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The Ogdensburg advance. St. Lawrence Sunday Democrat. (Ogdensburg, N.Y.) 1927-1933, June 05, 1927, Image 7

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r a* 1 fi »•• I \ $>• m •, 1$ i. ' ; ' • i • • • • • 1 ,» *( r • >; 1 \ \ } - $;\'*» • ^-•\ f AOl WOHT «M o«MM»ta« Witmt imj te.*i^^ ** MaM T9!^!!SS!!r w>ail SI!lt^^ mr ii ill UN i i \*+~*f+-**m wmmmmM M:SH Ijticki ftprotl has returned horn Nvw York. I i John F. FiUdornM attended tho K of C con volition \\ Now York us <MoKat«» from the local council. Mrs. Homy I'. Koc-gun of Spring- Local and Social ! MIH. Arthur J T>o Is via It.ling fronds in Montrvsil. Patrolman and Mr*. Chnrlos Boars are th* parents of a non horn at tht* KwntHiru hjonpttul hint week. I I'h Id. Mass., Is t.ho ghost of friend* | in Uie city. ' MIK« Kiithrrine Overton is* home, • from Itanium o»lh- K i». Now York 1 Mrs William CUUMHM* of Hium- clty. for hoi sumnior vacation. I mimii ,K bUv ^ l|, ' st u M, » *'• A i Hurt in the city. The hoitKp occupied by Ward) Gonnuii at 2'JH Fmnklln sli^t ha* ; Mrs. <'• D. Harnett of I'-olmlom town puichasod by MIH. I. ('. Nash. M» rvtvlvlr.tf tToatmout at tHio Hop- 1 burn 'hoK.pl Ia*l. IM. anil Mrs. Harnett Wleven wtrhNwto of raw nllk val- j visited her Sunday. mid at Hoveval million dollarn pass I ed through »Jio city oarly Thursday ! Mrs. Frances Kerimn and Mrw. morning. llllheit llivllor are vlwiting Ihelr pueutrt Mr. and Mr;. Thotwis John l^mnon-, an employe of tho j ^pr.itt Arfitrnlrit n Tolti|*UoiM» ami TH< gi\i<irti , comimnv In New York i.s vi-dtlng , NHHH Majy Akin. AV1V« .*a* S milu- hitt moihn In Hio rily. ^'\'l fr<nn Colunubht university last week b.is si'curod a position on tho loaeboi^'r Kt»M of. the roluin Mr arwt Mr.i S I, Daw ley ol Ida's tniuwiue session t.hlM city havo typonoil thoir prolt> cottage (»n St.u lako Tor tho HUIII nH M Tho wi oklv mooting of tho Ho '. \r\ olub. TlnirMday was ioalurod •C'lwirliM if. HoUbK bab roturm*t ,'•> an interosiiug a«*tdr« s»s on * Ht>> s to ihtH hoinr hori> allor graduating Wuik\ l>> Ab-xandrr fa-m-pholl •U* frojni iho (Hneitiiuiii t'ollogo ol Fan Nvvs York. trnkinlng Work on t'he <idilitidn to the aoa- MIMM Marv Akin was gradiiiM.d '• »*'\> , , »*»l^'ng has boen startod by 1a«t work from Columbia imivor ^Milraclora WMialon and Hums. «ltv In Now York with tho A M. *'i<> «'M»'<•« to havo rhr annox com 1>bMrd by tho time school opons in Soplonnhor WeClt Ills hnndri'ds »>f lri»mis lu-ro UUldo him know Hioy »rir glad to woo him troal and will optor tho life in-ur HIK'O bu.'In* SM In.r along with lii.> hrothor. M .1 Sherry. resumed hor duties. Augustus Hean. fonuof clothing sahsman of this city, A\1IO U^S Although the sea™,, has heen U:,,ll , v ^;-\^ «'.. ^^ while niVih.rwl.at hark ward lor t.m.jsts \\&»>** '\ «>'*t.o.l is home alter ., , , .. , , , . pond ng tome Mme p a Hotrod quite a tew ol t.ho travelors havo .'.,,,,. , ' , » ^ i ,i , i :. i, i .. hoxspilal. Uo has nunh a good re- W'cn In the eily viewitm lis beau ., • covorv. U«a. _____ i „. K , T OK , » _.. i Step* are being takrn 'by the R chard J Rheiiy ha* returned t * . . .. . . ... J ,. , \. Hannan Realty conipaiiy to have to h * homo In this < tv rem Mon ... • ,. T . . .. padlook priMiedings apamst the promises at L'f> Main stivot revoked on t.ho g'ound Mi:it I ho prrsoii't ten aal is coiMluc'.ing a hgijinvato l)ust Choice sold at _!0 anil one lourt'li ,',,',\ , ' . cent, on tho (},>uve,nou, hairv ''io V o uas a arge numhor ot poo l>oa.d Salu.dav ^lricl. is a <|,urlor ^^TVn T y T!l ,m ' n n s K I>,,b Uf ft c*M,t a-hovc the previous week's ^^' 'U^u'\* TV™ ' lb ? 