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ITEMPERATURE, 3 p. m .—^25 above. 3 a. m— 18 above. THE COLUMBIA REPUBLICAN. THE WEATHER. ' Clear and colder Tuesday and Wednesday. ^ IFhere You Read It First. VOLUME CII HUDSON, N. Y., TUESDAY MORNINO, FEBRUARY 14,1922 NUMBER 24. mmm m Eight Open Indictments Re­ turned—Also Said to be Nine Sealed Ones—Four Cases Were Dismissed. T h e g rand ju r y -^-nich 'went into session last M o n d ay In conjunction w ith th e F e b ru a ry term of the Su- Jirem e C o u rt here, i-eportecl to Justice H o w a rd M o n d ay morning-, handing- up eight open indictm e n ts and a paclc- of sealed indictm e n ts , si tiim iber nine m o re. F o u r dism issals wore asked hy D istrict A ttorney John O. Tracy, th e g rand ju ry having con­ sidered these cases and found no in­ dictm ent. They w e re: The People vs- Philip Johnson. The People vs. P o y Alm stead, of U-eenport. T h e People vs. W a lter W itkowski. The People vs. Ed. W eaver. T h e re w'ere appearances by coun­ t'd in th ree of the open indictm ents. In th e o thers bench -w arrants will be issued and arrangem e n ts m ade dur- iug (he -w^eok- (Contiaucd on page two) 9 NEGROES SUSP£C1£D OF DOUBLE MURDER W aco, Te.xas, Feb. IS— A dragnet hy county and city officers around villag'p neat' here, w h e re ery and officers said th e y are ■ertain w h e th e r the m^oti- .ve w a s rob- li'cry or revenge. Bai-ker h a d 'been s h o t through th e head an d his w ife’s h e a d h a d been cleft w ith a n axe. iHo.mer T u rh’s sk u ll -svas crushed an d (his condition is reported critical. W il­ lie Lou B a rker, the four-year-old daughter, eye--witness to the tragedy, said the m u rderers looked “like Me.-ti- ■<-; ns, but talked like lyegToes.” The little B a rk e r girl rem a ined in and a l o n e in the hoii.se from th\- lim e of the tmUrder. avhich wavs about i\ o’clock flaturday night until afte r <laylight Sunday. ' operation would BiGDROPINN.Y. INFLUENZA CASES vffgerdaj deaths to ,Vc-Lv York, Fel). IS— R e p o rts today .'liiowed Sn6 new influenza cases here, as com p a red w ith 5 9S oases reported t'l the H e a lth D e p a rtm e n t yesterday, ’'i'oday's pneum o n ia cases were 102, as com p a red w ith 2S4 cases reported There w e re 15 influenza ;oday, five few er th a n reported c.sterclay. F o rty-eight died from !> K-umonia today, .seven fe-wer th a n .vo.stei'day. H e alth f'ommis.siohei- Royal g. Copeland said today: I am plea.sed to note a distinct falling off in the oii.«os an d deaths of the two disease.^. It is i.iportan t th a t a l l k e e p ih f i i - f e e t c lr v :cul tllGy Sliould try and get as m u c h su n lig h t as p'ossible. TWO MEN HOLD UP RESTAURANT; GET $60 Xe-.v York, Feb. 1.2— Two young iiicn, poorly dres,=ed, and w ith caps pulled down over theii- eyes, entered i!({‘ lunch room of P a trick F itzpatrick at G04 A m sterdam avenue early toda; • nd w ith threat ti.r if he resi.sted, w e n t th ru the cash ( egister and obtained $G0. No one but <ne proprietor was. in tlic restau ran t ii Hie time. A fter obtaining th e money the men ran from th e .store. A fter tiip.v liad left th e prop r ieto r r:>n to tlie .street calling for aid, but no one answ ered hi.s appeal. H e then .\.-ported the robbery to th e W est lan th street station. Severs Hi.s Comiection.s. I'-rank H. Moore. (Hiief Fiv.;ineev for the Gifford-W ood Co. for a luim - iier of years, ha.s severed hi.s con­ nections tvith the com p any and Ls at X'l-esent in New Y o rk city. W. H. B a rker, m e rchant, and his w ife ■were m u rdered S a turday night, and Jlo m e r Turk, thirteen-year-olcl son of fi neighbor dangerously wounded, +-arly today h a d resulted in th e ar- 3-est of nine negTot s. held here as sus- T h e trag e d y is shrouded in m y s- FIFTH OPERATION FOR REMOVAL OF PIN IN