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The Advance-news. (Ogdensburg, N.Y.) 1933-1935, November 28, 1933, Image 3

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PAGK TWO T H K A V VAKCE - NE W S TUKSUAY, NOV. 23, !««:{ The Advance-News /s « clca'y t«K->Mf nes»pi.per published eve~y veekdcy n»crn- «*« tjjctpt Mi.nt.ci . l*y THE OGDIKSBl'RG ADVANCE CO., INC., Ocuensburg. A'. Y. Subscription Rates 10c Per Week ilizered ut z'ne Os£e\.sbzrQ •natter. • ROOSEVELT AND SMITH but unless the coming congress shears iho president oi some of his j unprecedented powers, he is privi- leged to continue with tin* present (and oilier experiments until he el- ! iher achieves or fails to achieve life j-twi! of a return of prosperity. ' Al Smith will not IK* of IK*In # ro ; him in anything he undeitake* and , no one know** that better than ; Franklin D. Roosevelt. The reaction at Warm Sarins* j was just what *:is to have been! expected. President Rosses e:t is de-1 termined to so on *w : th h^ pre*?* \ est monetary policy, firm in the hope tliat it will raise prices to the 1£2* level and T>«--mit a con::iiu-i MORLEY NOTES MORLEY, No\ 27 — Mr. and Mrs. Fred Rov.en visittd Mr. -and Mis. Art Pierce Friday afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Wee-man and children Marion, llah and Arden i were dinner jmests at the Fisher ft»:,-e, tlirourb managed currency, home Sunday. of that level. j M- S . Ji.ld Dodd and son Charles, There are tho>e vho aiTvady see • veiled Mr. and Mrs. Albert War- a •?-hi>!a l in the De:m>i*.tic party 1 ren last Thursday. in 1SC*5 es :fcr re was when the j Miss I*>ris Goodwin of Canton gold stamlardftes left Bryan 40 'called on Mrs Thos. Fisher Sun- day afternoon. -V**. and Mrs. Samuel Coons were business tellers in Canton >~ars a4ro and their chanson in ti»e While House, Grover Cleve- fcuxi. ui.< aHHt&nt in opposition to wvdnw(Uy after!!00a . tie free and unlimite •: coin use of tf '*rver in tb* ratio of 2*5 to 1- W-l], history re.p-at** sometimes, J ent^. Mr. and Mivs. William Jordan. Miss Kreiyn Jordan of Pyrites j was a week end guest of her par- /? if P Mr. Jordan's condition remains about the same. Everett Grant and James Bar- tholamew were callers at Albert MacFaddens at Lisbon village. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Rov.en visi- ted at the Liscum home Saturday e\ ening. Grange Tuesday evening 3rd and 4th decree will be conferred. A good attendance is looked for. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Jones visi- ted their daughter Mrs. Harry Ex el by Friday afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. William Jones and family were dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. John Jordan, Sunday. M:. auu Mrs. Wallace Rushey of Syracuse, were week end guests of Mr. and Mrs. Wiliard Liscum and family. Mr. and Mrs. Geonre Marshall at- tended the funeral of Charles Kates, at Bucks Bridge last Friday afternoon. Miss Eva Lou Dounelly of Madrid was a Saturday night guest of Bernice TOM*nsend. Mrs. Jennie Peace of Russell is visiting Mr. and Mrs. Fred Peace. Mrs. Mabel Martin and daughter Lula were business callers in Can- ton. Friday. MRS. THOS. FISHER Correspondent Heuvelton Notes HECYELTON, Nov. 27.