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FAGK KlUHT T HH AD T A N CK- X KW S WKDNT.SDAY, NOV. i:», 19.-53 Local and Social William *F. l'innecn returned to /. ibany yesterday. Alcfre-nnan David H. Pelow is con- liEed to his hom^ by illness. Mi^s Vera Eariiis: of Morristown wag in the city y*vs*»-day. Mr. and M-<. Harold J. Frank spent the day in Watertown yes- terday. Mr>. D. B Luecy and ton John left yesterday for Syracuse to wnd the winter. Carroll D. Welt, Jttr.es Wf It and £**Wl-.-s K Ir.&r?ra are spending tbe week in -N-w York. left yesterday ^>y motor \for Hart- ford, Cons. Miss Klaice Olaxton has been ill at ber home in Waddlngton. Her brother. I>r. Garfield <laxton. of this city, has bt-ea attending ber. Arch Branch of Watertown has returned to his home after visit- ing at the home of Mrs. Martin Kelly in this city over the week- end. Supervisors <\harks Hand. Floyd Fox. Gilbert L. North nip and Allan QuinIan left yesterday for Canton to attend the annual session of the county board. Mr. and Mrs. Aubrey R. Merrill, of Potsdam, visited relatives in Heuvelton and Ogdcn.-burg Tues- day afternoon, regaining in the SUPERVISORS (Daughter Follows in Steps OPEN SESSION Reported that Norfolk Repre- sentative Will be Next Chairman. CANTON\. Nov. 14.—Tie St. Law rence county boatd of supervisor? A son va* torn to Mr. and Mrs.' citv overnight. Reginald Eyers of 31 •* Lafayette * ht * A h*re oi the birth of a son to Mr were received and 4 Mrs. F. Husrh Hums of Pot-s- Announcements street street yesterday at Barton Hepburn hospital. Dr. H. E. Vaughan has returned? Uam in the PolsC | am hospital yes- from a motor trip to lhinedin. Kla.J ler< iay. wr.ere he acconrpinied John C. ^^ -Marjorie Wheat on Howard. A special mtytic^ of the C. W B. L. will be held this- evening at was a delegate to ih»* Aurora Presbyter- ian conference this summer and reported on the work of the con- Si S3 at th*- hrime of Mrs. Patrick J ,> rence at ta€ Tuxis meeting in the Ollare, Morris street. | church Monday evening. Miss Dr. J. L. Meeker and Cbar*« s j Wheaton's report was one of the St^g^r will reiurn tomorrow f:\)mj rn05t coxnp i t . l<?l eV er received by a hunting trip at the Slllwaterj lne society. club in the Adirondack?. *Mr. arc! Mrs, Jsscph R. Brandy and Mrs. J Flanc-reau Van Fleet meet this afternoon to canvass the county election votes, and to start the annual session. Warren O. Diuiels. Parishville. returning to serve his last term as a supervis- or, will preside as chairman of the board until Jan. i. It Is understood that Supervisor William K. Erown of Norfolk has virtually been agreed upon as tne successor of Mr. Daniels a? chair- man. The election will take place in January. It is reported that Mr. Daniels may become a candidate for surrogate in 1935. Surrogate Chaney is expected to be e candi- date for another term. Of Mother In College Work Miss Carolyn Jean Callander Enrolled in Same Courses Her Mother Studied on Campus, i: Mrs. John. John W. Benton and son, Jr.. will arrive here this Police Banquet Will Be Held At Hotel McConvBle morning from N\w York. Mr. Ben-1 STRAM) Today Last Times — 2 —-F EATURES— 2 — KP5T LFNW S-t.V r .il C* v^ts,\ l.< i* 5 •? mm SAUY i a**s ft x>maJi Eorrea A \THIS OAV AND AGE' AT 2—;:50—7—9:55 ••WALLS OF GOLD\ AT 3:40—«:45 THUR. and FRI. <zz41a$fe4f£. III unties W aim SONG SONGS Reservations for the annual ban- ton has. been in Bombay, India, for\ quot of lhe S!- i^^ Tence p 0 ii Ce the past year as a representative j Protective Association tomorrow of the Chase National Bank. Hel nipht at T:Ul at the Hotel McCon . j was forced to resign his post as a ville may be ^^ at any tinle t(> | result of ill health and will remain ; daV by ^m^ poUce headquarters. ; in the city indefinitely. The nervations will close tonight. j A special meeting of the Daugh- J About eighty acceptances have ! ters of the American Revolution j been received and will be held this afternoon at : o'clock at the borne of Mrs. Leo Frank, past regent, to observe the | birthday of the president general, j Mrs. Russell William Magna. An ; address by Mrs. Magna will be : read. | Orman McConville, son of Mr. ! an! Mrs. Henry McConville. will ; undergo an operation on his throat : by I>r. Thomas ID. Brown today at ! the A. Barton Hepburn hospital. : He is a sophomore at St. Michael's j it is expected \{that twenty more reservations will be made today. get Hamm admission he originally identified Sankey as snatcher. Greenwich, Conn.