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PAGE TWO 5101 rVlLLE THE COLUMBIA REPUBLICAN, TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 6, 1923. G m d c IDxaininat stottvaie, ; lination^ Sovent: teach e r . Passed in nil subjects: Helen Coonrad, M ary Counibe, Alice Baron, Itaym o n d K e llerhouse, B e n iai'd Ivlpp. W . R o ssm a n K irw in, H a rold K n o tt, Iris M artin, T h e r e s a Puloher, B e r­ n a r d Ran ford, M ary H e m iance. J u ­ lia H u th. 1 oading and writing': Goorge HaU eran. Ed-wlna H a m m , C lara No­ vak, E thel Ridgeway, Mairv' Scott, J u ­ lia 'White. ihm e tic: George Hallea-an, E d - w... Ham m , C lara Novak, E th e l V M ary Scott, Ju l ia W h ite. Spelling: E d w lna H a m m , ^^o^rak, E th e l Ridgeway, M ary So( J u l i a Wlrlto. E n g lish : ilose Geiser, M r and Mre C larke P o w ­ ell, M rs J. F e rris, M rs E. V a n B ia- m er, M rs M. Leisen, Jos. Butte. W m. J. E itlem a n , George Leisen, J o h n L e i­ sen, and M a s ter I>onald V an Bram o r. D e a th of F r e d B a k e r. M any residents w e re soivy to hoar of th e death of F red B a k e r a t his liome in N o rth C laverack oh last Thursday. Coim n itlee M eeting. The com m ittee for th e sale of vaudeville tickets m e t a t th e hom e of Rev. C. B. A lford last evening to conclude th e preiparation for th e vaudeville. Sni>pei’ And D a n c e A .Success, the clam chow d er f s u p p e r and dance held a t B e n n e tt H a ll F riday evening by th e C atholic B rothers I Club was a great success. The sup- J<mrge H a lleran, served fro'm 5 to 8 consisted of E d w ina H a m m , C lara | m any good things an d was attended Vr h ite, M ary Scott. i ]jy ^ large num b er. The m u sic for atur-e study: George H a lleran, | the dan c e was furnished by Cantecl- Novak, E th e l la’s o rchestra of S a ratoga Springs. A b o u t $190 was cleai'od. , M a ry Scott. i grades— M a rgaret C al­ lah a n , teacher. Passed in all subjects: R iohard A lford. Clyde Coxon, Laiwrcnce E itle- snan. D o rothy Palen, K e n n e th H u th, F r a n k Kosnick, W illiam Vick, H a rry Yos., C h a rlotte E v e rett, E m m a H e s- senthalor, Jo h a n n a Fulcher, Jessie W o lfe, T h e o d o re Pulcher. R e a d ing and w riting: H o w a rd B itle m a n , \Wm Etrielcson, E d g a r P a - ^ a . John P itcher. W a lter Scott, Lyle M arion Sm ith, Victor A lter Guild. T h e A lter Guild m eeting' ha.s been po.st'pbned from Feb. 5th until M on­ day, Feb. 12th. Sohenm erhorn,, S t a f k e y , D o r a B a r ron , M a r g a r e t ^ ^ ! KcxsniOk, Margaret K5k, A n n a W< sTcyrr^G H iiE p e r s o Oeorge Brown of New Ring a t th e hom o of his G. Brow n . Miss Eleanor woek-end in Alb:any Foster, Jea , A n n a W e lgan , N e llie Spelling: Howai'd E:itlemar> \\ l q U W e lch l os t spent the le guest of iok, Margai’L. M argaret rgaret Sil- th e w ^ k -en< W ltko. Novine, M a la and Helen Kipp spent id •with M r and Mas lien, J o h n P ltch e i >ott, Lyl'O Schermorhor Htafkey, Louis W olfe, D o ra B a rron, M a r g a ret Petry, H e le n N( g a r o t Silcock, A n n a Wei Ed- ^vfetor N ovine, Ma ■Velgan, Nell A rithm e tic: Howar<d W m Erickson. Lyh Ma-rvlin Sm ith, V ictor Stafkey, W ''fe , ' ora B a rron, Jean e tte Kos- jiick. H e le n Novine, A n n a W elgan, NelUe W itko. English: V/m. Erickson, i'alf'n. W alter Scott, M a rvii Lr Eitlem an, Scherm e rhom , C lark Powell. M r and Mre C larence Thom] .rtaining Ml' T h o m p s o n ’s Child. ed to| Hudson the coal shor IMr Dudle: m o n t of