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The Advance-news. (Ogdensburg, N.Y.) 1933-1935, April 09, 1933, Image 10

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UK EkiUT Tllh OGDK.NMU ut» -**'* .\., x u Officers are Elected for Girls' Dorm. ni ia Kcynoids. ':U. of l)ei*ei iet va> recently elected president of •»e girl's dormitory at St. Law- ace I'mversity. Mis? Reynolds iil also hold the office of co-ed ed- .,i of the Hill News next year. M!<- h.;i> In-vii active in Beta Pi u«ia. National French honorary •au-rnit>. News Bmvau and the .»'<;»-gc lilt-*- club. Hie- «.tl.«-v elected officers were: v'.a v -JI:\! i\> Stewnts. '•'•*». <»i Am.-tcr- : u». viv« w. >ideiit: Claire Kelly. .•i. if >;«- H;t!l»»i\ s«-i-r»*taiy\. •a:*:;*ret I'riUcy. *:tf>. Peru, N. Y. .••UMiver: -Va«-> Colfey. \:U. «•!' •* > iV '. v Local Dredging J Democrats Begins June 5th \\ r or k for Lieut. Col. M. C. Tyler, corps of engineers, districts engineer at Buffalo, has sent word here that dredging of channels in Ogdeus- burg harbor will begin on or about June r» and be completed about June 25. The Party Urge Wide Reforms In Teacher Training Sv.ti ; .i:L :vv:s;on of ine pivsviu ih-.<^i'\\,-r UiiU i!?-^e:\\iee ru.lv.t- l.i»li ef ti.e.u-:*- ,\-»s lvconill-einlvi »• -v-at \: k r'~ REDUCE THE COST OF YOUR is? :i:_h; by r.o.V.-sors N\d l'»-a. ::u;r. a:>d Eu\\;trd S. Evenuc:! '; 4 :v? oris l>-.;Si-i.l on ine preiiinln- ••:y n:..I'.n.^s ol the national sur- \ t v oi ihe tru':c:;tion oi teache;:-. !.»:.v h*-ing co:iii'.'etni by the United Slates Commissioner of Education ;!ii,nr a $i'oo,iti»M I'ongressional a;- pi-o;.riation. Tiiey presented their •oiKiusions at the Spring conter- -n.-e oi the Eastern States Assoeia. ' .on. oi Proie-sional Schools for Teacheis at the Hotel Pennsyl- vania in New York Thursday. TV i i.dlowinj? communication. which appeared in the Watertown Times during the past week, is of interest to Democrats generally at J this time: Mr. Hendricks and Mr. Butler will) their manv aides, committee- men and suppoiters spend many ions; flours unpaid working for the Miivns <ui>»-ss. They i;et their re-j •,\anl mainly by their satisfaction 1 in party viciorx. Once in a whib 1 an ;;ppoi!it:neut is given one or nu«re \i thein in recognition of »heir services. •Many work all 'heir lives with no reward. This ?.s nolitics. ' The Democrats oi Jefferson coun- ty will still pick their state com- mitteemen and their county com- mittee regardless of who has the handling of patronage. And yet I will venture the guess that these committeemen will still dispense it- C. L. Fitzgerald, sui»eivisor. Cape Vincent. X. V.. April 2, 1<*:*2. 0. F. A. Notes Monday is the last day for the subscription contest. Every one is endeavoring to make it a success by bringing in at least one sub- scription. The report cards came out Fri- t-ay and from campus gossip many are down in their subjects. Of course it was no surprise to the post graduates but some seniors were mighty surprised to tind out how low they had dropped. Lee Tracy Appears at The Strain! The Citv of Providence. R. I.. members Uussell Mack as the mi, «if one of its pioneer uaoti for it N V * S the is director who ell- The tennis students are still > • ing for the nets bat it lu.#ks at present as though they will bv wit limn them for a while. A mew ber of one of the boys\ societies suggested that the society buy lin- nets. He claims that there i- enough in the uea>ir.y and- the cost ot two sets would not drain it. ager picture house. 