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1 4 . mmm Eight Persons Were Killed i and Forty Injured When Two Cars Diiopped Fifty ; Feet. i New York, Ju n e 25.— ^At least eigrlit persons w e re killed and m o re th a n tw o score injured M o nday afternoon w h e n a two-'car train on the F if th avenue lines jum p e d the I'ails at F ifth and A tlantic avenues in the 3tieart of B rooklyn and plunged 50 feet •to the street. • The cars were com p letely dem o lish­ ed and a num'ber of passengers were pinned beneath the w reckage. * So soon did the am b u lances pick up th e injured th a t it was im possible to m a k e a com p lete check. I F a r tial collapse of the elevated stru c tu r e added to the disaster. M ay- ■or H y ian said th a t he believed th a t th e accident w a s due to a defective traclv. It is believed there w e re at least 80 persons on the traifi re tu r n ­ in g from Coney Island. U N I WILL RELEASE Village Board Would Cancel Sale of Fire Truck If Not Wanted by Red Hook Fire­ men. R e d Hook, Ju n e 24.— BecauSB th e expressed dissatisfaction of the R e d H o o k F ir e D e p a rtm e n t over the p u rch a s e of th e second hand Ford ap p a ratu s from Phim o n t, the village B o a rd of R e d H o o k w e n t to Philm o n t Tuesday night to talk it over with th e board up there. W h e n the Red H o o k board returned they are ctuoted .as saying th a t they never m e t a finer set of gentlem e n th a n th e m em b ers -of the P h ilm o n t board, who received 'the R ed H o o k board courteously and iiaid th a t while P h ilm o n t felt t h a t the . a p p a r a tu s they w e re try in g to sell was ju s t as good as new in every p a r ticu lar, nevertheless if Red Hook ■did not w a n t i t , ^ a f y would wiilriig^ ly reigags^^g^ 5 i ^ H o o k from th e con­ tra c t an d sell th e m achine elsew h ere as there was a ready m a rket for it. Several sidelights of interest have cropped out. One is the fact th a t th r e e anonym o u s letters from Red H o o k , in different hand tvriting-, bur all th ree evidently dictated by the sam e person and carrying the sam e general w o rding w e re sent from Red H o o k th r u the m a il to the Philm o n t board, but the P h ilm o n t board said th a t they discounted the letters at less th a n nothing because the party ■or p a rties sending th e m w e re too cow ardlj- to sign th e ir nam e s to the letters. The letters carried a general vituperatit'e g-enei’al assault on the d board and the fire com p a n y was set fo r W ednesday night and as the fire com p a n y had a m e e ting the village board w a ited an .hour and then sta r t ­ ed out to find th e fire com m ittee and m e t them by the bank corner and the m e e ting was held on the bank steps. The fire com p any has not decided w h ich engine it favors, altho there .seems to be a sti*ong s e n tim e n t in fa­ vor ot the La F rance engine. The fire com p a n y will tak e the m a tter up a t its next m e e ting ^nd it is pos­ sible th a t the taxpayer.^ will be called upon to vote a five thotisand dollar 'prcpriation to purchase a new m a- THE COLUMBIA REPUBLICAN. VOLUME cm ------------------------- Where You Read It First ------------------ HUDSON, N. Y., TUEBDAiY MOBNINO, JUNE 26, 1923. TEN PAGES NUMBER 44 Fourth Street School Students Who Earned Promotion in Classes First Promotion List for ^ d e n t s of This School is An- ^ nounced This Morning—list Includes Kinder­ garten Students as Well as Those Who Are Ad- vanced to High School The first promotion list—that of the Fourth Street School—^and containing the names of all students from kindergarten classes to those who enter High School in September—is announced this morn­ ing. The complete list for this school follows. The complete lists for the Allen Street and Fourth Street Schools will be announced to-day and will be published to-morrow. The Fourth Street School list follows: ------------------------------------------------- ---------- From K indergarten to IB, C a ther­ ine 'M cNamara, T e a c h e r—^Dorothy Al­ bertson, M adeline Balder, D o rothy Ba'bjelc, H ilda Bugle, Hope Coons, ia’bjek, Cordato, Stever. Drabeck, like F lututor, John G u illerm an, 'rank Goreci, C lara G o rdant, Louis ropen, A n n a H u saynke, F e rnette Codge, Helen H ildreth, A n n ie Kay, .ndrew Lubenesky, M ike M a d u r a , Elizabeth Melius, A lfred ircCum skey, Showers Will Come, But Heat is to Continue. Wasliiiigtoii, June 25.