LUNGS Pliiladelphia, Fe,b. 13— T e n -year- old Louisa Offenstein of W ichita, K'an., upon whom fo u r operations have been perform e d in an effort to rem o v e a pin lodged in h e r lungs, will undergo -another soon. A f ter tlvo fo u r th attem p t to ex­ tra c t tlie pin by surgeons in h e r hom e city had .proved unsuccessful, sh e was b r o u g h t to th e Jefferson hospi­ tal here by her m o ther. Dr. Chev­ alier Jackson, prp'fes.sor of lav-yno- logy a t the Jefferson M edical col- lyge, expects to operate on the child th e latter p o rt of this week. H e de­ clined to discuss the case but a m em ­ b e r of th e .staff said th e re was every n-eason to 'believe tlie i'c successful. The little girl swallowed th e pin -while playing w ith dolls. “UNGLEJE” CRNNON DEGIDK TO OUIT W ashington, Feb. 13— Uncle Joe, th e m a n who in his prim e m ade “Can- nonism ” a national political w a r-cry is tii-ed. N d a ring 85 years of a..ge w ith a roc- “ rX C LH ,TOF’’ (bVXXOX. o r d o f 45 y e a r s o f a l m o s t c o n t i n u a l service in Congress behind him , the oldest m an both in years and in Con­ gressional 'service, “Uncle Joe’’ has led to quit. _Iy forgettei- usod to be. My eyes are not h e said, in a n n o u n c in g th a t n o t be a candidate this spring tc ceed h im s e lf as a Ilepresontative in CongTe.ss. “My fo r g e tte r is not as good not be a candida te th is sprin g to sue a s good as it jyes a r e not so good,” .mcing t h a t he would SniNDID ADDRESS BYMDNSIONORBEllit Given Last Evening at the City Hall Grill Before Members of Rotary Club. 'Monsi.g-nor Jo h n J. j . Reilly, of Sche­ nectady, gave a w o n d e rful address on “A b raham Lincoln” early last evening- at -the dinner m e e ting of■ the 3 e Cit Dr. George G. Yeisley in a m o st hap- tho address of welcom e R o tary Club held at th e C ity H a ll grill. T h e re w e re about fifty m e m ­ bers and th e ir guests present. P resid e n t Jo h n M cLaren of the Hudson Club presided and the Rev. py w ay ga to aronsignor ORcilly. who is a Sche­ nectady R o tarian, to H u d son on be- holf of the H u d son R o tarians. The Rev. F a tlier W illiam 13. Keefe Introduced Mo-nsignov Reilly in a clever m anner. T h e latter took for his appropriate subject. “A b raham Lincoln.” .His address dea.lt AVith the life and characteristics of Lincoln ii-' a m o s t unusual, entertaining- and im - pressiv'e ananner. H e upheld his sub- j'ect by th e relation of a serious of anecdotes and incidents supported ■!)) quotations from various authorities. He told of Lincoln’s lack of school­ ing and early education yet he quoted from the Avonderful speeches of th e assassinated P resident, shoAving Avhat he characterized as “the w izardy of words” and pointed out his w o n d e r­ ful vocabulary and com m and of the English lang-uage. H e told of how it had been free!)' stated th a t TJncoln’s Avas not a religious nature, ho quoted, from addresses and told of incidents proAdng- the opposite. H e spoke of the features of Lincoln and the Btreng'th of chai'acler the.v implied, pajdng Lincoln Avas not a hoincl) T h ru o u t his address M o nsignor R eilly added a bit>of hum o r here and there, m a k ing it one of the m o st de- tful after-d in n e r speoche.s it has th e good fortune of the local R o tarians to hear. The dinner was - excellent, th e re was chorus .singin.g by all p resent and music by A1 Stafford at the piano and C h arles Bells on the violin. In all the m eeting Avas one of the best ever held by the cluV). llghtfi GERMAN POLICE DOGS MAY BE USED AS LIQUOR SLEUTHS W a shington, l'\‘b. 13—U.se of .s h a r p noseeV O e r m n n police flOS'S dS IlflUOl s l e u t h s to r u n d o w n im o o n r .h i n e r s , w a .s recom m ended today to ('o.mmis.sioner H a y n e s h y K m m e t 't H . M c ( 'lenahavA. federal p r