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JUST 13, 1933 TORS ON RD MOVE , VES AVERS j < BUNDAV, AUGUST 13, 1933 THK OGDKXSHUKG ADVAXCE AND ST. LAWRKXCK SUNDAY DEMOCKAT PAGE THREE er School Class of and Reform at resent Time A;;?. 12.—Educators onward and upward progiess and reform,\ * rrepont Graves, state of education and he I'niversiiy^of ihe York, declared Fri- leirrees were awarded at the l(Hh annual >1 commencement, St. ^ versity. y of the tixr?s of ling importance is the e training of teachers * •>fec?<:onaliza:Iou of said- half a century the ng elementary leach- recognized generally, he 20th century we j suspect that high « ~s also should learn consequently we ere •ols of education and *ges everywhere.- \* ucation Awakening education is likewise a marvelous rate, m and methods are ized from stern to .- institutional varia- ' e*n arising constant- higher institutions om their seclusions in to feel the quick- ens of the times. Jencies as university ?ns. farm and home activities, corres- \ rses and extension Juring these first century, attained a nent, and the uni- even taking e live 'fording genius help i of the practical e people. ias entered upon a 'e epoch of experi- nge and improve- y, it seems to have article of popular teacher is a conser- \jower of a routine, unchanging. ?.nd Onward ake no further ac- tivities then the e been named, it is e educator, with the the scientific phy- * need theologian, the - nd the man of af- is moving upward this day of progress that the edacation- of these eaily fnh century are in tined to nmke oar le one.^ * were conducted in orial chapel at 3-30 * afternoon. Dr. id by Dean Edwin he College oi J>t- ce T conferred the LANS SOCIAL ug. 12.—The iocal Kni€ki£ of Colam- n ice cream social ita the week'y ten4 \harsday ewecia^, baa4 coccen aad m the lawn of ike mbm koao? ji low- deiiver b-er *EIGN o Ion* rcwoK as a Stins defy De id* in suitors Saa- \^ coart ck m edict violate m. Learning To Roller Skate Again New York Raises Bumper Bruise Crop .Central Park Police Kept Uusy Giving First Aid Treatment To Venturesome & 8/ t>OC SCHNOHMACHER 48-HOUR WEEK SET FOR BARBERS' CODE flK* *Oi?K A*c!«y <too*g€t* 0«tfig snubbed Dy fuungsferg In ?h«tf tetffis ***** A***** dobu- table* taxing teasoaa from kiddie* o;ni mine to the ttaff m OemrmJ F*'* from the low** Kagi Side. *«-l*i* stared l*<1s and lassies woo 8VT *^ down froto H»rt«-m oo w::.*wi roller skates to eoftquti the Stuue Sisficu I bey all make a |.i|i*v mrvy world these days, es |^ tali> if seen through the eyes pi • tin vice learning bow to skate. iTi* rollei ikafln* erase has U.K-11 New Vorfc by storm and rhe f* CH.V* -reuniting quota of bumps, bruise k? id minor abrasions bas bf^ti filled to overflowing This tail be determined by »u>r««.#.»ii personal With the adoption of a code for barbers by the Journeymen Bar- bers International Union of Am erica, the NRA announced yester- day the regulations covering maxi- mum hours for the barber and beauty shop*. j The regulations made by the j NRA as a substitution for Article VI of the ba-'jer shop and beauty j shop industry code, stipulate that j no barber, \-leauty shop worker or | other employe shall work more- j than forty-eight hours a week and | that no accounting, clerical or oi- J t'ice employe of the shops shall j work for more than foity-eight hours. j Maximum hours do not ai/ply to those in a managerial or execu- tive i-apacity, but Apply to own- ers or operators working in bai- AbdVe—Roller skating en the Ma?l. who snatched him right out of the — patch of a \snap the whip\ party actertsttc sitting position, legs ex from Harlem. tended at an oblique angle, and! And ,f f^u^e ever observed the bead slightly throwo back, as tf m ' terrorizing effect of a -snap the solemn contemplation of the dls j wh, P~ P* rt - V of twenty or more tant horizon sniiektng youngsters skating at Or you can take Policeman ! l^tJ^ 'H ^T 1°*%* Frederic Reason's word for lt ,;»°n. ^« <^n ander^tand why Mr. A - a .. „ f .. , 'Gale was so gratertjl to his resell- And Policeman G leas on ought to: .^ .