No. GERMANTOW jn KMthUt A Surpidso Poi'ty. G erm antown, Feb. 5— A genuine ven to G e rald Van :burgh on W e d n esday night ab o u t 20 of his young friends called a t hks hom e to pay him a visii indn< gan a good tim e is reported by all. Music a ;am es wore on; friei lim a visit, jo y ed and A t M eeting In New Y o rk. The Rev. B. F. W h ite, pastor of the R e form e d church is attending a meeting of th'O Board of Edticatlon of t h e R e f o r m e d ch u r c h in A m e r ica held in New York city th is week. staff of of Hale Installed Officers. D. G. M. Oliver A B radley and o f G a llatin installed th e offic<ms alcyon lodgo, I. O. O. P. on M on­ day night. The new offioens are as follows: N. G. V ictor J. Shultis; V. G. Law rence Van Tassel; R. S. Jonas F. P o tts; F . S., M ilton Grans; T reas­ urer, F red R ivenbui'g'h; Chaplain, A. P. Disher. in th e G e rm antow n fire district: J ry Gronwoldt, Jerem iah Lasher, C lark D. Lasher, H e n ry F in g a r and Meyvin R o ckefeller. $256 A t D o n a tion. A b o u t $256 was realized c ionation and congregal hlte ( ng S tate G range. Mis.s M aude F i n ^ r nual donatio n an d congreg ational - it to the Rev. B. P. W h ite on Frii A ttendin ' S ta te G ran ^ ;ending th e conveniOion of th e S tate G range in Syracuao this wook^ as a delegate tonnantow n Grange. GEiIl>IANTOWN PERSONALS. M rs M ary M iller h a s been quite ; her hom e in Cheviot fo r the John C. D isher w a s in New Y o rk on M onday. Dr. D e c k e r has taken room s In th e Odd Fellow s building. T h e little son of M r and M rs G. .ulpaugh has beeai very 111 for the last few days. Miss M a rgaret : CAsles a t h e r h( luth road. Saulpaug h t few days. M a rgare t H o ffm an Is ill with am e on th e low er ATHENS tor and Mr and Mrs W aterm a n have m o v - m fo r th e w inter owing to P a len , Join lyl-G S c h e rm e r Hetor stafkey E d ^ r V ictor Stafkey, Louis W olfe, D o ra B a ron, M a rgaret Poster, Jeanetti Ku^nic, M a rguerite Petr>% Helen NO' P h y sioJogy; P itch e r, W a lter h o r n , M arvin Smitl ILon’\’ Wolfe., D o r a K o snick, M argaruei*ito Pebry, Heleh Novine, M a rgaret Silcock, A n n a W e l- ' D raw ing: M a r g a ret Silcock, A n n a W e ’g an, Nellie W itko, H o w a rd E itle- TOsun, W m . Eidckson, Edgai* P a len, W a iter Scott, M arvin Sm ith, V ictor Sta£kej% Louis W olfe, D o ra B a rron, M a r g a ret F o s ter, Jean e tte Kosnick, H e len Novine, M a rgaret Petry. Flno-r roll: Those who have been n e ’t h s r absent nor tard y during th e ►f tw e n ty weeks: M ary Si lartin, D o n a ld B a rto 3. Louise Wolfe, Iliverett, M a r g a ret Silcock, M arguer- Petry, .Sydney Scott, Jo h n W olfe, rim e r 'Pasiwski, M ildred Malle, 'Iski, T h e r e s a W aydells. Surprise P a r ty . lose Leisen was very a.nt’y surprised a t h e r hom e on d a y evening by a num b e r Criemds. G am es an d dancing oseph Miary Yasiwisl Criemds. G am es a n d dancin g w e re enjoyed until a late ho u r a f te r w h ich served. A m o i^ ' th e Misses ' L elia «. d a in ty repast was th<vs.' e=ient w e r e S^l»p, H e le n K ipp, M ildred th e weaving depart- lill has ten d e red his lenburgh has e in Sch hom e in Sch enectady, of C h e ster Ave. spent resignation. M rs Fran] turn e d to he G. P. A d a m s o f C h ester th e w e ek-end in C anada. The iounth quarterly conference v.li meet, at S t o c k p o r t ch u r c h W e d - ne.sday evening a t 8 o’clock. Every­ one welcome. M rs A r th u r Bowdy is spending a few days with M r an d M rs C. E. .