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The Advance-news. (Ogdensburg, N.Y.) 1933-1935, November 11, 1933, Image 2

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SAITKDAY. XOV.-II, lfKW T HE ADVANCE-KEW S PAGE THBE& t t COUPLE IN SHACK BURNED TO DEATH AS THEY SLEEP % W.XTERTOW.X. Nov. lu.—When fire early Thursday afternoon de- stroyed a small one-story tin\ shack in Pamelia avenue, near the Brad- , ley street road just outside the city, two persons believed to be Framis Smith. r»o. former rnited States marine, and Miss Ethel \\ rape. 34. ' formerly of Carthage. w*re burned to death. While identification could not be , positively made, so badly burned were the bodies, there was little doubt but what the persons were Smith and Mi .^ Wrape. Charles • Campbell, a neighbor, told police officers that the couple had been livin? in the shack several weeks. The couple were apparently asleep when the fire gutted the small building shortly before 1 o'clock. Smith was found in a sit- ting posture before the small cook stove. The body of the woman rested on the wire springs of the remains of the cot. near the :stove. Both Smith and the woman were well known to police. The police report gave the woman's name as Ethel Wrape Jacox. it being said she was married. She was best Divorce Granted Against Former Relief Official WATEKTOWN. iNov. 10.—The uncontested divorce action of Mrs. Ella R. M. Thomas, this city, against Logan L. Thomas, former T. E. it. A. supervisor in Northern New York, was heard betore Su- preme Court Justice E. iV Smith Thursday, iieorge H. Cobb appear- ed for the plaintifl*. The Thomases were married at Dawson. Ga., in li*-<>. They have two children, a boy and a girl. Justice Smith ordered an inter- locutory decree of divorce an J granted alimony of $12C» a month to Mrs. Thomas. Thomas now is in Georgia, where he is engaged in public welfare relief work. known as Ethel Wrape. Ernest Murphy, who resides in Pamelia avenue, near^tbe shack. saw smoke coming from the place. He ran over, opened the front door, found the place afire, and called into the room. Then he went to the home of Mr. Campbell and the fire department was summoned. The shack was aflame when the firemen arrived. Distance Causes Delay. The shack was 1$ by 1«» feet and was divided into three tiny rooms. It was l,f»«H) feet back from Brad- ley street ami the fire department had some delay in getting water to it. The couple apparently had fallen asleep. Smith sitting on a chair, when the fire took place. Mr. Mur- phy told Detective E. J. Curtin that Smith and the woman had a quar- rel last Saturday and that she left but returned Wednesday afternoon, when he saw both there- Smith was born here, son of the late Edward and Lucy Smith. He attended the grade schools, enlist- ed in the marines when a young man. served in Central America, What the Wires Say NEW YORK James Roo*«evc!t returns home with Papal greeting for White! House. Tammany launches tight for life with threat to oust Farley as State chairman. Tax $'N«'»0.U(M>.l»o4» property now exempt, stop water rate increase. 1 and was on duty at the Sail Fran- cisco earthquake. He served four years, being discharged for ill health due to malaria he contract- ed in Central America. During the world war he sought to enlist at Syracuse but was re- jected. He enlisted in the Cana- dian army, went overseas and after the war was with the army of oc- cupation on the Rhine. He leaves a brother, William J. S:nith. and a sister, Miss Martha Smith, this city. He had a broth- er. Edward B. Smith, killed iu the world war. The Wrape woman was the daughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. John Wrape of Carthage. She was believed to have beeu fcorn there. She was said to have married a man named Jacox three years ago and they lived for a time at Bel- fort. ANSWERS TO INQUIRIES F you Vy\Hi (UIOOD IIEETH- By DR. J. M. WISAN Ch«irm«n. Council on Mouth Hyoi«*«. No* J*rt«y St«t» Donta! Sodt+y DECAY A SIGN OF MALNUTRITION real estate body suggests. charges ? *i MASSENA MAN EXPIRES AT 97 MASSENA, Nov. 1\.