o h i b i t i o n d i r e c t o r of Colo- “W ith sneb a dog,” Mi' McLMona- han .suit!, “stills m ay be scented liair a mile aw ay.” CHECKER MATCH DRAWS CONSTITUTE A RECORD London, l'''eb. 13— T he numl>er Of gam e s draw n in the international checkens cbam p 'ionship m atch, just coneluded at Glas.gow, constitutes a ieckeiAS Cham Tlvirty-seven of the forty gam es play- R o b e rt Stewari art of Scotland and iksks off D ee troit,troit, Mich.,icl tAvo victorie.s giving Newell W . B ank n o: D M vrere draAV according to th e Times. Stew ia s o S tew a rt the cham p ionship. 'I'he nearest approaoli to this, says the neAvspaper, was a m a tch at Bos­ ton between Jo rd a n and B a rker, in w h ich thirty-si.x gam e s Avere drawn. The neAvspapor quotes Stew a rt a.s acknowledging- B a n k s as one of the best players he gati - m et. TROOP RECALL FROM IREIANO Evacuation of South Erin by English Soldiers Halted, Probably Because of Ul­ ster Disorders. London, Fob. 13— M ichael Collins, the A m erican Association for head of th e Irish m ent, has sent p'rovisional goA-ern- e a b l e g r a m , w a r n i n g entine to send to h e r grandfather, form e r C o u n ty Clerk M ilton Van nition of th e Irish Republic, not to assist or countenance: a coupoup d’et;’etat. a c d Which h e declared Avas being planned against th e Irish provisional govern­ m ent, says a D u b lin dispatch today to e Londonondon press.ress. Dublin, Feb. 13— T h e GA-acuation of the B ritish troops andnd otherther m ilitaiilitary th e L p —T h e GA-acuatioi a o m forces from D u b lin was unexpectedly suspended todaJ^ The sailing of the vm.ships due to leave for HoHvhead and Liverpool w ith contingents on board, Avas cancelled. I t Avasvas thou;he contingen t I t A t the suspension m ight be due to events in U lster. Officials a t m ilitary general h e a d ­ quarters said they Avefc unable to giAT any inform a tion on tlie .subject, while Dublin C astle ofliciaks said tbey had nothing to do Avith the evacna- R elfast, Feb. 13—Beginning to ­ night., the curfew, extending from 9 o’clock in the evening until 5 o’clock in the m o rning Avill bo re-im p o sed. This action was decided upon today in a conference between the lord m aj'or, th e m ilitary com m ander, and the police com m issioner, as a result of rencAved disorders yesterday, AVhicli c o n t i n u e d sp 'o r a d ic a lly t o d a y . Up to 3 o’clock th is afternoon a to ­ tal of eight persons h a d been killed since Saturday. A gang entered the- saloon of P a t ­ rick Lam b York street, here, : ?ted to ho’ an d Avas sinot sam e tim e ji-ing saloc W h ile a dance of the A n c ie n t O rder noon today and attem p te d shot and badly Avouin him up. Lam b resistei bartender in a neig-hboring u p . Lam b resisted a n d Avas s h killed. A b o u t th e sam e tim e a ‘ loring salo o n of H ibernians Avas in progress in a night, an attack by progre hall n e a r Cookstown, E a s t Tyrone, last nigh t, a n attac k b y a p a r ty i L t h e ha: of arm e d m e n w a s m a d e upon t h e h all. The H ibernians sallied out and replied with stones. Two persons were wounded by bullets. OAvon O’Duffy, chief of staff of th e [fish R epublican arinv, who Avent to Clones yesterd a y to investigate Sat- ■; -day n ig h t ’s disorders there, said in iia interview today h e found feeling M o n aghant County 11 nd feelini lant Count: because of the unlaAvful arrest and very tense th r u o u t M o n aghant Cou detention of the entire divisional staff of th e R e p u b lican arm y at Dromore, County Tyrone. VALUABLES BELONG­ ING TO CHURCHES TO BE SEIZED P a lm y ra, N. J., I'-eb. 3 3— T he four m en Avho shot and wounded Chief of Police M o rris Beck and P a trolm a n Joseph^ R o d g ers in M o rgan avenue odger indicated th a t som e one the hom e of H-amilton Smith, a block