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»V. OCTOBEK 8, 1933 in Frem h from Madame Ves- in Paris. John was John F. A. His son, Frank Ros-seeU adame Ye.-pueci's letter. 4 ?r letters include one from % Company, Amsterdam, Hol- lated May 21, 7S07, introduc- )seph Rosseel and granting •edit of three thousand Dutch rs. It shows indorsements of nts to be charged to David . Others- are dated The Ha- 812, from Alexander Miller ?ph Rosseel. Joseph married der's daughter, Louisa. . collection includes Joseph ?l*s passport, which is inclos- a frame with glass on both It bears the signatures of icials Joseph had to pass in ; Ghent. There is a painting old Rosseel hosestead in Og- rg done in water color by Rosseel. it stood where the library is today. There is a of the homestead taken hy M. Dow of Osrdensburg 1890. At that time there was er house on the block. In ?tground can be seen the oM ion Ft earner. Admiral, on Frank Rosseel was purser which he did his first steam .. The collection also in- a water color of the Meam- 't. Lawrence which sailed in rties between OsdensbiiTssr Piston in charge of Captain Van CI eve. John F. Rosseel irser. The Parish stone store wn in 4he picture. is inventory* of the Parish- continued on pare ~:)\ » . r Florida Will Vote Today On the Repeal Question x V NC WS A HOMETOWN NEWSPAPER FOR OGDENSBURG AND THE NORTH COUNTRY VOL. 1—Xu. 170 OCDKXSIU'KC, X. Y.. Tl'KSDAY MORX1XC, 4HTOBKK 10. 1H • »•» 1'KICK >. City to Be Represented at Waterway Meet JMMMMMMBi^aBBMHimaiHiiHMHMBB mmm*mmi^—m^^~^^m^^~—*^^^^tm^*^—^^ ma^^^—mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm^ammmmmmmm^^mm* ^^i^m^a^mmm^mm^mmmm^mmm^m^mmmmm^mmmmmm Flying Mollisons Abandon Long Distance Trip Repealists Confident Florida Will Vote To End Prohibition Today Chamber Is First Meeting of the No. 1 'Stung'for Parent-Teacher Association Wire Tolls JACKSONVILLE. Oct. 9.—Flor- candidates pl-otlped ar-ainst repeal Cost $78 to Send Out Messages ida votes tomorrow on repeal of na- »««her \neutral\ group which will R p resident ial Vis- . ... . ... * , J not be pledged to either faction. tional prohibition with wet leaders ^ . . . _ it y 7 t p K ^ Q ne |j U11( jred one names appear \ * cOiC. predicting it will join the 32 states under this latter c i ass ifi ca tion and that have already ratified repeal. 0 f this number 51 were qualified The campaign has been almost as by the drys and 50 by the wets, re ™* J**^^^^^ ^^^ W *** ** m * ht ** thC much a fight over the complicated The wet voter may elect his slate „«J__ \.I„, A „, J, „,!! school with a very lanse atteml- Program for the Year Outlined at Session Last Night—Mrs. Sadie J, Warren Speaks— Solos by Mrs. Laidlaw. ballot which will be used as over by checking the first group but the tolls on messages sent out in con- The first meeting of the year for coming year were announced by the Xo. 1 Parent Teachers asso- ^^ Aaron Acker. An attempt has been made to have the programs of benefit to both the teachers and parents and to brim? about a cJo.^ the nection with the recent Presideu- aiK-e. The proceedings were open- er understanding between them. On / rood and'bad points of prohibi- ! <jn-voter will have to select his ^ ^ ^ sinping or America atVr DeVember 11 it is planned to tavt- * tion. The ballot which contains emulate \«\«**\>J™\** available at present to pay the which a very enjoyable prosram short ,alk by each of the tea, hers 170 names 1S one of the mo, com-: Mrd group The elec.on method susses tion was made was presented. Mrs. Arthur J. of the four lower grades. Mrs. Far. P licated_affatrs in the stales his- is hailed b> the wets us favorable ^ ^ ^ ^ dir(K . lors thgt the ljB , <nilw rendered two groups of so- ley, Mi*s Bartholomew. Miss pprson responsible for the fake be los which were enthusiastically re- B»own and Miss Logan or Mis.* -\ Belle tory. The ballot is grouped into ! to their cause. three sections. One covering the* What ever the outcome in to candidates pledged to repeal at the [ morrow's election the siate prohi- state convention, one covering the j bition laws will still stand. FLYING MOLLISONS ABANDON PROJECT After Waiting Over Two Weeks for Weather, Reluctantly Change Plans. o* TORONTO, Oct. S —The Molli- son flight from Wasaza Beach. Ont., to Bagdad, Iraq—projected greatest venture in the brilliant flying careers of * Captain James and Amy Johnson Moilison—has definitelv been abandoned. Captain Mollison said, \but it was a gamble worth taking. Providing weather was satisfactory the rouie was ideal. ~On other flights, for example the one from England to New York we had a wider range and weather conditions were not so all-import- asked to assume the debt or part reived. She was accompanied on Hall on January S \Miss 0 f ft. the piano by Miss Alice Keegan. Jameson, drawing instructor, will The directors of the chamber Mrs - Sadie Warren, supervisor of - srire a talk on drawing and Miss met in special session yesterday tne schools, gave a most interest- Lavinia Wright will speak on sew- morning to make arrangements for in - address on \What Parents Haw ing. February 6 will be ee1ebra:ed sending a delegation to the deep a Ri ~ ht to Expect from Teachers as Founders Day and the associa- waterway* conference at Detroit and Wnat Teachers Have a Rii:M -non will attend tne joint meeting Oct. If* and 20. It is expected that to Ex P^t from Parents/* at the Washington Srhool. Dr. three or four members will attend. A ^«n«» mee.ing followed the Jaines Thomas. president or Mavor Morissette will also desig- Program at mhich Mrs. Arthur Far. Clarkson coHege. is to deliver an nate delegates to represent the * y ™ d * e ^vfUiem^ message address at this meeting On March u~ ~.