--Profes- sor and Mrs. Newton Connolly of Saratoga Springs were called here by the serious illness of his father, John T. Connolly. Miss Inez-McClelland is confined to her home by illness. Mr>. Mary Lake is substituting in the Koko- mo school in her absence. Mrs. Pearl Royee of Norwood visited at the home of her cousin. Mrs. Edith Afayne. Tuesday. The condition of Buddy White, young son of Mr. and Mrs. Gerald White, who was burned quite bad- ly on the feet i» boiling water, is improving. 1M:30—S(»ii2S by Irene Wicker 11:00—Leaded Male Trio 11:15—The Poet Prince il:3»>—Paul Whiteman Or. 1*>:«>0—Phil Harris A: Orchestra 12:30—Harry Susnick Orchestra rp c Cranberry jelly sliced and cut in- to fancy shapes with a cookie cut-' ter or a knife mak<-£ an attractive and unusual garnish for salads and uesserts during the holiday sea-, son. LEGAL NOTICE in WATER COLLECTIONS The water bin? for the present j teriw are now at treasurer's office, R. H. Scott, who has been spend-1 Ck - V HalI « *^ere they may be paid ! for thirty days 9 a. m. to 4 the past two week- at the home of his daughter. Mrs. Pearl from date without fees. p. in. Dickinson^Jia^re turned home. Mrs. Mylel^^riit^ers left Satur- day for Vtica, where she will spend the winter. Congratulations are extended to Mr. and Mrs. Francis Dodds, who were married Thursday at the home of the br!de*s parents. Mr. and <Mrs. Bert Crowe. Mrs. Dodds was formerly Miss Helen Crowe. Mrs. ed for * 1 * f ft i ch Th of 01 lio Fr f!.0 ha: ret iir th. th: >ai <Signed M. M. Morse, ^ Dated Nov. tf, !<•£$ Treasurer 1 ~ : - H*4 •1 w THAIlKSGIVinG D i n n E R. Eat Out On Thanksgiving Day See Wednesday Morning's \Ad- vance News\ for Appetizing Menus To Be Offered by the Following Hotels and Restaurants: State Restaurant McConville Hotel Oswegatchie Hotel 0- r -- *». **»-- Palm Restaurant Crescent Diner Hector's Restaurant f > -f* THE PEOPLrE OF THE STATfc OF NEU' YORK: To Clara A. Doriiy. Rossie. X. Y.; Martha H Savers. ttrasie Comers, N. Y.; ^ Charles Yerdon, Alexandria Bay, t N. Y.; Bessie H. Keller. 255 E. ** Nellie Kens-dy entenain-'Adams St., Syracu>e. N. Y.; Reg-, i • ff* of; the St. Raph- to* Hazelton, 811 So. West St.. Syr- | ael's Altar Society Friday evening iacuse. N. Y.: Thomas Hazelton, El- with a bingo party. About thirty | mira Reformatory. Elmira, N. Y: enjoyed Mrs. Kennedy's hospital- l T^ 0 ™ nce Hazelton, N. Y., State jty. j School for Children, So. Wilber [Ave.. Syracuse. N. Y.: Belle Tara^ ^ \ \ * -lin. Lafargnville. N. Y.: Fred Haz- RADIO PROGRAMj ; «^n. Hammond. N. Y.: Dorothy •^ . *v .sMathusz, J<72 Worris Ave., New I TuesBay, November 28 NBC-WEAF Network .'»:«.Mj—Soiiirs by Arlene Jackson. 5:St)—Dolittle Adventures. T#: 45—Nursey Rhymes. •6:tM»—Mine. Frances Alda. 4»::-50—Weekly Hymn Sing. •>:43—Cheerio Musical Mosaics. - : yn — Thv Mountaineers. 7:15—Billy Bachelor's Sketch. 7::'**—i^inn and A'oner. 7:4\-—The CJoldberrjs. Serial Act- 8:«M>—Senderson-Crumit. Soars. S:o0—Wayne Kin*r*s Orchestra. S:(M»—Ben Bernie and the Lads. S«:30—Ed Wynn and Band. I*}»:*}*HI—Amerioan Heroes. 1«::^J—Madame Sylvia. 10:45—Robert Simmons. Tenor. 11:tiIJ—JoJhn B. Kenne<ly*s Talk. 31:15—Benny Meroff Orchestra. 11:U0—Mover Davis and Orchestra j R ex ford Rude • York City: Rosina Lannie, 4->i:i-\r*th ! Ave., Brooklyn. N. Y.; \yrsrinia • •Caletz, 21 Fountain PI.. -New Roch- !elle. LN. Y.; M^. John Farrell. iChuich St., Alexandria Bay, N. Y.; IWill Yerdon, No. 41 McCall Road,* i Rochester, N. Y.; Tom Enerene Yer- ;don. 1455 Emers«n St.. Rochester, |N. Y.: Mr>. Fr«-d Smith, General , • Delivery. Washington. D. C: Rita Rivers Blackmail. Lrowille, N. Y.: jG^o'rge Yerdon. 