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tt'NDAV. AI'KIL !4. 1!»:W THE (KilXKXSlHitd ADVANCE AND ST. LAWRKXfE KTWDAY DEMOCRAT ]\\<.E xixr ^fc-e washing, porch cleaning an '*-> ise cleaning done. Inquii * vox 4 A 5, Advante-Xews. e ei<; i OR RENT—Heated apartments :er Ford and Morris stivers. . II.n« eoraer Jay and Hamilton *t<. John M. Bair. Hi KEXT — AUQY May 1st, • '\»d lower apartment, six rooms hath. Inquire Mr*. i\ A. Mer- n, l2o Franklin street. LEGAL NOTICE tor the regular operating expenses of Welfare Commission. KALP1I J. AlOKISSKTTK. Mavor. \V. H. OWKX, City Clerk. CITY OF OGDENSBURG LEGAL NOTICE \£R RENT—Furnished apart- :»: •'(>!• ii.^ht housekeeping. Ap- to?* Elizabeth Street. rCR SALE-—Lincoln seven pas- ^ciu«-r sedan. Al condition. Apply i<b Valla nee, care of Harry Cas- *\-. H>7 Washington St. FOR RENT—Furnished and un- :' rmshed apartments. Apply Hotel *VConviU* pOR RENT—No. 321 Caroline ^J Heated apartment, furnished or itf ;n*i;hed. Call CS4-J. ^ SALESMEN WANTED WEN WANTED-For Kawiei^h R** WJ, oi JS»M» Consumers in Cities - «f Ogdensbur::. Canton, Counties of Svuh St. Lawrence and northeast Fjt:iklin. Reliable hustler can >i|:'t earning $2f> weekly and in- ' i :f*ts e every month. Write immed- iately Hawleiah Co.. Albany. X. V. I)e»:t. X Y 1)254 S. ^CR SALE -Mirror 5i_.xJi 2 it. vuitahle for l>eer garden or bar a bargain: also some 9 ft. uail a?v hunrire 325 Greene street. pho:i^ loi3. : NOTICE X'UTICK is hereby t-iven that a - -ii-ial Tax Election will be held the twentieth day of April, 1933, : ths City Hall, in'the City of O^i- •ishu:--, Xew.York, and that the :• Is will be open at ten o'clock a. and closed at six o'clock p. m. purpose of allowing the ; ers otherwise qualified to .>l->n the fol'owiim proposi- : quired by law to be pub- 1 'or two weeks in two news- . <e > .n said City, and lasted at *Vc-:ty Clerks Office for the s(ue length of time, and be it fur- Sale of Refunding Water Bonds Seal-.! propoals *i\\ be receiv- ed by the undersigned at the of- ;ire of the Ci:y Treasurer. City ilal!, Oiideiishuri:, Xt w York, un- til Ten (10) A. M., April 25. ly.:3, for the purchase of Twentv Thous- and t#20,««H»> City of Oiidensbur.^ Refunding Water Serial Coupon bonds. These bonds are all of One thousand < $1,000) denomination and ate numbered from one <ll to Twenty <i>0| inc. Said bonds are payable ai the rate of ($20,000) ,u the year 1JM2. These bonds will bear rate of interest of four and one half per cent <4i£',) per aunum, payable semi-annually on the first day of Jw-ne and Decernher in each yea:. These bonds .will be dated June 1, 1933 and the first Hiterest will be due December 1, 19:13. Both in- terest and principal shall be pay- able in lawful money of the United States, at the office of the City Treasurer or the O.udensburg Trust Company. Osrienshurir. Xew Yoik. No bids less than par will be re- ceived. Proposals to he marked Refund- ing Water Bonds and enclosed in a sealed envelope addressed to the undersigned, and as guarantee of iiond faith a certified check upon a bank or Tins: Co., must be eiirlosed with the -bid, in amount of -wo r-e r cent i2';i of the par value of the bonds, which amount wiil be credited upon the purch- ase, if proposal is accepted, or im- mediately returned if rejected. The ri.