4 ry l^u • Friday niplit It was an interesting ^r *• and inter Saining program th-at Was CuuoriiH Ollieor WMIInm R Hie- l m ' s * \\'\ j kok has lullv i.-eoverctl from an op M , s Mapy Mun>hv A nn pl<>r)t< ,, oration P. normed by in . ohti pM . ^.....H „r^h» Womenl; Anxlllarv K. Froen^ .,,»»« nd.oMisal the lb ,, ^ ^ M(n . s arft||| , 1Ilv „, ,,,„ ;)n . ,Hlrn »\ w l»\«' nnal hanqm I held Tuesday n ; gl,t 1 The other olfieers eletdod \\<M\e: A ch.umiug mudcM rorMal vvas, Vi(|1 pM . rt ,, llMlt . Mrs r K , N(vrH . given iii l..hiaiy hall Tm^lav eve H( ,. n ,,. |M , uu[ , n>asuf( . r> MrK nlng by iho pupils ol MIN. Malvln j, ;n ,.., n,.|| Filhi'lrault Hail The puipd's .leased fine training. William T Havls of IMtlslmrgh. ~* Pa . has IMNII visiting his former Oiwirgo ForHythe of thin eMy has I,IMIHV H^ was a resident hero tin be* M namorl t,i repiesout the St nl „| M >ut soven years ago. This Lrtwrmioe (%»unty asH<»clalh»n at was nis , lrs , vlsll j H , rr Jn f j V(< •the .Vathmal Couvenilon of Chris Vl .., r . ; _ \] r j s m , w i-ngagod in the tUui Fndoavoi mwlolie. to ho held ,„amiraet in e of hardwalo special «,t CHovtdjunl tj<>s . |JM | is w i n „| ni r HIU-COKK. Mr and Mr« Maurice 'nnmsniti |> r j 0 ], n \ V jtonton. cltv health <rf lUrohonioi. loriiiorl) ol t'hi > city (l ,,,.,.,. ;n , ( , , M , .„ Margaret Wost- iii o flio ,|»nmd paronls (d a baby j M o(d<. eit v 'lieal'Mi nurse, hi vo IHMM. boy, born a week a«<» yu-.derduy ;l u , 1,,,,.,/od t)V Hie board ol health Mrs Fiun.gan brt.no her marriage Ut .,,,,.„,, ,),,. un ,nial .dnto eonler ^vaa Marv Sovii* ,,,,,,.,, ,,,• , M ,idie health nurs«s and olTieials June 2S. 2!». :tu!ln Saralo Mr? Noitlo Olm.steud has an , ^ sipi lugs., their expenses to be noivneod li«r eai'dldaoy for renoin- p,i ( | ) )V |j l(> c \\y ; inallon to tin- oitho i»f rouu<ty sn*i»- / erintenden. ot the po<u No candi- A ,, ( .. w |lul(>matl( . ( i. lh „ph DI1 .k date HK, lar has apiM-aroHl to«ypiK»se, vj( , ||nl . ( ||I|H ,„„„ in>{ .^ 0(l ,„ „ H , • le.b!»y of the Seymour House for .4ho ervteptniunient of the guests. VVtltfam I. HrlKKH hnm boon ap Th<> i.purutneivt was pun hasod pointed the local roproaMitative ',•,,„„ Na , n iu, Frank's Sons of this of th»* Canada Steamship Lines rHv -,.,,„ , o|> ,, v () , ,. hp , mfr | has I.UI. He Hinaoosd K. .1. Lanclo htM .„ nM h M o:ated and now presonl.s who had boon the company's agent , a ,|< n K hHul appearance. lw v n' for many years. Mr. I.aneto ro.dgne.l bocauso or his health. James A. Sayor is the *ue»t of , , , \* his mother, Mrs (J-eorge Sayer in Mrs. I'hlllp (.ray of Hristol, l'a„ <h<1 ( , i(v M ,. s . |y<T ofl „ wh . ( , I n (hr la the guest of Ji r parents, Hi. navv in M al<) | K |[o ilias corn-ploted ami Mi-. Cant C. Madtll in the his \ training al the V, S. Naval city.i The many friends of Mrs sla , im , at Xowport. R. I. On'his re- Cray aie vei> pleased to see her. [ mn j,e ex.lM>ols to outer the naval Hhe was one or (lgdeiiH-burg'H bright aei.diMiiy pn ixiralory chiss \\>liU-li young women opens June lf>. Special Sunday Dinner V. R. S. RESTAURANT, 214 State St. Chicken Broth with Noodles Crackers VY&fttt Chicken Cranberry Sauee I Celery Dressing Mashed Potatoes Qiblet Gravy &t+\*n and White Bread and Butter Tea, Coffee or Milk