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PAGE blX T II K A 1) V A X (' E X K W g SAT('KDAY, SKPT. 30, 1933 * f 0. F. A. MEETS MALONE TODAY SAINTS LOSE AT ROME KA Snappy Practice Marks Saints Meet FORDN R A Final Drill of the 0. F. A. Defeat Down On Eve of the Malone Game State. 28-0 TESTSEEMN | A ™T* 4- A STRIKE ACTION AreLdSted Labor Board Seeks to Mediate Here Sunday yesterday afternoon in a short, any of the tackles, and Judge.Cor- snaptv.- workout under the watch- coran. Williams and Nick Lachett* iul ev^s of Coaches Brandy and * re stalwart guards. At center, *v» itel. the O. F. A Blue and Durr may be switched fiom end White sijuad tapered off for the all while Mallett and McCarney are mir Jitant game with Malone at the gradually becoming very capabk •'aiitjMis this afternoon at t o'clock, snapper backs. And so. despite the A i borough drill ou pass formations wholesale ineligibilities which laid was enacted as well as an explan- ,noi <* lnan sJx verv £°° d looking a^ory dummy scrimmage. Then candidates low. Peschel and Bian- lasi night in the gym. Iae squad **>' »ave succeeded in plugging some ueld a more finish-' dummy piac- «f the gaping hoies fairly well. ti*e from eight until nine while The whistle will sound iur ihe standard bearers outside the opening kick at sha:*p 2 o -lock. Walkout at Chester, Pa., Plant. The St. Mary's Academy gridiron , osd«abur« will plav Pvrites • warriors got off to a bad start in .riant. baseball team at 1:30 o'clock to- their big football week-end yester- morrow af-rnoon at Winter Park day by losing to the St. Aloysius WASHL\i>TOX, Sept. 23—The Uneixp for P>rites will be: Rob- Academy team of Rome 28 0 The x a ti 0 nal Labor Boards decision to inson. c; Allen, p. lb, Taylor; ' team left here by bus early yes- aUempt to mediate a strike of Ford ss. B*nvarfe; 2b, Kio; 3b, Marsa: terday morning and had but a Molor Company workers at Ches- rf. St. Louis. If. Xicolete- cf,.Rab- short time to work out the kinks ter Pa todav po inte< | toward a di- erts. of the long ride before having to take the field against the fast Rome team. The boys made a good try under adverse conditions and battled all the way. Today the players will again have a long 1 he student bodv cheered their The Malone team will arrive about trip to face as they are scheduled s-t VH*1. then i.araded the downtown »ooa time proceeding directly to to meet the Tunper Lake team at station in a large pep fest. the Campus where they will relax that Kxccpt tor the ineligibilities and until game time. They will travel widely separated gridirons in the the do ^ n a Mung the board to ad i!i»* .njury 10 Fiack. the Bine seem- via buses. Admission price: M to l>e fit tor their first crack village. Two games on such r separ have space of two days is a big contract been scaled down to 3\>c for adults for professional players and a bit rect test of strength between Hen- Metowki, Robinson. Cook. Cro- rv Ford and the Roosevelt admin- bine an! Ph ar will be held in re* istration. serve for Pyrites. The Ogdens- Board members considered the *>ur line-u?> will be as follows: p, . Ford situation, delicate and ser- ^* Dennis or Delaney; t\ Man- ious. It was one of a dozen major trey: lb. Knowiton: 2b. David; :ib, strikes requiring the boards at- L-espemnce: ss. Kruckman; If, tention and involving more than C(>bD: cf - Livermore: rf. Austin J lW.tKM) men. Telegrams arrived by A football game between O. ?. A. alumni and S. M. A. aiumni will follow immediately after the For* did not S *n the ..to.