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V- . „ %> Assembly Drops Milk Price Clause l T W NC ws A HOMETOWN NEWSPAPER FOR OGDENSBURG AND THE NORTH COUNTRY VOL i—xo. ir>. (HJDEXsnrmj. x. v., WEDNESDAY .MOKXIXU, APKIL 5, 11133 PRICE 3c DROPPED IN O \ \E SEA 3 ~*%-m+ *• J *.*<&+ LEAGUE MANAGERS TO PREPARE FOR SEASON \Advance-News\ Gave Report of Akron Disaster Eight-Team Circuit ^Will Probably Provide Base Ball Fans with Plenty of Action This Season Xow that the basketball season! ial available this season as those is practically ended as far as XoT- interested in the team have been thern New York is concerned, the besieged with applications from « attention of spurt fans is turned' payers. It will not be necessary, any outside J fans is towards the baseball prospects. , therefore , to engagc James McXulty of Brasher Falls. talent Anion Valley field, Malone and Canton. fThe other teams expected to partic- ipate are Ogdensburg, Tupper Lake, Massena, Chateaugay ana Moira with Norfolk not represent- ed. It is hoped that a fast eight- 1 tram circuit can be formed in The Advance-News was glad to i be able to present to its readers a graphic but necessarily brief re- port of the Akron disaster in its regular edition yesterday morning. The paper had gone to press when the news was received and an ex- tra sheet was inserted to carry out- standing facts of the catastrophe so far as could be obtained by Ions distance telephone at that hour. While the Advance-News is primarily a home newspaper it en- Qt Ogdensburg on the diamond last ! ,,eavors - s0 far as its P ,esent facil \ ai ' i ities permit, to keep the public in- formed on important news events in the state and nation. We are content to let the public pass judgment on these efforts to pro- vide them with a morning paper in tabloid form. those who represented amoud last year and will be on hand this sea- ^ president of the Northern Base- ball League, has called a meeting of all team representatives North Lawrence, which is a cen- •' tral location, for S o'clock tonight i son are Livermow, Kruekman. Les- Mr. McXultv savs that he has r «.: P*^nce, Williams. Austin. Pete and ceived applications for membership B,1! **arrand, Kiah. Jenkins, .from Pittsburgh, Lyon Mountain, i °' R * ll,y ' Whi tmars!i, t'olborne and others. The ranks of those who played last year have been swelled by the addition of a number of players of recognized ability who have taken up their residence in Ogdensburg, as follows: St. Louis, a south- Survivor Tells Vivid Story of the Airship Disaster During Storm XEW YOKK. April 4.—A tragic story was recounted by Lt. Wiley. V. S. Navy, one of three surviving of the crew of 7^ on the ill fated dirigrible Akron which was caught and destroyed in an electric, rain storm off the Jersey (\oast early today. Details as |H»rtrayed by Lt. Wiley stated that in the early inornin<r the big ship was cruising placidly along well up on its scheduled hours. Electric storms were noted to be in the Akron7 path as flashes were remarked far forward. However, inas much as the ship had experienced and passed safely through many other similar storms not much concern was recorded oth- er than the ordinary precautions. As tiie time wore on and the ship was at 1,(>(M) feet elevation, a crash was felt and examination >howed one of the starboard steering fins had been torn awav. Immediately the auxiliary was pressed into service as communications were despatched to the engine room to be ready to stand by. Simultaneous will-, the crash, the big ship suddenly dropped and it was noted the elevating instrument recorded MH) feet. Still, with all the con- fusion and seriousness of the accident, communication with the engine attendants prevailed and it was thought the ship would right itself and safely weather the storm. Limping about, while the crew worked feverishly to check the nature and seriousness of the injury to the big bag. the ship suddenly sank, mysteriously dropping as a plumb bob and the GOUVERXEUR. April 4. A next instant Lt. Wiley was dashed against the far side of his? meeting of the stockholders of the cabin as the water rushed in to swerve and push him about and First Xational Bank of Gouver- shoot him out the open cabin window into the sea. Regaining* Gouverneur Bank to Increase Capital place of the six-team league which Daw > wno Performs ably in the provided plenty of entertainment field or at first - although a young- test year. - ster wno has had several years ex- According to pie-season -oope.' iwrience at Pyrites. Edwards, and t4 Hank\ Hodge, Clarkson coach, Talcville; Lloyd Jenkins, a very neur W JH ^ ne i^ Thursday at 3 to| his wits, the Lieutenant swain about in an effort to pick up will organize, manage and coach ; ^ ood ri ^ ht nand Pitcher and a tfie Malone team. Another rumor ( member of the well known Jjaseball l»s it that \Honey\ Burns, former-: family of Rensselaer Falls, is also will be accomplished by the issu authorize an increase in capital piece of floating debris upon which to cling as his shipmates from $200,000 to $400,000. This; am j comrades clawed, shrieked and screamed in their efforts to Colgate player and coach, as -well j available. Hank Knowlton, a for- as ex-big league catcher. wiU act! m er Ogdensburg boy, who* played 4s player-manager with -either J first base at Tupper Lake last sea- 5 upper Lake or Chateaugay. Soj* 01 ^ h^ moved back there and le general aspect of things' expects to join the squad, should go far to encourage tire fte-f With the wealth of material here Itef that this year's league will be. and the presence of Hodge and ./>?en faster than that of las* rea- son. *There has been -quite a bit of speculation among ^the local fans as to what Ogdensburg was going t*i do this year. It would seem Barnes as playing managers there j are sure to be three fast playing! aggregations in the field. It will undoubtedly mean faster ball than! last year even, so it does not seem i oat of order to prophesy that a ance of 2.000 shares of stock hav- ing a par value of $100. Xelson R. Caswell, president of the bank, has been appointed conservator of the institution. Since the bank was closed on March 4, it has been open only on a restricted business basis. find some life-saving object. Dm to no avail, the entire ship had disappeared into the sea as completely as though swallowed as Jonah by the whale. Swimming about and treading water, Lt. Wiley soon saw searching lights and rockets, swam in that direction and was picked up by the rescuing, heroic crew of the German tanker, Phoebus. Officers of the Girl Scouts Here NEW STORE ON LAKE STREET Price Clause Beaten tfiat there is plenty of good mater great season is near at hand. Canada Will Permit | DULACK FUNERAL TUESDAY j „ Beer Exports to U. S. ' The funeral of Henry J Dulack *vas held from the home of Charles ' Commissioner, Mrs, OTTAWA. April 4—-Canada will Lurand. 1*2* Congress street, yes- Bryan; deputy commissioner, Mrs. fv ** a weil known •flax the ban on the shipment of terday at ~*2A a. m. and thence to * fmnadian beer to the T'ai ted Stales Xotre Dame church at S o'clock. The local council of the Girl Srouts held its annual meeting last night, when the folloming offi cers were elected for the com in year: ALBANY, April 5.—The Pitcher milk control bill, with the mini- mum price clause eliminated, was Joseph Bellfy has taken a lease passed by the Assembly tonight. of the store at 26 Lake street and The Senate had already adopted will open for business April 12 the measure with the minimum with a complete new line of cloth- price provision- The action of the ing. shoes and furnishings The Assembly will probably cause a 9 take effect on April 7, it was earned on good authority yesier- ,ay_ Doubtless an order wiJi be %t ;«aed to custom? collectors next *eek setting forth the terms ua- ..er which they mar give clear- ^pces to Canadian beer destined to . ross tie border. The question of whether Can- dian beer is stronger than the 2.2 ur cent alcoholic content allowed t i the United States will likely he matter for the t'ai ted States cms- j official* to ascertaia, Can-j ~niae per cent\* beer is nine i «r ceai proof spirits and would J <e somewhat over foar per cent R. W. Dobisky: treasurer, Mrs. A- E. Bartlett: corresponding secre- tary, Mrs. \V. Allan Xewell; re- cording secretary. Mrs- Margaret Zabriskie. * Mrs. Bryan succeeds Mrs. Thomas D- Brown, who served as alcoholic content, but it is thought commissioner the past three years. Among the out of town relatives present were Henry and Edward Dalack of Gouremeur. Mrs. Sxzra- rer Estes, Mrs. Charles Corey and daughter. Louise of Watenomn. „. store is now being remodeled and resumption of the milk strike new fixtures will arrive within William' the coarse of a fern- days. Mr. Bell- and exper- ienced clothing man, having been employed in the Xadler store on Lake street the last five years. Xumerous friends will join in wishing him success in his new venture- that the provide a will meet quire meat Canadian brewers will Routine matters were disposed beer for export which j °* at **« business session which , the Timed S:ates re-' preceded the election. The Girlj Sconts. through their leaders, were i authorised to cooperate with the OGDENS8URG BEATEN ' major's relief committee. The AUOgdeasburf: basket hall, Mr-_ D. J. Bro defeated 55 to 23 by the 9 her duties as m „ I team ia the Maloae ar- she foaad she was aaaWe to terotsjaear time to the work. ' J91S. Potsdam Veteran Gets War Award First ScrgL James D. O'Leary of Potsdam has received a silver star taedal from the War department .xx reeogaitioa of gallantry in ac- uoa dariag the severe fighting St. Juvin, France, Oct. W. last aijrnt- the Strongly Favor City Power Plant ClXtSHAMTOX. April 4— The uovement for the establishment of u nmnicirai electric power plant took definite form today when the **.:y Council, in informal session. * ear on record unanimously in :a- VOT of the project. Approval mas given after th« council hjkd received ihe report of li*o:ze E <;oldthwaite, public at. i ity rate and service expert, which ; roposed a reduction of 21 per ceat ^a res:deatial electric rates aac ±$ per cent ia coaanercial rates. The cziy manager has- esiimat ea ihe COST of a ciiy-coairoOeci plant at f««#jMt.

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