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?nt method of providing w for work relief, and tne client his own hui- dependent 'buying so long oney is not squandered -\nff »P allowances tor id their children through s of child welfare, it | s \ c lhat th * Suite had in J sire to maintain for this mily as nearly normal a, iiatiou as is possible un- circumstances. c as h a |- are riven, to mothers, and lve assistance in budget.- money. st> that it will ex- ' the allotted period of ?sent, children under l«s age in familie>, wheiv no less than two child-, • that age in family, are or througrh the board of are. The Temporary Re- gistration is cooperating * lest extent toy providing meats for relief given >cal departments of puh- e to other members of , iliee. probably would be a de- e pan of the children, 16 ge or older, to get some ork in order to augment nces given to the family hoard of child welfare, aving to receive the re- through a local depart- ublic welfare. The pres- loyniem situation, how- many head? of families ut of employment. d seem to be unwise to r children in families lace of the heads of oth- s who could receive em- in private positions. Fur- the full physical and owth of these children, rf age and over, is not ntil later in life. Jt m unwise, therefore, to lat these older children s. which are parti nib- by boards of child wel- the place of men with ho are out of employ- it be possible for me, as of the staff of the Tem- 'ergency Relief AduiiniF- suggest that boards of re be permitted to make for children over 15 ge. possibly up to the Would it be possible, •e, to suggest to boards sors that their allow- ?hild welfare be increas- o continue the normal ationship during the*e iicult times? he straightened circum- which a largo number of are living at the pres- here i> a distinct need ed and directed recrea- persona! guidance for le. Furthermore, it is letermine just how long families will find them- their present circnm- \lerefore. it might seem -engthen the spirit of fatherless families toy aid to include older that they will aot at- Jte the place of otter miiies in our econonie >AV. NOV. !;>, W M | WKDXKSOAV, NOV. 10, W :;;; rv THE A 1) V A X C E - N E W S I -exit work relief pro- sideTed toy the rtaff of arr Emergency Relief on a* a prorxaan lang- - men, tfie va*t major- n are heads of famil- •ttctioE work, highway maint<-naace are all or romur BM9 andVr 2*. and otorieasly te~ yoanr wow. Even of clerical positions oat which might toe avaB- y few.\ •ee A. Bon. ,<*f OpdevsiNir . attended the relief 5300,000,000 (Continued from Page 1» for accumulating small Ueekiy uV- po*irs for constructive uses as well as providing extra money for ('iK'isuuas. Based on a direct by-mail inquiry :o a cousIU«*iat>le number of indi- vidual members of the Christmas Club. Mr. Rawil points out Lhat an! increasing number of people are becoming Tax conscious and using the facilities of the Club for ac- cunMtlann£ money for the payment of taxes due at the end of the | year. •Toe estimate shows the total dis- tribution will be u^td approximate- ly as follows: Chi ist mas Pur- V has es 42'\ $ 14 7 .< K»0 .iMO.OO Permanent Sav- ings & Invest- U. S. to Limit Share in The Talks At Montevideo WASHINGTON. Nov. 14 structions strictly limiting the scope of Cuited States particlpa- In-J raw materials coming north, to boost their exports, and that, in turn, money obtained from such tion in the seventh Pan American i sales mi ** u g0 lor the P ttrchas * ot Conference at Montevideo were is- sued last night at the White House. Wliile discussions on com- mercial treaties were no* exact- ly tabooed, the declaration that j emergency policies now !:i force 2* r ment Year End couimit- nients ... Taxes 3!ongagt* amortization Ar lui 5 IiV uranee Pre- miums ... o Kducation. Tra- # vel and Char- ity 3I.