*.* ££»\ «£• OJHHjj. or ^ the just disputes. s-eius to lie a standoff for both crowd which is expected while the teams the breaks to decide, a? it weather man promises ideal condi- was iearned yesterday that Russell, tioni. It should be a great day with bard hitting back of Malone was two sood teams, natural athletic on ihe injury lis*. The Russell story enemies,'fighting it out tor every mu> *»e one of liear proportions but inch and especially so. when the Brief Comment on the Happen- in an >* wa >' SPORT-TOPICS between averted on held he would be considered to be comply- ing with its policies so long as he abided »by the code's terms. The strike now has raised the issue of whether he will deal with the XRA <r ridiron Blake of Syracuse, Oscar Huga- booni of Cl&rkson, and Everett . Nelson of Ogdenstoirg. The line-up for the football game will be an- nounced later. Cars will be admit- ted into the park. Owners o! cars - are requested to remain off the ever, with him present, the Blue winner will, in al*> probability, be j^g j n ^he World of Sports, and White are determined to tuck declared in on the championship this game away in the records on round. Be in your seats early, the correct side of the ledger. If the Slate St renters were at full war strength, the odds would swing a bit to their side hut as is. it looks like an even-Stephen battle from goiiv* to whistle. O. F. A. will likely lineup with Captain 4 *Htnny\ Pearson calling signals. Faladreau and Bristol at the back« and WiLogins at full. On tii*» line, \Jimmy\ Durr and \Monk\ Wr«gbt will !»e stationed at the flanks: B.o.wn and H?ish at tackles: Livingston and Bouchard at guards and Hitman at center. In the sec- ond line trenches, the Blue has Ni'-oU' and fSokey to replace Pear Bowling Results Chairman Robert F. Wagner of * ihe 1-abor Board decided to under- take direct negotiations with Ford officials in Detroit after Ford's ac- tion in shutting down the Chester assembly plant blocked local med- ation efforts there. Senator Wagner expressed confi- Two Games In Leagues NEW YORK. Sept. 29.—Two m. Scores: A. & P. GYPSIES (2 points) ish and Duhluchetto. two promis- ing 'vingmen. are ready to dash in «t Lite first opportunity, while Jol- ly and Pierce may see action at Mulligan i'\ 1 ' I^N 15fi—524 Primeau 1«2 l'ft ior,—486 Wilmot 2M L\>1 lf.l — f>0f> Bain 174 217 17;—564 Sfamon Hi* 14* 161—425) HEAD OR TAIL? O. F. A. secvzns to be set and ready to go this afternoon again?: the Green and White of Franklin Academy of Malone. Should be a In the Class B League matches great game with plenty of fire-, rolled on the Crescent Recreation works in the way of long runs awd .. ., _ A ^^ _,._„ _„^ loaim** taUr ; n t h e American 1 if Ford would permit it to arbi- league the Senators evened their j trate He declined to say what series with the Yankees by taking * SIX AND ONE I Ws next move would be if Ford voday's game 8-5. Whitehiil. pitch- Des-.y'te the 'Moinal the (). F. A. squad it still remains that on the sidelines because of schol-! ^-*«^ — . home run astic dlfflt»hi«s «, wrtl a, a *« W continued tie-up of *«™***™ la l]xe XaUona , lea!nie the Brave3 ankle injury to the Blue and White | coal mines ^^j^.