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PAGE SIX T II R ADVANCE - X K W S .TIKKDAY. NOV. '_>$, l^f: EASTERN SELECTION FOR ROSE BOWL IS STILL IN DOUBT Opponent of Stanford In Rose Bowl Still Unchosen BOWLING In the Class A League matches rolled last night on the Crescent Recreation alleys the State Res- S\N PRANCISCO. Nov. 27. --i spoil t!:e chance of tht W'lti .Stanford definitely cho-en as ! :il: * k:n;r the c *° a>! lri »- [Teams Divide In Elk's League city legislation before the meet- ing. A host of prospective guberna- torial candidates are to be advaac- }ed. Representee James \V. Wads- Pointers I taurant took 4 points from tin Michigan' Madden Coal Corporation, n.e ^-M loop. Tulloch he representative of the West i a i and Uuk ^ aW * ar to ** the <>^> ' Ver ^ - Points from the State Hos- Mn , ers wiUj - os an<f ( , ordwel he annual Ro.e Bowl -ridiron 1° ther fe * m * * xh * <*>\*\> mhh ^ aland ^ M *- on * * ^» ts f,om | his own team with 494. Score ne annual ico>e tsowi ^ IU,nn } any claim towards the honor. I>uke. the Crescents. Miller (2 Points) lattV on New Year's Day the eyes southern conference champion.-. Honor games in Class A we:e! MiI|er 143 ^ j.. Millers team and the Cordwell J worth. Fearon. Ogden L. Mills, and Five each took two points in last Harold R Johnson, Watcrtown \h \pjj llis:,lt s mali!l in ln * K,ks§ bowling J publisher, among others, have been . the iMJi^n Tniii^h was; high for the' mentioned as possible state stand- ordvrell led . ard bearers. The party's attitude on perman- aa >f tiie football world today turned .have won nir.e frames and are un- a? 1 follows: I Brav o the outstanding Eastern teams J defeated and by a great many au-j Fay 2*»*>. Lynch 224-231. H° U:ir d, Tulloch in an effort to weed out the pick ! thor: ties are rated as the best of.2o2. Coonrbs 2o2. Raymo - Ml '-- r, -j Thompson .if the lot for the big holiday tussle, [the Hast and Sttth. Michigan, the'Mitchell 2«»5, Connolly 2o>. Harrow \\ard It is known here that Prince-1 other entry, has been undefeated --\5. Williams 2\2. Egberts 2t»l, on and the Army are the first] but has a scoreless tie with Min-- Uoue*;ts 2«>2. Madden 2o5. Olive 212, -.•hoices of the committee but diiTi-j nesota to mar her record. This is J. Wells 222. Vallance 2*'.6, Beck- ioa 184 141 212 *-.., 18:; 145 lt»5 is« €2» almost preclude! a line. pov. -rful team but rules stead 22.I-227. LeRoux 2«*5, Fox 2o:j- '•ultie- exist to jronsideratioii for either squad. I* 1 j crop up for the Wolverines are a 224. La.Macchia 2«>2. he Princeton case it is the agree-] member of the Bisr Ten whose! tfoo Games—Lynch men? with Harvard and Yale, co-j teams are barred from post-season • stead $<>!•. Fox $07. •uembers of the **l>:g Three.