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*»AGE TWO T H K ADVANCE-XEWS _<»£ SATl'RDAV, AV(i. 12, 19.53 V Demand Price To Be Paid By Byrne Dairy £2 of the retail dollar or about five cents a quart. Alderman Dennis M. Haley anJ 1 Matthew V. Byrne, officials of the had a long conference with [the Dairymen's league, said last night. These small dealers will have to turn to other .sources, probably Motherland, and there was evidence ikers at Cards Corners yester- \ last night that if Netherlands Tired Feet Need Not Be Handicap By EMILY BANKS Worcester Salt Institute Quart. shipments keep up today as they have during the past two days the company will be able to meet the demand. \Nothing Alarming\ •day morning and after agreeing to ~ „ «-..,, —. i the strikers* demands milk for the Syracuse Company Will Give Byrne r^ry was allowed to pass Farmers Five Cents a the picket lines. The dairy's first load of milk was dumped yesterday morning when SYRACUSE, Aug. 11.—Syracuse's strikers halted a truck also carry- milk supply was reduced still fur-- ing milk for a larger Syracuse deal- ther yesterday as loads of milk _or, % were dumped in various sections! While Byrne Dairy was in good of Onondaga county and scores of | shape so far as its supply is con- farmers decided to keep their pro-!cerned other dealers were hard duct at home rather than face the hit The Onondaga Milk Produ crowds of militant strikers. jeers' plant, a subsidiary of the|made a check of the city's supply. Strikers gained their first vie-; Dairymen's League Co-operative Reports of inidividual dairies^ tory yesterday afternoon when Association, Inc., reported a 50 per said Dr. Ruhtland, showed an ade- Byrne Dairy. Inc., agreed to pay!cent shortage. quale supply on hand yesterday, the demand price of 45 per cent j Others Short bat there may be a different story I The Netherland company had a today. J25 per cent shortage, the same as Dr. Ruhland said there was no ^•WMWMMMMMWMMMVMMMM Wednesday, need to worry so far as the babies \There is nothing new or alarm- ing on the milk supply for Syra- cuse,\ was the comment last night of Dr. George C. Ruhland, commis- sioner of health, after Dr. Maurice *{J, Doottng, director of the bureau -lof food inspection and sanitation. „4_ Different Kinds Draught Beer 8 Ounce Glass .06c Cheapest price on Bottled Beer in Town. Draught Beer orftA^ Ale Gallon -OvJC Rub's Tavern 906 Ford Street AMERICA Sas rediscovered its feet.*\ Week end parties and holidays, combined witto pleasant weather, have made outdoor recrea- tion exceedingly popular tms moath. Even the stay at nomes in New York City have taken to roller skating after dysiness hours with a teat and entbusiasm winch has resulted to a uew taw permitting the thousands of roiker skaters to pursue their sport on the Central Par* Mall un- til 11 pm . After several momns of comparative inactivity, many of us nave found tnat the outdoor atMetic parrant wnich we nave ouftyiea for ourselves Das result**) in tired. aching feet and though \the spirit is wilting, the flesh is weak.\ SAT Lit The Seneca Dairy with a normal are concerned and if an acute daily intake of 16 cans received shortage should develop the de- none. p&runent would see to it that the] Alexander McGuffie was 25 cans children and babies were taken short of his normal daily supply care of first out of the available j of 50 cans. supply. Small dealers had difficulty meet- He pointed out that children's ing retail demands either because specialists frequently prescribed j their loads were dumped or their evaporated milk -in preference to producers joined the holiday. Lar- the fresh fluid milk. ger dairies came to their assist- Cieerq, was the scene of the most ance and supplied them with serious depredations ot a flying 1 enough fluid milk to tide them squadron of strikers believed to be} over vesterday. Madison county men. They chare:- j But the Onondapa Producers* ed through the area in an automo- plant which was the small deaLrs' bile and dumped loads miule still jehief supply source yesterday will parked in farmers' yards ready to INDIANS XRY not be able to play the good sam- start for market. Ul* al 1 iJ IIV 1 ; aritan today for its own supply is — : running dangerously low. F. J. Con- ; | t pays to advertise if yon do it inolly, division representative of \ R the Advance-News. jjtigued after a strenuous game ot This ts a condition wbicn need ! tennis or a long hike, try put tin? not exist if you have discovered j new life m your feet by bathrns. the secret of the salt feet bath j them in not salt water This stimu* v and its revitalizing effect. Many! lates the circulation and removes famous athletes take salt foot {the waste products which are re- Hatha in fact some of them tm j sponsible for the fatigue. Add two. merse the entire body in salt; faandfuls of pure table salt tc a water, taking salt tub baths and , basin of hot water, place your feet salt rabOowns. j is It and receive their everlasting The nert time that you feel fa-1 gratitude. <* TO BLOCK THE BRIDGE PLANS Uniform Size for Beer Glass Urged ! WaddingtonBank — a t_- WADDINGTON, N. Y. Has been officially authorized to reopen for business today, SATURDAY MORNING, August 12, 1933. with the following officers and directors: OFFICERS George W. Twttle, President Phillip H. Palter,, Vice-Pres. Cfe.pt H. M. fcussell, Vice-Pres. William B. Eochford, Cashier B. A. iutfaerford, Ass't. Cashier Will Launch Contest Right of Sale of Any Lands on Cornwall Island. STRACUSE, Aug. 11.