'hat the now famom latest success, rniversafs \***** Jones\ showing Today and M. day at the Strand Theatre, got L start. . Maek. who has scored recen with a mnnlHM of important sere dramas, including * *>nee in Lifetime\ ami 'The All Amevsvai > lK.rn in Oncoiita. N. Y. L Providence his h«'Ui\. for that lie was raised a was CV.JV was here ..« . ^ educated and started on th- way alwiujoiied 1 COMPENSATION Cotton fabrics which are cheap, sturdy, and easy to wash are bes; for curtains in children's rooms. AND FIRE INSURANCE Call b IT COSIS LESS WITH US. W.J.COYLE 317 STATE STREET FLU MEEK* By successfully combin- ing long experience, skill- ed employees and the most modern equipment avail- able, we are able to offer you expert service on your plumbing and heating problems. RALPH J. MORISSETTE PLUMBING & HEATING CONTRACTOR 14 Lake St. Phone 20i BRIDGE BILL IS ADVANCED AT TORONTO -s? r\ EASTER BALL STATE ARMORY Monday, April 17 ...Presenting... Halsey McPhee and Prof. Farisee _with the.- St. Lawrence Red Jackets DANCING 9-2 TICKETS $1.00 V Piof. Adam* liar; a Mo:ie< T Ford to sell. As yet he hasn't had any prospects. AVe advise him to try the Let's Barter Column. The Faculty cxi**cts to have a strong nine. The teachers in the a hankers career, the theatre enterprise. The production of a number successful vaudeville acts while Providence brought him to the tent ion of New York theatre mC with the result that Mack becalm manager of a theatre circuit a a producer of plays and musical co. lineup are Prof. Li verm ore. Pies- e dies until he was called to'Ca ehTT. Kiukead. Kleemier. Reamau. fornia to direct dialogue for \R AVilier and Ehberts. Kita.\ '-Seven Keys to Baldpat and \The Stroud Wife\ definite proved his worth to the screen a:.< a*ter a term directing Kddie Qv. Ian. Universal signed him 1 4 *Heaven on Earth.\ \The Spirit Notre l>ame** and his two rece. successes have lioosted him to t. front rank of screen directors, i^e Tracy is featured in t title role of \Private'Jones as C.eoiuv Hendrickson. Scautnia- American doughl»oy who does ttr ol Troop :;, of the Baptist want to be a soldier and \tak cliurch. yesteidny announced th^t p a ii» s to show it. ('loria Stuart BOY SCOUT SESSION Prof. Kbberts is l<M>tniug a? the pitcher for the Faculty in the big game between the Faculty mid the j Commercial Nine. Rice is expect- Tr.ronto. April 8 -Private Bills ed to carry the brunt of \\w piuh- Committee of the Ontario Legisla- ing for the Commercials, ture Thursday placed its stamp oZ approval on an amended bill to in- corporate the Thousand Islands Bridge Company, which seeks to build a bridge over the St. I^rw- rence river to connect with the United States. The bill thoroughly discussed last week, was passed after a sub-com- mittee had threshed it out and added provisions for the protection of the province of Ontario. Tho New York State Senate has passed the bill through committee and it now awaits fina4 approval there. Before the bridge can be built, the Canadian Government must al- so approve, and next session .a bill will be introduced at Ottawa. In all. three bridges are pro- posed. One entirely in United States territory, will run to Wells- ley Island. Another small span over the \rift\ at the international boundary, will be built by both countries if final approval is made. The third bridge will run from Hill Island to Canadian mainland. New York state 1K»S agreed to build the American bridge and also about 14 miles of highway on Wellsley Island to the internation- al bridge. Buffalo Germans Francis Lynch. popular toliac- conist, has n communication from irienos in Buffalo containing a dip- ping irom the Buffalo Evening News showing the famed Buffalo German l*asketball team as it is todaj'. Listed in the lineup i«= Thomas Mercer, manager of the or- iginal Germans. Eddie Linneboru. Albert Manweiler. Alfred Heerdt Billy Rb<»de. H;mfc Faust and George Schell. Attached to the clipping mas a write up of how the Ciermuns came back to the fk«*r again to score a win over a youngster team named the Oriole^- On the forehead of Heerdt wa«- an inked cr<tss the «-<»rresp<«tideni writing **this is where Frank CVCoo- neil's t««*h was lodged.