\ that games by conference roles. Duke,' Schedule tonight: •ii post season g:;:nes will be play.' therefore, appears to he the only ed and in the case of the Cadets outstanding team east of the Rock- \rom West Point an attitude of ies which is free to accept a we?t-' hostility from the Army authori- ern bid to the Tournament of iies. who appear to be definitely Roses classic and w\!l no doubt be against the jaunt, will probably out here on NYw Year's Pay Co. CordweM (2 Points) Shaver 12; ! lienny ... «53. Beck- j McFadden Carmody . ! Cordwell . SPORT-TOPICS ?I *l: !l : - :* /? * -« »*»™ Le further indicated the Trojans! had lire contracts on all the poten-1 Brief Comment on the Happen- 4 tiai coast toot ban p-ay-rs i:om!J. H. Weils ings in the World of Sports. [^ nh a!id :u> on * °° uId d^piace s,»:prager .... *\••-* -j T im0 ra the I Vallance - - CLASS C LEAGUE Faculty Five vs. C. 4: M. Grocery. I. G. A. Five vs. Lisbon No. 2. Wedn esday night: Lisbon No. 1 vs. Clark Biscuit I Co. National Bisc. Co. vs. \V. H. |Middlemiss Co. Spoony vs. State Hospital. Si ores: 102 13\. 15«» 157 137 15$ 135 153 ent liquor control for New York 22'Stare, which will be created by the 164—150 ' 1934 Legislature, also may be de- 179—aOSitermined at the conference, the 13*1—3S2! first of Its kind called in many 14t>—-ft&S j years. \ • 7« 2250 : Members of both the Senate and Assembly, as well «s candidates for other offices, will be elected next year. Campaigns undoubtedly 163 <iO- -353 will be diseased. 174—434 j Macr, in calling the meeting to 13;\ —4or> discuss the New York city legisla- 1S2—4?»4 tion. clearetl the way for discus- ! sions on other topics when he «<><> 742 7s7 21:^!added: **l trust G.O.P.ToTalk 1934 Race At Utica Session that iu the meantime, rou will give thought to the mat- ters that should be considered/* What the Wires Say NEW YORK ?Cal. A^on; come* follow- l \ 5rsl yt \ :!r ** 1 *°* > **ikj* out on them land UIILS the Pacific Coas: Con- Caliioraia-Notre Dame j f t!V i:ce. We wonder who second J Notre Hciine that M)j!:iwst,.! on that? \Pop\* or the ' Teir:!>ie grads A. Wells Beckstead Livemvore It was heard Saturday in 4 :h** So ^a:ne at -oiilui/i !>e exacted to win as they j i^n-^ie grails wiio ma-.ie sine to •idayeii two teams—on« . the re^u- i ^ l a £°°* °^ ? ? anford ma.-t be UirYalitoinia el«-ven and the oth- j rt*nu itibrting \he who lauirlis last\ er. Cotton Wat burton, the \S.-ooterj^- 1 * 1 * 1 ° It} ^ airtl frennently the?e K:\,\ ;ame:l Trojan halibaeK who j ^X^- wf^iuJis itnder 144 |K>UIK1S. Warbur-j °°°— con was a regular dynmo /^hen ; A corresroncleiit covering the oos^l on the field and simrie hand-1 Soiiheiu <'a!ii'orc;a-No;re Dame **u was the cause of the Irish de- ^•• !ne ?iHil lhaT \l-'otror/* Warhurt- tV:u. If Jone< wonld have permit-J ou - staf ^a^ ^' the Tiojaus lur- ed hiisi to play the entire game, he ' rowed lov.n and under, a yard in saw only two quarters the set-on 1 ,rt>Iit c * 'ne goal iine and came uplHannan Masons (3 Points) 140 IM 222—r>4G | Meeting Scheduled Dec. 8 Like- 17i» IM 142 cost t/iis 1S1 IM', 23»> 1>4 l^S* 195 11 *7 14»i lvo 147—-* it» i 227—«o^ 1S9—,\»«».