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nun m AY. MARCH 2,1, 1933 Mix Strand re Today vboy Actor Seen in iriller of First Order. mmmmm n Mix elopes with he heroine of \Flam- the Peter B. Kyne \eh you will see him d Theatre, he's doin£ actios: and giving 90 1 life portrayal. nsr Guns/* Tom's lat- 1 starring production, Ruth's father, prac- r law enforcement of- Ifornia, and rides a -ives an automobile to ?o, where the marriage performed, >pens that when it cin^ to Mexico for a lemony, Tom knows so very long ago that >el Hubbell Ward, star ormer. decided that to be married. And it • long after that that ?d an elopement. Into Mix automobiles they raced for the border. nony was performed at A short time later, to t their marital life was ier, they had a second t Yuma, Arizona. ?. in the real life elope- e were no police of- le way, and there was ther to try to gum up —but Tom knows, nev- ow to manage an elope- t kind. xich proves that acting asier when you've had erience to back your ip. Perhaps Mix bad written into the script \ do it all over again— -ET FEVER \ASES QUARANTINED TOWN, March 24.—The er of scarlet fever cases , •antine in this city was last night as 232, nine he previous day. Six new reported yesterday and \ ?! eased. MCDONALD PHONE m* MAY RESUME BREWERY BUSINESS HERE Ogdensburg , dvance VOL. 1—No. 6. ST. LAWRENCE SUNDAY DEMOCRAT OGDENSBURG, N. Y., SUNDAY MORNING, MARCH 26. 1933. PRICE 3c SALES AX A CER AIN Y Mayor May Have Placed Tax Sale in Legal Doubt Action in Virtually Warning Public Not to Bid on Properties Offered Caused City to Lose Immediate Use of About $1,300. NOTICE TO SUBSCRIBERS. In legal circles the opinion was expressed that the validity of the city tax sale last Thursday may have been put into jeopardy by the action of Mayor Morissette in vir- tually warning persons not inter- ested in the properties to b* offer- ed not to bid them in. A number of people who had gathered for that purpose refrained from mak- ing any bids and the result was that many parcels reverted to the city, which received nothing. Had the people felt free to bid the city would have received about $1,300 additional cash for immediate use. The persons who own these properties will have to redeem from the city in the same manner as they would in the event that pri- vate citizens had bid them in for the amount of the tax. As matters stand the city has a large amount of real estate added to *U present holdings acquired in similar manner. If these proper- ties are not redeemed by the own- ers within the year they cannot be ; placed on the rolls a year from now and the city will be put in the position of being a landlord. The action of the mayor under the circumstances was regarded as hasty and unfortunate as it bene-' fited no delinquent taxpayer and at the same time proved injurious to the city, it was declared yes- terday. Although the city treasurer is charged by law with the duty of conducting the tax sales, he and the corporation counsel were brushed aside by the mayor, who took charge of matters and made a speech in which he said he did not believe these tax sales should be held but the law required it. He then expressed the opinion that no one not directly interested in any of the properties listed should bid them in for the amount of the tax. The combined cost of THE AD- VANCE-NEWS, delivered, Tues day, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday mornings and THE SUN- DAY ADVANCE, delivered Sunday morning, will be 10 CENTS PER WEEK beginning Tuesday morning March 28th. Reported Sites for New Brewery Are Sought Here Representatives of Down-State Interests Said to Have Inspected Various Available Properties. PAY YOUR CARRIER BOY. Phone 715. THE OGDENSBURG CO., INC. ADVANCE The brewing: industry may be re- tion's breweries with the sanction vived in Ogdensburg this year. Ac- of the law on April 7, its nianufac- cordins to current reports repres-' ture in the home, even if it does entatives of outside interests were not exceed the allowed alcoholic in town during the past week in- content of 3.2 per cent, will still specting properties with a view of be illegal, in the opinion of Federal locating a brewery in Ogdensburg. Attorney Medalie's prohibition di- = j It is understood they visited the vision. NOTICE TO SUNDAY ADVANCE i Coplan steel plant, the former Ar- The reason for this belief, it was SUBSCRIBERS. Augsbury Optimistic On Outlook Truckmen Win Fight At Albany nold brewery on Main street and , said, is a sentence in Section 3 of the Cooper brass works at the east the beer bill, which makes the na Owing to an increasing demand end\ of Greene street. j tional prohibition act apply to beei on the part of Ogdensburg people j lx was ^Ported some weeks ago j contained in barrels, casks, bottles . ., _ ^ . i that the manufacture of Arnolds ' or kegs, which have not been label for a morning daily, the Ogdens- ~ , , . ,, , ^ • -i ^ i _ <* *. *t. a * j Ogdensburg ale would be resumed :ed and sealed as may be present burg Advance Co.. has decided to at Cana j onar i e but since then it ed by regulation.