«.HHMHK>.MO j in nearly all countries made con versations on customs dut es im- practical, virtually rub bee trado! issues off the picture. President Roosevelt apparently has seen fit to halt, for the time beins:. a drive recently started for closer inter-American commercial northern manufactured goods re- quired in the South. With one. sweep of the pen the President has* removed from Mon- tevideo trade negotiations already ! under way between the United States and Colombia. Argentina, and Brazil. ft may be that President Roose-i veit considers that trade negotia tion: can be handled more ad ir; vantageously. from the United! States viewpoint, in Washington! and f or that reason prefers to de-1 j contacts. The change of plans will! vole the Mouievideo session to j a responsive chord' conversations on peace plans. in-| not strike 2s.iHHUHW.ou ! among the 4*.i*HUJiUi.0a ' dele-] ternatlonal law. women's political •*' loo* 17.-\«I-I.00U.*»0 17.r»J»«».iHMi.00 7.OtHU»«H».0t* :{5OAH»0,(»0I»/»0 - In The distribution of the Christ- mas Club for this* year. New York State leads the other sfates with $s::tiO«UHH», f while Pennsylvania re- ports $4n.t4>«UHM>. NV W York city's metropolitan area will receive ap- •j:i oxlmately $-\ . The Hank of America National Trust Ar Savings Association throu^li approximately :t«M) branches in California is distributing about Latin-American gates at Montevideo. Nor is it ; :i ^d civil rights. unift>rm legisla- likeiy to appeal to many American'tion. transportation and intellect- manufacturers. j «al cooperation. Latin A>iierica. for months, has ! been urging lower tariif duties on flpfkt'O'f* TT Rpll New Hampshire Vermont Massachusetts . :llhode Island .. ^Connecticut 1.24s.<»00.«0 S 672.««>4>.t»0 1 27.2<Hj.rtO0.0O j i.«74.000.0o| S.4SG.0(H».w» Total 42,<n»>.(Hi0.0O Middle Atlantic Passes Away In Montreal Home 'New York .. New Jersey . iPenusyh-ania 2!«.t»«Hi.(HH».0O 4'M60.t>00.00 | in MONTREAL, Nov. 14.—George T. Bell. 7'J. former executive as- si>tant to the traftic vice-president Canadian National Railways, ami one of the best known railroad men ! in Canada, died here Monday morn- 1 .\>:*. .«^0.«>oo.0o ; Total East North Central .Ohio 22.1 W.ntiO.O 8 * Mr. Bell had a continuous ser- vice rword of nearly f>»* years with | various companies now forming the Canadian National -Railways sys- four .million dollars. The Bank of Indiana 12.«>u.tH»0.(»> j tern. He was born in Montreal on the Manhattan Company has about -Wisconsin tvo an<l one-half million dollars Mieh;s«n ready ior approximately 7.>.tHH> r members enrolled at <s:\ty-eigbt of- ] fices in Ci'.vater New York. The ' Stamen's Bank fur Pavings in the City of New'Y«»rk has a total ac . .cumulation of approximately $1.- ».\iM*. The Roosevelt Savings Bank in Biooklyn will distribute The Trust Company of New- Jersey from it? several office 1 ; in Hudson County. New Jersey will distribute $<i2.>.«M»°. r The Commerc- ial Trust Company of New Jersey South Atlantic in Jersey City. $*r>n.CM*». The Fidel Delaware 4ty Cnion Trust Company of New- Maryland .... ark. N. J., has $6rii».00« and the District of Col- Howard Savings Institution of New- ark. N. J., is distributing approxi- mately $r»o«uMHi. The We-tern Saving Fund S«>- cieiy of Philadelphia have *1.«KH>,- «M»J» and The Com Kxchause Na-;<;eorgia tional Bank and Tiust Company oi'j Florida, Philadelrliia will jay out apptvxi-J mately f S^.\i.iM»a. The Industrial | 13.14o.Oi>i).Art ! September T f 1861. but e year lat- Illinois 1 Tottl West North Central Minnesota Iowa Missouri North Dakota South Dakota Nebraska Kaasris Total . -, 77.1!*(».f'»'H».00 er hii; family moved to London. Ont.. where h e was educated. He entered the service of the Creat Eastern Railway in London in !lS7S. Alter many promotions Mr. tT.lM».fH»o.ft»» { Bell bex-ame ]»asseni?er traffic man- 4.T14.0UM.WI jasrer of the (Jrand Trunk Railway 6,Js>'>.(H)f>.