Very 8ll­ special at, garment.. . .7\.. Regularly 12112c 4. Regn· 12IJzc For Men / MEN'S SHIRTS AND DRAw.:. ERS. part wool. Very ape- 59 clal .. alues at, each . C MEN'S WOOL UNION SUITS $i.00 k1nd. $2.39; $a.50 $1 59' ktnd. \'.98: $2 k1nd at. • U.OO UNION SUITS of beavy or medlnm cotton. 69 Special at, each . . . • C Specially Pric�d Mlln Floor. HANDSOME COUCH COVERS In rlcb Oriental patterns, regularly prIced $3.50 and $4.00 each. SPE- CIAL SATURDAY $2 98 AT EACH • Coucb Covers. regularly U.IiO to $7.00. Special Saturday at $3.26. 2Ec CURTAIN MADRAS In an excellent variety or pretty patterns Obtainable In wblte or ecru SP� CIAL SAT1:RDA Y '1 � AT. YARD -,e Second The Pullman Motor Car Company baa always been building CARS OF QUAL,lTV FOR CRITI· . CAL PEOPLE. For 80me time It has realized Ule necesJilty of building a more popular priced car. 'malnly from the insistence Dr lte agents who dally eaw cuatomllr8 and friends purchaains other oars, , not be'cau.e ttill1 IUd \not realize and appreCiate the merlta of the Pullman Model.. but because tbey dtd not' care or could not ·aO:ord to lIa:r the price asked tor the Pullman Models on the market. The nama Pullman standa tor Cla.a as wo.tI all Quality wherever It Is known. With a full reallza· Uon of the stan41UIr tn the Pullma.,. production., the Company decided to disregard all precedents and to add to Its Illle a Car of Quality atl a 'Populai' PrIce-. In Ule PuUm .. n Junior you - the result. PERCALINE AND MERCElRJZElD SATElEN tn all SEPARABLE SHIELDS. slzea 3 and 4 wanted coloJ'B.. Regularly 25c a yard 20c 26c and' 800 patr Tha Pullman' Junior presenta, for the conslderallon of the motoring pubUc. a medium alze. Ught In Spactal In thts sale Special at. weight, easT r1atn&\ 6eautttull:r conatruot.ed and flntshed automobUe ba.v1n& aU the comtorte and con· FRANKLIN SAFETY PINS, beavlly ntckel'plated REGULAR SIZE SHlELD.B. stzell 3 and \ of Ita larger, 'Weightier and more ellpenllive brothM1l. but at a price whlbb does not make steel pins In all IIlzes. Regularly 12%c dozen. Spe- larly 25c and 80c pair . clal In this eale at, .. '\ Bpeolal at... . . Ita purchase and maintenance a bUrden. ONE DOZEN FOR 't\. SHl:ltT WAIST SHIELDS, sizes 3 and 4. Regn. I.. lar prica 20c pair. 11II.C Tnl .. I .. ths Car you have been waiting fOl'-prlcll. completely equipped, Including Electric llghtlng NEElDLE·POINT NICKEL FINISHED PINS with Ve- &»eclal at...... . . .... . Tt I •• .+11:n1l'\ lkead:. FulI� 3110 count. ..., aodlllWt!og I,.tem, '740 r. o. b. factory. Special In this eale at . . ItC REGULAR STYLES IN SILK-AND-SILK. regn· t 1 Jarly .fOe and 45e. ank-and.Nalnsook. 15\ Iq. o.lrQJ'lug the PuJlll)lln o!.unlor to the pubUc. the Company does so with the full reallmtlon of the AMI SILKS which are excellent values at their values 860 -and 4Oe. Spectal. ... . .. . � tact thf.t before Ule advent of the Pullman JUnior low price generally meant flIDls7- construcUon. few regular price. 86c a yard. 30c IRIDESCENT BUTTONS of exceUen.t Qual1ty. Special In this sale at. yard . .. .•.. R la-l 1\'· an\ 20c a 10 un.to-date Convenlence .. or a flniBh &ald' general appe&rlUlce that disheartened the man. wJro aon\ht for egu - y \\ .. c \. - REGULAR 26c AND aoc CAN'V ASSES tor coat card. Special at. card hlslnTeltment of a rei1llOnable alIlount of money. a car built up to a alandard, not down to a;. price, and atllf4lUIng. Special 20 d 2Sc FRESH WATER PEARL BUTTONS In three at II. price which he felt he woUld be l\1lt1fted In pa1lne. In Uil.. ea�e at..... .. • c an eizel. Values 20c to COc a dozen. 