County - Do- hcre early yesterday, had ju s t m ade unsuccessful attem p t to break into 'n Si 1 of :alf an h o u r before th e shooting av, in the opinio •live Ellis P a rker. i 1 ■eted to survive the da: Rodg ers is in a R iverside ho.fipital with a im llet in a lung, and is not tiie Sm ith fam ily heard noises Avh was li-j'ing to force, one of the first floor Avin- dOAVS. L ights AA^ere flashed on in the iioiu-e, anti an inA'estigution shOAved th.at an attem p t iiad lieqn m ade to “jim m y ” o n e of tlio AvindOAvs. TWO DEAD, INDIRECT RESULT OF STORM New Vorlc, Feb, 3 3.— -WorKmen are still repairing today telephone and te l e g r a p h Avires hloAvn or Avoighted down with ice in yesterday's sleet storm Avbicb, in addition to delaying t r a f f i c in a l l p a r t s o f t h e c ity , AA^as the indirect cause of the death of tAvo fl’he -storm AA'as accom p anied l>y an olectl’ical dem o n stration sim ilar to .summer disturhance.s. The sleet froze on th ird -rails and delayed surface and elevated traffic. The v-eight of the ice caused m any Avires, some of them heaAdly charged Avith electricity, to break and fall to the street, en- do.ngering the lives of pedcstrials. (la.vc Deliglitl’ul Dance. stu d e n t nurses of the Hudson City Hospital gave a delightful dance last ewening at the Cavcll Hou.se, Avhich was attended by m any of their friends. tionevy sto re and purchased a A'al- Hoesen. As she Avaitted acros.s the street, she stepped o u t Trom behind an auto, truck. M r M iller said th a t she stepped directly in fro n t of his taxi and t h a t he could not avoid strik ­ ing her. T h e taxi stopped and the little girl was taken to the pharm a c y of Leav­ itt & Smith. At the tim e it Avas thoug-ht she had suffered nothing more, than scratches and bruises. She was taken hom e in the taxi; hoAvever and there, afte r Dr. M am.bert iiad ex­ am ined her, it Avas found th a t her t leg Avas- broken. broken bones were set by the physician and she Avas re3ting A'cry com fortably last evening. M o scow. Feb. 13.—The A ll-R u ssian central com m ittee has deciefed to take over im m e d iately th e valuables in all the churches of all creeds in R u s s ia and sell them fo r the benefit of th e fam ine sufferers. The value of the gold and silver candlesticks, th e gold covered and be- i weled iivons and the' chalices in- lolved is variously estim a ted h u t in the w e ight of the precious m e tals and jcAA'cls alone is reported to^^total hun- drod.s of millions of dollars. POLICEMAN SHOT BY BURGLARS WILL DIE UTTIIGIRLHITBY TAXI, HAS BRCKEHLES Dorothy Van Hoesen Was Crossing Street Mter Pur­ chasing a Valentine. TJttle Doroth.v Van Hoesen, aged C Iken Ave.. this ,rs, dau a ug gh h ter of Mr.s C lara years, d Hoesen of Ai tain a broken leg late ye.sterday tornoon Avhen struck by a taxi-cab driA'-en by Stephen Miller. ta in a broke n tornoo n Avhen q-he little 'g'lrl liad been to •igbt The MODEL FOR STATUE OF SHERMAN ACCEPTED TRioa, Fob. 3 3—^’^^The modei of the statue of .Taitncs Scboolcraft Sber- man, vice pre.=:idei-it of the Ignited States, has been in.speeled in N oaa ^ Y o rk l>y M rs J. S. Shenman and the com m ittee and accepted. No changes Avei'e m ade in th e m o ­ del. M rs Sherm a n Avas particularly AA'-ell pleased Avitii th e m annei' in Avhich the sculptor, George BvCAVsti had cau'ght the real expression of his The com p leted st:jtue Avill now be cast in bronze from the .model by the G o rham com p any, and it is expected th a t its erection and dedication AAdll take place in the spring. The statue Aidll stand in the tri­ angle of th e ground ju s t w e st of Genesee stree t on th e ParkAvay. It will be opposite the comimanding fi­ g u re of B a ron Steuben. The Sher- iiwan. figure Avill be seven feet, 10 inches in height, including the bronze plinth on Avhich