—Hio pres­ ent iieat will continue today and TtiesHay tliriioixt tlie eastern p a r t of th e country even ncreasug in som e section.?, the United States Weather Bxtreait declared today in its loi’©- cast Wai’mev weather is forecast in southwest Ohio and southeastern Mane. Local thunder sltowcrs will occur in all sections, it was de­ clared. village board of Red A joint m eetii Red Hook Jo h n Abrial. chief of the Red H o o k fire deartm e n t, Ls strongly in favor of :>. J..a P rance engine and says t h a t the F rance agent was at R ed H o o k to .s»e hbii again 'W ednesday and tol'.l him again tha't the P h ilm o n t appa- m tn s was ijositively not w h a t Red H'.’Ok wanted. The R ed H o o k Tillage B o ard are .puictically* unanim o u s th a t no La F ran c e engine w ill be purchased for Red Hook, as they claim th a t a bet­ ter outfit can be bought brand new for less money. They point out that H u d son h a d a La P ran c e engine th a t is reported to have cost approxim a te­ ly ten thousand dollars and th a t nev­ er w o rked satisfactorily. STOLEN CAR WAS ONLY BORROWED Roy Toung, of 428 C arroll street, reported to th e police last night th a t his O v erland touring car had been stolen. He said t h a t he left it on N o rth F o u rth street and afte r the H igh school exercises w e re over the car was gone. L a ter the car w a s found in an alley n e a r tn eschooi house. The police be^Iieve t h a t the auto was taken in a prank. Officer R a jm o r arrested Jo h n Sir- co yesterday afternoon on the charge of intoxication. He said th a t th e m an was asleep on P rom e n a d e Hill. He w a s locked up. A P a c k a rd touring car, license num ­ ber 13-565, was stolen from the streets of Albany yesterday. The lo­ cal police are on th e lookout. A n ton Koren, Claverack, reported th a t the B. & A. railroad gates on W a rren street h a d been let down on bis F o rd car and th a t the w indshield was broken and o ther dam a g e su s ­ tained. Follow ing com p laints of Green street residents th a t m en going- to w o rk earl 3 ' in the m o rning in m o tor vehicles w e re m a k ing unnecessary noiee. Traffic O fficer R a jm o r was placed on special duty th e re j^esterdaj'. At 6:05 o’clock he arrested Milton W h itbeck, of 305 State street, on the '•nging l-is •”ith cut-out open. He left charge of operat h oar w th e ;t for bail. tfEATFAUlTOMANY tSCMINTRYSWE-TEHa Deaths Reported From Cities as the Torrid Weather Blankets U. S. mnnii^TO FmER MISSlOH Mrs. Louis A. Longley and Miss^ I- 5 abelle O’Connor, who were in charge of th e flower mis.sion at the Columibia S a n a torium S a turday ac- ■ flowers from Mrs Alice C- knowleidige ^ flowers fro m Mi Rice, the Misses Carabine, M rs G. W. Eggleston. Miss R u th Jevsnp, -Mirs Anna M. Beattic-;''MiS3 Eloise Tayne. Miss E m ily G. W u rster, Miss Mary Sejimour, Miss Ju lia Seymour, Mr« C. A, T a n Deusen, Mrs I.ouis A. Longley, M rs O. H . Bradley, M rs M. P. Stup- plebeen, Mrs George C. Yeisley, Christ r;burch, M rs Charles S. Benedict, John H u d d leston, M rs John N. Edw a rds, Mra A. F r a n k B o g ardus, M rs Alfred B. Cbace, M rs. E rick N. Punch, Mrs. W illiam P . Woodw'ard, M rs John Mc­ Laren, Miss Baxter, Mrs W iiliam Haw- ver, C laverack; Mrs .Jacob Kopperger, Stottville; M rs W illiam Peck, Stott- ville; Miss M ildred Moss. StotUdlle. fire, not one of the boj's stood on the b u rning deck. Detroit,- June '25.