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Lestershire-Endicott record. (Lestershire, N.Y.) 19??-1915, January 30, 1915, Image 3

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\ I. .' f , �o, 1915 Mrs. Charles Allender of Main lItri!l!t is l'MOVel'lllk froiD a serioUs throat trouble, under the care of Dr. CrosIer. Mrs. Maude Woodburn and son Francis ot Herrick Center, were reo cent gullsts of Mrs. George Eamay of Endicott avenue. Miss Matle Sullivan, or Norwich. spent Sunday with her sisters, Mrs. Wm. O'Brlen and Mrs. Eugeno Foley. ot Baldwin street. Miss Mattie Su11lvan of Norwich. spent Sunday with her sisters. Mrs. Eugene Foley and Mrs. Wm. O'Brlen Is 111 at her ot Baldwin street ,\'] WITH Beginning This MO'rni'ng 3 l 1 a . , , ,} ... MRS. :'ANDRHWS HOST - TO.MISroUNAl[S()tJEIY ville, Pa., was a guest of Mr. and Mrs. cast for severeal days. No bones Jesse Jones of Grand avenue the past were broken, fortunately. and he Is week. rapidly recovering now OF STEA \'\ Ilres wpre PUI on. Jt was re-laccomPIIBhment8 of 'he ;_past year. , - . I'dlnt .. d the boller re-Jackered and I The cost of maintenance haa been LEST F/ REM,EN A.rR, \ Improvempnts added. The cost reduced and the village's insurance or t urntng the old \nglne Into 0. mod I rate consfderabty lowered. Ft'le!ldB -ot 14llJs Mattie l>lngW\JU ex· WELL' AND FULLY E Q UIPP D ,ern parratus was $1.800 I =====\'=�== tend sympathy to her on account of \ ' ' ' The enginE' has been used anum! --- How's T�?---- the death of her brother, Mr. Fred . ber of times In big IIres In II10gham'i Dlnghnm, which occurred last weeki LaFrance Enzine Rebuilt and Modernized at a Cost of $1,300 ton. and ga'\ \'aluable aid We offer One Hundred VolIar� t hi h I RI h .d V hU .'.- . I . I b I Reward for any case of Catarrh a some n c mona, a., We_Engine Will Serve Valuable Purpose In Case of n ca\ (If a nungerous laze. when, Recent· guests of Mr and Mrs. she was a visitor here. Miss Dlng-. . added prpssure Is needed, It wlll serve I that cannot be cured by Hall's Grant Chaae of Harrison street, were ham found her brother able to sit up BIg Blaze Where Extra Pressure IS Needed 'an lJ1valuable purpose and Is n UE'C Catarrh Cure. \- Mr. and Mrs. E. H. Bradley of Fac- h I I I ru hm b b ' F. :J CHENEY .. CO .. Toledo, O. upon <r 1l1T va n c ond, ut e- ,easary adjunct to any completetv We. the underelgned. bave known F. :J toTWe, Pa. fore evening he sulfered a violent re- With the arrival of the rebuQt La- steamer would serve every purpose I equipped lire department. �r.:;n�J�,��e hl:��\:bree%\, a'tr'\,=l:t�� \ lapse and died almost Instantly His France steamer. the Lestershlre fire- with some changes and Improvements Motorizing the>apparntus of th.. transactions and nnanclally able to entry Mr and Mrs G E Morton of AI- '/ out nny obllgllllonB mnde by hlB Onu. b rt tr t 'tertai\ d th MI • body was brought to Apalachin for fighting equipment is now complete aud It was sent to the factory The Lestershlre tire department was NATIONAL BANK OF eOMMElRCE. e s ee en ne e sses b rial nd th ughl den t and to-' Toledo. 0 Pearl and MvpUe Morton Mr Robl u a oro y a .. ua e up· machine was changed trom a horse-, brought about largely tbrough the er- Hnll's Cntnrrh Cure Is taken Intemnlly •• , date. d to to .. t I f rt f ,. ' nclinll' dlre�\Y -upon the blood nnd mu- I Lillie and Clyde. rawn a mo r-urawn appara us, t 0 so.... \'red Johnson, who con- i rOUB surrn,,·. nr t he .)·.t�m, Testimonials . A bachelor commands; a married When the apparatus was motorized. being rebuilt to attach to the hose I tnouted very liberally towards Its' Bent tree I'r\'_ �5 cents .p<-r bottle. 