—Peter Hen- ry Russell. ST. died at the home of his son, Isaac Kussell. at 411 Main street, early Thursday morning. Mr. Russell had been confined to his be* for the pa»t year though he retained hi* mental faculties up to about a week ago. Old ag^ was given as the cau.^e of his death. Mr. Russell wa„ fcorn in Sumiuer- ville. Oat., son of Joseph and Sarah HusselL When about IS he moved with other members of the family to iKmdee, P. Q. When he reach- ed the age of 1* he again moved with the family to toe Cnited States. When 2* he married Aliss Sarah I*vts of Aialone. **« died o« Aug 27. 1*14. During their married life the connie resided in the vicinity of liaione and Fort Coiinetoa u- til the death of Mrs, Russell, when Mr. Rassell went to reside with his son. Sidney, ia Fort Coviugtoa. who died three years ago. He is survived by hat oae of his family of ser<-a children. Isaac, in Ma*seaa. DeTea graadchildrea aad awe area* graadchildrea also survive- S* rrire* aiH he coadarted Satar- i*. the Prechjneriaa Foil Cocaartaa. hr a>T. Mr. Gardiner. aa*r>r. Banal will »e ia the Fort C«vl*gfc>a ceaaecery. Waiters* tips part of pay under code. NllA rules here. Insull case retaliation seen as United States dismisses against a fugitive wanted Greece. Fire in Brooklyn rope plant routs 1.00< from nearby homes. Let second wife pay. i s mate's answer to first wife's suit for ali- mony. Larchmont matron collapses on stand in husband\;- snit for divorce. Hundreds of commuters see son, shoot father after pit-a for recon- ciliation fail*. Three motorists held under bail in death of four roller skaters. Hearing on girl's charges apninst former bishop postponed when nei- ther appear. LaGuardia gives cold shoulder toj army of job seekers. j Thirty thousand bars, grills and; restaurants sell liquor openly. j UNITED STATES - Q. Can the minimum wage be divided between two employees at a soda fountain? A. Not unless each is worked only part time. . * Q. It is permissible for trade as- sociations to require a deposit which would be forfeited in case of proved violation of codes or agreements, both from members and nonmembers of the associa- tion? A. It is for the industry to pro- vide its own regulations. It may set up such police measures as it desires, subject to approval of the NRA membership on the Code Au thority (governing body) of the in-j dustry. « Q. How are costs and prices com- J puted under the NRA? A. The National Industrial Re- covery Act provides (section 3 (an that \Tlie President may, as a con- dition of his approval of any such S code, impose such conditions (in- cluding requirements for the mak- ing of reports and the keeping of accounts) for the protection of con- sumers, competitors, employees, and others, and in furtherance of the public interest.*' Q. Please advise status of code or modihed Presidential agreement as to hotels. A. There is no substitution for the Presidents Agreement apply- ing to the hotel industry, and a code for hotels has not been ap- proved. Q. Where is the line drawn 'be- tween North and South in fixing; minimum wage schedules in codes? A. That depends upon where the difference in labor costs and other costs to occur, to l>e agreed upon within the industry, after which such differentials either are ap- proved or disapproved by the NRA. Q. How are artists, including commercial artists, to be classified under PRA? A. If their work is creative, they are professionals: otherwise, if their work is of routine nature- filling in. coloring, lettering—they are sabject to maximum-hour pro- vision. \I7HEK a child repeatedly pre- VV gents decayed teeth it is usu- ally an indication that he is suffer- ing\ from malnutrition. Malnutrition implies either that an adequate diet iF not being provided or that the body is not utilizing the foods eaten. How car parents tell if their choice of foods is in accordance v/ith known scientific principles? The first and most important food for genera! health and for the growth and development of sound teeth is milk. Each child should obtain one quart of milk each day. This quart ity will supply the neces- sary mineral elements that go into the development of sound leetn and healthy bone. One cooked and at least one raw vegetable should be included in the daily