—Miss Eloise Hewitt, Southern horsewoman, held for shooting stableman. Washington. D. C—Administra- tion speeds public work for 2,000,- 000 jobless. Buffalo.—Freak dust cloud from FYRACrSK. Nov. 14.—Like mo- ther, like daughter, holds just as true in the case of Miss Carolyn Jean Callander. Syracuse univers- ity freshman, as the old saying, \like father, like son/* Few daughters follow as closely in the footsteps of their mother as Miss Callander, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Pougrlas Callander of Ma- lone. Tlii? discovery was made by M;M?. Callander during a^r risi: with h*-r daught* r, now living at Haven hall, the sarne dormitory in which >Ir>. Callander lived while she was a student Mrs. Callende: also took tfce same course, her daughter i> studying in the sclfool of speech. As far as known there have been only one other mother and daught- er who have taken the same courst* in the school of speech at the uni- versity and their names were not ! obtainable. Miss Callander, with pretty brown eyes and a pheasant smile, laughed yesterday while talking ktbout the coincidence. \1 have heard siories all my life about Syracuse university and the school of speech,\ she said, \so 1 suppose it is only natural that 1 came here/* She said she believes there an only three- universities in the coun- try where a degree can be obtain- ed in speech, and inasmuch as. Syracuse is the nearest to her j home and she had a desire to see 1 and study at the university .sin- had heard so much about, she came to Syracuse. Miss Cailander is interested in> directing dramatic art and also in college in Toronto and returned j \y eHt darkens: city for half hour home several days ago to receive anc j ^^ Rochester and Albany, treatment. j Cincinnati. O.—Manicurist, seek- R. C. A'oble, who keeps a meat: j ng: $so.000 balm, testifies that Far- market at the old F. S. Ryan stand,J re u v labor leader, proposed three is at his home in Canton recuper- times. ating from an operation for an ab-J Carrr.el. Cal.—John Held, Jr., attorney held as attacker of naval! widely known. wa.< radio work. Maybe some day she will try her hand at dramatic criti- cism and \book reviews, also. She doesn't know cud she feels there is plenty of time to decide just what line of work she will en- ter. Mrs. Callander, who was in the class or 1014, i.« still interested in the type of work she studied. She * always has been interested In writ- ing and only ln^t year wrote a i>lay which was produced by a home tal- ent cast at Malone. Mrs. Callander was a member of Zeta Phi Kta, honorary oratorical fraternity, while a student here. an honor for which her daughter hopes to be eligible some day. Mrs. Callander was editor of Cameo, the magazine of the fraternity. The Callanders are a Syracuse university family. Mr. Caiiander. while a student here, WBS one o: the six founders oi the Oraugn (Peel and a member of the stat'f of The Daily Orange. During her stay Airs. Callander has been entertained at the Alpha X; Delta sorority hc»u>e. of which her daughter is a pledge, and was one of the chaperons at the pledge dance and tea Sunday. She alsoT has been visiting Mrs. Mare Larra- way of 111 Kuciid terrace. Noted Cornwall Athlete Victim Of An Accident CORNWALL, Om.. Nov. 14—In (the first, hunting season fatality m ula, submits one iu drink-mixing | this district, Maurice \Moe\ Jamie-' contest. [son, prominent .young Coniv\^^ Merchantville. N. J.—Man ae-jman and one of the town's \^fr cused as Jack the Hugger caught \ athletes, met an untimely death by athlete. (Saturday when accidentally shot in\ Chicago.—Complete control of the leg while duck hunting in the. United States farm land visioned • St. Lawrence river, about 12 miles by Wallace in speech. j east or* here. Washington. D. C.—Prominent! \Mo*\ Jamieson. as he WJU. mo»: ^cess in his leg. Mr. Noble spent i shocked at Cobb mint julep form- last week in the Hepburn hospital where the operation was perform-[ ed and upon becoming well enough j to travel, left for Canton where he will remain until ab> to resume his business affairs. officer's wife. What the Wires Say NEW YORK SCHOOLS OF NATION URGED TO CONTROL DIPLOMA RACKET S( hools of the nation should re- Joy-ride plane crash hearing off till injured pilot can testify. Commissioner Bolan's Ulegram to LaGuardia called malicious, lie by Ennght, \l<n& attendance that has made Second wife takes poison m mar Thrill to the New Dietrich Pf \*±«M Love *n*aopt4 tha fceautifvl woman—consumed her—drove her to the arms of many men— but it could not erase the mem- ory of the ONE MAN! —Added— CLAUDE HOPKINS and BAND •\Barber Shop Blues\ Zartoon. -&UDDVS DAY OUT* —ooe— —WO«LO NEWS FLASHES— ilal tangle of physician and engin- eer. In ion officials call vote of Edi- son employes on XR.V plan a -sham.