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-J* . . t'% • * -s \Predicts Earthquakes in This Section I! I JL • VANC ws VOL. 1.—XO. 14. A HOMETOWN NEWSPAPER FOR OGDENSBURG AND THE NORTH COUNTRY PRICE lie (KiDEXSlH'KCi, X. Y., TUESDAY liOKXlXU, APRIL 4, 19:13 I i v f I, I * i T t V f • Dinneen Repudiates Little's Canard in Journal _ % „ ^^ Never Used Expressions Quakes in REPUBLICANS ARE ON , Credited to Him in Paper; The North j DEFENSIVE IN FIGHT Editor Won't Print Denial Predicted OVER TH E BEER BILL\ i AXX ARBOR. Mich , April 3.— The utter falsity of statements Your statement to the effect that Spye ^ earthquakes in lne G reat: ALKA attributed to Chairman William F. I told you to tell \disgruntled , ^^ re ^ on amJ the St Lawreiice cans , in Dinneen of the Democratic County •• Democrats of St. Lawrence Coun- Committee of St. Lawrence county jt^** something, is unfair and mali- in an f article printed in the Og- cious- I never used the phrase Sensburg Journal last week is es- ; 4 riisgruntied Democrats\ in talk- tablished by Mr. Dinneen himself in • in? with you. I gave you no mes- a letter to Editor Little, the author | sage whatever to convey to the *f the story- Tne letter was sent Democrats of St. Lawrence County. to the Journal March 31 with are. i did tell you there was no truth quest that it be published. The i n certain stories concerning the Journal having failed to comply, chairmanship of the St. Lawrence ALBAXY, April 3.—The Republi-, the stand they have taken' Valley are almost certain to come.; against the Governor's beer bill, ;n the opinion of Prof. William are actuated by political motives. • Herbert Jorbs, University of Theirs is a defensive fight. They Michigan geologic. Prof. Jobbs cont end that with ;iiso forecasts shocks for the lowev a i rea dy referred Mississippi Valley and southeast- ern states. In an interview Saturday Prof, .labbs and scientists can name the places but not the times of future journal navmg icmvu n- W»«K*. ruai mutual up ut ti*^ oi. *-«w*v*«.*, places Din not ine times ui iuiuif ; * ne . tith this request up to yesterday J Democratic organization that were earthquakes. The shocks, Prof; \ Mr. Dinneen has authorized its pub- ( published in Albany and Xew York jobbs said, result from jolting T* the provision to deleted the i Governor's measure has become a ''political\ measure. They main- I tain that in eliminating civic group recommendations, which hemselves did not wholly ap- the way will be open for , the creation of a central control board, wielding exclusively the • power of granting licenses all over, i the State, with the means at hand of exercising its influence for po- litical effect. ever uttered such sentiments as ! p U Y>iwhed[incorrect stories as \re- ilow rise or recovery of position' There are now aligned behind the article contained. The canard rt<r alld -rumors\ you made coming about as a result of the \ the bill, originally offered by the * now exposed as a deliberate *nd itive statements, clothing them melting of the former continental Governor's liquor-study commis- si ilicious effort to misrepresent with the definiteness of truth and glaciers which once covered the ; sion, which, in addition to the vr Dinneen at home and stir «p tingi ng them with bias and malice.; region. Freed from its prehistoric ; central board provides for county trouble - within the Democratic So , na t the Democratic voters load of glacial ice, the Great Lakes- boards with licensing power, county .i»rty. .Mr. Dinneen's Letter Mr. Dinneen's letter is as fol lows: \ lication in the Advance-News ior newspapers and in The Ogdens- r, ass movements of portions of the ihe information of the public so \ n ,jg journal. You said you had earth's outer shell in response to that the facts of the matter may be rop i<..d your stories from Xew York ioices constantly acting within. made clear to his friends and fei- aIui Albany newspapers, but the \Within the Great Lakes-St. low Democrats, who, it may be faet is you went beyond that. Lawrence region.