-illaw at S c h e n e c tady. Miss Mahlc Kniffen ■ti.rn in th e A tlanti tko her ! M artin. Miss A n n a S c h w a r tz w h o : rith M rs Jo1 will m a k e h e r hom e With M r and M rs E lm e r M artin . Miss A n n a Schw a rtz who is spend­ ing th e ■winter w ith M rs J o h n Stoitz of H u d son is homo for th e week-end. ' M rs R. C. Hodson,.M ra R o b t. Hyde and M iss A n n a S c h w a r tz a t t e n d e d th e .funeral of Fred Baker', Sunday. NEW ARRIVALS GLAD­ DEN HUDSON HOMES R e g istrar of V ital Statistics M arie Bello W h itaker, d a u g h ter of M r and M rs-Sylvester T. W h itaker, of 2f* W o rth avenue. Con.stance C aroline W lieeler, dau g h ter of M r and M rs A r th u r W heeler, of 237 S tate steert. Francisco K reln, son of M r and A n thony K rein, of 48 Mill street. Nowak, son o fM r an d M rs 5 Chapel 'ladyslaw Nowak, s t r e e t . . Individual executors ii4ve their individu­ al businesses to eare for.. The legal and fi­ nancial problems that develop in handling wills ,trusts and estates are our daily bus­ iness. That is why The Farmers National Bank should be selected as executor of your t\'W ill. I W. a FALK&SON 543 Warren Street A Sale of LINGERIE Fise and dainty garments for women in a January Sale. Mot only those made of cotton fabrics, but silk gar- are included. ©OWNS—A large vMlety in lace trinmied, hand ensbroidered, etc. $1.00 grade.. $ . 8 5 , $2.25 and $2.50 grade. .$ 1 .8 9 $1.50 grade. : $ 1 .1 5 $2.75 and $3.00 grade.. $ 2 .3 5 M .00grade..$ 1 .5 9 $3.50 grade................... $ 2 .7 5 ENVELOPES—Both bodice and regular styles. Prices are the same as gowns a b o v e . STEP INS and VESTS in novelty colors at cut iwiees. 79c grade at $1.00 grade, 8 5 ^ BLOOMERS at various prices, 45^ , 79^, 89^, S I . 5 9 , former prices 50c, $1.00, $1.25 and $2.00. SILK GrARMENTS—Gowns, Envelopes, Vests and Camisoies all at reduced prices. E n tertain e d H i-Y Club. Athens, Feb. 5—Derncll Every re­ c e n t ly en t e r t a in e d a t d inn e r th e H i-X Club of H u d s o n , o f w h ic h ho is a member. The guests were Charle.s V. H a r tson, R e v . J a m e s H a r d y B e n n e tt, George Martin, Rudolph Delamater, A r th u r W e b ster, Granville Hill.s, E d ­ w a rd Leavitt. E d g a r O strander, Philip Payne and George Kiel. W e r e M a r r ied In Allicn.s. ^^IMwardIdward Lampmanampman andnd Miiiss L a M K e lly of A thens (H igh H ill) w e re united in m a rr iage F e b ru a ry 1 by J u s ­ tice of th e Peace Orin Q. F lint. C h u rch Oonferenee H e ld. The fo u r th quarterly conference of th e church w a s held a t St. P a u l’^s M. E. church Sunday m o rning, Di.strici S u p e rintendent of the King.ston dis­ trict. R e v George Grinton. D. D. waj oorge Grinto n . D. D. w as present and adressed the c.o'ngregation A tlicns P e rsonals. 1 of New Jersey recently , M r an d M rs Geo. H a r r y L e e i visited his parents . M a rgaret Cooper entertained 12 of friends Fiuday evening a t • j’-ounj M rs Sanford Lee was given a party Friday evening by several friends. M rs G eorge D o llar retu r n e d from H udson hosp ital Satu r d a y . H e r c o n ­ dition is not much improved. A dau g h ter w a s born F e b r u a r y 2 to Mr and Mrs Frank Best. Milton DeStadio is recovering from an op e r a tion w h ic h h e r e c e n t ly un d e r ­ went a,t the Hudson hospital. M rs Theodore Staats, M rs W ilbur W olven and Joseph Hoffm an of H u d ­ son were Sunday guests of Mr and M rs W illiam A. Hoffman. A p a r ty of young people enjoyed a sleigh