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TMK (^OfjrMBlA KJj]FUgLlOAJir, TUESDAY, FEBRUABY 6, 1923. Greene And Gilchrist Appointed By Smith Al>.nny, Jan . 31.— Governor Smith Wedne.s^itiy niffht appointed I'’re(lerii’lv S tu a rt G reene ;us State His'hv.'tiy ('enn- ini‘’.siuner to suceee Ilrrliert Si.'-mu) resisned. Greene v. to the office during' the lir.“;t term of Go^■er- n o r Sm ith but resig-ned w h en G o v er­ no r M iller tooK offifc. John l'\ GiU'iiriet wa.s named by Q o v e runr Sm ith to succeed W a lter r^av.' IS chai?'man of th e State Tax Gommi'=.sion. l.avv was rem o v e d by G o v e rnor Sm ith. Gilclirm t h a s been a m e m b e r of th e com m ission. SISSOfUIUITSAS Resignation Was Requested ByGov.SmiiK— WiilProL- aLly Appoint Greene. Albany, Jan. 31— ^In com p liance j ■vs-ith a reciuest fo r his- resignation, j C o m m issioner of H ighw a y s H e rbert i S. Sisson, R e p u b lican, of Erie, pent ilia resignation to Governor Sm ith today. The governor 'uill appoint a successor a t his convenience. In sending In his resignation. Com ­ m issioner Sisson -wrote the governor th a t th e request for his retirem e n t. Which ca.Tn-e during a visit to th e exe­ cutive cham b e r yesterday, -was based on th e governor’s opinion th a t th e best interests o f th e state w o u ld be served if his .successor could taho over th e adm inistration of t h e affairs of th e highw'u.y d e p a rtm e n t before th e expiration of Commissiemer Sis- feon's term . M r Sisson said he h a d carefully considered tliis. “I have como to th e conclusion.” h e w rote, \th a t y o u r request should be granted, a s th e w o rk of th e de­ p a r tm e n t 'miglvt be delayed if m y stiooesso-r should not be appointed j u n til next April, w h e n m y term of of- ' fice expires. \T h e w o rk of th e dep a rtm e n t is so im p o rta.nt th a t m y personal w ishes m u s t not be considered. I, therefore, ten d e r you m y resignation as state com m issioner of highw ays effective a t your convenience.” T h e -go-vernor In answ e ring th e com m issioner said, h e app r e c iated the sp i r i t o f cooperation th a t suggests EO K G IteM E H WMIEETSTCORNEU Ithao.a, Pcb. 3— A course for com ­ m ercial beekeepers will be held af; ''ornell from CO-23, inclusive. The New York sLat(> college of ag r i­ culture, in cooperation w ith the bu- eau of entorology of th e Unitecl States d e p a r tm e n t of A g riculture, ;'ives this school w ith no tuition charge. R. B. Wilson, exten.sion specialist in bee culture, will preside at all yi'O- sions, w h ich will be opened on Tues­ day m o rning, Feb. 2 o, with an ;idt dress of weloonie by Ri-in A. It. Mann, tlome idea of the .-tore of Pxr>ort knowledge th a t will be avail­ able to the .dudent.s at the school is furnidK d in (be n;nn«-.s of tho.se who will .‘iiic.ik from lung- oxr.erienco; E. F. Fliillip;-!, George K. pm m ith, R. K. Will.-ion, flooi-ge PI. Rea, E, W. A t­ kins, and O. A. Joliannsen. T h a t tlio sessions will not be all work and no i^lay is shown by the- progi-am for afternoon and evening. George A. E v e r e tt will give readings from th e C a n a d ian dialeet noem s of D rum m o n d ; B ristow Ado.m.s gives an illustrated lecture on A m e rica’s b a ­ sis fo r w o rld servdee; Dr. R. P. Sib Icy will tell of tv/o pioneers; m o tion pictures -will illu s trate th e life of the bee and som e of th e problem s beekeeping; A n n a B o tsford Corn- stock will give an illustrated lecture on th e N ile R iver Valley, and a cli­ m a x of th e festivities is -likely to be found in th e I-Ion-E-B Club dinner, a t wliich C h arles E, S tew a rt will act as toastm a s ter. All beekeepers are invited to take advantage o-f th e opportunities offer­ ed by t h is school. DAN WARNER PASSKAWAY PAGE Train Chartered by Western Union Co. to Be Used Be­ tween Mdlerton and Hills­ dale for Repairs. Poughkcei'sic, Jon. 30.— Sixty thou,‘-amis d'dlnrs is the e.rtimated am m int 'd d.imoge su.