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The Advance-news. (Ogdensburg, N.Y.) 1933-1935, October 12, 1933, Image 2

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, OCT. 12, 1 !>:];} THVKSDAY, OCT. 12, VXYA THE ADVANCE-NEWS PAGE THREH u Recall - - | all when Devlin and ad a nionoply on in lOgdensburg? That ne was advertised the market this firm th open arms—each brush—became dex- se. and- while whiu did not drop near e carpets and down ' others? Can you r. McClelland's son young man, clerk- a billiard hall in the r the corner store by Sperling's fumi- n you recall that he far West, became ndian medicine men, > mix Sagwa to sell ., hunted up the ad- ittle factory, got in ?1 printers and when st ripe, commenced >rk up the ingredi- } scale. That it did limited capital, for barks were waiting forests, as well as 3 water—what more He knew! He want- »and in uniform!— \ He got both, and hoto from Denver pliments of Denver in one corner. The group of business- Jy musicians in full rum-major in white ?d with white bear- holding aloft a sil- n. George (excuse Dick\ stands at the id, a military Beau uced replica of Buf- and slender, classi- ven black hair fall- ulders, fawn-colored ora, fawn Summer ad fingers sparkling of diamonds! It is sold his cure-all to wds wherever he he never followed often enough to sat- —that it was worth d to see Diamond nd his retinue. It easing to add that =>y never made him ys the same and That along with attributes, he never ives—those near to ?nding money and their interests as many friends. Dia- ized and often told .< he w^as \passing ie last time\ as an good deed, or kind ft d as the result of comparatively poor - NOTICE ION NOTICE AXES 1933 Installment ed the warrant for ailment of the City d will collect same the City Treasurer, n^Nirg, Xew York, on date of notice, er Z y 1*33, $ per will be aMed for or fraction there- nwnth thereafter, »f, 1 per cent win e P*id during the ' Front ) a. a. to •L to 4 p. BL Sat- co 12 Noon, ey win aot be ac- oar tax bifl wbea s. ,-MW. T M. MORSE. CSty Treasarer. . ' « Bowling * In the Class 0 league matches rolled last night on the Crescent Recreation Alleys the I. G. A. Five .took 4 points from Lisbon No. 1, the Faculty Five 3 points from National Biscuit Co. and Socony took 3 points from Clarks Biscuits. Schedule tonight Class B Lea- gue: jNewherry's vs. State Hospi- tal: American Legion \*. A. & P. Gypsies; Baker & Norman vs. St. Lawrence Ice Co. Friday night—Canton Club vs. Waltons; Standard Shade vs. Cres- cent l>iner. j The O. F. A. Bowling teams will meet at Crescent Alleys Thursday morning at 10 a. m. . Scopes: | FACULTY FIVE (3 Laidlaw 149 17 V Green 116 140 Kleemeier ... llti 131 Price 140 Kinkead 13\i $60 000,000 BONDS VITAL TO STATER RELIEF Voters Must Pass SJpon Pro- posed Issue at Polls in No- vember. I the November election. The bond issue, if it is approved, will make available $60,000,000 be- tween Nov. 15 and Feb. 15, 1935, for State aid to local community work relief funds. Officials of the Temporary Emergency Relief Ad- ministration warn that failure to approve the bond issue will create a crisis in State relief administra- tion. ty from Indian Lake to Speculator, closure concerning the sums paid A second lift.* a constitutional ban on the sale of Barge Canal ter- minal lands to permit the lease or sale of a site at the foot of West 53rd Street in Xew York City, known as Pier 93. A third proposes to set up a new method of fixing the valuation of property taken in New York City by the taxpayers for private pro- perty taken for city purposes. The fourth would set up a re- quirement that honorably discharg- ed soldiers, sailors or marines would have to have been residents of New York State at the time of their entrance into the nation's service in order to win preference for city use. Instead of having the for civil service appointments and Of the proposed constitutional value fixed by a commission it is promotions. amendments, one makes an excep- proposed to have one or more Su- tionn in the present Constitutionu premee Court justicess ascertainn thee A< The State bond issue of lttO.000,- _ 000 for unemployment relief and nu m m«? prt->rui v uusiuunu prem voun, justice ascertai tu ^< a step in destroying thripe, four proposed amendments to the provision protecting the forest pre- value without -benefit of jury. This gladiolus tops should -be cut off at ! State Constitution will be submit- serve to permit construction of a proposal grows out of the New the surface of the ground and ted to the voters for approval at State highway in Hamilton Coun- York City investigation and dis- burned before the bulbs are dug. 124 145 Pts.) 151—474 1S0-442 140—387 101—3*55 166—446 NATIONAL Kelly I^adouceur .. Sullivan Carmody 656 B1SC. . 127 . 121 . 127 . 116 . 133 624 SOCONY (3 Anable Kevin 'Webb Hall Pelrah Liskum 137 . 97 . . 147 . 154 . 193 728 714 CO. 17H 111 i:»2 124 171 737 744 2114 (1 PL) 202—;\*'»$ 108—340 1*9—438 101—341 17—474 74<» 2101 Pts.) i i 17:< 12r> 174 190 7::* CLARK BISCUIT (1 LaVarnway . Ext ra L»aP!atney ... • Fxtra • Sf-eley 1. G. A. Wilson McFadden ... Scott Denny Paquette .. - . 17* . 1«>;> . 131 . J*7 . 150 692 FIVE . 129 . 126 . 137 145 160 162 13. r . ir.i i 1 147 672 —214 —193 114—2«7 127—399 181 -r>oa 150—533 668 2135 PL) 12*—469 135—405 137 -4W 96—270 173—470 (HJ9 2033 (4 Pts.) 118 167 139 177 ir.7 Ktf—413 170—4**>3 181—457 172 -494 171—49s 697 LISBON NO. 1 Smith Brown Todd Middlemiss Cryderman 127 115 132 137 161 76S 86o 2325 (0 Pts.) 127 16^—423 10$ 109—332 138 116 -386 122 131—390 169 130—400 672 6»;4 655 19<h St. Lawrence May Play Its Football Games Under Lights CANTON. 0<t. 11-—St. I^ w - rtrn<-e l r niver>ity may play iis ; same with St. Michaels* Oct. 2K ; under floodlights during the even- • in? and if this program goes 1 through jrridiron s«pex*ta*ors in the j North Country will have the first '• op|»oruinity of seeing night foot- \ hall in thds section It will he the j first Ume that a St. Cam rente' team will have played football at ; night. j At first it mas being arranged to j have the Hobart gane of Oc;. 21 | played at night bat the Geneva • College detuned and the athletic department next began negotia- ; tioas milk St. Michaels which is the next foe of the & ariet and the Brown. Good news for hnsband* bar* beating and vigorous shaking of heavy rag? Bay tear or break the ffbers and actnalty shorten the lives of the Heavy rngs av«t longest cleaned with a ficmi deaner. If a neater nrast be nsed. nee one •lie of rattan, and beat the rag witt nwtck. tigHt at May be Sold by TELEPHONE There's no need of passing up good customers and orders just because they are out-of-the-way. TheyVe easy to get to, by tele- phone. It's quick — inexpensive. Helping salesmen get their share of the business is one great service of the telephone. It lets them cover more ground — make more calls—spend more time with larger customers—get orders wherever thev mav be. One New York company reports b6% sales from telephone calls of this kind. We shall be glad to give you more information on Telephone Selling Plans — what they have accomplished for others — how they can help you get your share of business. Just ask the operator for the Business Office and have them send a special representative to talk it over. NEW YORK TELEPHONE COMPANY

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