8014) , by nil Druggtst. man takes orders. It was decided that the LaFrance truck when the engine Is needed. Installation. It was one of the great ....... flaIl'. Family Pili' ror eon.IIJ;1&hoDo Mrs. Belle Brown of Arch street Is Munn ot Broad street rapidly recovering from 0. badly work atter a week's 111· sprained wrist. sustained by falling on an Icy sidewalk. Fitzgerald's II ENTIRE STOCK II Fitzgerald's . February Furniture and Carpet Sale In selecting Furmture and Carpets it is always advisable to take plenty of time We have an unusually large assortment. consequently we have marked our goods three days previous to our sale to allow you to make your selections comfortably and leisurely. Our Spnng pur­ chases made at the Furniture Exposition at Grand Rapids are now arrivmg and w III be included In this sale. There will be NO restrictions or elirmnetions; our stock has been reduced 10 price from TEN to FIFTY PER CEf\lT. (10 P. C. to 50 P. C.) and each reduction represents an absolute saving of that amount to you. ORDERS TAKEN to be DELI\T.ERED at YOUR CONVENIENCE' Oak or Mahogany $18.50 $24.15 $26.00 $36.00 . . best grade art tirJdng, .$6.45 ., Well-made durable Springs ,. to '1 - - . Mr John Sherwood Is spending Mr Lee BUrgess ot 126 Endicott some time wlth friends In Upper A venue will move his family across Usle. the way February 1st The K 0 T M have received their new uniforms costing $200. trom an Indlann firm. A. W Seabold of Main street has resumed daily duties following two 'Weeks' Illness. The Women's Relief Corps of Lea­ tershlre met In Q. A It. hall on Frl­ dar evening last. W • H Munger Is able to resume business again after a week's Illness at bls home on Lewis street. Mr and Mrs. M McIntyre of Union were Sunday guests of their sister. hllss A. Sweet of Harrison street � .... Mr. and Mrs. Edward Ash of Bing. hamton were Sunday guests of Mrs. F E. Carr, of North Broad street. Mr and Mrs. 0 M. Barstow. at Greene were recent guests at Mr and Mrs. Clayton Whaley ot Aroh liireet. Mrs, Myra Thompson of Currens­ ..t:' ,- - PIANOS About Half Price Pianos are going like hot cakes In our great halt price eale. No use to par agents and the big expellJllvelY copdnc;ted stores $260.00. $300.00. $360.00 and $400.00 when you can get encUr the same grade pianos from us for about half. $250 Uprights ,126 $800 New Uprights. ,195 $350' New Uprights $216 $400 New Uprights .$265 $486 New Uprights. $350 If you want to bU1 an elegant Plano for a small nmount (If Uloney, see us during this great half price sale. Slight1y Used Pianos We are taking a great many • sUghtlr used Upright Pianos In excbange tor our later strle Upright Pianos and Playel' .J:'lanos. f65 Organ $135 Organ Square Plano 1250 Upright .. $300 Upright \ .. $360 Upright ......• • 6 ,20 , 15 • 65 .• 95 ,126 Guests of II1r and Mrs Grant Chase at Harrison street the paat week were Mr and Mrs E H. Brad­ ley of Fuctoryvtlle, Po. Mrs. A. H Graham (with Wilbur & Hancock) lett Monday for a tew days visit with her sister. Mrs B. A, Gibbs of Spencer,,N Y Mrs. Theodore Allender wishes to express ber thallkfl 3u4 appreciation for the bcautlful flowers sent her duro Ing her recent shut-In experience 1 � IIIrs. Frank Feeck. of Elmira. has been visiting Lestershlre friends thp I past week Mr. and iIIrs. Feeck tOI' merly resided on Harrison street , Mrs. Charles Allender at IIfaln street. who Is under the eare of Dr I R. O. Crosier, Is recovering from a serious lllness � throat trouble I Eugene .,Johnson, of Candor. was I mingling with his many trlends here, this week. He was the gueat ot his brother Wllllam Johnson. on Raldwln street, I lIfrs D. Frank and daughter. Mrs John Kunes. ot Sayre, and Miss Alice: Sweet, or Harrison street. recently I visited Mrs. lIf H McIntyre. of: Union. I Ernest Munford's new house under process of construction on North Broad street Is rapidly nearing com· pletlon. Mr Munford will occupy the same. Miss M.Ildred Stevena Is confined to her roo;; with scarlet tever at the home of Mra Minnie Weir. ot Main street terrace. Dr R. 0 Crosier Is attending her I I The K 0 T M have received tbelr new uniforms from an Indiana firm.' Their \get-up\ cost $200, and will adorn fllese good fellowa In a very I becoming manner. -- . Mrs. D. Frank and daughter. Mrs. I wohn Kunes. of Sayre, and Miss Alice Sweet of Harrison street were guests I�st