‘-i(ained by th e Wc.stcrii Fnion T e legraph Company Famous Expert on Cattle Had' National Reputation as Judge of Fine Livestock. CHURCHTOWN SOCIAL | C L A V E R A C K OA^EAPLAY Daniel W a rner, one of the best indues of e.nttae in th e nation, died at his hom e on the estate of John G. D u tcher at Paw ling IMonday m o rn- , ^ - . • Mig. F o r several w eeks Mr W a rner ; ‘‘’OJ-ah^ Miller, who tyns m o re than GO y e a rs old, had been ill with stom a ch trotibP. In a paroxy.sm of coughing i ’anday m o rn ­ ing lie pas.sed away. ^ W f W a rner was iiorn in I.angevjlle, Conn., south of Nevf Milford. He .Airs Erne.st W a lker spent Tuesday •Mr and Mrs lave been .spending p a s t w eek w ith friends a t New Miss C o retta Allen has been spend­ ing some tim e -^vith Mrs Sidney Co'ons at Germantown, with M rs A n d rew Smith. Mrs M alinda Sheldon .spending s ev e ral d ay s in Hu(;ison with The food social a t the hom e of Mrs C h arles M iller vras very v/ell attended in spite of the bad road.s, T h u rsday evening. .$12.00 tvas cleared w h ich will go. tow ard the painting fund. M r and M rs daughter of Plud.snn spent the week- years ago and entered the em p loy of John B. D u teher, fath e r of the pre- in th e ITariem Valley region owlr-gY' (vwner of the D u tcher faitm.^:. cam e to Dutches.s County about fo r ty f ^nd a t th e hom e of his father, Geoi-gc GALLAN WILL 6 IVE AilRESSBYRADIG N e w ark, N. J.. Jan . 31— ^Arrange­ m e n ts arc under way for tJio anpoar- an c e o f A lbert S. Callan, Com m a n d ­ e r of th e A m erican Legion, D e p a rt­ m e n t of New Toi'K, and the Assist­ ant-S e c retary of the Navy, Theodore th a t a successor be perm itted to en - j of fk^ broadcasting station at N e w ark on th e evening ot F e b ru a ry lOtli he­ ifer upon his du tiea a t th e ' e a rliest possible m o m o n t. -SEKinilONAIRE'S l SONNms I T CITY Pinkerton Detective Searclies For Frank Bedford, Jr., ----- Who Has Been Missing. D e tective C o n rad S h u ltz of. the P in k e rto n Agency w a s in H u d son y e s terday looking for.C h a rles .Bedford, J r . , eon of th e p resid e n t of th e V a ­ cuum Oil Co. 'The young mau, who j 9 22 years of age, becam e m e n tally tro u b led a f t e r . a long.seigo of influ­ enza and pneumonia and. had been donftned In an Institution in Bloom - ingdale. A w e e k ago Idat Sunday he Jeft that place and has n ot’ been iseen since. E v e r y effort is being m a d e to locate th e young m an. W h e n last seen he w o re a gray su it an d cap and wore a sh o r t overcoat. H e is a good m ixer b u t h a d little funds. H e has a lildng fo r m o tor vehicles an d m a y be found aro u n d ' garages seeking em p loym ent a s a- meichanlc’s helper. WANTS RIVER NAVIGATION ALL THE YEAR ROUND tween 8:30 an d 9:00 p. m. The pro­ gram will b e u n d e r th e auspices o: th e A m e rican'L e g ion, D e p a rtm e n t of New York. T h e subject of A m ericanism has been a.ssigned to Colonel Roosevelt. Com m a n d er C allan will select .M s own subject, but it will .probably be “T h e Legion and Its Activities.” SNOW-BIGCKEDROAD BIILJTRODUCED ■ T h ru the. efforts of Lloyd Downing, Seci-ei:a.ry o t the Hudson A.ixto Club, a bill designed to rem e d y th e snow- blooked road .situation ■was introduc­ ed in the State Assembly Wednesday a.ftorapon.byJl.ggftinbIym an R o b e rt R . M v ingeton. T h e «am e (bill will bo introduced tn the Senate today by S e n a tor W ebb. T h e bill provides th a t a ' B o a rd of Supeorvlsors shall a p ­ propriate from .the -motor vehicle fees reertved .by, .the respective counties an d expen-d BUch an am o u n t as m ay bo deem ed neoessaiT to clear the •enow from th e oo.untj’ and -state high- WOULD (WEN LUMBIER YAW) ON HUDSON N e w b u rgh, ’owers of the : Jau . 30.— S ecrotary, Powers of the F e d e r a ted C h a m b e r of Comm erce, has received a, communi­ cation from , a n Albany .parts' who de­ sires to locate a lum b e r j-ard BilTlllar in character to that conducted by the D u tton L u m b e r . Co. of Poughkeep­ sie. H e says h e visited .N e w b u rgh a sh o rt tim e sinoe, b u t had 'no oppor­ tunity- of inspecting its’ facilities, or adaptability, b u t h e did look oven the New H a m b u r g h - plant. The.^ w riters does h o t 'fitatO' w h e r e t o - p r e f e r to go, .b u f w a n ts a .place w h e re an Im - -m’eiise p lan t -m a y A c established.’ I f opportunity ■ o ffers,% he will- purchase ■ W h e ii t h e severest, w ^ t h w o f Win- •tcr comes, sometI-m.es the latter i>art o f Ja n u a r y b u t usually eardy in. F e b ­ ruary, th e C e n tral-JIudson Steam- •boat C5o. i s forced t o suspend naviga- ’tio n betw e en New Y o rk city ; a n d N e w b u rgh, .com m ents th e . N e w b u rgh N ews w h ich also saya: BedSore this, how6V€>f, th e K ingston service is d r o p p e d , an d subisequently th e F o u g h k ^ p s l o service. B u siness m en a r e deprived fo r a few (w eeks' of tran a p o rtatio n a i o o o t m m o d a t l o n s w h ich specially convenient and ^ already: ©sYtabllshed p lan t, b u t will ■ .oom p a ratively cheap. .T o . Bccure ’ n o t pay a-h ig h figure,for frills service a s pro m ts, th e tim e required os t h e yard--would all have ,td be re­ in t r a n ^ t by Taliroad is disco u raginff- •ly long. • I f Cen-tral-Hudson boats •were bu ilt fo r sea operatiion, . they iprObalMy could h o l d , th e i r own. ag a in s t th e masasing of .ice in m id­ w inter. B e ing o n ly ' light, riv e r ves­ sels. th e y d o ' r e m a rk a b ly well, all •things considered. T h e y furnish th e only, reg u lar seivice of -the H u d son a t th is tim e of th e year. If t h e gov­ ernm e n t w o u ld do som e thing tow a rd ■conibating ice, th e H u d son betw e en New Y o rk and K ingston could b« k e p t open to navigation th e - y e a r •round. - T h e governm e n t h a s - a n y (num b er of idle vesaeOs ■’from ’ •which •to select ice-breakers. If it should n o t ca r e to use m e rchantm e n , ’ it could em p loy e couple of i ts sm a ller •war craft. T h e y m ight as well be d o ing this w o rk as navigating aim ­ lessly ab o u t in th e »ea- «N*xt Friend.- •N e x t frltn d ,\ in law, is an adults • t i t e r than p iard ian , who represent! In an action another person not legal­ ly com p etent t o m a intain a suit In his •w n behalf. organized. . Of course It w o u ld need to be ,te close proxim ity, to the nver, as\ th * berries com p a n y to b e form e d will bring lu m b e r - (from th e extrem e wvfstern section o f th e continent b y boat... As. the .idea -of t h e F e d e r a ted C h a m b e r.is to be given, All on th e .Hudson (R iver in equal choiice in .^ecurdiig .^ ..in ,- dustry, w o rking fo r , th e ' Valley against th e rem a in d e r of th e , state, 'M r Po-wers w ill have copies of th e letter sen t to each o f th e C h a m b e rs Affiliated w ith th e Pedera-tion, and leave' i t to th e 'o f f i c i a l s 't o do w h a t ■hey-can te land th e prize. Freblam Confront* Satan. \ I f all «Je r«q?ort3 'bout sinners li ■true,’.’ said U n d e Ebep, “it looks like o r S a tan was gliieter have his troubles w if de housing probieia.’'r—W ashington Evening S tar. Edueetlon's Best Aim, The entire object of tru e education t* to m ake people not naerely do the right thing but enjoy the right things. — R u tkln. Tie Eraa« Obnoxious Stains. . P a i n t or varnish can be rea »ved from window glass by the use tf a hard pencil eraser. - Ha* Been Changed to Music. Th* song of the bird was originally a cry of abirra. the recent storm s — th e lato.st vvliicli atl(F-tl seven new inches of snow to th e reeord-lu’eaking to tal this winter. Poughkeepsie and the I-Iuclson rivoi' section escaped w ith little w ire damn.go, hut in th e m a tter of snow rem o v a l th e expense i.s a g a in reported large. A train lia.s been chartered by the W e stern Union to he used betw e en M illerton an d H illsdale to rep a ir th e broken pole.s and wires. In a few cxisca in D u tchess county schools have been olo.sod today for lack oC fuel and a few others by re; son of scant attendance of pupils. In ,rou.ghkeepsi8 thcj grade classe-s of t-he adm inistratior. building w e re excused fo r the morr.-hig session, otv- ing to th e action of tlie boiler in fail­ ing to p-rouuce h e a l B ack roads are again nearly im~ passfxbie, due to th e new .snow fall. Navigation of the H u d son m ay be closed soon for th e jem a indor of The w inter, according to th e officials-of tlie Cen-rval Hudson Sloam b o at Com- nany. I'ho river betw e en here and Newburgh is a com p lete m ass of ice snow. The officials haven’t had an y definite w o rk as y e t b u t they seom to th in k th a t th e hoad.s of th e corporation will send instructions to the ef.feet th a t, navigation will closed for the i'esfc of tho w inter. As it is Tu-.w the. \Poughkeepsio” has had a verj' tough tim e trying to m ako the trips bottvecn Netv Y o rk and hero. So to offset this th e officials of the com p a n y changed th e schedule .and instead of com ing hore every day th e boat cam e every o ther day. B u t th is doesn’t seem to help m a tters any th e boat is generally betw e en two and th ree hours late no'w o'V'on w ith the schodule changed. The ice below N e w b a rgh.is so thick and piled in such Large floes th a t .it hu.s been necesaary SGvei*al tim es rfd u e c tho speed of th.e boat to p r e ­ vent danger. '.riio ferry hove is having plenty of tix-uhle trs-ingr to keSp a lane open th r u tho ice bu- np to th e i-.rcscnt the attem p ts ha%e bo(m very siicx^ess- foi. The ferry is m a k ing its trip s on schedule tim e b u t it is having «:o£ 3 - eldo^-ablo trouble m.aking th e iaTic*Jn.gs beoau-se of th e ice in th e shps EXPERIKNT WmiKlIESlimBED Many Items of Interest Con­ tained in Nineteen Twenty- two Report. Geneva, Jan. 30— ^The progress m ade ■during 1923 in th e m any , lines of .