^ht is* reserved to reject anr or all proposals MKR1UTJ M*. MOUSE, City Treasurer. Dated April 7, 1933.\ NOTICE Pursuant to an Order of Han. Ceylon (J. Chau.-y. Surrogate of the County of St. Lawrence, and ac- cording to the Statute in such •ases made and provided. Notice is here'jy given to all persons hav- ing claims against the eSM'e :/ Henry Spoon-, r. late « : Ci.y ;f O;- den>h:uu, in sa.d cei;n:y, dect-ase-J that they are r*-qu::vd :o exliiti.' the same, with the vor.cher :::^:c of. to the subscriber, at her :•--: deuce, $10 Franklin St., a the L* : of Oirdt^nsburir, !n said County, 11 or before the 23rd cay of Ap-.i uext. BERTHA M. FOX. vio Franklin St. * Ogdensburg. N. Y. Administratrix. Dated, October 10. 1932.* D. H. Corcoran, A::y. Ogdeusburs, X. Y LEGAL NOTICE Law- i!»33. CITY CF OGDENSBURG f RESOLVED that Aldermen Cord- nil. Lynch and IVlow be and Lreby are designated to a^ + a fe Jrpectcrs of Sr»ecial Tax Election; cl be it further RESOLVED that the City Clerk i) instructed to prepare the neces- s-y notices of and ballots tor the s >mi»sion of said resolutions in ai-ordance e with law. RESOLUTION ed that the sum of £>.IMTH be raised by Special Tax •^ular operating expenses •a] Fund in excess of .}• appropriation allowed by ' Outer. SECOND RESOLUTION ;id. Resolved thai the sum of £->>«• be raided by Special Tax fci re rr.lar operating expenses of tli Police Department in excess ojC'ie aiipropriation aliowed by ' ' ^ THIRD RESOLUTION * f ResoUvrl that the sum of *»*-!>e raisf.,^ u y special Tax for rezuh.r oj>erating expense?* of Fire Department in excess of Rppmpriati<:ii allowed, by Char- iforuan w \ FIRST Is: v Re sol v fi the reLuh o|the Gener 4 FOURTH RESOLUTION %. r Resolved that the sum of fce raised by Special Tax for recuiar operating expenses of Heait'n I>epamiient in excess be' appropriation allowed by « FIFTH RESOLUTION It Resolved that the sum of «>: <fr< be rais^i by Special Tax tfce r^sular oiwratinz expenses 3e Highway rV|«artinenT in ex- - «f the appropriation allowed SIXTH RESOLUTION 1- Resolved thai the sum of <t~. *t be raised by Special Tax . IM- he r^ttTwse <* Snow RemovaL SEVENTH RESOLUTION 7% ••.esotved tbat ;iie 5«BI of *.-.\i be raised by Special Tax .jo-'fc* Street Lssatia^ expenses \^ tress of the appropriatioa al- ]o*l *y Chafter. EIGHTH RESOLUTION */i^f fce raided by Special Tax Sale of Bank Tax Refund Bends. S*>a!eu proposals will be received by the undersigned at the office of the City Treasurer, City Hall, Og- (Senbiiig. New York, until Ten <lo) A. M.. April 25, 1933. for the purchase of Thirteen thousand rive hundred sixty-seven dollars and twenty-six cents <$13,5ti7.26 > Rank Tax Refund Serial Coupon bonds. _Jhe.?r- bonds are all of One thousand (*l,ct)f)> denomination, with the exception of one bond, which will be for Five hundred sixty-seven dollars and twenty-six cents <$5<;7.2fi). Bonds to be num- bered from One tl) to Fourteen (14* Inc. Said bonus are payable i'oliows: 1933 $ 5C.7.2* 1934 l,fMMUM\ 1935 l.ooo.o** 1936 I.0OO.04; 1937 l,oo«.