ride to Catskill S a turday even­ ing w h e re t h e y attended th e movies. R o b e rt E v e ry of Yale U n iversity is spending a sh o rt vacation in town w ith his parents, Air an d Afrs H a rold R. Every. W. W a lker Saunders re tu r n e d to his w o rk in Schenectady M o n d ay a f ­ ter having been hom e for several * Miss R h o d a Sheffield of K inderhook and Aliss Jan e t Sheffield of Albany spent th e w e ek-end in town w ith th e ir parents, Air and Alr.g F r a n k Sheffield. IVO. GERMANTOWN G o rm antow 1 Melvin Riv Feb. 5— Air and Airs Alelvin R iv e n b u rg returned from Cocoa, Pla. last week being ill-ed hom e by th e death of I ' by th e dea th of Af.i^ R i- venbuirg’s fath-er, Erastais Hovor.- Mr .anti Mrs John G-assett sj Tuesday in Now Y o rk city. Alias L a u r a L a n g w e n t to Nov Y o rk Saturday m-onning to attend th( reunion -o-f t h e A r e thusa Society o which she is a meniboi'. A f ter gait m eeting, she will he an over Sunday guest of h e r coudin and husband. Hai'old 'Snyder of Albany .spen Sunday w ith hi'.s parents, Air aiid Air: W a shington Snyder.' All'S John' Ga. n a r t o f th e weol ing called th e r e by h e r daughter, Airs Percy Kilm er The annual donation supper -wll held a t the. AI. • B. chuneh p a r Thux*sday evening, Feb. 15th. The G h u rch Aid Society will i a t th e parsonage W e d n esday a roon, Feb. 7th. The F o u rth Q u a rterly Conference will bo held a t th e A£. E . -churcl W e d n esday afternoon, Feb. 7th. R e \ Ge-orge M a cD o n a ld, EHst. Supt. wll bo pi*esent. T h e P riscilla Society will mee ■with Afrs W. E. Lang, S a turday after noon Feb. 10th, . M r an d Airs F r a n k Jonicins am fam ily will m o v e in th e room s of Air Horace- Snyder th is spring. Upper Red Hook OBJECTEDTO COMPEEEY F ir e com p letely destroyed the dwell­ ing of T racy Saunders about noon Tuesday. The house was situated about six m iles back of A thens and from any possible help. Some ure was saved, but the building was burned to th e ground. A .small insurance covers part of th e loss. rrnitu] SONS OF VETERANS’ OFFICERS INSTALLED W ith th e installation of Alarlc R o s- I enthal as C o m m a n d er of R. D. L a th - rop Camp, No. 3, Sons of Veterans, j w ith his corp of officers last evening, ' tho cam p enters upon a new era. I The cam p w a s organized in the sum m e r of 1908 w ith about 35 ch a r- , ter m em b ers. W illiam W a .lace Chaco i wa.s its first com m a n d e r and ever j since then it h a s taken an active p a r t in things patriotic in H u d son. L a s t j evening C o m m a n d er R o s e n thal o u t - ' lined an active program , beginning w ith th e ob s o n -an c e of L incoln 's b irth ­ day next m o n th and those present pledged him th e i r h e a rty support in his un d e r tak in g . Edw in W. Sanford of Albany, P a s t Divisional C o m m a n d er, assisted by D avid C u n n ingham , D irisional Press R epresentative, in.stalled the officers j oP the cam p at tho m e e ting hold in the parlors of Edm o n d s. H o se Co. Follow ing th e in.stallation, the com ­ m a n d e r called upon a num b e r of the m em b ers for a few rem a rks. They all expressed them selves as believing th a t th e re •was need of an organiza­ tion .such as the Sons of V e te rans, and as.sured th e com m a n d e r of th e ir loyal support. The officers installed ivere: Com m a n dei'— Alark R o s e n th a l. '.Senior Vice C o m m a n d er—JDr. A. D. Jun ior V ice C o m m a n d e r — Joh n V. AVhltbeck, Jr. ■Sec. and Troas.