(K>: an»i the (ii-and Trunk Pacifie in ol»».o*V».tii» I l!»l-.». In 11*2- he was chosen for the 30O.W0.O0 i>osition of executive assistant to \ 40l.uttO.00 s the traffic \*ice-president. He re- l.S7i».CH>o.i>0 : tired in i^-€. ' Eitorts of Mr. Bell to iHomote umbia Virginia West Virginia North CaroHna South Carolina i7.7>1,000.0»J goodwill between Canada and the j Culled Slates were rewarded by l.lso.ooo.o*' his beinj: elex*ted president of the 4.020.<KM).00 American Association of Passenger j Traffic Ofiicers in 1H0S. He was *\6.1lo.w»r> i the first Canadian to hold that ^ 7i f M .*o,0u<MM> ! po>*. 3.180.O0V.00 j He is survived by his widow. -.•HMMH)f>.o«» j formerly Caroline Mary Due. of 7i2.oOo.00 ! Bolton. Ont.. and one son. J. E. 2 .400.1MM; ;;,-, j Beli of Moat real. Ti#tal 4V».W»i'f.tMl : 2>.27l , .^»o.^ J MACY SEEKING Trust Company will distribute I East South Central through its Providence and other j Kentucky 2 .i^r..'M*«».o^! iContimted from Pape 1» Uiioie 1 s.and offices approximately : Tenness*.^ _ 2 :?v»'».ooo «.« • not hesitated to make deals with $7r»<),iwm. Alabaaia * Institutions reporting a di^tribu-. JHi^sissipj.i tion of approximately half a mil- or more incl«de^: j Total ^.?«?»7.:>0«.**0 [ vision of the New York city char- 1.S40JHHJ4W jth** Tammany lexisiators on lei^is- Tli.m^.mi iiatiou. r\sard4e.<? of hi5 mishes. With important legislation on re- lit«o dollars Rank of America National Trust j West South Cential A- Savings Ass.n.. S ,u Francisco, j Arkansas Cal.. First Natiooal Bank and Af- i Louisiains filiates. Minneapolis. Minn^ Com* j Oklahoma ter certain to coaae before the next Gl:!.«***.eo Legislature. Mr. Macy. it was *.141.«MO.IW said, wishes to make certain that M*f.«*N«.<H« 1 such measures wiU not be defeatttl tnercial Trust Co^npany Jersey, Jersey City. N of New ; Texas 2^<to#*»m J^ Tras.' | Comiiacy of New York. Jersey City, j Total S.7«;t.«*««.*¥ lieves the Republican leaders nast J X. J-, Fidelity Ca*on Tnut Com-j Mountain be kept free of any alliances with Newark* X. J-, Howard 5>iiv-; Montana - 4S«f.«f«#.#<- the Tammany legislators, and it is j {by any \deals\* with Tammany. To make certain of this, he be- PAGE THIJEEi $t WaV »-Pc. DINING ROOM SUITE Here is one of the outstanding values of the sea- son—9-ri»ie Dining Room Suite, sturdily, con- structed and finished in selected wainut veneers. At Sperling's CONVENIENT TERMS 97 -* -.ii\* 3 Pc. LIVING ROOM SUITE nn ern Comfort comes first, of course; but this suite %J1\**-^\ has style and beauty as well. Special for this safe 89 Occasional Chairs One of the outstanding values of the season. A RUGS-RUGS REAL VALUES 9 X 12 AMERICAN ORIENTALS | Beautify that living- room with a rug that has charm land warmth. Beautiful re- productions of Oriental de- | sign, at a $29-75 ReeseTflt Sarins Bank. Brooklyn J Wyoaua* -- X- V.. Hatak ot liw» Manna:ian jColondo ... ( om^any. NVm- York City. S«--a»*«\s j Xem Mrxico Bank for ^win|f.<. Xe«r York City, Arizona Ohw> National Bank ann affiliates j Ttah *f tne lUacokio Gronp. ColnnUws. j NVrada Ohio, Corn Exrna-ss* XafionaJ Rink * Tuft (#. rtilaoVlnhia.f Total .... Pa.. Western S^rin? Fan* :>cc-iei> J Pacific i*hilao>!pliia v P=^ In4nscrial Tntt j Wasniarton rosnany. Pm^Hleace. R- U Fii^t, Oretpan Wls(on«n Xanana! Bank an* a£- j California - filiates. MHwnnkee. Wis. j Estimated Totals by Districts a*4 Total By States t New England Jlaiae 4>«•.•*•#.<*•' ihe Tammany lecisiators. ana u is [ !«<}.ofM.4M, nkety that he will attempt 10 £et a j *?*.#***# pmmise from llr. McGinnies to jro ^.11I.*M*>^I jalof^r mitli 1 he proposed charter r**.***.** : changes, pledged t»y Mayor-elect %%**«»*j*« j LaGuanfau and «ne mh*r Fusion J *1«#»«MMJ candidai^s for the Board of Esti-j l>7.*«#*.o , « J mate, if ihe coaferen*-*- takes place ' '- i i.l57.<^».«>4 HEW LIQUOR STORE ix»: | It s reported that Arthnr F. 1I< of tne Hotel \ •e-t Smoke Sftop. 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