Strawberry Shortcake with Whipped Creattt j '7 * Vanilla Ice Cream | o ALL THIS FOR Funeral of Mrs. Charirand Monday 2 P.M. &*i*Vlc«s to Be Conducted From Home of Parents—Wat An j Estimable Woman. I Funeral rRes for Mrs. Virginia Ijctitia Otonrtraml, who dieil at 4 Friday af'ternoon a>t the Hepburn luxs.pi.tial following an illnesw of a nionth. will >be held at 2 to^inorrow afternoon tfixmi the home of her parents, Mr. and Mi's. William H. Graham, 819 Washington pireet, Rev. I>r. C. A. lk>urnler, fiastor of L'he Fir»t (Congregational church otVlclatluK and «bu;rlal will bo nwide in the Ogdenffhurg ceano- tory. Mrs. Cihartrand w«aR a youmg wo- m«m who was '{Krtusesaad with many adiniralilo traibs of character and ha«l a host of frlcnda In this city, who have Warned of'her death with the de« pest regret. The symiwitihy ol thest' .friends -are extended to tihe members of the family In their bo reavemont. Mis Cihartrand was born in Alt mar. Oswego county, April 27. 1 it 1)3, hut most here. Sftife WWf>AT, f , «8f i,»,miF.g ol her life wtas pvusaed wed Fred J. Chartrand, a % well known and popular taxi car <irivor oX this city la Utlca a'bouit t-w) years ago. Bookies her hiMiband and Infant daughter] Elizabeth Klhen, aged ono tnoikth, saie Is aurvlv«d »by her par- enta, and four brothers, Jaones S. Gruhaoi, Utioa; WllHam H. Jr., Roche&t(*r, Harold M. Utlca and George C mmmggm, I A. Stadler, 86 SHAD FLIES Passed Aw# Atj ARRIVED IN Home of Agedi BIG DROVES of this city. VANKENNEN'S CONDITION IS 1 IMPROVED Farmer of Oepauvllle Suc- cumbed at An Early Hour Sat- urday Morning to Old Age Infirmities. Attmriey George K. VanKennwi. j who was taken suddenly 111 in bis kaw office Thursday afternoon and hod to' b.» rtm»ove<l to his home, was reported yesiterday to be rent- ing conn forcibly. iHe is Rn*rt^rin« from a complication of dlseaw^, his prep<»iiit illness being attributed to stomach trouble. Mr. Van Ken- iw»n is on«t of the best known men not only In tills cHy but throughout Noi thorn pJe-w York. He hi an able attorney ajnd former mayor of (>g- (h'lmburg. IHs hundredH of friends <hopo for his s»i>eedy recovery to health. | Ariolplhus Stadler, a retlrod •ftarmer, who had <bcen a resident for the r*urt «lx »mon<ths of the city orphanage and Home for tbe AgvU, p.-issed away at an early hour yes- terday morning as the result cf the Imfirma^lyes cf old age. He was horn la Genmany. October 7, 1841. amd waa In his 86th year. The remains -were taken to the M«J>toan undertaking parlors and frWi there were reimoved yesterday afternoon to his Depauville home where funeral services will he held und burial made. Oapt. Jowph C. 1 lowland is about «Kaitt after e»perl«'n(dng a serious attack of iml'iges»tlon. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Mulford re tui nod Fi id-ay mornintg from a two months visH In Now York city. <i\ degree, The condition of Henry \A varo i ~~~ f^nmltiH oneha-ged lie i« eo.rfl.Hd ' n <»'S^vohl orf l»lallsbur»gh. to Ma home in State Mreet u Kb | » M ' ^ UU ^ «»•' ,h<l 'N«»nhorii Now a fractured hip ' Yoik Tehvphone oarporation has : boon eU'oted pre-sidoiit of tlie (>s- l>r (J. p. Taddlken attended the **' K ° Vmm\y Imb-pondont Tele Dfttioiial eoii\oiitlou of Ameihaii l»hoiw> cmrpany. , AUOIIIHIH ti.bl in Cincinnati last ' ' \' \ ^ m ,^ l>r. and Mrs H. S. HtllweH are I hi toe fi>>m New Yoik Mi ;. Cor I nelia IMlie. the doetoi-'s sister, re ObaYleit W Tunvlwill nm!'datwih tun> tl lat.1 week from the metrep tci of tbiM eltv were gjnosts of »e| o.lW whore Mao upent' the winter. ai^viH and tibnds at l'>lwards\ IHo ^»'h irionds. •ml on lllacu laUo the past week. —-—- 'y Ur Hugh A. Grant {of Potsdam . I*oppy day Kale nrtipt-; in (>^-|w.