— ^Alyron H e rm ance. Cam p C o u n c il— W m . W allace Chaco, H u g h Afoss, Alark C ram m er. Guide— Cha m a n W a rd taking th e m a tter up -with the D o p artanont w ith the result th a t It assured him his request would be granted. in connection w ith th e continuance o tho R o ssm a n office, Congressm an W ard ha <3 recom m ended the appoint- neni of B arney T o n e r to tho acting p o at m a stcrsii ilP- State C o m m itteem a n Orville D rum m is now in W a shington w h e re he went to present a petition to th e P o s t Of­ fice D e p a rtm e n t for tho retention of • h e R o ssm a n office. D£GllEE»i s m ON COUN­ CIL'S m O A f On F e b r u a r y 11th H u d son Council, K n ights of Columbus, ivill celebrate its birthday -with the exem p lification of tho m a jo r degree a t 2 p. m. in tbo old K. of C. hall at Third am i W a rren .■-•treete. Follow ing the de­ gree a beef .steak s u p p e r will be .serv­ ed a t tho W o rth House, beginning a t 6 o’clock. On Alouday ev.-ning, F e b ru a ry 12tJi tho council vriil hold a card p a r ty and dance in thf-ir ne-^v hom e foj- member's and their I'liend.'-'. “ Each and AH.” Ko cjxe has e i e r striven to do thor-i oiighly the commonest duty of life, but he has added to the m o ral force?i of the '.vorld. . . . F o r i t is personal \irLuGs that enkindio virtaes in. oiii^ ers, heroic example th a t m o st surely rouses heroic emulation in the sonla of men. . . . True heroism is spir­ itual energy, force o t conscience, sB-eugth of affection.— William Mitclio u r uetour. From an Oregon motor guide—“Aiiles 31.2—Joe’s Bluff. Don’t call it. Drivu slow.”—Boston T ranscript U p p e r R ed Hook, Feb. 5— Mre E d ­ win Losoe of N e w b u rgh and M rs E d ­ m u n d H a m of thie place spent S a tu r­ day in New York. W . S. T e a t e r retu r n e d hoTne F r id a y after spending thd past three weoki in F lorid a . A fartha Feller, widow of R. Dudley K e rley, died suddenly on AVednesday a t th e hom e of relatives in P in e Plains w h e re she had gone oh Sunday p r e ­ vious to spend a few days. M rs K e r ­ ley had been especially broken in health since th e death of h e r husband, tiir e e m o n t h s ago, and w ith a w e a k Vieari: sh e cou ld n o t overcom e h e r grief. She was aged 69 years and a m e m b e r o f th e R e f o r m e d ch u r c h in which she and Mr Kerley always felt a k e e n in t e r e s t . Sh e Is su r v ived by two sOna, A lbert P., cashier of th e R ed Hook bank, an d Clifford A., •who i: m a n a g e r o t th e H o m e s tead farm , Thi funeral -was held a t her late homo on Friday afternoon with Undertaker Jhkeepeie in S c h o n m ak c r o f P o u g l Rov. Dr. C. B. Smith, i Reformed church, preac im p r e s s ive serm on to a la r g e i of rolatlivee arid frlehds, whi g a th e red to p a y respect to the bereaved hom e, ah M yers, widow of frleridfl, who had ;heir final trib u te of N e lson, t night afto oral years, folb husband a fev m e Sunday invalid for aev- tho death o f h e r j h u s b a n d a few years ago ■who had I been confined to his bed for several ; y e a rs and had been her constant care, I sho Avos over 80 years of age and • leavea one sister, M rs D e W itt Clinton, : w h o w ith h e r fam ily cam e to the Nel- ; son hom e afte r t h e death of M r. Nel­ son. The, funeral w a s held nesdayisday finominom herer latete honme. on Wed- f h la ho Mr. and Mrs. l^lp h Moore tiavo len.spending a few days at the home o f h i s parents, a r e n ts, Mr a n d A' Moi lin g J