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, 1933 PHI DAY, JULY 21,1933 Market uiy 20.—Clo&iQj? on the New York *- were as follows: 26 7-8 126 18 f»^ ' 86 ;ug 30 124 3-4 * 15 1 2 34 82 12 > B 65 34 * 60 s 11 34 36 31 3| 33 7 8 7 1-4 i 44 17 58 1-4 56 12 29 M ! 4 1-* T 7 33 l-s 7S 36 3-4 •« 74 3-8 80 1-4 23 11 1-2 ' 29 1-4 36 16 1 4 . 3T 24 1-2 24 14 44 3-4 • kel 18 5* 16 1-2 vester 35 1-2 21 1 n 1-2 , 9 7 1-4 I 23 49 47 1-8 [ 16 3-4 * I 28 7* 7 r 30 41 1-8 2* 3-4\ J 49 34 48 1-4 j « 1-2 ^ ' 17 14 * . .......... 54 1-2 36 36 14 12 14 $ 14 29 ' : 2Ti dry 15 1-2 «2 1-2 . iel 58 99 45 12 * Curb 4 12 14 11 2 12 THE ADVANCE-NEWS PAGE FIVE INATJON ,es Civil Service accept auplica- g, 1933, for the ant and junior Departmental -•a, D- C. ary for assi^a-3t „9 a year, wi r er $<Wo a y** r * 4 not to exceed neasure of ecoa- ^nt deduction £ amay be obta*a- 1a»» secretary of Civil Serri-« rs, at the no>t ia ts » BILL bogus fiw so- Mrs. Daniels [Reception for New Grand Passes Away | Chancellor Monday Night Esteemed Resident of the City Succumbs After an Illness of Two Months. Mrs. Violet Fielders Daniels, 50, wife of George G. Daniels, died yes- terday at 2 p. ni. at the family home, 637 State street, following!o'clock. an Hln?oS of two months. She was born in Pottsville. Pa.. Au*r. 29. I8S2. daughter of the late Thomas B. and Margaret Grant Fielders. Her father died when she was an infant and the family later moved to Overbrook, Pa. She accompan- ied the Wainwright family of Over- brook to their summer home at Og- densburg annually for a number of years before her marriage to Mr. Daniels, which took place in Over- brook Nov. 22. 1911. Besides her husband Mrs. Dan- iels is survived by a son. Grant F. Daniels; a step-sun. William H., Daniels, ana a step-daughter. Miss Helen S. Daniels, all of Ogdens- bnrg; a brother. Grant Fielders of Werners ville. Pa., an aunt. Miss Jessie Grant of Philadelphia and an aunt, Mrs. David Taggart of FractmUe, Pa. Miss Grant and Mr. Fielders will arrive here to- day. Mrs. DanieLs* mother. Mrs. It WHS announced last evening i that a public reception will be given in honor of Robert S. Waterman, newly elected grand chancellor of the Knights of Pythias, at the Py- thian Home on Riverside drive I Monday evening from 8 to 10 The arrangements are be- ing made by the officers of Ogden Ixxlge No. 392. Knights of Pythias, of this city, of which Mr. Water- man is a member and past chan- cellor. He was named grand vice chancellor a year ago and advanc- Services in Honor of Saint ed to the highest post by onani mous vote at the state convention 1 in Saratoga Tuesday. A musical program will be given during the evening. The general public is invited to j attend the reception and join with - Mr. Waterman's brother Pythiansl Rev. Father Euclide Elie of in felicitating him on this high | Sciota. N. Y., a former member ot mark of honor from the grand, Xotre I^^ lodge. Mr. *nd Mrs. Waterman are ex- St Afm ^ n ^ y evenia? July ^j Triduum to Open at Notre Dame Sunday Evening: and Close Wednesday A. M. parish, will start j {preaching a triduum in honor of pected to arrive home from Sara toga during the weekend after at tending the convention. Rotarians Addressed At Seymour Advertising Man Guest of the Local Club at Luncheon Here Yesterday. E. S. 3ariow of the Syracuse of- Married at Harrisville at 7:30 nt Notr^ Daiie church. There will be instruction each morning at the 7:30 mass and an- other one every evening at 7: tiO. The Triduum will close Wednesday morning with a mass at 7:30 a. m.j The Triduum Is for the benefit of al! the members of Notre Dame parish, for the men as well as for the women. All the nations of the world al- Miss Frances M. Ladouceur j ways had a great devotion to Sr. Bride of Vernon M. Lam- son Wednesday. Mi*s Frances M. Ladouceur and Vernon W. Lamson of Prescott were united in marriage Wednes- j voyages always betake themselves Ann, mother of the Blessed Virgin Mary, but it seems thta the French nation loved St. Ann in a particular manner. The sailors and fisher- men, leaving for St Peter's and Michelon Islands, or other ocean dav at St. Francis church. Harris- fice of an advertising firm was the ville bv lReT La Ure nce E. Mal- Maraaret Fielders died in Wer- OTest SD3aker at the ^^ c, \ b lette. relative of the bride. The Margaret Fielders, died in \N er at .