\s e.p*>iat»il on by l)f. St\j>ini at 40*t-sbtiii; amouuled to $.'»V.». r The tbe Htjbnin li«»>.pital ! > C>r the n- jrmoeods an- for tho tx-nrfit of dis m<»vul ol hi < toiudls, 'Pno operation 4JDt«d soldiers and their families was vei y successful J-dd Dr. (J.ant has made a fine reeovdry. , 1Wra. Albi-rl .I Cart is, 2l»'i Caro- ; ilriv strevi leaves tomorrow on a Mi--s Fb VIHT So vie*, tho bright virtlt to her ilanghior in New York J»»d ouoig.dic steivogi apher em (*\ty :•!'• iyod in the law of rice ol Altormy Myron F, Gray, lias lully reeo\«r. d Hot Father KiMieVt J. North ot \''»' ; > n <MMTation she inderwent UmiiKitmira was In the oily last : \ lht> H»'l>b»nn hospital and has '(.Mr'tiip paf*t few days the city has been Invaded by Its* animal army or shad flies. These flies, while perfectly harmless and with a oerhnl of life of bnt a few hours, arrive here every year during the early pait of Juno and extend over a period of about a week. Og- denshurg is tho one city in the country which is noted as the home of shad flies. These flies oopie out of the waters of the St. Lawrence in the rapids just below the St. Lawrence state hospital where they may bo seen In cloudH arising from the water. So thick are they at time*, that it is nec- essary to shovel them up from U001 ways and sidewalks. A hot s*pell at this time of the year means that the invasion of the flies will be particularly heavy. The cold weather cf tho past month it was thought would be a retarder of the pest, but rhey came just the same. The middle of this week will mark the end of the inva sion. ^ Nathan Frank's Sons Ogdcnsburg's Finest and Foremost Department Store Picture Hats $5.00 To $15.00 What i.s more effective and Inci- dentally more useful than a broad brimmed picture hat of milaii or leghorn. Trimmed with simple velvet or giossgraln rib- bon and shown in various pastel shades. There is nothing that will cause more favorable com- ment than this fashionable hat for afternoon tea. The Newest Felts $5.00 To $20.00 Folts are pcrrcuial, and the complete wardrobe is neve? without the litteat and smartest of these desirable hats. Hero we havo some light weight handkerchief felts in the soft- est texture and the most delect- able cfdors. Interestingly shap- ed in the wide brim ami brim less styles. Kxclusivo with us are the Catalina sport hats made in California and Dohhs hat world renowned. Millinery Second Floor fcscinMiop men For Summer—For Vacation Days—For Playtime—The sport mod* is predominant. White arid combinations with white are smartest and most attractive. The unusual suc- cess of the hip length blazer coat has spread throughout the country. And here the most authentic and most correct English cricket stripes are found in these jackets. These colorings and stripings are direct copies of imported English cricket coats. In combination with the flannel skirt, this makes an ensemble correct for all sport events. Summer Sweaters The siMirt wardrobe cannot be eornpiflti without the various sweaters so {>opumr this season. There is the popular Cardigan jacket, coat stylo in the softest all wool weaves. Then there is the bright jncqiini'd slipover made in high colors and rough uj