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The Advance-news. (Ogdensburg, N.Y.) 1933-1935, December 12, 1933, Image 6

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' i /! \*\\ • i r > \ 12. IJKK: yen Way 4 Six 11 \wo and * i on erfiber of the Dunlap was * Kansas State arterbacks in L. T. Morgan # bowed eonti- arris '3tf and uber 34. go to ltougal * State and W. Iowa State. with one of stood out as especially in brilliant kick- K>wer as well * willing inter- imd time for tar halfbacks 34, Nebraska; Oklahoma; J. as, and \V. T. ? B. N. Kil- >ka and J. A. na. The for- ^ognition. f-ee * ave displaced rvice in more another toril- y '34, Kansas gmen in E. J. -d O'Neill '34. O. J. Sehiele • honors last\ rewarded be- s of his team, he Oklahoma 1 recognition m the Big Six ; tackle post * ix '3-» r of Kan- had a likely rien *o4. Okla- ?r \3»*» Kansas rtzberger '34. great pair in d P. J. Meh- : named was \\ from Xeb- They are \V. • nimir Kvater- .-. The Corn- ea ding guard. t lahoma had a shara* 34 and vansas State son '34. Kan- S. Iowa State and Missonri iher of good . H. E. Fleet- to give Okla- sentation TI'KSDAY. l)K(V]l». V.m THE ADVANCE. X E W S PAGE SKVEN ill r Jungle 11.—It is an- d Mrs Char leave Onann- the Brazilian * * a. m. la- 's aot known over the aan- irect line for whether they a^tream to lasoa and np ? of tlie Pan- Parish Service Guilds to Be Formed in the Diocese A letter to the clergy from Most Rev. Hishop Joseph 11. Conroy. re- lating to the organization oi Tammany branches of the Parish 1 Guttd as the official agent of Cath- olic Action throughout the diocese of Ogdensburg, \v«s read in the churches Sunday. The Catholic Ac- tion movement was directed by I Continued from Page 1> nation of the Democratic split and <he nomination of the candidate !>y Tammany. So far there has been no agree- ment between the Fusionists and the Republicans. The Republican County Committee of the district has nominated former Alderman Jacob Weil. A Fusion group has nominated Kdward Abelson, who so far has not had the support of all Fusion elements. The Fusionists and the Republicans are expected to make a further attempt to reach an agreement on a candidate to- morrow, the last day for declina- tions of nominations. Independent nominating petitions for Thomas Burke as the candidate of a group of war veterans have been circulated. The time for fil- ing independent petitions will ex- pire on Thursday. LEGAL NOTICE lie Action for the coming Winter and Spring Reasons may be rough- ly outlined as follows: 41) to de- vote most of the Sunday instnu- i tions to the presentation and elu- I cidation of our Faith, and the rea- sons underlying and supporting it; svrvutr- <LM to inaugurate, without delay, a Guild Lecture Course for adults— providing clear and popular instruc- tion and insisting on broader re- ligious activities than mere atten- dance at Mass and support of the Pope for a two-fold purpose, | church and clergy; (3) to urge ail. personal sanctification and a well especially parents, to attend these informed lay apostolate. The iet-j lectures and to impart, what tney ter in part is as follow*: -have learned, to their children in The Catholic Action movement the home—the first and most im- is enjoined by the great Field Mar- portant of all schools. Prospective sha! of the Church Militant, whose ? teachers and helpers should be &e- search-ii.rht from the watch-towers of the Vatican, reveals not alone the enemy's position and :ne na- ture of his attack, but also what defensive measure? shou'.d be ad- opted by the Catholic forces. That seriou? danger threatens is denied by the decision of our J?i>iri tua.1 Chief to call out —thn laity, who left the uniformed is from the Holy Father Himself that emanates the command to de- \eIop , into* forceful spiritual min- istry, the latent energies of our people, may We not rely on a whole-hearted and loyal 'response of