«m NOTICE Pursuant to an order of H<»n. Ceylon G. Chauey, Surrogate of :h€ County of St. Lawrence, and ac- cording to the Statute in snch cases made and provided. Notice is here by given to all persons having claims against the estate of Joseph M. Welch, late of the town of D? kalb. in said county, deceased, that they are required to exhiibt tht sanic. with the voucher thereof, tc the subscriber at The law office 1/ Edmund FitzGerald, in the city >j) Ogdensburg, in said o.unty. en ci before the 2nd day of April next. Dated, September 24. U*32. JAMES T. WELCH, Ogdensburg. X. Y.. Adniini.-trat-jr EDMUND FITZGERALD, Attorney. Ogdeusburg, X. Y. rtal and per<«,na! property in pur -nance ef the Statute in siirh m</ i«.: de nnd provided: YOU AXD EACH OF YOt\ Hi\ :i:«r*fure ci.'t-ii and iequi.\d, p •:* - ;.il}. T.» 1. • and appear bef::r«. < .J! said St;rr« jaie, at iiis « ffi<•*• i. M ..—t-ua. iu tl'e C..u:u\ .f St r- :i-e ••:•» t!:e -i 1 — t VA\ «.f M.«> . ' :• : -r» t,\ ... k m ( he I'..i\ ••••« -i_. .. .\: ; 'i.i ii'f''o ••» >:.i«w tv.jse w!.\ •. e i 4 .>t \\\\l ;i:i«i T* .-tain* !*.• A:\j«i if itr.y «.f the afr.r»-cid pe v - ••• lis ar v U!i.\tl* t.Ue c^-- ;f !\Vi-iJi;- :• \<ars ti.i.v wiii )i«a>r tak*- r:;.- *Ve t!ia» they are r»quirtd t<» ;tp ]; a' by tiitir u neral L*uar«;V4!: if tiiey have .uit-. and if the> have '.eve. Umt th<y ;ipi>ear antl appl> :«»r the appointment of a spec'a; guardian or in the event of th*ir 1 ailure or nealect to do so, a spe- cial Scuardian will be appointed by the Surrogate to represent and act :«<r them in the proceedings for Proliate «»f said Will. TESTIMONY WHEREOF, we have caused the seal of of- fice of our said Surrogate to be hereunto affixed. WITXESS. Hon. Ceylon G. dinner. Surrogate of said County at Cantou in said County, the 3rd day of April, 1933. LOTT H. WELLS. Clerk of the Surrogate's Court. LET'S BARTER Three lines offering a \Barter costs you nothing. The ad nv-ts have an Ogdensburg Advance bo: Number, replies are to be care for at this office. The Advance retains the right •_ censor all FREE ads placed. DAY BED—Will exchange for bridge lamp or carpet sweep* Bpx 10, Advance Co. the IX L.S. • NOTICE Pursuant to an Urcfe: of Hc-n Ceylon (J. Chancy, Surro^aie o: lie County of St. Lawrence, and ac- jordins: to the Statute in :?:t'ch cases made and provided, Xoiice s hereby given to all persons hav THE PEOPLE OF THE STATE OF XEW YORK: To Josina Voilnier Hemes. K011- inostratt. Dokkum. Holland: Mai- ^v'ret YeHnu-r. H«»«»»:s:raat. l)\k- •• •;n. 11 'ilaiol: Herman Vidlm--r. » p-wni. D^kktiin. Holland: C \*- i 'I'-i^a Yolini*-!'. Hoi'c-r.aai. D-k- 1 !.:n. Holland: (lerharda Yollun'r. Zt^tcr Cath. van Sienna, Liefd-- — ticht, L- > i-acrd>traat. 'Plbniv. ; : !i::nd: .loli! 1 .T. (Joouhart O- '^!'l!!C. X. Y.. SUr»\y mi tjn> , ,f. licial bond: A:<hibr.!d M. McL'-Ilan. Ociif nshii! c. X. \.. Surety on tia :ii;cial boinl: Ci editors, Lei:a ? --e ;iM:i !t«\t fit k\n to Svivais A- V:d!- mer, late of the City of 0«<tensi»nri! a'.i^ VIOLIN will trade for oil stc .