-work -undcj.' w a y a t tho Now York A g ricultural E x p e rim e n t Station a t Gen-ova is sot fo r th in th e foi'ty-first annual rep o rt ju s t issued by th e s t a ­ tion under th e authorship of D r R. W . T h a tcher, D irector of (the station/ A special featu re ot -the- rep o rt is a full account of th e propo.8ed program for th e developm e n t 'of th e w o rk of •the 'gtation fo r th e next ten years, to g e th e r With th e need fo r a new la- •bora-tory building on thO Btdition groundd. -DivSsIou reports <.on soil an d cfi’op fJtudles, .dairy c‘an’hblem:s,- p lan t dLs-easo inve.stigation, fertilizer and feeding stuffe inspection, studies of dnsoc't peats and t h e ir cfonti'ol, and num erous horticurtural problem s con- tadnn m u ch inform a tion of interest ■tO' those who aro engaged in any ag- ricialtural pursuit. • . - ■ Som e of the station acti-yltes w h ich a lttac ie d gpecial iriterest -during, th e past year an d w h ich aro toucheij on In t h e annual report Include th e s p ray. Ing and dusting experim e n ts -with ap- pliK^ peaches, an d'pears, th e nam ing and ot.irei’ new vai'leties of ■fruit, .including apples, gra,pes, and filj^-wb-arries^ rthe. li-nauguaration lofj 'special Inxestigalions on th e control of''disease o f'raspben-Ies -whiesh laave threatened to .wipe out the nitrogen \content of m a n u re. M any o t h e r m a t ­ ters of m o re special-interest are also bovered by tho report. A ttenion 3s called to tho feet th a t tho .station pifbUcationa are sent free o f ch a r g e to a.ll of those w h o request have th e ir nam e s placed on th e m ailing ILst. Tho etatiion buUeti5vns a r t not Issued a t any reg u lar in ter­ val, but a's th e Work i.s com p leted. Elastic Currency Byitem. By an elastic currency system li m eant a system whoreby the am o u n t of currency in th e country can b* quickly increased In amergencle-s, and retired when th e eictra dem and sub- Sinco th a t tim e M r 'VYariior has re ­ m ained on the D u tcher estate as .sup­ erintendent. As a judge of cattle M r W a rner was known from coast to coast. Avas a rorm a r prealdent of the Hoi- .•=;tcin-Friesiau Association in New York Sfete, and. had been- judge at th e cattle show a t the w o rld’s fair in Chicago. F o r m any years he .judged cattle a t th e .state fairs and a t -the D u tchess Oount3' fairs. W h ile he- was superintendent of the D u tcher farm s, num e rous w o rld's records w e re set by several cows there. As a judge of Jersey and H o lstein cows M r W a rner wa-s- con sidered surpassed ^ by fetv and his good judgem e n t ■was responsible for m any of tlio record.s of th e D u tcher M r tY a rner is survived by his ■wi­ dow, a son, Charles, and a daughter, M adalin, who lives at Paw ling and a m a rried d a u g h ter who live.s near Boston. SEEDS TO BE LABELED Protection to Bu}^ers Against Weed Seeds and Dead Seeds. Geneva, Jan . 30— F a rm e r s and ci'thers purchasing faa-m seeds or lawn grass mixtur'o aro urged by th e seed •analysis a t th e experim e n t station a t Qoneva to avail themtselvea o£ th e protection afforded by tho New York S tate fiOod law ag a in s t purchasing poor o r w o rthless seed. According to th e law all agricultural seeds sold or offered or exposed for sale fo r planting purpo.ses in the State, w h e ­ th e r in bulk, package, bags, o r o th e r containers of 10 pounds or m o re m u st be fully labolled as to th e (common nam e of tho .seed, ithe p u rity of th e seed, tho percentage of weed seeds present th e nam e of each noxious weed present, th e percentage of g e r­ m ination •%vibh Uie d a te of th e test, and th e nam e an d ad d r ts s of th e vendoi’. • Mbertre-s of soeds such as alslke clw o r an d tim o thy, atslke and w h ite clover, red top and tim o thy, and al- sike aavd red clover, when sold in lots of 10 poimde or m o re m u s t also be fxvlly labetleO and must bear a state- nient ito th o effoot th a t sucli seed is a m ixture, .togetlier w,i'(3i tho nam e and percentage of each, kin'd of seed presoat to excess of 5 p e r