food ration. Fruits, particu- larly fresh fruits, should be a part of the daily dietary. Dental author- ities emphasize the need of the Vi- tamin C fruits—oranges, lemons, grapefruit and tomatoes, (prefer- ably raw). Among the other foods that should be supplied the child each day are whole grain cereals aad butter. The child should receive either eggr, meat or fish daily. Vitamin D is an aid to the as- similation of the minerals. Dur- ing the summer months this vita- min is provided by exposure to sun- light (excessive exposure should be avoided). However,as the fall and winter months arriv^. Vitamin D should be provided by giving the child cod liver oil, haliver oil, ar other similar products. Since dental decay, so prevalent among children, is considered a de- ficiency disease, diet must be con- sidered the chief factor in its con- 1 trol. Parents should by all mean* ' make a study of diet in its relatioa ; to health. If the child is subject to den tat j decay in spite of receiving pro pea ! foods, a physician should be coa ' suited. Don't wait for serious dent* j diseases to develop— prevent d*nta lo- ll: 11 12: 1: 1: 4: 4: 4: 5: 5: 5: CI: f> C f, f- - 4 s s 8 9 9 lu lo V (Hi—B. A. RoliVs Orch. 00—One Mans Family 3o—Hollywood Stars on Air »M»—Carefree Carnival CBS WABC NETWORK 30—The Football Souvenir 45—Football. Army-Harvard 00—Raginsky Ensemble 30—News Broadcast 45— Sat. Syiuopators 00—Diii-hin Orchestra 30—J :ick Arm-st rong 45—Melody Parade (Hi—Meet the Artist 15—C^o. Hall Orchestra 3U—Kudie Doolev : 4.\.—s j >on so red Prog. :o0—F. W. Wile. Talk * :15—J. Denny Orch. : 30—J a ne F roma n :<M>—Flmer Eveiett Y«*s. Skit 15—Cert rude Niesen HO—Phil Spitany's Revue on—Klder Michaux :30—Niagara Falls Rand 00—Pubik- Affairs 30—Cleoride Jessel 11 11 11 12 12 1. 1. 1: 4: o: *>' .-> 0 € 6 4 4 4 t s 8 9 10 11 V2 :00—I sham Jone.- Orch. : 15—-News Broadcast 30—Glen Cray Orch. 00—Barney Rar>}> Ore. 30—Ted Piorito Orch. 00—Dance Hour NBCWJZ NETWORK 30—The Merrie Men Quartet 45—Football broadcast 30—The Dance Masters 00—Jimmy Garri^an Orches. 30-*-Neil Sisters. Souj;s 45—Orphan Annie 0;i—Richard Himber> Ensem. 30—Mary Small. Sonpr Rerital 45—Capt. Williams. Talk :ov—doiin Hernck. Baritone :15—Three Musketeers .30—To Be Announced :45—Football Scores :50—O'Leary's Irish Minstrels ou—Ray Perkins Show 30—Program from Montreal 00—Jimboree from Chicago 00—Lest We Forget, Drama 00—The WbS Barn Dane* 0^»—Regprie Childs* Orchestia «r • Washington. It. C.—Sn»ck syndi-; «• _ & cate earned Wiggin and associates 1 J> ADIO PROGRAM $!2.«M2.H* without any investment.! '? i\vvH\fv a^ IVcora reveals. 1 * \ Washington, ih C—Raskob tells ' St-nate probers syndicate HoagM to' save bank fri»m ran after mifcide of. president. Rochester. N. T.—Three drr STOP AND SHOP 118 Ford Street MARKET Phone 375-W \WE DELIVER\ PORK LOIN Either End 3 Lb. Avg. Lb. 13c Little Ptg BOSTON BUTTS. LB. 15c) Boneless * POT ROAST BEEF. Lb. 13c BUTTER Made in St. Law. Co. 2 lbs 49c face man- snoops sarrender to slaughter charges in fatal >till • Z iHa t_ j Itanwille. Ind.—Marked man re- 1 real> pktf to kidnap Gov. JktaXattJ Washington. IK C.—Roosevelt] and aid* act to insnre goodly sap- ply of cheap liquor. Chicago. — Kidnap jarac took $4~«« I,#I», from victim* ia three i Z years. The white ramner dnck. a native of Malay, has a a-ed history vhich dares hark more Uu* two tfcaosasd years. 1 I- SATURDAY. NOV. 11 (Eastern Standard Time) NBCWEAF NETWORK «*—Ernie Orchestra ^—Football Bittdvast 3*—Weekend Ueva«- **•—Lady Next Door. KuiUies 2* —Three Scamffcs. %\oc. 45—ArJeae Jackson #*—Rroadea^r from PoUa 15—Dinner Concert *•—Phi! Sj*it*ny Orchestra 4»—<?ranime*her'3 Trunk oa^Monntaineers li—Foot hall iVore* Me>er Iftavw * Oi*-he*tra lira* Hays. Serial Sb^ 45—Jack and Loreita •^-To Be Asmmmmeti 30-Hkntabars Cm ha a* PraUFbov s SUGAR, Pure Cane, 10 Lb 49 C CHEESE Made in St. Law. Co., Lb. 17c W LB. COCOANUT 12c 1-2 LB. CHOCOLATE 2 LBS. DATES 25c 15c 2 Pkga. FIGS .. 25c White House Coffee, Lb. pkg. 25C R-Winner Coffee 31b. 43c lvanhoe Mayonnaise. Qt 39c ISode I Crackers, 21b 27c POTATOES Home Bu. Grown 85c. Feck •\ Z A

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