\* the first of a seFies of out-door meetings will be held Monday even- ing at the Stone quarry a\ the end oi Grove street. The eveniug will be spent in spinning yarns and 'n scout games after which a weenie roast will -be held. A large turnout is expected. Members of the trooj) committee will also In? piesent. in the tVniale lead with a large a talented supporting cast. i r Vital Statistics ~ For Past Moh« ( According to the records of < Clerk W. H. Owen, registry vital statistics, there were thJ marriages, thirty-one birth- H Fat is at the right 4emi>eratun for deep fat firing when a cube of twenty-two deaths in Ogdeiishi^ bread browns in it in sixty seconds, during the mouth of- March. ' * NOW FOR THE NEW DEAL -AT- Pragers' The New Saxon-Weave Suit Now $20 At last yoti can gvt the better tyj** of dotli« s at the ii««le>t price of $20, tine pure wor- %!e«l* with haioi tail<»iimr. Try OBe on. New Spring Suits New T<»p 4\»at^ SlefMMI Ha1> $5 $15 to S20 $13.50 to 525 rVht-raft H^is $3 Careful *he«tirig a!id tryinc <•?! *4 \ i ' : :ess i?- th* fir>: si^p l<*mar«] ?u* C.J. Prater's Sons GOODCLOTHK M NDAV. APHII * l t-e washing, por '*' ise cleaning \• wx 4 A 5, Aivan ce o i OR RENT-Hea e: Ford and : »li li* corner Ja. J t^. John M. Ba Hi KKXr — A- ^d lower apart hath. Inquire- -IK 12o Frankli * ^R RENT—Fi '••<'• -'or ii.^ht ho: '• «otf Kiizabeth - F CR SALE -LhR Mau, r sedan. A-l c <b Valla nee, care -. H>7 Washington FOR RENT— Fur *'*nn$hed apart men ^^onviiu ^OR ^f Hea RENT— Nc lea ted apart me «tf iriti^hed. Call « ^ SALESMEN WEN WANTEO- »\ I'Sdensburg. Can s Vuli St. Lawrence Fr*t:iklin. Reliable *!:* earning $2.> r ' < :t^s e every month tf*!y Rawleigh C Y I>e!t. X Y-l)-:>54 %J: CR SALE -Mirrc suitable for l>eer a ba/^ain: also i ^» Iiiciuire 525 pho:u^ loi:». .' NOTIC \*OTI('K i s heivl *ial Tax Klecjic the twentieth ( j a , th*; City Hall. i n ' ishu:--, Xew.Yor. Is win he open a and closed at si '* purpose o, ers other wis • >: on the foi; •••'Q'lired by . I for two week !\ e ; s .ii said Citv 'V<vt y clerks C shie length of tim^ ;t- ^ RESOLVED that . nil. Lyn-h and I hreby are design: jn»eetc:s of Sr»eci a cii be it further RESOLVED that h instructed to pre s-y notice* of and s >m-Usion of said ajordan.-e with la \ FIRST RESC js:.^ Resolved iha ^J.'MTII be raised ] ; li the !*'Lular opp: 1 o|the General Fun TP appropriation Outer. SECOND RES ;id. Resolved th: *?-$•»•• be raided b fcj regular o]>eratii tlA Police Departir of<he a])propriaiio \ 'I THIRD RESC * ™. Resoiverl ih: >1\ ^-f>e raisf.,^ j,y reiruh.r of>eratir Fire Departmer l^ppropriatii:!! al FOURTH RES I.''Resolved tha •»•%€• raised by S i\ . i*~uiar operati Heait'n Deparm • ,,. fce* appropriatio ^ FIFTH RESO 1«. Resolved iha - ?: <•(• be raise-i h; :.. ike r^sular oner ol 3e Highway IVp - •* the appropr SIXTH RESO i- ResotTeii iaa> <t\. H| be rais^l bv • vr he r^^po^e of <; SEVENTH RES 7% .vesofred tha < .>* be raised hr .io:*ke Street Lash i T tress of the ay X%»1 *y Chart**-. EIGHTH RESC Vjlle^atTed ijaju !

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