4- x Clairmont St., i Rochester. N. Y. Constituting the *, ihus'band tor wife) and all of the • distributees of Matilda Rexford | Races, late of the Town cf Ros- ] sie. in said County of St. Law- I rence and St?rt- of N-w Yc-rk. de- | ceased. Send Greeting: ) Whereas, Noel C. S;^r»urn*-y, the ! exe-outor. named in the last Will l and Testament of the -said Matilda deceased, has late- ly :»MJ—Rudy Valee's Orchestra. 12::i«*—Reirsie Child's Orcae^*tra. CBS-WABC Network 4:45—Happy Minstrel. 5:»»{»—Skippy. Sketch. 5:15—Phil Re-an. Tenor. 5::?o—J Jack Armstrong. 5:45—(leorpe Hall Orchesira. 6:IHI—Buck Rogers. ^»: 15—B< k'by Benson. 6:3«—Betty Ban hell. 0:45—Little Italy. 7:04)—Myrt and Marpe. 7:15—Jurt Piain Bill. 7:.>»— ^. j>fnny OrcneMrH 7:45—Boake Carter, Talk. S:»«t—Elmer Everett Yess. Skit. S:15—Sii^in\ S:im. S:30—VoKe of Exerient e. • s:45—The Male Chorus. U:i*u —S'.iswski O:chestra. ^:15—Tile Poet's Gold. ff : ^u—.'aiifoniian Melodies. I •.•:::<'—Nmo Martini. Tenor. 1<*:.V»—<*.BS- Broidci*!. ju:45—Dt-e River Orchestra. 11:15—ilertruie Nie^en. Sons?. 21:^<—ishajs JJone? Orchestra. 2-:<»*«—Yiai^-ut Lopez Orch***stra.. l-:-^*—Ace Britrcs Orche-stra. l:Vf —Dance Hour. N3CWJ2 NETWORK \:li—America <ioiiir Forward *:Z* —The Sinrin*ff Lady 5:45—Orphan Anai** <i : tm —Henry Kifiz •# Orchestra <:3*»—Mary Smail, Son#:-s <:45—Lowell Thottas 7:***^—Amos \n* Andy 7:15—Radio in Edacatioo 7:45—Don Chaaey , -5 Dr»ir S'ories > : ««4— Crime Clue*. Dramatic 5:^»—He^Th Ad-rem-ar^. T«3k V4; i ly applied to our Siirropiite of our : County of St. Lawrence, to have j >a*d Y% .11 proved as a Will or real jand personal property fn pursuance of the Statute in such case made and provided: YOU AND EACH OF YOU. are therefore cited and required, per- sonally, to be and appear before our said Surrogate, at his office in Ojernensbursr in the County of St. Lawrence on the 30th day of De- cember. 1933. at 1^:3*) o'clock in •the forenoon, then and there to ! show caase why said last Will and j Testament should not he probated. ! And if any of the aforesaid per- j son.-- ar* under the a^e of fwenty- one years they will please take no- tice that ihey are required by their iirpn^ral fruardian if they have one. and if they none, that they appear and apply for the appointment of • a s*oecial guardian, or in the event | of their failure or neglect to do so. :a si>* i cial gnardian will be api>oint- ;ed by the Surroirate to represent and act for th*cm in the proceed- ings ft*r the Probaae of said WilL IN TESTIMONY WHKREOF. w^ hare caused the ^eal <»f office of ovr said Sirro- *?ate to *be hereaato affix»M. •?.» WITNESS. Hon. Ceylon G. Cbaney, Surrogate «f j said County at Canton in ! said Comity, th- 24th day of November. 1553. IJOTT H. WELLES. Oerk of th* Sjrrncate's Court. JOHN D. VAX KEVNEN. ' Alton; -y for Execaior. Vol*. ML. H;l pot *: Lambert, -foas* jOri^n**Brf. N Sine 5f»iBarie; * P+*C - f - rhi p*r'*M*- abo**» cite* „ 5:5*—Men of Darifi^ ,cc: appear wn:*s* X**J 4r ' l^:#t—Dr. Ortiz T.nJi^ T-taor J do **\.. ^^ Be**d 4e>jr*re u f

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