— Seeking relief fro m th e sw e ltering Sunday heat. 12 persons Were drow n ed in the rivers and lakes of M ichigan Sunday. G rand R apids held th e i-ecord for drown- ings, w h e n th ree persons lost th e ir live.s an d two w e re drow n ed in. De­ troit. The official tem p e r a tu re here was 94. G rand R a p ids reported high m a rk of 93. Chicago, Ju n e 25.— Six w e ek end deaths from the h e a t w e re reported in Chicago todaj', bringing th e total for seven daj^s to 27. M ore th a n 100 persons w e re pi tratecll. T e m p e ratures 'continued the nineties. St. Louis, Ju n e 25.— Two died from heat p rostration an d fo u r pei'sons -seeking relief from the h e a t W'ere drow n ed over the w eek end here. T e m p e ratures ranging above 90 de­ grees w e re regi.stered in St. Louis and its vicinity. The heat wave continued unbroken today. WEATHER Fair, continued warm, pos- i^rblv showers; Wednesday fair. TEMPERATURE 3 p. m.—97 above. 3 a. m.—84 above. uis Slom- ly Unson, ose Wishengrad, Berth F rom IB -to lA , Rose A. S k e ll:, Teacher —C h e stina Baj-eski, M kthew Bralaskwi'sky, Louis Canope, Patsy Capanesso, M ary C o n c ra,-H a rry Ford, Amelia Gagliardy, M u riel Halliday, H o m e r Law, Clifford M cDarby, Annie M eakias, H e le n M ekias, Albie Natalie, Inez Netv, Colum b ia Porecca, Delin Rockefeller, Helen Sinkowitz, C u rtis Taj'lor, Joseph Telaijm slos E lm o re W allace, H a rold W e sterm an, John W itko, M o rris Zim m e rm an, John ei*—-Fran IMhtthew Copit, W a rren I Max H irschm a n , Jacob M einer, Em ei-y Taylor, Raj-niond Trow'bridge, A1 fons Zininiewicz, E lizabeth Bernockie, D o rothy Burns, C h ristina Butsky, Lil- Adela Texa nor, A u g u sta Schlaef] Alice Way, H e le n W e idenger. m 2B to 2A— M ary A. R asclike, Teacher — Mai B aringer, Schmi Brezzie, fa Sin, ] M askin, Jair Theodore M; Celia P roper, i bo, Thelmta a S:agendoi'ph, Moore, ’dph^Rilph 'heodo re Mj-ers, Anna Prokopozj^k, lelia P rope r, R a Risch, Helen Sa­ n S Alec enneth W elsh, Lyndon Wil F rom 2A to 3B, M arion :cher— Daniel Bartholom Teacher— Daniel Bartholomew% Hel C arter, A lbert Chatlos, Philom e n a Conte, E m m a Decker, Evelyn De Tore, C h arles D u n can, S tu a rt Eisen- berg, David Gagliardy, L o retta H a m - m erlee, George Hieber, Sarah Hines, E s th e r H irschm a n , Elizabeth Horton, Corrine H u d d leston, E d w a rd Jacklem , B e rnard Kline, Joseph Ivrosner, M ar- •tha Leipshutz, Evelj-n Lenney, Stella Lubera, W a lter Lubienetsky, Cecil Ly­ m an, B e tty Mackj-, M ichael M aresko, A lbert MoMulIen, Jennie N artowitz, M ichael Prokopoznk, Celia R o sen­ berg, Ju lia Shum, Paul Telatynsk^', M ary Wassie, C arrie W h ite. F rom 3B to 3.\, D o rothy Teachex'— J o h n Balxgek, E a r l ! H a rry Flyman, W illiam Kilmer, er, Liepshutz. Jam e s Mallorj-, Jo: B e n n ett, ei’win Cioxve, tim Sid- orj', Jo seph lmei‘y,°E lizal “ \ a K; Max'jorie ^ n , ^ U ll: Sabo, Leon Tam ai’in, Heiix'y W a rm , Jo h n W a suk, Sophia Aichele, Alice B arbeshock, Gladys Bittings, Gex-al- dine Bx-e.sk>', Ju lia Ei Gregalaiti 'bow, Phy Sax-ah Rogei ryn Sheldon W h itbeck. F rom 3A to 4B, R u th H. Williams, T e a c h e r— A u g u sta B arbour, John Bavko, A lthea Chase, Chai-lcs DuFoui', Annie D e likat, C h arles Ferriss^, H a rry Garbus, W illiam Goff, M ary G rabam , A r th u r Hallenbeck, F rances Ja&kos- i ki, A rm e d a Jeffers, Bela M arkowitz, H e n rv M askin, Philip M askin, Clif­ ford M iller, H a rry M iller, D o rothy P u tnam , M ai-guerite R e u tenauer Ed- Tassel, Kathex-ine T a n Tassel, Sandor Weisner, Ben Zayac. F rom 4B to 4A, M. O’l er— Gladys Babcock, Ben E thel Choroz, P a u l Cic Goodm an, Donald H u d d leston, B e r­ nard Kosoff, Re'becca K ranz, Ju l : ‘ Lydecker, Salvatore M atties, Jeajx^ Mi Lydecker, Salvato re M atties, Jea n 1 Intyre. Bessie M iller, Miltoix Mil R a lph M itnick, Frances Mux-phy, M Sckelly, K a therine Stevenson, Alic Tothl^Elizabeth, W assie, 1 tei'-man, A r thur W heele