\ Prof. Jobbs ex- !• *aid, were loath to believe that he . where these other newspapers had i laineil. 'earthquakes indicate St. Lawrence region now of St Lawrence County may be ^t. Lawrence region is rising, board created through appontive truthfullv informed in this\ mat-' v.'hile the lower Mississippi Valley | processes that would insure a Re- » *• i •„ t « v that thpee re- -«» being depressed by millions of. publican-controlled countv board in ter. I wish to sa> mai ««e.t *^ ' , « , ,. . , . , cent newspaper stories of prospec- tons of s:.t. the Republican counties, which so *lzT? ;.. ™w*- lonrfpvshir, So lon - as h ? hl shocks are heavily predominate in the up- ,- ^ . . ;„ ,,,.1-tv lPnder^hiD ^ u 1UU?; as li?llT <nocks are heavily predominate Albany, New V*k t ive changes in part> 1™™P !airlv freqiie nt,- Prof. Jobbs said, Slate ter ritorv March 31st, 1933 were based entirely on assumption - adjustment is? ^\iiory. -via cu „ndoubtedlv originated wholly , one nia > teel tnat aajuMment is» Th Repub i icans are fi&ht in<; Mr Franklin R. Little, land unaouDteai> orir, ua ^ nJ wlthout reat . n ing a . w^ n ^ • *^ « MT. riaun. , lmirna' in thp minds of correspondents ol ~ „.u rtM « ul1n their backs to the wall '\i^ihJisher The Ogdensbuig journa. in tne mnius> y i LVii i tiangerous condition. It is when . ^den«burg. New York. Republican newspapers that first _. # £ _^_„.i._ A**.^* . against a beer-control law which ^ a r D Si\ ? ^ \- published them. within an earthquake district temblors cease, that one has just cause to !>e concerned.\ would give to a central control board, dominated by the Demo- cratic party, the entry into thei:* Republican counties through tho power to issue licenses. And they are desirous also, in an affirmative way, of having Re- publicans licensing county boards to aid them in maintaining their present political strength and sta- tus in the up-State counties. The Republican leaders lino have had many warnings that th* time is now at hand when tho Democrats will start on a geuera 1 crusade to convert the R^puhlicar territory up-State to the Demo- cratic faith. With the Federal patronage now in the hands of the Democrats and post offices to be shifted to Democratic hands they are fearful that, should they un- barred from dominating the issu- ance of beer licenses in their ter- ritory, next Fall will result in tiio election of a Democratic AssemMy, This, from the Republican view point, w'ould be fatal, because, with Senate and Assembly Democrat it. and a Democrat occupying the ex- ecutive chamber, the Democrats could pass Congressional and Sen- atorial reapportionments whirh would entrench them in power for a generation to come. Threaten Strike C. D. INGRAM RETURNS HOME • fn an article published in The j The facts as to Democratic lead- Oedensburg Journal of March 28 ership in St. Lawrence countv are ^XTe me as saying, -I am still easily understandable. Jhe ~ 'Z Democratic boss in St. Law-, hers of the I>™ratic Count* J. rrnnntv and am going to con- committee were elected by tne to be\ I never made such a Democratic voters of the County, ReT charles McVe y of Canton Seports Successful Trip Dur- !^ement/and furthermore the ind that committee organized by announced yesterday that 800 far-, ^ the p ast T h r e e statement, a . , 1 ——\ « fh fttn \' mers in the North Country are; 6 M ont hs ready to strike unless there is a ! definite and marked improvement in milk prices paid to producers. Charles D. Ingram of the firm A committee meeting was held at | of Ingram £ Orr, arrived in the the home of the \Fighting Par- c j ty Sunday night from a trip son\ Sunday afternoon. Follow- mhirh has extended since about ing the meeting it was announced the first of January* and in which that the quorum had gone on re- (j^ Ingram £ Orr have put on cord as favoring a strike and that se r€Ta ] of their celebrated attrac- •-lecting me as chairman, with ota- if members of the statement, -jord 4 'boss\ was never mentioned i, v