*** £ £ moved to within one half game of the first division by winning from the Dodgers 4-1. Scores: National League Boston 4, Brooklyn 1. American League Washington- 8, New Tork 5. deuce the Board could adjust the Sames *^re P^yed in the major Alleys last night the St. Lawrence passes. As to the edge? FHp your j <*^e ™* **} ^^ T ?T\^ iTIT 1^1 Ice Co. took three points from the own coin. Crescent I)iner and the A. & P. Gypsies and Canton Club split with two points each. Schedule Monday night. Class A League—Crescents vs. El Verso; State Restaurant vs. State Hospi- tal: Madden Coal Corp. vs. Ma- sons. the Franklin team will be forced to give. THE TUNERS the steel mills. The Frick Company has not yet signed the bituminous code which becomes effective Monday. The Football Forecast The following forecast of the re- 85* 844 80f. 250$ *.i'ts or the leading school and CANTON CLUB NO. 2 (2 points) li*o 17»; 213 124* Ladd ' 15S 152 Maybee Wi 1SM« <oH«\^e games to be played today i^yal is i<* be a u'eekiy feature of the G. H. Storrs . h»por:^ deiarumtrnt of the Advance Witaerbee •N\ev\.-s. Final «d\es of aid leading saiih-s will ap;iear in S anday's edi- :ion. «#. F. A. 12. Malone C. «>»*viile 0. Ciouvemeur 21. •Wtertown 25*. Mas-ena U. <*Nrks4sn ••. Manhattan 2*. S-. Lawrence 7. Cornell 14. W*s; Point IS. Mercer 7. N<*rtnwestern 12, Iowa A. l'i, t ui(*uih *<K Norwich 0. tK,..i«n Cniversity 18. Miidie- ^ aK ' all »» ; >u:y *«. Ht.y Cross 2o. st. Mirhaels *. A«t«si*-rst 2u. Holiart <». Ft*rJha:a 4V Albright <•. ti :tfaic» <». NiaLgara 12. I ::i.: i* 24. \V«a. aud Jeff «. Vitlanova l<„ Crsiniis •. Nivy 24t. Willuiai and M*ry •• <;^#r?;etowB 21. ML St. Mary 4. ^;*^rs:ia 2*. North Caroiina Sttate Lou Gehrig Weds In New Rochelle NEW ROCHELLE. Sept. ac- company agrees in black and white L^ Gehrig, first baseman of the to the provisions of the code guar- Xew York Yankees, and Miss Today the big boys let loose in ^-R\ insists the code will apply re- tune-up games all over the country.: ^ anileS c; 0 f whether the company Several of the larger U's such »*fgj jais ' DUt miners fighting for rec- Harrnrd. Yale. Princeton and Xotre | it j on ^ lheir union declare they Dame do not get away until next • TetnrQ ^ work until the Saturday. Stepping in cold as it were. Why the reason for tune ups is a mystery. They are merely soft >12 trying its best to cash in on the lit- 75 ^e f el tow. Taint right by our Xell 14> 14? 14?.—4 r il and the good derived weighs notb 147—.\.27 ing compared to the evil consid- ize. ago were married here this after- Donald Richberg. NRA chief noon. The ceremony was perform- counsel, an J Deputy Administrator ed by the mayor. The couple h*& K^nn^'th Simpson hare been en- originally planned to marry at the erins the injuries suffered espec- *aged i» closely guarded negotla- conclusion of the world series, bat 917 827 7.V. 2r.«$ iaiiv\ bv the warmer-up. The only tions with coal company exec*- that was when they both thought Tie for Total pins. Won bv Can- salvation ior the \bitty\ te*m is fives for more than a week. Early that the Yanks would be in the ton on roll off. that they get a nice slice of needed t*i* week it was said developments series. When the team lost oat the ST. LAW. ICE CO (3 points) athletic money as most \iuners~ were expected momentarily, but earlier date for the ceremony was Deianey ITft ir.1 2<tl— ;,ll g^t from $2>n'»fr to $2,500 for the the discussions have dragged on. decided upon. 1514 r^f shellacking «>nd pasting they re- —- PILOT SETS RECORD iAemarse 1«<I 2*2 Itishaw 182 14^1 . 