* Box 40, Ogd. Advance. NEW BED will exchange for b- Room dresser. Box 41, Ogd. r\c vanes. SPRING AND MATTRESS will a* change for chest of drawers. Ho 42, Ogd. Advance. 3 BURNER GAS RANGE wiii e change for day bed. Box 43, Gg* Advance. FORD SEDAN, model T. will tratv for pigs or sewing machine. Per 39, Ogd. Advance. ATWATER KENT RADIO console Model 37. Will trade for an> thing. Box 36. Ogd. Advance HUNTING DOG thoroughbred, wil exchange for what have you' Box 34, Ogd. Advance. GRAYBAR ELECTRIC RADIO wil trade for what have you. Box 21 Ogd. Advance. ;u£ claims against the estate 0\ Al- ' ' n the County of St. Lawr< nee an pJionsp Morissette, late oi the City j S ? aie of Xew York, deceased, S. n as DecemlHT 1. December 1, D^ccmlnr 1, IVceniber 1. December 1, Deci mlKT 1, 193S IcoOO.ov* December 1, 1939 Df -remlicr 1. 1940 Dccemln r 1. 1941 December 1. 1942 . 2.ooi).«*» 2,oo<t.oe 2.04MI.4NI 2.<H»0.O0 lk)nd< to U» dai*'d Jun«- 1. 1933 and the first interest will 1>P due December 1. 1933. These bonds vill bear rate of int<-rest of Five per ct«nt «. r »'^i j>er annum. j)ayai)le semi annually on the first day of June and December in each yeai. Both intere.t and principal shall J IK* pay aide in lawful money of the Cnited States, al the office of the City Treasurer or the OgdensbiiTg Trust Companv, Ogdensbure, Xem York. Xo liwls l^ss than par mill be re- ceived. Proposals to be marked Bank Tax Refund Bonds and enclos^-d in a s«*al«*d eavelofw addressed *° the undersigned, and as guarantee 4\ *;o«id laitJi a <^ertifie«! <h<r-k upon a bank or Trusj <o^ must be iTM'los^d «ith the bid. in amount of Two fw-r <*«*nt <2'; • of the par ralue of the bond*, which amount will b*» < reditu upoa the purch- ase, if proposal is accepted, or im- mediately retarded if rejected- The rirht i* r» j« i rtd to rejm asy or aB proposals. UERRITT M. MORSE. City Treasurer. Date4 April 7. 199.\ of O-densburu, in said county, de- ceased, that they are r*quired to exhibit the same, with ;he vou-vher thereof, to the subscriber, a*, his residence, Xo. 913 Mechanic St.. in the City of O^ueasbtir?, m said County^ on or before the l^ih day of Julv next. PETER A. MORISSETTE, 913 Mechanic St., Ogdeiisbu.sr, X. Y. Executor Tiated\ December 27th, 1932. D. II. Corcoran. Atty. Osidensbursr. X. Y. (I: cvi in*r: \Y'nere^< John Lsburc:. X. Y., •••. eSK:t» of I'M' M. H-;;ni. O.-- adminirtrator «!' A. ;i i * ! crvais <>•<}. ha-- latel> .V NOTICE rURSCAXT TO AX ORDER OF Hon. Ceylon C. Chauey, Suirotate of 1 he County of St. Lawrence, and according to the Statute in such cases uiade and provided. Xo:ice is hereby given to ail person- hav- ing, claims arainst the estate of Mary (Gentile, iate of *he C:ty of O^densbtirz. in said county, de- ceased, that they are rei«u;r«-d io exhibit the same, with the vou-. ::- er thereof, to ;he subsci*il»er at its banking office in the city of O^- densburcr. in said County, on or be- fore the 3rd day of September next. ii^densbun: Trust Company, Os:<]ensbu.^. X. Y. Administrator. Dated. February 21. 1933. John D. Van Kennen, At y. O'-rdensbursr. X. Y. OF XEW YORK M iti* iiAft T<t i'h.-Tk*s Sullivan. 