\ Reconciliation of Smith and Roosevelt loons as A] prepare* to par ~*ocial visit\ to White How^ Relief bodie* face fifth Winter of depression* with Federal Gov- ernment hearing most of burden. I^idor J. KneseL on trial for mis- applying Bank of T. S. ftads, call- ed \pilot fish of sharks/\ by pro- secator a5 case nears JwT- Hinor riot *ta£ed as womM-be li- enor dealers straggle for license*. Once wealthy wall paper design- er fonnd slain in Berp^ afield, X, J.. wmter j B| r LaGaardia kills report Classfordj or Fecbet will ^tc€<d Botaa. I a member of trw* local postal carrier'* ?:aff and as Remembrance l>ay w«.s a noli-* day in the post offive, be and an- other employe of the department. William T. Flanipan, went duck hunting leaving here at five o'- clock in the morning. A shoTir'in fully load* d. va? re^t- ' in? across the ?unwah- of the bom- j in which the two hunters were j awaiting the arrival of ducka aiHl through the icy conditions ami roc-kins of the craft xhe weat*)*}' slipped. Flaniq:an wns in the swan ly students one*- more would go tejand ?ral»bed for the sun which ac- -trict their diplomas to -men of collet for education and caltura j cidentallv dL<vhanr^l and! Jamie. reasonable scholarship.** thus work-'— u> the delight of the institution | son. who wa? in lhe bow received in^ to end the tread toward col-1 and its faculty.** j mo , t ol - xhe CDarB ^ wkich blew Dr. Hutchison held that **studie> j away half his left le?r. lectures, professors, laboratories j Flajsisau applied a loumique* and clas-rooms are only kindling*\ t and hurried Jamieson to the shore. and that ~the.se mu.t be touched j The injured man was inslied ;o by the fore of student ambition be-!the hospital where he succumbed ATLANTIC CITY. Xov. 14.—} was und**r way and that \evcntual- it **the great American racket,** in the opinion of I>r. Ralph Cooper Hutchison, president of Waking- ton ic Jefferson Coile*r*> in Wash- ington. Penna. Speaking before the Xew Jersey State Teachers* fore there can be flame.** He de-ja little more than an hoar later! const-loasaess uaal clared that if diplomas were res-j He retained Ass<»ciat'oa here last nighu \Jr. j tricted to -men of reasonable schd- J shortly before his death and mad* Hutchison voiced strong criticism arship.** indents would ~again j Ifebt of his injury while riaing ii. of yoang men and women who go} se*-k that wide and thorongh know-J the ambulance, to college for financial and social j ledg«-. that mastery of difficult and j ~3ioe\* Jamieson was one of Corn- advaaeeutent and who \sell their'important subjects, that scienUncj wair * ? '•os? ont^taadiii^ hockey services oa the strength of thw J method and that discipline andi an<1 **<*ros*e players and for many diplonaas.** j balan<-e of their own powers which : ^ ear * wa * ^riHiaat ceaire omaa for •^Suca student> after gradaation' is scholarship. j Cornwall Colts hockey team in tie have been found in shocking Bin- -An appreciation of fine thoaght,] 0uaw:t * alley I>wae. Tais sea- bers in corrupt professional prac-]of arc of music that is music, an' 1 * 011 *f **•?«* lacrosse for I>*s tices, defalcatloas. coacealment of i understandinc of emotions and as-1 Can * di<,a£ He excelled =a hotu as^^tii. St. UHITEO STATES PaaL M = ns. —Tnit»dl corporation liabfliti^t and pe+dnr: of qaestionabie stock, evasion of tn- er taxes, bribery, auaalcipal graft and the predatory exploitation of pub- lic resonrces.- he declared- On State* t^e nt+r hand. Dr. Hutch piratioas. a hunger for that whk*} *?**** ** d to<TO * 5 « i *»* *I*o p*a v •ies,ji. lovely—these entwined in and jjj f^ 1 ^ o*sk*<baJl and m?rb|-. ' through the thoughts of a man are *7 nn * •*» s*™** ««*TT be pU 3 - culture,** be said. \u*ws! ******** r \ aT \Pi—^ r a P 4 There is sormetainr ptcaUarlyi u ^ . .__ M ^_ m revoltinr in the aniversity grada- \'JLiTI^L^ fc Wife *** ate wSo has not these thing?, but.••„-. _,_,__. _^., J*L , J^^_ * he Th^d to be accepts Xow Vt^ 1 **** ^ W \^ CiFO •«*»- «* again on ta&inr end when ToahysI voiced confiaVcce that a chacr^ j compulsion is past? IT* 1 t *t? * me ^°^ of ^* pos:o • • • -**—~ •» *-* i toe Ftaff for three years. JP*

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