it stands. It will be borne on a polished gi-Einite base of clarlc color, ju s t five .feet high. On the fro n t w ill 'be a brief inscription. FARMERS OF STATE MEET AT OORNELL Ithaca, Feb. 13—'Leaders in the country life m o v em ent of A m erica Avere (featured in the program of th e th ird cammoinity conference w h ich opened h e r e today in connection -with “fanm e r” w eek a t Cornell university. The actual .program of th e confer-, ence Avill get its big- sta r t Wednesd: w h e n ru r a l health .problems will’^be taken up in a discussion to be led by H o m e r Folks, secretary of the state charities aid association and m em b er state health council, topics to be discussed by the conference include librai the Dtln iferenc e includ e libra ry i .for ru r a l com m u n ities led by Miss M ildred H . Pope, state library or- m izer and play fo r th e counti-y and e standing oh am a teu r dramratlcs. Am o n g others Avho Avill 'address the m eetings are Dr. Livingston F a rr a n d , president of Coimell; B erene Pyrke, state com m issioner of f a rm s and m:ar- kets; F. E. 'Robertson, (m anager of the N cav Y o rk state federation 'Of county sheep gi-OAA’-ers, associations, and W . P. Kirkw o o d of th e UniA'ersity of M innesota. WOMAN SHOT AND KILLED BY HUSBAND; SAYS IT WAS AN ACCIDENT P ittsburg, Feb. 13— Mrs C a therine F lannery, aged 25 years, m e m b e r of a prom inent family, w a s sh o t an d a l ­ m o st instantly killed late last night, in the ap a rtm e n t in Avhich she lived with h e r husband and tAVO children. H e r husband, J. J. Flannery, Avas ta k ­ en to the (police station for questlon- TllO till til 01‘i ties gaA’^e o’A later a statem e n t in A v h ich they quoted F lan ­ nery as saying th a t he heard a noise the room occupied by his Avife .irglar had broken and inA'cstigated. Bumpin, and belicAfing a b u rgla r nt pro'Ci Bumpi his Aveapon and fatally in.iured No form a l cliargc was lolaced against Him. into th e ap a r tm e n t pro c u r e d a ing' in to his AA-ife in th e d a r k n e ss h e discharged STATE APPROPRIATION BILL INTRODUCED Albany, Feb. IS— T he annual a p ­ propriation bill introduced in both houses of the State L e g is lature to ­ night. It shoAA-s a reduction of m o re than .$9,000,000 th a n last j-ear’s bill contaiiK Kato New Orleans Guest. N cav Orleans, Feb. 13—A d m iral B aron Taifl-asabura K a to, head of the lanese delegation a t the arm s con- •ence, Avas the guest today of N cav O jleans. H e leaves tomorroAv for .dan Francisco to sail for his hom e F e b ruary 21st. 25 ,ooom nsouTi SM IM Y Walkouts in Protest Against Wage Reductions, in Most Cases Amounting to 20 Per Cent. Boston, Feb- 13.— c o tton m ills in New H a m p s h ire and at Lowell. Mass., employinf^ about 25,000 operatives, were affected by strike.s AVhich be­ cam e effective to-day. There Avere no early di.sturbances. Tlie AA'^alkouts aacto ^ in protest against Avage reductions, in most cases of 20 per cent. In NeAy H a m p ­ shire the m ills also put into effect t o ­ day an increase in the Avorking week from 42 to 54 hours. W a g e reductions becam e effective at th e san-ie tim e in Maine, Verm o n t, and a fcAv of tlie M a ssachusetts m ills w ithout strike protest. Except for th e tAvo m ills in LoAvell, all of the strikes were in N cav H a m p ­ shire- The principal m ills involved were the Am o skeag and the S'tark at M anchester Avith about 17,000 opera­ tives; the FTashua and the Jackson at Nashua, 4,000, and the Pacific, D o ­ ver, 10,000. Em p loyees Avere ordered out at sm a ller m ills at Somer.sAA^ortli, Suncook and N cav MarlvCt. Such of the operatives as are organized in the- New Han-qishire m ills are affiliated with th e Qnited Textile W o rkers of America. At LoAvell the m ills affected Avere tlie H a m .ilton a n d the B ay