usual textures. Then, there are siipove of soft irtistel shades with contrasting stripes or in plain effects. Some with col- ors, some without colors. All colors and fn si/on to fit all. Ladies' Sweaters $2.98 to $8.50 Misses' $2.50 to $6.50 Children's $1.98 to $4.50 Infants' $1.50 to $5.00 Tailored Vests $2.90 and $2.25 :al IliK es er, ml pa- le Pique and English broadcloth are used ntfist effectively for those vests which are duplies of those worn by the me.n. These, howe are designed for tho tailored ensemble can even be worn without jacket in combi lion with skirt. Double breasted and si breasted styles in white, tan and copen. Girls' Playsuits $2.25 Play suits of blue-jean with short sieves, m{id dy top and full bloomer. Indispensable the young lady of 6 to l(i for sport or c; wear. Second Floor Silk Summer Hose Hip Length Blazers $10.00 2 Piece Blazer Suits $16.90 White Sport Coats $19.90 $25.50 Unusually fine soft grade of white broach loth is used ,/'>l 'hose white coats bound with silk riiaid and fully lined with silk. This model is plain- ly tailored with double breasted front and peaked lapels. White cheviot sport coats in both tux* edo and double breasted styles. Hound with silk braid and fully silk lined. Drapes most gracefully. (or D \tx\ $i.4a Re * $2.00, Crordan fftll fashioned with fancy clock black, white, gun metal, champagne, French nude. atmosphere, Main Floior White Dresses For Graduation and Confirmation $2.98 to $10.00 Graduation and confirmation dresses made in very Binfpie yet becoming styles, in voile, combinations of voile and crepe de chene and soft shimmering satin and crepe de chetie. Trimmed with bows .ruffles and tiers. Sizes, 8 to 14. For Weddings or Commencement $16.90 to $45.00 Gratfufttloh dresses and wedding gowns in whft* ctrepe de chene or georgette. This selection is really unequalled in the whole North Country. Girls- who wear from 16 to 20 will find just the dress they have been dreaming of. Apparel—Seooni Floor Beautiful Gifts 25% Off Wlfch the time for June weddings coming, with graduations almost upon Ut and confirmation here, this special table of gifts at reductions of 25% from our regular prices has proven most opportune to many gift givers. Here you will find gifts that were marked $3.00 to $15.00 and the savings will accord- ingly vary from 75c up to $3.75. Gift Shop—Third Floor n NATHAN FRANK'S SONS New Orthophonic Records Released Every Wednesday 6 6 2 7 22 2 4 3 7 2 1 Silk Dresses. Sizes 18-42. Were HM ...... Silk and Kasha Dresses. Sizes 1842. Were $4.98.^. Misses' Suits, size 13. Skirt, Coat and Belt. Were $4.98 Silk Dresses. Sizes 16-44. Were $7.95... Silk Dresses. Sizes 16-50. Were $9.95_^^ tr ,- Flannel Blazers. Sizes 16-18. Were $7.49- ._ Botany Flannel Blazers. Red and Navy, 16-18. Were $9.95-._ Sport Coats Were $5.98 ,>„._ Sport Coats. Sizes 16-42. Were $9.95^ Children's Coats. H Size 14. Were $3.98.. T ._._ Navy Coat, No. 16. Was $3.98 , ^..^^. $3.98 $3.98 $3.98 $6.95 $7.95 $6.75 $8.95 $498 $6.95 $1.00 $2.00 SALE OF HATS Were $1.98 £4| |\Q Were $2.49 ^ • iW Were $2.49 4*4 QA Were $2.98 ^ • «5J™ Were $2.98 (fp QQ Were $3.49 9CmOV HOSIERY Ladles' full fashioned silk hosiery, 13 shades, paIr«.^....