Ziemfba. er W es- Edwax'd Fx'om 4A to 5B, Laux-a A. Lang, ■Teachex-— M addline Acchele, H e n ry Anable, Alice Dabjek, Thom as B a r ­ tholom ew, M ai-guerite Chatlos, Calvin Conley, C atherine Cooni-ad, W ilhai\ De Caprio, K e n n e th Greenbei-g. Ada line Hai-t, E th e l Johns, Rose Lym ai ■Martha M cLaren, Alfred Natale, Joh Nitsky, E n tm a Bell Olm, Px-ank R a g s ­ dale Ardelle R eynolds, G e rtrude Rouse, Joseph Sam pson, Helen Sisson, W eisner, M ary Zunsky. From 5L to 5A, Miss Emery, teach- Gladys Bannister, Nicholas Boy- den Cam p bell, elk ^Charles^ ^Davis* alloran, skowitz. CO, Helen Cam pb C j ale, Doimld Clap^P, Mai^gui „ Feller, ICathei e H irschm a n , Samuel Jackowitz, ‘Ph Logan,, W illiam M andel, Irv- Oliver, Sarah Rosenbei-g, E d ith :mel Zayac, Heien Ziemba, Iffo, Alm a Chapm an, Rose das, D o n a ld Johns, Josephine K rein, page seven) ing Oliver, Sara! Sheldon, Em el Z: nuel Gi-iffo, J -cio, C h arles 1 A n thony Krein. (Continued CORONER CHARGES HUDSON MAN DROVE AUTO WHILE INTOXICATED U. S. WILL ENFORCE DRY LAW IF FRED. HOMING STATES BALK, SAYS HARDING CO-OPERAMN iGED AGAINST NATION MENACE President in Address at Den­ ver Assails States for Shift­ ing Burden— ^No Repeal of Amendment. Denver, June 25.—President Harding, In a speech here to-day law enforcement, sounded warning that the Federal Gov­ ernment is determined to enforce prohibition, even if action by the States serves to increase this bur- Expressing his belief th a t the E ighteenth A m endm e n t will not be repealed, the P resident nevertheless recognized the possibility of revision of the Tolstead act. W hat( es m a y be made, howevei-, T believes, “v%dli represent pui-pose sue, the P resident said, is be- not so much a contest be- iresen t the sincei-e itive enfox-cement ;her th a n modei-ation of the genex-al policy.” The issui com ing tween wets and drys, b u t sim p ly ( of law enforcem ent. Prom ising tion by the F e d e ral G o v e rnm ent m a intain obedience to the law, M r Hai-ding said it m ight become neces­ sary to create a “Fedex-al police ox'ity.” W ithout m entioning New Y o rk by nam e, the President observed th a t “the spectacle of a State nullifying its own authoi-ity and asking the n a ­ tional govex-nment to take over an im p o i-tant p a r t of its power is new.\ He added t h a t “when the im p lications this strange proposal are under­ stood clearly by people and parties, the “new nullificationists’’ are likely to discover the m a k ing “ of one of the histo^ric blundei-s in political m anage- The P resident called it “loose thinking” to propose th a t state rights should he safeguarded by local aban­ donm ent of prohibition enforcem ent. the contraxT, he added, this is mex-ely an invitation to th e Fedex-al Govex-nment to exercise powers w h ich the State should exercise. “Instead of being an assertion of State rights,” id M r Hax-ding, “it is an abandon- UNDERWENT OPERATION MONDAY Hon. Sanford W . Sm ith, of C h a t­ ham , Judge of th e Coui-t of Claims, and one of th e best know n residents of Colum b ia county, was rushed to the H o m e o p a thic H o s p ital in Albany yes­ terday morning-, -where he underwent an append'icitis opex-ation. It was stated last night t h a t Judge Sm ith’s condition was good and he was resting very com fortably. Judge Sm ith was stricken last F r i ­ day nig h t and w a s attended by his fam ily physician, Dr. C h arles L. Mos­ h e r Of C h atham . On Sunday night, howevex', his condition becam e acute and eax'ly yesterday m o rning, accom ­ panied by Dr. Garnsey, he w a s taken ;to th e i-ailroad station on a cot and placd on a B. & A. train. Follow ing th e opex-ation it w a s re ­ vealed th a t th e appendix h a d becom e ruptux-ed and his condition would have been very sei-ious had the op­ ex-ation been delayed another tw enty- foui’ houx-s. At the Refoi-med parsonage in Clav­ erack, M o n d ay afternoon, M-iss Agnes Crosby, o'f th e town of Claverack, united in m a rriage 'to Percival Cole, of Stottville, by the Rev. H e n n a n Ha£ m an. They were attended by M r a: M rs Sidney Cole, of Stottville. m e n t of them ; it is an abdication. . . There could be no m o re com ­ plete negation of State rights.” Altho the adoption of a constitu­ tional am e n d m e n t has not taken the prohibition duestio-n- out of politics; the Pre.