State. The ten o th e r m ills in th a t city have not announced any wage cut. The H a m ­ ilton plant was closed. W a g es rem a ined unchanged in the g reat textile centers of F a ll River, New B e d ford and LaAAcrence, Mass- ’ The th ree w eeks old strike of ap ­ proxim a tely 13.000 operatives in R h o d e Island m ills continued today. N a tional G u a rd cavalrym en were held in readiness a t Providence to ansAver a call from G o v ernor Sansouci for service in event of serious dis­ turbances. THREE MEN UNDER ARREST FOR LYNCH­ ING IN TEXAS F o r t W o rth, Texas, Feb. 13— Af­ ter CO days’ investigation three men are under arrest here today for the lynching of F red Rouest. The police claim to .knoAV the naines of 23 lynching party. (No m o re hoAVCA-er, are expected foi days they adde^. Two oif the m en in arrests, custody are residents of N iles City, the suburb' in Avliich the packing houses are located. The th ird is a hm an. SEEK INDICTMENT OF 20 BROKERS N cav York, Feb. 13—^Assistant Dis­ trict A ttorneys B e n jam in Schreiber and Jero m e Sim m o n s announced to­ day th a t toniorroA v they ycould place before th e F e b ruary General Sessions grand ju ry and on W e d n esday before the Jan u a r y Suprem e C o u rt grand ju ry evidence w h ich they hope Avill esult in the indictm e n t of tAV< W all street brokers, charged Avith having fleeced the public. They said they have exam ined m o re th a n twen- They said in raids on alleged bucket shop; ty Avitnesses and th e docum e n ts seized federal and State officials in th e last six m o n ths. L e tters seized, they say, indicated been placed in connti-y neAvspa] Simmons, Standard offering to sell standard stocks on the stallmstallm ee nn t plan. According to M essrs Schreiber and in t Oil, Steel and oth er large diA'idend paying stocks had been advertised for sale on -term s of 25 per cent dOAvn, th e balance able in Aveekly installment.s. . ----- “brokers” h-ave prom ised to deliA'er the.se sto c k s Avhen a c e r t a i n sum h a d been paid on tlie installm e n ts, usually about three-ifourths of the total pay­ m e n t, th e pro: Tlie in v e s tigation h a s disclosed th a t Avlien som e o f tlie sto c lts Avere deliA-- eretl to people Avho Avere buying them on th e in s t a l l m e n t plan, th e p u rch a s ­ e r s Avere to l d by th e b r o k e r s th e y would be alloAved the privilege of be- c o m ins' m e m b e r s o f a pool in AAdiich in v e s t m e n ts Avould be m a d e Avhicli Avould result in 'large profits to th o s e interested. In th e even t the investor had no aA-ailable cash, he AA-as alloAved to put in his stock s . In mo.st cases n o t h in g fu r th e r w a s GA'er heard by tlie iiiA-estor of e itlie r th e sto c k s o r th e pooLs, it is alleged, land man: inA-est u n d e r th e s e a r r a n g e m e i fled from th e city. 300 STUDENTS ILL AFTER EATING CHICKEN SALAD Columbus, Miss., Feb. 13— S tudents of the IMi.ssissippi State College for W om en AAi-ere recovering today from the effects of Avhat Avas described by collcige officia.ls a t ptom aine poison- said to haA-e been caused by eat- chicken salad,-s( ing m eal yesterday. T h ree hundred of th e students be­ cam e ill last night and all local phy­ sicians Avere sum m o n e d to aid the college m edical staff. in g ig chicken salad,-served a t the even- BRYAN SEEKS FLA-OAMNDACYTO THEU.S,SEIMrE 11 , Feb. 13— E a rl Of W illiam W ashington, nouncem ent of W illiam .T. B ryan’s candidacy for the. U n ited States Sen­ ate is expected by his friends in W ashington, it Avas m ade knOAvn to ­ day. B ryan is expected to seek the seat nOAV occupied by Senator P a r k Tram m e ll of Florida. Tram m e ll, a D em o crat, is com p leting liis first term and Avill seek renom ination and re- election. Though B ryan is regarded as a Ne- braskian, in