I p M r lore at Livingston. Dr. an d Mrs. M en , d inner to a f< rrick P h illips gave friends on Fridaj The play given in \Wheler H a ll on F rid a y evening by th e children of All S a ints’ Sunday school under the pervlsloni of Airs Lawrence,, was w attended, Ihe proceeds to be given th a t m o st w o rthy cause, the N e a r E a s t ell to. r e l i e f fu: Lewis TS7asner, who has several m o n ths, following ] tions, has not been so well past w e e k . been ill for fo u r opera-, during th e OF COL, GENE Senator Lusk Charges He is the Author ol Published Article Relative to “High ways and Highwaymen.” Albany, Feb. 1.—-;>Vhen the nam e of Col. Pi'ederick Greene, appointed by G o v e rnor S m ith for im m e ciato con­ firm ation as State H ighw a y Comm is­ sioner to succeed H e rb e r t Sisson -who th e Governor, -was ivas forced out by wuu vi^wuiiivi, subm itted to the Senate for confirm a­ tion on ThursdaJ^ , Lction on it w a blocked by Minority Leader Clayton Lusk. U u a n im o u s consent is neces- saiT for immediate confirm ation. In explaining his objection Senator Lusk said th a t In the! P o s t in 1922 the: •‘H ighw a y and H lgh- -ti( article entitl S a turday E\-en- ere appeared rhway and waymen.” This article the Senator ^id, contained many untruths and Jed, Thi th a t th-6 \highw aym en” w e re m e m ­ bers of th e State Senate. H e said th a t it was com m o n ly reported th a t Col, G reene was th e au th o r of the article and ho wished th e latter sum ­ moned before th e Seriate for parlia­ m e n tary inquiry. Senator Bernard Downing objected to sum m o n ing a m a n chosen for of­ fice sum m o h e d before tho Senate to testify as to his qualifleations for the MINSTOWffiD (UANHIG ROimS OFSNOWDIIIFTS auto dealers Sec- ife i til« lo'al auto Club no,yn a t th ee W o rrth,■^■ost th, T-he Hudson rotary Downing m e t T u e sd a y no,yn a t t h W o Where a.luncheon Was enjoyed. Those resent of the dealers were Richard ^ulpaugh, reprcaoi lontlng W illiam ide— Charle,s W. Pani.got. P a trio tic In s tru c to r—E m o ry C. Van C h apiain—'R o b ert Kotalimg. “ etor’ g In n e r G u a rd-riW illiam Sweet. O u ter G u a rd—Ge< Color Bearer—Pete otalin Sausbici am p and ine turkey ng the iikstallation the its guests enjoyed a very r dinner a t the St. C h arles i STOnVillEMN I NEARLY TOROCUTEO. Hand Came in Contact With' High Tension Cable at Plant' of Knickerbocker C. Co. BO YOU KNOW BLANKETS Are Tbeing sold by us at a lower price than they can be replaced fer ,and owing to advances on wool and cotton, indications point to higher prices next season? 64x76 white or gray blankets, p a i r ............... $1.98. Plaid Blankets’ p a i r .............. .. ............................ $2.39 Wool and Cotton White Blankets, silk hoimd; pr $5.39 Wool and Cotton Plaid B lankets ............ ■:..........$ 5 .39 All Wool Plaid Blankets, pair ........ . $ 8 .9 8 Other grades u p to ......................... i $12.00 Comfortables of silkoline Avith AA’hite filling... $ 2 .3 9 Silkoline .Comfortables with wool filling. ;... :$5.98 lOHN r. OUINAN CO. Ciaronce Thompson, a resident of Stott-vilie, 'wh'O h a s been em p loyed a s an el-ectrlciaji a t th e iilan t o f the Kniickerbockea* 0611101# Co., had a mira-culaus escape from death recen t­ ly. M r Thom p son was enaged at w o rk on a ladder about 25 feet from the groun-d w h e n his ' h a n d cam e in contact w ith a high tension cable, the insulation of 'wthich had become defective. By an alm o s t supei-hum an effort