\• ly to Be 4< Unofficial State Convention/' lu4C» 1144 1111 3301 Crescents (1 Point) LeRoux .. | Lesperance McPherson O'Brien .. Fox LaMacchia 2**\ 1S3 l«*r5 2<«3 1S«» is:« 179 I'M' 153 224 2o2 1S6 D;JI—ii.> ( l ALBANY. Nov. L>7.— JC meetiag of Republican leaders in t'tiea. Dec. S appeared likely today to assume the pro] ortions of an unofficial ..-{state convent ion Problems involving selection of J- \3^ the party's candidate for goveru- li. .i-^ Qr at nt . XJ y f , a| .- s elections threat- ^\ J!V I * inp ^ to .become a major topic as l,o ' , -»-J leaders prepared for the confer- -4!i-i last, there is no telling wha« £he score mi-iht have been. War- iiirton oroke into th** dear in the tina! quarter and was met % by £<:-iz7«o;i 'he Jtambler safety, who ackiej him hiirii. alon«4 towards he 1»» vard line. The \Scooter\ •otiTiu.»« .1 onwar«i finally taliing. .vith Mazxiotii on his neck, on liie •^ix inch iine. And the Notre Dame quarter is no liglrweight, weighing ilKl.bT l«»r> • I>ii! you note where \Pop** War- jei's Tei!:j^e team took a shel'ack- »:r, \rem Villa Nova's elevea 24 o? •:.» .r i:i '\Piiit\ hasn't got under A ay yet. We will be I'on-f^l to %vait •tnd r-*r v.bat his r rosli iroduce for next swi^on. And Daitmouth took jne :o T 1 .:*- Ti-u*- 01 -^-* J irom <*hi- .a««». That is a licking even iu a ii«h school league or early warm- JJ; s he<lu;e. Then too. Dill Orauge ••ouMa'*. stand the <'o4ua. »ia gat*. ( iiia.lv -oinr uiKier in the final aa*J. w-ille LaiPayetie defeat er! h*ir air*- olr! oi :«'tuenTs L hish by j he lop.sid-d t:>lai of i4-12. -oo»»— j The (>. Y. A. t»a.->kell«aji T«-am las* « -rei ing ^pt: :i«- • »ir» the sea^ou v. «ien I -^v^ral h:!ii«4lr«*d |x»«i»<ls of *':«ii>\ j R«ie uor>** away with. On*- thous- and one hundred ]*>opie anend*-«l J n«* T'je^-i'jag. thereby aiakiag it eas.. j *uaj*te\ tor tiae Ataieu*- .Vss<M'iai- .joa. Kla4«-r *iii>\ is a card- Turk«-v l>arrow on the otlier siv'e for a touenjown The **Sc«K»ter\ a.v.st pe g.xvj. j Farley -•• ~°°°— ! MacCallum Princeton and Army remain ua-jwrlliams defeated in the f.ist and now. a v ho ! Huberts \.ill be elected t'rosi the east to the Rose Bowl? Princeton still has Vale to take this Saturday while the Aimy's assignment is Notre D:::ue. Jt may be. neither wiil be undeteated th<» way the season has piogre«i<ed nith upset after tumble. ; We come ri.uiit out. point olauk and ! say Noire Dame whips the Army. And the score will be 1> •». lienors i line-up on the tight. sentiment to the of INC -»»-•*• meeting regarding the selection 17N nlSjj gubernatorial candidate Tin e haskerfoili st-a.-oii ojiens • this week in the Barg when S:.l Fay *• .Mary's meets the fast Holy Ghost Extra * Academy live from Piattsburg on . ^- vnc ' n Thanksgiving night in the aym. i l-- lI,( i->' Then on f>ece:iiiNrr Mh. O. F. A.;^ amar ^ plies 0:f the *4.HK>1 league ii! meei- 'Coombs ins the Canicn tea::i here in th*> j Aunoiy. IJetv.een the s.-hooh- ar.