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The Advance-news. (Ogdensburg, N.Y.) 1933-1935, November 17, 1933, Image 1

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<DA v.; xov. \IU 1933 ire is exceptional for tke nces of the supporting ian Aiiernc. romantic aem\ 3 pictures from the legit: age. Lionel Atwill, Alison h. Hardie Albright and reeman. •s riie effective camera \ays found in a Mumoulian >u. \The Song of Songs\ the famous statue of Mi.*s executed especially for t>y S. Cartino Scarpltta, ulptor. •icture wa? adapted from Sudermann's literary MAVBt-BUT I WOULDN'T JUDGE r933 RAhiGES BY OUO FASHIONED STANDARDS ZTRIC AST, AND N,YOJ I'M JUST AS IE FWOM ENTHUSED AS NED YOU ARE Twice you buy ;c:ric Rar.^t pvc< yo\i 4 than *-i:np!y a '''new** < >mat ic c« •okt-ry—m< »rc —lxiitr t^stin^r food, MVC never cooked i v Mirprise -ind treat in otrx«ir.t LkciricRaiu:* an!y and wholesomely. lot become soot-black- in>illation keefr? the ce you buy any range. - of cooking electrically \noir thi< -lory ln-fore OIKV. «* Electric RANGE i / » * Ex-Tammanyite Renews Assault On Wigwam x v NC ws A HOMETOWN NEWSPAPER FOR OGDENSBURG AND THE NORTH COUNTRY Vol,. 1— Xrt. -2(C, <N;i>KXsr>rK<;, x. v.. KM DAY MOI,\\IN<;. XOVKAIHKR I:. in:::: nun-; .Jc Hopkins Says Many Will Get Jobs By 15th School Board Halts Razing of Old Number 3 Building Hoey Attacks Tammany Demands Reorganization NEW YORK. Nov. 1 •\...— James J. Hoey, regarded by Nnv Tori; I> .-mo- c~ats as the firs; link in a revived Uaison between President Roose- velt and A! Smith, swung into ac- tion yesterday as a one man Tam- many wrevking crew. The new Collector or Internal Revenue for tlie Second New York l>:>iriet. appointed Tuesday witn the enthusiastic approval of Smith, ^o .sooner accepted hig; new post :i»an he hurst with a denunciation ot Tiger aims and methods. \Tammany Hall will juave to he reorganized and put on a nigher plane than it has- been f<or the last ien years.\ he thundered. * 4 If it can't be done within the organiza- tion, then a new Democratic organ- ization will haw to he set up in the city.\ How this wiH be doii.^. in view of the Recovery Party'> failure to elect its ?lat«—includng Hoey as candidate for Borough President of Manhattan—was not sprifled. But, as Hoey*.* friends pointed out yes- Schumacher And Venier Get 2 Bucks Hal Schumacher and Henry W. Venier of the city returned from a huntin|T trip to the Adirondack* yesterdaj\. The men reported great lock as they both were successful in barring a large buck. Mr. Schu- macher has been the guest of Mr. V«nier for several days and left yesterday for bis home in I>olge- ville* where he will spend the win- ter with his parent.- before leav- ing for the Giants training camp lie latter part of February. Mr. Schumacher visited Mr. Ver- ier iB Ogdensborg a few weeks H^O and the bunting :iiip mas ar- ranged at that tine. Hal spent a m*ek at Canton before going to the woods. lerday, the Internal Revenue Coi- le.-tor can wiell a patronage club i# help hrin:r Tammany iuto line. \The present, leaders,\ Hoey said, \have forgotten services to the people, and the principles of the ••any. 1 intend to try to make the «*emocrdtic party in this cit\ a i lnce where tho>e who believe in JefiVrsonian principles can <ome •ogethe.* under • fficient, hones; and intelligent leadership.\ Hoey processed surprise at hav- ing be* n appointed, and insisted that the appointment was not given ;o him on the strength of a pre- election promise to Postmaster General dames A. Farley. Nor did Siiiith know of the appointment vhen he left for a meeting with J he Fre - id *nt at noon Tue.-day, l.oey iusisted. He was non-committal when c*sked if he felt his appointment infant a renewed alliance bit ween Roosevelt ard Smith. **I haven't/* he said, \any infor- mation as to what was in the Presi- dent's mind.