week of Mrs. W H. McIntyre at he rhome In Union. The Woman's Rellet C!lrps wfil meet In G. A. R. hall FrIday evening of this week. The president. Mrs. E.I S. Rozelle wishes all who p08slblr can to attend I\t this time. .. Lester Hauver wUl be removed from the 1... E. U hospital to his home on Arch street this week. Mr. Han· ver has been confined to the local In· stltutlon since last October with a broken leg and other serious compU· caUous. Mr Fay Stever of Jelferson CI.ty, Mo., waa �ed here this week by the death ot bls gMUldfather, G. E. Morton ot Albert street. Mr. Stever was 1!. tormer resident of this vlcinlty, and before returning will renew old acquaintances for a. few days. 48-inch top, quartered oak, formerly $21.50. Now Pedestals SI.19 48-inch top. quartered oak, $16 50 formerly $22.50, Now . . • 48-inch top, quartered oak, formerly $27.50, Now I 48-inch top, quartered oak, I formerly $32 50. Now 54· inch top quartered oak, formerly $35.00, Now 54-inch top. quartered oak, formerly $47.50. Now $1975 Library Tabk, made in finest polish mahogany or quartered oak firush February Sale Price $12 45. I I Oome in during this great haH price sale If you want a !,�o �eap. Shirt Waist Boxes $1.49 Furniture When 10U tht'nk of Planol or furnitUre think of RUGS Upholstered f'urniture $50.00: $10.45 I A 9lC12.ft. aeamleaa Bru .. $32.00 I sel. Rug In both medal­ lion and all-over pattern •• $50.00 The.e rug. are regularly lold at $16.50. $65.00 Tapeltry-covered Davenport, February Sale Price $45.00 Tlpeltry-covered Chal .... February Sale Price $63.00 Davenporta, February Sale Price $32.00 Tapeltry Fireside Chal .... February Sale Price o $29.00 Tapeatry Flreelde Chal .... February Sale Price $45.00 Turkish Rocker (genuine leather). February Sale Price $38.00 Turkllh Rocker (genuine leather), February Sale Price $16 SO LIbrary Tabl�, made In finest quartered oak or ma­ 'hogany fimsh.. February Sale Price $10.95. I I , I $24.00 \123.50 $35.00 $21.50 $16.50 A 9lC12·ft. Velvet Rug In both meda-lllon and all· over pattern.. Our line II moat complete. A $25.00 value. Special Special $16.50' Library Table, as shown; made in finest polish quartered oak or mahogany fin­ ish. February Sale Price $9 75. S31.50 A large comfortable Turkish Rocker, upholstered in best grad� black Imperial Leather. Regularlv sold at $16.50, during this sale $9.95. WhittaWI teprac Wilton Rugl, In 9x12·ft. Ilze. We have a number of pattern I Including a wIde range of colo.... Regularly IOld at $37.60. , .$2.76 $2.49 Comfortable well-made Rocker, In oak or mahog­ any polllh flnl.h. Thll Rocker Is regularly sold at $4 76. $7.95 A large, comfortable Chair or Rocker, In ftneat mao hogany flnlah. Hal 100M cUlhlon •• I. made of beat grade Imitation leather A '12.00 value. $14.75 A beautiful Colonial Sew· Ing Table. made of aolld mahogany. Dull flnllh. Regularly lold at $19.76. S22.50 Solid mahogany Table Lamps, Including IlIk shade. Finely flnl.hed and beautifUlly carved. Regular price $27.50. $8.95 A large, comfortable, well­ made Couch. upholatered In belt grade Imitation of leather. Hal a heavy oak frame and II well uphol­ ate red. Regular Price '16.50. RUGS t; A number Qf ·genulne Oriental. whiCh 1l� Jlr�at- .. �} Iy reduced In JlI'Ia.· Tb� _ ... Ruga range In alze from • 2x4 to 5x8. and inctude • number of pattern. and • atylel embracing all the colo... of the Orient. $8.00 A 9xI2-ft. wool and fibre rug. A number of color­ Ingl from whIch to lelect. The Ideal bedroom rug. Theae are regularly sold for $9�0. � .. :- ... � �4:)� .\ Hardwick Wilton Ruga 9,,12 alze. Thele rugl In their e\quilitene .. of col­ or and dealgn, theIr rich· ne.. of fabrlo and th1Ifr aoft mirror-like aheen. al· mOlt vie wIth the rare Ealtern ruga, and yet they may be po .. eaaed at hard· Iy more than a fraction of the COlt of genuine Orien­ tal •. S15.00 A 9lC12-ft. Axmlnator Rug. Beautiful deelgn and col­ oring. A heavy, durable Rug, regularly .old at $25.00. TIl

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