Florid acquire citizenship in April. B y th a t tim e he Avill have com p lied w ith the law requiring a year’s re.sidence in the state as a prerequisite to voting. F o r m a n y years, B ryan’s chief am ­ bition lias been the Sen: JE URGED FORM i .J. Luxury Tax Plan to Raise the Money for the Bonus Ap­ peared Doomed After Mon­ day’s Conferences. Feb. Wa,shington, junction w ith T reasury by House and Sen(ate In 13— P resident ing w a s studying today, in co n - ;ion w ith T reasu ry officials, a. ,nd neAV bonus proposal, subm itted l Fii always pi-eferred i t CA^en to th e presi­ dency, because of the unusual free­ dom of action it offers. B u t a.s a N e b raskan, B ryan could not take the D e m o c ratic nom ination fo-r the Sen­ ate because the N e b raska Dem o cracy was about as “we.t” as B ryan Avas “dry.” Nine or ten years ago, B ryan boug’h t p roperty in F lo r id a and has lived th e re a t tim e s since. A b o u t a ir ag-o he established 3iis hom e ire and h a s lived there continuous­ ly except w h e n on lecture to u rs or speaking engagem ents. On a recent visit to W a shington B ryan conferred A\dth Senator F letcher, Florida, and Other friends concerning the F lorida sen a torial situation. B r y a n , th e y ap p a r e n tly Avas try in g to get opinion of h is candidacy ate. H e lias j tion of a bond issue for the luxuiw ta x officials, i inance experte. posed th e substitu- ' suggested last w^eek in th e H o u s e W a y s and M eans Com m ittee as a m eans of raising the money. T h e P resid e n t prom ised C h a irm a n P o r d - ney and Senator M cCum b er of the late F inance Comm ittee to m a k e a tonight or tom o rrow afternoon, the President agrees to th e sug­ gested bond issue, it m eans th a t th e passage of the bonus a t an early date is virtually a cei’tainity, both Senate and H o u se leaders said today. The trem e n d o u s opposition to th e bonus, they said, arising from the^ A m erican F a rm B u reau Federation, the N a tional Grange, the N a tional As­ sociation of M a n u facturers, th e Am ­ erican A u tom o b ile Association, th e United States C h am b er of Com m erce and kindred bodies, arose from th e (Continued on page two) Blackmail May Have Been Behind Murder Dsiitrict Attorney Calls in Four Persons Who Had Been “De­ pendents’’ of Dead Movie Director—^Close Friend of ^ Taylor Thinks Dope Peddler May Have Been Slayer— Mabel Normand Tells Her Parents Mot to Worry. IIR6ESBIBIEGUSS FOR SCREEN SfARS Chicago Pastor Suggests Will Hay.s Teach Them to Obey the Ten Commandments. Chicagp, Feb. 3.3 —ReA*. George F. DoAvey in a serm o n a t the Third P r e s ­ byterian Church adAmcated a Bible class of (movie stai's AAuth W ill Hays as teacher and the Ten Convmand- m ents as the tex t of study. “Will Hays is an elder in the P r e s ­ byterian C h u rch,” Rev. DoAvey said. “H e is also a Sunday-school teacher. H e is also th e neAv director general of the moA'ies. I suggest t h a t he put his religious beliefs and talents into effect and see i f he can 't get som e of th e movie stars not only to learn th e Ten C o m m andm ents, but also to obey “The Sunday-schools, of A m erica have 20,000,000 m em b ers and are Am erica’s m o s t valuable asset, but there is still room for a Bible class of movie stars \yith E laer W ill Hays as teacher and the Ten Comanandmenth as a text for Bible study.” TWO CHINESE DEAD, ONE WOUNDED, IN “TONG” WAR Los Angeles, Feb. 13—^District A t­ torney \Woolwine called additional persons into his investigation of thet m u rder of W illiam D e sm o n d Taylor„ noted m o tion picture director, to - 'Avo of them , a m a n of prosperou.s: appearance, and a AA'oman expensively office for- gOAvned, rem a ined in h is some tim e. H e then called in th e other p a ir— o n e th e h o u s e k e e p e r em - plo,yed by a fam ily in th e movie in - dustrsq and th e * other a poorly dresser “h a n g e r on” a t the movie plants. :eyey wouiould veal any inform a tion th a t he h a d re - •were merely ‘‘dependents:’ of led by the The D istrict A ttorn w not r e ­ ceived from th e four. H e said th a t the: advanced th a t Taylor m a y have tte< m u rdered by som e one had refused t( to Avhom h e (ay f u r th e r and would.. 