-sident continued, he nevex-the- less ventux-ed the prediction “th a t n e ither of the great parties ever will openly declare for its repeal w ithin th e lives of present voters. “W h a tever satisfaction th e re m ay be in indulgence, w h a tever objection there is to the so-called invasion of pei-sonal liberty,” the Px-esident said, “neither counts when th e suprem a cy of law and th e stability of our in s ti­ tutions are m enaced. W ith all 'good intentiO'n, the majox'ity sentim e n t the United States has sought by law to remove strong drink as a curse u p ­ on the A m erican citizen, b u t oui-s is a larger problem now to remove law ­ less di-in-king as a m enace to th e re­ public itself F.J.SA«ENIHIIini WUlBEPRESaiT Former Supt. of Schools Will Speak at H. H. S. Alumni Efinner. F r a n k J. Sagendoi-ph, a fox-mer Superintendent of Schools of H u d ­ son, has accepted the invitation of the H igh School Alum n i Association atten d the annual dinner of the association a t the \Worth H o u se W e d - ne.sday evening and will address the Alum n i. M r Sagendorph was one of the early superintendents of our m o d ­ em school system and th r u his u n ­ tiring efforts in its behalf the foun­ dation stones of H u d son’s greatest m u n icipal asset were firm ly bedded. M r Sagendorph rendered a g reat and lasting service to Hudson, th e m em - ox-y of w h ich is one of th e city’s treasured possessions. Since leaving H u d son M r Sagendorph has resided in Poughkeepsie and has represented Ginn & Co., the well known school book publishing house. M any of th e older “gi-ads” will he pleased to greet th e form e r superin­ tendent and are ovex-joyed a t his com ­ ing. O ther speakex’S will be Dr. S h e r­ wood T . W h itbeck, Rev. Dx\ George C. Yeisley and Supt. of Schools Mont- gomei-y C. Smith. H e n ry M_ Jam es, P resident of the A lum n i Association, will preside a t th e ciinnei-, w h ich bids fair to be th e m o s t successful in th e history of the association. A lready over 150 reservations have been m ade and if tb e w e a th e r p e r­ m its th e dinner will be served in th e beautiful open court a t The W o rth and u n d e r th e historic elms.\ Festoons of lights will illum inate the out-of- door dining hall w h ich will provide a m o st attractiv e setting for the Follo-n'ing th e dinner dancing w ill be enjoyed until 1 a. m. H e riuance’s orchestra has been engaged to fu r ­ nish th e m u sic and will rvidei- a pro- gx-am during th e serving of th e din- W h ile th e dinner is lim ited to graduates of the H igh School m em ­ bers of th e association will be px-ivi- leged to invite th e ir husbands and wives and guests for th e dancing. The graduating class will be the guests of the Alum ni Association at the dinner. F a s Jam e s H a m ilton Lewis, fox-mex-ly U n ited S tates Senator from Illinois, acquired a new w a istcoat? It is said th a t he will ru n for Sen­ ato r again next year. _______ ANNOUNCEMENT Tills number will be tlie last issue of Tbe Columbia Republican. T h e rapid growth of T b e Hudson D a ily R e p u b l i c a n during the past two years under its new ownership lias brought the publishers to this d e c i s i o n to d i s c o n t i n u e the weekly edition. In this age of daily mail deliveries, telephones and automobiles, the people are educated beyond a weekly newspaper. The demand is for a daily publication which enables them to keep up to the minute on the news of the world and of their communities. Beginning with the issue of the second of July, the DAILY issue of this