you or me during ^^^^ ] ^^Zr^nee make a change TnT^T^fSS ££\£> i- *e chairmanship. I am sureit u, my office as i°*^^ x pix)brfjly wU1 ^ ^ lB n aw - to the cfcrt' *d * statements saci as yoa seem ; 10 be disposed to publish in ine Local Team Wins 'Setter Homes Considered — Delegates Named to May 1 Convention. .Albany, not state. Your statements *at I gave >o« a «^ to ^ apparent hope of creating dissen- ; vy to St. ^y^5«f£e 't ion among them, ^crau; that I told yon to **\*** f trust yom wiU accord this let- |isgmntled Democrats in Ogdens-, _ , .. ^ J ^craU that I told yon to \tell the 1^ • * wm atCCOrd this ^t- cord as favoring a strike and that several of their celebrated attrac- lisgmntled Democrats in Ogdens ; » ^ prominence in yonr ! the **0 producers they represented tion5 Ar0 vmd the New York city /iunr who startedo that stuff <« \V r ^ the oriiniial article to! signified their intention to follow, area ^ Connectient and Xew York *ou call it) that I am still ^^^ \ ref€rs . ^ dec^ion of the committee, Stato . <?urg faa. call JOSS and intend t keep on being .oss of St. Lawrence County Dem-j fjerats-: and that tfce -whole hing started in somebody's baci (torn in C^densbnrg.\ arc false *id untrue and were obviously Respectfully yonrs* WILLIAM F. DIXXEEX APPLY FOR LICENSES * The Advaace-Xews reporter has noticed a rising sentiment anxmg milk producers in the immediate iiade by yon with maiicious intent. c ar ro:i Weit. Arthur 3i:-Conv;lie seemed to feel that while there are deny unequivocally making * n T i<iin< j Felix Boyer of this city at- disadvantages to a strike it would i these statements or any other^ Iiea ^ et | a meeting of the Xonaem be the only way out in which the Mr. Ingram did not state just how I«»ag he w\>uld stay in this — .- . section but hoped to be able to pro- vicinity of Ogdensaurg in favor of <ju<c some more revues and dances a general milk strike. The ma- f^fnre jjj e summer season starts. jority of producers interviewed Repealists Win Catement in substance or in ef-^Iew York Hoteimens association pc^^rs that be be made v> realize act which you could have so mis- :.»* Wa-rr!own yesterday. While t »,e plight of the dairyman aad his jKk-rstood, or which would have ^ eTe i^ey made applications to mat justified your misquoting me in ^ ; jj^ federal government for retail ! — le manner above stated. j r :%lt liquor dealers' licenses. These ll wmft have required a great licenses are to be issued for the leal of diligent effort on your part period up to July 1, the end of the ^fter yonr return to OudeBstwrg 4 present fiscal year, and after that # cuBcurt so much miiinfm— »d*ie they will *C IK-rTR-liT. April 3.—The ^e;- swer: ;he -tale of Michigan i^ todiv\* eieciion of delegazes JC» r.:e constitutional convention to ^ke .'.cTion on the repeal of ;\jr- lv i am^udmeat- Reports at m.*!^.-\.:; ::.dicaied that the lepealist* ^ouW have an u^rerwhermini: majority. | with rain and linle chance in tern- -r^e rote in most of the dastrici TODAY\* WEATHER Osdeusburg and vicinity: Cloudy I neratnre. was three to one for the wets. j The Masonic hridge teams jt Ogdensburg and Canton engaged t in a tournament last night in the : local temple in this city. Ogdensr i burg won with a total of 2**1 points and a score of 17,270, while Caittnn was credited with 125 points and a score of 11,532. Fo'- lc»m*ing the games refreshment were served by Mrs. C- E. Jillso^, <-at cress- Julius and Leo Frank wor me first prize and H. J- Worthing and Lawrence F. Cuthbert the *e<'<m£ prize. The teams were as follows: ot- (fensburg— Julius and Le«» Fr-mtc Frank, Henry Tallman and CUir*: C. LaFrenay. J^«ho Xichols and I^'La H. Wells, Fred Coombs anc E- J. KSLTI. Dr. H. J. Worthing anc L. f. CuthberU IU»bert Morris and Yi\ II. Barker. G. J. Elder and E'- i:«^t Hunter. Car,*<.r. —Bolton and M-*ad, Xobki ^ntl Mavhee, MvFadden and Haj^ he-^. Du>kas and Weatherbee. Xo- 1 W- and Hosley. Maybee and Akrn, Purvis ?ud HalL V

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