'ayl< Taylor’s check-book. The theor: not be “blackm a iled.” New Y o rk, Feb. 13— C aptain E . A , Salisbury, traveler, soldieiy.and au ­ thor, and an intim a te friend an'd ad ­ m irer of W illiam D e sm o n d Taylor* •ed w ith th e drug-peddlera who liad enslaved a rnoA(^lng picture , actress: whose nam e h a s been m e n tioned in. (Continued on page Wo) MEXICAN MUNIGIML PRESIDENT REVOITS Seattle. W ash.. Feb. 13- eso ai-e dead, another AAmunded in a h -Ifivo Chin- lies bad: itaJ and five otlu 5 th e resu lt of “Tong” Avar Avhieh broke out here late last night. E ig h t pistols ’ an,I nearly 100 cartridges the police. vere seized by WEDDING PARTY HAND­ LED BANDITS ROUGHLY (N cav Y o rlv , Feb. 13—fi’hree bi.gli- Avaymen ran into the fag- end of a UUing- party in East NeW TOVK early today tliat they probably AAdli reme.mbei’ as long as bride and (Mexico City, Feb. 13— ^The m u n ici­ pal .president of Paezenaro, in th e state of M ichoacan, w ith 30 follow ­ ers yesterday retm lted against th e state gOA-ernment. No casualties h a v e been reported, although th e r& v elu- nists began th e ir imoA'ement with: “death to .Mngjca.” F r a n c is c o 'Mugica, goArernor of Mi­ choacan, seized th e office in .July 1920, prior to tb-e installation of th e gOA-ern'ment in M e x ico City. ;• Secretary ot W a r Serrano.\ stated th a t \it Avas p u r e ly local' a n d not directed again s t the cen t r a l gov­ ernm e n t. ■ H e also confli-med reportsr tlia t G e n e r a l C a r los R. G r e e n e , fo r ­ m e r goAmrnor of th e state of T a b a s c o . had left the capital. General Greeno is reported to liaA-e returned to T a b ­ asco AVith the intention' o f fom e n tingy a reA'olution. G e n eral Serrano stated th a t orders, had been given to G e n e ral Ju a n A l- m azan, com m ander of th e fed e ral who AA'^ere leaAdng\ a late supper and forces in the state of C h ihuahua, to dance fled in th e ir direction. Th° suppress disorders in th a t region, highAvaAnnen im p rudently follOAved [ The Avar office continues optim stie^ and landed suddenly a t the bottom of. ; a ssorting th a t these uprisings are O’l: a SAA-irling pile o f 'm a l e and female m inor im p o rtance, hum a n ity Avith flying- fists and feet. The policem an Avho extricated them , sent tA\m of the bandits to a capecl. He is lice anticipate .little difficulty in find­ ing him. The trio attem p ted to hold up J a ­ cob G a rber, but G a rber, hearing- the m e rry ch a tte r of -the AAcedding- guests- hospital. The third thoroughly m a rked th a t the po- WINDOW CLEANER FELL 12 STORIES TO DEATH N cav Y o r k , Feb. 13— .Roy W h e e ler, a AVindOAV clean e r .toippled ou t of a sk y s c r a p e r Avind.ow in th e financial d istrict today and plu n g e d 12 stories to death. H e fell c YAP TREATY SENT TO SENATE BY PRESIDENT W a s h ington, Feb. 13— T h e treat:-' betAveen th e I'n ited States and Ja p ­ an fixing the statu s of the island of Y'ap and covering th e allocation of Avireless an d cable rights on and from th a t island Ava.s sen t to th e Senate today by P resid e n t H a rding. jMcCormack Recovei-ed. NeAV York, Feb. 13— J o h n McCor­ m ack, tenor, AAffiose- c o n c e r t tour w a s tem p o rarily suspended la s t Aveek tx-- cau s e of an a tta c k of laryngitis, ha.s adjoining\' f u lly recoA'ered, it AA*as an n o u n c e d to -

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