—Unifornv- j ity in the a *ze of classes of beer I was one of the principal topics of discussion yesterday afternoon at a meeting of members of the On- ondaga Beverage Dealers associa- j tion at 112 Cortland avenue. About* j 100 persons, mostly restaurant pro? MASSENA, An*. 11.—Detey in ; prietors, were present. atartinir contraction of the auto-j The association was organised mobile thorofare over the Si. Law-J tegt week wlth the object M ^. rence river from Nyando to Corn- f toiBing UDiform met hods in the d:s- wall loomed Thursday when ii was : pmlng 0l ^^ m ^ connt y. F. teamed tkat a group ot Indian*: D Clarke execut - ve secretary. t would contest the saie of anv ian.i J „.. ^ ^, . r *• on Cornwall island, through which . Tj lf ire * ^ nch * rob J. ein \\J* 1 **; .. . * \ . ,. mg hours also were discussed, but trie thorofare would pass, bv mdi- . ridual Indians \ j no s - l: ^ l ° 1 ^ was taken. Another Woman as Aoent Claiming to be executive agent for the Six Nations and rejwesen- tative and interpreter for the Mo- hawic and St. Regis tribes, Mrs. O. J. Helloes has established head- qraarters at an O^densburg hotel, has retainer! an attorney, and an ! meeting will be held in the near i future. The association hopes to include in its membership all those engaged in the beverage business in the county. Sizes of glasses in which beer is • served varies now from eight onn- ; ces to 16 ounces, for a dime. The nounees that she will seek an in-i lar * er s:zes \e offered by estab- jaaetkm against any transfer of \mieats to bniJd up trade, w^ich property not approved by the many Proprietors regard as des- chiefs -ba**nir jurisdiction ander . tructiv€ «>mpetitJon, asserting that Indian law. j it is impossible for a place to make Jt is Mrs. Kellojrg's contention !* P rofit thereby. They seek a uni- tbat n^ pi*re of prof^rty can be form s5a « ** poaeibly 10 or 12 onn- soM by an MKfcvklaa.1 Indian with-, ces - oat the consent of the cbiets in * DIRECTORS George W. Tuttk Capt H. M. Russell Phillip H Palter Stanley K. Carruthers C. W. Hanes W. J. McKay C. J. KeLtenberg cemncfL . The Indians then-selves are said to be divided on the owes tion, some be in* anxious to dis- pose of tbeir hokHn^s on the is- land, under white man's law. If Mrs. Ketto? actjoc she mast < roorts.«» the ielaad is on the Can- adian side of tbe rirer. Mean GRANDDAUGHTER Or SOLDT TO WED WATERTOWZV, We Again Solicit Your Valued Accounts OFFICE HOURS 9:0v A. M* to 3HM P. Bft. SATURDAY 941A.M. to 12:§0 Noon 4 4 Aug. 11.—The «• commences an • w^^v^ ^* w ^ it in Canadian Z^ V ° f MlbS a ° ver BolA rt in Canadian M]] ^^ dan^fcter of Mrs. Kila R JobnaaeOTo of New Tor* oty «ad while. ** is woHdn^ to toe *p *££* '^ ^v^ ^ ll€ E the faidtoK b^mui her. »£^JL^J°* J** *** latest threat of deUy mje<ted lato York .. .. ^^„ ^^ * the project. &Mdaeers btfre pla^ lZT^ * ^.George P Sar-. drawn on* are ready to proceed ^*^*?T ^ W€d *^ wiH witbtl^aco^isitiMoflaadi^edewi!! * tte *** •* ^T n«r rel^ on tbe inland not ibe tailed oer^ ^ *~ ..**»**** friend^. t »3s» M.re* ^ the rranddanirhter opment putc taea in a owandary of the late George BoHU who had in the Tcomacad rer!oc mad who the The project indndes places of railroad bridge* Lnwrence wUk A^^^ U ^J^ ^^ grt € ^^ ' piace* at the ifflionoa Dr. Morriaoett roads on two -«—-• »—-»— ton ^ »°*«^^ acroos tbe St Bule wiofe^ wrbicb sepaxotea f bridges. It wonid prowide tte only.._ ^. ^ w ^^ j i* too aon of MT. and Mr* antonMnVUe tborofare across W. J. I ST. to ?f oatrenH two kiirlrwmys wtdrft follow the n> * from Niagara FaCsj and wowld connect the : Va. Where 'he moto - ^Tnatlomf-^toe between t±ose days in tte outer ofTk^of nlft tart*. Ifce I KE5W n\s lit day. P 4a the Qf the ih mos down t shares. Alaska Allied C Amer C Am Te Am Ra Am $iv Am To ^meric Auburn Bald Lc Beth S Balti A Borden Catenae Canadi :^'fl C-:. Con Ga. Com Be Com W Ohi Gt Chrysle r>el I>ac Du Por East ma: Erie R E Powe General Gen FV) Goodric Goodye Great I General Illinois Internat int Tel Interact L.?M?:h Mont^o Marine Nat Da ^Nitiona N Y C' Nat Po-T Ame Earns in S 8 NEW •rort of pany, I excludin pany, to Mune 30 $197,700 ments. charges. A £aare of 7 per stock. It ~-*f $*M TUe c of June year be; deficit of $<*,81 Curre? 783 cast #rnmect totaled With €Ai emmeat «arreat carrea* Xaae 3d oTATE % . New i*i! i.ile state %1 it beraa rosrasiss T??e re tstTler,. .*. r i\x* Anr^st sweil tbi

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