\ BINGO PARTY THIS EVEING AT ST. PETERS More Smith Plums Will be Granted Appointment of J. J. Hoey Ex- pected to be Followed bv Others WASHINGTON. Nov. K>— The >;age ucu.ily set ;or a love least by :he l*.»oseve':tiau -election of Al smith's old !\rien«u. Jim Hoey. for the desirable pest ot Manhattan Collector of Internal Revenue, the rt'iroit First Famiiy did everythiu? possib'e to emphasize the jK-rson- al, friendly naiure <if Al's call up- on the President. While informed observers whis- pered that the Hoey ap-pointment was just the liors d'oenvre with jilenty more dishes pleasing to Smith on the way. .Mrs. Roosevelt s» : asi«le he;- own private sitting i-ooiii or the second floor of the White llcuse for Ai and \the old :otato.\ to do their visirinjr in. It is one or ihe n;ost cheerful rooms u the mansion, stay with a red and ' lue Orientiil rutr an:l a plethora of comfortable, chintz-covered divans r.nd chairs. Busy herself, with one of her reanilar teas for women j-'ow: n- **ient officials. Mr>. Ro(#st veil de.e- r,ated her attractive blonde daugh- ter. Anna !>a!l. to act as hostess lor her father. Board of Education Acts To Prevent Demolition of Old No. 3 School Building; The Bjard of Kducation met in special session yesterday at r» j». :ii. and passed a resolution ; re- . en:ed *>y Commissioner H. B. Wallace halting the work of tear- ing down the old No. t: school i>;ii I I in? on Clark street. The houses and grounds committ* e oi he hoard wa> instinieied to hold in abeyance disposition of this ',uiidiuj;. The mayor was ^iven au- thority to raze No. 7 school on Bane street and the old cement ^rand stand on the Ch:densburs i'r.-e academy grounds. These op- erations are beiai; carried out as work relief projects. Chairman A. If. Cor dwell of the nouses and crrounds committee j stated fhat no oni< ial periuissiuii J .»ad been i^iveii *o remove any of -o-j the sr: »t:*T'res ctnd h^ believed the ; work was .-tarter! through a mis- I :*!i'iersiariding. I Alter calling the meeting IO or- • *ier President W. d. Coo]>er asked j Chairman Cord wet I :o make a re I port. He stated that a representa j f ive of the work relief bureau ha«J | ? one to him and >aid that tht nuijor desired to obtain material from the two old school liuildin^s to fill in a slip at the foot of State street as a work relief project. Mr. Cord well said he dis-ussed ih* matter with Uie other members of } is committee who were not averse (Please turn ro Pa.;e. Si Four Million Men Will Get Jobs by December 15 in the United States WASHINGTON. Nov. !« Tlie - l0 r Administrations ; Vo j The Building and Grounds com- mittee of St. Peter's School will ffive a bingo party in the school ' house this evening at S o'clock for the benefit of the school fund. A i large number of turkeys and chick- ! ens have been provided for the oc- : casion and it is expected that the | event will be well attended and a ' very enjoyable one. A cordial in- ' viiation is extended to the public ; to attend. Jobless Stage Folk Given Employment CHEESE PLANT PLANNED TODAYS WEATHER OgdeosbwK aad Ticmity: Fair with risimr te«pemttres. WarmeT tonight and Saturday. S. S. Pennsytrania, at *e*—l*- *;sardia- spends day working <m •.barter rctTSidon plan. BKCKKVlLrLE. Xor. 1%.—A plaoi for the nanufacture of proce*s-ed cheese in Athens, OnU which coald afford empknTneot for a (consider- able number of awn, is planned by Kraft-Phoenix Ch*e«e Corporatioa of Anterii-a, according to C. H Kraft, of Chicago, vice-president of the concern. Athene i5 sitnated in the heart of the eastern Ontario cbee*e-produc ing district, and is considered a suitable situation for a plant which would Meet the rcuaureajeuts of both the domestic and British nuir- kets. T^ae plant would us*- 1#*.