«i | the towii tea;:i. in«Ioor I^LS can I State Hospita have a bj»y winter it tliev so de- • RayiTio ~ j ence, summoned by Stale Chairman li:,t> lOS*^ 10.35 32^; '\v. Kingvliind Macy. State Restaurant (4 Points ) j County chairmen from througi*- 1\*Z 181 167—541j 0lll (j ie ?tate are preparing to sub- 177 22'! 171— 571jm.ii -iiack home 175 162 1S7 -524! 17.• 15G 1 1N2 1N» -°2—5U4 j The conference, among other 1S7 2^1 l NO —5«ISj things. *was exj>ected to discuss: 1. Dissension in party ranks. 2. S< me opposition to the present leadership. *'.. Formulation of a legislative program. Macy's blunt move to remove As- semblyman Russell (J. Ihinmore of Oneida County, as the Republican majority leader of the lower Jiouse. T:.»s expected to be carried to the Ctica pow-wow. There was hoi»e that an res: caused by the move would be dissipated. Older party leaders a!*o hoped to dispe* O]t>ositk>n among soir.e Madden Coal Wallac- Douglas Madden S* *pIienson .. Olive Extra lt*3 Corp 14U 141 v>* 174 1S1 175 llo?, n. (0 16o 2«»2 IKS 164 212 15f. 1«S5 32S1 Points) 15« 15£ IM—537 2o5— 5f>2 15S—t^Mi 1<*5—5*S ir,7—I^S El Verso J*?:t H*2 D*75 514o (3 Points) 2*»r; 175 1«>5—54n .\J re. Baseball Fans Ready For the Coming Season ' Xliddlemiss )Lo\ely j Downey .. ; M itchell .. i Connolly . i4»; is> IM 2«»2 2««2 2^1 17o lTtJ 1JM> 14« 2«^ 144 **34 181 Its IS* iia^.i*all in this village, ana aid and t-iicouru^mw-nT were i«rooM«e<i in Cnateaa^jv. Nov. 27.—The hax* K*->n\4 liv** i*ere aay luoae. j *ba!*i fe:v«r «-tiil iToaishes & Caa- -ooo— • tf-aii«^y an.! i!ie fa*i> are a> enthu- T ; lt _ ^-ver* that ;h*» orsanixation be -<;**akinj: of a ^-<-«l:air t*e Tac* >ia«ifc- a> <cer tor the Xa I foal l roniinael. S» vera! of the ladies oi s^'e«-iio-i oC Siaafo^d for rfce uest j *f***\i- : Tai; *a* ev>*en<-e»i oa Tue*- the consiii-iaity liad proferred tfeeir era r* present riv* ;or the *&»»e] <2ay eveair z *hea a7 a ssreiing !ieid { ^ervk-es in rroridiaz card i*art*ejs 136-424? ZZ\ —653 17«, *^41iy°ung ch'rrtans to Macy's leader- 27o r,4^ ship. Desrite some mild opposi- l$2 552 xlon - * JiK \>' v ''*** i given a vote of ____—— ' confidence by younger Republe n->- *.**d* i4Li*» -*->< ]**** at a convention in Srtieaec- 11Z-* l*^\ l\*t» *•—-»«> j M 1 n Point) r^> ***e**l months %zo. °* l ' The RepaMtcan legislative prce gram, including l**gisJatioB <t»-sign- ed to bring about e aooaiies and reforms in New York city's gov- ernniexit along lines to l>e suggest- ed by liayar-elect Fiorello H. La- jOuard'a. rirtAablr mill b+- placed in shape by the leader*. The it. O. P. legislative leader- ship. Speaker Joaepfe A- M<<;in- OM*?. of kipirr and S* aaie Minor- ity I>-a«ler (ieoixe K_ Feacon of I - Syracuse, are t« confer with *La- <«nardia regarding the Xem York 167 Isl 144 175 136—^62 1S5—\V22 1V5—*55 1M>—»41 2M5—41*5 167—S5* Thanksgiving diauer year lowest since 1H07. Sktin cop's two assailants near death after fatal vice raki. Five try suicide, three succeed, the other two wili recover Creation of more leisure by MIA, booms sporting goods industry. Business leaders fail to place on Rabbi's list of ten greatest Americans. Merchants ask six changes now in city charter, full revision only after thorough study. Welfare Council finds Americans spend $52.