\ adopt the tabloid size of a paper nas \ )eeu stated that the promoters ' When Congress passed the bee and from now on The Sunday Ad- ! were seeking another site as the bill, hundreds of dealers in mal water was not found suitable for \ and hops and other beer-makin this brew. j materials and paraphernalia belie* It is reported that local parties ed that the sale of their commod have virtually closed arrangements ties, even for the frankly express* to handle various brands of beer ; purpose of making beer, would t which were widely known and very legal. popular in this section in pre-Vol- stead days. The Frank I. Bateman ! GOVERNOR'S BILL IN company will again distribute the ALBANY, March 25.—Govern* Pabst Blue ribbon product. \_ Lehman's bill for regulation of be« Algonquin Mill to Continue to Surtax and Higher Impost on Operate on Five-D a y Gasoline Are to be Dis- Schedule. i carded. A report on the street yesterday had it that Frank A. Augsbury had closed his paper mill for an indefin- ite period of time. Mr. Augsbury when seen said there was no truth to the rumor and that the Algon- quin plant will continue its five day a week schedule. Mr. Augsbury is looking: for a re- vival of trade in all branches of business activities within a short time. He takes an optimistic view of things in general- It is certainly piffling to hear a man of the busi- ness ability of Mr. Augsbury give voice to such pleasant views of the fntnre business life of the MOTHER OF 16 DIES LIVED TO AGE OF 93 irs. Joan Sabouria, one of the owmeu in Cinndu. wan died in Cornwall at the age of i*. was the mother of William Sabourin of Gouiejaiur and Mrs. Frank Renaud of Masseua. Her nutter lived to be MS and her fa- ther Mi. She bad sixteen children of •bum nine survive. ALBANY, March 25 —Governor Lehman and legislative leaders, vir- tually agreed on a tax program to- day, prepared to resume discus- sions on a proposed retail sales levy—the only issue on which an accord has yet to be reached. The conferees have decided to im- pose the tax, but are undecided whether it shall be of 1 or 2 per cent. The leaders want a 2 per cent tax. Governor Lehman, it was un- derstood, is in favor of a 1 per cent levy. He predicted the prob- lem would be solved by Monday- A thice Quarters of 1 per cent sales tax was advocated by Gover- nor Lehman in his budget mess- jage, in addition to a 1 cent a gal- lon gasoline tax increase, a 1 per .cent tax on irons incomes and a • lowering of income tax exemptions —an designed to raise $S4.o*M*> to help offset a treasury deficit of IlliMIJM. Lehman and the lea- It was reported, have agreed to discard the turrfawd gasoline tax and modify the C5 per cent sur- i tax on trucks. I vance will be published in this form. We are calling our out of town subscribers' attention to this fact. In the future the number of i ! pages will be increased to suit the demands of advertisers and read- ers. Prepaid subscribers to the SUN- DAY ADVANCE will have the usual Sunday issue delivery as al- ways. To those who wish the daily the balance of their prepaid sub- scription will be applied to the five- week day issues of the ADVANCE- NEWS, at the rate of 10 cents per week. Outside subscribers to the Sun- day Advance will be continued as always. Legion Drum Corps Meets Monday Night The American Legion drum corps \avill meet in the drill hall at the armory Monday night at 7.3* o'clock for rehearsal. A fun at- tendance of members is requested by President Timothy CLeary. HOME BREW ILLEGAL APRIL MEDALIE SAYS ' in New York state was introduce . in the assembly today by Minorii NEW YORK. March 25 though beer will flow from the na \ Leader Irwin Steingut, New Yoi j city Democrat. Al- The measure was immediately r ferred to committee. MANY VISITORS HERE YESTERDAY Scenes Reminiscent Times Noted on Street. of Old Ford District Attorney Will Give Addres District Attorney William D. I gram has been invited to give i address at a meeting of the L dies' Aid society in Grange H$ at Dekalb on Thursday, April 6. FAIR WEATHER PREDICTED Weather outlook for the week be- ginning Monday: Generally fair at beginning, some precipitation about Tuesday ana* again toward the end of week- temperatnres near PRAISE FOR JULIUS FRANK Dr. Oaugdou, head of the Pots- trhooi. at a meeting the Potsdam Rotar- attributed to Horn. JnHas Frank of this city, the honor of getting for the Normal $l*M$% or work relief funds. A reminder of the yesteryears was seen on the streets here Sat- urday. The time was when a big influx of people came here from the suirounding towns, spent their patrimony and enjoyed Ogdensburg life. Those scenes were enacted acre again yesterday. A goodly number of people visited the city from Gouverneur. Canton. Potsdam, Norwood. Morristowu and Redwood and ndded rest and life to the city streets. Local citiaens were glad to see them and the merchants were particularly pleased. Last night Ford street was Crowded with people for the first time in many weeks. Evidently the Roose- velt new deal nas em<mi*f*d SL Lawrence county dtien belief that better times OH, SYRACUSE! SYRACUSE. March 25 — Chancellor Charles W. Flint of Syracuse university told stu- dents in a speech yesterday that beer must be kept off the campus. \Students at this university,* he said, \understand that we prefer no smoking in front of the buildings or inside the buildings. We expect that there win be no changes in the tem- perance of the student body. The new beer act should not alter affairs here.\ NEW MEMORIAL WINDOW A window presented to the Pr byteriaa church in mimoij Charles W. Mcdair. elder and tr tee for forty-Two years. wfH be i veiled at the morning services J day by his nephew. C. W. ? Clair of Harrison, N. J. -7

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