each and every priest of Our diocese? In Our quinquennial report to be presentee* next year to the Holy j See, it will afford Cs great pleas- ! tire to submit a detailed account of | the efforts put forth by yourselves • and your people io make the lay Apostolate of (.'acholic Action a source of great joy aud consola- tion to our White Father in the Vatican. lected and given special attention. The lectures shoirid be based on the Second Baltimore Catechism, cover such portions of its contents a> are r not well understood by the laity, and be given, so far a* pos- evi-**ibie f three times a month. Ses- -4b RADIO PROGRAM i the reserves . ^ hool, sacristy have all too long convenient for battalions— ;_ Purely, no *- \ *ions may be held in the church, or any other place priest and people. 4 „., .._ paster will claim that (hierarchy, priests and religious, to hi» paushloneers are too ignorant bear alone the brunt of battle. * to be of any service in the propos- Let me understand, then, once ed lay Apostolate, for this would for all, that the objective of Catii-j argue that he had failed in his min- o!ic A. lion is twofold: first, p**r-: is try of teaching. To assert that sonal sanctiiication, and, second, a v ne jaity refuses to cooperate -with, j well-informed lay Apostolate. To , nt , priest, reflects sadly upon the, nurshal the reseives and lead them j latter* s quality of leadership, to the attainment of the^e objec-' Our missionaries in iiagan lands | l0 '- n NBC-WEAF NETWORK TUESDAY, DEC. 12. 1933 ?»:3o—JJoliule Adventures 5:4\.—Nursery Rhymes 6:00—M me. Frances Alda 6:34»—Weekly Hymn Sing 6:4. r >—Cheerio Musical Mosaics 7:MO—The Mountaineers 7:1\»—Billy Bachelor's Sketch 7:30—Lum A: Abner 7:io—The Goldbergs, Serial Act S:30—Wayne King's Orches. ?:W —Ben Bernie and the L»ads ?:3o—Ed Wynn A- Band 10:«H»—St t;i Parker's Cruise Madame Sylvia NOTICE TO BANKS AND BANK- ING HOUSES Sealed proposals are invited iTom the Uanks, Bankers and Bank- ing houses TO act as the deposit- ory *of public moneys of the City of Ogdensburg for the next en- suing year. Said proposal shall state the rate of interest the bid- der will pay to said eity on daily balances standing to the credit of the city. Only such proposals will be considered by the Common CounciL Such proposals shall be sealed and directed to the Mayor of the city and delivered to him within ten days after the first pub- lication of this advertisement. : -iThe Common Council reserves the right to reject any and all bids. Dated December 1st, 1933. W. H. OWEN. City Clerk. NOTICE j bear unanimous testimony to the; ***\*•* '• effective work of their lay cate- \ j chi^-ts to whom they a^i rrbe. in j very large measure, the convers- \ ion of so many millions to the faith. | May we not hope that, ere long, oui* own lav workers may render Notice is hereby given that li- cense H L 698 has been issued to .the undersigned to sell liquor and wine at retail under section 132A of the Alcoholic Beverage Control Law at Oswegatchie Hotel, ST. i^awrence county, Ogdensburg. N. V.. for on premises consumption. THOMAS E. McROBERTS. Oswegatchie Hotel, Ogdenshnrg. N. Y. { iV Business Notices i WILL BUY sell or trade Household furnitare «r anything y<w fem*«. Mayer's Furniture Exchange, be- low Hackett's Store or Phone 11«-W. tives, is the imperative duty now- resting upon you and Us as leaders of the people. We must begin by driving deep into Their consciousness the full- import or* the significant words of the Apo»tle St. John: \This is the j victory which overcometh the' r^nUlel service in the conversion world—our faith\ (1 John v, **• {of pagan America. Inasmuch as it This striking truth is strongly re-' affirmed by St. Pau»l charging the Ephesians to have the shield of taiia wherewith, he says, you may be aole. tx> extinguish all the fiery darts of the e*vil one' iEphes, vl. H\. It is clear, therefore, that, in our ba T tle? with