- , . * #- . '. zr . know for be parses up more' JT» \\\ JJf, *•?**? * noU . 8 *. K f bruise* knees £ bts ^.1, tour ^T„, ,?J ™, ,T /v than do an, three other police- *\• °' 8ereral thm '^ rl hr »' 9M - Comedy Film To Be Shown At the Strand men. And when the new skaters and the more vemuresume ones ^>;:\^.* •^*-^3^jc^.v-«--'*\ fe; '-• ^ OD fhelr fleeting rollers on a Sat- J5*^#3L il^^^Kfe**-*- 1 ^ urday OT Sunday afternoon first aid supplies such as speed band- ages. \Zo.** Red Cross cotton and gauze, and band aids are at a pre I mlum. xz So discovered Mr. \\^Rllswortb Gale, manager of the Hed Cross rM \ w,n - n «—\ » ever ™« 7 Div1smi) of Johnson aQd Johnson, to render first aid. Mr Ga|e who balIg from New Brunswick. N. J., where the roller observation at the Mall In Central | skating craze has not yet been l*ark any day where the novices among the thousands oi skaters fnaj be picked out by their char- taken up with the ze&l and zip which has followed Its New York debut, was rescued by & policeman In spite of the 11st of minor ac- cidents faithfully administered to by the police and puhlte spirited citizens, the skating fad continues to grow and a special asphalt rosd oear the Mall has been reserved fox the increasing number of scal- ers. Bicycling, too. is Just begin- ning to become popular and from the number of girls riding around the Park on their two wheeled steeds, bicycling threatens to be-' come as popular as skating. All in all. as Policeman Gleason and Mr. Gale will tell you in chorus, it looks as if the sale of first aid equipment this season, is due for a great increase. Collectors of China are apt to swoon dead away when they see \Her First Mate,\ the Universal comedy which is now current at the Strand Theatre, with Slim Sum- merville and ZaSu Pitts in the starring role*. For m one scene the solemn-fac- ed Sumnierville, filled with rage, goes into the kitchen of his home and smashes a complete set of lov- ely I)Hft blue china, piece by piece. He has jwst had a tempestuous ar- gument with Miss Pitts, his wife in the picture, and to relieve his outraged feelings he covers the ber aid 1>eauty shops. Barbers and beauty experts must finish setting all customers arriving in the shop for service before closing time aud sueh owjrtime shall not he comput- ed in determining the tota* number of hoirs, nor shall it call for over-' time pay. The hours of operation of ftujr barber or beauty shop shall not be re:taced below fitty-two hours A week unless the total was fewer than fifty-two hours on, July 1> 1933. The code for barbers forwurded to Washington by the uc'un sets up a torty-ei^ht hour, six-day week and a minimum wage of $25 and 6u pe: cent of chair receipts over $>7 tveeicty. If the code is ap-proved it was said that a haircut would cost at leas; 50 cents and a shave 25 cents. kitchen floor a^kle-deep with bast- ed crockery. It is only when he hits nis equally outraged wife in the midriff with the sole remaining .cup that the clatter ceases—but Ms troubles have just commenced. She jams her hat on her head and barges out the front door, bound for some point which will be just as far as possible from their more or less peaceful love nest. Still, as the saying is, chat's love. It is far from being the end of the lively happenings in this hilarious pcture. It is just a snappy inter- lude, so as to speak. Sumnierville and Miss Pitts are assisted in \Her First Mate\ by Una Merkel. Warren Hymer. Ber- ton Churchill. Jocelyn L»ee, George Marion, Henry Armetta and other fun makers. - The picture was di- rected by William Wyler. SPORT^TOPICS Brief Comment cm the Happen ings in the World of Sports. Chuck Klein continues to set the pace in the National league bat- ting average and is clouting at the rate of .380 at the present time. Simmons of the'White Sox is leading the American league fence- busters but his mark is a mere .356. Bill Terry of the New York Giants faa's found time from his managerial duties to amass a bat- ting average of .3^3 which gives him second place in the National league. made a flying dive Tor-the (Jreek but missed by the proverbial mile and sailed