dent of tlie total m ixture. M ixtures of seed when sold In lots of S ounces o r m o re m u s t boar a label sho'wlng the nam e of each k i n d 'o f seed 'presont in excess' o t 5 per cent -the perecentage of in e rt m a t t w and the percentage of weed seeds as TV'eU a s th e nam e of a n y nox­ ious weed seed presont. \The purohaser of seeds in' N e w Y o rk' S tate has it ■within his own power to buy (Only .the best seed -with 're g a r d to 'p u r ity and gennlnation,” saj’s th e seed analjTst. \The label tells tiie -whoie story, and if th e buy­ er Will tak e th e trouble to read 'th e label he can avoid paying good mon­ ey fo r t r a s h and weed seeds an d for wealcemeiJ or dead seeds. T h e lead­ ing .seed dealers even indicate on Che label tlie origin o f their seeds which , is a d-ecidfed 'advantage to th e care­ fu l buyer, partieulafly w ith' regard to ' clover and alfalfa seed. Clean, ■vigwous seed adapted to Nmv Y o rk condiitiona is tlie best crop iasur- ancG a'vadla'ble, and purchasers ■will find it to t h e i r advantage to read the label, and know ju s t ■n-'hat 'they a r t buying. In ' b ase th e r e ' is any ques­ tion as to statem e h ts m ade on tags o r laliels, . t h e b u y e r - c a n verify tlie statem e n ts by a-ppealing to th e seed- testing laJ) o ratory a t Geneva.” LEBANON MOUNTAIN ROM) SNOW BOUND AHlio the road oyer Lebanon m oun tain is again' imixissaWo to m o tor traffic and exceedingly difficult to horse drawm traffic as tlio r ^ u l t of tho last of tho sorles of onslaughts by King. W inter, t h e Autom o b ile Club of P ittsfield re£ij.ses to acknow ledge' defeat, afte r an unequal battle to keep this Bilad< believes will open tho road and it oi>on for som e tim e . Ju s t w h a t th e plan Is has not y e t been di.scIo.'Ed, Tho story is told of a m o torist bound, e a s t who h a s been snow bound a t C a s h m a n ’s in Now Ia>banon for a eek w ith a-new car. A t last he de­ cided to m ako a break for it an d a f ­ te r hiring six farm horses, he put tho car on a largo .sloigh and started out. Tho horses had to bo shoveled out every fow rods, b u t tho outfit reached here* late S a turday night. Go Th*Tr Vet* Wer* Nsm«tf. Sylvia h a s ju s t started to ecliool. H e r teacher told the class the story about Jack and Jill the other day. A tittle latex-, to test their memories, she ■ asked.w h o Jack and Jill were. Sylvia answ ered, \Onr dogs.” Think « L i t tl e “It’i 111 T«ty ■nrcl!,'* rn u i r k e d Mr. QnunpsoB. \to have th e reputatton e i b tlag a rock-ribbed p a r ty n a n , j u s t M you don’t create the Im pression th a t yotx al.so have a concrete head.\— Blrmfngicim Age-ITcralU, Shook, M r and M rs Enm ry IMiller and children spent a few days recently in HufLcjon. M r and M rs Alva D e cker and d a u g h ter af HucL-jon visited, Adam Ro-we and family, Sunday. Th'O Ladio.s’ Aid Society had a very interesting jnoetin.g at the home Of M rs M ary Myers the past -week. One ■mber joined th e society, Mrs ' ig will W ed- ne(w men' :etihg Miles Proper. The next be held a t M rs Iva Rossm ai ne.sday afternoon, Fel:. 14-th. M r and M rs Sidney Moore fqxent fc-w days recently in Pittsheld. V/illiam Milled” a resident of ihi.s place fo r th e past year passed aw a y at the Huchjon City H o spital on Mon- ' day w h o re he had been taken for treatm e n t. H e h a i mad© his horno •U'ith M'l’S M alinda Sheldon. This circle of friends heard of his death with sincere regret. Miss M innie iilarshaU look rogeiits exam inations in Hudson the past ATHENS A thens, Jaj). 31— A b o u t fifteen men w e n t to Holyoko, Mass. Tuesday to help harvest ice for th e B erkshiro I'ce Co. Claude W h iting left Mon­ day fo r I-lolyoko to ac t a s tim e k e e p ­ er for th o com pany. Ivfonday several m en Went to Ixtko Hopa.tcong to h a r ­ vest ice fo r the M o u n tain Ice Com­ pany. cashier ■Wcedsport B ank, tvas in town M on­ day. Tuesday bo 'u>as in A lbany a t ­ tending a m e e ting of tho State Fin- an-oQ C o m m ittee of tho Am erican\Lo- Mr and Mrs Stanley Saunders of Albany aro spending a few weeks w ith M r an-d M rs D. 