the world and Satan, the prime essential and winning factor is our Holy Catholic- Faith. But, as St. James warns u*. •faith without good works is dead*; hence, the present movement is not satisfied with a fallow assent to the teachings of the Churcn. but calls fo r genuine Catholic Action springing t:x>m a living, intelligent faith. May We not. therefore, presume to address to each of you in per- son the words of St. Paul to T:m- othy: ~I charge thee before God j and Jesus Christ, preach the word: j jbe instant in season and out of| season; reprove, entreat, rebuke, in all patience and doctrine.\ <Tim. j II. U ] During the long winter montns now be^nnitiir. We expect to see | the organization of the Parish Sei'- vire Guild perfected and function- ing in all sections of Our diocese. For tho*e •.bo did not tally omier-. stand. We repeat that, in earn 4 paiisu and mission, a branch, of ^ the Parish Service Guild mast be j organiz-^d with a President. Vice-] President. St-rretary and Treasurer) —a2l }ay ;>e<ople, atd with a Moder- ator who will be either the pastor or an assistant designated by him —Robert Simmons. Tenor i 11:00—John B. Kennedys Talk 11:1\.—Benny Meroff Orches. : 11:30—Meyer Davis & Orches. j 12:00—Rudy Vallees Orches. 12:30—• Freddie Mart in Orches. ! CBS-WABC NETWORK j 5:oo—Skippy. Sketch • 5:l~> —Phil Regan. Tenor 5: '•'> 0—J a c k A r in s t rong s>:ta—-^t^orge Hall Orches. <J:oC-~J*uck Kogere - - '-*• 6:15 —Bobby Benson «.::o—Betty Baithelt 8:45~~Little Italy 7:00—Myrt & LMarge 7:15 Just Plain Bill 7:3o—Del Cainpo. Tenor 7:4'» Boake Carter. Talk 8:0o -Klmer Kverett Vess. Skit S:l:%—To Be Announced S:Ho--Voice of Kxperience S: 4Ti—T v ie Columbians <>: oo—Stokowski Orches. H:i:» -The Poefs C»old !*: 3o -Californian Melodies 10 :i »«»—<Jlen Gray Orches. ! 10:3o—CHS Broadcast 1»*:45 — Kvan Kvans, Songs •• 11: IT*- G«'rtrude Niesen jll:3«—Ishani Jones Orch. '12:«MI — Vincent Lf>pez Orch. . 12:30 -Ace Rrigode Orch. • l:i»0—Pance Hour NBC-WJ2 NETWORK r,: t.'i—America Going Forward . r i:3o—The Singing Lady 5:4.\»—Orphan Annie 6:00—Richard Hi in her Orches. «: 30—Mary Small. Songs 6:4s—l^owell Thomas 7:(»0—Amos V Andy 7:IS—Radio in Education 7:4. r . -The Rhythm String Quar. S:rtO- j Crini** Clues, iiramatic 8: So -Health Adventures. Talk S:4.> r -iHiilpot * Uimbert. Songi H:04>—«Music Memories & Poet 9:30— Men of Oaring 10:0<»—The Variety Cruise ! 10:30—To Be Announced 11:00—Leaders Male Trio ll:i:»—The Poet Prince 11:30—Paul Whiteman Or. j2:00—Phil Harris £ Orches. 12:3o—Harry Sc-nick Oich. The names of such officers shoaid j be forwarded to the CaaBctrry Of- 1 fice, if they have not already beea j I filed ih-re. j FOR RENT—4 and 5-room heated. The membership of the Guild | apartments. $2*.** per month, j should be divided into different i Mc Doc a Id Bros. State street jcta*«^-: active, a^o^inte ond s»p^ —, rorting. mitn doe pmcisioa tor <6, '/,. FOR RENT—Heated, famislied * room lower'fiat. Three niinate . vmlfc front Poet Office. Has use of phone. Inonire ~-l Oonsrresa street. fOR SALE -Automatic piano snk- «Ue for taven or hotel. At 125. VaI3er> Music Store. <D: ^ ^pecinl benefactors*. Xot »U are ex- pected to teach, hot ail are inrite*! j to learn, and io pledge <Vopera tion in one or tne otner depart- ment of Catholic Action Work. Some can searrh ont Diligent children and adults some can «a- jner Catholic pnJWkation^ and dis- tribute theaa to others, SOSK- can eOR SALE SUJJOI stadio pianos I«dmini54er ^pintnal or materia; aJJ $35 and np to $2*5. Valleys to the sick orthe poor, and all ca^ Hasic Store. j W \??** for *T *•***?. * ] the Christian cniwe. Copies of to** . :^ti **b «* r /t, ^o ike POK SALE—A sllghrtr fstri p-*xx» j ratios** j*ray«r say be Ud rr«tl« Mxartum git«i at » *aortflee.*fi»m tie Chaa««7 Office. V«nejr- S M«£jc Store. The Bn«ietia?e % •fife. - V \ •K •f Catbo^ 1 ^4

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