out of the ring to land on the top of his head «»-arement floor. He was unable to-continue the bout which was awarded to L#ondos. Mrs. Helen Wills Moody has re- coveied from the back *nyury that kept her on the sidelines at the Wight man Cup matches last week.! This is bad news to the-other ladr j tennis players of the *orld who f start play in the National cham pionships at Forest Hills torn or row. TUPPER LAKE TEAM DEFEATS CHATEAUGAY If you don't get out to Winter Park this afternoon yon will miss one of the best games of ;he sea- son. The locals have finally hit their stride and in their last few starts have played the kind of ball that the fans knew they could all along. It if oar gness that the Lyon Mountain boy? are goia? back to the Moantaia with a de- feat pinned on taem. Miss WarjOTie Harrison, a four- teen year old girl is in the lead ia the wig iateraauoaal golf toarma- meat feeing held at PUftsbarg. She faces Mrs. C. T. Voss of Kins- *toa ia the final today aad oa the form that she has dismayed all week » favored to win. TUPER LAKE. AusrV^ 12—The Coioaels af Tnp^er^u amount on Federal Field yesterdays defeated the Northeia New Yoak league leader*, the Chateanra^F Poaief, 11 to 7. . Sunday, the Maloae \Stars will oppose To$a*r Lake ia a Northera New York Leagwe contest mt Ma- lane. One tboasaad seats ~have been reserved for Tapper Lake fans as auuiy sjore will.Jp ? present Saraaaw Lake JJwjfiagt—« Jim London the darabie Greek who is recognized in soa^ of these Waited Sate* as the heavyweight wrestliag chaatpion af the world retained his title in PailadeJpata the other nig*t when Everett Martial! with wham he was tang .ling oo th?s parucaUr evening. iMALONE WINS. 4 TO 1, FROM SARANAC LAKE j MAI .ONE. Aug. 12—Eddie Saw- yer held Saraaae Lake to six *rat- ! tered hits yesterday afternoon aaJ j the Malone S?ars won, 4 to L he • Core a crowd of o*4. j Ta? £*a»e was the first of ihe season between these clubs and was full of fireworks. In the third Pat Ryan of Saranac stole third. Hodge threw to Patrick but base umpire Conroy ruled him safe and then umpire-in-chief Hu^nto called the man out. The game was de- layed several minutes when the players and umpires argued, but finally the runner was allowed to remain on third and the game pro- ceeded. 2 NEW YORK BOYS * TO SEE CHICAGO AS GOILD 6IESTS Also Earn Chance at $5,000 Scholarship in Fisher Competition t>ETflOIT. Aug. 5 <Special)— Trip* to the Chicago Century of Proc**ess. and Opportunity to com- pete there fur *ix $5O0O **obot*n»hipe offered by tfce Fibber Body Crafts- man's Guild, are now within the «r*#p of two New Tork boy*, who nave been adjodjeed tfae champion boy CTaft4ift«*n of their sfate. The boy* are /o*n Haaner. of New Tork. aad William R Smith, of Rocfeeatrr. feuildera of the two mini- ature Napr>leon>o coach model* whtca received the oia%ert scores in their respecti** ao> dirfcooo*. Thje two boys, with oinMlar winner* frooi other states and from Canada. will be guerts of the OvM at the Fair. A«a 1« to fa mdadiv*. TbeW madchi wiil be rejodced. m coupeti tioa with all the other state winners, as a basis for awarding the t^ boiar- enina am the nicht of Aaa It Other awards in the C4*ropetition, ranains; from SIS to 91 OS each, were presented to Wm. O. Teerman. Wim—il>su /ohn S Bordsek Ham- bare Bd. I. hfauork, Tookers. HaroAd O. Wflkin. I>undee. Kart MobJonhaoar. BulTalo. Wfltti M CTamriao, IrondoowoK. John K Hortoo. Joeaaoa Hetcfcta. Elbert ft BobJiOw KeasMCt. Caas I When the bluuz, of the night FIRST NAME'S REALLY HARRY *BIN(rWAS FASTEN- i EOON HIM AS A KID... HE PLAYED COUBD/ AND IMD1AM, SHOUTING *B*NG!* *B!NG ,# EVERY P.ME AN IN JUN BIT THE DUST. . . . BINC CROSBY rv i tf. ^ r& ,F BING'S TH.R0ATV WAR&LING 00E5 'W^ NOT SEEM UP TO HIS OLD STANDARD, lOOKTOYDUCWITENNA IT MAY BE GROUND?. «« N -. UDK ALSO TO «URTU6£S. NEW BCA RADiOTRO^S W-%L'\ CAN MAKE A POWERFUL PIFFERENCE *Hs~ »•=?! r iMM THE NEW DEAL SPOT PLAZA CASINO ... Free Dancing •.. DRAUGHT AND BEER BOTTLED Tonight and Tuesday Musk by the Crusaders no COVEH CHARGE ,.i

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