#*# pounds of ntilk daily. WH1TK PLAINS. Nov. 14».—A< tors and actresses livin.:; ia West- cliester <\oitnty who are on the re- lief ro'.ls are to l>e put on the road. :a stoik roniitanies aadermritten l«y the state, it was announced yes- terday, .xnd will make tours o; •%estche>ter County com*nnnities present in -z p^;*alar x*lays at price* uhich. in some ca*>« >. may not rx-| <v*eA 2* cents. There are abodt 1«** on the relief lolls of the county at«i t«*ere probably wlal be at least four stock eoaii<anies. The piayers mill receive tje rei- •-lar leJief pay of 1^* a meet, the xooe>. to^t-;her mith the funds ne- cessary for waging the shorns. coia ing from the tenipoiary relief a<i rtinisLration. The entire proceeds A the shorns will be used for loeal relief work. John A. Robb. mho played in \SirL-tly Dishonorable. ha« voinn^eerel to take inimed- ^.te charge of the enterprise in its technical phase* and utohnbtr *\!& ne sent ont early Ljonth and play fur several week* of the towns ther risit ; «iew Civil Works ! t rograni to put 4,«K>t».<>04» . v.ork in t'ie next 3« da>s *^e looked upon not as the Federal Covertsment doin^\ something t(»- cities and counties but as one great nation doing something i\or itsel.\ >ir. Harry I-. Hopkins, administra- • tor. told a m'^erin'i oi ^* governors. j !•\>•• mayors. -»<• state and <*it\ « n- t«»ld the rsie lin^. an ho«ir Mv. llui^kins answer- men to.ed questions r-:>m rh^ iloor con \shoii!-! ; cerning ways in .vhich the tunds can he s*}>ent. the relation of civil •vorks projects to public works pro jt-ct>. mag*» ratt-s. and other det^iis. •t was e\]dained that: Conditions Set Up 1. All projects must lx- caine^i <*n l#y a<*cotmt. not by eontrict. j sin-t-ers and lour s«-oie >s:^te relief! f. .Vindications tor eni]doy?neiil J-xeculives, called here to learn the! mall be mtide through local *-m retails of the ]*lan. | ;#lo5\ment agenci^-^. Ues:znai»*tl b\ Two million of these persons, re tlie Cnit^Ml St-ates rnemploynieat ceiving ei;h*r direct ot wo.k re j Service. 'ie\ m ill be transferred to civil J 3. To be approved, projects must j works project* in the next tmo|l«e socially an<i e*-onotuH-ally desi:- J %.eeks. Mr. Ho|diins said. mi;Ii lie', j jJrie and of a nature to be under !< >et as :he goal for giving Z.<«**,-: taken quickly. «»M wore tnHdoyment. All persons; 4. Xo projeet for m-hich aiffdjca- on mork relief are to be transferred ]tton has l»e, n made to the PUMM io ;he i'i\il Works Administration ! Works Administ^tiou and * JI<~* .u the next four days. * l^us not been referred b> it TO the Mr. Il.tpkin* said that President J € ivi] Works Administration LS ac Roosevelt has decided the s>>ieai j *-,. ; ^ a hie as a <-ivi! morks project. j n taking <JiT^ of the unemployed | i. The hours of labor, ma,re r;»;e> 1 *.y grocery orders should be *:•*.! • eu*^ on eivil morks projects mill be 4 ut. and ~in so far as huraanjy po.- »taxed in accordance with th<» ruies -i x'trie uea milling and able to mork saall be £iven jobs mith ma.^es as a «air rate, so they ran be self .«up- ;orting Am«Tiean citizens.** W.ll Fill m Gap The beauty of this plan is that n is goiau? to fOI in that ineriHible rap that we hareuft known what to do mi;h ia pabiir works.\ Ilaiola ?L lekes. ucMic works sidniinistra- \ ?hilled. ?-• cents ^nd regulations established by the Public Woiks Administration, sine* the protrrara is being fiaaaeed b> >4#^,oi*a.#iu| from :in» latter iund. Uoarly wmz** rate» mill be: ><»i2«- • m Zone, skilled labor. $1. caskil- *ed. 4* reats; Centrai 2oneio> lied labor. *M«9. unskilled. U cent*: Northern Zone, --killed. $1JS*. un-

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