1C5I 15*2 Boyer 1^^ 222 152—182 ceive. 211— r.22 17S_r»i;9 FORECAST Ralph C. Hodgson, one of the Tat*- a look ^t the Advance- fcremost pilots of Canadian Colon- N\ »*s for^ «tst on football re<i!lt?- 33] Aiiways. established recently May be «*1 wrong bn« che/k ns t j, e aniqae record of clearing Cus- LINDBERGHS LEAVE MOSCOW ON 525-MILE HOP INTO ESTHONIA SttS *tl8 Sl2C *4&* --*T *» > J*#J» . xn.7>< vii iw^iwii jrr^iur. J 3 J j%iim*j>„ n»uuiu>uni IWBUJ MO>iO», S**Pt. 25>.—Co!. and CRESCENT DINER (1 point) ~ May '** * l UToa - hri * che/k ns t j, e aniqae record of clearing Cus- Mrs. Charles A. Lindbergh took off O'BrVn 1*> ^<; ^l^—42^ bak Sat77r.1ay night and learn what t^n,^ between Canada and the Tni- from the Moscow River in their *** -e hi:. Maybe not our weisrht bat te< | states one thousand tines- To ««!»J*ne at 11:44 A. U today for then it :s better fun to graess. And September 2*. he cleared Customs a *2^Mfle flight to TaUian (Reral) we might even ro a bit farther to , «, u |im ^ c^»«cisinr 5« entries E *t*©ai«. have yon ask »P how any game mto |-e rnited States and 54^ en- A Soviet airplane accompanied I-. w «. s. WelL* . Potter Owens Cordwell .. l«tt 18« 141 1454 174 1**— ZZ* 11# 1«* —UW: 17* 18i»—3HVT« 145 149 — 442 14 *;-orgia Te. h. 2*K Cl*-mson *. Tfunessee 12- V. P. I. •. iMke 7. r. M. L • r noi* 28. I>rake C Indiana 21. Miami t. Mit^igaa ?Ut€i * prfa^T •• MJcaesc-a %%, & «2 82* $V, 2577 Trill come out. lu«t ask. Mi.^at not be right bat we will try- GRID SCORES LAST NIGHT West -,- I>j*jo*-^a* Tn:T€ r=:ty 11^. Pakota S'-v«f Stiiatoa^ liiltary A ad^zjT 2*) V. M L J*y*** t. If wir.te- comes, the ice-harrest is an important activity. Cornell has just printed a new bulletin ?r*>«:t i;-e cc the farm. A post-card addressed to the office of pabUca- \'.cn. «-<?!:*n*e of agricaltsre, Ithaca wlp briar it. itained by the company between MoutreaL Al- bany and Xewark- tnes into Canada. This record has \ h * m fCT ^ lir5t sU «^ <* tn ^ r been compiled dnring the last four **\** northwestward over Rns- year. Hyinif steadily on the air mail Sla *» ** B«*<>nia <^PJ^ on the and passenger mm maintained by ^ coa * ^ v ** Gal! ^ Fl *~ A small roup of officials and ar- iatora- hade the Lindhmfhs fcue- ^ . fell Coionei Undnergh said ne- A cooperarve in 1 assotzatiois f0rfc ^ j^ that ttis ^ y ^^ hlgm y h** P seTeral faraers to heuer ^ eajoynnift. He expected to 1 reach Taliiaa ia five herds at a relativeiy low [i Fu He I Bemai Sen The man, 7; the SYi York c illness held y at, St. copal gixtyX Dr. L\a riated. ind bu aukee. The >f tl^ein ere JP .F\st the •reside: >uck, e Bris >oughe ^Yiilber ireside •randt iu/5ser, .andnia Mr. Jh' tmong ; jpcrato: -ith th TI inju >en ye le ice id gor ie ch ffive ^ nue. Mr. ; om Jc oner >lon>\ K»30. r ere pr tl days Born was ter Br- riy of ig pub ran r secrt tlnton the level at .fter , ILL B itnrnit • Mayer Rlow r j^!14«-^ #OR R I flat o nVnt R IXPER' -painr Music OR R £n<mi ANTE with locate of thi fOUSE 3e str and n 4 * Jtarir* r ffcece

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