\>.I.MMI.OOII a year for pat- ent medicines. Catermyer bolts O'Brien, de- mands that bus franchise be left to Lal'uardia. Reform of chuich tax exemption procedure urged by City Affair? Committee. Rabbi Wise critize? Jews for failure to unite against Hitler. Woman admits she posed as charity worker, stole dimes from poor. John D. Rockefeller, Jy., triples his gift of $li»«».»too to Citizens Family Welfare Committee. Suing blonde charges \love mil- lionaire** with hiding marital sta- tus. Sculptor found slain after ar- tist's nude dancing revei. HighT Catholic clergv join col- ored laymen cleberatiag church's Jubilee mass. Instructor killed, student pilot critically injured iu crash at Valley St ream. Haywaid. Cal- Daek banters 1 lind body oi Rrooke Hart, kidnap vktim. ia bay. Carefully-diessed baby Uoy found dead in Staten Island field. 1«#1 D*6i 1^7 im Knemy VfiVTED STATES Uetroit—City's PuMk- No. 1 and i^U found sfaua. Oklahoma Ci;y—(ieveroor Mur- ray ready for I rou bk*. MV ka^ *rmf of colonels. Chicago—Mother. 81, sends, son, •*>>. ?o Jail to break him of drink- iog. «c*al Toarnas^nt foo«Hall £ame is i «n Joan-«en Bros. > office it »a* j.ad >Ji»r*ers. mhUe the ycanger a hr»:-*e on **Pr>~ Warner. T*-»Tde J -a^jai-^ticilly agreei that the ' i.eaera!ion of yoon? mea and ladie* r Ut*+ **V Asisot'aiioa 1M- coaiiaaedi^re aaxio«s to pet on a series of viem: rnir»*-it;, of I1*iiad«df:ats for a rla« e ia ;•«• *an «2iea \\Koi di^>ati»ili4 wi h ^:aa«oMl and Pa--,^-* e id ;M> *an *ent toiiiti^ad j4»i* -u^re Aa <-aj»s*eJ ior ih+ j a ma? ear piays for the benefit of ~***T at great evpeas^ = t. - n of 1-24. j Tit . organization. The -sroara^e- *~ indicated that he -a^ ! 2 s -ator Taayer Ti-s-kle: at fae ; n^aT thas expressed, proaipted the cific Coms-c conditMn^ s^yisa: WO^F * - • ha4 a rhan^e vita S^^ithern fWf * *~* 9m: at^ and Hward Jose* rrabo: «« r « . -.4 aad la a brief *ay lie ex --* ':• *- .':- : • i - - ; -;• -j .. - --—*-\•-'\ 5 \**:t:-> *.-o i*v«».aai th-t^e ar^ a* foilow*: eletijoa of o*fk-€r> to carry on the F*' r *- faring the a niTrr _ jrnogBf h«>- I.J5 k-» *Z- . M psretfid^z: Secret at y—Ilr. J. J. Mahoney TreajEar«*r—\Lester Adams. The fir*t dance nnder this fcfcednle will be betd in the Town f.'nll on Thanksgiving nnrhu No- vember *S*th, when nnuoc will be iurnisiJeJ by Bryce Larigne and ais Koilege Kaight*. a masical or- , ^anization thai has no peer in thi« j r»oith conatry. Eny a ticket *W T. Taayer.*rw:s the caa^e. foils in* Panama City—Ptagne dian wit?h doctors. 2fteeat»r. Ala.—Vietorin Price acmin take^ stand today a# chief aren«er of Hmyvood Pattersom. Wa^ainrNMi. V. C.—Recovery program has helprd idle in off s^a- >on. fiieen r* poi t F. Kaaders pedigreed Lttehonfr. #r : New p*;**. hav^r h/gh Xjfcrhnrn i in t% Jiib^mjgX o£ jtis.. J fayics ?^T ar Hor*ehead^. •*- K

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