'W, Saunders. The body af Eliza B rocks, widow of th e late Jo h n J. Brooke, ■wna Irrought lo A thens fx-cm- New York Txbfesday for burial. O o u r tiit m e e ting of tho Ba-ptist eh'urch ■will be held \Wednesday ex^en- M rs Em il Pfiugo m d son of Jor- eoy City or© visiting Mr and 2tlrs H-oiiace Coons. Miss -S a r a h Sm ith is recovering' from an attack o f grippe. F rid a y evening tho sm all son of tigenc SaJvlno had a narro’w osca fixma doatlx. The child becam e se: ously ill an d it wa« found he . h a d swallowed som e poisonoua •doctor, w a s Bummoned and d'Ci© to p ro m p t m edical aid, (tho ohild’-3 life •was saved. H a r f y Van Loan retu r n e d S a tu r­ day fro m a trip to Ne^w Y o rk and Elizabeth, N. J. ' ' GliKsioiiary Society Mooting. Clavorack, Feb. 2 ~ A regular meet­ ing\ of the \Womans lUi.ssionary So­ ciety of the lt(.-form('(l cluirt'h was held in Memorial Chapel, Friday evening when a clever play was splendidly g'ivcn by the mcmbor.s as­ sisted by .several young people of th e villago ami vicinity. The play \was entitled ‘T h - Pill B o ttle” and was the ifortrayal of the iif„, of Dr.\ Id.a Scudder. who ha.s Ix en a m m.-jj-y to India since 1S99. The devolioii'- al exorcises were led by the president, Mi.vs Maytio Crane. R e p o rts -were read by the secretary, Mr.s E d g a r Milh.-xm, the treasurer, Mi’.s Herm.aii Ilagi/m an, and the Hewing Cm m ittee Mrs H a rvey Kipp, Mrs R a y D elam a- ter and Mx's B radford Hotaljn.g. The aev/ijig tvliicli has been done by the Society during the yw.U’ was Oil exhibition and will be sent to two mi,ssion stations. The attendance w-as very lax’g© and th e play w h ich was given under the direction of Mas C arrol Ilotaling as.sisted by Miss B ristol and M rs A lbert Sha'w was mo.st excellent and th e chairm a n and her com m ittee deserve a great deal of credit fo r furnishing an even­ ing of so m u ch pleasure. M uch was added to tho en tertain ­ m e n t by M rs Vernon M iller \Yvho sang several app r o p riate hym n s between the acts. She -was tibly accom p anied by Miss M ary B ristol on tho piano. Miss Bi’istol also announced th e four scenes. The following was the pro- TH E P IL L BOTTLE Scene 1— Sweet Girl G raduates: Barbai-a L a n e ........... M rs E a r l Eattlo Prances T u ttle..M r.s Carrol H o taling H e len . I i l l 0si8 M 8f “Frsi-a-ftes** ' .■> Gn ■TTJA .y,-r.’.mi.v Co., N. Y. “ } boUif red Hb. > \ ■n.-j'iij’aiion, I.ivf r T j ' ou I j I c ;:'\1 Uvli ••-dimx for thi’f e year.”, .ami L'ieu aU I.jnd i oc m edieine xvithout relief. I v a s no huJ I wonlil have a d u ll, li-'^avy feeling m (’m my stom;>,ch ii.ke,-eating. I s nv ‘•Fruit-a-tiv'/',\’ a ivi-rli.iet'l and id.ciebt I ’.vo M;!’ I- jm ]j, fore I bad iini.-Lc-l ono Iiox, I wa.s relieved and novv Inivo no more- trouble. I recommend Fruit La:<n Tablets''’. \WM. CLVLE b l l E P H E i l D . 50e a b o x , G fo r lj;2,.5n, tria l s'tze, 2 5c. A t d e a lers o r f r o m F R U I T - A - T I V E S Lim ited, OGDEYSBUEG, F .Y . FliERflOLiE lAEmSCLOSEO Business Was First Estab­ lished in Hudson About Sixty Years Ago. The M cGiffert b a k e ry a t 519 W a r­ ren street has closed its doors on a business th a t had been for sixty ye.ar.'^ successfully conducted in this eitrr. Previous to F rederick McGiffei-t tak- _____ _____ _______ _______ jh g over th e businc.'^s it h a d been ......... M rs H a rry D e lam a fer | from one end of th e county the other as th e H u lm e bakery. It was carried on by m e m b e rs of that fam ily until a year or .so ago when it was sold to M r M cGiffert. The la t ­ ter has notv decided to give up th© J a n e ........................... Miss A n n a Cahiii Scene II— T h ree Knocks in the (India. T\wo m o n ths later) Dr. L a n e ...................... C a rrol H o taling M rs L a n e .................... M rs A lbert Shaw , F irst H indu H tidband ............................ \\ ................................... C arrol H o taling ' story fram e building purchased a Second H indu H u s b a n d . H e n ry Loom is tim e ago by Tim o thy McGx'aw Boy H u s b a n d ............Con-way Esselstyn j city. The latter it is under- Scene III— Office H o u rs— Thr-ee to stood lias refused sex-eral fine offers kery bueines.s there perm a n ently. T h e bakery is situated in the three- STOTTVILLE Bibttvillb, Jan. 30 ---- Ralpfi Hodson has been eonlined to h is hom e by 111- n-oKs th« p a s t •week. ili'S i*red Consaok. haa tho rnls-' fortune t-o fall and break her •ne day last •week. A lbert M lnten and W a rd O strand- r o f \West G h e n t s p e n t F rid a y a t the hom e of tho form e P s ixaronts, M r and Ml’S Sylw s tei' M lnten. • Ml’S C h arles Waru-er is on th e sick la*. Ga-rdnera havo com m enced flUing thoir largo ice house. IlferoM Brio h a s .talroix a posi­ tion vrtth. t h e A tlas Portlan-d Cement Co. a t Had\san. M r and M rs LoSter Pieirndek spent euuday as-igucs'ts of Mr and Mrs \Wil­ liam Closson of St-ockport. Tho m a n y fi’ien d s ,q f Be ------ _ ■wick will be pleased to learn th a t he is able to \bo out again aftex” axx ill­ ness o f nearly a m o n th. . 