$lJQ0 Ladies' rayon hose, ravel-top, pair 39c Misses' plaid rayon sport hose, pair 44c Ladies' mercerized cotton hose, pair 25c Children's ribbed stockings, pair 39c Boys' fancy cuff golf stockings, pair 29c, Boys' and girls' fancy cuff 7-8 socks, palr t 25c Children's rayon socks, all colors, pair -^ 20c and 25c FURNISHINGS Ladies' silk gloves, double tip, sizes 6'/2 to 8, pair - __98c Ladies' fabric aloves, black, white and brown, pair 59c , Children's white gloves, pair 39c* Georgette and crepe silk scarfs, each , $100 Sale of ladies' neckwear 26c to 69c CHILDREN'S WEAR Girls' playsuits in blue jean and khaki, middy top, red tie and bloomers, 3 to 8 years 89* Girls' wash dresses, fancy patterns, 7 to 14 years,.59c and 84c Girls' panty drerses in fine printed broadcloth, 2 to 6 yr*.-89c Girls' panty dresses in fancy ginghams and plain and fancy voiles, 2 to 6 years 49c Boys' wash suits in fancy rayon and crash, 3 to 8 year* 89c Boys' white broadcloth wash suits, 3 to 8 years - 79c Boys' striped gingham play suits, 3 to 8 years 49c Boys' blue denim coveralls, 2 to 8 years 6ac Boys' tweed knickers, grays and tans, 8 to 16 79c Children's rayon sweaters, 26 to 30_ $1.29 INFANTS' WEAR Babies' voile dresses. 1 to 3 years, ambroidered-*^.-,—. 49c Babies' dresses in fine lawn, embroidered and face trim- med, 1 to 3 years 35c, 49c, 69c Crib blankets, full size, plaids, blue, pinks and whites 45c Full size rubber crib sheets 1 39c Fancy heavy weight rubber crib sheets 69c Ruffled border rubber bibs.- . 5c U. S. Rubber baby pants, ventilated- 25c U. S. Rubber baby pants, natural and white 19c Cotton bands for babies, 1 to 6 years -.-.<-.» 10c Babies' cotton shirts, 1 to 6 years m 25c Infants' gertrudes, lace trimmed 25c CHILDREN'S UNDERWEAR Boys' and girls' nainsook union suits, drop teat 39c Girls' slips, 3 to 8 years , 39c Girls' embroidered slips, 7 to 14 years 49c LADIES' RAYON UNDERWEAR Knitted rayon French panties with new bodies tops $1.09 Lace trimmed rayon step-ins $1.00 Rayon bloomers, flat seams, lock sttitch . 79c , Rayon vests ^J^\. 59c Knitted dance bandeaux of rayon \ 56c Knitted rayon sport union suits „.„ $1.00 Knitted rayon nightgowns, lace trimmed r $149 Rayon chemise with contrasting hem 1.^. $1.00 MEN'S WEAR Men's fruit of the loom nightshirts $1.00 Men's fancy shirts, neck band and collar attached styles._$1.00 Men's nainsook union suits, athletic styles ,,_-_^69c Men's 220 blue denim overalls, 36 to 44, extra heavy $1.00 Men's blue work shirts, 14 1-2 to 17 40c and 66c Men's work socks 10c and 16c RUBBER GOODS Ladies' rubber raincoats, corduroy collars.. Special $2.89 Children's rubber raincoats with hats „ $2.89 Rubber aprons, flower decorations ^ 39c Coverall rubber aprons with contrasting edge 89c Rubber gloves for garden work or cleaning 29c DOMESTICS 32\ crepe rayon* per yard „ 33c 36\ suiting, per yard . j*>. nr __ 29c Madras stripe shirting, per yard.^*.*....^,.-.. J- 25c 36\ percales, per yard T __.# 17c 32\ romper cloth, per yard -*L .-. 23c 36\ pajama checks, white * ...» 15c 36\ cretonne, 6 patterns, per yard.,... .'_ 17c 27\ apron check gingham, p % er yard ; . 1te 17\ part linen crash toweling, per yard 14c Turkish towels, colored borders, 17x34, each 14c Turkish towels, colored borders, 18x40, each. 19c AH white Turkish towels, 20x40 __. 25c Huck towels, 16x28 10c * Sheets, seamless, 81x90 . , 99c NATHAN FRANK'S SONS BASEMENT Reliable Goods at Lowest Price* BEGINNING TODAY CLOSING OUT SPRING DRESSES SPRING COATS and SuttS T'flll'f ,\.; as==^' •*-'-•• ^''••&''** ^'--^!&^W.-'^^^\ :,3f <'^ ^.&U'\^ V *,-.V. l,..t.i.V,,>i-*«t.;./-. , -j;-v \'-'i <?.*•.« -4..

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