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T, NOV.!'*, 1$» Steps >ge Work rolled in Same on Campus. Maybe some day she land at dramatic criti- book reviews, also. know cud she feels nty of time to decide e of work she •will en- • ,nder. who was in the 4, is still interested in work sae studied. She * jeen interested in writ- ing veer wrote a <play roduced by a home tal- Malone. nder was a member of a, honorary Oratorical while a smdent here. r which her daughter eligible some day. Mrs. *as editor of Cameo. *e of the fraternity. nders are a Syracuse amily. Mr. Cailander. dent here, w«5 one o: nders of the Oruugn member of the staff of Grange. -r stay Mrs. Callander tertained at the Alpha rority hou^e. of which r is a pledge, and was rha-perons at ike pledge tea Sunday. She also ?itin# Mrs. Mare Larra- Knciid terrace. Cornwall ete Victim ' An Accident .LL. l>nt.. Nov. 14.—In nting season facility in , Manftce \Moe\ Jamie-' lent young Cornv\^^ ne of the town's b»-.- 4 et an untimely death_ hen accidentally shot in lie duck hunting in the. re river, about 12 miles •». • mi* >on. as he was* most wn, was a member of is*a! carrier's staff and a hole- was , be and au~ department, went duck, o*- i jiance I>ay post oi'fiTe Dye of the Flanigan, aving here at five ? morning. n fully load* d. was re^t- the pun wale of the boar- ae two hunters were e arrival of ducks and e icy conditions and the craft lite weapon' tiiigan was in the swan d for the gun which ac- discharged and Jamie- a? in the bow. received •le charge, ahich blew his left leg. applied a tourniquet Jamieson 10 the shore. d man was lashed ;o 1 where he succumbed ire than an hoar later! •d consciousness until ore his death and mad* s injury while riding in nee. mieson was one- of Corn- * outstanding hockey re players and far anuif briHiaat centre Baa far \oks hockey team ia tie lley Lea^noe. Tnis sea- ayed. lacrosse for Les He excelled ia both lacrosse and also n€a«- , basketball and ragbr,. sportin*r career he plat. •nieTon* caimpinnjap reived by his wife and children, his snathe\ -« a&d cvo brothers. Be meaber at the poso:- •r three years. Brockville Youth Held in French Capital For Attacking Mother IV NC WS A HOMETOWN NEWSPAPER FOR OGDENSBURG AND THE NORTH COUNTRY V«)l.. 1—X...202 uCil>KXSWK<i. X. V.. TIIT'KSHAY MoKXIN'C. X< >Y. HI. ui;« PRICK ::«. Wallace Urges Union of City and Rural Interests Club Women Urged to 'Return to the Home' Son of Senator Hardy iReunionof Wallace Appeals To Is Held for Striking j Guard Unit | Cities To Team With j His Mother in France Last Night Farmers On Recovery PAK1S. Nov. l^.-r—Two police in- <• vectors left. Paris yesterday af- ternoon for Ilonnieres to escort • reorge Patrick Hardy, 2'2. Brock- ville, On:., to the city for a hear- ing on a charge that he struck and seriously injured -his mother Mon- day night. The order for Hardy's appearance here was signed by a Police Court Judge. He was held by the magistrate. Hardy, -who was quoted by ]>o- lice as saying that his father was a member of the Canadian Senate, denied the charge and declared he himself was a victim of an un- known assailant who attacked both him and his mother while they were seated in a car in Parte. The mother, Mrs. I>orothy Har- dy, whose maiden name was given as Fulford, is in Beaujon Hospital where it was at first thought she was suffering from a fractured skull. It was later determined, uowever. her injuries were restrict- ed to scalp wounds. Mr?. Hardy arrived in Paris from Quebec early in October. with her son. Her hushaic.l is expected to ar- rive shortly from New York. Th? Comniissaire of Police for the Chaillot district questioned the injured woman in the hospital. He quoted her as saying that she »vas returning from an automobile trip last nigfrt when her .son suddenly struck her down from behind with the car crank handle as the chauf- feur was opening the garage door. She told police this was done with- out provocation and that at the time I the son appeared calm. She added she was unable to give a reason for the action. ' Kidnaping Claimed At 4 o'clock yesterday morning Hardy entered tbe police station at Bonnieres, his clothes torn and suffering from injuries to the head, lie said that he was the victim of an attack in a Pari? garage after which ^e had no memory of what happened. Alter further questioning he said that he was attacked while his mother was at his side in a garage i Please turn to Page 3> 'BACK TO THE HOME' IS URGED ON WOMEN 4 State Federation of Women's Club Told 'Ab- sence* Caused Many Present Day Ills. >:L#M1RA. X. Y.. Nov. If..