^ weeWy mncheon held in the ^.^ ^ ^^ ^.^ ln ^.^ Seymour Hotel yesterday noon. C hiff 0tt with accessories to match. Mr. rtarlow was found to be a aad oarrie ri a bouquet of pin<k very interesting speaker and dwelt ^^5 The bride is a popular resi- considerably on advertising, its (ient 0 f p re scott and held a position pulling power and ability to earn here for several years in the office money for its users. He stated spe- 0 f x \ xe Osdensburg Advance. The cine examples mentioning firms jrroom, formerly of Rensselaer and trade names made famous Falls, is a well known business man through the use of this powerful of Prescott. Following the cere- salesmanship medium. Mr. Barlow niony they left on a wedding tour traced tiie preparation of copy and of the Adirondacks and the Thous- the various points entering into pro- and Islands. They will make their motion of an article and how the home in Pres?ott. advertiser, his agent and medium •—-— co-operate and work hand in hand. wT^a.T¥7\nv~n Present at the meeting were fif- j\L # JENKXNS teen farmers of the section who lis- fAiiTn s** a a.T/T*y~vaT tened attentively to Mr. Bartow* JOINS CANTON suggestion on what the price of *^ milk should be because of systems employed by the farmer in getting his product to market as well as to the expense of the producer in using sanitary methods. Mr. Bar- - nersville. March 25. 1933 The funeral will be held at the family home tomorrow afternoon. Rev. Dr. William C. Maclntyre, \ pastor jf the Presbyterian church, will return here from I-ake Mas- coma. X. H.. to conduct the serv- , ices. Burial will be in the Daniels plot in Ogdensburg cemetery. Mrs. Daniels was warmly devoted to Tier family and friends and they • will receive deep sympathy in their bereavement. COUNTY LEGION MEET MONDAY Several Will Seek Office County Commander at Pots- dam Session. Plans are being made by Frank Barclay post of the American Le- gion, Potsdam, for the entertain- ment of some 70 visiting legion- naires who will be in Potsdam next Monday afternoon and evening, the to St. Anne d-Aurey, Britany, first to consecrate themselves to St. Ann and place their voyage under her maternal protection. When in perilous circumstances they always pray to St. Ann to come to their help. It was a similar circumstance that brought St. Ann de Beaupre, Canada, into existence. A certain number of sailors, on a trip up the St. Lawrence River, in the midst of violent waves, cried out to St. Ann for protection and vowed, that if saved, they would erect a chapel in her honor on the opposite shore. They were saved. and the chapel was built and is still to be :seen by the numerous pilgrims who flock there each year. J. E. Downey 824 Ford St. Phone 1087 Home Dressed Fowl lb. 23c Leg of Lamb, lb. 21c Rib Boiling Beef, lb. — 06c Meaty Boiling Beef, lb. 10-12c Pot Roast Beef, lb. 15c Prime Rib Roast Beef with bone out, lb. 23c Pig's Liver 3 lbs. 21c Cala Hams, lb. 10c Pork Chops, lb. 15c Pork Steak 2 lbs. 25c Rump Roast Pork, lb. __ 15c Pork Sausage, lb. 15c Ham to fry, lb. 18c Cottage Cheese lb. 10c. 3 lbs. 25c Loin Roast Pork, lb 13c Shoulder of Pork, lb> ... 08c Corn, No. 2 Can 10c Wax Beans, No. 2 Can __ 10c Peas, No. 2 Can, 15c 2 for 25c Tomato Juice, 10c. 3 for 25c Large Bottles of Ammonia 15c White Rose Mayonnaise pint 25c 0. R. Soap 5 bars for __ 10c Old German Beer bottle 10c We carry a complete line of fresh fruits and vegetables daily. FRESH Salmon—Sturgeon Bullheads—Fillets LEAGUE TEAM Remains to be Interred Today j \Al\ Jenkins, formerly of the Og- idensfourg baseball team, will play low talked at length, towards the ijthe balance of the league season end of his original dissertation on j T 1 * »' C »™ n * irmtM - J K enI ?\ advertisins to the farmers and why ! iomeA * he <* d * n f ^ club tort ... . ;, , . . . (OA . year and was regular catcher until milk should be at least 20 cents a: v . . . . . ,. _ T , . „ _^ , ^ . A . . . „ i.the time 01 his resignation. Je.nkins . occasion bein K the annual St. Law- « uar * bnt ln no . ™ y attempted to ^ ^ Tepl&ced by CjiXavbe n t wh0 ren«* county convention. Delegates la \ down procedure wnereoy tne worked behind the T»t for Og- aTe expected from all of the 30 posts. At 3 o'clock in the afternoon a general business session will t>e held in the legrion rooms of the Community house on Main street. Coaaiy Commander L»yle Hunt- ress of