3I1S3 A n h a 'S w a ^ of Hudson was a of her 'sister,\ Jihrs Envma ilod- son jGcaiiUy, '<^org'o so u t h n J a n d took a party of friends and neighbor's on a sl-oighri-do F rid a y ntght and took in th e enter­ tainm e n t a t B e n n e tt Hall. M rs Jo h n H a R o ran - h a s returned, hom e .after- spending a week at. H u d - on, caring f o r hor nckso-'Who i”ocently und.-erw’^iK \ a . seripus\ operation a t tho Hudso n d t y . Hospi.ta-1. - . • - ■ - Ml'S. Anna\. I'K idenburgh U'lxo has been spending -som'o tim e frith Mr and Mr'S Jaaircs H e rm a n c o helping to bare for\ h e r \m other. Mi's CynthlA P e tit, expects - to ,rt’Wfh\ to h e r hom e In Srtionoctady, Feb. 1. T h e H-dly- F a m ily c h u r th will hold a ciam ohp'wder supper- a t Bciwiott Hall, F rid a y evening, F<Sb, 2. MflKter Allison \Wright Iwhd has been undor th e doctors c a r t ts bofter. ■ A r th u r Ro<Jsa • h a s purchased a ChYnrroIet sedan an d C h a rles • Coxoh a. .C h e v idct t-ourirtg -car of ■h t e ■ C res- cept Garage, Hudson. . _. WEST TAGHKANW W e st Taghkanic, Jan. 30~M v aad Ml'S Buffington ontortalucd- H iram 8. Ijashci’ of Glonco at.-dirm o r on Blfu- Joha Brandt is drawing icc .from Bells Pond\ for G. B. Seiitr.i C h arles H a m m is on ihe -sick M rs CftajieeJlox” Ilobbio has bCY^n yisiting friends in Poughkeepsie the past -ftcok., BLVE STORE Blue StOrt, Jan . 31-—Dili's John T-irilitc-paugh ■ has \eturnre-d r homo af­ te r s p e n d ing two xveelcs in New York. M rs D a rtd Sticldoa Bpent p a r t of lost week a t Morv”in Btipkle's a t Liv- M rs Clayton Stickles wei-e visttora In B ed Hook, 8unde.y. P r a n k Saulpaugh attended a fu n ­ eral at R h lnebock, Saturday. Ml- and Mrs RoBsssuan F inger en­ tertained a num tier of th e ir friends T h u rsday oveuh played. (India— ^Pour T e a rs Yate.r.) F ir s t P a t i e n t ......... Miss E d ith Holm es Second P a t i e n t . . . Elizabeth Spengler T h ird P a t i e n t ......... Miss M iram Crego F o u rth P a t i e n t . . . .M iss Alice Studley F if th P a t i e n t .............. .D o rothy Keck. Sixth P a tien t. .M rs H a rry D e lam a ter Seventh P a tien t. .Mi-s H e n ry Loom is E ighth P a t i e n t . . . . M rs C arrol M iller N inth P a tien t. .Mi-ss G e rtnuJe H o im ss T e n th P a t i e n t . . . __ Miss A n n a Cahill Eleventh P a t i e n t ..M r s C arl P a tlw a h l Tw e lfth P a t i e n t . , . Miss R u th Studley T h irteenth P a t i e n t . . . M rs Leon Cook Bible Woman.M-lssi R itie Sagendorph Scene IV— T h e God of the P ill B o t- (Indla— ^Evening -of Sa-me Day.) The m e e ting closed w ith th e sing­ ing of the. M issionary hj-nin, ‘‘Tidings of Peace” and th e Rev. H e rm a n H a g cm an, pronounced th e benedic- Gvaugc H a d Intcrostlng Sleeting. A moeting of Olaveraclc Grange was held in G r a n g e ' H a ll F riday evening when the first a.nd second degrees were worked •on a istfgo class of \eandidates. A selection . ''Gk>in’ Through” 'was slv.en -by Mrs Nellie C.- Shook and §.n- address Education In the Ilom e School an d C h u rch.” YVaA given by. M rs B e r th a Sni'dar, princi­ pal of th e scliool at Claverack. . W il- lia'ni Floud sang a 's o l o 'a n d was ac­ com p anied .by .Mrs Floud. C u rrent ev e n ts. w e re also discus.$ed. i . » F illing Ico Houses. The ice' houses in this rtcinlfy ar* being filled from th e local ponds'. CLAVEILIGK rERSX.U>S. C h arles Clc^son of \ S tottvine-spent, th e week end with his i>arents; M r and ISIrs F ran k Ctpsson. ■ Jol-m ICells spent last week \wntl-i M rs WffscML. M oore in Livingston. M rs C lark B e iinett of Hudson, was a -vtsitor in„ town Wednesday. Miss E d ith H o lm es \spent a p a r t of- last week with hor .sister, Mrs Cari Gum p rocht. M r and M rs M o rris Bossidy of P ltt^rcld have been visiting M r and Mx*s R o land Floss. M r a n d M rs J o h n S tark of R o x b u ry wer6 ' recent guedts of h i s . m o ther, M rs V. stark . ' '. ' ' - M r a.nd M rs C a rl Gumpr.echt were.; rocont'- guests of h e r parents, M r 'aiid\ M rt L. TUden fllolmes. DUTCHESS SUPERVISORS MAY CHANGE MANNER OF SELECTWG JURORS Tentative recom m endations are b e ­ ing considered by a com m ittee of the board of sui>or\'lsors to effect a ^ a n g o dn th e sel-cctiou of petty ju rcts; Tlieao proposed changes ..