newspaper will be sent to you until the date when your weekly subscription expires, W ITH­ OUT ADDITIONAL CHARGE. The Hudson Republican bas experienced the great­ est progress in its history during tbe past two years and it no^f has the largest circulation of any daily newspaper an the Hudson Valley, in proportion to population. Registration Certificate aS Auto Owner Suspends and He is Directed to Tur®' in Number Plates. Preceding a special term of The* Columbia County Court at tile; Court House Monday afternojegi. Coroner William Finley, of Utidr- son, filed his inquisition deciaiotii in the case of Michael Pashiede; oS: this city. TIiQ Coroner finds that Pashtcik, game to his death on the 13th day-qf M ay by being 'throw n from an antctr mobile in tbe Town of Stuyvesailt while intoxicated: t h a t th e antomobile-- was driven by Fred Hotaling of city, who is also charged w ith beingr intoxicated a t the time. Following the filing of the dbpi-- sion the Coroner appeared before J«.dge John L. Crandell in Couiity Court and swore out an inform a tion charging H o taling w ith driving a c a r while intoxicated. Hotaling, represented by Attorney- Thom as Cookingham , v/as then ar- i-aigned on th is cliax'ge before Judge- Crandell and waived exam ination fo r the g ran d jury. Bail w a s fixed at $1,000 and a bond was given fo r Hx>- taling’s release. On the application of -the C o roner H o taling’s certificate of registration as an autom o b ile own­ er w a s suspended by Judge C randell pending final disposition of t h e charge and it w a s directed th a t H o taling de­ liver his num b e r or license plates to th e State Tax Commission. T h u s th e case th a t caused consid­ erable excitem ent a t th e tix\ne goes to the grand jury. C o roner Finley and Distx-ict A ttorney T racy m a d e an ex­ haustive inquii-y into every phase <f the outing of th e four H u d son th a t day w h ich ended w ith being picked up in Stuyvesant and, brought to the hosipital w h e re he died. The decision of t h e C o roner is a c ­ com p anied by 209 typew ritten pages of testim o n y taken a t the tim e of th e o L people Pashick HEJEST BIDS FDA CUllECTIHBASHB All Received by Board of Public Works Exceeded Budget Allowance. The Commission of Public W o rks m e t M onday aftex’noon and opene^-*-''\ bids fox- collecting ashes and refuse for the ensuing yeai-. There were two bids submitted. Thom as Stackpool bid $7,000 for do­ ing the work and M. Kearne>' bid $6,- The am o u n t allowed in th e budget fox- doing this wox’k is $6,^00, so the Commission was under tbe necessity- ■of rejecting both hids and re-adver­ tising in the hope th a t a bid niay bA received w h ich will come -s\'ithin th e money available for the ivoi-k. Verbal requests were received for the use of \West W a rren street and; a pox’tion of P a rtition street for th e holding of block parties, b u t action thereon was deferred until w r itten re­ quests were filed with the Commis- 200 STME WHEN\ BOSSSGHAm Beacon, June 25.— ^About 200 em - ixloyees of the G o ttlie’o H a t Co. walk.- ed out this m o rning w h e n M r G o tt­ lieb attem p ted to replace the forem a n , Fi-ank Gardis, who h a s held th e posi­ tion since the opening of th e pli^e* w ith H a rry M u rphy. M rs P r a n k G a r­ dis, forew o m an in the plant, is alleg­ ed to have attacked Mui-phy, when the owner announced th a t M u rphy was to tak e the place of h e r husbaJid, G a rdis resigned, and 200 employees- w e n t out w ith him. It w as rum o reci this noon, th a t M u rphy h a d resi^ed s and the trouble ould be settled. W i a ADDRESS GRADUATING CLASS Mador A lbert S Callan, of Chaitr- ham , state com m ander of the Amori-- can Legion, will leave early today foh Johnson City, N. T „ w h e re today h e , will deliver th e principal address a t I th e com m encem ent exex-cises of the- I Johnson City H igh School graduatingl

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