Potsdam will preside. Mat- ters of policy for the coming year aad the election of county officers will he the two principal items of price could reach this high point President Harry J. Hensby pres- ided at the meeting. lidensburg on numerous occasions. County Beer Board Rulings Sustained A report from Albany yesterday stated that the St. Lawrence county beer board has been sustained in TO BE MARRIED AT ST. MARY'S I Mrs. Julia Beaudreau, 71. widow of Charles Beaudreau. a former resident of O^densiburgr, died Tues- day at her home in Schenectady, where she had Jived the past five years. She is survived by a daughter, Mrs. Leo Murray of Schenectady; four ibrothers and four sisters. The remains will be brought here this- morning at S.30 and taken to St. Mary's cemetery for interment. The imarrlaTe of M\s* Beatrice j Mashaw, daughter of M:\ an5 Mrs] Charles Maahaw. tr Jo*?vfc Jen- PRIZE. PICKEREL CAUGHT AT CHIPPEWA BAY SUNDAY! Die* Harding of Utica. a guest of Mr. and Mrs. William Gerling at basiness at this time. fowr oat of five cases in which ap- a j aSB *?**\ Va{ * ?*f' ^ ?**? Uheir 'island camp in Chippewa Mr. Htintress refuses to permit ~ htf name to head the ballot this year and a lively discission may 4TTOW oat of the situation as it is ana>rstood that several legion * amirea of the county are being crroomed for the office. plicants appealed to tiie state •^ n - ~'\Z^*ZJ7~ « w ™\* \T 'Bay, over last week end. made two board after being refused licenses, ll -TT 7 ?„ ca ^ &ar& ^ MT - **• u |of the prize pidterel catches of th ^* . Be rube will perform thf ceremoTiy ' - - — FUNERAL THIS MORNING The funeral of Mrs. James Mur- ray will oe held from the family i^i..j feagOQ ^^ ant fctenz W ith Hen- the*r home i. ^35^ ^ Mr Verting Sun- CAMP IS BURNED At «.3# m the ^ening the ^ jj^e at 10 aad at St. Mary s cathe- ***** Z? V^ V JT^ m nl T *^ thia morning at 10:3a. Burial assemble at Hxe Potsdam Country MUrL. da% for the annaa! banquet. The WIU ** m «aano. ariaciaal speaker on thi* occasion! Mps - * or W was born in Osna- an ^\^ m w joruck, OmU Dec 14, 1«^, daogh 'arm *a*t of the city was burned The couple will malce in Ogdensibarg. They will ^^ei^j^y^^Jn^ J^J 1 \* WUheS ^ anm ^ rMS Tie jnonifc-rs catch included aa fnends - 11 pounder, a sere* pounder ana seven other &**& size specimen^. | OGDENSBURG Friday JULY 2P.M.and8P.M. KAY-BROS. WILD ANIMAL CIRCUS -The largest one. was the heaviest reported this season so far. camp on the Dean Havens __ _ _ HARRY FAWCETT HURT will be Dr. Janes S Thomas, new - • 1 3y ejected president of Cterkson g*;* ***** «« »\»• ***?\* m feW ^ U ^°' moeanli ^ » word Harry Pnwcet^ Os^ensour?: was <We Robert E. Mmmcn will Proaaer. She had been a resident receired here yesterday The camp ^^^2^^^^^^ also be on the m^kte program ,« I-W^BM States fifty^e years was ow^eu oy WiHiani J. Carter of ] ™™£ eZt^^^^e^ this city and aad not been , pied Cor some time, REPORTS ACCIDENT .1 Minnicu is now cha!nnan of the!»«« <* OgdenaburK since 1SU7. iaurtii district. New York state le-| zxm orcnnitatlon. Hs name is BURIED MERE TODAY inonujeitly menttoned as a posai- j fur the office of state com-l Mr*. JnT-^a IXifoar Budroe, 71.j J Chi? cumin; year. * iwldow of Charles Bcdroe, fo-jietly Ceor^e O. Perras reported Frank 1. W'aiainc. staxe service let O&Ubmsfrmrx, died Wednesday in terday to the police that be •CBcur of Bcffaio, w* ! be OTCJ^ at j S^caectady. ftur briars and jthe driver of tne ear which figured at tne afternoon nes^^om ana w;!i jiare^ a«stara m^w're. roe remains)• * oailisiaui witt anotner avacnina in cneck.a^ ap aa any ciat ^ ] w»n oe a^oo^nt here this av>ra4a# ; operated by 'Mrs. Harry Kerman on] __ last the go*ernaue*< rrr tae na-t jal S:9t Voa^ : for awria^ in St. the State noawitaJ arotfnua Wea^j^^,^^ Adrrussion Reduced 25c amy. His car was struck by anoth- ___ ^ m ^ n ^^ mM ernricteiie.cmriTii^aloadofCan« CHILDRaSITS PRICES TO at nisehled i Msry** «.^seterr. <nesday evening. i adiaa ale. which caa»e off a side road leaatn; from the Canadian bortter. Both cars were orennraed. ^aoeetta knee was injured. He aas attended at the Malame boa The nootiecs were uaaart Heal across tne field toward bae. State notice a\ parsuil. I*aw?ett yesterday afteni EVERYONE A Big Circus al an Unheal* rf Admifgriim Woodford Farnbt Circus Ground m**

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