—In the 2S.$iX),0vO American homes th«*re ar«* 2*.#<*0.«\** American women rimming their households without f*-i«mtific training in nutritional valaes, aecordng to a paper by Jlrs. Charles E. Gregory which was read at the convention of New York £tate Federation of Women's 01 a a* yesterday. She advocated the -institute for family living/\ already planned by ?tafcw<NBen. as a modern scientific and swciologic ^xpeiimeat to rem- edy tfc* sitaanon. In tto^e 2S***.<*** noai^s !i,- &**,**• lomea bev* i»iopr«^sed by ibe trialaad^rror method 'alter ^arriag^r Mrs. Gregory said. -Have taw basbands waiienl IO cei taeir b«siae» trainine: aatil Uwr had faaad«d tbeir noawesT Many preseat-day ili^ were at- tributed to modem family life by a aamber of speakers aad in a aam- b*-r af reports. hi tbe* report of tae pre>ide«T. *i-y. Cbar'.e* DTlimrham Moare. ar^d IB the st>ee<-b*s of dist ed clergymen in the symposium on The horn*-, a \hack-to-tiie-home~ movement was suggested. The no*e was sounded by Mrs. Charles M. Dickinson, a former jn-esident, when she was invited to give tJie miming \message of <*oarage and benedk-tioa.\ She said that she -pitied sincerely tie clabwomen friend who was so bu>\ going to her garden club that she bad ao time to go into her garden.\ Mrs. J4oore*s annual report em- phasized that \the heirs of tomor- row are the finest prodact of the American home.'\* I>r. Frederick I^rnt, piesident of Etmira College, held that college edacatioa is important to home making r.nd recited Tig^ires to shox that a higher percentage of college tonri than of those withoat suck edacatioa advantages marry. aaiU boil i and rear children, lie de- cried -learning for earning/* arg in« ratlser -learning for serving as women s gomL ^ererrl sneakers predicted that tPlaa^e tarn to Pare tf , Permanent Orgnnizat^ori Form- ed at Banquet Held in the * Armorv. * *< Former members of Company U : State <Inar,1 Vnit gathered at a I hanqut>; Iiehl in the State Annory | last evening. Thi> was the first j meeting of the company in fifteen 'yean-. The following memijers at- Itende\.: ('apt. H. J. Dinneen, S^c- «ontl Lieutenant William AUDer- » nienr. Mess S» rgcant Charles K. ! Payn^: Sergeants James C. Smith jand Thomas Mt*llett f Corporals Harrison CorHweil, Allen Hatha- way, William Lavarnway and 1-ivn- est Aubrey, Privates Kverett Brown. Kverett Bradley. Sage Cord- I well, Samuel Clin*, Leo Cody, Har- old C:>\, Joseph C. Denny, Arthur S. -Farlev, Joseph (Jagnon, Albert 'Carno. Henry ttokey. Nelson Ka- rose, Richard Larock, Charles La- varnway, Charles LeBeau. James J I). McCarthy. Richard Matthews, ; Stanley Measaw, Harry MihVr, Al. Mariow. f'harles S. Pratt, Freder- ick Richer, Joseph Spriggs, Th^o- | dore Sholette. Hector Shoiefte. Al- | fred Sargent, Frank Waldroa and Lawrence Ward. Addresses were * ^iven by District Attorney William • D. Ingram, Capt- E. J Dinni-en. Ci;y 1 Judge John Weils, Ca^»t. Herbert j Shaver, William C. McDermeut. I Rc!«.l Elder. James McCarthy, Char- ges Cantwfil, John Doyie, Clark A- j Briirg< and Richard Newton. j Capt. Clark Briggs advocated the j erection of a memorial in nonor fof the thirteen numbers o: the lo- cal guard unit who were killed in France during tae World War. The site for the memorial was suggest- ed on the lawn adjoining the arm- ory. Capt. Briggs also brought to the attention of the members that the thirteen trees recently piaaied near t»!w Armory were placed in <Pk*ase torn TO Page 3i CHICAGO. Nov. i:>.—Fresh from chastening radicalUm on the farm. Henry A. Waliace, Secretary of Agriculture. Turned yesterday to the cities, begging statesmanship of them and demandiug that they refrain from prejudicing the lab- oring man against the farmer. Talking bluntly to Chicago, Mr. Wallace warned that eventually it would become an \ash heap\ H what he regarded as the danger of riiting city against country were persisted in. Mr. Wallace's audience wa ? the Association cf Land Gran; Colleger and Cn»vers;ties, bringing togeth- er here agricultural experts from -\><.