10c VELVET GRiP HOSE' SUPPOR1'F1RS with heavY Special at, card ••..•...... We urp a comparison of the Pullman JunIor with the moat cbllt� cars boUt, for fineness at detaU, aaUn.ftn.lllhed' elastic web'blne and tI\e new rubber FRESH WATER SELF.SHANK PEARL BUT. lUltUrio�J!I\ qt. aPlI9lnWlllm.. IlUilltx of matel1alB. worlananBhJlt � actual 'Performance. All the b�tona. ResuIarly 10c TONS, II. on a card. Values l·�c � Joe paid. 'Speclal' at.......... 16c and ZOc card. 8Jec1al. at... UI .�.�,��-�.�-���_���a��Ia�����_lJl���;;;��P�IN:s�;=®�m�b���3�._4�a�0�d�6�;��k���;�d�D��:�0��������� man It b� � � that' q s7JlO'*7mou. thll world' Q'Y8r foJ\ luxurious co��� - .. . . '\ ..... . . • • at. • • • . . . -: . J C THE· PULLU A M CAR IS SUP' REME PARISIAN PEARL BUTTONS, \hole flsh.-eye and UNBREAKABLE: DRESSING COMBS, broadly '.Lf&n.L � , , tanC7 hall at:vIillI. Re&J11arly 10 knoWn for thelr �n1ll1lal strengttl and superior ftnJsb. The Tl.lble quaUUes which make the'Pullmatt JUnior IlUpreme In Ita class are Ita beautltul Parisian 12�e to ZOc doieD:. 8lleclal at...... ..... ••••• C Part coarse and 1lne �eth. 39c # HAND-HADliJo CROCHETED BUTTONS-wash. 60e \alue. BpecW. ••• . . . . . . . .. .. . ..•.. - Unea; ita Uth .. appearane& and· mILfItertul' ac:tlon' dll played undet all condtUons. the resuft of extreme able. Made ot Ivory mould_will not rusL Values VASSAR l.lNGERIE BRAID-washable. A 11). caie tn. construcUon. Every feature and ever:,- par t, down to the minutest detail. haa bee� IIlmpllfted.'7 26c 'dozen:. to '160 dozen. 10 :rard piece. 7c SpecfN; at, card.... ...... • .... ....... ...... C Special In thls safe ILt. ........ '\ ref\n,d •. &llJl p,rteQte4. HAND-MADE CROCHETED BUTTONB-on Ivory MARlON HAIR NETS of bnman balr Obtain. _,.. mould .. 6. s·wles. Values 40e to 25' able In black' and' B8Veral shades ot brown. ttegu· • We:. w\'_ ber lIJ_a4> to 411U1.onsJ;fate this car at yoW' COlU'enlence. ., C . 90c dozen. Special at. card •...... \ .• .., lare value. 20c. S1Ieclai t Oc SHAPED DlRECTOlRE BELTING In black or In this eale, at each.. \ white for the new Emplre DreBB8s; three alzell. \STAYIN\ CUBE PINS tn wblte. black, jet or as· Values to 86e. � 20 d 25 sorted black and white. 7 Special at................. ... c�n C Special In this eale at. cube .. C EXTRA SIZJil. WIRE H4JR PJNs-D unusually CELLULOID HAIR PINs-the regular 26c kind: large cabtnet of unullUally good pins. 7 many sizes. Slightly Imperfect. 10c Speclal In this sale at, cahlnet....... ..... . C Special In thlJl' BAle at. bOll. , ..• ..... .. ff , , ,. , . ' , Ar� )'011 buying beluty alpnp. when :rou purchase an automobUe? Better get a car that can climb all th9 hqls el\lll.l;v--,a. car tlIat rIde. smoathly'OD rough l'Oads-a car that la backed by fourteen reare'--ezpenll'DClr'll1\aatomoblltf�r!ltlll' a 'eat 't1iln\'tIr\bUtlt\ttl iiUinQlhe rac'ket_ car that Is tnlI grown' and eoDllllet'e-yon don't have to dgure on extras. A few of the Pullman Jr. feature a 3t) Horeel' PoWllr 11()'ln. Wheel Ba .. Electrlo Llglita Electrlo 8tarter Onll Man Top Demountable RIma Sliding CellI' Tran.ml .. lon 8trbmburg Carburetor Filii Floating Aides Cantil liver 8frlng. 2.6 Mllu 10 Gallon Ga.ollne Non--Skld TIre. on Rear B. W. LIVINGSTON & SONS· 57-59 BaldWin Sf. Bell60S1-J Lestershire, N. Y. ..... ..

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