be imanaged to free him self from th e corutacct b u t in so doing ho lost his hold on tho ladder. Fellow workm e n , w h o had. observed his s tr u g ­ gle, caught him as h o fell and u n ­ doubtedly ’ saved him from sustain­ ing serious injury. Air Thompson’s left h a n d 'wrus severely burned and it is feared th a t one o r 'm o r e of Ills fingers m a y be 'perm a n ently crippled. P e try Inc.: George R edm o n d of C a r­ o l the c f A,^ hart-Redmond Co.; C. E. Snyi MH- Cilffbrd R Ifenburgh ler , c o rporation: R. L. T inker and R ichard Kells, of the Crescent G a r­ age Co.; George Largay and Raym o n d Kano;ano off thehe D u r a n t Agency;gency; W illiamill o t D u r a n t A W , K line of the F ranklin Aeenev, ar P r a n k Beet, of tho H u d son Auto Sui ‘y Co. Follo-s’Ing the session In tho din! room, the gathering took up acvei alters in w h ich all wore interested. A bii. for introduction into the leg­ islature was approved. . This bill Which, -waa ungnimouely. favored, am e n d s , tUe p r e s e n t law. I>y . allo-wing boards .of supervisors .of .any county to appropriate from motor vehicle fe'es such aminount o u n t oss in tholr judg- a o y be necessary m tm a j’^ be necessary tor the . re- )vai of snow from State and county Misfortune Fvum Carelessness.’ ■ Jud Tunkins says the man who blam es others for his m isfortunes merely .advertises hie own careless-I Idea that they are natural enemies.— ^ ness.—W ashington Eveiiing Star. I W ashington Evening S tar m eeting wifi be fu r th e r gone into. The local dealers aim to w o rk out th e ir own for the next year show, and th a t th e y can do this in coopera­ tion -with the local auto Interests and But Keep Them Apart, rud Tunkins says that motorist* «rid pedestrians ouglit to get over th* h ig h w a y s .. Discussion , w as cernlng the form ing an or for putting .on. an au.to i was th o u g h t very favor- and it ■was voted to hold another Ing on M arch 5, when the m a tter , Thi WUmirAMNDIIN ROSSMtN POSTOFFICE Washington, Jan. 30—Proposed ab a n d o n m e n t o f th e R o s s m an p o s t office and estaiblishm e n t o f a rural free delivery -service o u t o f St-ottville have boon checked by th United States O ffice D e p a r t m e n t , a t -the r e ­ quest -ofl /Co,n(gkx5ssman Ciharles '^B. Ward. The Rossman office will be coritimied and the plan to introduce a rural route w ill b e aban d o n e d . Tho propsed plans aroused a storm of protest and resuW-od in Congress- SPBCflAL SALE OP TYPEWRITERS Underwood No. 5.... $50.00 ^Tiideinvood No. 4 . . . . $45.00 OliTer No. 5 ........ .. $25.00 Royal No. 5 ........ ! . . $28.50 L. C. Smith No. 4 .... $60.00 L. C. Smith No. 3 .... $42.50 Monarch No. 11 .... $35.00 All Real Bargains Eugene .A; Dowling 363 Warren Street H u d son, N. Y. O F F IC E OUTFITTER, SPECIAL SALE OP Muslin = Underwear BLOOMERS Saline and MtisHti Bloomers, Hamburg and Hemsti^^ed-rtim- ming. Flesh, Orchid and V/hite. S p e d a l-^ 1 .0 0 GOWNS AND CHEMISE Hamburg, Lace and Embroidery’ Triaiming Special—$ 1 .0 0 STYLISH STOUT GARMENTS Fxtra sho Gowns and Cbemise—^Regular $2.00 and $2.50 values Special $ 1 .0 0 and $ 1 .5 0 HUDSON’S LUDING GUMK AND SUIT HOUSE For The Cold Days Ladies’ and Misses’ Wool Scarfs,... ,$ 3 .0 0 to $ 5 .0 0 . Ladies’ Sw eaters ................ - .. .......................... .. -$4.50- Men’ Heavy Sw eaters ...................... $ 1 .9 8 to $7'.98 E. G. BELLOWS Est. 541 'W'axren St., Hudson, N. Y. :

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