> institutions. It is on them that the canying out ot the Administra- tion's farm program largely rest-. When Mr. Wallace concluded his appeal to the cities to team with the farm era. and avoid friction over rising farm prices, the college men broke their studious quiet for one of their few moments of applause. Farm organization leaders have been sensitive to this hazard, an- ticipating that the farm strike would stir a hostile reaction in the cities. In opening his plea for wisdom on the pan of the cities in dealing with the iarm, Secretary Wallace spoke of the malcontents among the farmers. Yet. he declared, effort to bias the industrial worker against the farmer, as he interpret- ed the instance, had in it :ar more peril than the radical farm strikers in Iowa. \If the people of Chicago can- i not become possess* d of a more statesmanlike grip on our proh- ; iem. Chicago will eventually be- come au ash heap.\ he exploded. i Details of the farm pians. ho , grant* d immediaiely. may be sub- jected to many kinds of civicism. ; He admit leal that mistakes inigiir , be made in meeting quirkiy what he termed the mistakes of the lasr. 15 years. f Processing taxes were uxi|K>palar •in th*> cities became tiiey raised i prices. 1-roiluction conirol wa.s un- popular in the country In-cause it jcut down crops. Tue program was Ijjistified only because it brought the American farm more jfroinptl.t !.to its proper place in tne woriu's agriculture. j A \rational res^-trl**in»»nt of Am erica\ was pictured by Mr. Wallace 'as one of the preamble results of the new process of limiting crop ' production. The campaigns to re duce production have l>een remark- . ably successful, he saitl. He esti- ! mated that b*-*we*n 3«>.«Hm.ow» and 35/HH) <i00 acres would IK- taken \ out next year. j When he spoke of his combating '.with the utmosi vigor attempts to . cut off funds tor scentitic ie 'search in agriculture and brought out the need lor continuing intri- cate investigation in Tills field, the i college men gave bint ;beir second salute of applause. As he finished they honored him by -]K>ntaneou>- ly rising. SHIPS ON LAKES -. * Henry Morgenthau Has Visited City Ht-sry aiorgcnthan. Jr„ WHO hi^ be**n appointed aciing secretary of the treasury darinc the Uave of ab- sence granted to .-secretary William H. Woodin. is well known in Og- densbnrg. He visited this city a few years ago and was a gue*t of 3fr. aad Mrs. Julias FYank. Mr. Morgaathaa was ?*ate Conserva- tion Commissioner at that time aad came here to inspect fishing conditions in th*- Oswegatcnie riv- er- It failed to arrive «'oastguard» IK*- lieve it -ink off Kefw«-*»naw Point.. §-JJ[ I UY J3 1 OaXirlS ou * ° ? fil ^ m0s!T ** i n;r ' ,ro,,!5 spots in Lake Superior. The J. F. Schoel kopf ran aground near Menominee, Several Bdinor Disasters Caused Mich., but was willed off tonight. by Gales— Tug Florence The tug Fk»rt^K.e. omneii by IN^ Sinks miaion tankers of Toronto, we at to tbe bottom off acinous Ihick Is- lands in Lake Ontario. Her erew of -v- k .-»x---^ k x- a - .^ ,^ J *even a**n made snore iu a 2ife TOrtOXTO. Nov 1^.— {Math aad . . m , _ w . . 4 « boat just before the tug w^at doma. disaster stalked waterways of Can- At Krir P3U it ma# .H^^d.tao jada and the laited Sates yeste^nmi^entified: ves»eU weie ia diffi jday as a bitter northwest *iiH calty out on the lake. ! tUled the air with Minding snow Th^ & & Caliender. owaeal b* I. ^^_ . _ the Vallev Camp Steaaishii* Com j in the east. One boat, the coast ^ of ^^^ 0aio WJb5 ^ j guard cut:er No. N3<C, out oi ur Jn Ii;k-S wf ^ ^ L^^ Poia ^ OIJ ' Hoaghton. Mirh_, mas iielievei Lake Erie and tonirht Tag.< «^c I lost with aer two-man crew. >tandisc by to pall her off. Her | The Great Lakes were **iii crew of 25 men a;e safe, providing i whipped to a frenxy from a >:jrn the mind stays ia tae northwest, j m hica started Xovember 9 and for she is in ie lee of zhe Point. jwbjch has broken all ~*cords :or SMnpimr w at a standstill iu t lemrrh. Tbe carter S3« left Ontn- the lower St. Lawrence Hirer whh inagan, X:ch_ ai^inday far BayfMd. bliadiBg snov keepinc sains hNJMommlrtnWiT itr *1 mm i******

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