225 Mai a Ave Sp**ksiu«\ Washine:<«o, e*tn- Hiojtin? the bush^od <«*r m tie 1 ^.Dd all of the distributees mh«i have n<4 ex«-«-eted waiver and tT.y- i=en? *4 Jerry T. Srilliva?!. l.Jle of the T««wn «»f Ma-s- nn ir* -iiiji Ci««tity o| S*. I^*rers*« :j*;d S t jte •4 Xew Y«*rk. #*e<^eai>^i. S*»nd tSr«»-t- inr: Ulier«i?i -S isan 4l\Bri^r. H*-i^ •:;,. X. Y.- tb^ cxwBtrix nanni in ih** m«f Will sad Testament *4 12:- <s*i4 J^rry T. Snliivaii. de^eaM«d. ha* lat^lr a polk 4 •«• *mr Snrmaup of «*tr Vamutx *4 St. Lawi*wc» ?•«• ttMi Wiil prr^ved a* a WsO *4 \ o-iinei- dtM plied to our Surrogate of oi^r County ni St. Lawrence for a ju- dicial settlement of his account ;s >uch administrator in p-trsuunce of the Statttte in >uth case made and pr<»vided. YOU AXD EACH OF YOU. are therefore cited and required, per- sonally, to be and appear before ;•• .-;Hd Su r roeate. at his oft'n e in Oiidenslntm in the County of S:. L vjeuce, i-n tiie 29th day of Mriy. if 33. at l'»:3o «r<do<-k in the lore- ;: on. then and there to show cattse w!»y such relief should not !»•» And if any of the aieresaid p-r- s lis are utifier the aire of tweiity- ««ne years they will please take no- :ice that they are lequired to ap- pear by their general jcrnarciiaii if \':cy have one, ,:iid -if they have none, that they appear and apply for tlie appointment of a ^peual L'^ardian. or in the event of their failure or neglect to do so, # >;>e- (ial sruardian will l>e appointed b\ tb'.. S'MT'.srate Jo represent and act fo: there in the procevdiu£>. IX TESTIMOXY WHEREOF, we hfjve «arrsed the >eal of office of our said Surro- gate to t*e hereunto af- fixed. <L.S. • WITXESS. Ceyb»n <;. Clianey. Surrogate of said County at Canton, in rsaid County, the 3rd 'iav *•; April. 1*33. LOTT H. WELLS. Clerk of the Surrogate's Cf^an Edmund Fitz^rald. AtTons^r. th»<fen«bnre. X. Y. RADIO no battery, no elirr.ato: will trade for what have yor Box 9, Ogd. Advance. BRUNSWICK PHONOGRAPH wii swap for mostly anything. Bo> 26. Ogd. Advance. WILL EXCHANGE old coins ro medicine or house hold neecs Box 13, Ogd. Advance. ONE 5 GAL. PORCELIAN OYS- TER CONTAINER will trade fo groceries or eats. Bex 45, Oc,a Advance. WILL EXCHANGE a dozen siivc teaspoons, a floor lamp or ar electric grill for poultry. Box 4t Ogd. Advance. WILL TRADE WHITE MT. RE FRIGERATOR and four teat ta ble for what have you. Box 47 Ogd. Advance. RANGERS BEAT LEAFS The Xew York Rangers : it-a*. tLe Maple Leals 3 \ 0 l ju i A*- se- ond s^aine of the Staniev .••|t <.- ics at Toromo last ni-ir. F. J. REGAN PHARMACIST S23 FORD STREET TIT THE ORUC STORE FIX ST j TELEPHONES Jg * Off. if. R. STEVENSON. 0. 0. S. 0VEI •ATlfML BAIIY ILK. 234 Ford St. Ogdersburg.N.Y. «20—WT10US fltiOE—UltJCrff«C C4S AOmnSTEiEt FCX TEETH EXTllCTJCl W. H ANDERSON, Optometrist and Optician Eyesight Tested Eyeglasses and Scectac»es Frtteo afid Sold I FORD ST., OOCEKSBURC.ft.Y FOR RENT Heafetff apartment. Aif newly re- modeled and renovated. Hot and cakf running water. Heat and electricity furnished. T*is flat ts a real bargain at this price. In- avtre o4 Fet«K Bover. Oswega!- chie Hc-tel. Phone SS2- t

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