«*.~„,; rt „ for September. The minutes of the 13 Miss Nellie Savagp will talk on previous meeting were read and ac- penmanship and Miss Cora Run- cepted. it was announced that a nf »]-i s OQ physical training. On April bingo party would be held on the 1«> Miss Belle Campbell will speak evening of October 27 in Mrs. on the singing in the public George Perris's garage at 1221 schools and Prof. Harold Jebo-wiil State street. A large ham was raf- tal\*: on instrumental training. The fled at the meeting last night and final meet ins: mill be held on May Mrs. Riley Stevens was the win- $ and will embrace the election of ner. Programs of meetings for the officers. city. Reports of the convention will be made at a dinner meeting of the entire chamber on Tuesday evening. Oct. 31. It is planned to have one or more outside speakers in attendance. After waiting for more than two ant Thig ^^ however, we must * | weeks for the weather to become p]an our fue j ^ppjy to the last two % 1 favorable over their planned 5,ww- ^ threp g^uo^ and cannot take * mile course, after making one vai- ^y dunces. •/^^-^ant effort to take their petrol-U- Low Water Held Fleet Of Vessels ^ len Seafarer II, up in the face «f Between eighteen and twenty Great L-akes the iman Life? will be correct istment jju ittery Co. » Street 26 **The present holders of the rec- M M ord waited in New York foar^ steamers from the a stiff cross-wind and after waiting mgmt ^ M anti , eo^tion^ were Tif , ht I were stopped Sunday at another week in hopes that the^. ^^ attenipt j^^ the Brit i western entrance to the Lachme weather would airain tarn favor- .^ ^ J|intetTT p^,,^ to tIy for | CaaaL and several bound w«*i were able, the flyinr Mollisons reluct- ^ T€COZ ^ th ^ ir ^^^ waited IS delayed. The majority of these antly ad»ined they had abandoned maaU|S u> ^^ affonJ ^ mait ; craft mere loaded with gram or that long.\ iCoaL I bow mater in the locks is heid F» • • x C|mI«vo '' resP 01 \* 1 * 5 ^ far l * e enfotx^d dela>s. rrClgfll OlIipS iTae level Sunday morning was a • • ¥} * ' \% feet - inches, but it droned a iVinVC III I Oil further two inches daring the af- Mos* of the ships U. S. WHISKEY FIRMS INCREASE OUTPUT At Least 18,000,000 Gallons Will Be Made This Year According to Report from Washington, D. C. their p*ans. They wfll, however, make an at- tempt on the worid non-stop, long- distance flight. Captain Mollison said. Bat it will not be from this side of the Atlantic. Last night the Mollisons had left Toronto for parts anknom a to re** for two vr three weeks in prepara- tion for their next attempt. The S*-a«ireT II was being taken apart for shipment to Enpland where ii win be reassemWed for the next flirfct. The Plane was designed s » CCTOr5 espectaHj for the •When we emm f <->- a pos^fhie take off we an efen^eat of will be made by United States dis- tilleries this year, in contrast to an annual ontpnt of 1,«««<.««* sal TLe steawer A. W. Osborne ar-. l * rBOCI1 - <ie- riTed at the CanriU elevator yes-: «oendinr draw 15 feet < inches, the alklUlieI | terdav with ^4je*^» bnshels of <^>m regulation draoirhu bat they scrape front Chicairo. The vessel will be ^ %h<>ao111 ^ ,n ^ <mnai \ d are inspected today at the elevator iw *** to * TO »- dock by the T. S steaniboat in- Oswego. TODAY'S WEATHER A Norwegian fneirhier arrived at ^ llall> *^ freight bnm r dack last Oede^Knrr and vicinity: Barely night with a cargo of feed front C }*W4T- with For-fTyj- - F^ 0 \ WiiSnnm, Ont. M ^^ c!ianee in t< WASHlX<;TOX. October *.—At which stocks of aged domestic li- least lS.i*H»,m«0 gallons of whisky <H» or **** beinr rednced thrnogtr drug store sales. The Commissioner and his ad- visers are giving consideration to the possibility of anthorising li- lons for the last fonr years- q90T imports to increase farther The carrent year beean wiih an *»* stocks on hand. The divi*ion. t of 4Jtmjrt\ gallons. Has received many annlkntions for which was increased two months permission to imports based on the *%o to 11.<***,«**. Now I*. James contention that repeal is inevn> M. Doran. Commissioner of Indns- able and that the available * apply trial Alcohol, has added another would prove to be only a small 7*<*t.#** to the year's anthorized percentage mi the demand Hmt production. wo*Jd follow. In IflT. the last He explained has action was not fnB pre prohibition year, wntsky dictated by the posKMHty of early cc^snmntion totalled l«?.«*n.*tt by Ue rapidity with gallons. j

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