\Will be Sub­ m itted to th e board lu F e b ru a ry by the com m ittee w h ich consists of C h arles L. Cole, Jo h n A. H a n n a , Al- \'ah R. Stickles an d A lexander C. Dow. The com m ittee concurs w ith a, recom m endation of Judge C. W-. H. Arnold th a t th e ju ry list bo revised ervery year, instead of every, thrpe ;jTars. For\ this change perm ission of tho legislature ■will probably be re ­ quired, W h e ther tho board will recom ­ m end a (Commissioner of ju rors to keep the ju ry list up to date in order th a t term-s o'f courts m ay have com p lete panels has not been divulged. M rs Jalm Tinklcpaxi the Social Club, Tlniredai’-. Oruiso Froijoi’ty Sold. The fine residential property of Chief Jo h n Cruise, located on Glen- wood boulevard, -was sold ' on W e d ­ nesday to M rs A u g u stine Costa, vrife the \Warren ' e treot iru i t dealer. ----- - -- , , _ ___ T h e house is a tw o -story fram e struc- ,ng. Five hun excellent condition .and in a ;igh c.atertalnod location. The 'title, it is 'sai(3, ■will pass May 1. ■ • for th e s.aio of the property becaup/ he m ay have need of it for busines.s purposes him self later. It is uncTer- stood th a t he intends to cornpletel'y rem o d e l the first floor, tu rn in g it into a m o d ern store. It is said th a t I k w in also tu rn th e two u p p e r flooi’;-. into m o d ern apartm e n ts , makins\ ek- tens'lvc alterations in the spring. ORAWFDRD ADAMS WILL PLAY HERE C raw ford Adam s of Boston, the wcli-Ioiown violinist, will play before the m em b ers of • tho M asonic Club, W a shtngton’is B irthdaj’, • Thursday, ■February 22nd. M any -wfill rein< 2 n i- ber M r Adams' appearance in H-^d- s<yd several years ago, w h e n he -svas' on the C h a u tauqua pi-ogram t-vvo dif­ ferent seasons. ■ Rev. J. H a rvey M u rphy will de- axldress on “Waslain^ton” that evening', so tho club has a very attractive program for its annual ob- servairce of th e b irthday of the fa th ­ er Of Iiis country. DUTCHESS POULTRYMEN WIN At CORNELL Dutches's countj' was-i-epresented a t th e fii’St New Y\ork State Po.ulti”} Productfon-Sh.ow h e l d ' recently at ■ CorncU University, by A r th u r H e u - ■ chle, af Tivoli, and Otto 'R u e h le.' o f ' P leasan t Vallcj'. . • -. — ”, In the-sing-le comb AYhite Leghorn ' class- M r H e u chle took first on cock \and first oii \cockerbl and -pullet'. 'With ' \ \ B u ff R o c k s he secured .fir-sc-on p u l- ■et, l first ■ on cockerel an d socohd on D u r of pullets, •, •Ml* Ruohle, -w ith his single’ C'om\i) . V/hite Leghorns- sec-ured first on -paii- . Ildus an d fifth \oii pen o f five ' old ' ' hens. \ 'V - ■• ■'.■ ■ : . • -- . - Competition\ vraa verj- ke'en. w ith 'a \ total of 948 single com b W h ite Leg'-\ ' . horns .entered in th e various elasse.s. and th e total entries of all breeds jii • ' all classes aggre'gated 1,272 birds. , CHATHAM : Dear-Coinm ittecl S u icide.. - . * .. CbatKam’, Feb. . 4— F r i d a y 'n o o n a -deer a t t c i n p t e d . to - c r o s j- tho R u tland \ ' railroad b r id g e . a t ■ O h a tfiam when, in th e ceM er of. t h e b ridge ■which is • \abaut tffree- hundred fe e t ' long and .about one hundred\ feet'-high .'jum p ed - - - oft and \B'as instsuntly killed. Tho dea(iv do(j ym s taken in charge by.,two - S tate . T rp a p o rs' who ' -were' in C h a t­ ham and ■'R’lll probably bo gjv-en -to som e institution as soon a s 'w o r d is roe-e-lyed, \from- th e Conservatioh. Com ­ m ission. D u ring 'th e -p'ast -whek .sey- ; oral deer have b'een s'co n 'a b o u t the village. - . ■ ’ . . D c a & of C h a ilcs K. H u n t. C h a rles \R. H u n t; a -fomver Ghat- h a in ite,-d ied a t h i s 'h o m e in W h ite \ P lains, N. Y\. M onday, Deceased ■!!?• 'SYirvL'cd by his • \Wife , a n d several children also threo ■ b rothers, ' F red an d O ran of Alba>nj’- and E lm e r of W a tondiet. Deceased -n'as a .son ol tho late ■ A lfred H u n t of C h atham , The F u n e ral w a s hold at his Iiorne in Wliit.e Plains on Tliu-tsday and the body viAB tak e n to C h a tham fo r i-n- tewnont in C h a tham rui-al cem etery, CoHl F o r T h e E a s t. Largo shipm e n ts of an th racite coal liave been passrug over th e B. & A, ra-ilroad for th e east during th e past - A - ^ Sp««oh Without BtckfUff. A gentlem an th a t loves to hear him- le l f talk, and will speak mort in a m inute t h a n . h e •n'ill stand to in a mouth.*—gbakespeare.

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